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Rare (?) Kingdom Hearts Collectible... Any Information?



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May 24, 2020
Hi! So was doing a clearout recently and came across this: a set of "Limited Edition" Kingdom Hearts playing cards (IMAGES HERE: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/gnel2t )... They're really high quality, with a combination shiny/waxy feel to them, and character art on the face cards... They also seem to be pretty old, with a 2002 copyright and the old Squaresoft logo, who they may have come from directly ... Did a quick check on eBay and couldn't find any examples (There do seem to be some Japanese packs, but they're a lot more recent)... Anyone know anything about them? Thanks!


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Jun 11, 2018
Yogyakarta, ID
I believe that you are referring to this trump card set, there are two types of this card.

http://instagr.am/p/B7y7NeLnYEv/ http://instagr.am/p/B7wWf6PHC8P/
" Not Sold To Public Original And Official Kingdom Hearts 2002 Europe Press Kit Exclusive Press Card Deck Numbered 0235/1000 From Sony PlayStation & SquareSoft.

The original 2002 Press Kit for Kingdom Hearts Europe Was distributed by Sony PlayStation and SquareSoft to the gaming Press before retail release, however the Press Kit itself didn’t JUST contain the “Press Materials” that I’ve shown before it actually came as a 2 piece set including the Press Materials ( Demo, Promo and Press Disc) and also this exclusive Press Kit Card deck which was All numbered individually out of 1000 as is the total that was made
(A Set of these was also included all be it very random to the very few attendees at the 1.5 Launch Party in London as a gift which was most likely Square having some remaining from 2002 but ther original origin was the Press Kit from Sony PlayStation)"

Another one was the original Japan version
"These were actually a Japan Exclusive and also only obtained as a perk bonus for Pre Ordering Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Through SquareSoft, there is actually a EU variant that is very similar except wasn’t sold to public whatsoever and only for Press and cane with the Press Kit itself which features pretty much the same cards with some alterations but the Suit cards being slightly different and is for KH1 not Final Mix and also is a Press Only Exclusive and limited to 1000 and numbered which are my preferred of them which il show another time and compare them with these
These are complete Playing deck dedicated to KH Final Mix and focuses on showing the main cast and Majority of FF cast aswell as a couple FM Exclusives like Sephiroth etc as he wasn’t In the original Japanese Release Of KH1 but was in the Worldwide versions etc which was incidentally added in FM for Japan. these couldn’t be bought or sold retail wise only available through Pre Order Of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix "

Anyway, if you are interested about rare promotional rare items of Kingdom Hearts, you should check this account: https://www.instagram.com/soracloud3924/ --- (he always appeared in my Instagram's explore tab)