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Sonic Robo Blast 2 A Fan-Made Sonic the Hedgehog game for the PC by Sonic Team Jr.

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Aug 30, 2007
Anybody heard of this fan-made game? The current version is 1.09.4 The final demo before the final version comes out. It's 3-D and haves 3 zones with 3 acts. It has Super Sonic, a non-changing colors Hyper Sonic, Certain cheats, and a red echidna who kills you sending you to Red Volcano Zone (secret level) Gives you a black emerald for interrupting his picnic (Hyper Sonic) and when you encounter him the last time he gets angry and sends you into the pool and has enemies come after you once you escape the level is finished! (God Cheats unlocked)
Homepage/ Download:
Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Official Website
Click on download to get the game.
Click on Addons to get homebrew levels, characters, and more! You don't need to get the launcher to run WADS (Hombrew levels and characters) just put the wad file in where the game is, when you get inside the game open up the console by pressing ~/` and addfile _______.wad if the levels or characters doesn't pop up open up the console for levels and map map____. For characters open the console and type in Splitscreen 1 go to multiplayer, set up player 1 and change to the wad characters.
For more WADS go to the SRB2 forums and go to releases, if the links doesn't work to the wad files, go to:
4shared.com - free file sharing and storage
Now the infamous wad, HMS123311 (HMS123.WAD or HMS123311VOICE.WAD) is no longer indoursed by his creator, Torgo so you can get the wad at 4Shared.com

SRB2 also has mods like SRB2 JTE, SRB2 TBE, SRB2 Riders, SRB2 Star Wars, The Mystic Realm, and More! They can be easily found at srb2 wiki and at the SRB2 Forums. If you want any of my wads PM me, i have Shadic, Shadow, Amy, Metal Sonic and more!

How to unlock all the secrets: (NOTE: DON'T USE ANY WADS WHEN TRYING THIS!)
Mario Koopa Blast: Collect all the emeralds on normal or up.
Sonic/NiGHTS Into Dreams: Collect all the characters emblems.
Christmas Hunt: Finish Mario
Adventure Example: Finish NiGHTS
Easter Egg reward: Change your calender on your computer to easter start up SRB2 watch the easter intro and collect all the easter eggs, on normal or up.
Time Attack reward: Finish 1P mode in 6 minutes on normal or up.
Super Sonic: Collect all the emeralds and get 50 rings when Sonic.
Level Select: Beat the game once on normal or up.
Red Volcano Zone (BETA): Beat Hard mode three times (easy way use level select and play the last level 3 times on hard) then jump on Red XVI house three times go up to him, he kills you, you're there.
Ultimate Mode: Beat Very Hard one time. (Use level select, and beat the final level one time)
Black Emerald/Hyper Sonic: Beat Ultimate Mode one time (easy way start up Ultimate Mode type in the console splitscreen 1 and make both Players 1, 2 Knuckles, then type in MAP MAP9 and beat Eggman with Player 2, if you die, finish him off with Player 1) Then start on Greenflower Zone Act 2 get the speed shoes, hit the hidden spring and go to Red XVI's second house it says "out to lunch" when there find a picnic nearby where he is go to him and now you have emerald 8 that can get you Hyper Sonic.
God Cheats: After getting the black emerald, beat the levels up to Castle Eggman Zone 2, activate all the buttons then go into the pool, find a missing gargoyle and find the hidden hole enter it and go find an even smaller hole. Hit the shield and get the ring box. go up the spring and go to the room where Sonic's emblem is. Leave the room and go to end of the level. Still have the shield and go to the endpoint. Instead of an endpoint you see Red XVI very unhappy, sending you to a room filled with enemies, now that your shield blew up run out the pool or defeat the rest of the enemies, without getting hit and exit the pool. You now have the God Cheats. Don't use any of them until the fight with Eggman is finished. You now have God Cheats.

NOTE: You have to use level select for now, also meaning you have to get the Black Emerald all over again, this time it easier with God Cheats, allowing you to change gravity.
Download and discuss now!
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