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Fanfiction ► Pokemon: Black and White rebirth

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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009

Pokemon Black and White Rebirth
Chapter 9.1: Strong in the real way.

(If you can see the Key and Peele reference you get a cookie.)

Nacrene City, a town full of warehouses. It was getting to the point where the warehouses were replacements for houses, shops, other things including a famous cafe. Other then the pokemon gym, the natural history museum was the only thing of notice in the slightly run down town. Not that the gym leader and her husband hadn’t been doing their best to reform the their home.

In one of the many warehouses Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket were plotting a heist. A few warehouses down from the one they were renting, was a small bank. It had a somewhat large sum of cash inside, so the three were putting their heads together to find the best way to line their pockets, and fund Team Rocket’s expansion into Unova.

“I’ve got it!” James said as he hit the table. The other two looked at him, having no idea themselves.

“Okay, so we get into the bank. Pass off as workers, doesn’t matter what kind, or at what level. We open accounts there, they pay us to the do whatever work, and put money into the accounts. They won’t even know their being robbed, and in thirty years we can just walk away, like nothing happened! James proposed.

Jessie, and Meowth gave their friend an irritated look with the anger vein’s popping out of their heads.

“Mother F%$ker THAT’S CALLED A JOB!!!” Jessie and Meowth yelled in anger, at their friend/co-worker.

Twelve miles away from the city were our protagonists; Iris with Axew, and Cilan with Pansage, the two letting their pokemon spar. Cheren and Bianca were doing the same with the boy’s Snivy and her Munna. Ash and Pikachu were trying to watch both fights while Purrloin seemed to be deep in thought on Ash’s lap.

“Alright Pansage lets take this nice and slow.” the moss haired gym leader advised.

“I'm in no rush. Come young Axew, we’ve had our fill of a fine meal, so let us battle on and improve our skills!” Pansage spoke with a burst of passion. “Let us take the day by the throat!” Pansage shouted as he flexed his tiny muscles.

“Err right…” Both Iris and Axew muttered.

“Come on Axew today’s the day! We are gonna learn Dragon Dance!” Iris cheered with fire in her eyes.

“Yeah!” the tiny tusked dragon cheered.

“Axew start with scratch!” Iris commanded.

Axew showed his tiny claws and lunged at the green monkey.

“Avoid the attack Pansage.” Cilan said with his eyes closed.

Pansage only had to stretch one of his arms to keep Axew at a safe distance, while Axew was flailing his arms around like a ninny.

“Come on Axew keep at it!” Iris encouraged. Axew kept trying to push harder, but that was only met with Pansage giving an amused yawn.

“Come on Iris, get the led out, have Axew battle for real!” Ash yelled getting bored from the fight.

“Ash be quiet and let me battle! I know what I'm doing!” Iris snapped at her friend leaving him to grumble.

“Axew use Leer!” Iris ordered. Soon the tiny dragon pokemon was trying to glare a hole into Pansage’s head, which actually did work, making the green money jump with a bit of a shiver, which caused both Axew and Iris to laugh. Cilan and Pansage caught their giggles and laughed along with them.

Ash smiled, but looked away to see how Cheren and Bianca were doing with Pikachu.

Cheren’s Snivy was using Bainca’s Munna like a volley ball.

“Cheren, tell Snivy to stop doing that to Munna! Your being so mean!” Bianca whined, while her battle friend looked at the blond annoyed.

“Bianca, it’s a called a pokemon battle! Not a pokemon cuddle off!” Cheren grumbled while rolling his eyes.

“That’s still no excuse! You’re being mean, so that means you're not being my friend! If you were my friend, you’d let me win the match! It’s only logical!” Bianca cried out using some form of insane logic.

“WHAT?! T-That’s not how it works Bianca!” Cheren stammered, getting confused by his friend’s “Logic.”

“No, no, you’ve made your choice. And since you're not my friend, I don’t have to hold back! Munna, psybeam!” Bianca commanded suddenly gaining a serious aura around her. Cheren could barely process his Snivy landing on the ground in a weaker stated.

“ALRIGHT YOU WANNA GO! LET’S GO!! SNIVY GET THE LEAD OUT!”The four eyed trainer shouted as he was in full battle mode.

“Eekkk!” Munna gasped as the male Snivy was using quick attack to bounce on the trees while attacking munna multiple times. Bianca caught her floating friend, and Cheren and Snivy high fived one another. Bianca in retaliation threw out her Pignite and chased the two around in circles. Pikachu and Ash watched and laughed a bit.

Purrloin however was looking a tad irritated.

“Great, while everyone here is having the time of their lives and getting nowhere, Team Plasma is most likely advancing in their plans. If I remember from the files, N rose to power at the Unova League…I'm going to have to get all five of them in. Better chance of stopping N from becoming Champion, and I’ll need to figure a way to get one of those legendary dragons on our side” the dark type thought annoyed working on her plans. “If we don’t...then nothing will have changed, and Unova marches to Ghetisis’s twisted designs.” Purrloin thought as a cold beat of sweat went down her body as her mind returned her to a future dictatorship, war, lies, and broken dreams.

The cat looked around to find that while being lost in thought both Bianca and Cheren’s pokemon were fainted on the ground while Cheren and Bianca were chasing after each other. Axew had fainted around a small hole in the ground with Pansage pulling him out, with Iris and Cilan’s help. The cat looked around, not seeing her trainer or Pikachu before they suddenly all heard two loud explosions, one from a thunder bolt, and one from an burst of aura.

Purrloin shook her head, as did Cilan, and Pansage

“I think now would be good time to start lunch.” The gym leader stared.

“Agreed.” The forest monkey imputed.

An hour later Cilan had Ash, Pikachu, and Oshawott go get fresh water for everyone’s canteens. Bianca with much help from Munna, and Pignite had gotten firewood, and Cheren was setting the table. Ash’s and Cheren’s Pidoves, and Snivys were monitoring in the sky and ground by the campsite for any threat, whether it be hostile wild pokemon, or Team Plasma grunts, at Purrloin’s request. Cilan had Cheren help him set the table while he and Pansage cooked. Ash’s Tepig had helped with the fire along with Pignite.

Axew and Iris were bit from the campsite, both were trying their hardiest to try and work on Dragon Dance. Iris had thought about this; waiting to get some more information would have been better, however after remembering the accomplishments of her old teacher, and Johto’s Dragon Master’s Claire and Lance, it felt like she had to outdo all of them.

“Come on Axew, I’m really feeling it! The will be the time when we get it right!” Iris should pumping her fist in the air as she filled her pokemon with determination.

“Alright Mama, let's do it!” Axew cheered.

Purrloin watched the two try to perform Dragon Dance, they tried a quick and fast dance, but both fell out of rhythm, and it failed. They tried a slow dance, but the energy vanished before it could reach the full charge. They tried, and failed, and tried, and failed once again. Axew and Iris were on the on the ground, breathing heavily, their bodies covered in sweat.

“GAHHH!!! I don’t get what we’re doing wrong Axew!” Iris cried out in frustration.

“I'm sorry Mama.” Axew mumbled feeling disappointed. The dragon felt a hand patting his head. He looked up to see Iris give him a warm smile.

“It’s not your fault Axew, I just need to figure out a plan.” Iris told him as Purrloin rubbed her head on the edge of Axew’s tusk.

“Iris, are you alright?” She heard Cilan’s voice as he walked over to the wild child. Ash and Pikachu came with him with a water canteen.

“Hey Cilan, hey Ash.” Iris mumbled putting on a proud, but small smile. Ash handed her a canteen, she took it, smiled and gave Axew some water before drinking herself. Purrloin pounced on Pikachu, and in spite of his protests she snuggled with him.

“So, how’s the Dragon Dance coming along?” Ash asked innocently. Iris gave a small scowl then a quick smile.

“Oh we’re just fine. Just dandy.” Iris said. Her mouth and voice said one thing, but the rest of her said something else.

“Well at least you only made five holes in the ground instead of seven, so that’s improvement.” Ash slightly snickered.

“Yes, and I do believe failure is a result, an unwanted one but a result all the same..like burnt toast.” Cilan joked.

“Grrr, who asked you two!? Little kids, I'm surrounded by little kids! Why me?! Why can’t I get this?!” Iris grumbled while hugging Axew to relive stress.

“Iris, talk to us.” Cilan requested simply.

“I just…I just can’t seem to get Dragon Dance right. It’s driving me crazy! Dragon Rage came around, but now this! I'm supposed to be a dragon master, this should come quicker! All the other dragon masters were able to pull off Dragon Dance, no problem, so why isn’t it happening for me? I'm from the Village of Dragons for crying out loud! Oh Zekrom, and Resheram, what if I never get this right?!" Iris said exasperating herself.

“Well at least you know what you're working with with Dragon Dance. I still have no idea how this aura stuff works.” Ash admitted..

As the two teenagers sighed in annoyance, Cilan looked rather amused by this, and patted them both on the head.

“Well it seems you two are very similar after all.” Cilan stated with a smile on his face.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Both Ash and Iris snapped glaring at their well meaning friend.

“I err…well, what I mean is that..Iris you shouldn’t compare yourself with other dragon trainers. No meal is the same, you and Axew have your own taste, and flavor. Trying to use the two of you, as ingredients, but using another method from another recipe would give mixed results at best. You wouldn’t bring out the best aspects of the meal.” Cilan stated.

“What?” Iris, Axew, Pikachu, and Ash asked, the food metaphor going right over their heads.

“I think rather than worrying about your progress, or comparing yourself to others, you and Axew need to go at your own pace, instead of working yourselves to the ground, or worrying about the what ifs. The same goes for Ash and his pokemon too.” Cilan told them in much simpler terms.

“Alright…my own pace. Sounds good, thanks Cilan.” Iris said her face beaming.

“Anytime, now come along you two. Lunch is almost ready, you must be hungry.” Cilan said.

“Race you!” Ash said as he jumped out.

“Nah Ash, I'm going to go at my own pace. You can be a little kid and race all you want.” Iris said teasing her friend.

“Aw come on, that’s boring.” Ash pouted, Iris in turn gave him an amused smile.

“Such a little kid.” Iris teased, much the annoyance of her friend as she started to walk slowly, then run faster, having Ash catch up, and the two started to race anyway. Cilan watched, smiled, and shook his head.

Everyone enjoyed the lunch Cilan had made, though Cheren hadn’t touched the veggies that the moss haired gym leader had put in front of him.

“Cheren was something wrong with the meal?” He asked.

“No offense to your cooking Cilan, but I hate vegetables.” The rookie trainer admitted, looking at the greens with distain.

“I’ll eat them!” Bianca volunteered as she ate them in the blink of an eye. Ash and Iris were wondering if the bouncy girl even tasted what she ate sometimes.

Cheren smiled but Cilan looked less then pleased.

“Well I can understand that you don’t like them, but please try to eat them from now on. I’ll be sure to cook them in a way that is more pleasing to your taste buds.” Cilan requested.

“Fine.” the boy agreed.

Axew was sitting with the other pokemon, enjoying their bowls of poke chow. Still Axew wanted an apple.

“I’ll get one for Mama too.” Axew thought to himself as he walked out of the campsite while everyone was busy eating. The tiny green dragon looked up at the trees and after a bit of looking he found a tree with the fruit he craved. Axew used his tusks and claws to climb to the top. On the branch, Axew with a few tugs pulled down two apples. As he was about to climb down, Axew tripped and fell into a nearby bush. Inside the bush besides a panicking and stuck Axew was a pair of glowing angry eyes.

“Okay, so you’ve told us those Team Plasma guys are gonna try and take over Unova, I can buy that, and I wanna kick their asses. Still I'm not buying that Ash’s Purrloin is from the from the future…and that she’s from a time where Plasma took over, and turned Unova into a dictatorship…but if, and that’s a big if…Does she know what happens to us?”” Cheren asked.

It had been a few days since the Dream Foundry, and the three older trainers had somewhat filled them in on what they saw, and what Purrloin had been slowly filling them in on who and what she was. Iris had made sure to use her talisman to make sure, and sadly Purrloin whenever she had talked about it was one hundred percent telling the truth, which got everyone nervous. Now Pikachu was starting to join Ash with his lack of sleep thanks to the two seeing their deaths. Everyone looked over to Purrloin, then to Ash for translation. The pokemon, by decree of Lady Snivy were listening as well, since she was just brought up to speed by a few of the others.

Purrloin looked at all five humans and the band of pokemon. She sighed.

“You died in a prison camp” Purrloin pointed at Iris, making her gulp both Ash and Iris went pale.

She pointed her claw at Cilan which made him flinch.

“Same with you.” The cat pokemon said bluntly which got Pansage to hold on this his friend of dear life.

“I'm sorry, Richu, Hilda, Horxues and future Ash did everything we could to get you out. Ash and Pikachu had a sudden feeling of guilt.

Cilan read the faces of his pokemon and other friends.

“It’s okay Ash you don’t need to tell me, I think I’ve gotten a rather gruesome message already.” Cilan told them, Bianca and Cheren gave disturbed looks.

Purrloin turned to Bianca and gave a very sad frown. The blond gave her a panicked look.

“NO! DON’T TELL ME, DON’T TELL ME! I DON’T WANNA KNOW!!” She cried out as she stuck her fingers between her ears.

“Lalala, I can’t hear you! Also Cheren is a dumbo for asking a scary question like this!” Bianca kept going, while insulting her friend who was taken aback.

“Hey at least I wanna know something so I can fix it, rather than doing whatever you're doing you dunce!” Cheren snapped as his teeth started turning into sharp fangs, his Snivy also started to pull out his vine whips.

“MMMMMMAAAAAMMMMAAAAA!!!!!”Everyone heard Axew scream. Iris ran to where Axew was screaming.

“AXEW!!!!” Iris yelped as she ran at high speeds to where the dragon in distress was, the other following quickly. Past the campsite, Axew’s tusks were stuck in between the front antenna of a long, lean, multi-legged, and intimidating looking purple and black bug pokemon. It’s yellow eyes stared at them all with a fury.

Ash, Cheren, and Bianca all checked their Pokedex to find this pokemon was a high leveled Bug/Poison type by the name of Scoliepede. Cheren gave a wicked grin, as his glasses started to shine, while the rest were far more worried about Axew.

“MAMA!” Axew cried out as he kept struggling to get loose. Iris ran to his rescue, but the poison bug opened its mouth and shot out poison sting. Everyone dodged out of the way. Iris ran and jumped into the trees. Cheren pulled out his Pidove. He wanted this pokemon.

“Hey, you have my Axew on your head, if you’ll just let me get him, we can be on our way." Iris said trying to reason with the bug pokemon.

“GET OUT!!!” Scoliepede roared firing poison stings at Iris’s tree, forcing her to leap to another branch.

“Well talking won’t work,” Pikachu muttered. Everyone got out of the way of another round of poison stings.

“You guys distract it! I’ll get Axew!” Iris ordered taking charge.

“Can do!” Ash told them, pulling out his staff.

“Pidove! Fly in the sky then use Gust!” He ordered. The flyer did as he was told and started blowing gusts of wind, slightly annoying and irritating the massive bug. Bianca looked like she was shaking in her shoes. The large bug gazed at the blond and charged her, but Pignite got in the way and pushed it back using Flame Charge. Munna followed quickly with a psybeam, both attacks damaging Scoliepede’s body harshly, but Axew still wouldn’t come lose.

“Thanks guys!” Bianca thanked her pokemon. Ash had Pikachu, Tepig, and Oshawott use Volt Tackle, Ember, and Aqua Jet on the rampaging pokemon, while Cilan had Pansage underground using dig.

All these attacks connected, however the Scoliepede had used protect, shielding itself before countered with Poison Tail, smacking Ash’s pokemon into Bianca’s. Before they could recover, Scoliepede began spinning rapidly like a wheel and rammed into all five of them using Steamroller. The attack knocked out Munna, Oshawott, Tepig, and Pansage. Pikachu and Tepig could still fight, but not for much longer. Axew looked like he was going to throw up, as his normal green, turned to a sickly green.

Iris swung on a vine, and with a battle cry jumped on top of the large bug, and with a quick chop snapped Axew’s tusks off, while landing by her friends.

“It’s okay Axew, Mama’s here.” The dragon trainer assured her son comforting him, as his tusk actually started to grow back,. He gave a very tried smiled, but their happy reunion was cut short by the screams of their attacker.

“Okay, now what?!” Ash asked.

“No idea…just keep fighting it.” Iris said as Ash, Cilan, and Bianca returned their fainted pokemon. Ash sent his Pidove to join in with Cheren’s Pidove, but all they were doing was dodging incoming poison stings. Purloin was also using Shadow Claw, but her attacking pattern was turned to dodging thanks to steamroller.

“Iris, Bianca and I are out of pokemon that can do any damage, do you have anything other than Axew?” Cilan asked feeling rather useless.

The purple haired girl bit her lip, and felt another familiar poke ball by her pink sash. Both Cheren’s and Ash’s Pidoves were starting to tire, and Purrloin felt like she was about to faint if it weren’t for Ash’s aura staff parrying that last poison tail. That action caused Ash to lose his staff. Iris’s eyes widened as Ash was now in the line of fire.

“You dumb little kid!” Iris cursed as she had no choice.

“Excadrill go!” Iris shouted, as she threw her poke ball. What came out of it was a short, but powerful looking brown furred mole pokemon with a large sharp metallic claws, and edges on his head. Red pattern markings could also be seen on his fur.

