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Speculation/Theories from A Newb (Long but worth it)

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I've been visiting here for months and never had the guts to join the forums. Now I do :p

I was reading Coded and BBS pages and I thought this up:

As we all know Ven looks EXACTLY like Roxas. Think about this, Sora's nobody is Roxas. Roxas looks like Ven...

Could Ven possibly be Sora's father?

Before you go "OMG THAT IS DUMBZORZ" think. We haven't seen Sora's parents yet. And let's say if Ven had Sora three years before BBS. He could've just pulled a Hudini (spelling?) and went off to fight his battles or train to weild the keyblade. Sora's mom could've taken care of Sora his whole life. I say this because in Kingdom Hearts we only hear Sora's Mom, not his dad. So it could be possible that Sora's dad Ven could still be alive, or that he could have died in BBS. I make this connection because Sora's nobody is a peice of him in physical form. Roxas. Roxas looks like Ven which could've passed the genes onto Sora, but his hair color and body from his mom. If you go look at a close up face shot of Sora and Roxas. It looks like they just pasted Roxas' hair over Sora's. I don't see why it couldn't be believeable.

The only little flaw is that Ven looks a little young lol.

Unless and only unless. If Ven and Terra are brothers? (Holy crap look at me making up all this BS :p) And Terra is Sora's father and some of Ven's genes transferred to Sora. Lastly before I end this theory maybe Ven actually dies and his being gets absorbed by Terra (like when Sora and Roxas meet at The World that Never Was and Roxas sorta gets absorbed by Sora). Terra and Sora;s mom have Sora Terra goes off. makes sense.

Another small theory.

There's a new enemy running around in BBS. Each enemy has there sorta symbal to represent them. The nobody symbol. Heartles symbol. If you remember while playing as Roxas on the 6th day. You go into a mansion and if you go into the Library before entering The White Room for the forst time. You'll see that you need to draw a symbol on the table to make the floor disapeer. Could that symbol be the symbol for the new enemy. It could be possible to see it in-game. I'm not sure.

I think both theories are plausable. Comments please!

Ven had Sora as 11-year-old??! I dont think so. I prefer more about Ven being Sora´s bigbrother..

Fallen Phoenix

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Feb 8, 2008
Nah, I'm against all that family crap.

It's ilogical!!!

Anyway, suppose it's TRUE: Why Nomura would have stressed that the main point of BBS is Ven's identity, then? Ven's GREAT AND MYSTERIOUS identity is...Sora's father/brother? Thanks, but no thanks.

KB, sorry man, but it isn't a good, or original, theory. Nothing personal, just business XD

See ya:toungesmile:
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