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Power Rangers

Over ten millennia ago, Zordon of Eltar, a sorcerer who sided with good, was locked in an intergalactic struggle with Rita Repulsa, a sorceress who sided with evil. During their epic struggle, the witch managed to trap Zordon within an interdimensional time warp. However, before he was trapped, Zordon had trained five strong warriors to help him combat the evil sorceress. These five sealed Rita and her minions away in a space dumpster.

The five warriors disappeared soon afterward, and promised that they will return in the Universe's darkest hour.

With Zordon gone, the day-to-day upkeep fell to the duties of his loyal robot, Alpha 5. After the battles ceased, Zordon, using an intergalactic channel tube, decided to use Earth as his new base of operations, setting up in the deserts of California. He knew one day that Rita's confinement would not hold her forever.

And he was right. In 1993, two astronauts accidentally discovered and opened Rita's space dumpster, and the evil sorceress was released. Zordon, with the help of his trusted assistant Alpha 5, sought out five teenagers, thus creating the first generation of Power Rangers. The Power Rangers would go down in history as the greatest team of superheroes, their legacy lasting for more than a decade.

Later on, when the Space Power Rangers were the current team, the Red Ranger Andros was commanded by Zordon to shatter his energy tube to stop all the evil that was attacking the Universe. Andros did so, and thus the creator of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was no more.

Evil was still around, and so were the Power Rangers. But their last incarnation, the Jungle Fury Power Rangers, were the last Ranger team ever seen. No one knows what happened to the Power Rangers, and some didn't care. This disappearance gave rise to evil, in all forms. Organized crime families began taking over the United States, wars broke out all over the world, and something is heading towards Earth.

Our story shifts to Chicago, Illinois, where one man could not stand for this tyranny.

This man, professor Raymond Pamon (Founder, President, and CEO of Pamon Technologies) sought to discover the reason why the Power Rangers were no longer around. His research led him to the conclusion that the Universal Morphing Grid, the energy field that had bestowed the power upon every Ranger, had been severely damaged. Raymond took it upon himself to repair the Morphing Grid by any means possible. After three tiresome years of working in secret, Raymond finally finished the repairs.

But somehow, his secret had been exposed, and his research lab had been attacked by a mysterious enemy. Raymond was captured, but the mysterious enemy could not find any trace of Raymond's work. Before being captured, the professor chronicled his work in a log video, and sent it to an old colleague of his, Adam Park, a former Power Ranger.

In his video, Raymond revealed to Adam that should anything unexpected happen, he would send all of his research to the one place evil could not find it: the work center located underneath his home. Adam went to this work center and discovered that Raymond had repaired the Morphing Grid.

Adam, being the good-spirited person that he is, decided to finish Raymond's work by gathering a team of Rangers to rid the world of the surrounding evil. But, even with the help of Alpha 6, he had no way of doing the basics, such as creating morphers and weapons, and designing zords. That is when the five warriors of Zordon, now dying spirits, revealed themselves once again. They could not stand to see evil have its way once again, and decided to help Adam in all this. They chose five young teenagers: Michael Pamon, the son of Raymond Pamon, Evan Watanabe, Ricardo Cervantes, Amy Fisher, and Kya James.

Together, with the power given to them by the ancient warriors, these teenagers will become...

The Samurai Power Rangers!


Finally, a new generation of Power begins. But this new team must work fast. Evil is coming, and it is coming soon.​


What I have just shown to you is the back story to my new fan fiction, Power Rangers: Reborn. The first episode, The Power Reborn, is done, and will be posted right away. If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

PLEASE, critiques, constructive criticism, and personal opinions are MORE than welcome.

Also, blame the Japanese if you don't like the helmets of the team >_>
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So far so good, I'm interested in how the characters will act.

Crimson Jazz

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Oct 5, 2005
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[Slowly stands up and then claps]
So far so good, I'm interested in how the characters will act.

Thank you for being my first reader. And here is the first chapter, which I am sure you will like.

Chapter I
The Power Reborn

“Famed inventor Raymond Pamon is STILL missing. The glorified CEO disappeared two weeks ago following an explosion at his company’s headquarters. Investigators believe that he may be hostage to one of the city’s two major crime families, though no word has been released from either parties. Chief operating officer William Cabe will take over as head of the company until Raymond is found alive, or until his son Michael is old enough to run the company himself.”

That was the voice of Julianne Morgan, a reporter for WGN News. An African-American teenager was watching the news before he got himself up and ready for the first day of the new school year. He was Michael Pamon, the son referred to in the report. He still couldn’t believe it. First his mother dies of a heart attack when he was ten, and now his father was missing. It’s like God just loved laughing in Michael’s face. Or at least, that was his look on how his life was now. And his life could only get even worse from there; he was entering his second year of high school.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. His best friend, Ricardo Cervantes, was giving him a call.

“What‘s up, Ricky?” he said as he spoke into his phone.

Ricky had asked him, “Hey man, could I get a ride to school? My folks both had to leave early, and I don’t have any bus fare.