He looked around, spotting Iris, and gave a scoff, and a look of utter disrespect. In a flash, the ground steel type transformed into a large pod. Scoliepede looked insulted as it used double edge on it, damaging himself. That got the pod spinning around like a drill and rammed into the powerful bug type using Drill Run, damaging his new foe greatly. Seeing his chance, Cheren threw a unused poke ball. As the pokemon was caught Cheren danced with joy as he had a new strong pokemon. The others were just happy that it was over.

“Hey Exadrill, thanks for the save buddy, o’ll pal.” Iris said with a nervous smile. The pokemon gave his trainer a dirty look, and spat in her face before returning to his pod. Iris simply wiped her face with one of her sleeves and returned the pokemon back in his ball.

“He still won’t listen to me.” Iris sighed sadly.

“Oh great, another Charazard and Mamalswine.” Ash thought to himself.

End of chapter.


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Sep 25, 2010
I probably won't be getting any cookies this time around. Anyways, this was a fun chapter to read. Boy oh boy, things took a dark twisted path with Purrloin being from the future and telling everyone how they died. Or at least a few of them. On the other hand, it was amusing seeing James trying to come up with a way to steal money. I got a good laugh out of that. I also like the pep talk from Cilan, because he's right about doing things at your own pace. And on that note, I look forward to the next chapter as always, Lan. :)

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009

Chapter 9.2: the Dragon Buster.

Delia couldn’t sleep a wink. She turned to find Sabrina next to her in bed sleeping soundly snuggled up with her lover. She turned to find Mr. Mine nodding off by her side. The woman smiled as she patted her long time friend on the head. She got up, checked on Misty in the guest bedroom, after finding out she was fine, went down into the living room, and made herself a glass of water to calm her shaking nerves. Delia’s mind went back to the horrible news she had to hear.

“Delia, I'm not sure oh to tell you this…” The Eight Gym Leader of Kanto mumbled before giving a cough to clear his throat. In spite of his shady line of work, the thought of doing anything that might bring horror, to her doorstep had the hardened crime boss uneasy.

Sabrina looked at their maid, thinking that this wouldn’t be something a young girl should have to hear.

“Misty, why don’t you go feed Mr. Giovanni's Persian...and then go see a movie or something.” Sabrina offered.

Misty blinked hearing this. Since she had been given no choice but to work for Delia and Sabrina to pay off her debt, Sabrina had acted as the cruel and harsh mistress with a sick sense of humor.Her lack of time off, and what she wore under her uniform was testimony to that, so she was quite skeptical, it had to be a trap.

Delia could also feel something would happen, and Misty wasn’t budging.

“Go on Misty, feed the kitty then enjoy yourself.” Misty’s more benevolent boss encouraged.

Misty looked a bit more assured when Delia had told her, so she was happy to take the time off consequence free.

“Oh, alright, come on kitty, kitty.” The red head tried to coax the snobby looking cat Pokemon. It took one look at its owner, who gave a nod in return, and the Pokemon followed the girl out of the room.

The older gym leader put down his coffee.

“So not to be rude Delia, but seeing the former Cerulean City Gym Leader working for you in that..outfit, is rather odd, could you enlighten me on this?” The former college dorm mate asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

Giovanni noticed the now soured look on the lawyer’s face.

“Those good for nothing tramp sisters of hers left Kanto, abandoning the poor girl, and collected a heavy debt, in her name.” Delia huffed clearly irritated by what happened to Misty.

“And since we both know what happened to her Pokemon license due to the scandal, Delia took her in and has been working for us to pay off the debt. She’ll be trying to get the ban off in a year with the appeal.” Sabrina explained.

“Ah I see.”

“So what did you want to tell me Gio?” Delia asked sweetly.

Giovani mumbled something that the wished he hadn’t. It was going from one uncomfortable subject to the next.

“Shinji Hawthorne…was just given parole yesterday.”

Sabrina’s eyes widened. The serial killer! Delia had told her that she was married before, and didn’t want to talk about him. Did this madman leave her a widow?

Sabrina watched as what looked like the wheels in her girlfriend’s head had come to a crashing halt, all the while her smile remained frozen on her face.

“I'm sorry Gio…what was that?” The single mother asked. Everyone could see her hands and body tremble.

“Your monster of an ex-husband got out!” The Boss of Team Rocket grumbled, now waiting for the emotion melt down. They fifth gym leader gasped, her mouth was agape. This was much worse then she thought. Delia’s mask of happiness shattered, reveling looks of panic, terror, and worry. She with flailing logic, grabbing a hold of her old friend’s expensive suit, and started shaking him like a rag doll.

“HE’S OUT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S OUT?! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! HOW COULD HE GET OUT?! Delia Ketchum screamed at the top of her lungs, her eyes wide, tearing up.

The two gym leaders and the mine Pokemon did their best to pry the hysterical women off Giovanni and back on to the couch. As she held Sabrina and Mr. Mine for dear life, stiff as a broad, the brunette’s mind playing flashbacks to that awful night. sShowing her that sadistic look in that liar’s eyes as she witnessed her son’s tiny, and fragile body gasping for air.

Sabrina with Mr.Mine’s help used their powers to bring the hysterical woman back to reality.

“Delia, Sweetheart, calm down! It’s just a memory, he’s not here. Ash and Pikachu are in Unova safe and sound; please come back to us.” Sabrina coaxed into her head as the Ketchum woman took a breath and sobbed into her lover’s chest. Sabrina held the woman tightly, patting and rubbing her back.

“How did this happen?” The psychic gym leader asked while she and Mr. Mine comforted Della.
The ground gym leader grumbled sourly.

“Fifty to life was his sentence…however…you know the judges can pardon one criminal per year….and he of all people got picked. I can only assumed Shinji found someone to bribe to the judges.” The mob boss in plain sight growled.

The two gym leaders groaned at the corruption and the incompetently of the Kanto legal system. Normally this would be a good thing for the Boss of Team Rocket but not this time.

Now the crime boss would have just gotten rid of this monster years ago, but he someone managed to end the lives of his men, on the inside, or the bribed guards would somehow manage to get the wrong guy, and end up dead later. It was infuriating, so he figured that he’d just let the man who nearly ended his dear friend, and his own son’s lives, to rot in prison while they led happy lives…as long as they didn’t get in the way of Giovanni taking over the world of course.

“Delia, he doesn’t know your new address, the prisons don’t get TV, wifi or radio, he had no visitors, so I'm sure he doesn’t know what your boy has been up to. Even if he does, find out anything I’ll make sure he never lays a finger on you, or your son.” Giovanni promised as he tried to dry her tears in a tender fashion when his old college friend faced him.

“That goes double for me. I’ll turn his brain into mush if I so much as sense this guy!” Sabrina declared.

“You-You can do that?!” The mob boss asked sounding a bit nervous, she in turn just shrugged.

“Never tried, but I could do that or, teleport him into a Beedrill nest, and leave him with the sting of defeat." Sabrina laughed, however her senior didn’t look as amused.

“Really, puns now of all times? If you had to joke, did it have to be terrible one?” Giovanni growled, feeling an angry vein coming in his forehead.

“Hey puns are awesome!” Sabrina argued. They could hear Delia giggle a bit, a small smile returned to her face.

“Oh come now you two, please try to Beehive!” Delia joked while laughing her head off. Her girlfriend and Pokemon cheered, while her old friend groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sabrina cried as the two hugged her. Giovanni just shook his head with a small smirk.

“Mom? Mom you there?” Delia snapped out of her flashback to find herself staring at Ash and Pikachu on the video phone.

“Oh I'm sorry honey, Mom’s just had a few tough cases.” Delia said rubbing her eyes. Her two boys gave each other a look then returned back to her.

“Well it’s late, so we could call later when it’s morning for you.” Ash offered, but his mother shook her head.

“I'm fine honey, now go on, tell me about what happened next?” Their mother wanting to know about her son’s travels.

“Well…okay what the day after Cheren caught his new Pokemon which was two days ago, …”Ash started to recall, and try to clean up.

Two days ago. Unova Region.

“Nine years?” Both Kanto natives asked buffered hearing some new info from Purloin as they watched Cheren and Bianca battle each other, and Cheren was mopping the floor with their friend. It was his Pidove verses Pignite and in spite of Bainca’s Pokemon’s higher level Cheren’s bird was able to evade all of Pignite’s flame charges, and used a hit and run dive bomb strategy. Cheren smirked glad to know things were going to plan. Ash was happy for Cheren, but felt a bit sorry for Bianca.

Once the blond and her fire fighting pig had lost Cheren and his Pidove got to bragging and doing a victory dance. In retaliation Bianca had chased Cheren up a tree, while Iris and Cilan acted as peace talkers.

They turned to Purrloin again.

“Yes, you were in a coma for nine years. Luckily our CO, or Commanding Officer was able to locate and get you out a refugee hospital near the Orre Region before Plasma’s goons could find us and raid it.” The time traveling cat explained.

Her two boys looked a bit uneasy and confused, so she explain farther.
“We found you two right after you woke. The last thing you two could tell us was that you were in the Unova League, when Team Plasma had attacked, starting their take over of the region. You were pretty vague but more information came to you as we got out. Sadly we needed to go quick since Blade Deowott, one of Plasma’s agents managed to track us down. It took quite a bit of fighting but we got you out, sadly the world as you knew it, changed. One of war and strife, and not many people thought you’d make it. “Purrloin went on sadly.

“But when you got to work boys, you got to work! Everyone back on the base thought you were just a pity save, but when The Boss gave you a mission, the two of you got it done. Heck, the three of us and my trainer Hilda were a combo team! Pokemon and humans needed rescuing; safe and sound. Enemy Intel needed to be gotten? You were out getting it done before Hilda could. Plasma fools needed to be killed? All dead where they stood!” Purrloin said with a laugh. “Nothing could stop you two from trying to save your friends, and avenging the ones we lost.” The dark type cat purred.

Pikachu and Ash looked at one another, then at the nostalgic look in their purple kitty’s eyes. It sounded like the two had turned into a mix of James Bond, and Rambo. However the two weren’t happy that they had taken lives.

“Then…then…just when we thought things were going well…things got bad, then even more bad...then worse.” The dark type said glumly.

“Geez.” Pikachu thought.

“Then…I became the only one left.” She mumbled. The two didn’t know what to say, so Pikachu hugged her, and Ash scooped them up.

“Hey you're not alone, you got us.” Ash reminded her. She in turn smiled at him.

“I know, but I need you all to start training a bit more seriously…I have a few ideas on what you all could do.” Purrloin suggested as she somehow pulled out a long list.

The two scanned the long parchment full of training tips and strategies.

“We…are gonna have to run this with everyone.” Ash said with a weary smile, as Pikachu was wondering where they would find twelve bowling balls, and a pit of lava.

Iris, Cilan, and Cheren were looking over the list very carefully. Bianca was just playing with her Pokemon on the sidelines, since she had gotten over her lose. Cilan raised his eyebrow at a few of the excises, which seemed rather demanding, and almost insane. Iris was quickly mentally vetoing any of the training with ice or ice Pokemon in her head. Cheren looked at everything intently.

“Ash ….Purrloin’s ideas are kinda crazy.” The dragon master in training muttered.

“I admit it seems rather overboard.” Cilan agreed with Axew and Pansage nodding their heads.

Ash and Pikachu shook their heads as Purloin scowled at the now shivering grass gym leader.

“I know guys, but if we’re going to beat Team Plasma, and save Unova, we’ve got to train harder than ever before!” The boy from Kanto proclaimed.

“When can we get started?” Cheren asked making everyone turn to him.

“Huh?” Both Iris and Cilan asked

“What if it helps us all get stronger, then I say we all go for it!” The power hungry trainer demanded.

“That’s the spirit Cheren, alright everyone let's get to work!” Ash and his Pokemon cheered. Bianca cheered with them, but having no idea why. Then they all heard a very loud grumbling.

“Well…I guess we can get to training after we’ve all got a snack in us.” Ash said sheepishly as Pikachu rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh come on, I just beat Bianca, I can take on Cilan, and Iris, and you! I don’t see why hunger should slow you down!” Cheren insisted.

However in spite of his bravado the ten year old boy’s stomach gave of a just a loud if not louder growl. Cheren’s Pidove landed on head and pecked on him.

“Fine, Becky, I’ll feed you.” Cheren grumbled as the bird Pokemon looked pleased.

“My guys and me want snacks too!” Bianca spoke up, hearing food. They all could hear Axew’s stomach growl as well.

“It seems that everyone seems to be running on empty, so I’ll have to make lunch. However, I’ll need a few Peacha berries for ingredients.” Cilan told them all.

“And while Cheren, and Bianca help me set up, camp….” The moss haired gym leader turned to the youngest trainers. “I’ll have Iris and Ash collect the berries.” Cilan decreed turning to the other two.

Iris just shrugged and smiled.

“Alright then, come on Ash.” Iris said as she and her tiny tusked dragon took to the trees. Ash followed, but looked at Cheren.

“Hey can you watch my staff?” He asked, and the boy nodded taking it, while examine it with interest.

“Ash! Hurry up, slowpoke.” Iris teased. Ash soon followed her direction. However Purloin left his shoulder. Pansage followed the dark type. Cilan’s eyebrow had risen as Pansage was explaining something to him.

“Therapy I see…well good luck to the both of you.” Cilan gave an uneasy wave as the two vanished into a near by bush. As Purrlon’s trainer and his friend were leaving to their berry task, Pansage had sat Purrloin down on a small but comfortable couch.

“Now Miss Purrloin, where would you like to start?” The grass monkey asked having gotten a pen and note pad as well. Purrloin looked all the more nervous as Pansage comforted her.

“Relax, this is a place a healing, I won’t judge, and it’ll be between only the two of us.”

“Very well..Dr.Pansage…I think I’ll start with my parents; ”Purloin was about to open up.

"YAHOO!!!!” Both Pikachu and Ash cried as they swung from tree to tree. Iris and Axew were laughing their heads off as the two flew, and jumped from tree to tree. The four of them had been making a game of who could collect the most berries, and were having a blast.

“I'm gonna win this round Iris!” Ash declared as he and Pikachu found another berry.

“Yeah right, cause I just got three more!” Iris said as Axew popped out of Iris’s hair showing three berries stuck on his tusks, and sticking his tongue out.

The taunt raised both of the boy’s competitive side, as they swung from tree, to tree collecting berries. The two Kanto natives tried to grab another vine to swing off, but they slipped off the vine. Feeling gravity take hold, the two screamed. Iris gasped seeing this, and springing into action, quickly grabbing her friend by his leg, swirling around looking for a safe place to land. Ash’s face was blushing, as he saw the confident, and relieved smile on Iris’s face. They all landed safely, falling on their backs, breathing heavily.

“Thanks, for the save Iris, we would have been done for if, you hadn’t come in.” Ash muttered.

“Don’t worry Ash, you’d do the same for me.” Iris blurted out her face a bit red as well.

“Hey guys…we dropped all our berries.” Pikachu noticed. Everyone groaned as they picked themselves up and went back to looking for the berries.

Cilan was busy doing what he did best; cooking. Cheren and Bianca had finished setting up camp, and the table. Cilan noticed the youngest standing right beside him with Ash’s aura staff, his pokedex, a pen, and paper.

“Can I help you, Cheren?” The gym leader asked politely as he started to taste the soup with a ladle.

“Well yeah I was wondering if you could tell me what Pokemon the second gym leader has, and what types they are.” Cheren requested.

Cilan had to stop and give some thought.

“Well if I remember last time I saw Lenora, she has her skilled partner Watchog, a Lilpup, and a high leveled Herdir, which if you’ve checked your pokedex is the evolved form of Lilpup, and all three are normal types.” Cilan informed as Cheren was quickly taking notes.

“Thanks Cilan, I’ll be prepared this time, and get that gym badge on my first try!” Cheren shouted his glasses gleaming determination.

“Oh, and can I borrow some honey?” Cheren asked.

“Honey?” Cilan asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s for my Scoliepede, I'm hoping to get it’s trust with it. You know what they say about catching bug Pokemon with honey.” Cheren admitted with a laugh.

Cilan simply smiled and handed the boy a small jar of honey.

“Just a few spoonfuls will give you the results you're looking for.” Cilan told him.

“Thanks Cilan, I’ll pay you back for this.” the boy promised.

Cilan just gave an amused look and returned to his food.

The young boy placed his friend’s staff by a chair and examined his pokedex to look up the Pokemon. Cilan was right, of course, all three were normal types, and he knew that the most effective types to beat them in battle were fighting types. Sadly for him, none of his Pokemon knew any fighting moves. So he’d have to catch one, trade for one, or just use the team that he had. He’d think about that a bit later as he unleashed his new bug Pokemon.

The large centipede Pokemon thrashed about, and then gave Cheren an angry stare, growling at him. Cheren looked slightly intimidated, but shook it off. He remembered Ash’s advice, and warnings.

“Hey Scoliepede, look I know we didn’t meet on the right foot, but let's change that. I'm Cheren, I’ll be your trainer. If you think your strong now, just wait. Stick with me and I’ll make you stronger then you ever dreamed of!” The boy proclaimed.

The bug Pokemon looked slightly skeptical, but gave it some thought since he did catch him with that Pidove, however he remembered all the other humans and Pokemon. Maybe they were some kind of hive?

Scoliepede’s eyes widened as he smelted the small jar of honey that Cheren opened.

“And I can get you more of this. You like huh? What do ya say, stick with me, and you’ll get more of this.” Cheren offered.

Now Scoliepede was interested, he might stick around with this tiny human for a bit. He nodded his head, and was given the sweet treat. Cheren grinned, he had his Pokemon’s faith. Even if it was for a short time, he’d fix that with the gym badges and upcoming victories.

“Hey Cheren, are Ash and Iris back yet? I'm getting hungry!” Bianca asked while sneaking up on the two.

