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Yokai Academy is your everyday school. There are bullies, nerds, jocks, rich kids and more. The teachers all hand out lots of homework and the students tend to complain. For the most part everything at Yokai Academy is normal, except for one big thing. The students and teachers at the school all happen to be monsters! From Werewolves to Ogres all monsters eventually go to this school and now a brand new year is about to start at Yokai Academy. But what awaits the students within the school this year?


It’s been about 30 years since Yokai Academy students Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya graduated and now a new generation of students have entered the great school of Yokai Academy. However something terrible is about to happen that could be a fate worse than death for most of the students. So the question remains, what will occur this year at Yokai Academy and is there anyway to stop it? Only time will tell…


  • No godmodding or powerplaying!
  • No killing without negotiation/permission. This is rare that people get killed at Yokai Academy but it does happen. Try to keep it this way.
  • Try to keep relationship content to a minimum, PG-13 people!
  • Let’s try to keep grammar, spelling and everything to a maximum. If I see posts with consistent bad spelling or grammar I will ask the person to change it and then if it continues I will ask them to leave the RP. After all we want to be able to understand each other’s posts. Spell Check is our friend at this point.
  • This is just recommended but I would like everyone to keep up with their posting so no one falls behind. I know everyone must have busy schedules but try to post at the same pace as everyone else please.
  • Your posts should have at least one paragraph containing five to six sentences at the minimum.
  • Connect your powers/abilities to your monster form. In other words, relate them!
  • I will inspect your character and it’s abilities to make sure they are proper for the RP and I will ask you to make changes if necessary. But I am sure in most cases changes will not be necessary.
  • The teachers of the classes will be controllable by all so long as it is within reason. The teachers will also have very little involvement, as this RP is more involved within the student body. The teachers will be there for the following classes Art, Math, English, Science, Human/Monster History and Computers. I will later announce the names of the teachers before the RP thread is created. However what monster they are will not be released until later in the R ot at all.
  • All students must maintain human form while in school. However there are exceptions that can be made obviously. But please try to obey this rule and stay in human form at all times. However when a monster goes from human to monster form the transference is almost always simple for them. As easy as if your character is breathing. It comes naturally for them.
  • Everyone has a weakness it doesn’t necessarily have to be mentioned but please keep this in mind because no one is all-powerful.
  • No one can disclose what kind of monster he or she is to anyone else. However there are exceptions that can be made obviously. But please like the rule of maintaining your human form, try to obey this rule at all times.
  • In this RP please try to make your monster choices original and not “OMG I’m so gonna be a dragon or something.” There are many monsters out there for choices and almost anything is a choice for you. If you really need help refer to Wikipedia.org and type in “list of monsters.” That should get you a good amount of monsters to choose from either that or Google it.
  • I am going to insist that everyone be a different monster and that no one is the same. However if the time comes that there are two of the same monsters I’ll decide whether or not it is appropriate for the RP.
  • No weapons are allowed on school grounds. No exceptions!
  • Keep in mind that all freshmen are new to the school and thus know nothing about Yokai Academy besides the basics. However if they do know something beyond the basics then you will have to explain how they knew it or how they found out about it in your posts.
  • It is rare but some non-humanoid monsters like the Yoko or the Phoenix have second forms to make up for not having a humanoid monster form. If you want to have a second form PM me first with what kind of monster you’ll have as well.
  • Have fun with this RP. I expect it to be very enjoyable. ^_^


Name: (The name of your character.)

Nickname: (Another name your character is called. Optional.)

Gender: (Simple. Are you male or female?)

Age: (How old your character is and you can’t be like 300 or anything. Think in normal terms like any kid would be when in the grade you’re in.)

Grade: (What school grade your character is in. Remember this is a high school so pick a high school grade.)

Clothes: (What kind of clothes your character wears on a normal basis. Remember you’re a student. However there is no dress code but you can’t wear anything too ridiculous like a cloak or whatever.)

Monster Form Type: (What kind of monster your character is. Remember your monster can be nearly anything from anywhere.)

Monster Form Appearance: (What your character looks like when in monster form. An image or description will do. Preferably an image.)

Monster Form Abilities: (What your character is capable of when in monster form. What your monster can do like super speed, enhanced sight, ETC. However any ability you have must apply to your monster. For example a werewolf can’t breathe fire and a troll can’t fly. I’ll review your abilities but don’t go to overboard on how many abilities you have or how powerful they are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have good abilities.)

Human Form Race: (What background your character is American, English, ETC. You can be from anywhere on the earth as long as it isn’t like Transylvania or something completely bogus.)