Michael let out a small laugh and replied, “Sure, buddy. I‘ll call you when I’m leaving the house.” Ricky responded okay, and Michael hung the phone up. He raced upstairs to take his shower. Afterward, he went into his room and the clothing he would wear for the day.

Soon after he finished putting on today’s apparel, he heard his chauffeur/bodyguard blow the horn to his sedan. Michael grabbed his book bag from off his bed and headed out the door. His chauffeur, James Randolph, got out of the sedan and went to open the door for Michael. But, Michael quickly stopped him, “Jimmy, I told you don’t have to always open this door for me.” Michael instead opened the door himself and got inside.

“Of course, Master Michael. My apologies.” Jimmy replied.

Michael shook his head and laughed. He looked up to Jimmy and said, “And you don’t have to apologize, or call me Master. That makes me feel….old.”

Jimmy looked at Michael and smiled. “Well, if you makes you feel any younger, I’ll call you Mike.”

He then closed the door, and headed back to the driver’s seat. Once he entered the sedan, Michael said to Jimmy, “By the way, Ricky needs a ride to school. Mind picking him up?”

“Of course, Mike.” Jimmy replied as he put his seat belt on and started up the car. He drove the car out of the premises of the Pamon Mansion and headed towards Ricky’s house. Once Ricky was picked up, Jimmy began heading towards Olive-Harvey College Preparatory High School, Michael and Ricky’s current school. It took a dreadful half hour of getting through traffic, but Jimmy got the two of them to the school with a good thirty minutes to spare. He dropped them off two blocks away, since Michael did not like being dropped off in a limo in front of the school.

As they walked towards the school, the two of them noticed that the police was investigating the area. There must have been another gang shooting. Gang violence was one of the main crimes tearing Chicago apart. But Michael and Ricky didn't let this bother them. They were too busy with making conversation. Their new classes, the new teachers, the girls, the old friends that they hoped had returned, and the new events that awaited them this new school year were some of the many topics they discussed. The two of them had no idea that something bigger than all of this was going to happen today.

They entered the school, and headed up to the second floor where their lockers were at. Luckily, thanks to a glitch in the school’s system, their lockers were right next to each other, so the conversations would never be short. After they got themselves situated, they leaned against their lockers and took in the sights of freshmen getting lost, the seniors giving them hell, and their other friends goofing off before the first bell of the new school year rang. Michael then spotted Evan Watanabe, one of his friends, and possibly the smartest kid in the world.

“Hey, Evan, good summer?” Michael asked his friend as they shook hands.

“Well, if you consider a summer in Japan good, then...YEAH! How have you been, man? I heard about your father.” Evan replied.

Michael shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I’m surviving, Evan. There’s nothing I can do but listen to the crap the detectives feed me.”

“It’s the best you CAN do, bud. I just hope your father’s okay.” Ricky said, jumping into the conversation. He then shook hands with Evan.

“Hey, Mike. Look,” Evan said as he pointed Michael’s attention to someone standing behind him. Evan finished up by speaking in a singsong tone, “There goes the girl of your dreams.”

Michael turned around and spotted Kya James, a girl Michael had liked since freshmen year at Olive-Harvey. Though they have been on numerous dates ‘as friends’, Michael never worked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. Walking with Kya was her best friend and sister figure Amy Fisher. Just like Michael and Ricky, Kya and Amy have been best friends since before they can remember. As the two of them walked past, Michael blurted out the only thing he ever could say.

“Hey, Kya.”

Kya looked over to him and smiled, replying, “Hi, Michael.” She and Amy then walked into their first class of the day, Chemistry.

Ricky shook his head and looked to his best friend. With a tone of disappointment in his voice, Ricky said, “Mike, you have GOT to be the biggest idiot in the world. SHE LIKES YOU, MAN! Go for her!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Michael looked at Ricky and stated, “I’ll try it one of these days.”

Suddenly, the first bell rang. Evan looked up at the clock and noticed that they had only five minutes to get to their first class. The three of them grabbed their books and raced to class. Michael and Evan shared their first period class together, which was Honors English.

Michael and Ricky shared their second period class, Physical Education. Third period was World History, which Michael, Amy, and Kya shared.

Fourth period was lunch for all Sophomores. It was then, that the lives of Michael, Ricky, Evan, Amy and Diamond would change forever.

When the lunch line had died down and all the sophomores had sat down and began eating their lunches, something had entered Earth’s atmosphere. All of the sudden, there was a large BOOM. It felt as if an Earthquake had hit Chicago. But it was something bigger, much bigger. As nearly the entire student body ran outside away from the crumbling lunchroom, they noticed that a huge ship was in the sky. A beam of light had fired from the ship, releasing what seemed to be monsters from it. The ship then disappeared. Some of these monsters had made their way towards the school, and began attacking everyone in sight. Every student began to run. Michael, Ricky, Evan, Amy, Kya tried to escape these monsters, but they were quickly cornered by six monsters, and their doom was imminent.

