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Should they make a kh for psp?



Ugh PSP. Ugh almost twice the price of a DS Ugh. lol sorry.
Its not possible. The PSP does nto have the proccessing power that the PS2 has. Even if the the PSP used all the power it could the battery would be dead in like 1 hour. They would have to dim it down so much it wouldnt even be worth it. I can have KH on the go. My Van has a thing that lets me play the PS2 during car rides :) I would muh rather play on home on a big screen then in the car with a small screen. I think ti would be the worst idea ever. I wouldnt buy a PSP just for that i would probably just buy the game and borrow a psp or sometihng. I hope they never ever make it for PSP and they wont because of its power and such. KH series should stick with Home consoles (With the excepsion of CoM) KH2 would be impossible to put on the PSP because its using almost al of the PS2; power.


Oct 28, 2004
Well they already did a card battle game (CoM) and the PsP has Metal Gear Acid so....