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Fanfiction ► Pokemon: Black and White rebirth

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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009

Pokemon Black and White Rebirth.
Chapter 5.1: Be our guests.

Yesterday in Pallet Town, at the Ketchum home, Delia was sitting down on the sofa. She wiped away some sweat from the brow of her forehead. She was dressed in a pink shirt and some blue overalls. She removed her rubber gloves and placed them on the coffee table.

“You have dirt on your face. Let me get that for you sunshine,” the voice of another woman playfully muttered.

Soon Delia’s face was being rubbed with a wet wash cloth. Delia’s protests were ignored as the other woman laughed. Delia removed the wash cloth to find a young woman with dark green hair and slightly amused blue eyes. She wore a long red dress. The woman in question used her lips to give Delia a big smooch on the lips.

“Sabrina!” Delia gasped between kisses.

“Miss me, Muffin?” the Psychic Gym Leader of Saffron City asked, tightly hugging her.

“Yes, but I wish you’d have called. I still need to shower,” Delia muttered while getting off her couch.

“Sorry Delia. I just got so giddy when I got a few days off that I couldn’t wait,” she admitted. “Besides, I brought the maid to clean, so you can just relax,” Sabrina muttered while easing on the couch.

Delia frowned and rolled her eyes.

“Dear, I wish you’d stop calling Misty just the ‘The maid.’ It’s rude,” the woman stated.

“Sorry, Delia… I’ll keep that in mind,” Sabrina mumbled, feeling a tad bad for crossing her lover.

Delia then smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

“Make sure you do. I’m going to shower now, so make yourself at home, love,” Delia said while leaving to go shower.

The psychic woman then picked up a Sudoku puzzle book and started to use her brain.

Delia went upstairs to find a familiar face: the featly red head known as Misty. However, she was dressed in a frilly black Kalos maid outfit. She had a white apron, tied by a pink ribbon, and frilly white bonnet on her head. She was busy cleaning some pictures hanging on the wall with a feather duster. Her hair was a bit longer, and she still had the one ponytail on the side.

Delia put her head on the round, puffed part of the sleeve that covered Misty’s shoulder, making the maid jump in fright, dropping her feather duster.

“Gah, I’m not slacking off Ms. Sabrina, honest!” she cried out in distress.

“Sorry, Misty. It’s only me. I didn’t mean to startle you,” Delia apologized, laughing a bit.

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Ketchum,” Misty mumbled sheepishly, blushing.

“You’re doing fine Misty. I can see that debt paid off in a few years,” she praised.

“Right…” the former Water Gym Leader mumbled, although with the way she spoke, it was as though a cloud of shame hung over her head.

“Anyway, could you be an angel and get Mr. Mime some soup and Sabrina some coffee? I’ll be in the shower, so you’ll have to clean it later,” the woman of the house said.

Misty nodded her head.

“Um, Ma’am… um… could I see you later about my clothes, and… other things?” she whispered into her employer’s ear.

“Oh, oh yes, of course. Sabrina does have your bag, right?” Delia asked. Her maid nodded in response.

“Aright, bring it into my room, and we will take care of things later. You’re still okay?” Delia asked.

Misty nodded her head again, her face as red as her hair.

“Okay, off you go then!” Delia said while leaving for the shower.

Misty made way into the kitchen. She could see Mr. Mime playing chess with Sabrina’s Alakazam while Haunter was just goofing around on the sidelines. They paid her no mind as she started to make the coffee. While it was brewing, she quickly got a bowl of soup out of the fridge and heated it up in the microwave. The mime Pokemon smelled the food and left the game.

“Here you go, Mr. Mime,” Misty said while giving him his food.

“Mime, Mime,” Mr. Mime thanked her while levitating the bowl. The chuckling Ghost Pokemon then snapped his fingers, and the soup vanished right in front of them. Before they could say anything, a sandwich and a bag of chips appeared.

“What?” both the human girl and Pokemon said, confused. The Ghost Pokemon laughed at their weird expressions.

“Okay… I guess you can have a sandwich. …Where did the soup go?” Misty wondered as she tended to the coffee.

Meanwhile with Ash and Iris.

Ash just picked up his sandwich, while Iris was getting herself some water. It then vanished, and his and Pikachu’s eyes widened as it changed into a bowl of soup.

“WHAT THE?!” Ash, Iris, and Pikachu yelled.

“Ash… Where did that soup come from?” Iris asked.

“I don’t know Iris, but I do know that it’s going in my mouth,” he said, smelling it.

Iris gave him an annoyed look.

“Ash, don’t be a little kid, you don’t know where it’s been,” Iris warned him.

“Don’t care. I’m eating it!” Ash stated.

“Fine, just don’t come crying to me if something happens,” Iris muttered in a huff. Pikachu was still too freaked out to say anything.

Back in Pallet Town, Sabrina had finished the puzzle book. Misty came out with two cups of coffee.

“Coffee, Miss Sabrina?” she offered, still very weary of being alone with her.

Sabrina simply gave her a small smile, and took the cup. She drank it with pleasure. “Good girl,” Sabrina muttered as she patted Misty on the head, making her give an angry pout.

“I could make you lick my boots if you keep that pout up, brat,” she muttered, making Misty stop pouting.

Delia came back in a pink short-sleeved shirt and long purple skirt.

“Ah, I feel so much better. Oh, thank you, Misty,” she said while drinking the extra coffee cup.

“What were you doing anyway?” Sabrina asked, a tad curious.

“Oh, Mr. Mime and I were just planting a few veggies in the back yard,” she explained.

“Oh, well, I could have helped you,” Sabrina offered.

Delia simply waved her hand.

“No, no, no. It’s fine. I like getting my hands dirty every now and then, and besides,” she said.

“But as your girlfriend for three years, I should do nice things for you. I feel like I’m neglecting you,” Sabrina protested.

Delia hugged the psychic, and pulled her in closer.

“Oh, don’t be silly. You do help, like this!” Delia whispered while kissing the woman on the lips. Sabrina’s eyes rolled back into her head as the other woman worked her magic. She quickly broke the kiss feeling a hand move somewhere she didn’t think it would be going.

“Oh, you are a naughty little thing, aren’t you?” Sabrina coyly muttered while giving Delia a kiss on the cheek, and then another on the lips, working her own magic and returning the favor.

“Oh, you know it, baby,” Delia breathed as she kissed Sabrina passionately. They were about to do other things, when the doorbell rang causing them to jolt up in a panic.

“Ah, um, Misty, get the door will you?” Delia requested.

Misty simply stood where she was, her head turned behind them, and she was shaking. The doorbell rang once again, and Sabrina was getting very annoyed. She hadn’t gotten a chance to be with her girlfriend in weeks, and just as they were getting started, this happened.

“Move it!” She hissed while slapping Misty’s behind causing a cracking sound, making her squeak and run off to the door.

“Sabrina!” Delia yelled.

“Oh, please, that was a love tap. The padding you gave her softened the blow, and that’s the only way to get her to move when she’s like that,” Sabrina muttered.

“Well, someone just bought herself no desert tonight,” Delia warned.

Sabrina frowned, crossing her arms.

Misty quickly opened the door to find a tall man. He had short dark hair, charming eyes, and a large smile. He wore an expensive looking dark orange suit, red silk tie, and black leather shoes. He had a rose in one hand. Next to him was a tan and lean Persian. Its red jewel on its head gleamed in the sun. Misty recognized who this man was: Giovanni, the final Gym Leader of Kanto, and the secret leader of Team Rocket. Not that the public, or even the Elite Four, knew about that last part.

“Misty Waterflower? Um…I had heard you had been dismissed by the Elite Four, but… this is the home of Delia Ketchum correct?” the man asked, a tad confused. But soon his voice became smooth as ever.

“Yes, I’ll just… just go get her,” Misty said, not having a good feeling about this.

He stood there at the door, to find the woman he wanted to meet who had a large grin on her face.

“Gio! It’s been forever!” She cheered, giving him a huge hug, much to Misty’s shock and Sabrina’s annoyance at the intrusion.

“I’m glad to see you too, Delia… It has been too long, but duty calls and all that,” the man muttered while giving her the rose.

“Ah, Sabrina, it’s good to see you again,” he said, smiling at her while his Pokemon purred and rubbed against Delia’s leg.

“Giovanni,” Sabrina mumbled, obviously not happy to see him.

“Um… I know that it may seem odd of me to ask, but what are you doing here?” the male gym leader asked, a tad confused.

“I am here to spend time with my girlfriend. My question is: how do you know Delia?” Sabrina asked, making her fellow gym leader do a double take.

“I think we better go inside and I’ll explain a few things to both of you. Misty, could you get us another cup of coffee?” she asked as the confused Gym Leader came into her house.

Today Unova, Route 4.

Ash quickly woke up. He felt his body was a bit more relaxed and rested then how it’s been for days. He looked to find Iris sleeping next to him, with a stuffed Pokemon. Axew had a bit of drool coming out of his mouth, which kind of ruined the fairytale look Ash thought Iris had going for her. He looked to see that the sun wasn’t up. However, he couldn’t go back to sleep, so he reluctantly wriggled out of Iris’s sweet embrace. Pikachu and Purloin then woke up.

“Hey dude…you okay?” Pikachu asked while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Purloin and her trainer’s minds went back to yesterday, mainly Team Plasma. The Kanto trainer took his aura staff and the map of Unova. He allowed both of the Pokemon onto his shoulders as he walked a bit away from the camp so he wouldn’t wake Iris, Axew, or Bianca. After going a bit further away, he pulled out all his Poke Balls and called out Pidove, Oshawott, and Tepig. The two boys looked sleepy and Oshawott looked rather irritated. Pidove, however, seemed quite pleased.

“Man, what the f#k we doing up!” Oshawott yelled.

“Hey, early bird gets the Wurmple,” Pidove said.

“Sorry about this, guys. I know it’s early, but I feel like we all could benefit from some training. Those Team Plasma guys are tough, and we got through by the skin of our teeth,” Ash explained.

“Tepig, and I know the acts of cruelty they will do, and we cannot allow their …leader’s world to come to fruition. We must battle to protect our trainer and our friends,” Purloin added.

Pidove and Tepig looked like they understood. Oshawott, however, still looked like he wasn’t having it. He used Water Gun, soaking Ash’s head.

“Man, you must be out yo dang mind!” Oshawott protested as he was about to walk back to camp.

Purloin whispered something to Pidove who was laughing.

“Oh, well. Too bad, I thought you were this badass Oshawott, but as it turns out, you’re a wuss,” Pidove taunted.

“Do you have to be so mean?” Tepig asked as he watch the Water Pokemon keep walking

“Wait for it,” the female bird Pokemon muttered as she and Purloin were counting on their paws and feathers until the otter Pokemon stopped and turned around. He quickly came back to Ash.

“I’m not a wuss, I AM a badass!” Oshawott protested.

“Prove it, then.” Pidove challenged. She and Purloin knew that he was eating out of their hand.

“Alright, I will! Boss, let’s get training!” he declared.

“Okay then. Let’s run a few laps,” Ash said with a small laugh as they started to jog. The Pokemon followed from behind.

“You two were playing him,” Pikachu stated, looking at the two females.

“Maybe… it was fun,” Pidove admitted.

“Seems you aren’t a bird brain after all,” Purloin coyly muttered.

“Yeah!” Pidove muttered proudly while she flew a bit.

The bird then spotted some Bug Pokemon coming out of the woodwork.

“FOOD!” she yelled while using a powerful gust that knocked everyone back. This sadly blew the map out of Ash’s hands. Pikachu and Purloin tried to get it back, but their attempts were in vain.

A few hours, and one Rocky music theme training session later, the boy and most of his Pokemon were now half asleep.

Iris had woken up. She and Axew slowly noticed that they were missing a trainer. The girl then put Axew next to the sleeping Bianca.

“Axew, I’m going to look for Ash and the others. Can you look after Bianca until she wakes up?” she asked.

“Okay, Mama, you go find Papa Ash,” the green dragon said sleepily.

“Ash, Pikachu, Purloin, Pidove, Tepig, Oshawott!” Iris cried out as she kept looking around. “Oh, Zekrom and Reshiram, what if something happened to them? Or what if Team Plasma captured him as pay back?” Iris thought with a bit of panic, her mind painting horrible images.

She quickly shook her head.

“No, no, no. Iris, you aren’t a little kid, don’t let your imagination get the better of you,” Iris thought to herself as she kept looking.

Iris then noticed her talisman was glowing. The Zekrom part was…like it was pointing her toward something. The Reshiram part was glowing in her direction. The girl trusted her charm, like she always had, and after a small run she found who she was looking for. She smiled and was glad to see he wasn’t hurt.

“Okay, good, he’s okay,” Iris said with relief.

“Wait…did Axew call Ash… ‘Papa?!’” Iris thought with a mad and confused blush, her heart almost jumping. She was really unsure of how to feel about that. He was just a friend after all, right? Axew was just being silly, right? Silly little dragon was still sleepy. He didn’t know what he was saying. It’s not like he had a crush on her. The girl assured herself of this, unaware of how wrong she was. She then looked at the carefree look plastered on Ash’s face and growled at the sleeping boy. She was worried sick about this bum, and he didn’t have a care in the world. As punishment, she dragged him back to camp, along with his Pokemon. The aura staff made a line in the ground.

As she came back to the camp, Ash slowly woke up.

“Iris?” he mumbled as she dropped him.

“Okay! One, you’re crazy! Two… good morning, Three, if you’re going to go somewhere, tell me so I don’t have to worry, and Bianca, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Iris yelled in a panic as Bianca poured a canteen of water on her head. They only had two of those.

“Ah, I feel so much better now… oh morning guys, what’s for breakfast?” Bianca asked in a ditzy manner, unaware of Iris’s anger.

Ash woke up fully to find Axew hugging his leg, while Iris was chasing Bianca for such a waste.

“Aw man, I’m so thirsty,” Ash and Iris’s new companion complained. A few hours had passed since morning.

“Well, if someone hadn’t used our water to wash her hair, we’d have something to drink. Now we’ll just have to wait until a river comes by,” Iris scolded the new blond trainer.

“I said I was sorry,” Bianca mumbled.

“Come on, guys, let’s just get to the next town. It can’t be that far right?” Ash asked, while walking with his new aura staff. Pikachu was sleeping while Purloin was keeping a watchful look out.

He turned his head to Bianca, who had no idea where they were, while Iris was looking a bit irritated at him. Axew popped out of her hair and yawned.

“I told you not to lose the map, but like a little kid, you lost the map Nurse Joy gave us,” Iris said.

“Well, sorry, I was busy training and it kinda just flew off. Pidove and I didn’t mean it!” Ash protested.

“And another thing, who trains their Pokemon before the sun’s even up!?” Iris argued, while pointing her index finger at her friend’s chest.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I wanted to raise Tepig’s and Pidove’s confidence,” Ash snapped while he and Pikachu yawned.

“Well now you’re gonna be too tired to do anything! I’m not dragging you again,” Iris warned.

“I’ll sleep later in the day,” Ash mumbled.

“Um, guys?” Bianca mumbled.

“What is it, Bianca?!” Both Ash and Iris yelled.

“I think I hear something coming from those bushes,” Bianca said, pointing to some rustling bushes. What jumped out was a barking Lillipup.

“AHHHHH!” Purloin cried out in fright. The fur on her tail stood up straight as she jumped to the top of Ash’s hat while placing her claws in it.

“Aw, how cute! I’m gonna catch him!” Bianca gushed while quickly getting an empty Poke Ball from her bag.

“Um Bianca, wait –” Iris was about to object, but the novice trainer had already thrown the ball. She missed, and the dog Pokemon tackled her.

Iris quickly grabbed Bianca and got her out of the dog Pokemon’s tackling range. Ash and Pikachu were busy trying to get Purloin to calm down.

“Bianca, are you okay?” Iris asked a bit worried.

“Are you my mommy?” Bianca asked with dizzy swirls in her eyes.

Iris then shook Bianca, making her come back. “Huh?” she asked.

“Bianca, if you wanna catch a Pokemon, you have to fight him. Get Tepig out.” Iris advised.

“Yeah, show him who’s boss!” Axew added, swiping his left claw.

“Um, right, go Tepig!” Bianca cried as her starter came out. Her Tepig snorted embers out of his nose.

“Tepig, use Tackle!” Bianca cried. The fire pig rammed his body into the dog Pokemon, making it take damage.

The Lillipup fought back with a Tackle of his own, knocking Tepig back a bit.

“That’s okay Tepig, just keep using Tackle!” Bianca ordered.

Tepig once again tackled the Lillipup, making him weaken quite a bit. However, the dog Pokemon retaliated by biting the fire pig’s nose. Tepig was able to get him off, but was starting to get tired.

“Ahhh! What do I do?” Bianca yelled in a panic while Ash and Pikachu were in the background, still trying to calm Purloin down.

“Throw a Poke Ball!” Iris shouted, fingers turned into fists, and her arms shaking up and down. Axew was mimicking her movements.

“Oh right, Poke Ball go!” Bianca cried while pulling another one out of her bag. The ball sailed, bopping the Lillipup on the head, engulfing it in a red light as it went into the ball and closed. The Poke Ball then started to wiggle.

“Come on, come on,” Bianca pleaded, to the Poke Ball.

Iris, Axew, Bianca, and her Tepig eyed the ball as it kept wriggling less and less. The ball stopped and made a ding noise. Bianca looked to Iris, and she gave an approving nod. The girl picked up the ball and her Tepig and spun around happily.

“We did it! We caught a Lillipup! My first catch!” Bianca cried out to the world while hugging her Starter Pokemon.

“Great, I’m really happy for you, JUST KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!” Purloin yelled as Iris, and Pikachu finally removed her from Ash’s head.

A few hours later, after some battles, everyone was looking around for food. Ash and his own Tepig, who was looking much better compared to when he was in captivity, was sniffing around. Oshawott was helping in his own way. Pikachu, Purloin, and Pidove took to the trees and sky to aid Axew and Iris, who were gliding and swinging to get a better view for food. Bianca, her Tepig, and her new Lillipup, however, were on the dirt floor. Hunger had gotten the better of them.

“Oh… I’m so hungry… why didn’t I bring any extra food?” Bianca mumbled to herself.

“Dear God, it’s me Bianca… look I know I asked you to help me leave home so I could go on my journey. But could you please get me some food for my friends and me, I’d really appreciate it!” the blond girl prayed out loud to the heavens.

“Well, little girl. The Lord Helix shall answer your prayers!” she heard a voice cry out.

Bianca then looked up to find an oddly dressed man. He wore a light blue suit and black tie. His head was covered in what Bianca’s Tepig could describe as a light yellow helix seashell. One of his hands held a basket of tasty looking and smelling candies. The oddly dressed human dropped the basket in front of the novice trainer.

“You’re giving this to us, for free?” Bianca asked hopefully.

“Why of course my dear child, may the Helix give you divine protection…and may the Dome burn with fire!” the strange man cursed, before running off into the woods.

Bianca then picked the basket up.

“HEY GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING TO EAT!” she cried out. The two trainers and their Pokemon ran toward her. They looked at the smiling Bianca.

“Oh hey candy, way to go Bianca,” Ash praised, which made Bianca beam with pride.

“Well food is food, so let’s eat. Let’s make sure everyone gets their fair share,” Iris said as they were about to pass the candy around. Then something made her stop.

“Wait, Bianca… where did you find this?” she asked out of curiosity.

“Oh, some guy gave it to me,” Bianca said simply, causing Iris to put the candy back in the basket.

She then slapped the candy out of Bianca, Pikachu, and Ash’s hands.

“Hey!” the three cried.

“Bianca, you never ever take candy from strangers! For all you know it could be poisoned!” Iris snapped.

“Oh, come on, they smell fine!” Pikachu argued.

“Do you want to risk it?” Purloin asked wearily.

“Pikachu, don’t be a little kid. I know you’re hungry, but think!” Iris snapped.

“Poisoned? But the guy seemed so nice. Why would he do that?” Bianca mumbled, very sad and confused.

“There are sadly some very sick people,” Purloin stated. Pikachu and Tepig nodded their heads. However, Pikachu still wanted to eat them.

“Look, let’s just put it somewhere else and keep looking, I’m sure, we aren’t too far off from a city,” Iris suggested.

“Okay…” Bianca mumbled while setting the candy down. As they started to walk away, Bianca’s Tepig couldn’t help himself, and in spite of the purple haired human’s warnings he started to eat the candies. After eating all twelve of the candies, he had his fill and ran back to his trainer. As he kept walking, the fire pig Pokemon felt strange–stronger, faster, and more powerful. Then his body started to glow too, where it was bathed in light. Pikachu turned around to see this, and Axew did too. They quickly turned the heads of their trainers around to see this.

“Bianca… Look down,” both Ash and Iris whispered.

“Huh –wHHAA?” she asked before looking down to find her Pokemon evolving. He was now bipedal and his tall was longer and curlier. His orange, yellow, and black color scheme was the same, only now he had yellow swirls by his side and yellow rings on his arms. The new Pokemon’s smiling face had two fangs at the bottom sticking out, along with candy crumbs.

Ash and Bianca pulled out their Pokedexes to find out about this new Pokemon.

“A Pignite… Tepig… I mean… Pignite… you evolved! That’s wonderful!” the blond cried out while grabbing a hold of her starter and hugging him.

Pikachu then gave Iris a dirty look.

“Don’t eat the candies, they might be poison, and not totally awesome rare candies! I’m Iris and I think I know everything, and I’ll call you a little kid if you don’t agree with me,” Pikachu mocked the dragon girl.

“Okay, I was wrong! Shut up!” she snapped.

“Guys… not now,” Ash mumbled as he was getting a headache, holding on to his staff for support. Wes was right when he said he would have gotten too soft with Brock around to feed him all the time.

“Well I guess I might have to use my sixth sense to find us food.” Iris declared.

“Wait, what?!” everyone asked.

“Yep, I have a sixth sense that has helped me out whenever I’ve called on it,” Iris bragged.

“Oh, really?” the cat Pokemon said skeptically.

“I’m not buying it. Ash, get Pidove to fly around and look for a town,” Pikachu suggested.

“Have faith, I shall lead you to the Promised Land!” the Dragon Pokemon Trainer declared. Her friends had sweat drops behind their heads. Iris pulled out her charm from underneath her shirt and held it tightly.

“Don’t let me down now,” Iris thought as Axew looked at her.

“I don’t believe it,” Pikachu muttered, seeing a grinning Iris, and wide eyed Bianca, Axew, and Ash. They stood right in front of Striaton City’s Pokemon Gym. However, from the outside, it looked like a lavish, fancy restaurant, and it matched most of the city: lean, lavish, beautifully crafted and rich with taste. Ash and Iris got a bit of a snooty vibe from the people.

“Let’s go! Food, food, food,” the blonde yelled as she dragged her two friends inside.

The three looked around to find tables, people, and Pokemon enjoying good food, and waiters and waitresses dressed like fancy butlers and maids. Ash was looking at the maid girls with a slightly perverted gaze, imagining how Iris would look in one of those. Iris dragged him away from the ladies with an annoyed look, muttering that he was a child.

The three found a table, happy that they were all finally going to eat something. Still, they had forgotten that this was a gym.

And the Gym Leaders were ready to make their grand introduction.