But he was going to let that happen.

A man appeared before the teenagers and the monsters. He was clad in a black spandex uniform, holding a battle axe in his hand. This man engaged the monsters in battle. After a few swift swings of his battle axe, he sent two of the monsters to the ground, writhing in pain. He turned his axe into a blaster, firing at two other monsters, destroying them. One monster attacked him with it’s sword, causing him to stumble for a bit. But he quickly regained his balance and fired his blaster at the monster that attacked him. He looked at the last monster that was left, who was looking at the bodies of it’s dead comrades. It dropped it’s sword and ran away in fear.

The man laughed, threw his blaster in the air, caught it, and then said, “I still got it.”

The five teenagers ran up to him in awe, amazed by what they had just witnessed. Amy was the first one to acknowledge him, “Wow! That was amazing! You…you’re a Power Ranger, aren’t you?”

The man took off his helmet and revealed his secret identity to the five teenagers, “Yes. My name is Adam Park, and I need the five of you to come with me.” The five teenagers were initially confused. Why would they go somewhere with a total stranger? But then, they figured anywhere else would be safer than their current location. Adam spoke into his communicator and said, “Alpha, teleport us in.”


Adam and the five teenagers were teleported to some sort of base. Once there, they were greeted by a strange little robot, “Hello, teenagers! My name is Alpha 6! But you can just call me Alpha!” The robot’s quirkiness further confused the teens. They had never seen a robot speak with such great enthusiasm. Adam powered down and began triangulating the current places where the monsters from before were attacking.

“Um...Adam? You mind telling us what we’re doing here?” Kya asked.

Adam turned towards the teenagers and replied, “You are here…because I need your help. The Earth is being attacked by a group of space aliens known collectively as the Imperium.”

“And…why are you telling US this? Shouldn’t you get some of your Power Ranger friends to help you?” Michael asked.

Evan nodded his head in agreement and also threw in a question, “Yeah. And why are you JUST now showing yourself? The nation’s crime rate has hit an all-time high since the Power Rangers disappeared back in 2008.”

Adam lowered his head. He knew he would have to give the teenagers a thorough explanation as to why he needed their help.

“The Power Rangers disappeared back in 2008 because the Universal Morphing Grid, the energy field that grants us our powers, was somehow damaged. Michael, your father spent the last three years repairing it.”

Michael’s face scrunched up. He couldn’t believe it at first, “My dad? Wait…so that explains why he would never be home most of the time, but…why is he gone?”

Adam sighed and replied, “I don’t know. The same day he disappeared, he sent me a video, chronicling his work on the Morphing Grid.”

Evan interrupted Adam and asked, “He knew you were a Power Ranger?”

Adam nodded his head and continued, “Yes. I told him after I knew I could trust him. Anyway, in his video, he said that if anything happened to him, he wanted me to come here, the research center under the Pamon Mansion. He wanted me to continue what he was going to do before he disappeared: gather a new team of Power Rangers. But, even with Alpha’s help, I had no idea how to create morphers, design zords, weapons, and all that kind of stuff. Then, five ancient warriors appeared to me and Alpha.”

“They gave Adam this box, and told us that you five should be the main people we consider as the new team of Power Rangers.” Alpha said as he took a box out from a cabinet.

“But why US?” Amy asked.

“Because these Ranger powers only work for those pure of heart, and yours are the purest among any human being in the world right now. Also, those five warriors are your ancestors. They wanted you to do the very same thing they were once entrusted with: protecting the Universe from any and all evil.” Adam replied.

This was all too much for the teenagers to take in. Them as Power Rangers? They could imagine it, sure, but they all doubted that they could actually DO the job.

Adam tried to plead with the teenagers, “Please, kids. I need your help. The Earth needs your help. You’re the only ones that can do this. So, please. Are you ready to accept this deep responsibility? Are you ready….to become Power Rangers?” He opened the box that Alpha pulled out from a cabinet, revealing five morphers. These five morphers were in the exact same design as the original Power Morphers, though they had different animals imprinted into the Power Coins.

The teenagers looked at the morphers, but were still judgmental. But finally, one by one, they worked up the courage to take on this responsibility. They had to do this.

Michael was first, “Adam, I’m ready.” He grabbed the morpher in the middle of the box. It carried the Lion Coin.

Ricky was next, “You can count me in.” He grabbed the morpher that bared the Bear Coin.

After Ricky was Evan, “For the Earth.” His morpher had the Dragon Coin within it.

Amy immediately followed, “If it protects my family, then so be it.” Her morpher carried the Great Ape Coin.

Kya, the most reluctant of them all, had finally worked up her courage just like the rest of the teens, “This is all WAY too much...but if this is what needs to be done, then let's do it.” Her morpher had that of the Turtle Coin.

Adam put a huge smile on his face and said, “All right! The Power Rangers are back in business! You are now the Samurai Squadron Power Rangers! Now get out there and deal with the Imperium’s foot soldiers!”