Human Form Appearance: (What your character looks like in human form. An image or description will do. Preferably an image though. Remember while in human form they often take on an appearance that relates to their monster form as well as their abilities. For example if a Ogre is super strong then while in human form they would then appear to be big and bulky with a lot of muscles.)

Human Form Abilities: (What your character is capable of when in human form. Your character is capable of accessing some of your character’s monster form abilities when in human form to a much less successful and less powerful degree. Please apply extremely strong limitations when in human form. Such as if your character is super strong then when in human form your character can lift a couch with both hands with a moderate amount of difficulty. This allows for the character to have slightly enhanced strength above that of the average monster in human form but not have super strength. Remember to restrict your abilities in power because while a monster is in their human form they are far weaker and more vulnerable.)

Skills: (What your character is good at doing most of which apply to your character’s physical or mental abilities. For example Ogres are big and strong and thus would probably have a skill or two in weight lifting or wrestling. You don’t have to have a lot of skills but have at the minimum 3 please. But make them simple abilities something that would make them blend in more at school and remember Yokai Academy is basically like a regular human school except that the staff and students are all monsters.)

Personality: (How your character acts normally in society be it in monster society or human society. Anything as long as it’s believable.)

Bio: (A brief history of your character. But please make it pretty good. Not like “OMG my parents died and I live alone with no friends.” You can still keep it simple but remember to keep it good and not cliché. It has to be at least 1 or 2 good paragraphs long. 5 to 6 sentences per paragraph.)


  • Sky Anderson Rose
  • Cole Cancer Rose
  • Chimwemwe Omar Alao
  • Kiti Aono
  • Kohaku Mayumi
  • Tony Krane
  • Keahi Penbrae
  • Shun Lin
  • Wei Lin
  • Madison Trish
  • Manuel Jimenez

Teachers (Can once again be used by anyone.)
  • Art -
  • Math -
  • English -
  • Science -
  • Human/Monster History -
  • Computers -

I've got some extra time so I'll help ya out, mate. :D

Okay so I think the first question is: are there going to be different teachers for different grades?

Because we've got:

- 7 Freshmen
- 3 Sophomores
- 3 Juniors
- 1 Senior

For now, there have been our general teacher categories:

- Art
- Language
- Math
- Science
- Human/Monster History
- Computers

Teachers already mentioned in the RP include:

Geometry – Male – Room 275
Language – Room 742
Science – Room 357
??? – Room 298

I will assume that each class (seniors, freshman, etc.) will have different core classes.

NOTE: I based this off a normal classic high school schedule. “Main courses” are mandatory and have to be attended. “Electives” are chosen by the student and will differ from person to person. However, electives also apply to members of every class; therefore, for example, the Art class can have freshmen and juniors residing. (It makes life simple :3) It may benefit yourself and other RPers to compile your character’s class schedule and post it so people know who shares classes with who. Each character should have a total of 7 classes.

Here's the list:


Main Courses:

~ Geometry - Male - Room 275
~ Language - Female - Room 742
~ General Science - Male - Room 443
~ Human/Monster History For Starters - Male - Room 213
~ Getting to Know Yourself: An Intro to Individual Abilities – Female – Room 247


Main Courses:

~ Algebra II – Male – Room 446
~ Language II – Male – Room 731
~ Physical Science – Male – Room 204
~ Human/Monster History: A Detailed Review – Female – Room 127
~ Monster Etiquette – Female – Room 545


Main Courses:

~ Trigonometry – Female – Room 546
~ Language III – Male – Room 665
~ Chemistry – Male – Room 357
~ Human/Monster History: Past Shapes Present – Female – Room 520
~ Personal Health & Fitness - Male - Gym


Main Courses:

~ Calculus – Male – Room 227
~ Language IV – Female – Room 762
~ Biology – Female – Room 696
~ Human/Monster History: The Impact of Our Culture – Male – Room 251
~ Monster Literature: The In-Depth Approach - Female - Library

Electives - THESE APPLY TO EVERYONE - (choose 2):

~ Symphonic Winds (a.k.a. Band) – Male – Room 786
~ Art – Female – Room 521
~ Computers – Female – Room 176
~ Ceramics – Male – Room 394
~ Self-Defense 101 - Male - Outside in the Schoolyard
~ Flight Tips for Dummies - Female - Outside on the Soccer fields

Now keep in mind, mates, that some electives only apply to certain abilities. Don't choose "Flight Tips for Dummies" if your character's monster form is an iron golem.