End of chapter.
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Sep 25, 2010
I liked this chapter a lot! Especially the part with Pikachu speaking his mind at Iris over the candy Tepig ate up. xD You know, out of one other person here, do you mention a same gender pairing. Which rocks and more power to you on that. I'm a little surprised that Misty is working for Delia and Sabrina. What could she of possible of done to get caught up in such a... unfortunate job? I know you mentioned a debt. Speaking of Brock, I wonder if we'll get to see him at all or not? Anyhow, I'm curious what Giovanni wants with Delia. I don't really know much about him so, I'm in the dark on that. Same goes for Sabrina. I hope Ash, Bianca and Iris are able to survive inside of this gym they went inside of. So much suspense, that I can't wait for the next update!

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Pokemon Black and White Rebirth

Chapter 5.2: Put our service to the test.

Team Plasma HQ

Underground Unova’s earth was a white, giant, multi leveled, lavish castle, made of the purest, richest ivory, and mixed in with solid gold. The floor was made out of pure black pear tile. The walls were bannered with the Plasma symbol. The many rooms had statues of birds, paintings, and computers. The Plasma Grunts were running around, patrolling for intruders, guarding prisoners, or training to hone their skills. The scientists were running tests, writing down notes, and helping in experiments. Pawns, sages, scientists, and Pokemon worked as one in the castle. At the heart of this fortress, was a long hallway leading to a throne room, surrounded by pools of water. The seat of power, however, was empty. Ghetsis knew this, and where to find the king.

N was in his room, a room that looked like a child’s, rather than for a king of terrorists. Toys on the floor, a basketball hoop to the side, a skateboard ramp next to his bedside. The long green haired boy was dribbling the basketball on the floor. The head sage opened the door to this room. N was trying to make a basket, but was failing.

“N my son, why are you troubled?” Ghetsis asked, noticing N hadn’t been the same since he had lost that battle the other day.

The two humans that defeated him. Their determined faces, and how the Pokemon had fought for them, was still in his mind. The words they spoke played into his mind.

“Team Plasma is a force of justice for Pokemon, yes? We are protecting Pokemon from the trainers that abuse, and enslave them, and I am the hero of Unova that will unite the dragon?” N asked, for the first time unsure of himself.

The Sage put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, and gave him a friendly smile,

“Of course you are, you can truly understand the hearts of Pokemon, and are the leader that shall bring us to glory.” Ghetsis assured him.

“Then why did my friends lose, why did those trainers act like I was the villain? Why did that Purloin attacked you? Why did that Axew call the human girl its mother?” N asked confused.

Ghetsis shook his head.

“N, my son, those trainers have brainwashed their Pokemon. The Oshawott, the Pikachu, the Purlion, and even the young Axew. However…it seems that they themselves have been brainwashed.” Ghetsis stated.

N’s eyes went slightly wide at this, but it assured the feeling that he had.

“…Then, might we be able to liberate their Pokemon, and bring them, to our cause?” N asked.

Ghetsis gave some thought to the idea.

“Well…it is possible, if not difficult. Why do you ask? You rarely care for our human members.” Ghetsis mused.

“They are strong, we need strong members, and their Pokemon could be used to save other Pokemon.” N reasoned.

“Well if anyone can do it, it would be the Hero of Unova. That battle was a fluke, out of sheer luck. Next time anyone gets in your way, you will crush them. You are morally higher, since you know the truth! Believe in your ideals, and become the hero, that you are destined to be.” Ghetsis proclaimed, slowly raising N’s resolve and spirit.

N then made a shot in the basket. Ghetsis was about to take his leave, seeing his work was done.

“…Thank you…Father.” N said in a quiet voice.

The man gave the teenager a small smile.

“Oh course, my king.” He said before shutting the door.

Ghetsis walked further away from N’s private room. He could see three small flickers of darkness surround him. In that flash appeared three long white haired humans, covered in black. Their mouths were covered and there were tattoos on their arms that looked rather ninja like.

“Shadow Triad.” Ghetsis stated.

“My lord, what is your will?” The three asked, synced in union.

“Those two children that defeated our King. I want you to find them, spy on them, and report back any useful information to me. You are to remain hidden.” He ordered.

“As you command Lord Ghetsis.” They stated before vanishing into thin air.

“Now to check on our Project Genesect’s progress, and my two daughters.” Ghestsis thought to himself while walking away, a satisfied look on his face. Things would soon come to together.

Back in the Striaton City Gym, our heroes were now starting to eat. Pikachu, Axew, Pidove, Purloin, Oshawott, Tepig, Pignite, and Lillipup were chowing down on the finest Pokemon food, and berries.

Their trainers were well fed as well. Bianca was enjoying some pancakes, with some eggs and Torchic bacon. Ash was stuffing his mouth with a burger and fries. Iris was loving some tri-tip with a side of fries of her own.

“Oh this is so good!” Bianca squealed in bliss.

“YMM TIS SS GRET!” Ash agreed with burger in his mouth.

“Ash, don’t be a little kid, and talk with your mouth full” Iris muttered, a bit annoyed with her friend’s table manners, while munching on a few fries.

“Wow taught wou ow to eat? No table manners.” Iris asked while putting more fries in her mouth. “I mean really.” Iris kept talking with food in her mouth.

“Oh wow, you can battle people here.” Bianca pointed out looking to find, waiters and waitresses were battling with a few trainers.

“Good food, battling, and pretty girls. I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven.” Ash thought to himself, while gazing back at the maid girls. He then quickly looked away, seeing a slightly irritated Iris.

“Okay, I need to stop before I turn into Brock.” He thought to himself while taking another bite of his burger.

The three then noticed the lights dim and a large light showed a red curtain. It was pulled open for everyone to see three trainers and their Pokemon. They were dressed sharply, in the standard, black and white waiter uniform, however it seemed they had their own aura of style. The triplets each had matching colored hair, cool bow ties, and even their eyes. The green haired young man had his in a slight spike style. The blue haired one’s was long, slightly braided, and it was covering one of his blue eyes. The last one, the red head, made Iris think that his hair was on fire.

“Visitors of our fine gym. We are Cilan, Cress, and Chili: The fantastic Striaton Triplets.” Cilan stated giving a slight bow. Ash and Iris could hear the many women, and young girls, fawning over the three of them.

“We single handily cooked the meals you eat now, quick and without flaws.” Cress boasted.

“And on this stage we are gonna have a hot blooded battle that boils the soul! Come on up!” Chill roared with energy.

“They’re so dreamy.” Bianca gushed.

“Yeah, if you like frilly, whimsy, pretty boys.” Iris snarked.

“Or arrogant, loud mouths.” Ash snickered while the two laughed together, and gave a quick high five.

“Don’t be mean.” Bianca pouted.

“Who here wants a Gym Badge huh?! Who here’s got the Ultra Balls to take us huh?!” Chili yelled.

“Do you have to be so loud?!” Cress hissed.

“Don’t put pressure on them, Chili it’s bad manners, and Cress he’s just energetic is all.” Cilan spoke trying to keep the peace.

Purloin’s ears flickered and she looked up to find the three flamboyant Gym Leaders, recognizing them.

“They could be helpful.” Purloin thought to herself. She quickly slammed her head on her trainer’s leg. This made him yelp and jump up, causing a fuss with Iris and Bianca. Pikachu did the same out of shock.

“Ah, a challenger at last.” The Mint haired butler looking Gym Leader said as Ash looked around to find many people were looking at him. A few other trainers wanted to fight, but it wasn’t to be.

“Um…hold on. Can we finish our lunch first?” Ash asked.

“Oh, yes of course.” Cilan politely said as they started to eat their lunches. After all he wanted everyone to get their fill.

They could see another challenger take Ash’s place, a boy about Bianca’s age. His short black hair had a slight upward curl. A pair of glasses covered his stone black eyes. He wore a light blue jacket, while underneath it, was a white t shirt with a red y pattern. This trainer pulled out a Poke Ball from his black pants pocket, and unleashed a green snake looking Pokemon with arms and legs onto his shoulder. His red eyes glowed, with respect and dignity, while keeping his long pointed nose up in the air. Oshawott and Bianca’s Pignite recognized that smug smirk, the signature expression of their old friend Snivy. Bianca felt her heart beat faster, and faster, unable to keep her eyes off of him. Ash thought he reminded him of his Sinnoh rival Paul. Hopefully he treated his Pokemon better. Iris was ready to see the show as the rookie trainer slowly made his way to the stage of the three Gym Leaders, and Chili was the one to step forward.

“So Snivy’s your starter huh? Tell me your name kid.” Chili requested.

“Cheren, now let’s cut the chit chat, and battle.” He said coolly.

“Oh my gosh, he sounds so cool.” Bianca thought to herself, feeling rather hot.

“What’s your Pokemon. It’s a one on one fight with me, or you can take all of us for the badge.” Chili explained.

Cheren, with a nod, had Snivy come down to the battlefield.

“You’ll be fine, get your Pokemon out. Let’s go.” He boldly proclaimed.

Chili looked like fire was about to burst out of his chest, the man pumped his fist in the air.

“Alright, that’s what I like to hear, but your gonna need to spice it up before taking me on!” Chili screamed as he threw his Poke Ball. It unleashed a small monkey like Pokemon, with red legs, a red tail, and a fireball like hair style on top of his head, and large ears.

“What Pokemon is that?” Ash asked, as he, Bianca, and Cheren looked it up in their Pokedexes.

“Pansear, Fire type …CRAP!” Cheren yelled as his glasses went slightly crooked, and his air of confidence had vanished.

“Wasn’t the hair, and the same colored bow ties a bit obvious?” Iris asked, as Axew climbed onto her lap.

“Alright Snivy, let’s see yo bitch ass, get to work.” Oshawott thought looking at the battle along with Ash, and the other Pokemon.

“COME ON SNIVY, LET BEAT THIS GUY!!” The boy with glasses yelled getting back into his bravo.

“NOW YOUR GETTING IT! PANSEAR FIRE BURST!” The passionate Gym Leader commanded as Pansear shot out a tiny, fast shot of fire.

“Snivy get out of the way!” Cheren ordered.

Snivy showed he had some very good speed, quickly dodging the attacks.

“Now use Vine Whip, on Pansear’s neck!” Cheren commanded, hoping to end this quickly.

Snivy then had two green vines come out of his body, and try to wrap around the fire monkey.

“Pansear, Flame Burst on the Vine Whips!” Chili ordered.

The Pansear shot out another Flame Burst, and much to both Snivy’s, and Cheren’s, displeasure and terror the Vine Whips were caught on fire, and soon the rest of Snivy’s body. This caused the Pokemon to cry out in pain, while rolling on the ground, as his trainer quickly left the battlefield and took a pitcher of water from one of the waiters. He came back and threw it on his Grass type. The poor guy sadly fainted. Bianca wanted to cry, while Ash’s Oshawott was laughing his head off. Pignite then smacked him upside the head for a being a jerk. Iris shook her head, slightly disappointed, but glad the Snviy was okay.

“Your gonna need a lot of training, and you might want to catch some more Pokemon. Come again when you and your Pokemon are stronger.” Chili stated.

Cheren growled, while picking up his Pokemon.

“I’m sorry.” Ash and Iris heard Snivy mutter.

Cheren just looked at him.

“No, I wasn’t ready, next time we will be.” He promised his Pokemon. Ash was more than happy to see him care about Snivy.

“Thank you for the match.” He said gritting his teeth before leaving.

“CHILI!!” The maids and fangirls screamed and gushed, while giving Chili a flashy grin, causing both Ash, and Iris, to groan.

Cheren slowly walked away, defeated and slightly frustrated. Ash got up to take his place, having finished his food. His Pokemon, Iris, and Bianca followed him.

“Um…hi. I thought you were pretty cool, and you lasted much longer then I would have.” Bianca said while getting very close to the guy, Iris and Axew noted her face was turning beat red.

“Thanks…I guess…um…” Cheren asked not knowing the girl’s name.

“Bianca, I’m Bianca, I hope Snivy gets better soon.” She said while rolling her hands around each other.

“Thank you, I’m Cheren.” He introduced himself.

Iris then looked at the rookie

“Hey, some advice, stay away from a group of people that look like knights. They call themselves Team Plasma, and they’ll take your Pokemon.” Iris warned.

Cheren’s eyes widened a bit, and he slowly nodded.

“Thanks for the advice.” He thanked her before walking out the door. The two girls then turned to the match.

Ash, Pikachu, Pidove, Purloin, Oshawott, and Tepig were now on the battlefield and across from them were the triplets.

“So, which Pokemon is your starter?” Cress asked.

Pikachu stood up, ready to fight.

“A Pikachu is your starter?” All three of the triplets asked in confusion.

“Yeah is that a problem?” Ash asked, an eyebrow rising up.

The three huddled up, and whispered. Ash and Pikachu looked around to find they were receiving angry stares from the waitresses. They were even pulling out very big steak knives, making Ash feel, very, very uncomfortable, and he made sure their backs weren’t in their range. He fought the flashbacks playing in his head.

“I hope he chokes.” Bianca and Iris heard one of the short maids whisper.

“I bet he goes down faster that that four eyed nerd.” Another maid ironically with glasses of her own said.

“No one beats up my Cilan and lives.” A third, very skinny, maid declared

“Go back to Kanto!” a fourth maid, with a large nose, yelled where Ash could hear it, which made things a lot worse for him.

“Go jump off a cliff!” A larger maid screamed.

“Great, now we have hecklers.” Pikachu muttered.

“Can I poop on them?” Pidove asked.

“Not yet.” Pikachu waved.

“I miss Dawn, and her cute cheerleader outfit.” Ash thought to himself thinking of Dawn cheering for him, and how he cheered for her in her contests. Right now he was feeling no love.

Iris could see Bianca wanting to say something, but the death glares were preventing her. Iris was getting really annoyed, ante angry. What was up with these crazy girls? They had no right to treat Ash like this or scare Bianca.

“Okay, put the knives away little girls, before you get hurt.” Iris warned while cracking her knuckles. Axew started growling, not liking the other girls.

“Like, who are you jungle girl?” One maid asked.

“Ash, don’t be a little kid! Focus on the match! I’ll handle these little brats.” Iris said, while giving him a smile, and thumbs up.

“Okay.” Ash muttered, with a smile. Her smiling made him feel a bit better.

“Um who are you, to call us brats?” The first maid repeated while getting a little steamed.

“We happen to be the triplets’ number one fans.” The maid declared with pride

“I’m Iris, the Dragon Master, and I don’t care who you say you are. You act like little brats when you insult, and scare my friends, and for that you shall be punished!” Iris declared.

Soon the maids pulled out their Pokemon. Iris, however, got fire in her eyes, as Axew prepared for battle.

Bianca, Lillipup, and Pignite weren’t sure which fight to watch.

Ash and Pikachu turned to the triplets.

“Normally you would be facing one of us, who would have the type advantage, but since your Pikachu is an electric type. We shall allow you to pick one of us for the badge.” Cilan explained.

“Or you could man up, and take all three of us.” Chili instigated.

“Choose wisely, young trainer, for you might bite more than you can chew.” Cress warned.

Ash and Pikachu looked at everyone else. Tepig wasn’t sure, Pidove and Oshawott looked ready to go, and Purloin just Cheshire cat grinned. They turned to the triplets again.

“Well I have a big mouth, so I’ll take all three of you!” Ash declared.

End of chapter.
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I like this line the best: "Who here wants a gym badge huh?! Who here’s got the Ultra balls to take us huh?!”

This was an awesome chapter. I kind of hope this isn't the last we see Cheren! I kind of secretly want Ash's group to keep growing bigger. Its pretty fantastic to know Ash has a big enough mouth to take all three of them on. xD Gosh, I kind of feel like N is the one being brainwashed. Also, I'm curious about these three ninja's that were sent out to spy on Ash and his group of friends. It was well worth the wait, and I enjoyed every bit of this chapter.

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Jun 14, 2009

Pokemon Black and White Rebirth,
Chapter 5.3 Thunderstruck.

Cheren was looking at his Pokedex. At the Pansear, and his water, and grass brethren. Panpour and Pansage. He growled at himself in frustration. Cheren adjusted his glasses while putting away his newly bought Poke Balls.

“How could I have been so stupid and listened to that guy? He clearly had no idea what was going on! If only I hadn’t had my Poke Balls stolen I could have caught a few more Pokemon. Oh sure, just rush in, the Gym Leader’s a cake walk. IDIOT! Now Snivy has to pay the price. Never again, will I act so stupid! I-” The new trainer scolded himself.

“Um sir?” A Nurse Joy asked while setting his Poke Ball down.

“WHAT?!” He yelled in mid-sentence. After looking at the rather creeped out face the nurse was making, Cheren looked down to find Snivy’s Poke Ball. He took a deep breath and calmed down.

“I'm so, so sorry ma’am. Please forgive my rudeness.” He muttered while bowing his head in shame.

“Your forgiven, just be sure to take better care of your Pokemon, and yourself, Or…I might have to put you in the hospital myself.” The nurse threatened without any concern.

The boy’s glasses went crooked; he took his Poke Ball and ran as fast as he could.

He stopped to look at the gym once more.

“I really need to do some training.” He thought to himself. Cheren looked at his Pokedex.

“I’ll need a well-balanced team. Like that other guy had. I’ll want a Pidove, and I think a Rock type…now where can I get the Rock type?” He asked himself.

“Well kid, you could always trade with me. One Roggenrola right here.” A large man with a dark beard stated. He looked to be a hiker with his brown dirt clothes and backpack. Cheren was caught off guard, not noticing him before. Was his eyesight that bad?

“What’s the catch, what’s in it for you? Nothing’s free.” Cheren muttered skeptically. The last time he was met with a stranger, he lost his five Poke Balls and was given false information.

“Well if you catch me a Munna, that’s a Psychic type boy. Pay attention, I say pay attention when I’m talking to you boy! About as sharp as a bowling ball. Anyway if you go over ta their Dreamyard a ways from town, ya might be able to get it, and Roggenrola is yours; let's just hope he’s likes ya. I’ll be in town by the center, so just look for O’l Foggy. Good luck son.” The old man laughed, his gut slightly jiggling, while walking away.

Cheren thought about this. It could be a wild goose chase. He’d ask around town to see if the info was correct.

“I’ll need a Purloin, along with my own Pidove.” He thought while walking.

Ash, Pikachu, and the other Pokemon on the team looked at the triplets. Would they come at them one at a time, or would it be a three on one battle? Bianca was making an uncomfortable dance move, while Iris and Axew were duking it out with the crazy maids and their many Lillipup, and Patrat.

“Now, challenger, could you please tell us your name, and who you’d like to face first?” Cilan requested.

“Also I must warn you, you can only switch out one Pokemon per match.” Cress warned.

“Okay, so it’s one at a time. That’s fine…okay knees stop shaking, Iris is watching…sorta…in spirt, and Bianca, and her Pokemon are here too. Just breathe and have fun! Get pumped!” Ash thought to himself.

“I am so pumped!” Pikachu thought reading his trainer’s mind.

“I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town of Kanto, and I choose-“ Ash was about to declare when Bianca gave a girlish yell.

“WWWAAAIIIITTTTTT!!” She cried, getting everyone to stop. Even Iris, Axew, and the maids stopped.

“I can’t take it anymore. I had waaaayy too much soda and I really need to use the bathroom. Can you guys wait till I get back?” The rookie trainer begged.

“Oh sure, that’s not a problem, right guys?” Ash asked everyone. His Pokemon, the Gym Leaders, and Iris with Axew nodded in agreement.

The blond then turned to the Dragon Trainer.

“Iris, can you take me?” Bianca asked.

Iris was about to question why a girl her age would need someone to take her to the bathroom like a five year old, but Bianca was making the cutest pout face, so in her mind it seemed almost cruel not to.

“Alright, come on Axew, Bianca.” Iris said while holding her hand. She started to leave with the girl and the Pokemon.

“Hey, you can’t just leave in the middle of a fight!” One maid yelled, angered by this.

“Oh don’t worry; I’ll punish you brats in a bit, so just sit tight, and DEAL WITH IT!” Iris yelled giving a glare with fire in her eyes. It actually made most of the maids drop their knives.

“Hey can you guys do something about those girls? Not the normal ones, but the crazy knife ones.” Ash requested.

“Please.” Purloin and Pikachu muttered.

The Gym Leaders then turned to their staff, who quickly hid the knives behind their backs. However, the cold, disappointing, and angry stares the triplets were giving them told the fan girls they were in trouble.

Soon Bianca and Iris with Axew, Pignite, and Lillipup came back. Ash now has his aura staff with him. Iris noticed that the maids she was punishing were nowhere to be seen. She was slightly disappointed, but as long as they weren’t bothering anyone, she and Axew could now focus on their friend’s battle.

“All good?” Chili asked, Bianca raptly shook her head.

“Okay, then I want to fight, Cress first.” Ash said.

The blue haired cyclops stepped up to the plate. Her threw his Poke Ball and out came his Panpour. Pikachu’s cheeks sparked.

“Let’s go, Pikachu!” Ash said as the mouse ran to the battlefield.

“A wise, move on your part. Tell me is this your first time battling a Gym Leader?” Cress asked.

“No, I’ve fought like four regions of them?” Ash corrected.

“Huh, funny, you look like a fresh faced ten year old newbie.” Cress admitted.

“WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING THAT!?” Ash thought to himself.

“Ash, the monkey went underground! Get your head in the game!” Pikachu yelled to his friend, snapping him out of it.

“Okay, stick your tail in the ground and wait till he pops up. Don’t just look around randomly. Feel for him.” Ash ordered.

Pikachu then jabbed his tail into the ground, planting himself in position and stood up. He could feel the earth beneath him. His ears twitched. Ash and Pikachu saw and heard Panpour crack out of the ground right behind him.

“Close Combat.” Cress advised.

The blue water monkey dashed at Pikachu with a fist full of pain.

“Pikachu dodge and use Thunderbolt!” Ash commanded.

Pikachu pulled his tail out of the ground and swiftly dodged Panpour’s attack. He then shot one of his own, the electricity beaming out of his cheeks.

“Rock Throw!” Cress yelled. Panpour quickly threw parts of the battlefield at the Thunderbolts, blocking Pikachu’s attack with one rock whacking Pikachu on the head.

“Now Close Combat, Panpour!” Cress yelled.

“Pikachu, move!” Ash warned. However it was too late as Panpour went to town on Pikachu, with blows to the gut, tail, and his head, forcing the yellow Pokemon back into the ground, and a few feet away from Panpour. The monkey however activated Pikachu’s Static fur giving off a paralyzing effect. Purloin could hardly look. Bianca, Axew, and Iris even had worried looks.

“You see, besting me won’t be an easy task. I’ve made sure that Panpour can defeat the types he’s weak to. I can see victory is beyond your grasp. It will always be beyond your grasp.” Cress boasted.

“How do you know?!” Ash demanded an answer.

“My brothers and I are not just cooks and Gym Leaders, we are also Pokemon analyzers. We can give a look over at the Pokemon, and the trainer. I can see you and your Pikachu have a strong bond, but your history shows me only a sea of failures, with a mix of little meaningless puddle victories! In the long run Ash, you're a sorry excuse for a trainer, unworthy of licking my shoes!” Cress declared, hitting his foe pretty hard. Panpour gave off some silent laughs.

“Ouch!” Chili muttered, while filching a bit.

“Cress is always the harshest out of the three of us.” Cilan spoke sadly.

“Ash, don’t you dare let his petty insults get you!” Iris finally spoke, while Bianca had her Lillipup over her mouth.

“Your mean!” Axew cried out.

“Petty insults, call them whatever you wish my dear, I'm only stating the cold, hard truth. Now boy, do you wish to keep going, or will you do the smart thing and give up?” Cress asked while fixing his hair.