Kya noticed that Adam was not standing next to them. She acknowledged this by saying, "Aren't you coming with us, Adam?"

Adam pondered that question for a while. He WANTED to continue his Ranger work, but he knew his old body just couldn't take the physical grind of being a fully active Power Ranger again. So, he looked at the new Rangers and said, "No. I'm too old for the Ranger business. My place is here. Yours is out there, doing what I used to do."

Michael smiled, slipped his morpher's handle into his hand and said, “All right, then…It’s Morphin’ Time!”

Green Ranger Power!
Pink Ranger Power!
Blue Ranger Power!
Yellow Ranger Power!
Red Ranger Power!


The new team of Power Rangers teleported to Downtown Chicago, where a battalion of Imperium Grunts was attacking innocent civilians. The Chicago Police Department and the United States National Guard were doing the best they could to stop these monsters. But they soon noticed that the best help available had just arrived.

"HEY, Imperium scum! We're here to stop you and send you back to whatever crater you came from!" Michael said as he and his fellow Rangers ran toward the Grunts.

"What? Who are these spandex-wearing freaks?" asked one the Grunts.

"With the power of the turtle, Samurai Ranger Pink!” Kya lilted as she formed a pose.

"With the power of the ape, Samurai Ranger Yellow!" Amy said as she formed a pose.

"With the power of the dragon, Samurai Ranger Blue!" Evan said proudly while forming a pose.

"With the power of the bear, Samurai Ranger Green!" proclaimed Ricky, forming a pose.

"With the power of the lion, Samurai Ranger Red!" Michael bravely stated, forming a pose.

Together, the five of them then yelled, "POWER RANGERS, SAMURAI!"

Finally, the new breed of Power Rangers had arrived.

“These Power Rangers are a threat to our empire. Attack them!” one Grunt ordered to the others.

"Alright, guys! Let's show 'em what we got!" Michael commanded as he began to run towards one of the Grunts. He began to fight five Grunts. He performed a spin attack and kicked one Grunt in the face, throwing it to the ground. He then elbowed another Grunt in the chest and then performed a low kick, tripping the Grunt. Michael then pulled out the Samurai Sword, the common weapon for each of the Rangers. He swiftly moved through the three remaining Grunts, cutting them down with ease. But he soon noticed that other Grunts had come to aid their fallen comrades. This didn’t matter to Michael. He again moved swiftly through these Grunts, cutting them down as they tried to attack him with the slow swing of their swords. After cutting down one last Grunt, the remaining Grunts surrounding him had disappeared.

Ricky began to fight two Grunts, but more showed up. The two Grunts tried to grabbed him by the arms, but with his enhanced strength, Ricky was able to overcome their hold and throw them into each other, knocking them out. Then, four Grunts with swords surrounded him. He pulled out his Samurai Sword to rival them. After dodging a slow swing from one of the Grunts, he slashed the Grunt across it's chest two times, and then kicked it to the ground. Ricky then knocked a Grunt's sword out of it's hand before slashing it three times across the chest. Six Grunts then tried to surround him. Ricky began to spin, and slashed the six Grunts across their torsos, sending them to the ground in defeat. Before he realized it, the other Grunts that tried to attack him had ran away.

Evan was up against three Grunts. He took out the second weapon common among the Samurai Rangers, the Samurai Blaster. With it, he fired upon the three Grunts that tried to attack him. The blast from the Samurai Blaster was too much for the Grunts, and it killed them. He directed his attention to a Grunt that tried to attack him with it's sword. He dodged the attack and fired at the Grunt's stomach. Evan was then surrounded by five Grunts. With his Samurai Blaster, he performed a spin attack and fired at each of the Grunts, killing them. After witnessing this feat, the rest of the Grunts around him fled in fear.

Amy started fighting two Grunts. She pulled out both the Samurai Sword and the Samurai Blaster. She tripped one Grunt and stabbed it in it's chest and she sent three blasts through the stomach of the second Grunt. Amy then knelt to the ground, allowing Kya to jump off her back and fired at five Grunts directly in front of her. Diamond then allowed Amy to jump off of her shoulders. Amy performed a mid-air front flip, and attacked the last remaining Grunt with her Samurai Sword before she hit the ground. Ten Grunts then tried to overwhelm the girls, but they were one step ahead of the Grunts. The two put their backs to each other, and performed a spin attack with their blasters, killing all the surrounding Grunts.

Before the Rangers realized it, the rest of the Grunts had ran away in fear, not wanting to reach the same fate as the dead ones.

Michael laughed and then said, "That's right, you bozos! Go back to wherever you came from!"

Evan spoke out after Michael, "Because with us in around..."

Ricky continued, "You won't be able to take down this town..."

Amy then followed, "Not even Earth will fall into your danger..."

Kya finished up, "Yeah, because we're the..."

The team formed signature poses and together yelled, "POWER RANGERS!"


