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Fanfiction ► Spirit of a Full Moon

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Mar 27, 2007
She was here earlier, but I think she's still going through some things.


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Jan 18, 2007
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Chapter 3: Way to the Dawn

I headed upstairs and found Riku in my room looking at pictures. I knew that not only Kairi needed answers, but him and Sora as well.

“Hey, whatcha doin’ up here?” I smiled, he tried to smile back.

“I need to talk to you….” He started to blush. “You… ok?”

“I’m just fine. Maybe I should be asking you the same question…” I stepped closer to him, and now his face was a rose color.

“I know this must be hard for you… you reuniting with your sister and all….” He turned away, “I just wanted you to know that… I know you’ll be able to handle things…” Now his face was a bright red.

He didn’t really have to say more… this wasn’t about my sister… but me and him. It seemed like we were together for years… but it was just 10 months… and it seems like people want to tear that apart. He started to speak; I guess he noticed I was sort of dazed out…

“You… you’re very strong. And…. You have a beautiful personality; I feel that I can talk to you about anything, and….. You’re just amazing…” He put his head down.

“Is that all Riku? Is that what you wanted to tell me?” I spoke softly to him.
“Huh?!” he seemed surprised... maybe he was expecting me to cry? I haven’t cry since I saw Spirited Away… (Don’t ask)…

“No…. I guess I will never open my heart fully to you... when I really want to... but I can’t…. I refuse to be like this, you deserve more….” He looked sad now.

I decided to tease him a little. “Well, if you really feel that way, I’ve had a crush on Tseng since I was a kid and I’ll be 18 next year so…..”

“Hmm?!” he looked up, sad and sort of angry and confused at the same time. It’s nice to seem him out of character like this.

“No! What I really wanted to say, I mean the reason why I came in here... I was concerned…. I wanted you to know that….”

I smiled. I love you to Riku…”

Yes, I have been thinking about this segment for a while now… but enough about Raye, I’m sure you want to know how Kairi feels about this right? I’ll be switching between their views time after time (to make it interesting) and I still have to write about the mother, but that will also include sephiroth’s view... so this is going to be long….. Don’t expect chapter 4 for a while (health wise I need a break and im just being stubborn now because im still here ^^ ;) I know its still confusing... Things will make sense soon ^^ (hey look at final fantasy 7; they had 2 games and a movie to sum up the storyline).


Mar 27, 2007
It sounds like the next one is going to be sad but I can take whatever emotion it will be.


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Jan 18, 2007
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Sorry for the double post!!! ^^;

Chapter 4: Family Reunion

“I just met her at bar… big deal….”
I heard my father talking to Cloud… yes Cloud of all people…
“Kairi? What are you doing?” Santros was whispering in my ear.
“I wanna hear what happened to Mom….”
“Um… wow... ok… you sure?” He started sweating for some reason.
“Yeah…. I… really do….”
“Well okay then…..” He walked away. I heard Dad starting to speak.
“Why are you so interested in my wife?” He was aggravated.
“Sephiroth… no one even knew you had one….. I'm just curious…..” Cloud stood firm… Why? I don’t really know.
“Someone knew…. Hojo, Tseng…. Cid….. I made Cid their godfather… back when he respected me… but he loves those kids…. and he loved Sayoko for her kindness….” He got sad.
“So you’re going to tell me about her?” Cloud was starting to get annoyed… it was clear that him and my dad scheduled this whole thing.
“Fine…. Like I said I met her at a bar….” I set myself up for this… I was going to listen to every word…
“We really should get going soon…”
“Relax Zack… we’ll get back on schedule… I want a wine spritzer…” Sephiroth padded Zack on the back and sat down. He was sitting next to a woman, hardly out of her teenage years with short black hair and caramel skin tones… her violet and blue eyes matched beautifully with her skin.
“Found something interesting to look at?” She was drunk… beautiful… but drunk…
“Me? I’m sorry… you’re… you… have beautiful eyes…” Sephiroth stared.
Well the rest is history; they were both drunk… but loved tenderly. And their chemistry seemed to have agreed.
The next morning Sephiroth left with Zack and the other soldiers from Edge.
“What happened to you last night?” Zack looked at Sephiroth with disgust. He still smelled like liquor.
“To tell you the truth… I don’t know…”
“I came back to Edge three years after that…” Dad looked down.
“So… you had a one-night stand… and left her?” Cloud was now disturbed.
“It wasn’t my intention… I didn’t know she was pregnant… but then I found her again and decided to drop by…”
“Hi.” Sephiroth looked down at a little boy with green eyes and silver hair. He looked just like him, he feared the worst.
“Nice of you to drop by…” Sayoko was wiping her hands from cleaning.
“Sayoko… I… I didn’t know… I wouldn’t have…please forgive me…” Sephiroth was ashamed but he didn’t know that she would become pregnant.
“Santros…” she looked at the little boy.
“Hmm?” Sephiroth looked at her.
“That’s his name… Santros.”