“SHUT THE HELL UP YOU POMPUS WINDBAG!” Pikachu roared, shooting out sparks.

“Pikachu, can you get up?” Ash asked. The mouse Pokemon responded by jumping up and getting back into his battle pose.

“I'm good!” He proclaimed. Seeing that Panpour was starting to look tired out, Purloin took a breath of relief.

“Now come on, pal. Let’s prove this jackass wrong!” Pikachu said to his trainer.

“Okay Pikachu, pick up speed and use Volt Tackle.” Ash said.

“Get him with Scold Panpour!” Cress ordered seeing that if that attack hit, it wouldn’t be good. Panpour shot out a boiling hot stream of water. Pikachu was dodging it, but he could still feel the heat coming from the attack.

“Run around the field!” Ash said as Pikachu ran in circles. He kept going faster and faster, to where Tepig, Oshawott, Bianca’s Lillipup, and Axew were starting to get dizzy. Soon he became a lightning bolt.

“Panpour Water Gun the whole field, make it so he can’t touch you!” Cress ordered. Panpour then sprayed the whole field around himself while getting his tail wet.

Pikachu started to slip around the water. However, that gave both Kanto trainer and Pokemon an idea.

“Use all that extra charge in a Thunderbolt.” Ash cried out.

“Rock Throw Panpour!” Cress yelled, however his Pokemon couldn’t move!

“All that crap your trainer, said about mine! Well HE CAN SHOVE IT!” Pikachu yelled at the freaked out monkey.

Cress’s eye went wide as his partner was blasted with a large volt of thunder. Panpour was down for the count.

“Round one is finished. The victor is the challenger.” Cilan declared.

“So…what was that about victory being beyond me?” Ash asked, while picking up and hugging his wet best friend.

“I was referring to in the long term. However, you did beat me, so well done.” Cress congratulated while returning his Panpour back to his Poke Ball.

Pikachu got off his trainer, and met with the other Pokemon. Purloin swiftly gave him a loving smooch on the lips, causing him to faint with hearts in his eyes.

“Hooray!” Bianca cheered with the rest of her Pokemon. She then looked at Iris, who had a large smile on her face.

“Why aren’t you cheering?” She asked.

“It’s only round one. When he wins all three, then I’ll cheer.” Iris stated, however Iris’s heart was jumping for joy. Her partner won, not that she was worried.

Iris then noticed Bianca, and her Pignite drinking more soda.

"Really you guys?" Iris asked with disbelief as an anime sweat drop appeared on the back on her head.

Chili came next. He threw out his Pansear, who was punching the air.

“Aright, now things are getting spicy! Bring on the heat kid, or I’ll really make you into your name!” Chili taunted.

“Alright, give me the bell coach, gimme the bell!” Oshawott thought.

“P-“ Ash was about to yell when Oshawott jumped up onto the battlefield.

“Okay never mind, Oshawott it is.” Ash mumbled, while Pidove looked slightly annoyed at the otter Pokemon.

“Seeing that last battle got me fired up! I'm not gonna be a dick like my bro over there and say you got no shot, cause it’s anyone’s game. The battle goes to the stronger Pokemon! Let’s get cooking!” Chili yelled.

“Alright, Oshawott use Water Gun!” Ash ordered, and soon Oshawott turned into a mini fire hose, while aiming at the fire monkey.

“Use Flame Burst on the puddles!” Chili yelled. Pansear shot out his flame attacks on the water from the last fight, and it turned into steam. Oshawott couldn’t see anything.

“Oshawott get out your Razor Shell, and stay calm.” Ash said.

Oshawott did as he was told.

“Man you're weak sauce. Fight me like a man!” Oshawott demanded.

Pansear dug out of a hole to the side and used Brick Break on the otter Pokemon, whacking him away from his shell.

“Who’s weak sauce now?!” Pansear taunted while shooting another Flame Burst onto Oshawott’s tail.

“How come the other guy didn’t talk?” Pidove asked while Oshawott was running around, trying to put out the fire on his tail.

“He’s mute.” Pansear stated.

“Oh…sorry.” Pidove mumbled.

“It’s fine, he’s made peace with it.” Pansear waved off Pidove’s discomfort. Oshawott dipped his tail in a puddle, and laid out in relief.

“Oshawott get up!” Ash yelled.

Oshawott did get up, only to find his shell away from him. He ran to grab it, only to have Pansear whacking him around.

“Oshawott, Water Gun!” Ash yelled.

Oshawott blasted Pansear away, damaging him. The rookie starter quickly found his treasured shell and placed it on his chest with pride.

“Pansear Dig!” Chili ordered.

The monkey quickly dug underground once again.

“Oh no you don’t, Oshawott, flood the Dig hole with Water Gun!” Ash yelled.

“Delighted!” Oshawott cried happily as he blasted a Water Gun at the tunnel. Everyone could hear something coming from the ground.

Pansear screamed as he dug his way back to the surface while a large burst of water came up and splashed on everyone.

“Now, Razor Shell!” Ash yelled.

Oshawott pulled out his shell and the blade slashed into Pansear.

“Brick Break!” Chili yelled in anger.

As Pansear was about to faint he whacked Oshawott on the head, bashing him into the ground.

“AHHGGHHRRGGHHH! Talk about water on the fire.” Chili mumbled.

“Round Two goes to the challenger.” Cilan declared.

Chili returned his Pansear, while Ash and Oshawott gave each other a high five.

"Nice work, ya grilled me." Chili complemented his opponent.

"Thanks, you guys were good too." Ash stated while his Water Pokemon pulled on his pant leg.

“Right, nice work man.” Ash praised Oshawott.

“Yeah I know I'm awesome, but thanks!” Oshawott said while jumping up and down. Suddenly his body shot up as a stream of water cocooned his body, and he started blindly swarming around.

“Wow, Oshawott learned Aqua Jet.” Ash said amazed.

“Neat.” Pikachu and Purloin muttered.

“Um, I'm not an expert, but I think he’s doing it wrong.” Tepig observed.

“Huh?!” Everyone asked while looking to find Oshawott spinning out of control, while ramming into a wall. Bianca’s Pignite shook his head after scraping him off the wall.

"Show off." The Fire Pig Pokemon joked.

“Don’t worry, we got him.” Iris said while holding the knocked out Oshawott by his tail.

“Thanks Iris.” Ash said.

Cilan then stepped up to the battlefield. Purloin noticed he was giving her an unpleasant, fearful look. He quickly redid his bow tie, to remain calm.

“WWAAAIIITTTTT!!!!!” Bianca cried once again. She looked at Iris again, doing a familiar dance.

“Bathroom?” Ash asked. She nodded quickly.

“We can wait.” Cilan offered, while throwing out his Pansage, who gave a kindly bow.

“Thank you.” Bianca cried. Iris rolled her eyes as she took her to the bathroom.

“You really need to cut back on the soda, or I might put you in diapers.” She warned.

"You wouldn't really do that, would you?" Bianca asked, thinking she was just joking. Iris gave no replay.

Purloin then looked at Ash.

“Maybe we should tell them about Team Plasma.” The cat Pokemon offered.

The boy nodded his head.

“Hey Cilan, we need to talk.” Ash stated.

End of chapter.
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Pikachu sticking up for Ash made my heart race. Looks like Ash wasn't chewing on more than what he could chew. Which is awesome. Bianca going to the bathroom a lot; makes me somewhat suspicious. However, it might of been for comedy relief, and I'm looking into things too deeply. Ah, well, its been an exciting chapter! Two trainers down and one to go! I wonder if Ash will get the chance to defeat Cilan before bad stuff shows up on their doorstep? Also, I pity the pokemon trainer in the beginning of the chapter. Getting robbed of your pokemon balls can suck a lot. Anyhow, I look forward to the next chapter as always! :)

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Pokemon Black and White Rebirth
Chapter 6.1: Don’t stop me now.

Wes and Rui were waiting in line at the airport, trying to get their bags and get into Unova. Espeon and Umbreon were on Wes’s shoulders, while Rui was rubbing her eyes, along with Plusle and Minun, who were on top of their trainer’s head. They kept going till they were beginning to be checked by security. Wes and Rui took off their shoes as they were being scanned. One man had Wes’s bag, and pulled out a chainsaw. Rui gave her boyfriend a slightly annoyed and dirty look, while Wes smiled innocently.

“Sir, we have your bike outside, and your free to go, but I cannot allow you to take this chainsaw into the region.” The security team stated.

Wes quickly took the chainsaw from the man.

“Good sir, this isn’t just a chainsaw. Why it’s a chainsaw Pokemon. It’s found only in Orre, and it’s called FU. See?” Wes said while putting his mouth on the chainsaw. “Fu, Fu, Fu.” Wes muttered into the weapon while shaking it around. The security team, Rui, and his Pokemon were not amused.

“Alright ya bastard take it!” The Orre Bounty Hunter muttered before his partner and girlfriend grabbed a hold of him and the bags, as they left the airport.

The gray sky and cloudy overcast was something new for the desert dwellers. Wes was giving dark scowls to these red heads wearing armor that was from a reject Lord of the Rings film. He didn’t remember that P shield banner being in the movie. Maybe it was from some game, or…or maybe it was another Cipher or Rocket in the works. The Shadow Snagger was about to go into work mode, when they quickly scattered, along with some normal looking people. Rui was starting to get nervous, and tapped Wes’s shoulder while they were looking for their hover bike in the airport parking lot. She loved her boyfriend very much, but he and his Pokemon could get a tad…destructive;

“Wes, honey, I’m glad that we are on vacation, and I really want to have fun. So could you please be the best boyfriend ever, and not get us into trouble? Pretty please?” Rui asked in the cutest tone, while pouting her lips, and giving off her cute eyes. The man who blew up Team Snagem HQ and could make most criminals run in terror at the sight of him was powerless against her. He knew it, she knew it, and their Pokemon knew it. It didn’t help him that her Pokemon were adding to the adorable factor, by joining her.

The sand spiky haired man gave his darling a large kiss on her cheek as he opened the door to the side cart of his sleek, smooth, hover bike while he got onto the driver’s seat.

“Rui, snookums. I promise you, that unless you are in danger, I will be on my best behavior and will do everything fun with you. Expect I'm not going into a karaoke bar. No way is that happening.” Wes promised and warned her.

“Aw you're the best…now ride on! We have places to see!” Rui cheered while Wes started the engine, making the bike come to life, roaring as smoke blasted out of the engine pipes.

“OH yeah!” Wes chanted as they rode. He quickly put on Born to Be Wild on the bike’s CD player, and the couple started to rock out, while two Plasma Grunts were working on a radio.

“Yeah… sir. This is bad…The Shadow Snaggers are in Unova. Yes, sir, we will handle them, and take their Pokemon.” The first grunt muttered while turning off the radio.

“We are gonna die aren’t we?” The second grunt questioned while crying a bit.

“Oh come on, they are two people. I’m sure most of the rumors are exaggerated.” The first grunt protested.

“The guy’s called Wes the IMPALER!!!! For crying out loud! Do you wanna be next?” The second grunt snapped.

“Orders are orders, and I don’t think he really impales people.” The first grunt told the other grunt, while praying he was right.

“Man, when I see a rapist or serial killer, they are so getting impaled…Is what I would have said if I wasn’t a better man.” Wes thought to himself while driving, and correcting himself.

“Puddin, are you thinking about work?” Rui asked.

“No baby, but are you thinking about your little brother?” Wes turned the table.

“Well maybe a little. We haven’t seen Ash or Pikachu in a while.” Rui mumbled as her two Electric type Pokemon gazed down sadly.

“I'm sure the kid is fine. We’ll give him a call when we get to our hotel, now let's have some fun.” Wes suggested lifting up her sprits. The two sun and moon brothers made noises in agreement, while Rui smiled.

“Onward to fun!” She cheered.

“HEY PICK A LANE ASSHOLE!” Someone yelled at the two.

“F#$K YOU!” Wes screamed while flipping the guy off.

Ash and Pikachu got this shiver down their spines, and sneezed.

“Oh bless you.” The triplets politely said to the challenger and his Pokemon.

“Thanks, anyways, I have to talk to all three of you about Team Plasma! Over at the town before here, Iris and I fought this guy N, and he has this whole team of knights with swords.” He started to say as the Gym Leaders looked a tad skeptical.

“] They plan on forcing people and Pokemon to separate. They’ll even do it by force and attack people. Also they’ll even abuse Pokemon to make a point.” Ash said angrily.

That was a cause for alarm for the Gym Leaders.

“That’s sounds horrible.” Cilan gasped.

“Are you sure they aren’t after abusive trainers? Because those are the ones that shouldn’t have Pokemon.” Cress thought out loud.

“They were going to take a blind kid’s Lillipup, and attacked a Pokemon Center. I don’t think they care about who they take from.” Iris deadpanned.

“Oh hey guys.” Ash waved to his two friends.

“Ahh, much better.” The blond said while about to take a sip from another cup of soda. However Iris, Axew, and Pignite were giving her annoyed looks, while the Dragon Master in training put out her hand, signaling the girl to hand the drink over. Bianca, with a sheepish smile, handed it over to her friend. Lillipup and Pignite were just happy that no issue came of it.

“Young lady, is what your friend telling us the truth?” Cress asked wanting more info.

“Nothing, but the truth. N wants to rule Unova and to have every trainer and Pokemon away from each other. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter to him, and his tin men.” Iris confirmed.

“Those assholes, attacking a hottie like Nurse Joy!” Chili yelled. His two brothers gave him an annoyed gaze. “Oh yeah, and stealing from a blind kid is bad too.” The red head muttered.

“And a plot to rule the region…That could be trouble.” Cress thought out loud.

“This is distressing news indeed, however I wonder… Ash what do you plan on doing about them?” Cilan pondered.

“Huh?” The Trainer muttered taken aback by the question. Iris, Axew, and the rest wondered what he would say.

“Brother? What are you plotting?” Cress asked Cilan. Chili wanted to know as well.

“What do you mean? I’m going to stop them!” The Kanto trainer declared.

“HECK YA!” His Pokemon cried out.

“Very well then, now tell me this. What are your ideals?” Cilan asked.

“Huh, my ideals?” Ash repeated unsure of what the question meant. Iris’s ears picked up what the Gym Leader had asked her friend.

“Other than your plans to oppose this Team Plasma, what are your ideals for the future of the world? A cook cannot make something without the ingredients to prepare.” Cilan told the challenger.

“Oh…Well. I’ve never really thought about it. I just kinda go day, by day.” Ash admitted to the Gym Leader.

Cilan and Iris were slightly disappointed at his answer. Iris gave a slight shaking of her head.

“Very…well, Pansage, let us make a quick meal out of this battle.” Cilan requested from his partner. Pansage looked ready.

“Wait…hold on! I think I have something.” The Kanto boy stated.

“Oh, then please share.” Cilan coaxed.

“Well…I would like to make a world where, Pokemon and humans don’t have to worry about jerks trying to keep them apart, and where there’s no such thing as a trainer that abuses their Pokemon.” Ash thought on the spot.

Pikachu smiled at this. Purrloin and Pidove looked at an awed Tepig. Chili and Cress were surprised. Bianca looked like she was about to cry, rather touched. Pignite and Lilpup were giving her some support. Axew and Iris looked rather pleased at the idea. Cilan gave a satisfied grin, as Pansage was ready to do battle.

“A fantastic ideal, now send out your Pokemon, and let us do battle.” The moss headed gym leader ordered.

“Okay, Purrloin you’re up!” Ash declared as the purple cat Pokemon ran onto the battlefield.

“WHAT?!” Both Iris and Cilan yelled. Cress and Chili rolled their eyes as their brother started to twitch and freeze up, at the sight of the cat Pokemon. Chili threw a rock at his brother, to make him come back to reality. Cilan quickly adjusted his bow tie, and Pansage was off to battle.

“Ash you dummy! Why didn’t you pick Tepig or Pidove, you dumb little kid!” Iris yelled at her friend, rather annoyed.

“She has a point.” Pidove agreed with the girl from the Dragon Village.

“It does seem rather unwise of your trainer.” Pansage threw his two cents in.

“Iris, I know what I'm doing, alright!” Ash snapped back at Iris, and everyone else.

“Fine then, but if you lose, don’t complain to me.” Iris snapped back.

“It shall be a great pleasure in doing battle with you Miss Purrloin; I do hope you shall enjoy yourself." Pansage commented while he gave a low bow to the cat Pokemon.

Purrloin neatly bowed her head forward.

“The same to you, as well Sir Pansage.” Purrloin chuckled while cleaning her paw.

“Pansage, use Solar Beam.” Cilan ordered trying to start off flashy, as his Pokemon started to charge up energy for the attack.

“Slash, Purrloin!” Ash commanded as the cat’s paws turned into sharp claws.

“Don’t let her touch you.” Cilan warned his friend.

The two danced, as Purrloin tried to attack, and Pansage tried to store energy for his own attack. However Purrloin quickly wrapped her own tail around Pansage’s tail, and using it as a tiny bungee cord, thrusted herself onto Pansage and slashed at his chest, causing the Pokemon to fire the solar beam into the ceiling, while making a hole in it. Pansage quickly forced his own tail to fling Purrloin like a rag doll, to get her off of him.

“Wonderful form.” Pansage complimented.

“Thank you, and your Solar Beam would have been grand.” Purrloin gave her own opinion.

“You're too kind; most upstarts I meet are so crude, like my brother Pansear, and that Oshawott fellow.” Pansage commented.

“It seems manners, are rarer then Rare Candies these days.” Purrloin muttered. They seem like old friends catching up, rather than foes in battle.

“Keep it up, Purrloin. You’ll have him on the ropes!” Pikachu cheered, as the cat Pokemon blew him a kiss.

“It seems like our Pokemon are getting along.” Cilan said with a smile.

“Yeah, it’s a shame that I gotta do this.” Ash muttered.

“Do what?” Cilan asked.

“Purrloin, use Charm.” Ash ordered as Purrloin had the same sneaky look that he had.

“Huh?” Everyone asked, as Purrloin jumped right next to the green monkey. She rubbed her body on his, and gave him the most lovey dove eyes she could muster, lowering Pansage’s Attack, and making him drop his guard. Pikachu was both smitten, and oddly jealous of their foe. Pansage was now smitten by the cat as well.

“Isn’t that cheating?” Bianca asked.

“All’s fair in love and war.” Iris simply phrased while shrugging her shoulders.

“Now Purrloin, Crunch!” Ash ordered as the cat was about to take a bite out of Pansage.

“Pansage, Bullet Seed!” Cilan said in slight panic.

The Monkey shot out multiple bullets at Purrloin causing her to back away in a panic, scurrying away while trying to dodge the harsh hitting bullets.

“Use Shadow Ball!” Purrloin’s trainer ordered.

She quickly fired off her trademark move at her foe.

“Pansage Dig!” Cilan commanded as Pansage got away from Purrloin’s attack, while digging another hole.

“…Okay, he could pop out anywhere.” Ash thought.

“Purrloin, Double Team, then shoot Shadow Balls into the holes to get Pansage out.” Ash commanded while pointing with his staff.

Purrloin quickly made copies of herself, while she fired into Pansage’s Dig holes. Her ears flickered as she heard the ground shake. She noticed that one of her copies saw Pansage come out. She quickly stopped moving, hoping to have him waste his energy.

Pansage looked confused. Cilan was about to tell Pansage where to fire, when the cat made all her clones hiss in sync with her. This caused Cilan to have a mini heart attack.

“Okay, I admit using the Pokemon that freaks him out isn’t a bad idea. Still, it would be like someone using an Ice type on me. Brr.” Iris thought while shivering.

“Pansage use Bullet Seed on all the Purrloin.” The Gym Leader ordered.

Quickly, Pansage made quick work of her copies.

“Dodge then use Shadow Ball.” Purrloin’s trainer ordered as she was about to be hit. Purrloin charged up her Shadow Ball, while performing a summersault, and fired at Pansage who simply stood in front of it.

“Catch it.” Cilan ordered with a smile on his face.

“What?” Both Pokemon and human challenger asked.

“AH! He caught it.” Bianca cried out, seeing Cilan’s Pansage actually catch Purrloin’s Shadow Ball.

“Vital Throw.” Cilan simply stated. In a very Goku like Kamehameha-wave fashion, he quickly threw Purrloin’s own attack back at her. In a flash, the purple cat flew quite a ways to the end of the battlefield.

“Purrloin, can you move? Can you get up?!” Ash asked. Bianca, Pikachu, Axew, and Iris were worried. Lillipup was just enjoying the show.

“Hey Litter Box, get up! You can take it right?” Pidove asked, showing concern in her own way.

“Close Combat!” Cilan ordered.

The cat quickly got up, only to have Pansage in her face. Giving her one heck of a butt whooping forcing her to faint.

“Purrloin, return.” Ash muttered sadly while putting her back in her Poke Ball.

“Oh no, poor Purrloin.” Bianca whispered sadly.

“I warned that stubborn little kid.” Iris groaned while shaking her head.

“She fought well.” Pignite thought out loud.

“Go everyone! You can win!” Axew cheered.

“Shall you send out your next Pokemon, or do you give up?” Cilan asked.

“Never!” Ash cried out.

Pikachu was about to take the battle once again. However, his buddy stopped him.

“No buddy, Pidove, you're up!” The Kanto trainer told the bird who flew into the battlefield. However, she caught a whiff of food and flew towards it.

"It seems your Pidove listens to her stomach more than you.” Cilan chuckled.

“Dang it Pidove!” Pikachu, Ash, and Iris yelled. Chili laughed while Cress smirked.

“Tepig…” Ash muttered while looking very annoyed.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Do you want to fight him?” Ash asked the fire pig.

“Do you think I can beat him?” Tepig asked nervously.

“Of course I do.” Ash said while patting Tepig on the head with a smile on his face.

“Go Tepig, you can do it!” Bianca cheered.

“Give him heck dude!” Pignite cheered.

“Win, win, fight, fight, fight!” Axew chanted.

Lillipup just barked, however he meant well.

Iris just smiled, Tepig then blew embers out of his snout.

“Go get him.” Pikachu said while giving the rookie a thumbs up, as Tepig entered the battlefield.

“I do apologize about Miss Purrloin, and I do hope she gets well soon.” Pansage said.

“Um, thanks." Ash and Tepig forgave him.

“Ah, now then to battle.” Pansage muttered.

“Tepig Tackle!” Tepig rammed right into the green monkey.

“Vital Throw!” Cilan ordered as Pansage grabbed a hold of the tiny starter pig Pokemon.

“Ember his face!” Ash ordered, and much to Pansage and Cilan’s horror Tepig blasted a shot of Ember in mid throw. This caused the monkey to be lit ablaze. Cilan motioned him to stop, drop, and roll. Pansage did so.

“Quick Tepig use Flame Charge!” Bianca cried out. Iris and Pignite gave the blushing blond a small smirk.

“Tepig Tackle Pansage again!” Tepig quickly tackled the rolling Pansage.

“Pansage Clos-“ Cilan was about to say when Pidove came back, and dropped stool on both Cilan and Pansage.

“MY EYES!” They both screamed.

“Oh, what shots, that was beautiful! I'm not sorry, and I’d do it again too. AHAHAHAHAHA!” Pidove laughed as she flew back to Ash and the rest.

“Are all Unova bird Pokemon crazy?” Pikachu wondered to himself.

“Ew, gross!” Bianca whined.

“Pidove, you’re nasty.” Iris muttered with a disgusted look on her face that matched Axew’s.

“Ummm, Tepig Ember!” Ash ordered after his brain registered what his bird just did.