The new Rangers teleported back to the base underneath the Pamon Mansion. There, they powered down. Adam and Alpha then congratulated the team.

"Rangers! That was amazing! The way you gave a pummeling to those Grunts!" Alpha said in delight.

Adam was smiling heavily, proud to see that the Earth had new protectors. He walked over to them and said, "Congratulations on your first successful battle as Power Rangers. Thanks to you, the Power has been reborn. But remember, that was only the beginning. And while you were battling the Grunts, Alpha and I gathered a lot of data on the Imperium and their forces. Look at the viewing screen."

A giant screen projected in front of the Rangers, and on it, they were shown the main leaders of the Imperium. The first monster that appeared on the on the screen was apparently female, and gruesome-looking. Alpha explained to the Rangers who this woman was, "Rangers, this is Commander Kelisa. She is the leader of the Imperium Grunts that specialize in underwater tactics."

Another monster appeared on the screen. Adam explained who he was, "This is Commander Shitari. He is the strategist of the Imperium, and the leader of the Grunts that focus on airborne tactics. From what we've gathered, he's not much of a fighter himself, so he might be the easiest to defeat."

The next monster that appeared on the screen, Alpha explained who he was, "This is Commander Neidas. He is the leader of the Grunts you faced today."

Finally, the most gruesome and most terrifying of these monsters appeared on the screen.

"And Rangers," Adam paused for a moment, and then continued, "this is Aku, Emperor of the Imperium. He is very, VERY powerful, and holds many forces under the flag of his empire."

"Rangers, you have to be ready at all times to face whatever the Imperium throws at you. They are aware that the five of you are their greatest threat, and they will do anything to destroy you." Alpha said.

Adam closed down the screen and explained to the team the rules of being a Ranger, "Now that you are Rangers, you must follow the same exact rules that I had to follow when I was Ranger. First, never use your power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a fight unless the Imperium forces you to. And finally, never disclose your identity to the general public. Disobeying any of these rules will result in the loss of your power." Adam paused for a moment and looked over at Michael, who seemed to have something else on his mind. Adam knew exactly what it was, "Michael, finding your father will be one of our top priorities. We owe him that much. If not for him, we'd all be bowing down to evil right now."

Michael nodded his head at Adam and smiled. He then replied, "Thank you, Adam."

"You do not know how grateful Adam and I are for accepting this responsibility. As Zordon would say, may the Power protect you all." Alpha said.

The Rangers were confused by who this 'Zordon' was that Alpha referred to. Michael had to ask, "Who's Zordon?"

Adam placed his hand on his forehead and realized, "Oh, that's right. You guys don't know about Zordon and the other Power Rangers that preceded you."

"Well, Adam, show them the video." Alpha suggested.

"What video are you talking about?" asked Amy.

"Rangers, it's time you learned about the ones that came before you." Adam replied. He pressed a few buttons on one of the computers, and a new screen popped up. A man appeared on the screen and was sitting in a chair. He was Tommy Oliver, perhaps the greatest Ranger to ever live. In this video, he began to explain the stories of every Ranger team, from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to the Jungle Fury Power Rangers. This would be a huge history lesson for the Rangers, and would make them even more aware of what it took to be a Ranger.


Meanwhile, on the Imperium flagship...

Emperor Aku was angered. He could believe what his Commander was telling him, "WHAT!?! You're telling me that the entire battalion of troops I sent out couldn't defeat a bunch of punks in colored spandex!?!"

"Y-Yes sir. And these kids seem to be calling themselves...the Power Rangers." Commander Shitari replied.

Emperor Aku's anger had grown even greater, "WHAT!?!?! So...it seems we made our move rather too late. Get out of my sight, Shitari. I need time to strategize plans for defeating these new Rangers."

Commander Shitari left his master's throne room, leaving him to his thoughts. The Emperor turned his throne chair around, looking out into the great abyss of space. He pulled out a remote, and pressed a button on it. A screen popped up in front of him. On the screen, a human male appeared, bound in chains. Aku knew he would have to move quickly if he was to keep this prisoner out of the Rangers' rescue. He then pressed a button on the throne chair, connecting him to the bridge.

"Commander Kelisa. Set a course for Phaedos. It'll make a nice place of refuge for our prisoner."

He then laughed manically, and his ship entered warp speed, heading for the planet of Phaedos.
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I apologize that this took soooooo long to post. Laziness took me over.

Chapter II
The Imperium Strikes Back

The Power Rangers couldn’t have come back at a better time. It has now been exactly four months since the Samurai Rangers arrived, and the crime rate has taken a huge hit. Thanks to them, crime in the United States has dropped to an amazing 29%, the lowest it’s been since 2008. Crime families are too smart to continue their work now that the Rangers are back, and the petty thief is too afraid to try and attempt a crime. There are still wars going on in the world, but at least people can breath a sigh of relief now that the Power Rangers are finally back.

