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Fanfiction ► Star-Wars: The Other Side.....

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Jan 11, 2008
Star-Wars: The Force Unleashed; the other side.​

Note: for name pronunciation go to the bottom of the page.


as you know Galen Merek sacrificed himself for the alliance, giving them hope. But what if? This is a question we always ask ourselves. For instance, instead of Galen fighting the Empereor, he could of fought Dark Vader, and win. Then the Emperor would give Galen his final test. To kill Kota, but he could'nt, he would strike the Emperor instead, but he would be no match, and the Emperor would strike him down, murdering his only will to live by taking down the Rogue Shadow, holding Juno, toward the horrified Jedi. But Juno would not die, Kota and the others would take Juno, and prisoners of the Death Star towards safety. The Emperor would'nt care from his wounds, the Emperor would just command the troopers to 1.) Find the rebelions. 2.) Collect the bodies. After recovering he would find out Galen's not dead, well not on the outside atleast. This gives the Emperor the chance for revenge, he turns Galen into a Dark Stalker: a high leveled Sith assassin.. His code-name from now-on is... Starkiller.


Commander Lucint commanded his men to go light-speed, flying through space with out being noticed. He tapped his chair, fore people were in danger. They approached the Death Star, "Hide behind the debree, if any-one sees us, we're dead." They saw a man get flown into space.

"There!" Said one of Lucint's men. Lucint saw a group of men gather-around a boarding dock. Storm-troopers ran after them.

"Fire the turrets!" Lucint said with hostility. Laser-blasts flew into the storm-troopers, another set of troopers fired back. "Rescue ships deploy." Lucint pressed a red button that released small ships that fired at his enemys. He watched carefully hoping no one would be harmed.

"Ship 4kY is down." One of his men said, "We need more ships commander, should we call more ships Commander?"

"No, there's no time, send me on a scouter-ship."


"I will also need two peramedics, three marines, and two engineers. " Lucint walked off into the loading dock."

"You heard the man!" His men said.

The men he ordered gathered around a S.O.A.D -scout-ship. It was made to go fast, and carry a-few men. But it could be destroyed easily. Lucint walked up to the men who saluted him. "Hey this is no honoring seremony! Board the ship, and lets get moving!" The men ran into the ship and got ready for battle.

He checked the ship;"Fuel-tank?"

"Full sir."





"Lets get moving then!" The ship then set-off into space towards the ship that coud'nt function. The scout-ship set out an arm that connected to the rescue ship. Once the arm clanked on the men rushed through it like a bridge, into the down ship. Once the men were in they opened the rescue hatched, there were a group of human's. Two Jedi, Senator Organa, Leia Organa, a child, and five other people. Next to them was a women on a spine-splint. She was covered in her blood, missing a leg and a eye."
"Engineers get this ship moving, marines work the terrets, and medics work on the wounded, that women first." Lucint said.

In ten minutes the ship was moving, and everything was in-control. One of the Jedi(not Rham Kota) looked down at the youngling, who was staring at women. "Now you know what the dark-side can do to you, don't let you're senes fail!"

7 Years Later

Chapter 1: The boy

"Another boring mission again Master?" Said a young Jedi. He was using the force to carry a small ball in the air, it looked like he was toying with it. This younger Jedi's name was Dani. He had dirty-blonde hair that was shagged. He was wearing a apprentice robe.

"I promise this will be adventures my apprentice." Said a older Jedi. He was Gargent Dali, one of the last Jedi in the universe, but there was hope in him. He was keeping the Jedi generation moving by teaching this boy the ways of the force. This boy was like no other though, he was a force sensitive child. He and the boy were supposed to be executed seven years ago by Darth Vader, personally too. But he died that day, and so he took on the responcibility of taking the boy on himself, but as a apprentice.

"It's not fair, I should be fighting Sith lords." The boy new he was a strong Jedi, but as his master treated him like any other child.

"You know you're powerful, but because of that you must be taught patience. Besides these mission is different. Very different."

"Can you sense it." Dani mocked, the reason why he was snotty was because his mission was to escort a force-sensitive child, but he's done these missions alot of times before. It was a bore to him.

"We're there." He said. There ship hovered the ground, it rest on the hot sand. The door opened, the two Jedi walked out of the small ship.

They were greeted by a Jedi and a boy. The Jedi was Obi-Won-Kenobi, and the boy was Luke Skywalker. Jedi Dali walked toward Obi-Wan, while Dani distracted the boy.

"What's the boy's story?" Said Dali.

"He's Ankakin's son."


"Yes. He's force sensitive, more then your'e apprentice. I think."

"You don't say." He stared off into the distance, Dani scolded him for having a lightsaber in belt. They started to fight, Dani stole the lightsaber, but Luke could already force-pull it toward him. This got Dani mad, and Dani was about to do something with the force, but Dali stopped the fight.

"Where did you get a lightsaber!" Dani questioned.

"It was my father's before he died..." A tear dripped down his face.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Dani said, regretting for what he did.

"Well it's not that." He started to cry.

Obi-Wan put his hand on Luke's shoulder, "His Aunt and Uncle were assassinated a three-years ago. The assassin was looking for Luke, they died protecting him. That's when I found him in the desert." He looked at Luke, "Now, now, let's stop at my house to wash your face." He looked up at Dali, "It right around a sand cliff. You can bring your ship."

"Well we do need fuel, we'll stop by nearest---,"

"There's no gas on this planet, but there's a broken-down SA-AT ahead."

"Well we have no choice." Said Dali.

After they fueled-up there ship's tank they dropped off at Obi-Wan's house to get Luke.

"You teach him well," Dani said with a smirk. He breathed through the heavy air, sweating, it was horrible there. "It's so hot!" he said.

"Just try living with it!" Luke smirked back.

Obi-Wan knelt towards the boy. "Now Luke, I have to go somewhere, and you have to go with them to the Jedi temple..To train, I will see you soon."

"But mast-----"

"No you must go with them, no excuses."

Luke looked out the window of his forsaken planet. I have a bad feeling about this, Luke thought to himself.
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Du-dun-dananana Calibrations!
Jan 11, 2008
Thanks, it's going to be better once I actually get time to do it, I just rushed.

Ps. I put up chapter 1, and it should be more detailed tonite when i get the time


Jun 1, 2008
I'd watch out for spelling mistakes; saw quite a few in the first paragraph. Aside from that, good premise.


Du-dun-dananana Calibrations!
Jan 11, 2008
maybe, I have a few ideas... Though he might not be an Allie!
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