The fire pig not only tackled Pansage, but lit him on fire again. However, Pansage Vital Threw Tepig away from him, causing the pig some pain, as he slowly got up.

“Pansage, Solar Beam!” Cilan cried out. Pansage wiped the bird dung from his eyes, and charged up his beam.

“Tepig, use Tackle, and Ember again!” Ash commanded.

“…Are you sure I can do it?” Tepig doubted himself.

“HECK YEAH! NOW DO IT!” Ash and Pikachu cheered while Tepig ran as fast as he could as fire started to come out of his body. Pansage was about to fire the Solar Beam, only for him to be blasted with not only his own attack, but the Tackle Ember combo as well. The two were blasted away, as dust was covering the battle field. Everyone held their breath.

The smoke cleared for Ash to see Tepig half asleep, while Cilan saw his partner on the ground fainted. The battle for him was sadly over.

“I guess…The Challenger is the winner?” Cress asked.

“Woot! Way to go Tepig AHAHA!” Ash cried out, as he picked up Tepig and ran in a circle of joy.

“Victory!” Pikachu, Pidove, and a half awake Oshawott cried out!

“YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! ASH YOU WON!” Bianca and Axew cheered.

Iris had a big smile on her face as she clapped. The two girls went to congradulate their friend. Bianca gave Ash a big hug, while Pignite gave Ash’s Pokemon a bear hug,

“Alright, way to go. That’s my little kid!” Iris finally cheered; she gave Ash a quick high five.

“I told you, that I knew what I was doing.” Ash said with a smirk.

“Sure, cause Pidove landing droppings must have been a part of your grand master plan.” Iris teased, in good nature.

“Well I think on my feet.” Ash admitted. They spotted Cilan, who had cleaned his face.

“Well, that was a rather unexpected battle. A fresh and brand new taste in my mouth, something that I haven’t had in some time. Good job, Ash the badge is yours.” Cilan proclaimed to the celebrating victor.

“Tada, the Trio Badge.” Cilan said while handing over the gold, red, blue, and green jeweled badge over.

“Oh thanks, but this wasn’t really about the badge. My friends and I were just here for the food, and I got caught up in a battle. Still, it made my Pokemon stronger to take down Team Plasma so thanks.” Ash said.

“Speaking of this Team Plamsa, I was wondering if I could join you all in stopping them.” Cilan asked.

“Oh, well it’s kinda sudden, but I'm game. What do you think guys?” Ash asked.

“Sure, the more the merrier.” Iris said, still she felt a small headache coming on.

“Will you cook our meals?” Bianca asked.

“I’d be happy too.” Cilan said cheerfully.

“Welcome aboard!” Bianca cried happily while quickly shaking his hand.

“Cilan, are you kidding us?” Cress asked a bit shocked.

“He’s gotta be.” Chili added.

“Cress, Chili, if what they are telling us is true, then it’s our duty as Gym Leaders to stop them. Also I was thinking of taking a break from this place sooner or later. It’s been bland. If I'm to go and improve not only as a Pokemon Trainer, but as a chef, and many other things, I must travel this great land of ours, and regain my passion. Also to protect the future of young Pokemon and trainers alike." Cilan declared dramatically.

“Well…if there is no stopping you.” Cress muttered.

“Then…for the good of Unova’s future.” Chili caved in.

“Still you’re our brother, so go on, and cut the lies to get to the truth!” His brother cheered.

“What does that mean?” Ash, Iris, and Pikachu asked.

Cilan’s pulled out two large green blades from his sleeves, and snapped them together to make a large pair of scissors. Ash looked at his aura staff.

“Well now Plasma doesn’t stand a chance. Still, maybe we should shower, and heal our Pokemon.” Ash muttered.

“Well I need to pack, but I shall see you all tomorrow.” Cilan said.

“Okay tomorrow then.” Iris said as they started to make their way to the Pokemon Center. Bianca was cheering that they wouldn’t have to starve from now on, with Cilan on the team. Axew could have sworn he saw something moving by the door, but didn’t think anything of it.

End of chapter.

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I had no idea Ash had a sister! :O Such an odd pair. Wes seems extremely interesting. Actually, he reminds me a bit of Deadpool oddly enough. I wonder if Ash will run into them later. Or if the grunts will be impaled? So many unpredictable things that could happen! I really can't wait to find out what's next. And gosh, what a battle this one was. It's great how it turned out in the end. Somewhat mysterious as well. I wonder how Cilan will do on the team? Pidove is a lethal opponent in a pokemon battle. Glad to see Ash gain some confidence.

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Jun 14, 2009

Pokemon Black and White Rebirth. Chapter 6.2 Once upon a dream.

Ash once again woke in the dead of night. He checked his body to make sure no damage was done to it. The boy sighed in relief, and slowly looked around to find Pikachu snoring on the side of his bed, muttering something about waffles. Those did sound good to Ash right about now. Purrloin, now recovered, was sleeping and purring next to Pikachu. The boy could make out Pidove, Tepig, and Oshawott in their own part of the Pokemon Center bed he was sleeping on. Their trainer slowly removed himself from the bed, and slowly climbed down the ladder of the bunk bed. He spotted Iris and Axew sleeping next to Bianca in the bed below him. Lillipup was sleeping on Pignite’s, raising and lowering, belly on the pillow covered floor. He was about to open the door and leave, when he heard a voice.

“Papa Ash, could you get Mama, Bianca, and me some water?” The Tiny Axew requested.

“Ok.” He muttered while opening the door, and quickly shutting it.

“Stupid N, stabbing me with a sword, and locking my friends in cages! I’ll show him!” He mumbled remembering his nightmare in the dark, as he walked to find a water cooler. After bumping into things in the dark, Ash finally found a water cooler, and paper cups. He filled up the cups for his friends. After bumping into a few more things, he found his room, and gave Axew, Bianca, and Iris their water. Axew drank his and went back to bed, while Ash put the other two cups on a table in the room. The boy tried to go back to sleep, however his body wouldn’t let him.

Ash’s ears suddenly picked up crying. He looked around to find out where it was coming from. He checked the bottom bed, to find Iris, Bianca, and Axew sleeping peacefully. He looked down to see Bianca’s Pokemon were fine. So where was the crying coming from? He went back to his own bed to find Purrloin crying next to a snoring Pikachu, while covering her tail with one of her paws.

“Purrloin?” Her trainer whispered, forcing her to look at him.

“Are you crying?” Ash asked with concern for his Pokemon.

“…Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you-“ The cat Pokemon started to say when he hugged her tightly.

“Hey, you’re okay now. You’re fine, everyone’s fine.” Ash told her, while holding her. He could feel tears running down his shirt.

After a few seconds the crying stopped. Purrloin purred as she rubbed her face on his.

“Look, it was just a few fights. We will get better.” He assured her.

“Thank you, but I just, bit my own tail while I was asleep.” She explained.

“Oh, well ouch…you’re not bleeding are you?” Ash asked.

“No…It just really hurt.” Purrloin muttered.

“Okay…well, night.” He muttered, as she curled up into a ball, and went back to sleep. Sadly, he was the only one in the room awake.

Bianca was enjoying some blueberry pancakes. Iris was biting on an apple, with some cereal, while Ash came in with eggs, bacon, toast, and oddly coffee. The Pokemon were chowing down on bowels of Pokemon food. Iris noticed that her talisman was dripping with milk, so she took a napkin and cleaned it, or at least wiped off the milk.

“Hey Iris.” Ash muttered to her.

“Mmm?” Iris asked with an apple in her mouth.

“I’ve been meaning to ask more about your charm thing. Where did you get it?” Ash asked.

“Yeah, is it magic?” Bianca added.

Iris swallowed the piece of apple she was eating.

“Why do you wanna know?” The purple haired child questioned her new friends.

“Cause you said it was based off those Legendary Pokemon, and it looks cool.” Ash said.

“Well Bianca, it does have magic powers! Ash knows that it can let me know if someone’s telling me the truth or not, and it can show me what my heart wants most.” Iris said.

“No way! You’re like a living lie detector, and kinda like Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s so cool!” Bianca gushed with her widened eyes. The reference was lost to Iris and her Pokemon, since they hadn’t seen any of the Pirates of the Orange Islands movies.

“Hehe… Thanks, I am pretty awesome.” Iris boasted.

“So, where did you get it?” Ash asked while drinking his coffee. He made a face of disgust. Pikachu handed him sugar to make it taste better, and he in return gave his little buddy the bottle of ketchup.

Axew popped out of Iris’s hair as she fed him part of her apple.

“Mama’s always had it.” Axew said. The trainer who could understand what Axew said and the few Pokemon that were listening tilted their heads.

“I’ve always had my talisman. Ever since I was born, they never told me who gave it to me. That’s all I really know. I’m sure it has other powers, but they would never tell me anything else.” Iris said vaguely.

Ash wanted to ask more; however that train of thought went missing as Bianca jumped up from the table when she saw Cheren with his Snivy coming their way.

“Ohmygosh, it’s him. He’s coming this way. What do I? What do I do?” The rookie trainer asked while getting flustered.

Iris rolled her eyes.

“Bianca, calm down. He’s not the champion. Not a big deal.” the Dragon Trainer muttered.

“But he’s so cool.” The ditzy blond gushed before he came to the table.

“Hey, you-um miss are you okay? Cheren asked.

Bianca just giggled, while bouncing up and down.

“Don’t mind Bianca, she’s just hyper, so what do you want Snivy boy?” Iris asked.

“Well Miss…ummm…” Cheren muttered while trying to think of the Dragon girl’s name.

“Iris.” She helped him, he nodded thankfully.

“Iris, I wanted to ask…um what’s his name again?” Cheren asked while pointing a thumb to the Kanto trainer.

“I’m Ash, and that’s my buddy Pikachu. Oh, and this is Purrloin.” He said while introducing his Pokemon.

“Sup four eyes?” Pikachu said.

“Morning.” The cat muttered. Oshawott and this new trainer’s Snivy were just glaring at one another, while Bianca’s Pignite was trying to keep the peace between the two old rivals.

“And I’m Bianca-AH!” the blond yelled as she lost her balance and fell out of the chair and right on her butt. Cheren helped her back up.

“It’s nice to meet you all, again. I’m sorry if I forget your names, I’m sadly bad at remembering names.” Cheren admitted, a tad ashamed of himself, while adjusting his glasses.

“Hey don’t worry about it, so what did you want to talk about?” Ash asked with a hardy laugh.

“Right, I wanted to ask if you got the badge from the triplets.” Cheren asked.

“Yep, we sure did.” He said while showing him the new badge. Cheren’s glasses flashed and flickered with a bit of respect, but also a tiny bit of envy.

“Impressive, so do you have any tips, or hints?” The rookie asked.

“Well…I’d pick just going after one of them, and I’d make sure to have a Pokemon that counters the ones they have, and they all know Dig and Close Combat.”

“Thanks, I think I have a good team. Wait Close Combat? I don’t think Pansage, Panpour, or Pansear can learn that. How did they do this?!” Cheren questioned as he checked his Pokedex to make sure.

“Beats me, we’ll ask Cilan when we join up with him.” Ash said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Huh, what do you mean?” Cheren asked, confused and out of the loop.

“Come with us, and we’ll explain.” Bianca offered while holding on to Cheren rather tightly.

“Um…I was going to challenge him or his brothers anyway, so sure why not.” Cheren gasped.

“YAY! Let’s go!” The blond cried as she ran with Cheren, while smacking Ash, forcing him to fall into the Pokemon Center’s mini water fountain. Pikachu, Iris, and the rest of his Pokemon were trying to pull him out since he was stuck in one of the fish Pokemon’s heads.

“Whoops.” Bianca muttered with sweat drops going down both her and Cheren’s heads.

Cilan, Cress, and Chili were sitting at a table. Cilan and Pansage looked down on the table, as Cress scowled with Panpour at his green haired brother. Chili and Pansear were just trying to find the right paperwork.

“Cilan…what you are thinking of doing is not only reckless, but irresponsible!” Cress chewed him out.

“We got the paperwork so Cilan can take a leave.” Chili said.

“Thank you Chili, please work on that, I’ll edit your horrible spelling before we send it to the Elite Four.” Cress said. His hot tempered brother growled at him for that remark.

“Cilan, are you really doing this because you think something horrible is happening, and you wish to stop it? Or are you just bored with the job, and are using this as an excuse to run off?” The blue haired Gym Leader interrogated.

“Cause if it’s the latter, I will hurt you.” Cress warned.

Cilan’s head rose up, as he adjusted his bow tie.

“Well… it’s a bit of both, Cress. For one, I’ve looked at some police reports, and sightings of the people Ash and Iris have described, and they are suspect of stealing Pokemon, along with anti Pokemon Trainer speeches. It would seem they have been around for a long time and are just now coming out of the woodwork.”Cilan said while showing his brother what he printed out while packing.

“Also, forgive me for saying this, but I do feel rather bored here. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, and as much as I enjoy your company brothers…our fighting style has gone stall…and fighting the same starting trainers has grown tiresome.” Cilan said.

Cress looked at the small files, and photos, while nodding in an understanding tone. He knew Cilan’s many hobbies, and knew that if he felt bored things might turn to disaster. So maybe this was a good thing.

“I’ll have to report this to the champion and the Elite Four then. Cilan, I know of your allergy to routine, so I guess I have to understand, and I wish you luck in this.” Cress muttered making his brother smile.

However, I’ll ask you bring a few badges and act as a traveling Gym Leader while you are traveling. Don’t think you’re going to be slacking off now! That’s the deal, understand?!” Cress stated in a slightly understanding, and condescending tone of voice while putting out his hand for his brother to shake.

Cilan shook his brother’s hand in agreement while standing from his chair.

“You have a deal brother…oh and Chili, you have some spelling mistakes, there, here, and there.” Cilan said while pointing out his passionate brother’s mistakes.

“I KNOW, GOD GET OFF MY BACK! YOU’RE AS BAD AS CRESS!” Chili yelled, clearly annoyed as papers flew everywhere. The Pokemon did their best to catch the papers, while the red and blue brothers argued. Cilan was trying to play peacemaker as always.

“Okay, be calm, think happy thoughts.” Cilan whispered to his hot tempered brother, along with Pansage.

“Like some of the sexy maids? Or Nurse Joy” Chili asked happily.

The two brothers rolled their eyes.

“Sure, whatever.” They both said.

Unknown to them, one of the waiters was listening in. He left to use the restroom. He locked the stall, making sure no one was around, while pulling out a small head set.

“Ma’am, they know, they have files on us.” He whispered.

“Nonsense, they don’t you anything about anything.” The voice in his ear piece muttered.

“However, wait and destroy all traces of what they have. We have a few grunts in the Dream Yard to get that mist. Regardless of if they go into the area or not they’ll take care of that Gym Leader, and the little brats who dared to defy our King.” The woman on the other end said.

The young spy made a gulp in his throat. He hated when they had to “take care of.” someone.

“Wait…they also have a young trainer with them, just a little girl. You…aren’t gonna have them take care of her are you?” The waiter asked with worry.

“If she releases her Pokemon, and aids in our cause, no harm will come to her I assure you. However if that’s not the case, then she might end up as a prisoner of war at best. Now back to your post. Hail Plasma” The woman on the other end said.

“Hail Plasma.” The Plasma spy in hiding muttered before ending the call.

The four young trainers were about to head to the gym when Cheren stopped.

“Something up?” Iris asked, as her Axew popped out of her head.

“Well, I’m just worried if my team are strong enough to take them.” The rookie trainer thought out loud.

“Well, show us your team. What Pokemon do you have?” Ash asked. Pikachu and Purrloin’s ears perked up.

Cheren took out three Poke Balls. What came out were Snivy, a male Pidove, and a break dancing Roggenrola.

“Oh neat, who’s the rock guy?” Ash asked as he and Bianca checked their Pokedexes.

“Roggenrola...nice pun. Sounds like Rock and Roll.” Bianca said with a giggle.

“Where did you get it? I didn’t think there were any around in this area.” Iris asked.

“Oh, I got him from a trade for a Munna.” Cheren stated while patting his new rock buddy.

“What kinda Pokemon is that?” Ash asked while looking at his Pokedex more.

“That one.” Iris pointed out while looking over his shoulder. Bianca peaked to find the pink, flower covered, and floating pillow Psychic Pokemon.

“Oh…my…Gosh! THAT IS CUTE!” Bianca gushed.

The girl then grabbed a hold of Cheren’s shirt collar, and shook him a little bit.

“Where did you get one?! I must know!” Bianca demanded.

“The Dreamyard.” Cheren stated a tad dazed.

“WHERE?! TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME!!!” Bianca cried out while shaking the boy even harder, nearly knocking his glasses off. The young Unova boy’s Pokemon that could see were amused. Ash, Iris, and their Pokemon couldn’t help but snicker as well.

“But, but I have to battle a Gym Leader.” Cheren tried to reason with her.

“Oh Ash and Iris could just go and get him, and when we find one of those cuties, you’ll be able to get your badge.” Bianca reasoned after letting go of him.

“So please help me find one of those Pokemon. Please, pretty, please?” Bianca begged while giving Cheren the Lillipup eyes, and quivering lip.

“Oh you poor sucker. She’s even got me in her adorable spell.” Pikachu thought, knowing full well how to use his cute charms to get what he wanted from the ladies.

Cheren just looked at the blond. He could do nothing but look at her. He was almost hypnotized by her green eyes. The boy had no idea what was going on with him. Logic and reason were slowly leaving him, as his mind turned into mush. However he quickly snapped out of it. His upbringing told him it would be rude to deny a lady a reasonable request, and he could always use the extra training. He did not want to come ill prepared again.

“Sure…I guess I can. It’ll be good training for my Pokemon.” Cheren slowly let out.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best Cheren.” Bianca cried out happily as she tightly hugged the boy, making his glasses fog up.

“Bye guys, see you later!” Bianca waved to her friends as she started to run off with her new friend.

“Have fun you two.” Iris waved with a slight laugh.

“Jeez, she’s got a lot of energy.” Ash muttered. That gave the girl from the Village of Dragons an idea.

“Say Ash, wanna race to get Cilan?” Iris asked in a taunting, and challenging voice.

“You’re on!” Ash said while pumping up his fist.

“Good, now I hope you like looking at my backside, because that’s all you’re going to see.” Iris taunted in a joking matter, while making her friend’s face turn red.

“If anyone is gonna be looking at anything. It’ll be you, looking at my butt!” The boy retorted while making Iris slightly blush while shaking her head.

“Wait, that didn’t come out right.” He said while trying to get himself out of what he just said.

“Smooth man, smooth.” Pikachu snarked while Purrloin snickered and Axew giggled.

“Uggh…leave it to a little kid to say something that immature and perverted. Tell me Ash, are you a pervert?” Iris interrogated, in spite of herself being a tiny bit of a pervert, but it’s not like he needed to know that, or that she’d admit it to herself.

“No, I’m not!” Ash denied, however the teen had enjoyed watching his best friend Dawn kiss another girl, and he might have seen some of Brock’s alone time magazines every now and then. Still, he wouldn’t let Iris find out.

“Let’s just do the race.” Ash muttered a bit annoyed.

“Alright, let’s have some fun.” Iris said with a smile.

“Right, fun.” Ash said with a smile of his own, as the two got in place.

“READY, SET, GO!” Both trainers yelled with sparks in their eyes, as they both started to sprint with their Pokemon on their heads.

Cilan, Cress, and Chili were standing outside the gym. However, the red and blue brothers were rather pissed, even more pissed then before.

“I swear, that boy is so fired! If he weren’t so good looking I’d have fired him months ago!” Cress muttered to his brothers.

“Oh come on, I’m sure it was just a mistake. A rather horrible mistake, but still.” Cilan said trying to ease his brother’s nerves, and save a man from unemployment.

“He spilt hot coffee on me, and the Plasma stuff! I SAY WE LET HIM FRY!” Chili roared while a bit steamed.

“I did save it on my computer, and what’s that sound?” Cilan asked.

The brothers noticed a cloud coming towards them. In a flash Chili was trampled on by Ash and Iris, who were panting, and gasping for breath, hunched over. Their Pokemon were hanging on for dear life. Well Axew looked like he had fun.

“I WON!” They both declared, while glaring at each other.

“Are you joking Iris, I got to Cilan first, I won!” Ash barked.

“Oh please, leave it to a little kid to not know when he’s been beaten.” Iris snapped back.

“We are the same age, stop calling me a little kid.” Ash snapped.

“Well then stop acting like one, and admit that I won the race.” Iris retorted.

“Never!” The boy stated defiantly.

“Girls, girls, your both pretty.” Purrloin snickered.

“SHUT UP PURRLOIN!” They both yelled, making the cat’s ears go down, as she got off Ash’s shoulders.

“Children, children, please calm down. And could you please get off my brother?” Cilan requested while getting their attention with a few claps from his hands.

The two looked down to the trampled Chili knocked out and on the ground. Sweat drops came across both of them as they stepped off the Gym Leader.

“Sorry, about that.” Ash muttered as they helped him up.

“We are very, very sorry.” Iris added as Chili slowly came to.

The Gym Leader dusted himself off.

“Next time, you two should watch where you’re going!” The red head snapped.

“Oh, and Pikachu kid, we are gonna need that badge back.” Chili added.

“Huh?!” Ash asked as confused as Iris, Pikachu, and Axew.

“Yeah, it turns out your Pidove blinding my brother with its waste was something that was out of bounds.” Cress stated.

“Sadly Ash, I will need the badge back.” Cilan said sadly.

“Oh come on!” Both Pikachu and Ash yelled.

“Don’t you think you guys could have just told him yesterday and not get his hopes up?” Iris questioned. “Also, Ash, I thought you didn’t care about badges?” The Dragon Master in training added, wondering why her friend was making a big deal.

“It’s the principal of the thing!” Ash defended himself.

“We worked our butts getting it. No way are we giving it to these losers!” Pikachu added.

“Ugh, you men and your pride. It’s a worthless trinket that you can win by battling Cilan anytime.” Purrloin said, a little annoyed by the drama that was interfering with her nap.

“You can always battle me again; I’ll be acting as a Gym Leader on the road. No harm done.” Cilan assured his new friend.

“Ash, just give him that badge so we can go. Don’t be a little kid.” Iris ordered, while blowing out a puff of air.

“Fine.” Ash and Pikachu muttered as they unhappily gave the badge back to Cress.

“Thank you, now good day children. Take care Cilan, be sure to write often.” Cress said while waving at his brother as he left.

“See ya later half pints, make sure Cilan doesn’t drive you love birds crazy!!” Chili teased while leaving,

The two teenagers looked nervous and angry!

“We aren’t love birds!” Iris protested, a tad flustered for some reason.

“Yeah, we are just friends.” Ash added while denying his true feelings

“Right.” Pikachu and Purrloin muttered sarcastically.

“Ha ha, I’m just teasing you, have fun babysitting Cilan, try not to go train crazy okay?” Chili said with a snicker while leaving. Cilan looked at the steamed faces of his new friends. Axew blew a raspberry at the Gym Leader behind the red head’s back.

“Babysitting?! Why that little-“ Iris was in mid rant feeling insulted, however Cilan cut her off before she could finish.

“So…where is that other girl that you had with you from the other day?” Cilan asked.

“Oh, Bianca and this Cheren guy went to some place called the Dreamyard to catch a Munna.” Iris explained.

“Ah, I see, that boy with the Snivy…well…Ummm…shall we meet…them? I can…cook us lunch…la-later on.” Cilan stuttered as he started to walk away from his home.

