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Rebellion RP

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Nov 14, 2009
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Rebellion RP
Story: In the year 2020 there was a 2nd civil war between the continental US states and the government. The government was trying to control people, they placed chips in babies and did several other things that slowly started changing Americans' lives. Eventually they rebelled. Hundreds from every state died leaving children without family, and at times killing children in general. Seven years passed, thousands lost their lives, the population was eighty-five percent of what it once was, and it only decreased when the government created an epidemic through water poisoning. By the eighth year no one dared to act against the government, it became a monarchy almost only controlled by a large group of people.

Gradually, over another 25 years, the "US" government controlled Canada, Mexico, and over half of South America, and they were still wanting to control all the lands over seas. They have the technology to do it, and they have "loyal" subjects willing to do anything for them, if it meant a chance to survive anyway. Everything was going great for the government, no one stood against them, not even when they took their children for testing, or for an army, but nothing lasts forever...

In the year of 2054, teenagers and adults no older than 30, began fighting back. They got weapons, technology, and people who were strong-willed, people willing to die for their freedom, people who were overlooked to be weak. Though their numbers were small they pulled off great acts, from burnig down official buildings at night to setting off explosives in the capitol. They weren't just a bunch of troubled teens, they were he only true patriots left.


Weaponry: Guns advanced some though they aren't the main focus of develpment, mostly guns are used by guards.
Explosives: Over time explosives could be contained in anything, and almost anything could be rigged to become an explosive with the proper training.
Poisons: Poisons could be anywhere from highly sedative, to poisons that if not treated, within an hour could cause strokes, hallucinations, and more.
Electronics: Tracking chips are implanted in everyone's left arm, and cell phones are screened; every word is heard by someone, or recorded by a machine. Mail via paper or computre was read thoroughly for hidden messages. Scanners are used by anyone that can get them and doesn't want others to hear what they are saying, the rebels have one at all times in case they need to communicate with nearby rebels.


1) No Godmoddling/powerplaying
2)No Machine Gun posting
3)Cursing is allowed but be reasonable. Every other word being a cuss word is illiterate.
4)Romance at PG-13
5)Violence at PG-13
6) Try to post every week (If something comes up and you can please post or pm me)
7)You can have as many characters as you can keep up with
8) Have fun


Rebellion Template:

Age: (10-30)
Location: (Where are they?)
Appearance: (Picture or a short paragraph. Both is good too)
Personality: (What're they like?)
History: (Why did they become a rebel, ect)
Weapons/Strengths: (What do they fight with, or do they fight? What're they good at?)
Weaknesses: (What're they bad at? Bad habits?)
Others: (Anything else)

Quick copy/paste


Government/ Other Template:

Name: (Needed for Both)
Age( If in the government over 21, needed for both)
Gender: (Needed for both)
Location: (Needed for both)
Rank: (Government; guard, sergeant of guards, executive, ect.)
Occupation: (Other; what do you do? School?)
Appearance: (Needed for Both)
Personality: (Needed for both)
History: (Needed for both. If in government; why?)
Weapons: ( Mostly government, if other and they have a weapon explain why)
Strengths: (Optional for both)
Weaknesses: (Optional for both)
Others: (Optional for both)

Quick Copy/Paste;

*You can create an advancement in technology and I'll look over it*
*Any character can become a rebel later in the RP*


Name: Rei Wolfe Alvarez
Age: 14
Location: St. Louis Missouri
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rei has shaggy black hair and dark gray eyes that reveal nothing of himself. He wears a leather jacket over a gray t-shirt and worn out blue jeans with black tennis shoes. He's slim but strong.
Personality: Overall he acts dark, he shoves away all attempts at conversations heading toward himself and he doesn't tend to dig into others' history. He's impatient in nature but keeps his expression and body language relaxed.
History: His mother and father abandoned him when he was four years old for the government didn't like the idea of having a child as dark looking as him involved in their plans. Since then his mother and father have been working with the government. Rei was picked up by an older couple that eventually passed on leaving him once again on his own at the age of twelve.
Weapons/Strengths: He doesn't use any weapons though he does keep a pocket knife in his pocket for cutting rope. He doesn't enjoy fighting but the old couple taught him Tae Kwondo for years so he knows how to take care of himself. His main skill is strategy, which helps him for he tends to be a loner.
Weaknesses: He doesn't accept help from anyone, and at times he struggles to find places to get food and water, especially when the guards find him and he has to escape or get placed in a home, or if they found out what he did, killed.
Others: He doesn't get a chance to listen to music or read much but he used to like the Eragon series.


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Sep 17, 2007
Renegade Saviours was something like this. It would have been glorious, but it started out with very little direction, and people didn't know what to do and at least partially wanted to be led by the hand. Make sure, when you start this, that people each know what they should and/or can do, otherwise interest will quickly be lost.
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