In addition to this, it seems the Imperium had disappeared just as fast as they arrived. Did they give up? Not likely. It would be idiotic and cowardly of them to retreat after just ONE battle with the Power Rangers. The team knew they were still out there. If anything, the Imperium would not give up until the they won, or until they died.

Friday. The Rangers were at school, last class of the day. Michael, Diamond, and Kya were taking the first test in their World History class. The three of them, as well as Ricky and Evan, were excited and could barely focus on the test, as they were waiting for the day to end and head downtown. The city was holding a Power Ranger Day in Millennium Park, celebrating the day the Rangers returned as defenders of Earth. Within the first thirty-five minutes of class, the three of them had finished their test, and were anxiously waiting for the last 15 minutes of class to end.

The final bell rang, and every kid ran out their classes and to their lockers. After getting all the books they needed for their homework assignments and packing them into their book bags, the Rangers met in front of the school. Michael noticed that Jimmy was blowing the limo’s horn at him, trying to get his attention. Michael walked over to the limo and Jimmy had asked him, “Do you and the team want a ride to the celebration?”

Michael looked back over at his friends, who were waving at Jimmy. Michael turned back to Jimmy and said, “Nah. I think we’ll take the train. Thanks anyway.”

Jimmy nodded his head and smiled. He drove off in the limo, and Michael ran back over to his friends. The five of them then walked to the 101st Street Metra Electric Line train station, which was located directly behind their school. The train arrived within ten minutes, and they boarded it, heading downtown. It took a half hour for the train to arrive at the final stop, and the Rangers made it to the park with just a few minutes before the celebration began. The park was packed. There had to be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people there. And not just people from Chicago. People from all over the nation were flocking into the city, hoping to see the Power Rangers appear at the celebration.

In the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the centerpiece of Millennium Park, President Barack Obama was about to begin the celebration with a speech dedicated to the Power Rangers, honoring their 17-year history. Meanwhile, Adam was monitoring the activity of the celebration from the Command Center. He and the team were always prepared for any kind of threat. He contacted each of the Rangers through their communicator watches.

“You guys see anything out of the ordinary?” he asked.

Michael spoke into his communicator and replied, “Nothing yet. Just wild civilians.”

Ricky was in an abandoned apartment building that had a great view of the park. He put his binoculars down and replied into his communicator, “Same here, Adam.”

“I don’t think we’ll be seeing any trouble here.” Evan said into his communicator as he walked through the crowd.

“Evan’s right. There’s no way a criminal would be smart enough to pull something stupid off.” said Kya into her communicator.

Diamond spoke into her communicator and said to Kya, “No one ever said criminals were smart, Kya.”

“Diamond’s right. But try to have some fun down there, guys. I’ll open up the long-range scanners and see if our Imperium buddies try to enter into the solar system.” Adam said. He pressed a few buttons on one of the Command Center’s computers, activating the long-range scanners which were used to monitor activity in space. Nothing strange could be seen. But Adam knew in the bottom of his heart that the Imperium will return.

And he was right.

One hour later, the Command Center’s alarms activated, and the Imperium flagship entered the solar system. The massive ship set it’s course for Earth, and beamed down several Grunts and one monster. The monster and the Grunts began attacking everyone in the park. The president was quickly evacuated from the park and was taken to Marine One. He was safe from harm. But some of the other people there were not so lucky. But they knew the Power Rangers would save them.

“Guys, meet me in the Millennium Tunnel.” Michael commanded into his communicator. The rest of the team raced to the Millennium Tunnel so they could safely morph without revealing their identities.

“We’re all here, Mike.” Ricky said as they met in the tunnel in less than five minutes.

Michael looked at his comrades and said, “Okay. Let’s do it, guys. It’s Morphin’ Time!”

Ricky was first, “Green Ranger Power!
Diamond said, “Pink Ranger Power!
Evan was next, “Blue Ranger Power!
Followed by Kya, “Yellow Ranger Power!
Michael then finished, “Red Ranger Power!

The Rangers raced to where the monster and the Grunts were and confronted them. The monster spotted the Rangers and called the Grunts over to him.

“We knew you freaks would be back!” Diamond barked.

“Ah, the Power Rangers. How exciting! It’ll be so much fun to defeat you!” the monster said.

“You won’t get the chance!” rebutted Evan as the team readied themselves for battle.

Adam then contacted the Rangers, “Use your Samurai Weapons, Rangers.”

“Right!” the team replied. They spun, and their Samurai Weapons materialized in their hands. Michael’s weapon was the Samurai Rifle, a harquebus rifle that could fire powerful blasts of energy. Ricky had the Samurai Spear. The same symbol on his helmet was on the spear, directly beneath the spear’s blade. Evan’s weapon was the Samurai Bow. With it, he could fire energy blasts in the shape of arrows. Kya held the Samurai Shuriken, which was at least two times larger than that of a normal shuriken. Diamond’s weapon was the Samurai Chain, based on the Manriki-gusari.

