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Mar 28, 2011
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Hi, I don't post much on the forums anymore, but I've been working on something this past year, and recently my writing class gave me the assignment to share it. I'm just going to post what is essentially the summary on the back of the book. I plan on making this a trilogy; right now I'm working on the backstory (110,000+ words in), basically establishing the characters and motivations, as well events. I'm building this world from the ground up, it has roots to ATLA, FMA, Fallout, Attack on Titan, Elden Ring (I think?), and probably some others ones I'm forgetting. So if any of that tickles your fancy and you're interested to know more, I'd be more than happy to share.

For clarification
Anivi: The world where this story of humanity takes place (trust me, it's important I clarify this point).

Empathy & Sympathy: The two sides of the same coin hard magic system, think of their assigning like bending from ATLA and Alchemy from FMA. Empathy involves mystical and supernatural abilities, while Sympathy is more about the human form and the mimicking of animals. Both of them operate on emotions, but have different conditions. Whichever you are able to use, you are called either an Empath or a Sympathist.

Anivi, an alien world where the magic of Empathy and Sympathy can be learned and used by almost every individual that inhabits this fantastical realm. With supernatural powers and feats in the hands of virtually every man, woman, and child, their civilization finds itself on the brink of global war once more.

With the delicate balance between light and darkness tipping, a plan a millennia in the making finally unfolds. Destinies will collide as the first domino in a chain of events will decide not just the fate of humanity, but life beyond the stars themselves.​

Priyanka: A strong, kind, and virtuous Empath athlete finds herself on a quest searching for a vanished friend. Her decisions and fate will lead her to a runaway lifestyle after becoming one of the most wanted individuals within enemy territory - the Sympathist Empire. Soon she will find herself fleeing and hiding not only from the countless Sympathists around her, but from her own turmoil as well. Will this cheery ray of sunshine’s situation and traumatizing past be able to eclipse her light for good?

Deana Bernadotte: A loyal, noble, and powerful Sympathist officer who becomes the escort of not just one enemy, but two. The news of death pulls her to the battlefield, but upon arrival, she finds only a mountain of questions lying before her. With thoughts of shame, guilt, and temptation constantly looming, will she and her companions be able to unravel the mystery of the Many, as well as conquer her inner beast along the way?

Traian: An infamous terrorist and wayward demon fleeing from his sins while on a fruitless quest for vengeance. Soon, he and his pursuers’ interaction will impact not only each other, but the world itself. Will his journey towards destiny lead him to the salvation he so desperately yearns for? Or will it merely wedge him between the line of good and evil for all eternity?

Dive into this tale full of drama, excitement, tragedy and wonder, as the loom of fate weaves its first story in the Daemones series.​
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