Nearly losing his grip on the the honey jar, Cheren looked at his bubbly friend.

“I don’t see them Bianca, so I’d guess they aren’t back yet.” Cheren grumbled slightly annoyed that they weren’t at the camp site yet.

“Well maybe while we wait, we can go catch some cool and cute Pokemon that are around here. Come on!" The blond said cheerfully as she grabbed her friend.

“Wait , wait, Bianca!!!” Cherie yelped as he was being dragged around at high speed. Scoliepede was still enjoying his treat, now making the jar near empty.

“AAAEHHHEEEEEKKKK!!!” Iris and Axew screamed as the two hid behind Ash and Pikachu. Both Kanto natives looked at what a light blue and white floating ice cream looking Pokemon.

“Ice Pokemon, Ash, help please! Get it away!” Iris begged behind her friend. Ash looked at his pokedex.

“Valillite, huh? Okay Go-“ Ash started to say as he went to throw a poke ball, Oshawott already came out ready for battle.

“Here I come to save the d-GAHHHH!” the otter Pokemon cried out as the floating ice cream Pokemon froze him solid with an ice beam attack. Iris and Axew were freaking out even more. Ash looked flabbergasted while Pikachu just shook his head, feeling bad for the now Oshawott popsicle.

“Okay Tepig go!” Ash cried out unleashing his fire pig, he landed on the ground snorting out his fire to get started.

“Tepig, take that Vanilite out! Use tackle.” He ordered, and soon Tepig rammed right into the ice type, knocking the wind out of it.

“Yeah!” Axew and Pkachu cried out, as Tepig smiled.

The ice type was about to fire off another ice beam.

“Tepig, tackle it again!” Ash ordered, and soon the fire pig tackled the ice cream Pokemon again, forcing the ice beam to fire up, into the air.

“Now Ember!” Ash cried out, and Tepig shot out a burst of fire, sending their target flying into a tree, the Vanillite passed out with swirls in its eyes.

“Alright, way to go Tepig!” Ash and Pikachu cheered. Iris and Axew now stopped shaking.

“Aw shucks guys, your making me blush.” Tepig said with a smile. Everyone then looked at the still frozen Oshawott.

“We can just leave him like this.” Pikachu said holding back a snicker.

“Yeah, it’s a good look for him.” Tepig agreed also holding back a snicker.

The two Pokemon looked at their trainer.

“Tepig, get him out of that please?” He requested, and the fire pig complied, unfreezing Oshawott.

Iris held on tightly to the Ash.

“Is it gone?” Iris asked in a small voice. Ash gave her a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, we took care of it.” Ash said grinning as Tepig unfroze Oshawott. Rather than hear Oshawott bicker with the others, he returned the two back to their poke balls.

“Thanks…I really don’t like ice types. ” Iris muttered playing with her talisman.

“They’re scary.” Axew mumbled shivering.

“VANILLITE NO!!!” They heard someone scream behind them.

The four of them turned around to find an angry girl about their age. She wore a green top with yellow buttons, matching a green skirt, and knee high green boots. The girl was stroking the ice type trying to comfort it. The girl returned the Vanilite into her pokeball. Two pairs of green eyes glared at the two ran to them.

“You two have some nerve, attacking my Vanillite like this!” She snapped.

“Err look, sorry, we didn’t know that that ice Pokemon was yours.” Iris mumbled feeling slightly guilty.

“Our bad, sorry.” Ash and Pikachu mumbled. That however only got this green eyed girl even more angry.

“Yeah dumbass it is your bad, I mean were you just born stupid, or did your mom hit you on the head?!” The green eyed girl snapped.

“Hey, lay off, he said he was sorry!” Iris growled starting to not like this girl.

“Sorry isn’t gonna unfaint my Pokemon, now will it dragon whelp?” green eyed trainer ranted.

“Well…no I guess it won't.” Iris admitted however really not liking be called a whelp.

“So you two had better make it up to me, or else!” She threatened. Now Iris’s annoyance with the girl went to outright dislike.

“Wow Ash, look at this little kid throwing her temper tantrum. We don’t need to deal with someone like her, and keep everyone waiting. Let's go.” Iris ordered dismissing the thug as the two left.

This left the green ice type trainer nearly foaming at the mouth with rage.

Cheren and Bianca huffed as the two could now relax. Ash and Iris sat right beside them. Both were very curious about the younger trainers new Pokemon. Bianca was laughing and giggling with her new Minccho, this fluffy grey mouse was playing with Cilan’s silver server top. Cheren was inspecting the large red rock looking, karate go wearing Thoroh.

“Wow, you guys got busy while we were gone.” Iris said with a smile as she was playing with Minncho.

“Yeah, hey Cheren lets battle after lunch with your Thoroh.” Ash said with a grin.

“Your on!” Cheren agreed. Pikachu and the new fighter were looking at each other with sparks their eyes, ready to test their might. Cilan came and everyone was eating the magical man’s wonderful bounty.

“So Iris, what’s your home town like?” Bianca asked in between bites.

Iris and Axew looked up from their bowls.

“Well it’s a pretty nice place. Everyone gets along with the Pokemon, but the coolest people around are the Dragon Masters!” Iris proclaimed.

“Your trying to be one of those right?” Cheren asking talking with food in his mouth. Cilan just gave him a slight tap on the head to have the boy correct his mistake.

“A Dragon Master must be able to have bring out the potential in their dragon Pokemon. I’ve heard that they can even bond their souls with the dragons.” Cilan added on.

“Well, yeah it’s actually my dream to be a Dragon Master” Iris said as rubbing the back of her head blushing slightly embarrassed.

“Well the way you are with Axew, I know you can do it.” Ash said grinning, while giving her a thumbs up. Everyone else seemed to nod in agreement, making Iris blush even more.

“So you're a Dragon Master huh?!” Ash and Iris heard a familiar voice. They turned to find the trainer from before.

She went past everyone and slammed her hands on the table right in front of Iris.

“I challenge you to a Pokemon battle, put em up!” The ice trainer demanded, glaring at the dragon master in training.

“Oh great, you, look whatever your name is, leave us alone.” Iris muttered looking uninterested.

“My name is Georgia the Dragon Buster, and I'm going to crush all dragon Pokemon, and their worthless trainers, under my heel. So battle me!” the now named dragon buster proclaimed.

“ That’s nice, now got away. I'm eating.” Iris said in a dismissive voice returning other meal.

Enraged by being ignored, Georgia yanked Iris’s bowl from her hands. Chugging the soup down, she threw the bowl on the ground, which broke the bowl. With a look of disgust she spat it out.

“Blah, whoever made that garbage needs their brain removed.” She spat, turning Cilan white as a sheet from shock at the insult, to himself and his food.

“Alright you’ve eaten, now battle me!” The trainer rudely demanded once more.

“Hey!”Ash protested as he got up and Pikachu’s cheeks started to spark up. However he was met with a gloved punch in the face. Pikachu tired to attack her with a thunder bolt, however the little Pokemon noticed his attacks were being absorbed by Georgia’s rubber gloves. She then smacked both Bianca, and Cheren, causing the two to fall out of their chairs twitching, and spazzing out. The Kanto trainer was trying to help them get back up, Iris was now enraged at the attack on her friends.

“You little thug! Ya know what, you wanna battle so much!? Lets battle, just don’t cry when you lose!” Iris yelled, having all she could stand from this unpleasant little jerk, who was smirking at her.

“You, moss head, judge our battle!” Georgia snapped.

“Um...very well.” Cilan muttered barely coming out of his shock from the assault on his culinary creation.

A moment later, Iris and Georgia stood against each other by a field, surrounded by some very large boulders. Axew was out and ready to attack whatever their opponent would throw at them. The Dragon Buster pulled out a long black whip from her bag, and a poke ball. Pikachu and Ash suddenly got a case of deja vu remembering one of their rookie fights against a guy with a Sandshrew who had the same kind of whip.

“You really think that little baby Pokemon can beat me? Wow, that’s just sad. At least the last Dragon Master I fought actually showed off his best dragon before I beat him.” The Dragon Buster trash talked.

Iris however smirked at the dragon buster.

“Only a little kid judges a Pokemon by appearance. Axew can take any Pokemon that you wanna dish out.” Iris declared.

“Yeah!!” Axew cried out getting pumped. The two felt ready for a victory, that nothing could stop them now.

Then Georgia smirked, and threw out her poke ball. That unleashed a massive, intimidating white colored bear Pokemon with a light blue icicle pattern by its mouth that roared loudly making the area feel like it had dropped in temperature. The bravery Iris and Axew had slowly started to vanish as this powerhouse stomped into the battlefield. Iris shivered looking at this beast.

“Is that a Beatic?” Cheren asked having never seen one in real life before. Ash was checking his pokedex, and saw this bear was an ice type. Still in spite of Iris’s and Axew’s obvious type disadvantage, he was still hoping they could pull off a win. Pikachu then noticed that Purrloin and Pansage were watching.

“Where have you been?” Pikachu asked as Purrloin found a spot.

“The session took longer than we both thought...Oh my, Axew,that is huge ice type. Sweet heart, do your best!” The cat Pokemon cried out to be supportive noticing the little guy’s opponent.

“GO AXEW, GO IRIS!!!” Bianca cheered, while Cheren just sat their ready for the fight.

“Kick her butt Iris!” Ash cheered giving her a thumbs up, and all of his other Pokemon doing a victory chant. Iris in turn gave them all a very shaky thumbs up, before returning the battlefield.

“The battle between Iris and Georgia, shall commence. The battle will end when ether opponent is unable to use anymore Pokemon, began!” Cilan declared.

“Axew use dragon rage!”Iris commanded as Axew was charging up his attack. If she could keep that thing at a distance, they might have had a chance.

“Icicle crash.” Georgia ordered, while cracking the whip. Iris, and Axew’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as this mountain of an ice Pokemon rammed his body into Axew. The tusked dragon felt his blood turn to ice, and the rest of him felt nothing but pain as he was sent flying into the dirt, having blacked out from the sheer cold.

“Axew!” Iris cried out as she grabbed her pokemon and tried to use her body heat to warm him up. After a quick hug, she placed him inside her hair to let him rest.

“Axew…is unable to battle. Round one, goes to Georgia.” Cilan sadly stated. There was many a booing and hissing from the crowd.

“Ha, was that it? You a dragon master, please? Your more like a dragon slave!” Georgia taunted with a sneer.

“Shut up!” Iris snapped getting out her other Pokeball. The dragon trainer knew this was a gamble but with her pride on the line she chucked Exadrill’s Pokemon. Only for fate to give her a bad hand showing the steel/ground mole Pokemon, in his pod form.

“Excadrill, hey, I need your help. Will you battle with me? Pretty please?” Iris requested sweetly. The pod didn’t respond.

The self proclaimed dragon buster and her titanic sinking ice type looked at the two with anger and disbelief.

“Are you kidding me! What kinda joke is this?! Get out your dragon types!!” The dragon buster demanded.

“I…I…I don’t have any other dragon types.” Iris growled, hating to admit this.

Georgia growled, and started laughing her head off.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me. Here I am all hyped up, ready to take down a strong dragon trainer, and yet, I'm wasting my right now with some loud mouth brat, who’s got a baby runt as her only sad excuse for a dragon type. Yeah now Like I said before, you're no Dragon Master, your not even a Dragon trainer, more like a a baby trainer.. Beartic finish off this sham of a battle.” Georgia ordered while cracking her whip.

The large ice type charged into Excadrill’s pod form, when the steel, ground shot himself into the air like a rocket, spun around and used the move Horn drill on the polar bear Pokemon. That forced the bear to land on the ground, grunting in pain, as the mole pokemon drilled into his fur.

“YES!!!” Everyone on the sidelines yelled, as Iris started to get her spring back into her step, maybe she could turn the tides on this battle.

“Crap! Beartic, toss that mole in the sky.” The dragon buster snapped.

Beartic was in a quite a bit pain, but was able to grab Excadrill and tossed him into the air.

“Now Blizzard!” Georgia commanded, and with another crack of the whip her Beartic shot out a bursting wave of icicles. Iris ducked for cover, as did her Pokemon, who was now underground. The ice bear looked around wondering where Excadrill could have gone. The Mole Pokemon had sprung up ready to claw into Beartic.

“Fire Punch!” The dragon buster called out, much to everyone’s surprise. The two clashed, but Beartic turned out to be much faster, and stronger, then Excadrill had thought and he paid for his arrogance by being sent flying into a nearby boulder by the flaming fist.

“Excadrill!” Iris yelped as she ran to find that her Pokemon was knocked out cold. She returned him back into his poke ball to rest.

“I'm sorry guys, I messed up.” Iris thought to herself as she sank down into the ground, on her hands and knees growling in frustration at her loss.

“Excadrill is unable to battle, victory goes Georgia ” Cilan stated. Cheren, Bianca, Ash and the Pokemon watching felt bad for Iris, and were disappointed. The dragon buster returned her beartic back into its ball, but not before giving him a well deserved rub down, treating it more like a dog Pokemon rather than a bear one.

“Don’t feel too bad Iris, I’m not gonna consider that a real victory. I want to destroy strong dragon trainers, and it’s clearly obvious you're not one. Like I said before, your more like a baby trainer pretending to be a dragon trainer.. “ Georgia mocked.

“J-JUST GO AWAY!!!” Iris growled blushing at the embarrassment of losing and that last comment.

“Aw, but I wanna savor the moment. You look great on your hands and knees, bowing to me like that. It’s so cute, also it’s very appropriate for someone like you” Georgia gushed in a mocking tone. Did you just have an accident baby girl?” The Buster mocked.

“Hey! Iris has never had any accidents expect that one time in the-“ Bianca tried to defend her before she closed her mouth as she almost spoke of the incident that no one dared to speak of. However that was more ammunition for the tormentor.

Iris’s face went bright red as Georgia was laughing her head off.

For Iris, this felt very familiar, as her mind went back to her humiliating childhood. Ash was really, really sick of this jerk insulting and humiliating his friend.

So on instinct, Ash head butted Georgia. She was taken aback in pain, and in retaliation was about to use her whip when the others surrounded Iris, and stood by Ash’s side.

“Didn’t you hear Iris, she told you to go away! You had your battle, you won, now leave.” Ash snapped feeling like he was gonna punch her this time.

“Unless you wanna take the rest of us on that is!” Cheren growled, wanting to wipe the floor with her in a Pokemon battle.

“You suck, you’re not nice at all!” Bianca added in her two cents. Georgia then noticed that the Pokemon that were willing to watch the fight, looked like if they were given the order, would attack her. Cilan just gave her a cold place.

“Fine, whatever, I’ll leave. I got better things to do then hang out with a bunch of losers anyway. Get stronger Iris, if that’s possible. I wanna break you at your best. If you can’t you’ve got a future in being a great footstool.” The Dragon Buster taunted she walked away.

Bianca gave Iris a loving hug, however Iris wrung herself out of that hug, and climbed a nearby tree.

“Why, why’d she do that?” Bianca asked flabbergasted.

“Did….was that my fault?” The blond asked now feeling bad.

Cilan gave her an understand pat on her shoulder.

“I believe that it would be wise for now, that everyone give Iris her space. She’s like a pie that just came out of the oven. She must be allowed to cool off. That means you too Ash.” Cilan told everyone, but Ash slightly blushed being singled out.

“Well I'm gonna go make Iris and Axew flower crowns. That’ll cheer them up, and then she’ll forgive me!.” The blond declared as she and her Pokemon got to work.

“So Ash, you still wanna battle? It’ll take your mind of that jerk what’s her face.” Cheren offered seeing as Ash looked a bit down, almost like he had lost the fight.

“Yeah, Cheren, lets go battle.” Ash said slowly nodding his head.

Cilan, watched the three leave, and looked at Pansage as he approached him..

“So…will Purrloin be needing your services often?” Cilan asked his partner, trying to not have a quivering lip at the mere thought of the dark type cat Pokemon.

“I have much, much work ahead of me Cilan.” Pansage sighed in sign language.

Iris hated crying. Crying was little kids, for babies, for the weak. She was mature, wise for her age, and strong. Or that’s was she had been telling herself over and over again as tears kept landing on her sleeves. She had been sitting on this tree branch for a while, Axew still wasn’t up. Excadrill still hated her guts, and she bet anything that her friends thought she was a total joke.

Oh Zexrom, she hoped that she had changed, but Iris’s insecurities were playing around in her head,She had changed from a Dragon Master to be, and regressed into the runt of the village. She could eve hear the many taunts, insults and mocking laugher from all the kids at the orphanage. Then Ash and Pikachu came into her line of sight.

“Hey.” He simply, said smiling, which caused Iris to shriek and back away a few inches.

“ASH! YOU LITTLE KID ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!??!!” She yelped as she held onto her chest, and tried to dry her eyes out with her other sleeve.

“Errr, no. Sorry Iris.” Ash mumbled

“Sorry, we’ll knock next time.” Pikachu said with a small laugh.

As Iris caught her breath she looked at the two.

“What do you two want?” Iris grumbled, making the Kanto boy frown.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Pikachu thought her heard you crying, and I thought you and Axew could use a snack.” Ash said as the two put two apples in her hands once they were free.

“Well thanks, but Pikachu I can guarantee you didn’t hear crying.” Iris said trying to save face, but the two looked like they weren’t falling for it. “Okay, I was crying; you wanna call me a little kid, fine. Wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve been called today.” The dragon trainer grumbled.

“Last thing on my mind Iris, I was gonna ask if you wanted to train with me when Axew’s up. “ Ash said getting that look in his eye. Iris nearly gave him a raised eyebrow.