Please don't murder me if you hate any of the classes on this list (*runs and hides in a corner*) and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to add something or comment or whatever comes to mind.

Hope you like, DT. :D
My thanks to TP for this wonderful list. ^_^
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in my room on my computer. Typing this
sounds prety cool Ill edit this with a temp soon.

Heres my temp.

Name: Chimwemwe Omar Alao

Nickname: just goes by Omar

Gender: male

Age: 14

Grade: 9th

Clothes: He is a jock so he takes great pride in his sports. Everyday he wears a different jersy whether its a football jersey, basketball, or really anysport he plays. He always wears athletic shorts and black and white airwalk skate shoes. also a lucky charm thats in the shape of the sun mixed with the moon that his mother gave him.

Monster Form Type: Half thunderbird half werewolf.

Monster Form Appearance: In monster form Omar takes on the appearence of a werewolf with blood red eyes and largefangs. His nails extend into claws gets extra buff. Since he isnt full werewolf the hair doesnt go all over his body but the hair on his head and his overall presence is much more wild like running on all fours. His wings come from his thunderbird heritage though he only uses them when he has get up in the air. If you get close enoug to him you can faintly see static electricity around his body.

Monster Form Abilities: When in monster form he has extra speed, agility, and strength. He also has the power to control electricity but when he uses too much he accidentaly shocks himself. When he needs to he can surround himself with electricity and let the thunder dull the hit. When he focuses the electricity to his fangs or claws and lands a hit on them, it can paralize them and/or burn them. He is good at long range attacks only having to swing his hand around to send a bolt of lighting at them. He is weak when using his wings and is usually unstable when he flies prefering to run instead.

Human Form Race: He's half Zimbabwan, half japanese

Human Form Appearance: Omar looks like an normal teenager standing 5"10 and has a semi-muscualar build. Unlike most africans he has spikey Black hair with a white line of hair going through his head. He has tan skin and grey eyes. The only sign that people can see that he is part werewolf is that his canine teeth are slightly sharper than normal people's.

Human Form Abilities: In his human form Omar can extend his claws uo to 1 1/2 inches more than they currently are. Although he isnt as strong as he normally is he can control lighting around his hands still putting a little sting in his punches.

Skills: Omar despite his personality, is a major jock. He is in boxing, football(quaterback of the team), basketball, baseball, and when someone in anothe sport that he isnt in cant play he would often offer to substitute. He also thinks on a different scale getting A's all the time because if he fails he cant play sports.

Personality: Omar is very kind and loves to hang out with people. He is never one to be mean to another person and will often stand up for the nerd or loner if getting bullied. He hates akward moments or silence and would usually say something rediculas to turn the place into a happy envoriment. He is very reliable in situations and if he fails to do something he will punish himself by running increadably long marathons( which he secretly likes). He refers to Cole as his 'big bro' since they are so similar.

Bio: Omar doesnt like to say it but he comes from a VERY rich family. They are so rich that they even live in a castle. His father keeps his true identiy quiet because his mother( Omar's) was not his real wife. His real mom was a poor but beutiful musician who played in a local bar. His dad fell in love with Omar's mom while his wife was on a business trip and got her pregnant. When Omar was born his father agreed to take custity of him but his mom was barely able to see him( only three times a year). The truth was hidden from Omar and he thought his biological mother was just a kind woman who came and played him music.

On his eigth birthday Omar's mother was on her was until she drove off a cliff and "commited suicide". It was disproven that she commited suicide apparently looking forward to it because she had a present for Omar( The luckycharm he wears). In reality her brakes were sabatouged and her stearing wheel jammed. The next year Omar overheard the maids talking about it and instantly started hating his family for lying to him for all his life. Now he barely ever talks to his family locking himself in his room whenever he gets home.
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Name: Shun Lin

Nickname: Shu

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Grade: 9

Clothes: http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii146/tekkenlover_33/jin kazama/jinjpg2.jpg

Monster Form Type: Dragon

Monster Form Appearance: For this form, Shun becomes somewhat like his dragon. His eyes turn yellow. Miniture dragon wings form from his back so, he can fly. His form into claws along with his feet and lower legs. He grows fangs and his muscle mass becomes slighty bigger.

Monster Form Abilities: Because he is only half transformed, Shu is not as powerful as his full dragon transformation. His super strength only allows him to lift a car with moderate difficulty. With his wings, he can fly at near super speeds. He can fire regular flames from his mouth unlike the superheated black flames of his dragon form. The claws on his hands and feet can rip through metal. His eyesight becomes enhanced enough to see a mile away perfectly.

