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Fanfiction ► Simple KH fanfiction ideas

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Apr 9, 2018
Hello, Key-folk! I am just dropping off some fanfiction ideas that some may hold interest in. Enjoy!!!

1. Summary of The Inter-War Saga: A mere handful of months rolled by after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, it is a time to rest, to rejoice, and to remember. Yet while friends and comrades celebrated to their hearts’ content (pun intended) on the greatest victory ever achieved, empires from the farthest reaches of the Known Universe make their move, to control Kingdom Hearts for themselves. Worlds, old and new, are brought down to their knees, by forces ranging from warring extraterrestrials and robots, to neurologically-enhanced dinosaurs, to demons who wield unfathomable capabilities of fire. As this campaign takes hold, however, an ancient and long-forgotten evil is about to rise and bring about a new Age of Existence, or the end of it. (Author’s Note: This is practically drawn a bit too much from the lore of Middle-Earth, Resistance: Fall of Man, Killzone, Halo, Destiny, and Warhammer 40,000. I feel like it is a common rule that with each sequel of any title, there has to be new baddies and goodies. Most of the mentioned OCs are derived from one-shot characters I glance at that or read upon in the Disney Wiki, such as Fantasia’s T-Rex and the Martian Mastermind from Disney’s documentary about Mars, and I try to keep it within the Disney limit. The basis of this story has numerous intergalactic factions that are in dire need of resources due to failing economies, and while they fight each other based on species and ideologies, their common goal is to seize Kingdom Hearts, viewing it as an unlimited resource deposit. This conflict I drew from real world sources of corporations who do some really messed up things in order to get gold, oil, and other materials.)

2. Summary of The Bone Lord’s Resurrection: The Festival of High-Night; A time to enjoy the virtues of what the night has to offer, to dress in strange costumes of creatures reflecting to what an older culture would had feared ages ago, to receive sweet joy. But this one Festival will be visited by uninvited guests, of a different sort. Deep in the bowels of Toontown, lays the bracelet-shaped structure known as the Bone Fortress. Cog scouts investigate any technology worth salvaging in this eldritch architecture, unaware of what really lurks within the walls of the Bone Fortress. A tide of black, glistening terror armed with fangs, claws, and acidic venom are unleashed on an unsuspecting group of heroes, for this “Xeno-Tide” must be stopped, but only with help from outside the Known Universe. (Author’s Note: This is basically every Aliens title mixed with Warhammer: Vermintide. This is to serve as a 1.5 between the first and second chapters of the Inter-War saga.)

3.Summary of Far Beyond Saga: As the hardships from the events of The War for Power become more widespread within the Known Universe, rumors float about of REEF’s supposed ongoing concept of leaving the realm for good, only to become another’s problem, with their inevitable greed, callousness, and unnecessary acts of violence against its inhabitants. Our heroes must venture out of their comfort zone, to do battle once more, unaware that old ills barely rest forever. Souls of slain warriors, an empire on the brink of total anarchy, a small and isolated culture of feral orphans, and a far greater conspiracy are just the tip of an iceberg of adventure, mystery, action, and suspense. (Author’s Note: This is a long stretch, BUT: by getting Marvel involved, Disney happened to gain access to Capcom (And maybe some other universes that came into contact with Capcom), and with 20th Century Fox, SEGA (Because most of the Alien Vs. Predator games are distributed or developed by the same team who gave you Sonic the Hedgehog. And probably be linked to other titles made by or distributed by SEGA). It’ll be more of video game characters, but I predict that some Disney loveables will make some canon cameos. Let’s not forget the possibility of Sora getting a spotlight in Soul Calibur.)

4. Summary of The Forsaken Harbor: The Bah’Dirilists were the most feared cult to have ever terrorized the Age of Fairy Tales, with their senseless inquisition and mass liquidation of innocent people. They had the ultimate goal to grow their terror-based empire into the whole world. At first, the Western Scar seemed like an ideal place to conduct their heinous ceremonies and rituals. However, the valiant efforts of the Ponht Kingdom halted any further westward invasions by the blasphemous zealots, therefore confining them to a harbor, of which they had no problem of colonizing. Unexpectedly, or perhaps, expected from its mainland organization of purist extremists, the colonizers were frowned upon despite everything they could do by their standard siblings. Since then, the colony has remained forgotten by even the indigenous people. But that is about to change, as a disease-like mold has taken root of the harbor side town. Its inhabitants, turned into mindless, decayed monsters of unfathomable horror. Now it is up to a small group of willing Ponht heroes to find and destroy the source of this pestilence.

5. Summary of Sunfall: The Siege of Daybreak Town: The Foretellers of Daybreak Town become more paranoid and hostile towards one another, hoarding Lux, fearing that they would be exposed as the foretold traitor. Unbeknownst to all five friends-turned-enemies, foes and enemy forces of long ago gather to exact vengeance on the Keyblade wielders for defeat, humiliation, and utter scarring. The most tragic of fan concept, the Unions do battle together for one last time with their Ponht allies as they brave against shock armies of Ghlonks and Ghlorgs, hordes of purple-bearded Flothals and their Terror Beasts of war, and the despicable cults of the zealous Bah’ Dirilists. A small union of two armies against a massive wave of three adversaries, the battle is set, for the fate of Daybreak Town is in hands of the protectors! (Author’s Note: A fanciful theory that the Unions were defeated by a three-army siege. Pretty much where my influence of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s siege levels, comes into play, especially surrounding the siege of Minas Ithil. You’ll get the idea of Warhammer Fantasy will be the foundation of the theme of perpetual wartime hardships and strife. It is also worth mentioning about the implication of the feel of 300, after all, I imagine that the Ponhts are able to send very small army of 150 warriors, including their Chief, the Chief’s Daughter, and the Daughter’s soon-to-be husband.)

6. Summary of Shadesides: A Dandelion taken too soon from her time, Strelitzia felt that her life was over, but never imagined that she would end up being the hidden catalyst for the major events of the future. Battling Heartless, Nobodies, and minions of the Gods of the Deep Darkness, she must shape the fate of the future, lest it is corrupted by the hands of evil. (Author’s Note: Takes place between Kingdom Hearts: Union X and Kingdom Hearts 3, but involves time-travel of sorts.)

7. Summary of the Age of the Keys: Between the time of the fall of the kingdom of Naeva and the Great Shattering, there had been an age of wonder and mystery. Strange creatures, magnificent cities, forbidden magic, and brutal wars were abound on this world we call Earth. But amongst the exploits of the many warriors and sorcerers from many races of this “Age of the Keys”, one stood out amongst him. His name was Rosleo, the sole survivor of the Leonians, who were slaughtered by the ruthlessness of the Ghlonks and their god-king, the Deathflame Monarch Uko-Gij. While presently he is a thief, a mercenary, and an outlaw, in the future, he will unite several unique characters and lead an army of revenge against Uko-Gij and the forces of Darkness. (Author’s Note: This setting I partially drew from Robert E. Howard’s Conan and Hyborian Age.)


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Sep 25, 2010
All of these are really great ideas for a fanfiction. My main favorites happen to be Far Beyond Saga, Sunfall: The Siege of Daybreak Town, and Shadesides. I'm not sure if you're asking someone to write these or not. However, I do find them intriguing and well thought out ideas. If you do write any of them yourself, it'd be a pleasure to read, I'm sure. :) I also don't know much about Strelitzia; beyond knowing she dies. And might have something to do with Marluxia, maybe?
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