“Why?” She asked.

“Cause you two are my friends. I know losing to a rival is tough, but that’s why we got make you tougher." He said simply.

“Next time you meet that ice jerk, you guys are gonna knock her flat on her butt!” Pikachu proclaimed, making the Dragon Master to be to show a small smile.

She looked at the two and after taking a bite of her apple, she smiled. Soon after, her dragon popped out of her hair, giving out a yawn, and then swiftly munched on Iris’s apple.

“Someone’s hungry.” Iris said with a smile as she scratched Axew’s sweet spot.

“Sorry I lost.”Axew mumbled sadly.

Iris plucked her dragon from her purple hair.

“You did nothing wrong Axew. It was my fault, but we’re gonna get better. We’ll just need some help from our friends, that’s all.” Iris assured her Pokemon, who like Ash and Pikachu were grinning.

“Hey, hey, hey, guys!” Bianca cried out as the two looked down to find the ever cheerful blond.

I made flower crowns!!! I made a lot of flower crowns! Flower crowns for everyone!!!” Bianca stated, as she, her Pignite, Mumma, Mincchino, and Lilpup all had flower crowns on the top of their heads, and she had plenty for everyone else.

Iris dragged her boys down the tree in a matter of seconds as she joyfully joined the newly made flower crown club. Cheren, his Snivy, and the rest of his Pokemon looked slightly annoyed but kept them on. Cilan and Pansage looked rather pleased. Oshawott and Tepig seemed fine, while Purrloin and Lady Snivy felt very unsure about them. The Pidoves were using them as nests to roost.

“Im sorry Iris, I didn’t mean to make these worse…please forgive me, and still be my friend pretty please?” Bianca nearly begged as she was ready to put on the flower crown.

“Aw thank you Bianca, they look so pretty!” Iris gushed, while placing the crown on her and Axew’s heads.

“And I forgive you, and don’t worry we’re still friends.” Iris assured Bianca hugging the now beaming and victorious blond. Everyone smiled at the display of friendship.

“Well I'm feeling much better, thanks guys.” Iris started to say before cracking her knuckles.

“And now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself, let's get to work.” Iris declared.

“Alright, that’s what I like to hear! Oshawott, play us a beat!” Pikachu said.

Everyone looked at Oshawott who now had sunglasses, headphones, and a boombox playing X Gon Give It To Ya! No one knows where he got any of these thing, and no one asked as everyone was more focused on Ash, Iris with Axew and Pikachu duking it out.

“Pikachu sweetheart, I find it hard to believe that Oshawott had a boom box or any of that stuff.” Delia spoke over the phone.

“Well, it would have been cool.” Pikachu mumbled getting caught.

“Nice try buddy.” Ash said patting his head.

“ Well I'm sorry your little friend had to lose to someone so….pleasant.” Delia said with as much sarcasm as possible.

“ So what happened next? What did you guys work on first?” Delia asked, and as Ash was about to tell her, they hear rustling, making Delia jump.

“Do you have any idea what time it is? You have court first thing in the morning!” Sabrina shouted.

“Sabrina I-“ Delia started to say before getting dragged by the arm.

“Nope, I don’t wanna here it missy. Bed right now.” Sabrina ordered.

“Ugh Sabrina! Goodnight Ash, I love you, Pikachu be good.” She tried to yell before being taken away again.

The two teenagers just blinked as the screen was empty for a few minutes, when Sabrina came to the phone.

“Hi Sabrina.” Both Ash and Pikachu said smiling.

“ Hello, boys, shocked to see me?” Sabrina laughed at her own pun as Ash and Pikachu groaned.

“Okay, I won’t make my step kids deal with anymore of my jokes, and sorry taking mom away from you. Had to put your Mom back to bed, she’s a had a rough few days; I bet you know what that’s like.” The psychic gym leader informed, as the two boys nodded their heads understanding.

“So now the you’ve told most of the 'safe for Mom' part of the story, has anything come up with your Plasma problem?” Sabrina questioned.

“This morning we ran into some problems.” The two said frowning.

End of chapter.
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I don't think my 'wow' can cover this chapter. Good gracious, I never would've imagined Ash's dad being a serial killer! I hope Ash doesn't run into him anytime soon. Of course, it sounds like he's had a good handful of problems of his own. I like how Purrloin has therapy sessions and tries to warn everyone to get stronger and take caution against Team Plasma. And let's not forget, the little brat that was mean to Iris. Gosh, what the heck was her deal?! Seriously! I felt so bad for Iris having to lose to her and it was phenomenal when Ash gave her a head butt. Overall, I can't wait to find out what else happens next. It feels like I'm on a roller coaster ride. xD

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Chapter 10: Knowledge is power.

“Okay Sabrina, what happened this morning…” Ash went off as his and Pikachu’s minds went back.

The five trainers and their pokemon were up at the break of dawn, after some early training for Ash, Iris and Cheren, followed by a fantastic as always breakfast from Cilan, the gang was ready to go. As they walked, they were getting closer and closer to the next city.

“Alright! I can’t wait for my next gym battle! I have a full plan, no mistakes this time! I’ll wipe the floor with Lerona!” Cheren shouted, getting himself pumped for the battle ahead. “I'm right with you on that, Cheren!” Ash and Pikachu added. Iris gave an amused smile. “Well while you two have fun with that, I'm gonna finally have Axew learn Dragon Dance!” Iris shouted with her fist in the air just as excited as the other two. With Axew and Bianca cheering them all on, Cilan smiled at the display.

Purloin unlike everyone else was keeping an eye out for any possible threat to their safety. In a sense she was glad that her present Ash, Pikachu, and company were happy and full of good spirits, but she swore she was the only soldier in a group full of civilians. While the training was going better, sometimes she wondered if everyone besides her and Lady Snivy weren’t treating the war against Plasma like a game. Pikachu saw Purloin’s frustrated look, and joined in looking around. She gave him a thankful smile.

The extra set of eyes and ears were a saving grace, when the two heard something.

“GET DOWN!!” Purrloin screamed as the cat pokemon forced her beloved and trainer on the ground. Iris urged everyone to do the same. They looked to see the trees behind them were stabbed with six throwing knives.

“What on earth?!” Cilan asked, baffled as everyone was being surrounded by Team Plasma grunts. All pointing their weapons at them and a pack of Lepearids, Watchogs, Hurdlers, Gurdurrs, and a few cubchoos backing them up. Iris was trying her hardest not to look freaked out with all the ice type around her and Axew.

A few plasma grunts were pushed aside by another man and pokemon.

A man and pokemon that Purrloin sadly knew all too well. A tall blond human man covered from head to toe in a black Plasma uniform. However unlike the white knight look of the common grunt, this one seemed like a modern pirate, with what looked like cowboy boots on the man’s feet. The pokemon beside him was a Deowott with a scar over his left eye. The time traveling cat’s mind suddenly went form the grassy forest to a military base in the middle of the ocean, soldiers and pokemon scrambling about to trying to fight off an attack, their comrades dropping like flies along with the unlucky plasma soldiers. Her future Ash and Richu getting a hold of her while running off to a helicopter, gazing at an ominous giant figure into the distance. However Purloin forced herself back into the present.

“So you two are the ones the king wants. See ya brought some friends.” The man in charge of the grunts said as he twirled a throwing knife with his fingers. His Dewott was doing the same with his two shells. “You pups can call me Blade Dewott.” The man introduced.

Pikachu, Axew, and Purloin were about to go on the attack, but that only got swords pointed at their trainers and friends necks.

“Wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The man warned with a smirk, enjoying the looks on their faces and their feeling of powerlessness.

“Now…I’m a fair man. Your out numbered, and have no chance of getting out of this alive. The king only wants you and the Red wannabe.” The southern accented man stated, while walking back and forth speaking to Iris directly.

“If ya’ll come quietly,and release your pokemon, you’ll be treated fairly. And I’ll even let the pretty boy and the two young pups go. Or you could do the stupid thing and we take you by force… and none of the boys here got an issue with hurting ya.”

Most of them gave the man a glare. Pikachu, and Purloin were scowling at the water pokemon who gave his own smug stare. Axew and Bianca looked very worried. Then Iris got an idea.

“Alright, you win. We surrender.” Iris said putting her hands up. Everyone gave her a look of pure shock and horror.

“Iris no!” Bianca and Cheren cried out. Cilan gave a worried look, but a few quick glances from Ash and her showed him that they had a plan.

“Don’t worry guys, it’s for the best. Just put the swords down and let our friends go.” Iris requested.

Blade Dewott gave the grunts a signal, and they reluctantly put their swords away, A few moved out of the way to allow Cilan, Cheren, and Bianca to get out of their field of posable attack.

“Alright Missy, I did my end of the bargain, now start releasing your pokemon.” The black cladded plasma member snapped, the grunts loudly agreeing with him.

“Ash, why don’t you go first. I wanna say goodbye to Axew.” Iris said in a pitiful tone, holding on to her dragon. Ash got out Tepig and Snivy’s poke balls.

He sent out the fire pig and grass snake, both looking for a battle. “Guys... I'm letting you-Tepig Smokescreen, Snivy attract and leaf storm!” The Kanto trainer yelled. Before the Plamsa grunts could react every male pokemon were under Snivy’s spell and the grunts were knocked over by her leaf storm. Blade, and his Deowott included. Our heroes were covered in a thick smoke screen. Making their escape on the trees or on the ground.

As the Plasma agent got up. He gave a grin.

“I was hoping they’d try something, not bad, Missy. Alright boys hunt em down!” Blade Deowott and his pokemon ordered. The grunts who had pokemon ready to fight chased after the escaped heroes.

Our heroes took to the tree tops, climbing, swinging, and running for dear life. Barely able to get away incoming attacks. Bianca, the poor thing, still panicking, was just trying to get away faster. As she got further than her friends, the blond ran into a spotted wild Foongus. Out of sheer terror the ditzy girl screamed her head off and made her body run

Cheren was getting irritated at having to run, and after a few more jumps, he thought it would be best to thin out the numbers. He looked to find Ash, Iris, and Cilan thinking the same thing. He pulled out Scoelpedde, Beaky, and Throw’s poke balls.

“Scoelpedde Rollout, Throw, Brick Break all on their faces and Harrers! Beaky aireral ace those Gurdurrs," He commanded.

“Pidove, give Beaky a hand too. Tepig Ember on those little ice bear pokemon, Pikachu, Purrloin, Thunder Bolt and Hyper Beam those Watchdogs, and Gurdurrs!, Snivy, Oshawott handle that Dewitt!" Ash told his own team.

“Axew, Dragon Rage as many as you can!” Iris cheered as her dragon charged up the attack.

“Pansage, asset Lady Snivy and Oshawott.” Cilan advised. Cilan had also being using sign language to tell Pansage to use bullet seed when the timing was perfect. The green monkey understood.

The grunts were taken aback by the the downward bombardment. Half of the dog pokemon were crushed by speeding rolling, massive bug. The fighters, were being distracted by the two birds, and held back by Throw. Tepig was able to burn and take out a few of the cubchoos. Still Iris and Axew had to bend over backwards to dodge their ice attacks. Axew was having a hard time charging up his attack.

Lady Snivy, Pansage, and Oshawott jumped down trying to get to their target. He and his trainer gave taunting smirk, that Oshawott and Lady Snivy wanted to remove. However the many other grunts and their pokmeon were getting in the way. Thankfully, Pikachu and Purloin were able to clear some of he way for the three. Pikachu focused on the watchogs with Thunder Bolt. And Purloin went for whoever he missed with the hyper beam, adding a dust cloud to the battlefield. The grass snake, leaf monkey, and samurai otter pokemon in the making used this to their advantage. Ash’s two pokemon got ready their leaf blade, and razor shell, Pansage cleverly dug underground as the two clashed blades with Deowott’s own razor shells.

“Hey your pretty good!” Deowott said with mock praise. The pokemon twirled around, parrying each strike. Deowott used X-sissor on Lady Snivy catching her off guard as she gasped in pain.

“You a bitch!” Oshawott yelled as he charged in trying to attack Deowott again. For all his effort, all the Unova water starter got were dodged blows. It ended with a shove that sent him into Pansage returning to the surface. Disoriented Pansage opened fire, but hit Oshawott by mistake damaging him greatly. Both Ash and Cilan were taken aback. Deowott finished with a quick razor shell knocking out the young otter.

Lady Snivy fired attract, sadly Pansage was forced in the middle of the attack, causing him to unfortunately become smitten with the grass snake in spite of her harsh protests. It didn’t help matters in their favor when Deowott used X-sissor and Ice beam, heavily damaging both grass types.

Ash and Cilan returned their pokemon out of protection. Cheren was growling, he watched that his own pokemon were starting to tire and take hits. So he returned them all as well. Iris was finally able to get a clear shot, and the tiny dragon opened fire on her command. He was able to wipe out quite a few members However the remaining ice type pokemon and Blade’s Dewitt all fired ice beams. Iris was able to dodge most of them, but a few had been able to make the poor dragon faint, and catch his trainer frozen between a tree.

Ash with his aura staff, and Tepig’s used ember to get her free. Tepig was then attacked by Deowott using Aqua Jet, making him faint. Ash returned his pokemon, and then the attacking Pokemon slashed at the boy’s shoulder feeling white hot pain all over his body, almost falling out of the tree. Cilan, Iris and Cheren grabbed him, and gave him support. Pikachu and Purloin however were out for blood as they zapped and clashed with Deowott. While Pikachu had the type advantage and Purrloin fought dirty. Deowott was holding his own, and his trainer was adding his own throwing knives into the mix forcing the two pokemon to keep their distance or change targets so none of the Plasma’s agents knives couldn’t hurt anyone.

Cilan wasn’t liking the odds. Their pokemon were either fainted, low on health, or starting to tire out and now, they were starting to become surrounded from below by not only the remaining Plasma grunts, but also some reinforcements. Things didn’t seem good for any of them. Pikachu, and Purloin heard a distant whistling noise, and the whole lot of them were suddenly up in the air. Everyone looked up to see they were all picked up by four large purple and black big eared bat like dragon looking pokemon.

“These are Noivern! What are they doing all the way from Kalos!?!” Cilan cried out struggling.

“Relax Cilan. these guys are saving us.” Iris said having translated the pack of pokemon’s good intent. “Thanks for the ride to town guys.” Iris said rubbing her a leg in appreciation.

Cheren was looking around trying to find Bianca. He was hoping she had somehow managed to get to town. Ash was thinking about how he needed to catch one of these guys ASAP, trying to not think about the pain he was in. Pikachu was trying to comfort his best bud, Purloin shot out shadow balls, trying to actually kill a few of their attackers, until they were at a safe distance.

The Plasma agent cursed having lost his targets. After the Plasma grunts and their pokemon picked themselves up, both Deowott’s eyes were wide open.

“GET BACK RETREAT!!!” They yelled. However many henchmen humans and pokemon were blown away by a massive aura blast. Agent and pokemon alike just barely were able to get away from the attack. Only to find an Absol and Mega form Lucario standing right next to them.

“Now you fight a grown up jackasses!” They heard a woman’s voice. Del, aka Ink Spot was more then ready to throw down. Blade but pulled out a few Ultra balls.

“Well this might actually be fun.” He admitted wanting to fight someone who got the drop on the Shadow Triad. His pokemon nodded in agreement.

The four trainers and their pokemon were dropped by the Kalos natives near the Pokemon Center by Nacrene City. “Thanks guys!” Ash and Iris cried out as the pokemon left.

Cilan turned to the trainer “Alright Ash, let me see your shoulder, I need to treat your wound.” The gym leader spoke. The teenager slowly nodded and let his friend see the slash on his shoulder, as Cilan took out a medical kit from his bag.

Cheren was tapping his foot impatiently, looking around for their missing blond friend. Cilan got busy disinfecting, and bandaging up Ash’s wound with Iris’s holding on to Ash’s hand for support. They all heard a whistle blowing, spotting an Officer Jenny. She rushed toward them, and before Cilan could tell her of their assault. All four humans and pokemon were whacked on the head with a baton, and their arms forced into handcuffs.

“You punks are under arrest for landing in a no fly zone, and carrying an illegal weapon!” The police officer yelled as she snatched the aura staff out of Ash’s hands, while everyone was yelping or gasping in pain.

“Wait we can explain! We were attacked by-“ Cilan was trying to tell them their plight before he was interrupted the hot tempered cop.

“Right, you hoodlums can tell me all about your little gang fight back at the station.” Jenny muttered forcing the lot of them up and to move.

“Who says hoodlum anymore?” Cheren thought to himself before getting shoved to move.

“I’ll have you know I'm a Gym Leader of Striation City!” Cilan protested.

“Oh of course you are, and I'm the Grand Champion.” Officer Jenny muttered with sarcastic mockery.

“Actually… I can confirm Cilan’s gym leader status if you’d like, Officer.” They all heard a new voice. Cilan looked mighty pleased to see the owner of the voice, recognizing her right away while the officer looked very worried. The three young trainers weren’t familiar with this tall, wide hipped, dark skinned woman. Cheren’s eyes gazed at the large green hair, the woman’s forehead was covered in a orange and while striped headband, which matched her earrings, white shirt, and green pants. The woman’s green eyes and posture looked like she commanded respect authority. She gave the officer a harsh look.

“Now I hope you’ve read them their rights this time, before assaulting these trainers. A gym leader for something like that at best is a ticket. I’d hate to have to file another complaint to your Lieutenant…again.” The second gym leader asked, knowing the answer based off past history.

“Well…no.” The officer muttered and biting her lip, only making the woman in charge shake her head.