Monster Form 2 Appearance: http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm226/cynder_roxs_my_world/Dragon Clan/dragon-2.jpg

Monster Form 2 abilities: Being in full dragon form, Shu is very powerful. Shu's body becomes very durable due to his size and the scales on his body. Physical attacks are almost useless against him unless you have some kind of super strength on a werewolf level or higher. He can fly at the speed of a jet though if he flew too fast, he could literally rip his wings apart. He is able to unleash blasts of super heated black fire from his mouth that is hotter then magma. Now his claws can rip through pure steel.

Human Form Race: Japanese

Human Form Appearance:

Outfit: http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii146/tekkenlover_33/jin kazama/jinjpg2.jpg

Face: http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp60/Tunitmaster/Renders/tekenjin.png

Human Form Abilities: In his human form, Shu can lift a couch with moderate difficulty. He can still breath fire though it is not as hot as his mid-transformation. He can jump high into the air.

Skills: He is very proficent in street fighting, football, basketball, and causing trouble.

Personality: Thanks to his upbringing, Shu is by nature very non-serious. He doesn't believe in planning your entire life out or being overtly serious about life. Yes, life is important but sometimes you need to take everything day by day and enjoy life as it passes you by. Happily cheerful by nature and with a humorous glint in his eye, Shu is very friendly and approachable. He also has a joker’s streak in him.

Name: Wei Lin

Nickname: Lin

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Clothes: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e123/robin01/360px-Asuka.jpg

Monster Form Type: Werewolf

Monster Form Appearance: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y294/DylanTheMay/werewolf.bmp

Monster Form Abilities: Lin is a special form of werewolf. She has the usual werewolf abilities, heightened senses, regenerative properities, super strength, heightened agility, heightened speed, and heigthened durability. Being a born a rare breed of brwon/white werewolves, all of Lin's abilities are enhanced which allow her to stand up against monsters that are naturally stronger then her. Her teeth and claws are able to tear up pure steel and such like it's butter. As being part of the rare breed of werewolves, she is gifted immortality allowing her to regenerate from death-like expreiences with ease. It's possible to kill her, but only limited people know how to kill the rare breed of werewolves.

Human Form Race: Japanese

Human Form Appearance: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e123/robin01/360px-Asuka.jpg

Human Form Abilities: She still has enhanced senses, agility, speed, and strength to a degree. Her regenerative properties are still there along with her immortality though if you blew her arm off, it would take an hour or so to regenerate unless she transformed allowing it to regenerate in a short time.

Skills: Track and Field, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Genuis level intellect, and singing.

Personality: Lin is kinda perky and enthusiastic which can sometimes creep people out. She also has a strong sense of courage, justice and judgement along with a fiery temper if you make her mad. She can be pretty reckless and arrogant though not to mention stubborn.

The Twins Bio: I'll be only explaining what's been happenning recently. Their past will be explained during the rp.

Since Shu's failing the 9th, he has been held back while his sister advanced due her genuis level intellect. Since being moved into the orphanage, Shu and Lin have been living fine. They have many friends though Shu keeps getting in trouble with the cops, and dragon hunters. Lately, Shu was involved in a plot by the rare breed of werewolves to take his sister, but it was foiled and Shu saved her. He is worried that during the school year, they may try taking her again.
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It's a High School of monsters. It's secluded from the human world.

Ok, I got a bit confused with the grades. In the anime, the first year is the 10th grade. Since I have seen 9th grade in a template, I didn't know which it was, so I have both 9th and 10th down. It might be best if you told if this game's school started at 9th or 10th grade.

Name: Kiti Aono

Nickname: Kit

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: 9/10(Depending on which is the first year)

Clothes: Kiti wears a school uniform type outfit, but is still considered a tease to the boys.

Monster Form Type: Kitsune

Monster Form Appearance: http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/D/DA/DAR/DarkRose1992/1136499492_ed_kitsune.jpg

Monster Form Abilities: Kiti is a trickster by nature. She has the power to make illusions and visions to trick her victims. She also is able to tell when good fortune is coming and is a good thief when she wants to be.

Human Form Race: Half Japanese, half American, born in America.

Human Form Appearance: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1416/1438812258_4a75021489.jpg?v=0

Human Form Abilities: Kiti is able to sneak really well when she wants to. She hides quite well and pulls pranks on her friends without being caught.

Skills: Kiti is able to perform simple “Magic tricks” for her friends with her illusions. She also is a member of the News Paper Club, taking pictures of unsuspecting students and providing gossip for her school. She also plays at fortune telling for fun, and her predictions come out right more than half the time.