“What’s eating him?” Ash whispered.

Iris and Axew simply shrugged.

“Cilan, are you okay?” Ash asked at many people started to stare at the trio, well mostly at a jumpy, twitchy Cilan.

“Well Ash.” He gulped, however Cilan adjusted his bow tie again. “I hate to be rude, and a bother, however your Purrloin.” The Gym Leader started to say.

“What about her?” Pikachu growled. Purrloin gave a slight gaze of interest, if just barely.

“Could…you please put her back in the ball, please?” The moss haired man requested.

Ash gave him an arcing brow.

“Why?” The trainer asked.

“Actually, I would like to be back in my ball, it’s getting a bit hard to nap.” Purrloin muttered.

“Are you sure?” Ash asked as the cat Pokemon nodded her head. He got out her Poke Ball.

“I’ll see you later Sweetie, and Ash if see any Plasma Grunts, let me take care of them.” The feline said in a low hiss as she was returned.

“Better now?” Iris asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Cilan breathed a bit easier now.

The newly formed trio walked past the Pokemon Center, trees, and many artistic looking buildings. They took a right turn to a bend across many lines of trees. As they were walking an Officer Jenny was beating a young trainer over the head with her baton as he was crying in pain, and fear. The police woman gave the overseers a glare. Cilan wanted to just keep going; however Iris shot the cop a glare of her own, along with Axew sticking his tongue at the Jenny. The officer then pulled out her baton, and pointed it at them in a threatening manner, which made Iris hide behind Ash and force her two male friends to hurry along the path. Near the end of the road was an old and battered sign that said Dreamyard entrance: A place for novice trainers.

“Well here it is. A nice, quiet, and peaceful, place for budding young trainers to hone their skills, like putting a fine beef shank in the crockpot to simmer” Cilan started to prattle in a dramatic pose as he held his right arm out into the air, like a Shakespearian actor.

“So, does this place have any Dragon types?” Iris questioned while getting her hopes up.

“Sadly, no.” Cilan stated.

“Pity.” Iris muttered a tad disappointed.

“Hey, maybe you’ll find a new friend for Axew to hang with. Who knows?” Ash offered as they walked.

“That would be awesome!” Axew cheered while clapping his tiny hands as they entered the Dreamyard. It was just a large yard full of tall grass covered by a broken chain fence and stone wall around it. Behind the yard was a clean, but slightly old building.

“Hey Cilan, what’s that place?” The Kanto boy asked.

“Oh, that’s a research facility based on dreams. In fact, I was hoping to have us stop by to return a book that I borrowed, if that’s alright with you two?” Cilan requested.

Both Ash and Iris looked at each other.

“Sure, let’s go.” Iris said as Axew pointed the way.

Pikachu’s ears twitched as he could hear Cheren and Bianca in the grass.

“Did you find one yet?” Bianca asked.

“No.” Cheren said annoyed.

“Hey guys!” Ash yelled causing the two new trainers pop up from the tall grass.

“We are gonna go in there for a bit, then Cilan can have his rematch with us after.”

“Fine.” Cheren said as he went back to looking.

Bianca however raised her hand up and jumped up and down.

“Yes Bianca, do you need to use the bathroom?” Ash teased making her blush.

“No smarty pants! I just wanted to ask you a question. Do I have to fight the Munna to catch it? They look too cute to have Pignite or Lillipup fight it!” Bianca gushed.

“Well how else are you going to catch it? It’s not like there is another way.” Cheren asked her.

“Actually, that’s not true. I’ve caught Pokemon without having to battle them.” Ash told them.

“Huh?” The two rookie trainers asked while looking at the older Kanto trainer.

“Well I’ve learned that talking with the Pokemon, or just being friends with it is also a way of getting the Pokemon to come with. And if they want to battle then that means that they really want to see if you’re worth your stuff as a trainer.” The world traveler explained.

“Really?” The two asked.

“Yeah, hey Iris, you got an apple with you?” He asked his purple haired friend.

She quickly pulled an apple out of her hair, and gave it to Ash, who then tossed it to Bianca. She caught it, but fell down into the tall grass.

“So you want her to bribe the Pokemon?” Cheren asked.

“Hey, some Pokemon and people think with their stomach.” Iris said while pointing her thumb at both Ash and Pikachu.

“Thanks guys, come on Cheren, let’s keep looking!” Bianca said as she started to run around the yard like a madwoman, seeing much more common Pokemon.

The three more seasoned trainers walked into the building. They found scientists in lab coats scurrying about a large, circler container like device at the center of the floor, wired to all of the many computers all around the walls. The device was also hooked up to clear pumps full of a cloud of pink dust.

Cilan recognized one scientist, as she was tending to the floating Psychic Pokemon that Bianca was looking for, while removing the book from his bag. A tall, skinny young woman, with a flower clipped mop of dark blue hair reaching the end of her dress-like lab coat. Her square glasses, gleamed covered, passionate blue eyes looked to find the Gym Leader, and ran to him.

“Dr. Fennel, it’s been too long. I’m sorry to have kept your book away from you for so long.” Cilan said to the good doctor, who embraced him in a loving hug.

“Cilan, it’s good to see you…I’m sorry if the place is a bit busy.” Dr. Fennel said while breaking the hug. “Oh my book, thank you for returning it, I hope you enjoyed it.” She said while taking her book back from Cilan.

“Oh yes, it was a wonderful read on dreams.” Cilan said. “Oh, Dr. Fennel these two are friends of mine, Ash and Iris. Ash and Iris, an old family friend, Dr. Fennel” Cilan introduced his new friends to his old one.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Iris said.

“Hi Lady!” Axew shouted.

“Hi.” Ash said.

“Yo.” Pikachu causally said.

“Oh my, you two are so adorable, and so are your Pokemon…” Fennel flattered. The doctor had recognized the boy and his Pikachu from what her good friend Professor Juniper had told her, after they had laughed their heads off at the embarrassing snap shot of Oak at the Christmas party.

“Oh thank you.” Iris muttered while Axew blushed.

“So…what’s that thing?” Ash asked while pointing at the device.

Dr. Fennel then looked like she had a spark in her eyes.

“Tell me something Ash, Iris; have you ever wondered what your Pikachu and Axew dream about?” She asked.

“Um, that would be cool to know.” Ash thought out loud.

“I don’t remember my dreams.” Pikachu admitted.

“That would be amazing.” Iris said with Axew agreeing with her.

“Well this handy machine that we have been working on can show us a Pokemon’s dreams, and so much more. It can also ease and end bad dreams, psychologically scan the Pokemon, their hopes, fears, and so much more. All the sleepless nights, but it was so worth it!” Dr. Fennel stated with passion.

After adjusting her glasses, she picked up her Munna, which was snoozing.

“And it’s all thanks to this little Pokemon’s Dream Mist. Oh thank you!” Fennel said gratefully as she kissed her floating friend.

“So…does this work on people too?” Ash asked.

The doctor slumped down, as had many of the people in the building.

“Sadly no…but we are working on it!” Dr. Fennel said, getting out of her despair.

“So would any of your Pokemon like to try it out?” Dr. Fennel asked the two young trainers, since Cilan was more than aware of how it worked with Pansage.

Axew looked at the machine and shivered, hiding himself inside Iris’s hair.

“Um…Pikachu?” Ash asked.

“Pass.” He muttered, not interested.

“Well then, how about…” Ash muttered while looking at his Poke Balls. Purrloin’s Poke Ball quickly opened by itself as she came out licking her paws. Cilan started to shiver. Iris rolled her eyes.

“Hello all.” The cat Pokemon said as her trainer picked her up. She opened her mouth and let out a yawn… “I could use a nap.” Purrloin mumbled.

“Cupcake, you always need a nap.” Pikachu deadpanned.

The cat then got a playful spark in her eyes. “Oh, so you’re calling me cupcake now sweetie?” Purrloin teased while making Pikachu look flustered.

“Well you gave me a nickname, so-so I figured I’d do the same.” Pikachu mumbled.

Dr. Fennel had no idea of the banter going on, but she was amused all the same.

“Ash, Purrloin, would you like to see my dream machine first hand?” Dr. Fennel asked. The teen and Mouse Pokemon looked at the cat who just nodded her head.

“Fantastic, come now, let’s get this show on the road.” The doctor said while leading everyone to the machine.

“I’m sorry for what you’re about to see everyone, but it’s needed. You all must understand what must not be.” The cat thought as she was being hooked up. The monitors were showing her brain waves, as the Dream Mist started to be pumped. Dr. Fennel typed something on her keyboard.

“Now Ash, before I start I must ask for the fee upfront, 100 please.” The doctor ordered politely.

“Huh?” The boy asked.

“Doctor Fennel, I thought that it was a free service?” Cilan asked.

“Well it was, however due to budget cuts, we’ve had to start charging to keep our research going. Please understand.” Dr. Fennel sadly admitted.

“Is it safe?” Iris asked, now having doubts.

“Oh of course! I would never endanger a Pokemon’s life!” Dr. Fennel swore.

Ash took some money out of his wallet, and gave the doctor her fee.

“Thank you, very much.” Dr. Fennel thanked him while stroking a few keys as the machine closed. Purrloin saw the Dream Mist come out of two nozzles. She slowly feel asleep while keeping what she wanted them to see fresh in her mind. Images started to come up onto the screen, but no one would be ready for them. Dr. Fennel caught something under her physiological profile.

“Post-traumatic stress disorder?” Dr. Fennel read to herself in a hushed tone so no one could hear her.

The images came from the Pokemon’s point of view of a few gray looking hallways. She was running with a Raichu, and an older looking man dressed in mostly black who looked like he was carrying someone or something. Purrloin turned around to find blasts of energy being shot at them by some very odd looking metallic Bug Pokemon with a laser cannon on each of their backs. They were with many Team Plasma Grunts. Purrloin turned around to see they had been boxed in by two Stoutland covered in a dark purple aura.

“Shadow Pokemon!?” Both Ash and Pikachu gasped in confusion.

“You know what that is?” Iris asked.

The newly made Aura user and his loyal friend had flashbacks to Orre, about how they had to help an outlaw, and a girl pure in heart. How they took fighting machines clouded in purple smoke hidden to the normal eye, and changed them back into the Pokemon they were before the horrible process. They fought the monsters to protect the barely stable region, and shut them down.

“We thought we saw the last of them a year and a half ago.” Ash said.

“Yeah…” Pikachu muttered as he looked at Purrloin tossing and turning while crying out in fright. The images they were getting froze and were covered over by another image, Purrloin’s paws trying to reach a crying young girl who was falling down into a chamber with many other humans and oddly Pokemon. The Pokemon looked like they were gasping for air, looking at the door, the light in their eyes starting to go out.

“Hilda! Hilda! Hilda” The cat cried out, trying to claw at the door as the girl sank downward. Pikachu knew what she was feeling. How useless you could be when your human friend was in so much danger, death was knocking on their door.

Purrloin was suddenly picked up by a Team Plasma Grunt who started choking her.

“Huh, how’d this one get away from the Shadow Pokemon machine?” The grunt asked.

“OH F@[URL="http://www.deviantart.com/tag/k"]#K[/URL]!” The Kanto duo yelled, confirming their fear.

“Oh well, since you came with that little brat who’s about to die. You can join her.” The grunt said cruelly as he opened the door, about to throw her in.

“WHAT?!” Iris screamed. The others were too shocked to say anything.

The grunt then stopped as his grip was loosened by a blow to the head. Purrloin looked to find the same man and Raichu.

“Ash, Pikachu…no it’s Raichu now I guess.” Purrloin said as she was picked up by the older man. Cilan and Iris looked at their friend. The man and him shared the same eye color, and zig zag lines on his face.

Ash and Pikachu’s eyes widened hearing the Purrloin on the screen.

Iris kept looking back at the screen, then at her friend in shock.

The first image unfroze as a few of the grunts were blasted by a blue Aura, and Thunder. Another two Pokemon came to the battle, an Infernape and Sceptile.

Ash dropped his staff. This couldn’t be.

“Those are my Pokemon. Dr. Fennel…what’s happening?!” He asked.

“These…aren’t…her dreams, or even nightmares. What your Purrloin is showing us…are her memories!” Dr. Fennel stated while shaking.

No one said anything as they looked at the screen. Infernape and Sceptile were being killed by those odd Pokemon, that just kept multiplying. Raichu, Purrloin, and this older Ash weren’t fairing any better. Soon the whole hallway was full of Plasma Grunts, the purple metallic Pokemon, and many shapes and sizes of Shadow Pokemon. The older version of Ash returned his two Pokemon before they were utterly murdered. The shadow dog Pokemon ganged up on Raichu as they sank their teeth into him. He tried to shock them off, but was having a very hard time. The Aura man tried to aide his best friend, only to be stabbed in the back. The man fell down as blood dripped from his wound. He tried to get back up, however the many grunts dog pilled him and used their swords to make him look like a bloody pin cushion, while dropping a passed out Celebi.

Ash felt like his heart had stopped. Pikachu looked at this in horror. Two of his worse fears had just been played out in front of him. Iris and Cilan had to keep him from collapsing. However, they both started to turn green.

“Mama, what’s going on?” Axew asked, slightly popping out of Iris’s hair.

“AXEW, GO BACK IN!” Iris yelled, making the little dragon go back into her hair. He did not need to see a dead body.

Purrloin screamed as her trainer lay dead on the floor. Raichu saw this, and in a stroke of fury and agony, broke free with a Volt Tackle shocking half of the foes in the room. He charged at the men who took his best friend’s life, however he was bombarded with lasers beam fire. After so many hits, Raichu fell to the floor, his body smoking. Purrloin ran to the passed out Pokemon.

“Sweetie?” Purrloin cried, tears falling from her face. However, the Electric type couldn’t say anything. The dead couldn’t speak.

Pikachu dropped off from Ash’s shoulder. He felt sick, and the little Pokemon threw up on the floor. Ash did the same, much to Cilan and Iris’s dismay.

“Shut it down! Shut it down!” Dr. Fennel yelled, her voice a bit cracked. She couldn’t stand this anymore. She had seen Pokemon abuse, at the hand of other people, but nothing this graphic.

As they started to turn it off, the images came back with Ghetsis on a throne, the many people of Unova bowing to the Team Plasma banner, humans and Pokemon dropping dead while working in some kind of contained camp. The grunts and their Pokemon kept getting closer, and closer. Purrloin screamed “CELEBI!” before the machine was shut off.

Everyone held their breaths. Dr. Fennel felt like she was going to faint.

“What…was all that?” She thought.

“That was horrifying.” Cilan muttered. The Gym Leader looked to find Iris tightly hugging her friend, who looked like he was about to pass out. Iris fought back tears as she held him, and Pikachu.

“AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” They heard a young girl’s cry coming from outside.

“Bianca!” Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Iris yelled, Ash having snapped back to reality. Purrlion had woken up, she was hissing as she yanked out all the suction cup wires attached to her head.

“PLASMA!” She hissed a war cry while jumping out of the nearby windows.

The three trainers followed her, but Ash went back to pick up his staff.

And they were greeted to three grunts. One of them had tied Cheren down, another one was tying up Bianca’s hands, and the last grunt had a Munna. They had three Timburr with them.

“NO! Give Munna back, let me go, and let Cheren go too! Someone help!” Bianca begged only to get slapped in the face.

“Quiet you, you should have just handed her over, but you had to be a problem. So now we’re going to have to punish you.” The first grunt spat at the young girl.

“But, but...Munna’s my friend! I couldn’t just give her to you!” Bianca fired out with tears in her eyes.

“Aw, look at that, the little trainer’s made a quick bond with the Pokemon, how sweet.” The first grunt mocked.

“Aw, maybe we should let them go.” The second grunt thought out loud, giving some hope to Bianca.

“Yeah, I mean what kind of cruel, heartless, evil monsters would deliberately break up such a loving relationship?” The third grunt asked.

“WE WOULD!” They said in a sing song voice, about to pull their blades on the two rookie trainers. Bianca closed her eyes, waiting for the attack while crying.

Sadly for the grunts, they were greeted with a Dragon Rage, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and some Bullet Seeds from Cilan’s Pansage.

Bianca looked around to see her savors.

As the members of Team Plasma got up, Iris lunged at one of the grunts with a high jump kick. Cilan pulled out his scissors to cut two of the grunt’s blades, while Pansage used Solar Beam on two of the Fighting Pokemon. Ash and Pikachu, in a rush of rage, helped Iris beat the ever loving crap out of the first grunt, while Purrloin was ripping away at one of the grunts’ Timburr.

The second grunt still had his sword out, and was about to stab Iris. Axew and Pikachu saw this and fired at the guy. Cilan and Pansage were dodging a few punches from the third grunt; only to get bluntly attacked on the head by Cilan’s scissors. Ash pulled out Oshawott and Tepig.

“Aw, this is bullshit!” The first grunt yelled.

“Your bullshit! Your whole team is a sick joke!” Ash snapped at them.

“Oh yeah? Well…F#$K YOU!” The second grunt yelled.

“Really, that’s all you can say?” Iris muttered.

“DIE!” Purrloin screamed as she shot Shadow Balls at the grunts.

Cilan then went to untie Bianca and Cheren.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I am now, thanks Cilan.” Bianca thanked him while giving him a hug.

“Oshawott, Tepig, go help Purrloin!” Ash said.

“Axew, Dragon Rage!” Iris cried out while pointing at the Team Plasma Grunts.

Oshawott used Razor Shell, cutting the torso bit off the armor of the grunts, while Axew’s Dragon Rage, and Tepig’s Ember knocked one of the grunts out cold. Purrloin was thrown off the face of the first one. He barely dodged one Pikachu’s Iron Tails, and kicked him back to Ash. The first grunt pulled something out, a bomb, and threw it into the lab.

“NO!” Everyone yelled as it exploded. The grunts used this time to get away.

“DR. FENNEL!” Cilan cried out as the lab went into flames. Suddenly a group of Munna appeared in front of them, with Dr. Fennel and the other scientist that were inside a pink barrier.

“Oh, thank Zekrom and Reshiram.” Cilan muttered with a sigh of relief.

Purrloin wanted to chase after the grunts; however she and Pikachu were wiped out. Tepig and Oshawott dragged her back to Ash, who returned her to her Poke Ball.

“Is everyone okay?” Iris asked.

“Everyone’s fine, but…All our research!” Dr. Fennel cried out, seeing her work destroyed.

“Ughh…my head.” Cheren muttered finally coming back.

Bianca couldn’t help but hug him and her Munna.

“Bianca, now’s not the time for hugging, we need to go get the firemen or this fire’s gonna burn everything!” He said.

“I’ll have Oshawott do what he can, go!” Ash said. He watched the others leave.

“Oshawott, use Water Gun on that fire!” He ordered.

“Got it dude!” Oshawott cheered as he blasted a bit of the fire down.

Soon the fire department came, and they left before the police could come, mostly due to Iris’s request. No one felt like eating lunch, so sadly everyone would have to wait before tasting Cilan’s cooking.

Nighttime came back at the Pokemon Center, where Bianca was giving hugs to everyone.

“Oh thank you, you guys are the best!” She gushed.

“Alright Bianca, your welcome.” Iris said with a smile as Bianca squeezed tighter.

“You guys weren’t kidding about those Plasma people. They’re monsters.” Cheren stated while looking at his Snivy.

“Today just cemented our righteous path to stop their band of unjust people. The icing on the horrible cake of a terrible reality.” Cilan thought out loud. “Thank goodness Dr. Fennel is with Professor Juniper. Who knew they were such good friends?” He continued.

“I don’t think friends meet with passionate kisses on the mouth.” Iris deadpanned. “Then again she did do the same for one of the guy scientists, so maybe that’s what she does?” She thought to herself.

Ash, Pikachu, and Purrloin hadn’t said anything all night, even when Bianca gave them one of her super hugs.

Bianca had moved from Iris to Cheren. Something about him being her knight in shining armor, and his protests of not doing much. He wanted to fight Cilan, but was feeling too tried, as was everyone else.

Iris then patted both Pikachu and Purrloin’s head, and held onto Ash’s hand tightly.

“Hey…I know what we saw was horrible, but we aren’t going to let that happen again. I’ll make sure of it.” Iris promised. The boy gave a weak smile. Purrloin however, was dragged outside their room by Pikachu.

“We just need to talk. You two love birds can kiss if you want.” Pikachu said making both trainers scowl at him. However, as he left the room, Bianca had everyone in group hug.

Pikachu looked at Purrloin.

“Look I’m just gonna assume you’re a time traveler…and that that was the future right?” He asked.

She simply nodded her head.

“So…were you and I…close?” Pikachu asked. He watched the cat nod her head again.

“Very, very close.” She whispered.

“Well, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings here. You’re a great fighter, and your cute, but I don’t think I can be the guy you knew. I mean…why do you like me in the first place?” Pikachu muttered, feeling very unsure about this Pokemon.

“Because, you cared for me when many would have just let me die. Your strong, loyal, brave, and…you were…no, are one of the most wonderful Pokemon that I have ever met. That is why I like you sweetie, and I shall not fail our trainer, nor shall I ask you to choose between the two of us. I owe that man everything.” Purrloin said.

Pikachu looked flattered. “Oh thank you, and that’s good…but since you know all about me, or future me, I’m gonna need to know more about you, and a bit of time if you want us to…ya know.” Pikachu mumbled while playing with his tail.

“Be lovers?” Purrloin asked.

“Yes, that!” Pikachu muttered.

“Alright, we’ll start slowly, and could you maybe give me a belly rub?” Purrloin asked as she laid on the ground cutely.

Pikachu just rubbed her stomach making the cat Pokemon purr.

“So…how much do you know about those Plasma guys?” Pikachu asked.

“We can talk about that tomorrow, on the road. More rubbing please.” Purrloin said.

“Fine bossy.” Pikachu muttered.

“That’s Miss Bossy to you.” Purrloin joked.

“Yes dear.” Pikachu said in a playful manner.

“So…who’s the love bird now Pikachu?” Ash teased. Pikachu turned to see the door open, and found not only his trainer smirking at him, but Iris and Bianca gushing, with Oshawott and Pidove making kissing noises. Cilan and Cheren just gave him curious looks. Needless to say, it was awkward for both Pokemon.

“So when’s the wedding buddy?” Ash kept on teasing.

“…Shut up!” Pikachu blurted out.

End of chapter.
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So much happened! I'm glad Dr. Fennel made it out alright too. I'm curious how much of a family friend she is to Cilan and his brothers. Anyhow, I find it peculiar that Cilan is afraid or nervous around Purrloin. And speaking of Purrloin, I feel bad for her as a whole; losing her trainer and lover in the past or future. I felt a little confused about the events, but I know Celebi can save lives and change time. Then there's the end of the chapter with Pikachu and Purrloin. Gosh, they're so perfect for each other. Honestly, there was a lot that I loved about this chapter that it kind of blows my mind. A lot of funny moments as well that it was a enjoyable and entertaining read. :)

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Just letting everyone know that his is a filler chapter. Nothing important happens. It’s also a bit of a take that on the Ash has to dress in drag episodes. Now it’s the girl’s turn for some humiliation. Am I evil for writing this? Maybe…I still love Iris, and Banca, i just show my love in odd ways sometimes. Also if anyone wants to call me a prev, well they are right, but I didn’t actually show anything so ha!