“Then I suggest you let them go, and be on your way.” The woman said with a smirk. Forcing the officer’s hand to release everyone. “Just…don’t cause any trouble punks, or I will be back!” The Jenny warned before storming off, allowing the four to relax.

“Thank you for the help, Lenora.” Cilan said shaking his Co-gym leader.

“Think nothing of it Beanstalk…Oh and does this belong to you?” “ Lenora asked in a joking manner as she revealed a puffy eye Bianca, who Cheren quickly grabbed a hold of.

“I'm sorry.” She mumbled.

“Grr… just don’t run off like that again.” Cheren grumbled.

“Cilan, your little friend told me what was going on with you. Get your pokemon all healed up, then come see me. I won’t be having any gym battles today.” The normal gym leader stated, disappointing both Cheren and Ash, Cilan just nodded.

The five of them went to see Nurse Joy and have all their Pokemon healed. Ash and Pikachu looked at the phones and called home.

“Ash, I think that’s more then a bit of trouble.” Sabrina muttered after Ash and Pikachu finished telling her the events.

“Look, I know I can’t stop you from fighting these Team Plasma guys, but please try to bit more careful.” Sabrina asked, giving the two a worried look.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be more careful.” Ash assured they psychic gym leader.

“Be sure that you do…and if you need help. I'm here for you. Call me if you need me...” Sabrina requested. She approved Ash and Pikachu’s nod, while giving a yawn.

“I think you should get some sleep.” Ash said chuckling.

“I think your right, good night you two.” Sabrina said hanging up on the phone. Ash and Pikachu smiled before calling another number.

“Hey Professor Oak, can I get out one of my pokemon for a little bit?” He asked, Pikachu wondering.

“So you guys don’t have TM’s here?” The Dragon Master in training asked the shop clerk.

“Sorry Miss, we do have a TM store across the street.” The shop clerk pointed out.

“Thank you.” Iris said, as she turned away hearing the dinging, that their pokemon were healed.

Iris held onto her Axew, snuggling him fresh from the healing chamber. He in turn snuggled his mother figure back. All five trainers were able to get their pokemon back in full health. Iris noticed Ash brought in a seventh poke ball. Still no one was sure what to really say after the scary ordeal. Then everyone’s stomaches suddenly growled all at once.

“I believe after an ordeal like that, lunch would seem very appropriate. “ Cilan said.

Soon everyone dined on the Pokemon Center’s food. Cilan couldn’t help but chuckle watching both Ash and Iris munch down their food with such gusto at the same time. Bianca was quick to stuff herself and her Pokemon, while Cheren was still being a fussy eater and trying to remove all the vegetables from his meal.

“What’s so funny, Cilan?” The blond girl asked, hearing Cilan laugh a bit louder.

“Oh just how similar Ash and Iris can be.” The first gym leader stated

“HUH?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!” Both trainers yelped, with food in their mouths.

“Well...hehe...your both very similar.” Cilan spouted as the two trainers looked at each other then then back at their green haired friend in confusion, while Bianca was trying to see it too. Cheren just glanced and went back into picking his food.

“AHA! I’VE FOUND YOU AT LAST, CILAN!!!” They heard someone scream. They all turned around to find a purple haired woman in a sharp red and black bow tied suit.

“Prepare yourself Missour Cilan, for I the Grade A Pokemon Connoisseur Burgundy have come for my revenge for the humiliation you brought upon me!” The girl shouted in a overly dramatic fashion, while pointing her index finger.

Everyone in the Pokemon center looked at this Kalos accented girl like she was some kind of whack job.

“I’m so sorry mademoiselle, but who are you?” Cilan asked unable to recall this woman.

That however was clearly the wrong thing to say, since the self proclaimed Grade A Pokemon Connoisseur looked about ready to maul the gym leader right on the spot. However she was grabbed by her shirt collar by the Nurse Joy,

“Excuse me miss, if you're going to have a battle then I suggest you do it outside, otherwise I shall have to remove you from the Center.” The nurse warned.

“Hehe, oh of course Nurse Joy.” Burgundy mumbled before being let go. She gave Cilan a harsh glare, removing one of her gloves and slapped Cilan with it.

“Hey what was that for?” Ash yelled. “What’s your problem, you can’t just go around assaulting people like that for no good reason!” Iris added to the protest. However they were countered with a slap to the face as well, that caused Pikachu to spark threateningly, Purloin to hiss, and Axew to show his baby fangs.

“Lowly peasant brats should be seen at most, not heard! This poor excuse of a man has insulted my pokemon, years ago, and stained my honor. For his crime I shall have vengeance! Meet me outside the cafe, tomorrow at dawn for our duel! Unless you are a sniveling coward.” The trainer demanded before making an exit.

There was a long awkward pause after her leave,until Cheren spoke in a deadpan tone.

“I'm not sure what I find more annoying about her, her fake accent or her obnoxious attitude.” The trainer muttered, finally finished with his meal.

“Well it seems I have wronged her some way, so I’ll hopefully this challenge will be able to correct whatever issue she has.” Cilan mused.

“Sounds like pain in the neck, but you do what you gotta do.” Iris muttered.

Cilan then got up from his chair.

“Well Lenora wants me to meet with her. I'm hoping you four can stay out of trouble while I'm away.” Cilan said in a joking manner.

“Don’t worry Cilan, I’ll make sure nothing happens to these little kids.” Iris teased.

“We’re the same age Iris, when are you gonna stop calling me a little kid?!” Ash growled.

“Oh relax Ash, I was mostly referring to Bianca and Cheren.” Iris said with a wink causing some ire from Cheren.

“I don’t need to be babysat Iris. Come on Bianca, lets go do some training!” Cheren said getting up. However Bianca looked rather annoyed at her friend.

“What?” He asked.

“Cheren, we just ran for our lives from some scary bad guys and all you want to do is train? Can’t we take a break?” The blonde requested.

“We just ate….” Cheren not understand what Bianca meant.

“Well I want to do something else other then train, or have our pokemon fight.” Bianca said pouting.

“How else are we gonna get stronger Bianca?!” Cheren argued.

“We can train later, can I just…can we just watch some TV please?” The rookie trainer begged. Even giving everyone the puppy dog stare…and no one, not even Purloin could deny her.

“Alright Bianca, we’ll find you a TV so you can watch what you want okay? “Iris said humoring the girl.

“Thank you!” Bianca said cheerfully.

The four of them managed to find a unused TV and a chair for Bianca to sit. Ash handed her the remote, and the blond girl sat herself and her pokemon, while she was flipping channels. Cheren was trying to leave, but Bianca had very good grip on his arm. He scowled at her smiling face.

“You aren’t gonna let go until I watch something with you?” He guessed. Bianca only smiled and nodded her head, causing Iris to giggle.

Cheren used his free hand to adjust his glasses and sigh.

“Alright, I’ll watch something with you. Care to join us guys?” Cheren asked, trying to not be the only stuck watching whatever his friend had in mind.

“Oh we would, but Ash and I are gonna go look at TM, right Ash?.” Iris said roping the Kanto trainer in her plans.

“Oh yeah sure.” Ash muttered thoughtlessly.

“Now don’t cause any trouble while we’re gone okay?” Iris requested.

“Yes mom.” Cheren muttered sarcastically as the two left.

As the two walked by the warehouse buildings, they scouted around for a TM shop. Pikachu and Purloin were wondering why Ash was so quiet. “Hey Iris, I see it.” He said pointing at the sign that read Cheap TMS. The two ran, hoping to get a look and see at some possible moves they could have their pokemon learn. Iris hoped she’d have the coveted Dragon Dance, and any other moves for Axew to master.

Entering the city, a brown haired older woman in a blue suit, walked the streets, clicking her heels on the side walk, carrying a clip broad. She scanned the photo of a small, dark skinned, purple haired wild child on her clip broad. And adjusted her glasses.

“He said she was in the city. This a better not be a wild ducklett chase. I will find Iris this time.” The woman grumbled, as she kept walking

End of chapter.


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My favorite part of this chapter was about Burgundy and Cilan. Good gracious, it makes me wonder how bad the humiliation was, if she's hunting him down for revenge like that. xD Poor Ash and his crew getting slapped in the face after being confronted by Plasma goons and the main antagonist. They just can't catch a break. Speaking of the bad guys, I wonder why they're so interested in Iris and Axew? Maybe it has to do with Iris trying to teach Axew that one move, and if she does, maybe something big will happen?! Anyways, I like how protective Purloin is of the group. I kind of feel bad for her having to take things so seriously, but it seems like after this, they finally will. And Bianca must be the youngest among them too. :3 Or I get that strong impression that she is. Otherwise, I loved this chapter cause tons of stuff hit the fan and it was really exciting and suspenseful! I'm glad help arrived in the nick of time! :D

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Well you'll learn about what went down next chapter. Blade Deowott is more like a high ranking Team Plasma henchmen. Ghetitis and N are more of the main antagonists. Well I can't say why this woman wants Iris just yet....

Also yes Bianca is the youngest, and most immature of the group.

The ages are: Cilan-18, Ash-14 Iris-13 Cheren-11 Bianca-10.

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Chapter 11: Training Day.

Ash and Iris made it to the TM shop, which looked like many of the warehouse buildings in town. The two trainers and their Pokemon looked like kids in a candy store. Normally Ash never used these things, but whatever advantage he could get right now, as long as it didn’t really hurt his Pokemon, he’d be willing to take. The shopkeeper gave the two trainers a suspicious glare, mostly at Iris. Ash scowled right back at him before going back to browsing. Pikachu couldn’t really tell the multi-colored devices apart, and Ash looked like he was struggling as well. Iris gave him an amused chuckle.

“Ash you little kid, don’t tell me you can’t tell these apart?” Iris said with good-natured teasing.

“I’ve never really used these, so no Iris.” Ash admitted. Iris just smiled.

“Well I happen to have very good eye with TMs. My sixth sense is telling me that this one right here is perfect for Pikachu!” Iris said confidently, while picking a random TM.

“‘Tada, Wild Charge!” Iris proclaimed. Ash and Pikachu looked at it.

“Iris, this says Rock Tomb.” Ash said in a deadpan manner. Iris’s face didn’t change reaction until her eyes moved to actually check the TM’s label.

“Sixth sense, huh?” Ash asked in a teasing manner, while Iris put the TM back.

“Smarty pants.” Iris mumbled, putting her now folded arms together while making a pouting face. Ash and Pikachu laughed.

“Excuse me mister, can you help us out? We’re looking for a TM for Dragon Dance.” The Kanto trainer asked.

“Sure, it’s right here, but I doubt you hooligans can afford it.” The shopkeeper said with a sneer, getting out the TM.

“Who says hooligan anymore?” Both trainers and Pokemon thought, minus Axew.

“Oh come on, it shouldn’t co-AHHHH! Why does it cost so much!?” Iris asked, seeing the move she craved was way out of her price range.

“Sorry, but Dragon type TMs are a bit more expensive. If you don’t want anything else ,I suggest you let the other customers shop.” The TM shop owner requested, in spite of the place being empty.

“That pricing is totally unfair…” Iris mumbled.

“Well then little dragon girl, I suggest you get on out of here.” The shop owner said with an annoyed look on his face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it.” Ash said simply, causing Iris to look at him, while the shopkeeper scoffed.

“I doubt a ten year old child like you could afford this.” The storeowner muttered.

Before Ash could correct the man, the two trainers were pushed aside by someone familiar to Iris. This was the same guy who took her wallet. He pulled out two Poke Balls in a threatening manner.

“Alright, hand over all your money, and your TMs!” The thug cockily demanded as he unleashed his Watchog, and Vanillite. Iris was about to protest, and have Axew attack, but the sight of the Ice Pokemon caused her and Axew to shriek in terror.

Ash got in front of Iris and threw out a Poke Ball. “Tepig, Ember, Pikachu, Purrloin, take him down!” Ash commanded. The Fire Pig spewed out hot fire on the floating Ice Pokemon. Purrloin added her Shadow Claw to finish it off. Once the Ice type was gone, Iris decked the thug across the face, and pinned him to the ground. Axew, with Pikachu’s help, knocked out the Normal type. Ash helped Iris finish the robber off with a good whack of his Aura staff. When it was all over, the shop owner came out from under his desk to see the two smiling kids and their Pokemon.

“You saved me from being robbed. Thank you, thank you both! How can I repay you?” The man asked.

“Oh you don’t need to do that.” Ash said, while Iris reclaimed her wallet from the thief.

“No, I insist! Here Missy, take the Dragon Dance TM, and boy, take one TM of your choice.” The shopkeeper said while the two trainers looked at each other, smiling.

The two pairs of humans and Pokemon left the shop with smiles on their faces.

“Wow that was really lucky.” Ash admitted. Iris and Axew were still squealing over the Dragon Dance TM. While to Ash it wasn’t that big a deal, but to Iris any move that would get her closer to becoming a Dragon Master was like gold. He noted that she looked even cuter all happy and excited like this. He couldn’t help but be as excited for his next Gym Battle. He was actually looking forward to battling again.

However, Iris spotted someone she didn’t want to see. She let out a small yelp, and quickly ran to hide in a nearby tree, leaving her friends and her Pokemon confused.

“Iris, what are you doing?” Ash asked.

“Is it Plasma?!” The Dark type hissed, looking around and getting rallied up.

“No, if a lady with a clipboard asks for me, please, please, don’t let her know that I’m here! Heck, just say you don’t even know me!” Iris whispered in a worried tone.

“Huh?” Ash mumbled as the woman Iris spoke of appeared right before him, causing the Kanto trainer and his Pokemon to yelp.

“Pardon me young trainer, could I borrow a moment of your time?” The woman asked in a friendly tone.

“Um, sure.” Ash said, unsure of how this would play out.

“I’m with Unova’s Child Services, and I’ve been looking for a missing child. By any chance, have you seen someone who looks like her?” The woman asked, showing Ash her clip broad. On it, Ash could see an old photo of a very young and small Iris. Ash would have remarked on how cute she looked if not for the sad look on Iris’s face.

“The girl’s name is Iris; she’s a runaway from the Village of Dragon’s foster home. I’ve been trying to return her for quite some time.” The older woman explained. Ash realized that Iris hadn’t really mentioned anything about her home life before. It hurt knowing that his friend and possible crush didn’t have any family. He also remembered Iris’s request and the almost frightened tone of her voice. She clearly didn’t want to be discovered.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I’ve never seen this girl or anyone like her before.” Ash lied. The Child Service woman gave him an unconvinced gaze. In the tree, Iris had to cover her and Axew’s mouth. The Dragon Trainer was sweating bullets, praying to the dragons to have this woman leave her be.

“Are you sure? Someone like her would be easy to spot, given her ridiculous hair and all.” The woman offhandedly insulted.

“My hair is not ridiculous!” Iris thought, stopping every ounce of herself from saying that out loud.

“I don’t think her hair’s ridiculous at all! I think it’s pretty. Pretty cool that is!” Ash defended his friend, while giving out more information than he wanted.

“You sound like you know her…or that you’ve met her at least once. If you’re having trouble remembering, I’m sure I can refresh your memory…I assure you that I can make it worth your while.” The woman said, giving a bribing gesture. Iris had heard this offer many times before. This would be it; her so called friend would show his true colors. She thought he would sell her out like all the selfish little kids before him had, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Being hunted by her was bad enough as it is, but now Team Plasma just made things worse.

“Do you think I’m stupid!?” Ash shouted, causing the woman and Iris to be taken aback.

“Excuse me?” She snapped, while Iris heart skipped a beat.

“This is just another one of your stupid plans to steal Pikachu, or my other friend’s Pokemon, isn’t it Team Rocket!” The Kanto trainer accused. Never in all of Iris’s life had she been glad that she had been wrong.

“I have no idea what you’re going on about kid!” The Child Service worked muttered.

“Oh take off that stupid wig already! I know it’s you Jessie!” Ash demanded as he grabbed a large chunk of the, less than moral, adult’s hair. She gave an enraged scream as he and Pikachu assaulted her hair. After a few more yanks and shrieks, Ash and Pikachu soon realized how wrong they had been.

“Whoops, wrong person.” Pikachu muttered.

“Ummm sorry?” Ash said, trying to save face, which only got him assaulted by the social worker’s clipboard.

“YOU LITTLE TWERP!!!” The woman screamed as she attacked him again. A few blocks down, the actual Team Rocket watched what was happening with popcorn at the ready. Iris and Axew watched their friends being chased around by the enraged woman, who was about to pull out her own Pokemon.

Pikachu never gave her a chance to send it out to battle, as he Thunderbolted her into the sky. For the trio of Pokemon crooks, it actually felt good see that happen to someone else. However, when the purple cat turned her head in their direction, they vanished. Meowth still felt the sting of her claws from the last fight.

“She’s gone now.” Ash stated, knocking on the tree. Slowly, the Dragon Master in training and her Pokemon came down from the tree.

“Uhhh, thanks for that guys.” Iris said, sounding embarrassed. She wasn’t really sure what to say since part of her dirty laundry had been aired out to her friends.

“Eehhh, don’t sweat it Iris, I didn’t really do much.” He said, seeing her smile.

“Well you did more than you realized. Trust me on that.” Iris spoke.

An awkward pause then occurred, the two teenagers unsure of what to say next. Ash wasn’t sure if he she should ask about Iris being a runaway, an orphan, or just leave it be.

“Did you plan that whole Team Rocket bit?” The Dragon Trainer asked out of curiosity, while quickly changing the subject.

Pikachu and Ash just gave the girl sheepish looks. “Not really.” Both of them admitted. Purrloin rolled her eyes. Iris started laughing at the circumstances.