Personality: Kiti is a tease mostly, and she likes it that way. She is kind and gentle most of the time, but she is a bit stuck up at times, but mostly it’s all in fun when she is. She is always in the mood for some mischief and is ready to play chase with her friends. Unless she is with her friends, she is quiet and doesn’t talk to many other people unless she wants something from them. Kiti also is quite smart, but only shows it on her tests, as she tends to go bonkers when she is goofing off with her friends. People see her as immature a lot of the time, but that is because she never got a chance to mature in her environment while her father was around, she was treated as a pup by him.

Bio: Kiti is Tsukune Aono’s niece. Her mother is Tsukune’s sister who moved to America. She married an American canine monster without her knowledge and gave birth to Kiti, who was born with a fox’s ears and tail. When she was 14, she lost her father to a drunken hunter in the woods when they were camping. After the loss, her mother took her to her own birth place in Japan. When she found out that her brother went to an academy of monsters, she figured that Kiti would make some friends there and learn how to control herself a bit more. This is her freshman year at the school and has made some new friends while in Japan, but she knows no one at the academy yet.
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Sweet I am most definitely joining this here RP.

Can I have a two spots?

English teacher & a student

And hey so teachers don't have to do temps?

Here's my student template:

Name: Kohaku Mayumi

Nickname: Haku

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: 9/10 (whichever school system we're following)

Clothes: (see appearance pic)

Monster Form Type: Tanuki

Monster Form Appearance: Lookit that!

Monster Form Abilities: In her Tanuki form, Kohaku can freely shape-shift into the form of any creature she chooses. She is a master of disguise, and when she wants to hide, she does it so well that no one can find her. Her small size and stature also allows her to sneak in and out of small spaces/areas with ease. Kohaku uses this ability to spy on unsuspecting persons, and to discover things that no one else knows about.

Human Form Race: Japan

Human Form Appearance: Oh yeah so sexy.

Human Form Abilities: In her human form, Kohaku has the same disguising ability, though on a much lower level. For example, she can easily avoid people if they begin to bore or annoy her by slipping through crowds of people quickly and quietly. Her stealth is unmatched, and this aids her when she sets up the scenario for a prank. Kohaku can also imitate the calls of several different animals, though she hasn’t found out a use for this talent quite yet. It certainly draws crowds, though, and Kohaku loves attention.

Skills: Kohaku plays ingenious pranks, can sneak through crowds of people without being seen, and her animal calls are amusing, if nothing else. Kohaku also enjoys riddles, and will often make up some just for the heck of it. Kohaku loves music, and can play several different instruments. She's not very athletic or sporty, but she does enjoy a game of tennis from time to time.

Personality: Kohaku is out-going and extremely easy to get along with, and her happy-go-lucky attitude lets people know that she loves fun and detests down-time. She is also a prankster, and pulls jokes on her friends and enemies alike. Unfortunately, Kohaku is a bit absent-minded, and this causes her to forget the names of people and places as well as other important facts. She is also guillible, and the people she annoys with her pranks can oftentimes easily turn the tables on her. Nonetheless, Kohaku enjoys life and the experiences that come her way.

Bio: Kohaku was raised in the back country of Japan as an orphan. She never knew her parents, and often wonders if they are still alive. Nonetheless, her love for nature and all things beautiful fed her zest for life and her desire to always be outdoors. It was during these times when she discovered her ability to shape-shift, and she enjoyed the freedom this talent gave her. She used her skill to sneak around her village and play pranks on her neighbors; because of this, her step-parents worried constantly over their adopted daughter, as she always seemed to be getting into trouble. If ever something went missing, Kohaku got the blame. Hay bales untied and strewn all over the place? Kohaku did it. Woke up this morning to find that your bedroom door was glued shut? It was probably Kohaku. Left a pot of tea on the counter top and in the blink of an eye its gone? That thieving little... Eventually she became too much for her neighbors to bear, and the head of her village ordered her parents to send Kohaku off to school, so she could educate herself in proper mannerisms and the like. Kohaku is excited to meet new kids in her school, and she looks forward to her first day as a freshman.

I realize that this character sounds a lot like Darkness of White's character, and I'm willing to change this if it's that pressing. However, I was kind of hoping that Kohaku and Kiti could be partners in crime... lol :D
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Name: Keahi Penbrae

Nickname: Tino (Little)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Grade: 11

Clothes: Tino is quite a fiery teen and so her wardrobe speaks for her. Made up mostly of weird outfits, one would be able to tell that Tino is not your typical teen. Her wardrobe normally consists three quarter length jeans or boardies of various colours, her tops are an array of fiery colours such as orange, yellow and red and her preferred footwear are normally either a pair of sandals or vans. She’s not much one for uncomfortable clothing and would rather wear more free flowing things than being confined to something hot and clammy. Accessories are Tino’s main attraction as she is never caught without a bundle of leather bracelets on each arm, anklets and necklaces, she’s even gone as far as to have a different coloured tongue, ear and nose piercing for each outfit she owns.

