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As the brush was dipped in the ink Aunu wondered. What will he paint today?
He gathered his thoughts and made something up. He wrote in kanji a short little story…

“He is soulless… and every emotion he has is thrown away. Everyone except for his purpose; to save everyone….”

“What’s next…”(Aunu thought).

He was not really inspired, not that anything around made him inspired. He was standing in his grandfather’s studio, which had the design of an old Japanese house. Even if Aunu lived in Japan, it was odd around for this style houses around this modern day neighborhood. The room was bright, as his father and grandfather had made this wall out of concrete and installed a large window so sunlight came in…. he looked down at his own complexion. His ivory skin, black hair and white clothes. It kind of bothered him that he looked so weak. Even if he had put some muscle on, a little, he still looked pathetic. He was also friend-less and didn’t like to talk to people much as he thought to himself most of the time in school. He was always writing little stories and drawing characters, so he was in the process. Then the thing that he hated about himself most: his metal arm. This was a result of a car accident from a few years ago when he was twelve…. His arm was badly wounded so it had to be amputated. Thanks to that everyone regarded him as a freak… it was horrible. At last, he thought the rest of the story and the character up.

“That’s why he is a knight, a savior of everyone.
The one…
The only….

He was finished, with the prologue at least. Now for the character. He began with the eyes , drawing them a little closed and cold. Then the face. He created him like a typical bishonen , tall strong and handsome , unlike him .The hair was silver , so with watercolors he did it , the eyes purple with emptiness .His clothes where Japanese styled robes , all in black . After it was done , he heard someone burst into the room. It was his father.

“Grab your coat and get in the car!” he yelled , almost showing traces of nerv wreak.

Aunu thought. “Why , what’s the matter?”

His father turned painstruck. “Your grandfather had a heart attack.”

His father turned painstruck. “Your grandfather had a heart attack.”
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“But…that’s impossible…. Grandpa was a strong man…”

Aunu looked up at his father. His face was nervous, though now he hid it.
“My father,” he said” had been lying to us all along. All those doctor appointments were false…” As for that he crumbled to the ground, weeping. Aunu held his father by the shoulders, not knowing how to consolate him. The once strong proud man that Seto Hamasaki had been now was broken to mere shards.

“Why… why did he lie to me? Why did he lie to his own son?”

“His vow is to help, to rebuild the shards of hope”-

Aunu’s last hopes were down too…. Much like his own father’s.
They had attended the funeral a few days ago and it was depressing.

“Find the ones in dismay.”-

His father had cried throughout the whole day and hadn’t really talked to him.

“ Seek the sorrow in a person’s eyes…
See the anger enshrouding their soul-
…And bring their peace by your blade”
He had left his scrolls in his grandfather’s old room. It was filled with old ornaments and scrolls to shuriken and katanas. As he did, he remembered a promise he had made long ago …
After a short shower he went into his grandfather’s old studio, carrying a mat, one that belonged to him, and fell asleep on it….

A loud noise was heard, one of people breaking through the screens of the house. Aunu got up and left the room to see what was up.

“How long will this last Seto?” a strong, menacing voice yelled to his father.

“No more! I won’t lie anymore!”

A clatter of men fighting and shouting was heard throughout the house, and then a howling yell. Aunu started worrying, so he ran to the only safe place: His grandfather’s room. As he did, the other men were about to brake through the screen of the room, so Aunu hid under a small table. The men tore the paper open, one of them throwing a bookcase flat on the floor. They were barked orders from somewhere else around there, and they locked the room. Aunu got up, stepping on a shuriken doing so. He looked down at the floor and noticed something peculiar. The floor was torn, and most of the scrolls rolled in the process. A dim blue light kept shining, so Aunu got a katana and tore the floor under him. He fell… at a strange place. Computers were all over the “wall”, and a strange looking tomb (?) sat in the middle of the room. A blue light came from it, and Aunu lifted the recognizable door on it. As he did, he saw pure silvery hair of a young man looking exactly like…

Aunu had awakened.He was sweating and was really nervous , but something else was there. He wore a black Japanese robe, his hair fluttering in the wind from the broken window.He looked at Aunu in question.It was him…

“Whatever’s the matter?”
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