“Ash…you are such a haha…Okay lets go train. I saw a Battle Club nearby.” Iris cheerily told her friend and his Pokemon. Iris took Ash’s hand and dragged him along laughing. Iris was glad to know that Ash was a true loyal friend.

Cheren couldn’t believe what Bianca made him watch. It was a cartoon about a chubby, happy go lucky kid, with a gem on his belly button, who had crazy adventures with his three alien family members. It was so weird and pretty good. They just finished an episode of the kid making a new friend with a lonely girl with glasses. The show was silly, moving, and the artwork was interesting.

“So, what do you think?” Bianca asked while cuddling with her Minccino.

Cheren turned away from the screen. “Is there more?” He asked, thinking he could train after at least a few more episodes. Bianca looked overjoyed since the network was playing a marathon. “So why does his dad live in a van?” Cheren asked.

“You’ll find out more about Greg later.” Bianca said, beaming as the theme song came back on. Normally Cheren would get annoyed by a shows theme song being played over and over, but this one he didn’t mind at all.

“We are the Crystal Gems!” Bianca started to sing along, which in Cheren’s opinion, only made it better.

Ash whistled at the equipment in the Battle Club. It seemed more like an actual gym for humans, but also had Pokemon and battling in mind. Iris was already on a dancing mat, training Axew with Dragon Dance. Pikachu and Purrloin got off of Ash while he pulled out Oshawott, who was fixated on the large indoor pool, Pidove, Lady Snivy, and Tepig, who was looking very nervous.

“Hey guys…okay, so we had a bit of a rough morning. That fight wasn’t our best, and something tells me the fights are gonna get tougher. So let’s…Tepig, why are you crying?” Ash said in a worried tone of voice. He bent down to the Fire Pig’s eyelevel, as the other Pokemon also gave worried looks. Well, Oshawott was giving Tepig an annoyed look.

“A-Are…Are you gonna get rid of me?” Tepig asked between sobs.

Ash picked up the pig. “What, no, I’m not going to get rid of you Tepig.” His trainer assured him. “Whatever made you think I’d do that?” Ash asked the Fire type after wiping his tears.

“Cause…because I’m the weakest here, and that’s what my last trainer did.” Tepig admitted, causing both Ash and Iris’s hearts to break.

“Oh, so he was one of those kinds of jerks.” Ash thought to himself. It wasn’t that surprising, since Ash and Iris had to fight N to rescue the poor little Fire type. Iris gave Tepig a calming cuddle.

“Are you sure your last trainer didn’t dump you because you cry like a little bitch?” Oshawott mumbled. That earned many a smacking from Pidove, and Purrloin. Lady Snivy used this as an excuse to use Vine Whip to lightly choke the Water otter’s neck. Partly because of her irritation at his stupidity, and also partly because of the loss she suffered from his next evolutionary form.

“Now who’s crying like a little bitch Oshawott?” Pikachu asked, snickering.

“Guys, knock it off.” Ash ordered to the others. Once the bickering had stopped, he turned his attention back to his troubled friend “Tepig, I’m not going to get rid of you. I’ll never abandon you, or any of my friends! And if you think you’re weak then I’m just going to make you stronger and more awesome than ever before!” Ash declared, making the pig’s frown and doubts vanish. “In fact I know a guy that understands what you went through Tepig, and I think you two should talk.” The trainer said while pulling out a Poke Ball. They all watched a tall, lean, but powerful white, orange, and red Fire/Fighting monkey beat his chest with pride. Tepig couldn’t help but be awestricken, inspired by him. “Hey Infernape, good to see ya buddy.” Ash said. Pikachu gave his old Sinnoh teammate a high five. Purrloin was taken back to her memories, while the others weren’t sure what to make of him.

“Hi Ash, sup Pikachu? It’s great to see you guys again. Oh, new friends, hi!” Infernape greeted, waving at the Unova team. Pidove waved back, Oshawott and Lady Snivy weren’t sure what to say, but the Grass Snake gave a polite bow. He was strong and she would give him that respect. Tepig smiled.

“Infernape, we need your help with some heavy duty training. We’ve got a Gym Battle to win, and some bad guys to fight.” Ash explained. The Fire ape nodded in understanding. “Also, Tepig here’s got a bit got a bit of a Paul problem. Mind having a chat?” The trainer added, making things even clearer for the Pokemon. The Fire Pokemon quickly picked up the pig.

“Alright little guy, let’s have a heart to heart.” Infernape offered. The Fire Pig nodded his head, and the two went off for a private chat.

“Okay, Oshawott, you and me at the pool, we’re doing fifty laps.” Ash said.

“AWESOME!” The otter Pokemon cheered.

“The rest of you, do some pushups, sit-ups, and flight laps around the inside.” Ash told his Pokemon. Pikachu, Purrloin, Pidove, and Lady Snivy got to work while Ash and Oshawott hit the pool.

Iris and Axew had worked on sweat dancing. Iris was mostly following Axew’s technique since he knew the dance in an instant, but the two were out of sync, which caused a small explosion. They were politely asked by the manager to be more careful or they’d have to pay a fine. They decided to check on their friends. Oshawott was still trying to become better at Aqua Jet, or at least keep his eyes open when doing it. Axew gave a few encouraging words, along with Pikachu and Pidove. Purrloin and Lady Snivy were too busy sparring with each other. Their trainer was still swimming laps, and Iris noticed that, like Oshawott, he swam with his eyes closed too. That gave Iris some ideas for some fun she could have when the Kanto trainer came up for air and climbed out of the pool.

“Boo!” She shouted, surprising him.

This caused the boy to lose his balance and fall back into the pool. He came out of the water, a bit annoyed, hearing his companion’s laugher. Well two could play that game, and he had a plan. When Ash finally got back to the top, Iris, who was still giggling, offered her hand to him. He took it, and Iris saw the glint of mischief his eyes.

“Ash, don’t you dare!” She warned. However, for the Dragon Master in training, it was far too late. With a smug grin, Ash forced his body weight downward, and both made a splash.

After the two of them dried off, Ash went to check on Tepig and Infernape, allowing Oshawott and Pidove to rest. Pikachu, Purrloin, and Lady Snivy were now in a three way sparring match. Iris took Axew to get something to drink for everyone.

“Doing okay Tepig?” He asked, patting the Fire Pig on the head. He nodded his head, smiling, and Infernape gave him a thumbs up. The three of them got on a timed treadmill; however these treadmills shot out soccer balls. This was to promote dodging, and increase speed. While Infernape, and later Pikachu, had little to no trouble with this, Ash and Tepig were having trouble. Still, they didn’t give up and got better. Iris came with Axew carrying two bottles of water, seeing the Kanto trainer and his Pokemon finally run down the timer. Tepig, to add more flare shot out a long burst of fire at the last incoming balls. Tepig had learned Flamethrower, replacing Ember. Everyone in the party who saw this was impressed. Ash was grinning from ear to ear. “What I tell you buddy, you’ll get stronger in no time.”

The Kanto trainer and his Pokemon then sat down and Iris joined them, handing the boy a bottle of water. He drank a few sips and gave the rest to his Pokemon. “So Ash, mind if I ask a question?” Iris questioned, between sharing her water with Axew.

“Shoot.” Ash said, not thinking much of what she was going to ask.

“Well since you know a part of my dirty laundry. How did you get those scars on your back?” The Dragon Master in the making wondered. That resulted in Ash and Pikachu doing a quick spit take.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, I understand.” Iris muttered as her friend and his Pokemon were coughing.

The Kanto trainer started to shake while looking at his friend. “No, it’s fine; just…give me a moment.” He requested.

Pikachu and Infernape looked downward, the Unova team could tell something was wrong, but only Purrloin and Lady Snivy had an idea of what the problem was.

“…After I lost the Sinnoh League, I wanted to be alone, and took a walk for a bit. I even left Pikachu with my friends, Dawn and Brock. I lost track of time, I got lost, and it got dark.” Ash started to say before taking a deep breath. “I…was…grabbed by some guy. I couldn’t see his face. He said I…I lost him money betting on me. Then he stabbed me in the back, and cut me open. Then he broke both my arms, kicked me to the floor, stabbed me in the back again, and just kept hitting me over, and over, and over again…” He went on as his body shook. Pikachu patted his buddy’s head while Purrloin sat on his lap. Lady Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, and Pidove surrounded him. Iris held his hand to calm him down. She could tell this was painful for him to talk about. “I’m not sure how I got away… After what happened, I was a bloody, broken mess. Everything felt like I was on fire. I had to limp back to the Pokemon Center. Dawn and Brock found me, thank Mew…I passed out and woke up in the hospital a week later.”

“Ash.” Iris muttered, feeling awful. She then stood up; the Dragon Trainer’s mind was made up. “Well, that settles it then.” She declared.

“Huh?” Ash asked puzzled.

“You’re a kid who always gets into trouble, what you need is a bodyguard. So I’ll just have to watch your back from now on. Don’t worry Ash; you’ll be safe in my hands.” Iris declared with a smile on her face. Axew cheered her on.

Ash smiled at this. “Well okay Iris, but if you’re watching my back, who’s going to watch yours?” He asked. Iris didn’t know who to think of at the moment. “You’re a kid who gets into trouble too. So you need a bodyguard, and I guess I’ll just have to take the job. Sound good to you?” Ash matched her offer with his own.

Iris gave it some thought. “…Well, alright then.” She said as the two shook hands on the deal. Everyone noticed that both sides of Iris’s talisman gave off a light glow.

“So how’s Axew’s Dragon Dance coming along?” Pikachu asked.

“I’ve almost got it down!” Axew said proudly.

“Good on you little man, ya know Ash, you should tell your new friends about Gible. I mean, you got him to learn Draco Meteor.” Infernape commented. That had both Axew and Iris dumbstruck.

“…Ash is that true?” Iris asked, sounding very curious.

“Oh yeah, I did, thanks for reminding me Infernape.” The Kanto boy muttered, rubbing the back of his head.

“YOU NEED TO SHOW ME! PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!!!??” Iris cried out in excitement while shaking her friend like a rag doll. The Pokemon got a good laugh out of this, before returning to their training.

Ash promised that he would show his friend the Dragon Pokemon he had. However, that would have to wait till another day since it was nightfall now; the two had been training at the Battle Club for hours. Pikachu, Axew, Purrloin, and the rest had been pushed to the limit. Their trainers were in no better shape, each holding each other by the arm for support. They dropped off their Pokemon to Nurse Joy, and plopped themselves on the couch with Cilan, Cheren, and Bianca.

Seeing his friend’s progress, Cheren couldn’t be any more frustrated with himself. On the other hand, Bianca looked mighty pleased with herself. She managed to watch her favorite show all day, and got her new friends to watch it with her. Cilan was commenting on the animation, and Pansage jabbered about the character designs. Iris, Ash, and later, the rest of their rejuvenated Pokemon were drawn into the show like magic. In spite of Iris’s claim that she wouldn’t enjoy a show for little kids. Two episodes in and she was brought to tears like the rest of them. The blond was just glad everyone could relax after a long, tiring day. It’s not like Team Plasma was going to attack right away right? Sadly, naive thinking is rarely correct.

Team Plasma’s Castle was as busy as always, however most if not all of the organization had come to a halt. They were to hear a speech from the King himself. This was an odd rarity for most, since the Sages or Ghetsis were usually the ones to motivate the troops. However, with the upcoming operation, and the sudden loss of Head Scientist Colress Lab Three, N took it upon himself to bring out the best of his team, to insure his ideal world. N walked past the long lavish hallways to the speech room. At the doorway he was greeted by two thin, young women. One was blond, and the other had pink hair. Both dressed in matching checkerboard black and white dresses with the Team Plasma symbol on the front.

“Oh dear little brother, aren’t you forgetting something?” The blond teased as she held on to the crown of Plasma, a relic of a bygone era in Unova’s history. She placed it upon his long green hair.

“A King should always look his best before meeting his people.” The pink-haired maiden spoke, while wrapping him in the black and white furred cape to add the finishing touches.

“Anthea, Concordia, I’m not little anymore, you don’t need to fuss over me.” N muttered, sounding like a pouting child rather than the leader of the group.

“No matter how old you get, or if your King…” Anthea spoke while planting a peck on N’s cheek.

“You’ll always be our baby brother.” Concordia finished as the two gave a quick laugh, teasing the “new king and hero of Unova.” as their father put it.

“I could have you both locked away in the dungeons for this insult.” N growled, causing the two to give him fake, frightened looks.

“Oh your highness, please be merciful to your sisters.” Concordia fake begged.

“Will your favorite treat grant us pardon?” Athena questioned as she pulled out N’s favorite snack, cake. N almost let a bit of drool come out of his lips. Out of nowhere, one of N’s friends, a Zorua, dashed onto his shoulder and happily took a bite. N did the same.

“Very well, you’re forgiven, but before I make the journey to leading the first big operation, I want two stories before bed.” N demanded.

“Oh of course N, now go on, everyone’s waiting on you.” Athena said as she wiped off N and his Pokemon’s faces before N left. Their smiles vanished from sight, giving two very solemn and saddened expressions as they walked to take their places as well. Still, they dared not show their looks of worry to N, their father…if they could call Ghetsis that, forbid the King’s caretakers to show their true feelings.

The King of Team Plasma stood upon the stage alone. Concordia and Athena sat beside their father Ghetsis, Colress, the Seven Sages, and Blade Dewott with his partner. N at first felt nervous, the hearts of Pokemon were one thing, but he felt so closed off from the hearts of people. While he loved his father, and sisters, he felt like he was more Pokemon than human. He quickly turned to his Pokemon friend. The Zorua’s reassurance in his eyes gave him the courage to truly speak from the heart. This would motivate them to do their very best to become the heroes of the Pokemon of Unova no, of the world!

“My subjects…my friends, I need to address something. I’ve heard a rumor that I wish to discredit. I’ve heard that I like Pokemon. My subjects…my friends, I do not like Pokemon, I Love Pokemon!” N declared. “I love Fire types, Grass types, Water types, Dark types, Electric types, Normal types, Flying types, Dragon types, Ice types, Steel types, Poison types, Fighting types, Psychic types and any other type of Pokemon undiscovered. I love their unique personalities. I love their pure, loyal, loving hearts. I love their amazing talents and powers! I love every single Pokemon ever born or made on this planet! What’s not to love about Pokemon?” He continued speaking while petting his Zorua friend. “What I don’t love, what I don’t care for at all is people. Now all of you are fine, but I cannot stand people that would capture Pokemon, use them, abuse them, and force Pokemon to fight one another for their own amusement. I can’t stand how the hearts of Pokemon are ignored around the world. This needs to change, and you are all enlightened to know that!” He kept going, getting quite a few agreements from the band of grunts. “However, Unova will not change its ways, so we are given no choice but to force it to bend to our will! We, Team Plasma alone, shall be the bringers of a new age for Pokemon. We shall save all Pokemon from people! We shall make a better world for Pokemon, and punish the injustice brought by humanity. Now I must ask you all. Will you help me bring this truth to light? Will you all help bring my ideals to reality?! Will you help me crush the old world and bring in a new better world?! WILL YOU HELP ME BRING THE EVIL DOERS TO THEIR KNEES, BEGGING FOR MERCY UNDERNEATH OUR FEET?! WILL YOU AID ME IN BRINGING VICTORY?!” The King screamed at the top of his lungs with passion.

“Victory, Victory, Victory!” Became the chants of the grunts, causing Ghetsis and Blade Dewott to give unnerving smiles.

“Very well…then victory is what you shall have.” N said with a satisfied smiling. “Together my fellow lovers of Pokemon, together my knights, my holy paladins of justice, together we shall become the saviors of Pokemon, the punishers of the wicked, the conquerors of Unova, the dethroners of the oppressors, and the victors of the new world order! Our new world! Follow me, and I shall make all ofyour hopes and dreams come true! Follow me, and I shall bring you to victory!” He finished as the cheers filled the very brim of the castle.

“Hail Lord N! Long may he reign!” Ghetsis cheered, raising a glass of wine to toast his King.


“Hail Plasma!” N shouted.

“Hail Plasma, Hail Plasma, Hail Plasma!” The castle’s halls echoed. N reveled in his members’ energies, unaware of the very uncomfortable looks in his sisters’ eyes before returning to their fake happy personas. Ghetsis however, was giving a very pleased smile. Blade Dewott gave a shady grin, while Colress was impressed by the rallying behind everyone. Soon everything would be according to plan. And if anyone got in their way, they’d have hell to pay.

End of chapter.
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This was a really fantastic chapter. I liked getting more background story on Iris. It's a bit sad what kind of past she had before, but I'm glad Ash and Pikachu could keep her from being taken by the social service lady. Speaking of which, it was hilarious seeing her go flying. I like that Jesse, James, and Meowth could enjoy it as much as I did. lol. And I'm a bit afraid of N. Gives me the creeps a tiny bit.

And I'll be editing this tonight.

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Pokemon Black and White Rebirth Cast....as of right now.

Ash Ketchum: Colleen Clinkenbeard,

Pikachu: Ikue ÅŒtani

Purrloin: Alex Kingston

Iris: Eileen Stevens

Axew: Kayzie Rogers

Cilan: John Barrowman

Pansage: Neil Kaplin

Bianca: Erica Mendez

Bianca’s Pignite: Marc Thompson

Cheren: Todd Haberkorn

Cheren’s Snivy: Stuart Allan

Oshawott: Regina King

Lady Snivy: Melissa Fahn

Tepig: Maxey Whitehead

Pidove: Rhea Perlman

Excadrill: Christopher Sabat

Hilda: Laura Bailey

Jessie:Rachael Lillis

James:Eric Stuart

Meowth: Maddie Blaustein

Wes: Johny Young Bosh

Rui: Stephanie Sheh

Dawn: Kari Wahlgren

Delia Ketchum: Veronica Taylor

Sabrina: Wendee Lee

Misty: Rachael Lillis

Georgia the Dragon Buster: Brittney Lee Hamilton

Burgundy: Suzy Myers

N: Tom Wayland

Blade Dewott: Troy Baker

Colress: Sean Schemmel

Anthea: Lianne Marie Dobbs

Concordia: Haven Paschall

Ghetisis: James Horan

Zekrom: Keith David.