Below are a few of Tino’s most worn outfits:

The first is a mainly a black and orange attire which consists of a either a pair of baggy, dark blue jeans or three quarter lengths accompanied by a black crop top and short, black leather jacket. Around her neck is an orange bandana and her waste is home to a black, silver studded belt. Upon her feet she wears black clumpy trainers with orange laces and finishes her look with a few silver chains hanging from her belt and leather jacket.

The second would be a pair of simple black board shorts accompanied by either a crop top or a bikini top depending on the weather. Upon her feet would normally be a pair of brown or black sandals and her hair would preferably be tied back and accompanied by a pair of black sunglasses.

Others would be a mix of board shorts, skirts, three quarter lengths and either tank tops or baggy t-shirts. Tino isn’t a fan of normal clothing.
Accessories include studded leather bracelets on each of her arms; multiple piercing which include the tops of her ears, her belly button, her tongue and her nose (each decorated with jeweled studs and bars ranging in color).

Monster Form Type: Crow Tengu

Monster Form Appearance: Crow Tengu Instead of being the normal color of black, Tino takes on a blood red color like her human form hair only with streaks and specks of black running through her body feathers and beak.

Monster Form Abilities: She is able to fly for one as the black and red feathers on her back sprout to create great wings that can carry her body weight. She is also skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts and even more agile in her monster form than in her human form.

Human Form Race: Australian/Japanese

Human Form Appearance: Tino has a mane of red maroon, which instead of extending down her back is cut short at the back and dangles at the front,, the only thing that keeps these strands of hair from obscuring her view is a pair of black sunglasses which rests atop her head. Her eyes are a glistening emerald color and she is rather lithe in appearance and quite short hence her nickname and one would also note the abnormal red markings that run down her cheeks. Upon her back is a large tribal tattoo, with the centrepiece taking up the small of her back.

Keahi Penbrea

Human Form Abilities:Being a Tengu follower, Tino is in tune with her martial arts and uses it to calm her spirit and strengthen her mind. She is also skilled in swordsmanship and takes great pride in the fact that she has been trained in the ways of the Monk's of old just through being a Tengu. She is also rather agile on her feet and flexible making her a fast runner and heafty dodger.

Skills: Tino is a skilled artist and is able to see detail rather well on an object or being, it is her preferred pass time and she takes great pride in her talents as an artist. She is also rather well trained in martial arts, being small and flexible and rather fast and sturdy on her feet she had the physique to make it far in the world of martial arts. Another skill of hers is being a rather good surfer, having the balance and physique to pull it off.

Personality: Tino is a passive creature and doesn’t like any trouble. She would rather sleep the say away than do much of anything or simply draw. She likes the outdoors and is the most comfortable sitting by a river or up a forest tree. Some may think her to be rather stoic and unemotional, she is just simply a relaxed and laid back individual, you may be lucky to see her actually practicing her martial arts at one point or another, but that would be one rare occasion. She takes great care of her friends and all those she deems companions and if there were trouble a brew she would jump in to aid them, but wouldn’t be caught dead helping those she deems enemies. She’s quite territorial and is very picky over the friends she makes lest they try to back stab her in any situation. But this alone is all a person needs to be able to tell that you have a friend or life in Tino.

As part of a group Tino is basically the eyes, ears and nose. She is a tracker and will almost guarantee find the person who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. She is a reliable source to go to for information or help and will only ever fall out if there is a danger of trouble or something she isn’t really up for. Over all Tino’s pretty lazy when it comes to activities that she has to work at, when it comes naturally to her she’s not really bothered but hard work is not apart of Tino’s vocabulary and she would much rather just chill for days upon end, this also effects her school work in the way that she cannot concentrate on things that she finds boring or just isn’t interested.

Bio: Tino grew up in Australia. She never really fitted in due to her peculiar outlook but she never really cared. All she ever needed to keep herself busy was her sketchbook, some pencils and a surf board. Spending most of her days either in school or by the beach she was never far from what she loved. She disliked anyone who commented on her abnormal personality and was very territorial of what space she had on the beach, which made it harder for her to make any friends. Her childhood was spent in solitude up until she was ten. She made a friend in a girl around her age who had a pretty peculiar appearance herself. She was a monster like herself, perhaps not as severe as Tino but none the less Aisha took it upon herself to make friends with Tino.