Chapter 7: Daycare issues

Pikachu, Oshawott, Pignite, Pidove, Cheren’s Snivy and Axew were all sitting a circle with Pansage in the middle with a pencil and flash cards. The gym trainer’s pokemon was going to teach them how to read, and write human language. Pikachu, Bianca’s Pignite, Cheren’s Snivy, and Oshawott had learned human reading thanks to their professors, however writing while a useful skill they lacked. Since to Pikachu’s annoyance the translator beam couldn’t let him ask a Nurse Joy for an apple…that is unless she treated a Mew or something, so Pansage took it upon himself to teach. Purrlion was in charge of training Tepig, Reggiarolla, the male Pidove, Munna and sadly for her, Lilpup. Pikachu and Axew’s trainers were training the two scrubs. Cheren had demanded it actually since they left the city. Bianca just went with the flow. Pikachu was trying to focus however what he was hearing from his trainer and his friends wasn’t helping where his mind was currently: The gutter.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Bianca cried.

“I think my legs are going numb.” Cheren complained.

“Now now you two, just breathe, and do what Ash and I are doing.” Iris instructed.

“See just like this.” Ash encouraged.

“Wow Ash, you're doing pretty good, I didn’t think you’d last this long.” Iris playfully complemented.

“What can I say I’ve had plenty of experience.” The aura user laughed.

Pikachu just pushed the suggestive thoughts his mind was making out of that context away, so he could focus on his work. Pansage however was trying to calm Oshawott down as he was having a fit, claiming that “Reading and writing is for nerds!”

“Just keep pushing back and forth. That’s it, just relax and AHHH!” The kanto trainer yelled. Pikachu heard a slight whoosh sound, and a crack with tiny bits of fire

“Ash, watch where you fire!” Iris snapped.

“Sorry, I guess I'm just still getting used to this.” Ash muttered sheepishly.

“Alright..just a few more and your done.” Iris stated to the rookie trainers.

“I can..I can’t do this anymore. Bluuggh.” Bianca cried out with a thud

“Don’t give up before you finish-AHHH.” Cheren mumbled as the same thud came down.

Pikachu turned to his head to find his friend and the dragon girl doing push ups while gazing at the small smoking hole behind a collapsed pair of Bianca and Cheren on the ground. Pikachu shook his head in relief and returned to Pansage’s lesson.

“Okay guys, you got ten push ups.” Ash said proudly as he lifted the two up.

“Yay.” Both cheered weakly.

“Now we can start your tree climbing training.” Iris stated cheerfully. That news made both of the tried rookies drop back down not the ground.

“Hey come on, you two said you wanted to train.” Ash said sternly.

“Yeah, but you didn’t say anything about it being so hard.” Bianca complained.

“I wanted to train my pokemon to fight Cilan.” Cheren mumbled.

“Come on you two, nothing in life worth doing is easy, and Cheren, if you don’t work hard, your Snivy might not respect you later on as he gets stronger.” Iris sadly pointed out, reminding herself of her other pokemon. The one who hadn’t spoken to her in years.

“What Snivy won’t listen to me?” Cheren asked this being news to him.

“Take it from me man, it can happen!” Ash warned the boy, thinking of his old friend Charizard, Dawn’s Mamalswine, and Wes’s Skakmory. Even without the shadow form, that thing was viscous. The look on Ash and Iris’s sour faces when thinking about this topic worried both new Unova trainers.

“And I think we will stop here for now. Rest easy for tomorrow, we shall begin anew.” Pansage dismissed while the rest of the pokemon went back to their trainers. Purrloin looked at Pansage and smiled.

“It must be hard to be a teacher.” Purrloin commented.

“Well Miss Purrloin some of the students can be difficult. “ Pansage muttered while eyeing Oshawott horsing around with Tepig, Pignite, Ash’s Pidove and Pikachu.

“However teaching is its own reward,” The green monkey said while eyeing Axew showing Iris a flash card that said 'I luv u' in scratchy printing. Iris didn’t care about the misspellings and bad form. She just picked up her dragon and hugged him.

Everyone then heard Cilan who was ringing a small bell.

“Lunch is finally ready everyone, please make your way to the table.” Cilan announced, and soon everyone came to a make shift table a few feet away from where they were training with a large spread of food. The humans took their seats, while the Pokemon went to the bowls. Pansage and Cilan took bow as their friends were about to dig in.

“Wow Cilan, thanks…this smells great.” Ash praised.

“And its looks super yummy.” Iris added.

“I almost feel bad about eating it.” Chreren muttered as he was about to dig in.

“Thanks Cilan!” Bianca said unable to wait and started to eat. Her pokemon had followed her example. So did everyone else as they took their first bite. Ash and Pikachu had the same thought as they eat.

“It’s better than Brock’s cooking!” The declared. The two then looked at each other.

“He can never know!” They both thought to each other, while thinking of their long time friend, and mentor.

“Yum…it’s just like at the gym. It’s great Cilan.” Iris complemented.

“Yeah it’s amazing.” Ash said as he took another bite.

“Thank you!” The pokemon cried out…well the ones that didn’t have food in their mouths.

Cilan face beamed with pride and satisfaction along with Pansage. Purrloin gave thanks by rubbing her head on his leg, which made the gym leader jump, and nearly kick her. The cat pokemon the ran to Ash.

“Hey!” He Iris and Pikachu yelled.

“Cilan, that’s going a bit overboard don’t you think?” Cheren asked.

“Sorry everyone….old fear tends to get the best out of me.” Cilan muttered slightly ashamed of himself as Pansage patted him on the back.

“Why are you so freaked out by Purrloin?” Ash asked annoyed.

Cilan sighed as he sat back down on.

“When I was younger….I had been attacked by a group of Purrloins. I has scratch marks on my whole body, and Dr. Fennel had to help treat my wounds for days.” Cilan explained.

“Ouch.” Cheren, Iris, Axew, Ash, and Pikachu muttered. While Bianca fought the urge to give her friend a hug.

“Sadly that day has face given me a brunt taste in my mouth, and has soured any attempts to bond with the feline pokemon. “ The gym leader went on.

Purrloin looked over at Bianca’s Lilpup who was wagging his head while looking at the cat. Munna could read Purrloin’s thoughts.

“The pup has no ill will to you. Munna assured the cat.

Purrloin looked down then whispered something into Ash’s ears.

“Um Purrloin says that she doesn’t blame you for feeling that way, and that she wants to be your friend, and help you get over your fear.” Ash translated. Cilan raised an eye brow slightly.

Purrloin then jumped down to the ground looked at Lilpup.

“Hello…Little guy…um..you're a good boy.” Purrloin complemented.

The Lilpup then barked happily and licked Purrloin’s face. Bianca cooed and gushed while Iris, Axew, Pignite, Ash and Pansage clapped.

“Uggh…Uhgg..Oh Arceus it’s getting in my fur…”Purrloin thought as she was being licked. After a few more she pushed him away, and ran back to Ash as she pawed for her poke ball franticly. He sheepishly returned her. Oshawott and the lady Pidove laughed while Munna, and Pignite comforted the sad and confused dog as Bianca picked him

“Well at least she tried.” Tepig said as Snivy nodded.

After a few hours of walking, well walking for Cilan, Cheren and Bianca. As Iris and Ash swung on the vines of the nearby trees while having a blast. They found a small clearing with rocks that could serve has a battlefield and so Ash and Cheren were facing each other. Cilan looked as judge. Purrloin and Snivy locked on to each other ready for battle.

“Ash, didn’t I tell you already that dark types are weak against grass types. Your gonna have the same issues like last time.” Iris shouted. Bianca who was sitting next to the dragon girl looked kind of bored.

Ash thought about this and felt kind of bad thinking about putting in Tepig instead.

“Iris, what are you talking about? Dark type pokemon aren’t weak to grass type.” Chreren argued.

“Huh?!” both both veteran trainers asked as Cheren pulled out his pokedex.

He showed the two the type match ups to show that grass and dark didn’t affect each other one way or the other.

“But…But….Huh?!” Iris babbled.

“HA!” Ash laughed.

“Guess that means you don’t know everything! Now who’s the little kid Iris?” Ash playfully teased.

“You didn’t know ether mister!” The dragon girl snapped.

“How do you two not know the type match ups?” Cheren question and he adjusted his glasses.

“Well I was never a really big reader..and I forget to check up on it. I mean I know most of them…just not all of them.” Ash admitted sheepishly, while losing a bit of respect from Cheren.

“And you Iris?” Cheren asked. As Cilan took notice.

“Well…Well..I never got one of those pokedex.” Iris muttered.

“That’s rather odd, all new trainers normally get them.” Cilan thought out loud.

“Well I didn’t, it’s not like I need it anyway.” Iris boasted.

“Well whatever you say Iris. Alright Ash this fight will decide who gets to fight Cilan.” The rookie cried out boldly. As Snivy got ready

“Bring it on!” Ash yelled as Purrloin licked her paws.

“Go!” Cilan ordered as the two pokemon went to battle.

Bianca huffed and gave a loud sigh.

“I'm bored.” Bianca complained.

“Well we could train.” Iris offered, however that idea was shot down by the shaking of Bianca’s head.

“No, no, no. I want do something fun. Isn’t there anything fun we can do around here?” The blond asked having Iris think. Cilan couldn’t help but overhear the two as he wanted to get away from Purrloin.

“Well…there is a Pokemon daycare and normal daycare. You two could look at the younger pokemon.” Cilan started to say.

“Wait, wait, wait…does this other daycare have a playground?” Bianca asked, her eyes starting to sparkle while Iris gave a slightly weirded out look at the girl.

“Well I would assume so, It’s only a few miles north from here if I remember.

“GET BACK TO THE MATCH CILAN!” Both male trainers yelled at the gym leader.

“Ah...sorry.” He cried out while going back to looking at the battle.

“Bianca, why do you want to go to some playground at a daycare? Not even Ash is that childish.” Iris questioned.

“Well it beats sitting here, and I’ve never been to a playground before, and that pokemon daycare might have cute baby pokemon. Come with me please?” Bianca gushed as she tried to get Iris to tag along.

“She’s never been to a playground before, how sad. Well it might be good for Axew...and the baby pokemon will look so cute.” Iris thought to herself while keeping a stoic face.

“Well I guess since you’ve never been to a playground before I guess I could come with, and I do wanna see the cute baby pokemon. So let's go.” Iris caved it, as Bianca gave her a big hug.

“Oh thank you Iris, thank you, thank you!” The ten year old cried out, as Iris picked up Axew, Bianca, however left her pokemon.

“Ash, I’m taking Bianca to the daycares near here.” Iris yelled out to Ash.

“Okay have fun! CRAP DODGE PURRLOIN!” Ash said while taking himself out of the battle.

“HA GOT YA!! SNIVY VINE WHIP!” Cheren ordered seeing an opening.

Iris, Axew, and Bianca couldn’t see it, but the purple cat was now being spun around in the air like she was at a ride at the fair. Pikachu kept cheering her on.

“Bite the Vine whips!” Ash said in a panic.

“Wait what?!” Cheren yelled.

The cat pokemon swung her body around and bit into Cheren’s Snivy’s vine whip binding her.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” The grass type screamed in pain, while running in circles, trying to get Purrloin off. Oshawott was having a blast as he laughed his head off.

As the two girls ran the route they found two old school looking buildings near each other. Bianca was turning her head back and forth not sure where to go first. Iris and Axew read the signs and went to the right, which was the Pokemon daycare. Bianca followed with a slight bounce in her step. Iris spotted an old , and ugly looking pale skinned man. Something Iris was….nervous about. His buggy eyes were staring at the ground. In his saggy worn out cloths, he was using a broom to clean the dirt off the porch.

“Um, excuse me sir, are you open?” Iris asked.

The man looked up and at the two children. He gave them a friendly smile and and a chuckle.

“Sorry little lady, we’re closed for the day.” He said sadly.

“Oh really?” Iris said disappointed.

“Yep, you could come later tomorrow.” He offered.

“Well…thank you.” Iris said. Axew sighed in disappointment.

“Oh..that’s a shame. Well, at least we can go to the playground.” Bianca said thinking of the bright side.

The two girls had walked away. The old man kept dusting as the door opened showing Jessie, James, and Meowth carrying a bag. The old man noticed a dressed and equally as ugly old woman bound and gagged to a chair.

“I got them to go away, please don’t hurt my wife!” The man begged.

“We’ll see. Jessie said in a slightly mocking tone.

“James, did you find anything else?” She barked.

“No, we got all the pokemon they had.” James said while checking eh bag full of stolen poke balls.

“And some good grub!” Meowth added. Very happy about the food.

The poisonous leader of the dastardly trio gave an approving smile.

“Alright, lets go boys. Nighty night Mr. crazy eyes!” Jessie said while she knocked him out cold.

Iris and Axew looked to find quite a lot of young children and even pokemon playing at this daycare. They had quite place to play in, A large sandbox, two sets of swings, a large set of monkey bars, that Iris would have enjoyed doing some tricks on. Axew wanted to ride the twisting slide. Bianca had stars in her eyes.

“So Bianca is it everything you hoped for?” The teen asked her younger friend, having a feeling that Bianca would have been happy with something simple.

“Are you kidding? This looks so so cool! What do we do first?” The blond asked.

“Lets just look at it more, and think of what to do when it comes you.” Iris offered.

Axew popped in and out of Iris’s hair as they walked into the sand box. Bianca was looking around. “I wanna try the monkey bars. She declared before tripping on small sand hole, and her face fell on top of a large sand castle. Iris quickly helped her up. As the blond was spitting sand out of her mouth a little girl with a pidove gave the two girls an angry glare.

“Hey stupid, you ruined my sand castle!” The girl yelled. Her Pidove chirped with her.

“Oh, Im sorry. My friend just tripped, we didn’t mean to ruin it.” Iris apologized, now feeling bad.

“Like I care stupid heads! Pidove get them!” The little girl yelled.
the bird pokemon flapped it’s wings ready to attack them.

“Wait, no we can built you a new one.” Bianca said trying not to pick a fight, as she was ducking the pecks coming from the flying type

“Axew use Leer.” Iris commanded. The dragon jumped out Iris’s hair gave an intimating look at the tiny bird, who quickly flew back the the little girl. However Axew’s leer not only frightened the bird pokemon, but the little girl as well. The two trainers could hear a small hissing sound as the girl started to cry.

“Oh, oh, oh no. Please don’t cry!” Iris cried now really feeling bad.

“M-M-MARCY!” The girl cried out sobbing. In front of Iris, Axew, and Bianca and the little girl was tall, brown haired woman. Her clothes were wrapped around an apron. She was with and Auido. “What’s the matter sweet heart?” The daycare worker asked in a sweet and soft tone.

Those..those big kids were picking on me and Pidove… and, made me wet.” The girl cried. The two trainers and the dragon, who hid in his mother’s hair for protection knew they were in trouble.

“Shame on you two! Thinking you can just come her and pick on someone smaller and younger then you. Tell me do you feel big, beating a little girl who isn’t even potty trained yet?!” The woman scolded.

“We didn’t mean too.” Bianca mumbled.

“Hey, we didn’t do anything. she’s the one who wanted to pick a fight over something petty.” Iris protested.

The woman rolled her eyes at the two.

“Audio, please go take care of the little one.”The daycare worked requested.
I’ll handle these brats.” she said glaring at Iris, Axew, and Bianca.

As the healing pokemon picked up the crying little girl and bird pokemon. The older woman grabbed both the girl’s wrists with one hand. She slowly dragged the two inside as both Iris and Bianca had were struggling to get away from this woman. They tried to use their free hands to break the hold the woman had on them. Only to have even those were bound by her free hand. The daycare worker finally got them inside, and shut the door. Another daycare worker looked at her co-worker, along with Aduio. She had short brown hair, and much meeker expression on her face.

“I caught these two picking on one of our little ones, mind checking on them outside for me?” She requested.

“Hey, don’t listen to her, she’s crazy! Help us!” Iris protested.

The other worker had ignored iris and went out the door.

The pink Pokemon looked to the daycare worker.

“Did you change the girl’s diaper?” He asked. The pokemon gave her a small nod.

“Good, you can handle blonde then. I’ll handle the Axew girl.” She said with a smile as she let go of Bianca, only to have the young trainer be taken away by the pokemon. Iris was about to try and get away, only to have both of her wrists to be clamped down on again, bound to this intimating woman.

“Let us go!”” Iris demanded, masking her worry.

“Well your not in any any shape to be making demands little girl.” She said in matter of fact tone.” While using her free hand to rummage through Iris’s slightly Rapunzel like hair, which made the dragon master in training squirm and shirk.

“Now time to take away that pesky Axew of yours.” The daycare worker muttered, making Iris’s eyes go wide, as the woman grabbed the tiny tusked dragon. “Gotcha.” The said with amusement.

“MAMA!” Axew cried out. having being caught.

“Wait, no! Don’t hurt Axew!” Iris cried out. Fearing the worst. You can punish all you want, but please don’t hurt Axew!” Iris begging for her pokemon. The daycare woman gave her a baffled look.

“Why would I hurt this cute little guy?” Marcy cooed,as the pokemon was put into small playpen, surrounded by stuffed plush toys, that had an effect on the pokemon. He quickly fell asleep.

“Im going to punish you, but the pokemon will be fine. I’ll treat him like a treat me little ones.” The woman promised.

Iris frowned. She didn’t want any harm to come to Axew, but didn’t want to be punished for something she didn’t do.The girl had plenty of that in her life. The woman sat down on a chair, pulling Iris down on her knee. On hand keeping her in place. Th The dragon girl was pretty familiar with this, but still out of fear she tried to kick and squirm. Force of habit sadly.

“Oh no you don’t, your going pay. Not just for one of my little ones, but…for defying Lord N.” She thought while removing her unknowing foe’s pants. Yes this one was a Team Plasma Supporter.

“Even if Im unable to liberate pokemon on the front lines. The very least I can do is make sure the children do not do the mistakes their parents have done…and in this case punish the guilty!” The hidden supporter of Team Plasma thought to herself as she lifted on hand up in the air.

Iris yelped and cried out in pain as the woman’s hand gave a firm, and harsh smack over her unprotected backside. She did everything she could to have her hand cover her, only to be moved aside as the hazing continued . Feelings of pain, humiliation, shame, helplessness, anger, and sorrow overtook her. She felt like a six year old again, but Iris reminded herself that she wasn’t the same little girl. She would not break, she would not show her tears. She grit her teeth and barred it. Sadly as each slap harshly came down on her tanning behind, the pain grew more, and Iris’s willpower was starting to starting to give. Minutes passed as tears dropped slowly until one more hit sent her sobbing with a crying scream. The pain was getting to be too much, for her body forced Iris to submit. Iris kept crying, her body unable to move. She was wrong, nothing had changed for her. The dragon girl could even hear the insults yelled at her playing in her head, like a record.

The woman stopped as the sobbing girl slowly looked up, she had opened her mouth to cry out once more. Iris in her pain state nearly freaked seeing another woman’s face that she feared above all in place to of the daycare worker. Iris was about to yell something, However the daycare worker had shoved something in her mouth. A pink pacifier, and it seemed to have made Iris very sleepy to the point where she passed out. The daycare worker had lifted the girl up, and carried her away.

“Now that the hard part is over, it’s time for the fun part. Who knows, bringing you to Lord N might get me full membership.” The Team Plasma lover said to herself in a happy tone.

Bianca was laid down onto a small bed. The pokemon started to undress her and dress her again in something the girl was very familiar with.

“Nanny, please.. Im a big girl. Please let me..I can do it.” She mumbled. Before the pokemon had done something to lure the girl into sleep.

Cheren looked at his fainted pokemon. Frustrated, and annoyed with his mistakes. He returned his fainted pokemon and looked at his older rival. Ash came to him with a smile.

“Hey, nice battling Cheren. You almost had me.” He praised.

“Still I lost. Im still not strong, just like my pokemon. ” He muttered annoyed.

Ash put a hand on the young trainer’s shoulder.

“Yeah, you did, but what did you learn?” He asked.

“What did I learn?” Cheren asked.

“Think about it, while doing ten more push ups.” Ash ordered.

“Oh come on!” Cheren companied.

“Hey, in Orre I had to one hundred push ups! You wanna do that?” Ash offered. The boy with glasses wise chose the easy path, as Cilan spoke up.

“So Ash, are you ready for your rematch with me?” Cilan asked.

“You bet Cilan!” The Kanto boy shouted as he pumped his fist in the air. Cilan had Pansage come out, and Ash’s Tepig did the same.

Pikachu pulled out a flag to play referee. He waved it, and Cheren watched as the two went to battle.

Iris slowly woke from her sleep, to be greeted by her friend Bianca’s smiling face, and a sore stinging from her backside. She went to use her hands to rub it only, to feel her hands tightly covered in something sound, and hearing a slight crinkling sound. It soon dawned on Iris that Bianca and was not wearing her normal clothes. Gone were her hat, top, and long skirt. They were replaced with a pink baby bonnet, covering her head a childish looking pink t-shirt with two baby mudkips on it, two matching pink fingerless mittens, and what was covering her waist was what made iris’s eyes go wide. A puffy white baby diaper.

Iris then examined her hands to find that she also wore the fingerless mittens, only they were purple. She looked down, feeling something very soft hugging her waist, and much to Iris’s horror, she was wearing the same babyish outfit as Bianca, diaper including.

“WHAT THE WHAT?! WHY ARE WE DRESSED LIKE THIS?! WHY ARE WE IN A CAGE?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Iris yelled, having done what any normal person would have done. Freaked out.

“Yeah this is what the daycare lady meant when she was going to punish us.” Bianca stated sadly.

“THIS IS INSANE!” Iris screamed as she tried to bang on the bars.

“Well now, Im glad to see someone’s finally up!” The two girls heard a familiar voice. They looked at the daycare worker who was punishing them. Only she had another woman gawking at them like they were pokemon at a store to be given away.

“Aw..your right, they look so cute!” The other worker cooed.

“I know, aren’t they just darling.” The Plasma supporter hidden in plain sight said with a wicked smile.

“YOU!” Iris hissed.

“Me?” The daycare worker asked as if nothing was wrong.

“Let us go right now! You have no right to keep us here!” Iris demanded.

The woman gave a small laugh.

“Oh how cute, the girl has a pokemon and thinks she’s an adult. No sorry, your going to serve your punishment for scaring that little girl. Also we do have the right. Outside our front door we have a sign that says. Any children that are not accompanied by an adult, or someone eighteen or older, are under the care and management of this daycare. Until they are picked up by their parents or a legal guardian.” Their captor stated.

“Im guessing you went around the back.” The woman said looking at now very worried looks on her captives faces.

“Please let us go, we’re really sorry. We won’t ever do it again. And we won’t tell anyone if you let us go.” Bianca begged using Lilpup eyes.

“Aw…sorry love, can’t do it.” The second one said, the ten year old looking down.

“Now then we better get these babies a drink.” Marcy said.

“Oh I agree. “The second said as she got out two baby bottles of milk.

“Wait what?!” The two girls asked before they were lifted from their unlocked pen. They were held up, and before ether could say anything of protests. Iris and Bianca had the bottles of milk shoved in their mouths.

“That’s it baby, drink up.” The Plasma grunt to be who had Iris ordered in a mocking tone. Having forced to drink this Iris could do nothing, but gave a scowl.

“Yes, that’s a good girl.” The second worker gushed as Bianca drank without a fuss.

After they had finished drinking, the girls were put back. Iris had wiped the left over milk. from her mouth with her hand.

“Glad your enjoying this, now what have you done Axew, and our things! is Axew safe” Iris asked, more worried for her Pokemon and her charm.

“Why of course he is. Your pokemon is playing outside…and if you two are good little brats, you’ll get to see him again.” The first said acting shocked that anyone would think she would dare hurt a pokemon. Iris gave a sigh of relief. She thanked the twin dragons that this mad woman hadn’t harmed her child.