Reserham: Zoe Caldwell


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Chapter 12: Lenora’s challenge and bitter memories.

Jessie, James, and Meowth were counting their ill gotten gains with glee. Things were going great for the trio of bumbling evildoers since they’d finally stopped their obsession with capturing Pikachu. They had gotten their own secret base in the bustling and massive Castelia City. It was cafe, mostly a front for their pokemon smuggling operations, but the coffee turned quite a profit. It had been used by a local small time gang as a hide out, but Team Rocket had managed to bring the gang under their thumb by a hostile takeover, as if the large R on the wall wasn’t all the proof they needed. On the wall by the R logo was a communicator phone, and some transporting equipment, Jessie, James, and Meowth heard the phone, ring, and flash the R symbol. They turned away from the pile of money they were counting and gave their full attention to their leader who hid himself in the shadows.

“Agents, I have an update for you on your mission.” Giovonai stated while stroking his Persian.

The three looked up the find a the image of man that looked like an adult version of the twerp. Same facial structure, minus the z marks on his cheeks, The hair was a graying black, long and unkempt. What was most disturbing part about this man’s profile were the eyes and smile. It gave off a cold, detached, and intimating feeling, The spots of blood made the skin on their backs crawl. Not that any of them would admit it.

“I have intelligence that this man will be headed to the Unova Region, if you or anyone in our new Unova Branch find him. You are to take this man out.” Giovonai stated in a filtered voice.

“You want us to take him out to dinner?” Meowth asked.

“Oh yes, take him out the finest restaurant. Have a grand time, all of you enjoy the best wine along with-NO YOU IDIOTS I WANT HIM DEAD!” The Boss of Team Rocket snapped while pounding the desk with his fist, causing his three stooges and his pet can to flinch.

“This man is dangerous, a serial killer. He’s even taken out quite a few of our members, his most recent victims were agents Butch and Cassidy.” The Boss stated causing Jessie, James, and Meowth to sweat. The fact that their rivals in Team Rocket were six feet under by this guy didn’t give them confidence.

“You will be granted more pokemon, and if you succeed in this, I’ll even promote you to Admins.” The Boss promised causing whatever fears his minions to have were overwritten by ambition, and greed.

"Do not fail me.” Giovani ordered firmly.

“Yes sir.” All three of them said slightly shaking.

“Good Giovonai out.” The Boss stated as the screen blipped out ending the call, only showing a criminal profile of their target. Shinji Hethrone.

“Ya don’t think this guy looks like a scary version of the Twerp do ya?” Meowth asked.

“Oh course not, don’t be stupid,” Jessie denied while James watched as the transfer machine gave out quite a few ultra balls.

“Alright we’ll test these new pokemon out, after that we’ll get started a heist on that meteorite .” Jessie said as the other two nodded.

James couldn’t help but give one last glance at the picture of one of hitter targets, and wondered where he’d seen or heard of this man before. In spite of Jessie’s claims, he did look like the twerp. As much and the three wanted to quit cold turkey on Pikachu capturing, it was hard to break a obsessive habit, The blue haired eccentric criminal couldn’t help but wonder what their former target and his trainer were doing right now.

Our fine heroes were about to take the day head on, full of optimism, determination, and with a song in their hearts.

“We…” Ash started to sing.

“Are the Crystal Gems!” Iris, Cilan, Bianca, Cheren sang.

“We’ll always save the day!” The five sang out running to the gym. The Pokemon that are out of their poke balls were making the music for the song.

“And if you think we can’t.” Bianca sang cheerfully taking on the role of Steven.

“We’ll always find a way.” The rest picked up in sync. Even Purrloin went along with Pikachu, Cheren’s Snivy, Axew, and Pansage.

“That’s why the people of this world.” Ash, Iris, and Cilan sang.

“Believe in Garnet.” Ash sang while trying to sound cool

“Amethyst” Iris shouted full of sass.

“And Pearl.” Cilan sang with a soft elegance.

“And STEVEN!” Bianca finished, and everyone gave a good laugh.

Everyone had been watching Steven Universe yesterday, and the theme song got stuck in their heads.Heck they were starting think about turning into the group’s theme song.

They all faced The Nacrene City Gym. It looked to be both the largest and most well kept building in the town. It made sense for that to be the case, since it was doubled as a library and history museum for the whole region of Unova. While it did have the warehouse outer look like the rest of the town, the door and stairs were made of glass and marble.

“Well you four go have fun, I have to keep my appointment with Ms. Burgundy. Good luck everyone, do your best.” Cilan waved good bye while Pansage gave a small bow.

“Bye Cilan, good luck with your duel or whatever.” Iris said waving.

“Kick her butt!” Cheren and Ash cheered with their respective pokemon cheering along.

The four went inside to find inside looking even better then the outside. The gym walls were covered in book, stacked shelf after shelf. The fancy velvet carpet was covered by a nearly endless rug. They could see quite a few people in already checking books and or using computers by the desks. Many fossils in guarded glass cases could be spread around the book sections.

Iris however wasn’t interested in any of that. No what she was focused on the large Dragonite Skeleton on display. She and Axew gazed at it in awe. Cheren was wondering where the gym leader was, along with his Snivy, while Bianca looked a little intimidated. The blond girl figured the best she could do was read the little kid picture books. Ash was looking around with Pikachu for any signs of Lenora while Purloin was clearly looking for something.

“Oh you all must be the challengers Cilan told us about. Welcome to our little fountain of knowledge.” They all heard a friendly but meek and southern accented voice say.

They all turned their head to find the owner, they found a big headed, mild mannered, skinny, short haired man with thin glasses, in a gray suit that had an id badge over his right side.

“Greetings my name is Hawes, I’m the assistant director of the Museum.” The man named Hawes introduced him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ash, this is Pikachu, Iris, Axew, Bianca, Cheren and Snivy.” Ash introduced.

“So where’s Lenora? I’m ready for a battle.” Cheren shouted with fire in his eyes.

Hawes just looked amused.

“Ah well in order to have your battle Mr.Cheren, you’ll need to find my wife’s location in the gym.

“What?” Everyone yelled.

“You and Lenora are married?” Bianca asked baffled at the new information.

“Really that’s what your focusing on?” Cheren said n a deadpan tone.

“Well, he’s a bit scrawny. I figured Lenora would get a totally buff super hunk.” Bianca muttered unaware that she kind of hurt poor Hawes feelings.

“Anyway, as I’ve said before you’ll need to find my wife’s location. You’ll only be able to do that by answering questions, and learning key phrases…good luck, and try not to get the questions wrong.” Hawes said while turning away from the challengers and walked off.

The four trainers then looked around the liberty/museum.

“…Okay, so where do we start?” Iris asked as everyone looked wondered the same thing.


Cilan was a man of patience. While he would have rather be with his friends and watch a gym challenge from a trainers point of view for a new perspective, he did have an obligation to keep. So the gym leader triplet, with his faithful Pansage awaited for his duel with Mademoiselle Burgundy. The coffee helped, still what was the most annoying part of waiting was wondering what he could have possibly down to have her so infuriated with him. The man sat his cup down thinking it would be better to simply ask her. Pansage was meditating, since he had a cup of green tea. Cilan spotted his opponent making a mad dash to his table. She looked unkempt as if she had just gotten out of bed. After gasping and panting for air, she went over to Cilan’s table.

“Pardon my lateness, I over slept. I did not mean to keep you waiting.” The Kalosan connoisseur politely apologized. A contract to her first impression.

“Oh It’s quite alright I wasn’t waiting too long. In fact, you seem a bit tired why not have cup of coffee or a pastry on me,” Cilan offered thinking that she might not have eaten breakfast yet. As a chief that wouldn’t do.

“Why that would lov-OH NO YOU DON’T CILAN!! I see what your trying to do, worming your way out of my revenge with bribery. I think not! No, you shall suffer the wrath of my revenge in full!!!” Burgundy declared while pointing an accusing index finger.

“…I’d do no such thing however if [your] ready to get this duel underway, then after you.” Cilan muttered as an anime sweat drop began to drop down the back of his head.

“Fine, let us get this under-“ Whatever Burgundy was going to say died with a loud roaring from her stomach, making the girl blush.

“It seems you body is telling you it needs food madam. It wouldn’t seem fair for Pansage and I to battle with a full, while you are running on half or empty. You could rest a bit or we could battle another day.” Cilan offered once more.

“I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY YOU-“The angry young woman yelled her stomach started to growl and she nearly fell to the ground. Cilan and Pansage offered her help by helping her stand.

“…Fine darn you. I will delay my revenge for now.” Burgundy growled, she took her seat unhappy.

“Since you are offering you shall pay for my coffee and meal. Coffee hot, Kalos blend, three sugars one cream. And five pastries.” She ordered. Cilan left along with Pansage, there was always a line. This however would buy Cilan some time to remember, and come up with a battle plan.


Cheren and his Snivy stared down their opponent’s Patrat. Ash and Bianca were cheering their friends on. Iris and Axew were further away gazing at a painting.

“Patrat, use scratch!” The gym trainer ordered as the normal type charged at him.

“Snivy wrap!” Cheren countered. The sly green snake jumped into the air, and wrapped himself around the patrat, restraining it’s movement, binding it’s arms and claws to the sides.

“Now keep on being nice and tight till he faints.” Cheren said with a smirk.

“All too easy.” His Snivy stated as he put the squeeze on him.

“Patrat, throw him off!” The gym trainer called out. The Patrat tried to throw Cheren’s Snivy off and Cheren took note of that.

“Hold steady buddy, but use Vine whip, just to be safe.” Cheren ordered, his glasses gleamed Ash, Pikachu and Purrloin took note.

As the patrat tried to struggle, Snivy kept getting tighter and tighter. A quick strike from one of his vine whips did give the battle a quick end. The trainer returned his pokemon back into the ball.

“You did well, if you’d like I can recommend a book to you. Nice to meet you Pokemon! You can find it on the bottom left shelves.” The gym trainer said.

“Thank you, hopefully I’ll enjoy it.” Cheren said as his Snivy traveled his [his] shoulder. The two did a small victory fist bump. Ash, Pikachu and [Purrloin] were looking around for that book. Bianca was doing it too, but she was also making a mess by haphazardly taking books out at random.

Ash had found the found the book in question. Showing his companions, expect for Iris who was still drawn to the painting. They just noticed a Liberian walking toward them.

“So tell me, do you remember what was the first pokemon you’ve battled at this gym?” She asked while tossing poke ball in the air, almost like a warning.

“Ummm Patrat?” Ash spoke. While he hadn’t fought, it was the first pokemon Cheren did. Pikachu was expecting a battle, but she smiled.

“I’ll allow it, your next clue…try to find a book called the Biology of Patrat for your next clue.”

They nodded Bianca and Cheren looking around for the next book. Purrloin wished she knew what the final book would be so they could just skip all this and go into the gym battle. Still she knew this would good training for everyone. Case in point as she watched Ash bring out Tepig for a battle with another gym trainer. Pikachu sat on the sidelines watching the battle with Purloin and Cheren’s Snivy as his trainer was looking for a book and trying to give out encouragement to Bianca and Munna in a battle of her own.


Cilan in the middle of his own fight, Burgundy sent out her Dewott, and all Pansage could do was dodge.

“Dewott, use Revenge!” Burgundy shouted in a dramatic fashion as her water otter pokemon lashed out the negative energy into an attack. Both gym trainer and pokemon noted the look of utter loathing in their challenger’s eyes.

“Pansage dodge!” Cilan called out. The forest monkey did [has] his trainer instructed, dodging from side to side narrowly avoiding the angry and damaging lashes.

“Keep at it, X-Sissor!” Burgundy roared pumping her fist in the air, getting more and more aggravated at not landing a hit on her hated foe’s pokemon. Cilan and Pansage both saw this, got an idea.

“Keep dodging Pansage.” Cilan said giving a coy smile.

“Oh ho, he he, nice try, too slow, oh so close.” Pansage teased as he kept dodging Dewott’s attacks, making both opposing trainer and pokemon looking like boiled up tea kettles. Dewott’s last attempt at an attack by razor shell, would have hit…if Pansage hadn’t jumped into the air, and the pokemon’s prized shells were jammed into the concrete. Both Burgundy and Dewott were taken aback. Dewott desperately tried to get them out.

“Now Bullet Seed!” Cilan commanded. Pansage shot out a barrage of deadly bullets, swiftly causing the water type to give in to his weakness.

“Dewott, Aqua Jet get away!” Burgundy shouted as Dewott was able to finally escape out of Pansage’s range.

“Dig!” Cilan commanded and his partner quickly dug underground, now making a guessing game for the water otter. Dewott was trying to keep an eye on his precious shells and on the ground where Pansage could spring up from.

“Alright monkey…where are you?” Burgundy whispered acting as another pair of eyes for her pokemon.

She was so focused on looking for where Pansage was, that she didn’t notice Cilan was using his foot to tap morse code to issue another command to his pokemon.

“Mama, Mama, come on…lets go I’m bored!” Axew complained, he had popped out of his trainer’s hair, only to find that she still was gazing at this picture. He didn’t really get it, it looked scary to the young tusked dragon.

The picture looked like a fully grown but heavily injured Haxorus protecting a young woman that reminded Axew of his own Mama, with the dark skin and flowing dark almost purple hair. The woman worn a torn fancy looking white dress, and Axew spotted that she was carrying a baby wrapped around in cloth. The part of the painting that frightened Axew the most were the ice type pokemon and scary looking humans carrying swords. Axew noticed that Iris looked a bit frightened to, and like she was far away even when her body was right there. Axew noticed their friends were running around all over the place and batting without them.

“Mama, Mama, Mama.” Axew muttered as he tried poking Iris trying to get her out of her trance. He finally got a response as the dragon trainer shook her head. “Ah oh sorry Axew. I didn’t mean to just stand here.” She muttered sheepishly to herself.

“Well I see you’ve taken quite a liking to The Last Queen’s plea.” Lenora’s husband noted, causing Iris to jump to the side startled.

“H-How long were you standing there?” Iris questioned, thinking that nether her or Axew heard him.

“Oh not long. Say would you like to know some history about that painting, since you seem so interested. “ Hawes offered. Iris felt a bit guilty for not doing her part to help out, but a quick glance showed her that all of her friends wrapped out in their own battles. So she had a bit of time.

“Yes please.” Iris asked being quite curious.

“Well back three thousand years ago. Unova was busy trying to pick up the pieces after The Dragon split in two. Causing the battle between the Heroes of Truth and Ideals. The woman was the last Queen of Unova. What was left of her kingdom was being pursued by usurpers as you can see. Sad since what we could dig up shows she was kind and willing to do whatever for her people. A shame because the unknown head usurper brought the queen to an end.” Hawes said which made Iris looked rather sad at that bit of news.

“However some historians and artiest wonder if she had a child or that could have survived. Some theorize that this very painting was made from one of the queen’s last relatives, or that it was just made from legend. Sadly we’re still unsure of that era in our own history. Hawes went on, Iris listened, it wasn’t really much but Iris felt an odd sort of kinship with this painted long dead queen.

“After the battle, you can always check out a few history books. [Im] sure you could find a few on the Village of Dragons, Opelucid City…or even a dragon training books[]” The skinny man offered, causing Axew to smile and Iris to beam.

“Thanks,” Iris said. While she knew quite a bit of her hometown and the city of her old teacher, anything that would help her with dragon pokemon training would be a wonderful advantage. Iris and Axew left returning to helping her friends out with the challenge.

“Just give my wife a good battle.” The man requested.

Speaking of battles.


Dewott and Burgundy saw movement near Dewott’s still stuck shells. The Pokemon ran after his prize only to feel himself be yanked downward by a green arm until he was buried underground up to his neck. Both were a bit baffled, as Dewott blinked before seeing Pansage dig his way back to the surface. Another Pansage did the same but vanish after he appeared, showing the two foes that it was double team.

“Alright Pansage, lets finish off this battle with Solar Beam.” Cilan commanded his partner.

“No!” Burgundy and her Dewott whispered as their mind triggered a memory of a younger Burgundy in her home region of Kalos. It was the same battle all over again. No was the daughter of one of the Battle Chateau’s Barron. A Baroness herself, she could not lose again to one the weakest gym leaders.

Pansage started to charge of his attack in the same motion as Son Goku. Dewott started to shake trying to pull his body out of the ground, but he efforts gave no fruit.

“No, no!!!” Both thought in a panic, while Pansage’s attack was just about ready to fire. Burgundy couldn’t bear to face her family with the shame of losing twice to some lowly peasant. She just couldn’t, no her vengeance must be complete. Her honor had to be restored.

“Dewott, Water Pulse!” Burgundy shouted trying to have one last ditch attack. Passaged fired his Solar Beam and Dewott fired out Water Pulse. The attacks countered each other, struggling for a few seconds, but the water otter pokemon’s attack quickly lost traction. Dewott was blasted out of the hole he was stuck in, flinging him to his trainer. The force and power wiped out any power he had left. Now the gym leader thought in retrospect a bullet seed wouldn’t have been so dramatic and still have similar effects. Pansage thought he might have over done it as well since their opponents were on top of one another.