“Wow.” I said. I know why Santros left so quickly… maybe ashamed because of how he was born.
“What else?” Cloud was sitting down now.
“I didn’t work as often, I stayed with her. I spent time with her. I fell in love with her.” Dad gave a calm smile.
“Then what?” Cloud was intrigued. It was almost like Sephiroth was his hero again.
“Eventually Reina was born… then Tai…. Isis…. Well you know my children…” Dad’s smile was as clear as day now. “Sayoko said… they would be our legacy… but they’re hers… not mine.” Dad spoke softly now. I felt kinda sad.
“What was her profession?” Cloud still asked these questions. He knew the topic hurt… but he knew now that it was more than one reason why dad went crazy.
“She… worked under Hojo on…. On a project. She stopped after Hotaru was born…” he put his head down.
“Damn… she got mixed up with Hojo?” Cloud felt bad now.
“Yes… she loved her job… she loved her family…she loved me even more…” Dad was really emotional now. He didn’t look up at Cloud.
“Cloud… she was an Ancient….” He definitely didn’t look up now.
“What?!” Cloud jumped back. He actually fell out the chair. “Did you know? I mean how did you find out?!”

“…Tifa told me… she’s related to Sayoko. You see… it like the Ancient take on beautiful being to hide their true identity… Hojo found out and…”
My heart was in my chest. I felt like crying.
“…She never gave in to him… she fought…he wanted to experiment on our children… she wouldn’t let him… so he shot her in her chest…” Sephiroth whimper a little bit.
I couldn’t believe it. I actually saw my father cry. I didn’t know him that long but… this is Sephiroth… but… it didn’t make him any less human to cry… I was sad… but relieved.
“…Sephiroth…I’m sorry.” Cloud spoke softly now… in a way now, he could understand Sephiroth. Being lied to about his whole life... his family taken away from him… I mean… he was in love.
“Raye saw the whole thing… through the closet Sayoko hid her in. She was three.” He wiped his eyes.

Now I felt that I didn’t want to know. Raye saw the whole thing… that’s why she didn’t talk about it… that must’ve hurt… Raye, I’m sorry.

Raye has a seven tattooed on her back. Santros has a three…. Dad has a one on hid hand… did that mean that Hojo got to do his experiments anyway?

“Raye can shape shift… Santros has extremely supernatural strength… my children... they have suffered enough...” Dad stood up.
“What about the others?” Cloud stood up too.
“I don’t know if the Jenova cells infected them… they all still have their Ancient gene… but I don’t know if the rest of them have powers.” He looked on his desk.
I noticed that there was a folder on dad’s desk. It was his, and after that… he burned it.
“This case was closed… and solved…” He watched it burn.

I started up the stairs. When I reached my room I would cry… and hard… and I would tell Raye what happened, and she’ll cry too… and I’ll apologize. Things in my life will definitely be different from now on.

Let me just say that this chapter was a pain to write, physically, and emotionally. I almost cried ^^;

Now that this chapter is off my chest, I can focus on the healing of the feternal twins ^^ and the comedy, action and adventure, I’m happy with this chapter it’s really deep.
I don’t own any of the final fantasy or kingdom hearts characters. I want to say that without these games (including my favorite animes) that I wouldn’t be able to expand my imagination this far! I really am proud of this chapter! ^^
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