“As for your clothes, we have them in a cubby. Once your picked up, you may change into them.” The second one said as he two frowned.

“Till then….here’s something in case you get bored. Play wit them.” The woman ordered while dropping down some baby blocks, dolls, a rattle, and a toy car. Iris looked at the toys and the women with scorn.

“Anyway..I’ll check up on you in a little bit.” The woman said while leaving.

‘Bye bye, baby girls.” The second worker said gushing making Iris and Bianca blush.

“So…two more bottles with that stuff in it, and they’ll be?” The second woman whispered to the first one.

“Our little brainwashed human pawns. You can keep the blonde, since you’ve wanted a kid, but I’ll hang on to the dragon girl in case she doesn’t please Lord N as a gift.” The first one whispered back.

“ Um….well I don’t like this.” The second one mumbled.

“What?” The first asked.

“This seems wrong.” The second one spoke up, as she was fidgeting with her dress.

“Look if we bring Lord N, the brats that beat him, he’ll be sure to give us a reward!” The first said sure of herself.

“Still the plan will be ruined if they have their parents pick them up.” The second one warned.

“Oh please, Im sure their parents were glad to be rid of them. Once they turn ten, they feel like their pokemon capturing spawn aren’t their problem anymore. To hell with the damage they do to themselves or others. Once the little ones are picked up, those two belong to Team Plasma” The first stated.

“Well what about the boy with he Pikachu? He might be around!” The second warned

“Well then double the reward, I have something ready for him.” The first one stated with a gleam in her eye.

“I still don’t like this. I wanted to work here as a Team Plasma member to help, children and pokemon, not harm them.” The second growled.

“Well don’t think of those two as children…then of them as, small prisoners. We’ve been given a sworn duty to bring them to justice. Do you want to fail Lord N and pokemon everywhere?” The first asked playing her co-worker like a fiddle.

“No ma’am!” The second said giving a salute.

“Good.” The first said satisfied.

Iris wanted to scream, cry, and attack something. Today was the worst. She just wanted to crawl in a hole and die, but all she did was just lay on the floor. Iris didn’t feel so good, her head was started to hurt. The dragon girl closed her eyes and tried to use her mittened hands to rub her temples. She always felt bad after eating non natural food. Something must have been in that milk. Bianca however felt a bit dazed, but fine as she was looking over at the toys their captors had ordered them to play with. The blond then looked at her friend.

“Iris, are you okay?” She asked softly.

“Oh course not! This is humiliating! How can you be so calm?! Look at what your wearing!” Iris yelled making Bianca jump.

“Well I guess I’m just used it. They are comfy.” Bianca said as she shrugged while she started to play with the toy care.

“Huh?” Iris asked bluntly.

Bianca putting the car on the ground making it roll.

“Well Nanny, said I was…um…” Bianca mumbled blushing.

Iris then held the girl’s hand giving her and understand look.

“You can tell me later.” Iris said, seeing Bianca smile.

“Okay….so lets play for a bit” The blond asked showing Iris the toys.

Iris gave small frown.

“I don’t know Bianca, isn’t this a little childish..or babyish?” Iris questioned, while looking at the rattle with distain.

“Well we don’t any anything better to do. Watch it’ll be fun.” The girl assured her friend, as she started to stack blocks together.

Iris rolled her eyes, and let out a small sigh. They didn’t have anything better to do, so she played along with her friend in her game. They made small towers only to use the pokemon dolls to smash them, and start over again. That had done this for twenty minutes.

“Okay…I admit this is kinda fun, and they are comfortable…and soft. Not that I’d ever do this again. In fact, after today Im never speaking of this ever!” Iris thought to herself.

Cilan and Pansage looked at the defeated and beaten Ash and Tepig.

“Im sorry you two. You were close, but no badge.” Cilan stated. The fire pig pokemon felt bad for failing his trainer in battle. Ash gave him an assuring smiled at him and patted his head.

“Sorry about that chap, you had the advantage, but wisdom overlaps young this this case.” Pansage said to Tepig.

“Oh come on, you couldn’t even beat him after beating me?!” Cheren said annoyed as his Snivy was holding down his legs. Ash turned his head to the boy, and scowled at him.

“Focus more your sit ups then complaining! it’s been a half hour and you only got three done tops, and Pikachu’s been counting. You still got sixteen more to go!” The Kanto native told the rookie trainer.

“But…It’s…so…hard!” Cheren complained trying to do his fourth sit up.

“Oh please, I had to do fifty, with a rock tied behind my back in Orre!” Ash barked. Pikachu then gave him a terrified look. “Just do your best, your doing fine.” Ash quickly added to the boy

The boy returned the fire pokemon to let him rest. Pikachu and noticed Purrloin, and Oshawott with Pignite, Munna, and Lilpup were playing around.

“Hey Cilan, do you know where Iris, and Bianca are?” He asked having been too caught up in the battle to remember.

“Oh, right they said something about going to the daycares near by” Cilan remembered.

“Oh..well they’ve been gone for a while. Maybe we should find them as make sure they’re okay.” Ash offered.

“I doubt they could get into any trouble, but we’ll just check on them.” Cilan thought out loud.

“Cheren, we will be right back, you keep going with your training. Cilan told the young boy.

“Ok,” Cheren mumbled as his Snivy yelled out words of encouragement as the two older trainers left to find the girls. Pikachu, Purrlion, and Pansage

Ash, Cilan, and their pokemon had checked out the pokemon daycare, much to their alarm they found the place had been robbed. Thankfully no one was seriously harmed. The two were told to check the other daycare. The two noticed that many children were being taken out the building by their parents. As they watched the crowd of people and pokemon, big and small, and went inside.

They found the second daycare worker. She gave a quick and worried glade.

“It’s that boy….and the one with the dragon girl, and they are friend’s with Cilan the gym leader! Oh no…Abort mission, abort mission! Oh wow Cilan’s kinda cute up close.” The short haired woman muttered to herself in her own thoughts.

“Miss are you alright?” Cilan asked the sweating and nervous Plasma fan.

“Oh Im fine, how can I help you?” She asked.

“You wouldn’t happen to have seen two young girls around have you?” Cilan asked.

“We’ve had many kids here. Can you be more specific?” The woman asked hoping to buy time.

“A girl with purple hair, Dragon Village clothing and an Axew. Also a younger blond girl in orange and green. Their names are Iris and Bianca does that ring any bells?” Cilan asked thinking that maybe if they weren’t here, then maybe they had walked back to the camp.

“Yes…in fact we have had them in our care.” She said seeing Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Purrlion smile.

“Im guessing your their legal guardian?” She asked.

Cilan gave her a smile. “Well I am looking over them on their pokemon journeys so I am.” Cilan admitted.

“I’ll need to see your ID, and you to sign this release sheet.” The woman said while handing Cilan a clip board.

Cilan showed the woman his id while signing the sheet. The second daycare worker frowned and put the sheet away.

“Follow me please.” She requested as she got up and lead them further into the empty daycare.

Axew had watched Iris and Bianca drink their second bottle. Both weren’t feeling very well. Iris felt like her thoughts were cloudily. The two girls had felt a painful build up in their blathers.

“ One more bottle ought to do it.” The team plasma member thought to herself.

Iris?! Bianca?!” They all heard the young kanto trainer yelled out. The daycare woman slowly turned around to find the both confused Cilan, and Ash with he other plasma supporter slowly turning away. Both girls looked at their two male friends and turned deep crimson while trying to cover up. Both feeling shame and fear.

“Okay….he showed up.Good now I just have to get him alone, and it’s good night Pikachu boy..” She thought to herself.

“Ah I see your here to pick up the two girls.” She aid nervously.

“Ma’am…. Are they?” Cilan started to ask.

“In diapers?” Ash finished asking for the two of them, covering his face slightly with his hat, Feeling his body increased as he looked at Iris. However rage was starting to build up.

“Well, yes they are. They are being punished, Isn’t that my naughty little babies?” She cooed, as the two slowly nodded their heads with a tiny tears starting to form. That had set Ash’s rage meter in high volcano mode. No one made his friends cry.

“Iris, Bianca, Axew, cover your ears.” Ash ordered. Oddly all three did as he said. The trainer then turned to the older woman.

“Are their any other kids around?” He asked not wanting anyone innocent to hear what he was about to say.

“No.” The daycare worker admitted as Ash took a breath.

BOTHER TELLING ME YOUR REASONS CAUSE THEY AREN’T EVEN CLOSE TO REASONABLE!!! YOU MISERABLE MILTANKS!!! YOU HAGS! YOU BITCHES! I OUGHT TO HAVE MY PIKACHU ZAP A THUNDER BOLT IN YOUR SORRY ASSES!” Ash ranted looking like a rabid Houndoom barking at something that was attacking it’s mate and pups. Iris thought it might have been her headache playing tricks on her eyes, but when she made a quick gaze at her friend he even had a growing black aura.

“How dare you talk to me like that you little-“ The plasma grunt wannabe hissed.

“I must agree with my friend.” Cilan interrupted her.” Forcing them into diapers and a playpen seems rather cruel even for a punishment. I could understand you doing this they had problems using the bathroom, however, it looks to me like an abuse of power,and kidnapping.” Cilan added, cutting down the two woman a peg.

The second woman bent her head down ashamed.
“Well we didn’t kidnap them, we were only doing are jobs, now that your here sir, we may give them back to you.” The first said while gaining some composer.

“Oh, and you might want to teach this one how to speak in front of adults.” She jabbed at Ash as The second daycare worker. slowly undid the playpen’s front bars.

“I’ll be sure to give him a talking to ma’am.” Cilan joked as the two went to pick up their friends.

With two squeaks coming from the girls, Cilan got a hold of Bianca, and Iris was taken by Ash who was slightly shaking. Axew had quickly jumped into her hair.

“Is he laughing at me?!” Iris thought unable to speak due to the utter humiliation of being picked up by her friend like this. One she had constantly dubbed a little kid.

Sadly the humiliation was only going to get worse as her bladder had forced Iris to actually wet her diaper. She was starting to cry,and her mind went into a daze.

“Well it seems we were right to have them them padded after all.” The first one said trying to save face.

“Yes…now could you please tell me where we cow find their clothes..and some other supplies in case this were to happen again?” Cilan requested.

“Oh um yes of course…I’ll just go get their clothes.” The second daycare worker muttered.

“Supplies are down the hall, door to the left the first muttered.

Ash nodded as he took Iris with

“Oh I think the door is locked. I’ll just go give him the little scamp.” The first muttered lying. She had her chance. The second one had come back with Bianca, and Iris’s clothes, and was more wiling to help Cilan dress Bianca. After seeing Bianca’s humiliated face up close, the woman knew that she had made a mistake.

Ash had found the supplies and had let Iris stand or, at least help her try to stand. Purrloin and Pikachu had heard something. While Ash was busy trying to pick up the supplies, mainly the wipes and small pack of diapers in both girl’s size. They saw the first caretaker with two needle, and she looked really to jab both Iris and Ash.

“Hail Plasma! she screamed. as she was about to attack.

“What?!” Ash cried out, Pikachu, and Purrloin reacted with blasting from thunder bolt, and a shadow ball.

“Well my shift is finally finished so I should be leaving. Im very sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you all you.” The second daycare worker apologized to Cilan and Bianca, feeling ashamed in the part she played in this.

They had all heard a small explosion,and Cilan ran to find his friends. The daycare worker had ran as far away as she could. Cilan found Ash, Iris, their pokemon, and the attacker on the floor, knocked out and covered in smoke.

“She was working for Team Plasma!” Ash realized.

“I’ll go call the police. You go and take care of iris’s issue.” Cilan said in a polite way, while handing Ash some of the supplies. The kanto boy nodded, however the gym leader didn’t expect him to run off into the woods.

Later after answering some questions from the police Cilan, and Bianca had returned to the campsite with Cheren and the rest of the pokemon. Cilan had taken most of the supplies just in case. Bianca had told her friend what had happened. He didn’t stop laughing until Cilan had threatened that we would never be able to try for his badge ever again.

Ash Iris and their pokemon were a bit further in the woods. He had her clothes, but oddly her underwear was missing. Bianca had found out about this too, and much to Cheren’s snickering delight, the girls would be stuck sharing the pack of diapers till they bought new underwear. Bianca had found out her bag had been raided.

“Iris is not gonna like this.” Ash muttered as he had laid Iris down on a log, and got started to change her. Pikachu, and Purrloin had taken Axew away to give them their privacy

Iris finally snapped out her daze, as Ash was nearly done putting on the clean diaper when Iris kicked Ash in the face, forcing him to the ground. The dragon girl looked up to see not her friend, but in his place dozens of laughing and snickering people. She jumped on top of him, holding him down. Giving the confused boy and dark glare.

“Go on, laugh it up! Laugh at me, call me names! Make fun of me! Get whatever you want out of your system! I don’t care! Just say whatever, so I know what an idiot I was for thinking you were ever my friend!” Iris cried out, her eyes full of tears.

Ash looked at the crying girl. He slowly got out her grip and sit her back down on the log,.

“Iris, I’m not going to laugh at you, call you names, or make fun of you. Im sorry this had happened to you. As your friend I won’t over let it happen to you again “ He said.

“Oh really?” She asked.

“Really, really.” Ash said wit a cheesy smile.

“Wait…you changed my….you didn’t…see anything did you?” Iris asked.

“Ummmmmmmmm, it was the only way to make sure you were clean..” Ash mumbled as his face turned bright red.

Soon Iris’s face, turned the same color.

“Well..thanks for that,I guess. Huh, I’d never expect a little kid to know how to do that.” Iris teased.

Ash laughed.

“Well I had a friend on one of my trips…who had nighttime problems. She asked me to help her. I can’t say who so don’t ask.” He requested.

“Oh well look at that, aren’t you a helpful little kid.” Iris said sweetly.

“Well I help my buds…ow.” He muttered holding his black eye.

“Oh Ash, Im sorry.” Iris apologized.

“It’s fine.” He assured her.

“No it’s not, I was out of line…and I want you…to punish me for it.” Iris muttered.

“What?” Ash asked as his face went blank.

Iris gave a slow sigh. “I want you to punish me, in any way you see fit. Within reason.” She offered.

“Ummm….are you sure?” Ash asked still not sure if this was okay.

“Yes, otherwise I’ll have bad karma.” Iris said.

Ash thought about this. Well if it was to spare his crush from bad karma.

“Okay…I guess I could spank you, ten times, and you have to count.” He said.

Iris gulped. “T-That sounds fair. Just…be gentle” she mumbled. He gave her an assuring smile.

Ash then patted his leg, as she got onto lap. Ash slowly pulled down her pants, showing her padded rear. He slowly raised is hand, and brought it down.

“One!” Iris cried out.

Ash started to repeat the process.

“Two!” Iris counted. She was blushing hard.

“Your doing fine Iris.” Ash said trying to comfort her as he spanked her a third time.

“Thank you Three!” Iris yelped.

Ash whacked her again, however this time Iris let out a moan. “Iris?” He asked.

“Huh?!” Iris asked.

“You forgot to count, so we are starting over.” He stated.

“Huh?” Iris asked,as Ash spanked her again. “Ah one!” She yelled.

“Okay..I didn’t need to make her restart…but I did. Do I enjoy this?” Ash asked himself. He quickly swatted her.

“Two.” Iris mumbled while letting another moan come out.

“What was that Iris?” Ash asked.

“Two! Ah Three!” She said getting another swatting.

“Okay…what’s wrong with me? Normally this hurts..but..Iris thought.

“Four!”Iris cried out. “I think I…Oh yes. Ah What?! Iris thought.

“Five!” Iris cried out.

“Your doing great Iris…are you okay?” He asked.

“Normally when get spanked it hurts…but when Ash does it…I think Im enjoying it.” Iris thought.

“You still want to keep going? He asked.

Iris nodded her head. For some reason that made Ash kind of happy.

He swatted her again.

“Six! Hey easy, you little kid! Seven!” Iris cried.

Ash gave a small chuckle. “Who are you calling a little kid, Iris?” He asked as eh spanked her bottom.

“You Eight! NINE!” TEN! She cried her voice mixed in pain and pleasure.

“Okay Iris, punishment is over.” Ash said.

“Ohhh wow, my butt is all sore.” Iris muttered.

“I…I can help.” Ash said while while rubbing her butt. Iris readjusted herself so it was like Ash was holding her. The rubbing kept going on till Iris felt better,and the girl even got some berries picked and fed to her.

“Thanks….ya know, your actually a pretty good caretaker.” Iris muttered actually enjoy the pampering she was given.

“Well I do what I can.” Ash said while blushing.

“So..are we even?” The dragon girl asked cutely.

“Yeah….and by the way. Ash said as the two hugged.

Later at night Bianca had told them of the underwear issue.

“Well great….” Iris mumbled feeling the diaper might be stuck on her for a while, still she had someone who she could ask for help in case needed it. As soon as he stopped blushing and mumbling first.

End of filler.



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Sep 25, 2010
A good filler with some eye opening moments. I actually found the innuendo amusing in the beginning of the chapter. I didn't think Pikachu would be concerned over such things. Then there's the part with Purrloin trying to help Cilan overcome his fear of her. But what took me by surprise was seeing team rocket again. I guess they've gotten more creative about capturing pokemon. Somewhat curious if they'll ever be confronted by team Plasma. And then there was the daycare. Okay. Well, it wasn't overly perverted or anything, when it came to diapers and whatnot. But I do think the humiliation Ash implied and what came after should have a little more warning for viewers. [Wasn't mentally prepared for that part.] I do like seeing Ash and Iris getting along a lot more though.

Anyhow, you did great! =D I don't remember if I asked this, but how old is everyone within the group?

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 8.1: The spies who Snivyed me.
Wes, and Rui finally made it their hotel room. They put their rolling bags to the sides. Espeon Umbreon, Plusle and Minun, saw the large bed, and started to jump on it.

“Well they already found the fun.” Rui commented while smiling thinking of joining them. Rui went to look at the view that being on the twentieth floor gave them.

“Oh this is amazing Wes, we are gonna have so much fun!” Rui cried out with goosebumps jumping on the bed with her pokemon.

Wes was busy helping himself to the free mini bar.

“Yep, this is great babe. No getting yelled at by the chief for property damage, no chasing after idiots, no paperwork, no dragging some drunk to court, no dealing with a crazed pokemon, We can finally just relax.” Wes said as he got a few drinks, and snacks.

As the shadow Snagger had finished opening a bottle of soda, the door was kicked open, and soon the two Orre visitors were surrounded by Team Plasma grunts. They pointed their swords at the two humans, and pokemon. Rui stopped bouncing getting a bit frightened.

“Get on your hands and knees!” One grunt yelled. Rui jumped holding on to Wes, startled and nervous. Wes frowned, gave a quick gulp of his soda, and then gave a toothy grin.

“Funny, thats what Rui and I said your mother last night! Wes yelled, he watched the one grunts rage build as he charged at the two. Wes quickly removed the blade out of his hands and punched a few in the face, toppling him down on a few more. Espeon shot out a psybeam blasting a few out the window. Umbreon shot out confuse ray, making the other grunts attack each other, while their trainer finished them off, by cracking skulls, and breaking bones.

Rui dodged, and ducked the sword swings coming at her while shaking, she got off the bed quickly grabbed a lamp, and bashed it over the head of one of the grunts who was about to attack Wes. That sadly only got the grunt angry, as she tried to stab and lash at Rui even more. The red head’s saving grace was her boyfriend, putting the attacker in a choke hold, knocking her out. Rui did see another attacker about to stab Wes’s back.

“Plusle Mimin, Shock wave!” She ordered. The two tiny pikachu clones shot out two waves of electric energy at the remaining Plasma grunts. The hotel room floor was now littered with them, passed out, Wes had it upon himself to add insult to injury, by giving them more injuries int he form of the broken limbs or ribs.

“Why is that everywhere we go somewhere someone is trying to kill us?” Rui groaned.

“Don’t know…but for now, I say we check out of here.” Wes muttered.

“Good idea.” Rui admitted.

The sand spiked anti hero gave his love a devilish grin. “Can I?” He asked Rui’s cheeks puffed up, slightly annoyed, she knew what he was asking, and it it didn’t always doing them any favors, still there were people trying to kill them.

“Only if they try to attack you. Just no getting too crazy!” She said giving him permission. He in turn gave her a kiss on the lips. She lovingly kissed him back.

“Alright, lets get you guys out of here.” Wes said pulling out another pokemon, unleashing his Skarmory, who flapped around in the hotel room.

“Alright, you need to get Rui, and the twins out of here.” Wes ordered. The bird nodded his head, allowing for his trainer’s mate, and weaker pokemon on him.

“Thank you Skarmory.” Rui said in appreciation patting his metallic head. Her pokemon did he same. The battle ready bird was hoping to rain terror upon his trainer’s enemies, but he understood that the human’s life and her little pokemon’s well being was more important to Wes then him joining in battle.

“You guys get out of town, and I’ll meet you on the road….south from here.” Wes said.

Rui nodded as she was handed their bags.

“Don’t get too crazy.” Rui she reminded while bowing him a kiss..

“Oh course my desert flower.” He assured her, blowing a kiss back, as the The bird pokemon quickly flew off from one of the broken windows.

Wes, picked up sword, with a twisted looking smile as his two pokemon looked at him. They in turn shared the same wicked look. They were about to indulge in an old habit that the trio shared when dealing with their foes, criminal or otherwise.

“Come on, boys, lets go for a walk.” The bounty hunter of Orre suggested. They nodded in agreement as they left the room. Wes could have sworn the Chief of Pyrite Town was screaming at him, but shrugged it off. In the hallway they were met with a quite a few Team Plasma members. Some wanted to run, hearing the horror stories of the Orre native, and some wanted to kill him to see if it could actually be done. Well of course it could be done. He was only human, right? “Hey guys you feel like living?!” The ex Team Snaggem member asked in a taunting manner as he swung his new sword causally, while tossing a poke ball up and down.

“AHHHRRGGGHHH!!” The grunts yelled as they charged at him in a spark of the fight or flight mentally.

“OH WHAT A SHAME YOUR SUICIDAL!!! Wes roared with a sneer as the human and two pokemon took the attack head on with his sword. while sending out a third pokemon. The grunts slowly backed away from an Ursrang that was cutting into their armor and flesh.

“Mimun, how bad do you think those have it?” Plusle asked as they flew on the metal bird.

“Well knowing Wes’s track record. They have it very bad.” Mimin answered as he face turned green. Unaware of how the human, dark type, psychic type, and giant bear pokemon were making quick and brutal work of the Plasma grunts and pokemon. The hotel room was littered with broken swords, armor scraps, fainted pokemon, and broken human bodies.

What was left of the grunts to run like cowards. They quickly ran into the elevator, pressing the closed button, unaware that the physic two tailed pokemon had used hypnosis to control one the grunts into pressing the open button as their foe walked toward them.

One grunt noticed and quickly kicked him out, to finally have it closed. Or she thought as a pair of claws was forcing the elevator doors to open, showing them this band of monsters in human and pokemon form.

“Room for a few more?” Wes asked in chastising way as he and his starters and bear pokemon walked into the elevator, Epsoin and Umbrion’s eyes glowed adding to the grunts fears, thanks to the black moon pokemon using torment . As the door closed, all that would be heard was the grunts screams and one loud cackle.