They’re friendship has survived ever since and even though Aisha has had to travel the world with her parents as they are nature presenters, Tino has kept in touch with her all these years and they meet up now and again when Aisha finds herself back in Australia. Aisha's mum still works out in Japan as a successfull anchor woman for a popular news channel, Aisha hardly ever gets to see her but she visits every now and again to find out how Aisha and her father ar doing. It was quite the odd meet for her mum and dad, as they tell it: Her dad had traveled out to Japan in order to brush up on his knowledge of Japanese culture and history only to find the most beautiful woman sitting on a becnh in the park he so happened to be treading through. Having his Japanese as poor as it was, her father tried to woo the woman through using a translator...but of course that didn't turn out too well and the woman laughed her head off.

It was a kind of one night stand job to be honest, but her mother never abandoned her and neither did her father.
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Name:Manuel Jimenez

Nickname: Man

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Grade: Freshmen

Clothes: Wears a bob marley shirt and loose jeans

Monster Form Type: Satyr

Monster Form Appearance: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/Trog_Man/satyr.jpg (without the weapon)

Monster Form Abilities:He has super speed, He can also do spells with his satyr flute:make monsters fall asleep,makes illusions, increase his strength, weaken foes: strength, speed, powers. and can give health/ stamina. BUT unfortunetly he only uses theme when he has to, because they take away his stamina

Human Form Race: 50%Mexican, 50%Irish

Human Form Appearance: Black hair,brown skin,tall,thin. Has a thin mustache and a slight build. You would never see him as irish,

Human Form Abilities: can do MINOR flute spells like: make him self a LITTLE stronger/faster. And can make illusions(only for a min.). BUT unfortunetly he only uses theme when he has to, because they take away his stamina

Skills: Free running, flute

Personality: He's very quite and shy. But in his monster form hes a raging machine. Hes a pig when it comes to food and is not so good at education. He though is quite he is a fierce combatant and never gives up, he hates people who give up with no good reason. (sorry i gotta leave ill edit it later)

Bio: His mom is Mexican and his dad is Irish? His parents met when his mother(who came from Ireland) was a English teacher in Mexico, they instanly new they were satyr and fell in love. Though they lived in Mexico they hated it. So they moved to America and thats where Manuel was conceived, but still his parents wernt born there so he was technically a immigrant. His parents were strict about his monster form and gave him a sealment ring to seal his powers(witch he still uses). The ring kept slipping though and he would terrorize towns, so his parents sent him to Yokai academy so he could learn how to control his forms.
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Name: Tony Krane

Nickname: TK

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

Regular: White T-Blue Jeans
Casual: Sweater Vest Over Dress Shirt-Nice Blue Jeans
Workout: Sweat pants-Sleeveless shirt

Monster Form Type: Cerberus

Monster Form Appearance: Instead of three heads sprouting from one neck, each head grows one of his shoulders. His arms are engulfed in flames. The faces on his shoulders resemble demon hounds while his original stays the same. All 3 heads have a mouth of razor sharp teeth. And a set of sharp claws

Monster Form Abilities: Basically Pyrokinesis. Strength and Speed increases.

Human Form Race: African American

Human Form Appearance: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f356/Djtony9066/TK.jpg

Human Form Abilities: He can make small flames with his hands. Speed is increased slightly. Heightened senses.

Skills: Speed. Sense of Danger. Strength.

Personality: Very cocky about his ability. Loves the ladies. Laid back. And a very cool person once you get to know him.

Bio: TK has been aware of his ability since he was just a little child. He came to the school as a freshman so he could be around others like him. He became very fond of the school and his teachers. He often found himself in the deans office due to ''showing off'' but other than that he was a good kid. He has played sports all four years at the school. This is his last year at the school and he is eager to leave his mark. Make everyone know who he was and what he could do.


My First Female Character Ever

Name: Madison Trish

Nickname: Maddie

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Clothes: Pic Below

Monster Form Type: Gorgon Gorgon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monster Form Appearance:http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f356/Djtony9066/medusa.jpg

Monster Form Abilities: Turn People Into Stone upon contact with skin. Stone status can be cured by human form blood.. Blood Is Fatal Poison. Victims may die within hours if not cured. Only cure is Human form blood

Human Form Race: Greek

Human Form Appearance: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f356/Djtony9066/0223184319.jpg

Human Form Abilities: Temporary Paralysis upon contact with skin, In Human Form Her Blood Has Healing Capabilities.