Burgundy let out a loud blood curdling frustrated scream as her mind went back feeling the shock, anger and shame all over again. She grabbed held on to her pokemon cradling him in her arms. The sting of defeat hurt all the same, and she could still hear the words of disgust from her mother and father. To be undone in such a quick and shameless display. She was still an embarrassment to the rest of the family, and it was all his fault!

“Curse you Cilan! Curse You! How dare you and your Pansage make a mockery of me again!” She snarled.

“Again?…Madam… I must ask, what did I do to make you so vexed?” Cilan questioned.

That was clearly the wrong thing to say as Burgundy looked even angrier.


“I…well-“ Cilan started to say, as Pansage jumped into his partner’s arms out of fright.

“Know this Cilan…I DESTROYED YOUR BROTHERS AND I SHALL DO THE SAME FOR YOU! YOU SHALL RUE THE DAY OF MY VENGEANCE! YOU HEAR ME?!Rue le jour1!!” Cilan’s unofficial rival ranted pointing her index finger at her hated enemy, before dashing off the pokemon center.

“Pansage….I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this young miss on our travels.” Cilan stated.

“Indeed.” Pansage sighed. Cilan and Pansage both thought to give a call to their brothers after viewing Ash, Iris’s Cheren’s and possibly Bianca’s match to Lenora. Hopefully they hadn’t missed it anything yet. The two made quick work traveling to the gym. Still as they ran Cilan couldn’t help but wonder how one lost battle could create such a reaction. Vowing revenge on him in such a display was quite over dramatic. What could be the reason?” The mint haired man mused as he went into his fellow leader’s gym.

Burgundy ran as fast as she could carrying her Dewott, who slowly started to wake his eyes.

“Burgundy Je suis désolé, je vous ai échoué à nouveau.” Dewott muttered, only to look up to his trainer putting on a brave face.

“Dewott, hush mon partenaire, nous allons augmenter plus fort qu'auparavant.” The trainer spoke tenderly in their native language, making way to the Pokemon Center. Burgundy then thought about her meeting with Cilan the other day…that baboon had friends…maybe she could use them to her advantage.


“Alright, Tepig, Lady Snivy great job you two!” Ash cheered. His pokemon looked victorious as they beat one of the passing trainer. The man adjusted his sunglasses while returning his pokemon to their poke balls.

“Not bad kid, your pokemon are pretty good.” The shade wearing traveler stated, making the kanto and trainer and his partners beaming.

“Aw thanks, your pokemon were awesome.” Ash said sheepishly.

“Well for giving me such a good battle, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about the gym.” The other trainer said gesturing Ash and his pokemon to come closer.

“Look for a History of Unova, that’s the book that’ll lead you to Lenora.” He said. Ash, Pikachu, and Purloin looked at him.

“That’s the secret to finding her. Take it or don’t and keep tiring yourselves out. Later.” The man spoke before walking away.

While this was great news, Ash felt like if he used this information it might compromise the win. Purrloin however didn’t share her trainer’s issues and ran off to what would be the history section. Pikachu and Ash followed the purple cat after getting the little fire pig and Lady Snivy into their poke balls.

Cheren, Iris, and even Bianca took notice of this, and wondered where their friends were going in such a hurry.

Purloin found the book in question and tired to jump onto it. Her trainer ran with their other allies and pulled out the history book. They all could hear something moving. Bianca looked at a carpet started to roll up making a stairway leading to a bottom floor.

“Wow, nice work Ash.” Cheren said a bit impressed. While he looked at Iris with an annoyed look.

“I meant at least Bianca and him helped out. Where the heck where you for most of all this?” Cheren asked.

“I was busy looking at a painting that caught my eye.” Iris muttered.

Cheren gave an annoyed sigh. “Me thinks the little kid needed to focus on the task at hand.” Cheren went on.

“What’s that supposed to mean!?” Iris snapped.

“It means you’re not as mature as you’d like to think you are!” Cheren snapped back.

“Guys…can we just focus on the battle please?” Ash requested trying to focus on the task at hand. They were killing his buzz right now. He was ready for the fight. The group walked down the stair case.

The found a large battlefield being the center stage of the room. To far right was Lenora sitting on a desk sipping a cup of tea. She looked up to find her challengers.

“Ah you’ve arrived.” Lenora spoke, putting down her cup. The look of battle gleaming in her eyes. Ash, Cheren, and Iris had the same feeling in theirs.

End of chapter.

Je suis désolé, je vous ai échoué à nouveau in english is: I’m sorry I failed you.

hush mon partenaire, nous allons augmenter plus fort qu'auparavant. in english is: hush my partner, we shall increase stronger then before.



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Sep 25, 2010
Wow. I was not expecting James, Jessie or Meowth to be given that kind of mission. I like how James wonders how Ash and his Pikachu are doing. <3 I do hope team rocket does okay against a serial killer. Kind of surprised it isn't left to the police, but of course, it's shady business with team rocket getting mixed up with things like that. Anyways, I had a good laugh at Cilan convincing his opponent to eat before continuing out their pokemon battle. And I'd assume the language spoken is French? Otherwise, it was a good chapter. And I wonder if you're subtly hinting at Iris's parentage? xD

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Jun 14, 2009

Chapter 13: Triple Battle

Lenora got up from her desk, the gym leader gazed at the challengers, like she was sizing them up. She gave a small chuckle while shaking her head.

“I admit, this is the first time I’ve had more then one challenger face me. Still I’d have been disappointed if you all hadn’t passed. Cilan told me quite a bit about you, and you show promise.” The gym leader complimented.

The four trainers and their pokemon beamed at the praise.

“I always enjoy seeing what trainers come to learn in between battling, it helps me gain a little insight on my challengers. Iris, I can tell has a deep connection to dragon type pokemon, since you enjoyed the painting. Ash, who’s from Kanto seems to have been well traveled. Cheren went right for battle tactics when he picked up and glanced at Nice to meet you Pokemon.” Leonora noted.

The trainers wonder how she was able to figure out what they all looked at.
“What about me?” Bianca nervously.

“Oh well since you seemed interested in the picture books….so I might have to put you in a play room at the daycare since this gym battle isn’t age appropriate for you sweetie.” Lenora started to snicker.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” Bianca whinned while grabbing on to Cheren for dear life. This caused the gym leader to laugh a bit more.

“Just kidding.” Lenora joked, causing Bianca to fall to the ground like an anime character. Now who’s dropping out?” Lenora asked She noticed the confused looks the four of them.

“Huh?” They all asked. The gym leader lightly shook her head.

“Well I could fight you all one by one. However that would cause delays with healing in between matches. So to save time, why not give you all a taste of triple battles?
Lenora offered. Ash, Iris and especially Cheren looked interested at the prospect.

“ I don’t need the others. I’LL TAKE ALL YOUR POKEMON BY MYSELF!!! MY TEAM’S POWER WILL CRUSH YOU!” Cheren roared in a burst of passion.

“Down boy.” Ash and Iris said grabbing a hold of him. “I’ll join you Cheren in the battle.” Iris volunteered, gaining a nod of approval from the older woman.

“I guess with Ash your all set.” Bianca laughed sheepishly.

“Go for it Bianca, you’ve got this!” Ash said patting her on the back.

“EHHH?!” Bianca shouted taken a back, Lenora raised an eyebrow.

“Funny, you seemed pretty excitated to fight me, why change your mind?” She asked.

Ash simply shrugged. “Well I don’t wanna be selfish and hog all the fun. Besides Iris, Cheren and Bianca got this fight in the bag.” Ash praised. While the two former smiled, the latter looked very nervous.

“Very well, then lets get the battle started. Oh Hawes!” Lenora called in a sing song tone of voice. The trainers noticed that the gym leader’s husband suddenly come out of nowhere.

“Yes honey?” Hawes asked.

“I’ll need you to be the judge for a few battles for me.” Lenora requested. The man did as his wife asked, and took the judging position as requested. Ash, Pikachu, and Purloin took a spot by the nearby long couch. Ash felt it was a bit odd he wasn’t in a proper bleacher. Cilan gave a small wave as he to take his seat. However he sat a few spaces away from Ash’s Purrloin, much to the cat pokemon’s offense.

“The battle between, Gym Leader Lenora verses the challengers Iris, Cheren, and Bianca! This battle will be a three on three fight. The trainers maybe []allowed to switch fainted pokemon, however healing items can be used only once. Let the battle begin!” Hawes called out.

“Axew go!” Iris called out as her dragon jumped onto the battle felid.

“Throw I chose you!” Cheren said throwing a poke ball, summoning his massive fighter.

“Umm Munna!” Bianca mumbled while sending her psychic ball of puff, spewing out dreaming powder form it’s body.

Ash, Cilan and Pikachu, Pansage, and Purloin cheered on for their friends as Lenora threw out her own pokemon. A Watchog, a Lilpup, and a Hurdier. Bianca wanted to gush about how cute her opponent’s lilpup, but felt like she had to stay focused. Purloin looked like she was about to have a heart attack, just looking at the two dog pokemon. She hid behind Pikachu. Pansage went to calm down his trainer and his patient.

“Let the battle began!” Hawes cried out. The Dragon Master in the making and the two starting trainers quickly started the battle with their opponents.

“Throh use Break Brick on that Watchog!” Cheren ordered as his massive figure lunged at his opponent.

“Munna stay in the air, and use Psybeam! Just don’t hurt the little l ilpup too bad!” Bianca called out. Lenora raised an eyebrow at that comment, almost chuckling.

“Aw bless her little heart.” Lenora thought in an amused tone.

“Axew, use leer at the Hurdier, and then use Dragon Dance!” Iris ordered, figuring lowering the closing the power gap would work in her favor, rather then a straight up battle of pure strength.

“Herdir use protect against the brute, then use shadow ball on the cream puff. Watchdog use thunder bolt. Lilpup use Take down on the little dragon.” Lenora ordered.

The three pokemon heard their leaders commands and switched places. The fighting pokemon and his trainer were taken a back as their attack was blocked by the large hound, then the fighting type was blasted with an unexpected thunder bolt. Herdir fired a shadow ball at the Munnna while Axew was leering at a Lilpup about ram into him.

“Dodge It!” Both Iris and Bianca cried out. Munna and Axew did their best to get out of the way of the attacks. Munna had been shot down, while Axew just barely able to get away. The Lilpup had to take damage from the take down.

“Throw, use arm thrust against Watchog!” Cheren yelled as his pokemon. Said pokemon got the message and used his arm to thrust the skinny normal type into the air. Bianca saw an opening, smiling.

“Munna use pysbeam on Watchog!” She cheered and the dream catcher pokemon got to work blasting the normal type back into the ground. Lenora gave Herdier a look, while the massive dog caught his fellow gym pokemon. Axew used dragon dance, Iris following along with her dragon in sync.

“Dragon Rage!” Iris shouted as Lilpup started to get back up. The dragon charged up his attack, about ready to fire.

“Lilpup roar.” Lenora ordered.

“Oh boy.” Ash thought to himself as he and his pokemon watched.

Lets see how they handle themselves.” Cilan thought.

The tiny dog pokemon let out a loud roar that reached out to the whole battleground. Axew, Thrown, and Munna, felt very strange as they were exposed to the roar. Cheren, Bianca, iris and Ash noticed the roar effected their poke balls. Thrown, Munna and Axew were suddenly were set back to their poke balls, or Iris’s hair and their replacements came out confused. Exidrill slept in his pod, Walter the Lilpup came out chasing his tail, embarrassing poor Bianca. Cheren’s Snivy seemed as unprepared as his trainer was.

“Now Lilpup, Wathog, Herdier, rush em.” Lenora said with a smirk on her face, making the younger trainers panic slightly. The Gym leader’s pokémon unleashed Thunder Bolt, two Shadow Balls at the unprepared pokemon. Cheren’s Snivy barely managed to dodge the assault while Bianca’s Lilpup was quickly knocked out of the battle field making Bianca cry out in dismay. Iris looked very worried as the hits landed on her immobile friend’s outer shell. Bianca returned her pokemon back to his ball, and then threw out Pignite in his place.

“FLAME CHARGE PIGNITE! MAKE THEM PAY!” The blond screamed. The flaming pig pokemon did as his trainer commanded, charging at the trio of normal types. Cheren, Iris, Ash, Cilan, and even Lenora did a small double take at Bianca’s rage.

“Giga Impact.” Lenora commanded as her Herdier met the flame charge head on. Cheren and his Snivy both had the same thought. The green snake used vine whip to grab a hold of Lenora’s Watchhog’s leg. Before Lenora could issue a command or her pokemon could do anything Watchog was sandwiched in between the two powerful attacks. This distracted the older dog and allowed Pignite to gain an advantage and push back in the struggle.

Bianca cheered on her pokemon, Cheren had his Snivy attack the Lilpup with Razor leaf. Only for the gym leader to have it counter with Shadow Balls. Iris pulled out her Pokeball and returned her Exadrill, and brought Axew back.

“Axew Dragon Dance!” Iris called out.

The tiny tusked pokemon followed the moments of his trainer, dancing away making him stronger, and faster, making Ash and Pikachu grin from ear to ear. “Now Axew Dragon Rage and help Pignite!” Iris command as her dragon was about to really give Lenora a bad time. At least that’s what Iris would hope.

“Lilpup, Roar.” Lenora ordered with a slightly smug look on her face in contrast to the frightened, frustrated and enraged looks of her challengers.

All three trainer’s pokemon were swapped as the little pup, and Lenora’s two other pokemon managed to catch their breath. Bianca’s Munna had been pulled back out, along with Cheren’s Pidove Beaky fluttered and confused Iris cursed as Exadrill came back.

“Wathog thunder Bolt, Lilpup Shadow Ball, Herdier, Shadow Ball as well.” Lenora ordered.

Before the three trainers could do anything. Cheren’s Beaky, and Munna, went down in a flash. Iris quickly returned the mole pokemon before he did anything Iris would regret.

Cilan looked deep in thought, while Ash looked a little nervous. Pikachu was too busy calming down Purrlion who was still rather frantic. Then Cheren felt like something clicked in his head.

“Guys, I have an idea, we can end this quickly” Cheren whispered while taking out his Scolipede’s ball. Iris nodded, with Axew ready to listen in on the plan, while Bianca pouted. The blond then agreed while pulling out her Minchino’s pokeball.

Lenora waited along with her husband and friends while the trio challengers whispered to themselves before unleashing their pokemon. The long bug pokemon, towered over the tiny tusked dragon and the gray tailed fluff pokemon.

“Minchino use Charm!” Bianca called out.

“Axew, Dragon Dance!” Iris said as she moved her feet with Axew in rhythm.

“Scolipede, use string shot on Lilpup’s mouth, and the other’s legs.” Cheren commanded

Before Lenora could issue a command to her own pokemon. The normal types were all entranced by the little wide eared powder puff, doing her best to look utterly adorable. Lenora could even feel it working on her husband, giving out an “Aww!” much to her annoyance.

“Keep dancing Axew.” Iris told her little dragon, while they both danced to make him stronger. Axew kept dancing, moving more and more to the side with Minchino’s copying him. Pikachu and Pansage thought the dance show was actually pretty cute.

Scolipede wrapped up the three normal types in his own webbing.

“Now Roll out, and whack them all out with Poison Tail!” Cherin shouted.

Lenora could see what they were up too. “Guys, snap out of it! Break the webbing! Move!” She shouted.

“Too late Axew Dragon Rage!” Iris pointed out while her little tusked dragon shot out a massive blast of enraged energy. Lenora could only watch helpless to see both her Lilpup and Watchog were sitting ducks and took the full fire. Two gym pokemon were sent flying into different directions. The lilpup was caught by his trainer, her Watchhog slammed right into her husband. They were both unable to fight.

Bianca and Iris along with their pokemon and friends cheered at the victory. However Chern was focused on the task at hand. For his fallen team mate he would have nothing but total victory.

The bug type shot out like a wheel, ramming into Hurdier, who was finally free from the charm. The massive dog opened his mouth to shoot out a flame thrower. However it backfired as his face was smacked harshly with a poison tail attack.

“After this you are gonna get so much honey Scolipede.”Cheren thought to himself.

The massive hound looked like he was still trying to pull off a possible last attack when the poison kicked in, forcing him to faint. Lenora gave off an annoyed look, but simply shook her head with a small smile as she returned her pokemon back to their balls.

“The Challengers are the winners!” Hawes declared. Iris, Bianca, Cheren cheered along with their pokemon. Cilan gave a professional clap. While Ash, Pikachu and Purloin shot up from their seats and joined their friends in the celebration. The pokemon were returned to their poke balls for a well earned rest while Axew enjoyed the safety of Iris’s hair.

Lenora walked over to the three winners getting their prizes ready.

“Congrats you three. I had my doubts, but you managed to pull it off. Here are your Basic Badges. I hope from here on out you’ll be able to move past the basics and educate yourselves to even greater heights.” The Gym Leader handed the three their badges..

“Thank you so much Miss Lenora, I feel smarter already.” Bianca said while Lenora thought the blond would need all the help she could get.

“So, since I beat you does that mean I get to take over as Gym Leader?” Cheren asked as Ash and Iris gave each other a high five.

“Hahahaha! Your funny kid.” Lenora said as she gave the young boy a powerful whack on the back while going to her next challenger.

“Ash right? It’ll take a bit of time for our battle to start. However I hope [you're] ready.”

Ash, Pikachu, and Purloin gave a grin.

“Oh I’m all fired up, now! I can’t wait to get started.” He declared.

End of chapter.
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