Rui looked down at the hotel using a pair of binoculars she had packed. She focused on the entry way, the police had been blocked out of the hotel by those knights, who reminded her far too much of Cipher. “Skarmory, turn around we need to help the police.” Rui ordered. The bird wouldn’t change direction, so the determined aura seer forced the steel type to turn around. As they were about to dive bomb the Plasma Grunts, the hotel doors, and windows exploded.

The Grunts line against the police had been frozen in place by a traveling ice beam. Plasma Grunt bodies littered the floor while, others were chewed on and spat out by a large furious looking Feraligater. Rui turned her head, to find people running out of the hotel in droves as her boyfriend stood up laughing like a maniac. Thankfully for himself and his pokemon’s ears they had ear plugs, which they put on the elevator. To cancel out the ringing from the explosion they were normally hear. The red head face palmed seeing a bit of the hotel catching fire.

“Wes, would it kill you for once to take me somewhere nice, and NOT blow it up?!” Rui groaned, as her pokemon shook their heads.

The lone grunt gazed at the bounty hunter, and his pokemon, before dropping his sword and poke balls. Shaking like a leaf he put his hands up in the air in surrender. It would be safer in jail, then to keep fighting, and allow this lunatic to cause him bodily harm.

“Wise choice.” Wes said while returning his pokemon, after removing the plugs He noticed the Officer Jenny of the town, making it past the ice. A slightly irritated Rui had also flown down, and landed. The aura user much to Wes’s dismay, wasn’t pleased.

“Wes, what did I tell you not to do?!” Rui demanded to in a scolding fashion.

“…Not to get too crazy.” Wes mumbled weakly.

“And what did you do?” Rui kept scolding.

“I got too crazy.” Wes replied in the same tone, he head slightly down in a bit of shame. He hated it when she got mad at him.

“Gee ya think?” Officer Jenny added with a growl.

“Oh um, Officer Jenny….” Rui mumbled fighting the urge to cower at the woman’s intimating glare. Wes however hardly looked fazed. He quickly showed the Jenny their Orre bounty hunter badge.

“ Oh…you two.” She muttered with a growl having heard the horror stories. “What the hell were you two thinking?! I mean Arceues above, do you know how much it’s going to cost to repair all this property damage?” The police woman ranted.

“Alright before you even start….. we were minding our own business.” Wes stated.

“BULLSHIT!” The clone cop yelled, in a way making the two tourist feel small.

“We were!” both Wes and Rui whined in a childish manner.

“This was self defense! They attacked us.” Wes declared. The three humans heard another small explosion coming from the hotel, and turning around they spotted a Plasma grunt fall out of a window. Wes’s pokemon looked on in amusement as the grunt cried out about their broken leg.

“…Most of it was in self defense, and the people are okay. Isn’t more important that we got all the people and their pokemon out safely?” Rui pleaded.

“…Yes, in spite of your destructive behavior the civilians are safe. So I’ll over look this once, just once! Cause any problems in the region again, and you two will be in jail or deported understand?” Officer Jenny said in a charitable mood.

“Oh, yes oh course! Thank you so much Officer. Now we’ll just get out of your hair.” Rui said gladly She quickly grabbed her boyfriend’s hand tightly. “Come on Wes, darling lets go.” The red head passively aggressively ordered. Wes had to comply for the sake of his right hand.
The two got on the hover bike. After some time on the road they stopped by a cheap hotel.

“Sorry, about your hand honey, but I didn’t want you doing anything that would land us in hot water.” Rui apologized while rubbing his hand in the side car.

Wes rolled his eyes, but smiled at her.

“No I get it. I went too crazy, sorry about all that. I know you wanna have fun.” Wes apologized. Rui laid her head on his lap, her pokemon did the same.

“After this…I just wanna Wahaa..sleep.” Rui yawned.

“I don’t blame ya.” Wes mumbled as he helped Rui out the side car, while locking the bike. The tried duo found the beds, and signed off.

The next day.

Cilan’s Pansage dropped to the floor, knocked out. Two Pidoves flew into the air.Ash, and Cheren pumped their fists in the air in victory. Cilan gave them a small smile, while returning Pansage back into his ball. Bianca and her pokemon were cheering on a log.

“Very good you two, well done.” Cilan praised as he gym leader finally handed over the coveted gym badges.

“My first gym badge!” Cheren cried out with joy, rubbing his Pidove with happiness.

“Yeah, feels good don’t it?!” Ash asked with a big grin on his face.The boy nodded his head, as Bianca jumped on top, making the two fall. Ash’s Pidove dropped down to where Ash’s pokemon had been watching.

She gave Oshawott a smug look.

“Pay up.” She demanded. The otter pokemon pulled out two oran berries, while groaning. The bird pokemon went to town eating.

“I told you she’d win.” Purrloin mumbled as she put her paw on a sleeping Tepig.

“She got lucky, I warmed Pansage up for both of them!” Oshawott mumbled bitterly.

“Mmm, sounds like someone’s salty.” Pidove teased as she went to back to enjoying her prize

“UP YOURS!” The water type yelled. Pikachu covered his ears.

Before another fight could break out between Oshawott and Pidove, everyone around heard a large explosion.

Quickly, Ash, and Cilan with Pikachu ran east, a few feet away from the campsite to find Iris, and Axew in a smoking crater. The kanto teen, and gym leader found the dizzy and slightly smoky looking Iris and Axew.

“ Iris, Axew are you okay?” Ash asked. His got his answer when the two jumped back on their feet. Axew shook off the smoke.

Cilan simply stood tad baffled.

Iris quickly jumped up, anther feet, and gave a small scowl, then sighed.

“Alright Axew, lets take a break, for now.” The dragon trainer ordered as she gave a pat a sad dragon in the face. Bianca and Cheren had ran the trio.

“Iris what was that?” Cheren asked.

“Dragon dance. Well I was trying to teach Axew Dragon Dance. It should give him a huge boast in power and speed.” Iris stated.

She then pointed to the crater in the ground.

“However if you get it wrong, it’ll literally blow up in your face.” Iris finished as everyone had an anime sweat drop on the back of their heads.

“ Seems like a high risk, high reward dish. So what made burnt this meal?” Cilan questioned , being very curious, and slightly worried.

“Well, Axew has two left feet, and I kinda, sort of maybe, forgot half of the steps.” Iris muttered while poking her index fingers together.

“I see, that would give you issues.” Cilan said.

“Seems a bit too high risk if you ask me.” Cheren muttered while Bianca nodded in agreement.

“Well I have to make Axew as strong as he can be, that’s one part of being a Dragon Master.” Iris stated.

“Im sorry Mama.” Axew sighed. He was given another head pat, and smile to assure him.

“We’ll get better Axew, promise.” Iris coded to hime while pulling the tiny dragon in for a hug.

“Why don’t you look up how to do the dance when we get to the next town, and put on some music that you and Axew could dance to?” Ash asked in a rare moment of insight.

Everyone, even Pikachu looked at the Kanto trainer like someone had taken over his body.

“What?” Ash asked.

“That seemed way too smart for a little kid like you to say.” Iris teased with a snicker.

“Im not an idiot Iris.” Ash deadpanned.

“If you say so.” Iris said with a smirk in a well meaning teasing manner.

“Well if you’re feeling better, I say we should find a spot for lunch. Early this morning I had bake a marvelous cake, and I don’t a better time to eat it, then to celebrate the sweetness of victory of Cheren and Ash’s victory over me.” Cilan declared seeing this four young charges, and the two pokemon’s eye glittering and mouths water and the mere sound of cake.

Iris’s eye brow raised and smiled.

“Oh, so you two finally beat Cilan? Congrats, I guess fourth time’s the charm. Good thing too Ash.” Iris said.

“Why?” He asked a confused.

The wild child of the Village of dragons picked up Axew, put him back in her hair, and having him a shrug.

“Cause, if you failed. I was just thinking about ditching you, and going on my own from now on.” Iris joked seeing the small look of terror on her friend’s face.

“Wait, what, Really?” Ash yelled. The others looked at her worried as well.

Iris patted the teen’s hat covered head.

“Just kidding, come on, even with Cilan around I know a little kid like you would be helpless without me.” Iris joked in a chastising manner.

Ash growled, feeling a mix of relief and anger.

“Oh my Mew, will you stop calling me a little kid? We are the same age! Heck Cheren, and Bianca are the little kids compared to us!” Ash ranted.

“HEY!” Cheren yelled in protest.

“He’s got a point.” Pikachu thought.

“You are a little kid Ash, and by denying it only proves it. You can’t even sleep without me.” Iris countered while pointing her finger at him with a focus looked that reminded the Kanto boy of his Phoenix Wright or his mother in court.

“Gah..I….You…Grr…..” Ash grumbled unable to deal with her troll logic.

Iris’s face’s changed to an amused look. And started to giggle, and laugh.

“Oh, your too easy to tease. Another showing of your immaturity.” Iris kept teasing.

“You both seem to be on the same level on immaturity , now come along so we can have some cake. Bianca looks like she’s about to burst like a champagne cork. “ Cilan joked as Bianca was giving the two older trainers an annoyed pouting huff, while tapping her foot impatiently, while muttering cake.

“Okay truce.” Both Ash and Iris said acting like nothing was wrong.

Cilan now pleased that the argument ended quickly as it came, everyone was seated by a nearby picnic table by the route’s rest stop. Ash could never figure out how people like Brock or Cilan could manage to pack to many things into one backpack. Pikachu was still clinging to the theory of Brock being magic, even after all these years. That theory would extend to Cilan as the little electric mouse, along with everyone whowatched the gym leader on the road set the table with much pose and grace, all the while humming Be our Guest. Soon the table was clothed, full of fancy, patterned plates, silver ware, napkins, two lit candles, thanks to Tepig, and Pignite, and the cake in the center covered under a silver serving tray, and dome cover.

The four trainers clapped as Cilan reviled the large double decker chocolate cake, with whipped moose, in between the moist cake.On top was whipped cream frosting, and chopped strawberries. All who gazed at the marvelous treat had a slightly watering mouth. Cilan gave every trainer, and out of ball pokemon that could have chocolate, a piece of the cake.

As everyone was about to eat, suddenly a whirlwind of leaves blinded them all. As they opened their eyes the cake was being yanked away by a pair of green vine whips. Up on a near by tree a smug looking Snivy with frosting around it’s lips and on it’s pointed nose. The wild grass type jumped onto the table, as it pulled out a green leave blade to swipe at the five. Pikachu, was parrying the attack with his iron tail.

“Well you might be strong.” The Snivy said amused , her voice sounding female. In the conner of her eye she could see Axew changing up his dragon rage.

“Catch me if you can fools!” The lady Snivy Challenged as she used a vine whip to close Axew’s mouth as the tiny tusked dragon pokemon was about to fire. What happened next was the expected explosion with the wild grass type getting away. After checking to make sure everyone was all right the group ran after the wild type to beat her or catch her. Ash and Pikachu were taking the lead, with Iris, Axew and Bianca cutting it very close. No one stole food from them, and got away with it.

Unknown to the group who were giving chase a figure was watching them from covered by trees. She pet her Absol while speaking to the other person on the mic of her ear.

“Yeah Solid Snivy, really, your still clinging to that codename? Okay this is Ink Spot. I’ve still got sighting with the target, and her companions. They just ran into a cute little Snivy, and are going after it, I had to deal with three shadows following them, a few miles back, and should be still in that dumpster were I left them.” The figure stated.

‘Thank you blow darts.’ She thought with a chuckle.

“What? No, no one’s spotted me. So how’s it going on your end? That so, well good, just be sure it gets done Last thing Dragon Duke wants is that little Purrloin’s future vision to come true. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing happens to the Heir, or her friends. We like zigzag face after, but I don’t think they’ll need my help. Alright, oh don’t forget, your paying for the movie tickets again. Alright Ink Spot signing off.” The figure known as Ink Spot whispered as she and her disaster warning pokemon vanished into thin air.

End of chapter.


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So worth the long wait for an update. I really like Wes and Rui the most. Something about being crazy and wrecking house or in this case, a hotel was hilarious and entertaining. Then there's the mysterious woman with her pokemon at the end spying on Ash and co. I'm not sure what to expect from that but, I get the feeling big things are soon to come for whoever this heir happens to be. OH! And the bit about Brock or Cilan being magic was my favorite part. Great chapter! :)

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Jun 14, 2009
Well Im glad you've been liking the story so far KK, It's been a lot of hard work, but well worth it. Yeah with the Hotel bit, I did have Hellsing Ultimate Abridged in my head. Glad that bit made you laugh, and well...Ash and Pikachu have already met this woman somewhere before...but Im not gonna say where.

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Chapter 8.2: The Spies that Snivyed me.

Iris and Axew glided across the nearby tree tops, swinging after the thieving Snivy. She barely managed to dodge the high speed leaf storm attacks coming from the wild Snivy.

The wild grass snake pokemon was met with Ash, his aura staff in his hands and his faithful partners, Pikachu and Purrloin, on his shoulders. Iris dropped down as Axew jumped out for a fight. Bianca quickly caught up to the two, and threw her Pignite into battle. Ash reached for Tepig, but Oshawott jumped the gun and came out of instead.

“Yo, dude, who we fighting, I’ll pound them!” Oshawott boasted.

“No, Oshawott, go back in your ball!” Ash, Purrloin, and Pikachu all yelled, while returning him to his pokeball. The Kanto trainer quickly pulled out Tepig.

The grass snake eyed down her foes, showing no fear as she pulled out a leaf blade from her body.

“Have at me, fire swine and small dragon! Dare to best me in combat, and let your human lords and ladies witness your failings in shame!” the Snivy taunted while waving her sword at the three.

Ash remembered Tepig had gotten smokescreen from earlier training. This gave him an idea.

“Guys, I’ve got a plan. Tepig and I are gonna give you cover. Then, you two flank her by the sides,” the Kanto trainer said. Iris and her dragon nodded their heads in understanding as the look at the snorting fire pig pokemon and his evolved counterpart. Bianca, however, had her own plan.

“Tepig, Smokescreen!” “Pignite, Flame Charge!” Ash and Bianca yelled at their pokemon at the same time. Tepig blew out a small smoke screen which had been blown away by a rush of Pignite’s large flaming body ramming into Snivy. The wild grass type jumped into the air to dodge the attack. After seeing that Pignite had cooled down back, she used her leaf blade to slashing him, making the large fire boar cry out in pain.

“Ah! Pignite, Flame Charge again!” Bianca yelped while pulling on to her hat in panic.

“Tepig, ember!” Ash yelled.

“Axew, charge up for Dragon Rage!” Iris ordered.

Tepig shot out his tiny fire, but Snivy was one step ahead, using vine whip to make Pignite into pokemon shield to take the hits for her. Axew fired his dragon rage at the Snivy, but sadly for Pignite, he was hit with the attack instead. That was enough to make the fire boar fall to the ground, fainted.

“Pignite, no!” the new trainer cried out with tears in her eyes.

“Axew, jump and attack with a scratch!” Iris growled.

“Tepig, Tackle! Pikachu, Iron tail!” Ash commanded.

Now, Snivy knew this would be a bit more difficult. The Tepig actually managed to land a hit on her, forcing Snivy off of their fainted comrade. Bianca fumbled to find the right pokeball before she sadly returned her partner back into his ball to rest.

Axew jumped out of his trainer’s hair, and the tiny dragon type kept up his own assault as soon as Snivy got her footing back. She kept him at bay with her leaf blade, knocking Axew back and making the dragon leer at her. Pikachu was able to parry and block her attacks. She sent out a leaf storm, knocking the Tepig, Pikachu, and Axew back.

However, Pikachu was quick to close the gap, pounding against Snivy’s body with a Volt Tackle. Which not only removed Snivy’s leaf blade, but also landed them both into a nearby tree, nearly making half of it fall backwards. Snivy had to use vine whip again to get Pikachu off of her, and then she tossed him to the side.

While Pikachu was catching his breath, Snivy had to use some of the bark to deflect the upcoming ember, and dragon rage. Pikachu was about to attack her again, but he felt the earth shake so he jumped to a tree. Snivy jumped up, keeping her eye on a rising Pansage who was about to upper cut her. Thankfully for her, the wild starter grass type was able to slither away. What came next was a large gust of wind from Cheren’s Pidove.

“Hey, glad you could make it, guys,” Iris noted as the other two guys of the group finally reached them.

“Sorry we were late, we were ambushed by a pack of wild Purrloins,” Cilan explained.

“Pidove, stay on it! Don’t back down!” the power-loving trainer demanded as his Pidove was giving Snivy a hard time with a plenty of gust attacks.

“Pikachu, Thunder bolt! Tepig, Ember. Purrloin, Shadow ball!” Ash ordered.

“Axew, Dragon rage!” Iris yelled.

“Pansage, dig again!” Cilan commanded.

“Ummmm, where are my other poke balls?!” Bianca cried out as she looked her bag franticly.

The wild Snivy had other plans. Rather than allow herself to be assaulted by the onslaught of attacks, she shot out multiple pink beams that looked like hearts. They hit most of the male pokemon, stopping them in their tracks and giving them all heart symbols in their eyes.

“What was that?” both Cheren and Bianca asked, having never seen that attack before.

“Oh no, attract!” Ash and Iris mumbled as they ran in to stop their pokemon from taking a vine whip beating.

“Attract is move that makes pokemon of the opposite sex unable to attack, and allows the user to take advantage of their minds,” Cilan explained while returning Pansage to his poke ball.

“Gah, no. All my pokemon are guys!” Cheren groaned while returning his Pidove.

“Aha!” Bianca cried while getting out a poke ball. She pressed the button, and both she and Cheren were surprised to find a glazed donut in place a pokemon. That didn’t stop Bianca from taking the sweet and eating it with glee. Cheren could only face-palm while shaking his head.

Snivy was enjoying smacking around her newly pacified whipping dolls for all the trouble they had given her. Sure she enjoyed the challenge, but after a while it got annoying. As she was about to smack the tiny dragon type again, Iris jumped in the way of the attack to take the hit for Axew. Ash did the same for Pikachu and Tepig, while Purrloin gave out a hiss, grabbing the vine whips. Snivy pulled out a leaf blade, however it was deflected by Ash’s aura staff, which shot out a glowing blue aura, which sent a wide-eyed and baffled Snivy flying a few feet.

“WHAT?!” Snivy thought as she was trying to shake off the shock. She noticed the aura-using human throwing out a Pidove to replace the now very weak Tepig and Pikachu. Snivy used attract, but it didn’t work. Ash’s Pidove flew into the air.

“Now, Aerial Ace!” Ash yelled, and Pidove came back to the ground while slamming into her foe. Snivy was starting to feel very close to fainting. Ash pulled out an empty poke ball and threw it at her. The ball caught the pokemon in a flash of light and dropped to the ground.

The Kanto trainer ran to it as the others caught up with him. He looked at the wiggling poke ball. Purrloin jumped down and held onto it tightly. After three wiggles, a ding noise was heard. Iris, Cilan, Bianca, and Cheren looked at their friend on the ground. He picked up the poke ball and raised it up in the air. “I caught her!” he said with a smile before passed out on the ground as a small wave of blue aura came out of his body, making everyone jump.

Ash slowly woke up, smelling something pretty good. He opened his eyes find Pikachu and Purrloin by his side. The two smiled.

“Ash, you’re up!” the two said, jumping on him affectionately.

The noise from the two happy pokemon and their slightly winded trainer reached the dragon-master-in-training while Cheren and Bianca were busy playing a game at the table and Cilan was busy cooking some fruit over an open fire.

“Hey, guys, he’s awake,” Iris called as she kneeled down and gave her friend a hand.

“So, have a nice nap?” she asked jokingly. Ash nodded, rather happy to get any sleep.

“Ugh, I’m starving!” he grumbled, feeling the weight of the newly caught Snivy in his free hand. Iris sat him down in a free chair.

“Hey, Cilan, dinner ready yet?” Iris asked while Axew popped out of his mom’s hair. Bianca and Cheren were cheering that their friend had come around.

“Wait. It’s nighttime?!” Ash asked, looking around to find the moon as Pansage and Cilan gave the plates of crispy looking assorted fruits and veggies.

“You were out of for quite a while, but don’t worry, I made sure to get your pokemon fed. Now, please enjoy,” Cilan assured his friend. Ash gave a thankful nod to his moss haired friend while looking to find his other pokemon chowing down with everyone else.

“Alright, let’s eat!” Bianca, Axew and Iris cried out as they ate. Cheren however looked at the veggies in disgust as he poked them with his fork. Ash, Pikachu, and Purrloin started to dig in with the rest.

“Ms. Purrloin, I’m afraid that Ms. Snivy has yet to eat anything!” Pansage informed the dark type.

Purrloin then whispered to Ash while he ate, which caused him to stop eating and walk to where his pokemon friends He pressed the button, letting Snivy out. The prideful green starter looked at her new trainer with a cautious eye. Ash just smiled while getting her a bowl of poke food and setting it down to her.

“Look, I’m sure you’re hungry, so eat up,” he said with a smile. Snivy could have sworn she had seen another trainer in his place.

“I’m impressed that you, your pack, and your pokemon bested me. Not many have done that. For now, until I no longer see you worthy, you have my sword, My King,” Snivy swore while giving a grateful bow for the food. Purrloin looked very pleased while doing a quick scan of everyone as they went to eating.

“Yes, our ranks increase, but still, tomorrow, we’ll have to get everyone to train twice as hard. We can’t let Plasma get those stones,” Purrloin thought to herself.

“Baby, pass the ketchup please,” Pikachu requested.

“Oh, here you are sweetie,” the cat muttered, giving the pokemon a small packet of what he craved.


Deep inside one of the Team Plasma labs, a multitude of scientists and grunts were working tirelessly on a few projects to ensure their goals would be realized.

A grunt dashed into the men’s room. He quickly found a stall and started removing his lower armor and helmet. The grunt did hear noises coming from the ventilation, but paid them no mind. That is, until he saw a cleaned shaven man wearing dark glasses and, from what the runt could tell, a black sneaking suit.

“Sorry, forgot to knock,” the spy one-lined in James Bond fashion before knocking the grunt out cold with a hard punch to the face.

The spy dropped down and took the grunt’s armor. He saw his Greninja waiting for him.

“Sorry, Naruto, had a tough time getting in this place. You got the charges?” he asked, now in full grunt armor.

The water ninja nodded while showing him a few unarmed bombs from his scarf tongue.

“Alright, let’s go medieval on their asses,” Lan muttered while taking a few bombs as his partner vanished in smoke. Lan made his way past the grunts and busy lab coats undetected, swapping key cards to get farther into the lab. To change it up, Lan was able to nab a scientist, knock him out with a quick jab to the neck in another bathroom that was not full of cameras, and take his coat and his higher access cards in exchange for the armor. Soon the spy found what he was looking for: the shadow Pokemon machine –well, the prototype, at least.

“Ink Spot, this is Solid Snivy, I’m about to shed some light on something shadowy,” he whispered into his hidden ear piece.

End of chapter.
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In the great wide somewhere~

And Ash caught Snivy! It was a pretty tough battle, I wonder what level she is, haha. Poor Bianca, she'll get the hang of it.

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I think shed be pretty high, and yeah sooner or later she'll get it.

Also I almost posted only half the chapter.


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Snivy's personality is awesome! I've never seen anything like this before and think it's unique! C: She's definitely a strong pokemon to take on so many attacks at once. At the same time, I noticed the aura staff and curious what else it does or what it's meant for. Furthermore, I really liked the ending the most because, seeing Lan and Naruto shedding some light on the plasma group is going to be badass. Definitely worth the wait for a new chapter!
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