With her Samurai Chain, Diamond engaged five Grunts in battle. She wrapped the chain around the neck of one Grunt and began to strangle it. Another Grunt tried to grab her from behind, but she kicked this Grunt in the stomach, and threw the Grunt she was choking into the other one. A third Grunt swung it’s sword at her, but she stopped the swing by blocking it with her Chain. She wrapped her Chain around the sword and threw it out of the Grunt’s hand. She then fired her Samurai Blaster at this Grunt, defeating it. The last two Grunts were brought down by her Samurai Blaster.

Kya began to fight three Grunts. She used her Samurai Shuriken and threw it at one Grunt, bringing it to the ground. Kya then grabbed her Shuriken and slashed it across the chest of another Grunt, destroying it. The final Grunt tried to use it’s sword against her, but she had a swifter arm, so she cut the Grunt across the chest, finishing off the Grunts around her. But then, another Grunt appeared in front of her. She knew exactly how to deal with this one. She executed a special attack on it, the Samurai Spin. Her Shuriken slashed the Grunt across the chest multiples times, destroying it.

Two Grunts appeared in front of Evan. He fired two energy arrows from his Samurai Bow at the two Grunts, sending the arrows directly into their chests. They fell to the ground in defeat, as the impacting energy was too much for them to handle. Three other Grunts appeared and tried to attack Evan. One Grunt knocked him to the ground, but Evan quickly retaliated by firing an arrow at the Grunt. He spun back up to the ground and fired an arrow at one Grunt and fired his Samurai Blaster at the other. Before he knew it, there were no more Grunts for him to fight.

Four Grunts surrounded Ricky. He threw his Samurai Spear into the chest of one Grunt, killing it. Ricky then ran towards the Grunt and removed his spear from the its chest. Then, he witnessed five Grunts trying to surround him. Ricky began spinning several times, sweeping the Grunts off of their feet with his spear. Another group of Grunts tried to tackle him. Ricky wasn’t going to let that happen. He jumped up in the air, allowed the Grunts to tackle themselves, and performed a special attack on them. “Pile Driver!” he yelled has he spun spear-first into the group of Grunts, destroying them. Finally, there were no more Grunts trying to attack him.

While the others were fending off the Grunts, Michael was fighting the prince-like monster. He fired his Samurai Rifle at the monster, directly hitting it. The monster tried to swiftly cut Michael across the chest with it‘s sword, but the red ranger spun out of the way and shot the monster once again. The monster fell to one knee, and frustration grew on it’s face. It got up and unleashed a flurry of swift attacks on Michael, which he tried to dodge. Some of the attacks impacted upon him, damaging him.

“Okay, now I’m mad,” Michael said, “Evan! Let’s deal with this freak!”

Michael and Evan stood side-by-side and readied their respective weapons. Michael unleashed the power of his Samurai Rifle, while Evan fired several shots of his Samurai Bow. The rest of the team joined in by firing their Samurai Blasters at the monster. The firepower of their weapons was too much for the monster took, and it fell to the ground in defeat, quickly dying. The Rangers began celebrating their first successful victory against an Imperium monster.

But this victory would not last for long….


“CURSE THOSE POWER RANGERS!” yelled Emperor Aku.

“My lord, I can send out more of our forces to fight the Rangers if you wish.” Commander Neidas said with a fearful tone in his voice.

The Emperor shook his head and replied, “No…It is time for me to stop hiding behind my forces. I will go down to that pitiful planet and fight the Rangers myself!”

The Commander simply said nothing. He knew it was a terrible idea to question his master’s actions. Emperor Aku left his throne room and headed to the Transportation Deck. He was ready to destroy the Rangers, once and for all…


The Rangers were still jumping around with happiness, glad to see that the commotion had died down and the citizens were once again safe from harm. Or were they?

“POWER RANGERS!” Aku yelled with his signature weapon, the Broadsword, in his hand.

“Guys, it’s Aku! What are YOU doing here?” Kya asked.

The Emperor slowly walked towards the Rangers and said, “I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago: DESTROY YOU!”

“I DARE you to try it!” challenged Diamond.

“We’ll beat you just like we beat your lackeys!” Michael followed.

The Emperor simply smiled, replying, “Oh, we’ll just see about THAT.”

He let out a battle yell and bum rushed the Rangers. Michael tried to attack the Emperor head-on with his Samurai Sword, but the sword was too weak compared to Aku’s Broadsword. The Emperor attacked Michael across the chest several times and then threw him to the ground. Evan fired two energy arrows at Aku, inflicting some damage upon him. But Aku retaliated by firing bolts of lightning from his fingertips at the Blue Ranger, sending electrical shocks all through Evan’s body. Ricky attacked Aku with his spear, but Aku successfully knocked the weapon out of the hands of the Green Ranger and then slashed his Broadsword twice across Ricky’s chest. Ricky fell to the ground in pain.