Skills:Brings Good Luck

Personality: Smart. Perky.Unlike Most Gorgons she is very beautiful and nice.

Bio: Maddie was not always one of the more popular kids in school. As a child she never had controll of her powers and often found herself turning people into stone. As a freshman she was picked on by the other kids. She soon Became friend's with a boy she nick named TK. She looked up to him like an older brother and he was always there for her. She became more independent after meeting him and stuck up for herself. She began to controll her monster ability with ease. Now that she feels more confortable with herself and her peers she can live a normal life. At least as normal as it gets.
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^indeed i am. i'm glad this RP turned out to be good at collecting members.

Ven1233 - i don't like the idea of there being another inter-species breed but you came up with ok ideas i'll allow it.

Chaotic Misery
- normally the more humanoid form is second but whatever that looks good. also just to give you a heads up werewolves as depicted in the series R+V are the fastest monsters of all physically speaking.

The King and Twilight_Path
- the teachers as i mentioned in the rules will be usable by everyone thus no one can claim a teacher figure i will allow you to give them names if you like but they will only be minor characters who anyone could control.

Darkness of White
- i like the use of relation between your character and one of the original series character's in your template.

Shadowfaith - you cannot be a werewolf or even part werewolf as two people have already used that idea. also i must ask that you not be a half and half for monsters. please pick a single monster to be. i only made two acceptions for that rule. please change your template.

jozi parue
- ...humanoid demon? there is as i am aware no such thing that is called that. be more specific and i will only accept monsters not demons like in TV shows like Charmed and what not. his powers also do not match up with his monster form not that that matters since you have to change your monster. also i see you have a meat cleaver? i believe in the rules i stated "no weapons". please alter your template.

The King
- nice choice of monster. i am curious what "WIP" means. ^^;;;

just to let everyone know i will be starting this RP up on Monday at the earliest and Tuesday at the latest.


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is that good?? if not i'll change it. and i sent you a pm DT about being a gypsy morph, and you didn't reply so i'm posting this up

Name: Marcus Grey

Gender: male

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Clothes: He has no specific type of clothes, but mostly wears darker shirts and long jeans. He rarely wears shorts, or short jeans, alot of his shirts label the fact that he likes alot of heavy dark bands. Meaning his shirt's are usually band shirts. He almost always has a black leather jacket on.

Monster Form Type: Crusnik

Monster Form Appearance: He gets black wings his eyes turn black, a giant scythe appears with a whip at the end, the weapon is white.

Monster Form Abilities: He has the power to fly at speeds that can go into supersonic, He has strength and reflexes higher then most things. He is faster then anyone he knows. He also has the power to take down and hunt vampires

Human Form Race: He is from american, he has always lived there and never knew what he truly was until he was 10, when he first used his power.

Human Form Appearance: http://http://cdimg2.crunchyroll.com/i/spire4/08182008/2/b/0/f/2b0f5acea6c840_full.jpg

Human Form Abilities: His human for capabilities, are a tiny tiny fraction of those in his demon form. He has reflexes more then any normal human can move and run faster then normal humans, and can jump higher then any normal human. He also has the power to sense vampires.

Skills: He is good at martial arts and defending himself. He is very sneaky and very smart, he is also a very good strategist and one of the smartest kids ever.

Personality: He is a shy quiet guy if he doesn't know you. He doesn't make friends very easily. When he knows you he acts bubbly and sometimes considered obnoxious though he tries not to be. He will also defend you know matter what if he knows you, and if he doesn't, well he will try and protect you if he sees you have a good heart and are a nice person.

Bio: He was born in america to his father and mother, his mother was human, his father was a Crusnik, his father was created instead of born and thought he would be the last of his type, but when marcus was born, he found out different. his father was not very happy, but he learned to deal with it. He tried to hide the powers from MArcus, but when he reached the age of 10, he couldn't hide it any longer, so they began practicing to control his powers. He was a natural and always knew what to do.

When he was 14 he met his first vampire, his Crusnik instincts told him to kill him. So he obeyed, his father was so angry at him he grounded him. Marcus kept feeling vampires for the next few years, but he never attacked them again. His father wanted to test his strength and concentration and so he sent him to Yokai academy.
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Yes very nice creature i think. cant wait to RP with him.
Im trying to think of a nice second one.
WIP just means work in progress.
I jus didnt have time to finish cuz i was leaving the house. i will be finishing later on tonight for sure


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sorry for my bad post I was in a rush so i just fixed it
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