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king_mickey rule

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Aug 31, 2007
This week (friday) I have promnight (well sorta, it's not organized by the school, there also doesn't have to be promclothing so it's more like an ordinary party) but still haven't got a date. I already asked two friends of mine but they already had plans.

Now I'm kinda doubting whether or not I should go and if I would go if I would go alone or take someone with me or go to another party. These are the situations between I'm doubting:

1) A girl (let's call her A) who I've known for many years (for I think 10 years and had a big crush on her almost 6 years ago). I don't have those feelings anymore but still, I like being around her (although this doesn't happen anymore at all). With asking her out, I'd like to recover our lost friendship (she changed schools etc.) and again try to stay in touch with her.

2) A girl (let's call her B) with whom I kinda ended up in bed (just laying in bed, nothing more) when I had a little bit too much alcohol. It was on a trip with some friends and I didn't know her that well before that trip. We seemed to get along fine and on the last night I drank too many (not drunk but really tipsy, still knew what I was doing ... kinda) and well, she was just lying there next to me in bed (I suggested her to lay next to me and she did that without hesitating). Eventually putting my arms around her. The next day was kinda awkward since we both knew what happened the night before.

The problems I have with this situation is that I don't know if I have/had feelings for her or that it was just the alcohol that took over there. Secondly I don't know whether she was drunk or not that night, I don't think so but I don't know for sure.

Anyways, I don't want to like get into a relationship with anybody at the moment and well, don't wanna get her hopes up since she was trying to get my attention the day after the 'incident' f.e. she would always stand next to me or when she would take a seat, it would be a seat as close as possible to me, she would be laughing at all my jokes (good and bad ones) etc. Because of these things I kinda have a feeling she liked me.

3) Go alone to the prom and still have a good time with my friends from school.

4) Go to another party where alot of my other friends (one friend that I haven't seen for like a year and she asked me to go to that party for a while, I've known her since kindergarden) are and where one of the girls is that I originally asked to go to the prom with me (haven't seen her in like 2-3 months and I really wanna see her. I've known her for almost 2 years now and I'm reaally close to her).

I hope this kinda explains the whole situation in a good way, if there are some things that're not clear please ask 'cause I wanted to keep it as short as possible.

Thanks beforehand!
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Aug 11, 2010
Sounds like you see the positives in every choice, which is good because any choice you make is unlikely to leave you disappointed, but it adds an extra layer of difficulty to calling a decision.

The first question you have to ask yourself is which party you'd rather be in. If the original really isn't all that, option D automatically stands as the clear choice.

Assuming you do want to go to prom, decide if you're okay with going alone or if you truly need someone to be your date. Option C is the easiest to fall back on, but it may not necessarily be the best.

Between A and B, however, I suggest you ask A out. In place of the lingering awkwardness you will inevitably encounter with option B, you have the added bonus of recovering a lost friendship.


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Oct 7, 2008
Wait you had a drunk chick in bed and didn't do anything? Why? I am with goddard on this one do whatever gets you laid quicker. Seriously why can't you do both, go to prom then go to the party afterwards. If I know high school parties I know that they go on for awhile, and it should still be poppin once prom is done. You have all these bitches lined up, and you haven't done anything with them, and I thought I had problems with women. One night stands are your best friend in high school dude, trust me. You better come out the next day without your V-card, especially in your situation.
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