Kya and Diamond tried to double team the Emperor, and it was working. For a while. They both fired their Samurai Blasters at Aku, but this only started to anger him. He eventually started reflecting the blaster fire back at the girls, but Kya was able to dodge the reflected blasts and pull out her Shuriken. She ran towards Aku and tried to attack him head-on, but this was a mistake. She got a few good hits in, but he and his Broadsword were still too powerful. He was pummeling the Rangers to near-death. They couldn’t take it anymore. While crawling on the ground, Michael contacted the Command Center, “Adam….Alpha…come in. Aku’s too powerful. W-We need help.”


In the Command Center, Adam and Alpha 6 were watching in horror as the Rangers were terribly being defeated.

“AYE-YI-YI! Adam, what do we do?” asked Alpha.

Adam thought about that question for a while. Then he remembered: he still has his Power Morpher. He can go and save the Rangers from their death. But, he had already said he would retire to make way for the new Rangers. Well, he obviously couldn’t stay in retirement anymore. He went to a safe box and opened it, taking his morpher. Alpha looked at Adam with confusion and had to ask,

“Adam, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to go save them.” he replied.

“But Adam! What makes you thi-”

“It’s Morphin’ Time!” yelled Adam as he held out his morpher, “Mastodon!”


Adam teleported to were the Rangers were. Once there, he ran over to their aid, helping them up to their feet.

“Adam? What are you doing here?” Michael asked.

Adam looked at Michael and replied, “You guys needed help. I couldn’t stand seeing you get beat while I stood and did nothing.”

“Well, isn’t this nice! SIX Power Rangers for me to defeat!” Aku delightly said.

“Not today, Aku!” Adam said valiantly. He pulled out his Power Axe and ran towards Aku.

The two of them began fighting an epic battle. Adam was getting in a number of critical hits, but so was Aku. After being hit across the chest three times, Aku gave one large swing of his Broadsword and severely damaged Adam, but Adam just wouldn’t quit. Aku grew irritated. This battle began to bore him.

“Why don’t you just give up, Ranger?” asked Aku.

Adam regained his composure and replied, “No. As long as the Earth needs me, I will NEVER give up. Not to YOU, or ANY scumbag that fights for evil!”

Adam’s response touched the Rangers. They had never before heard such brave and motivating words. Adam put his Power Axe into it’s cannon mode and fired multiple shots at Aku. A good number of the shots directly hit Aku, inflicting pain on the Emperor. Aku couldn’t take this foolishness anymore. The anger in his eyes increased tenfold. From his fingertips, he fired bolts of lightning at Adam, sending electrical shocks throughout his entire body. Adam slowly collapsed to the ground, his exhausted powers de-morphing. The Rangers ran over to his unconscious body, noticing that several sparks of lightning were still traveling throughout his body.

There was nothing they could do. Aku was just too powerful for them. The evil Emperor was on the verge of unleashing a massive finishing blow to the Rangers, but just like flies, they disappeared. It didn’t matter. Aku knew that he and his Imperium were victorious today, and he knew that he had dealt a crippling blow to the Rangers. He laughed insanely, and summoned several squads of Grunts that began to attack Chicago.


Back at the Command Center….

“We have to take him to the hospital! There’s nothing we can do for him here!” said Michael.

“And what will we tell the doctors at the hospital? Adam got into a battle with a space monster and lost? They’ll think we’re crazy!” Diamond rebutted.

“What else do you suggest we do for him!?! Pray to God and hope He wakes Adam up from a coma!?!”

“AYE-YI-YI-YI-YI! Rangers, please! Don’t let this incident tear you apart! Things are already bad, don’t make them worse!” pleaded Alpha.
Michael looked back at Diamond and said, “Diamond….we HAVE to take him to the hospital. It’s what’s best for him right now.”

Diamond still didn’t believe that this was the best plan, but agreed, “You’re right. I guess we can just tell them that he was attacked by one of the Grunts.”

The five Rangers walked over to Adam’s unconscious body, with Michael and Ricky picking him up. Alpha punched a few buttons on a computer console and teleported them a block away from Rush University Medical Center. They carried Adam's body to the emergency room, where the medical staff took him and began treatment. The Rangers stayed at the hospital, hoping to hear good news. About an hour later, a doctor walked out to talk to them.

“Well? How is he, doc?” asked Michael.

“Will he be alright?” Kya asked.

The doctor calmed the team down with some good news and slightly bad news, “We were able to treat the bruises and cuts he sustained but,…he still hasn’t woken up from his coma. We have to keep him here overnight and monitor his activity. In the meantime, you all should go home and get some rest. ”

The doctor then left.

Michael let out a heavy sigh and said, “Alright, everybody go home. We can come back tomorrow morning.”

They left the hospital and headed to their respective homes. One could imagine how they were feeling right now.


Meanwhile, on the Imperium flagship…

Emperor Aku couldn’t stop laughing. He was just too pleased to see the Rangers run in defeat, “Now that those Power Punks are out of my way, NOTHING can stop me from unleashing HELL upon this planet!”

He continued to laugh manically. Was today truly a day of victory for him? Sure. But the Rangers will be back, stronger than ever.
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