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Fanfiction ► ~Tales of Darkness~ KH xiolio_tiessa628/luap911 fanfic collab

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sans 911
Oct 8, 2008
This fic is a collab between luap911 and xiolio_tiessa628.
Just the prologue, so it's short.
If you read, please comment. :)



Axel said:
You both think you can do whatever you want… Well I’m sick of it.


Roxas stood there calmly. Just moments ago he had regained his memories, and was pitted against his best, and only friend. He knew he had to keep going; it was the right thing to do. It would be hard, but it was the only way to fix the pain his very existence had caused.

Axel stood opposite of him, slightly bent over, letting his arms hang. As he took in large breaths caused by the fatigue from the previous battle, he realized it was time to give up because Roxas wouldn’t. He didn’t want to leave and never see his friend again, but he now understood this would be the last time he saw his friend for a long time. “Let’s meet again,” he said, “in the next life.”

“Yeah, I’ll be waiting.” Roxas’ voice was full of assurance, fueled by the decision he had made. Soon, he would have to disappear.

“Silly,” Axel scoffed, as a corridor of darkness appeared below him, “Just because you have a next life.” As darkness surrounded him, he smiled, and then was gone. Roxas walked forward, and then turned away filled with grief.


“This place?”

Axel looked around to find himself on a beach; an island to be precise. “I promised we’d go to the beach,” Axel muttered. He kicked the sand as he let out a sigh.

Other islands could be seen in the distance. There were signs of human activity on the one Axel stood on, but it seemed to not house anyone. A small shack occupied a corner, and a small piece of land was just on the outskirts, which was connected the main land by a bridge. A tree with star shaped fruit was bent to where its trunk was horizontal. Near the shack, there was a cave covered by vines and shrubs. Axel shrugged, and curiously approached the cave.

He jumped back as a Shadow Heartless leapt at him from behind the curtain of plants. He swung his arm, summoning his chakrams, and destroyed the Shadow. He contemplated going into the cave, but shrugged it off and entered. “Strange…”

The entryway was narrow and long, but after getting though it, he ran into a fairly large opening. Chalk drawings littered the walls and he could tell they were drawn by children. A specific drawing caught his eye, one of two people he recognized.

The picture was of Sora, the boy who Roxas had given himself up to save, and Kairi, a childhood friend of Sora’s. It was just their faces, and two arms reaching over to each other’s face holding one of the star shaped fruit.

“Why didn’t he understand?” He looked intensively at the picture of Sora. “It’s your fault.” He turned away, and exited the cave. Axel looked at the sunset, and reminisced about a memory he shared with Roxas.

“Out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.”

“Like I asked! Know-it-all.”

“I started counting for you,” Axel chuckled, “after that, just in case you forgot.” He smiled. “Exactly a year, today; I just wish you could have been around longer.”

A bright light blinded Axel. He turned away, and closed his eyes. Moments later, the light dimmed and a white door sat in front of Axel.


sans 911
Oct 8, 2008
So, here is the official Chapter 1 in the collad between xiolio_tiessa628 and I. Please cnc, if you can use that expression for writing.


Chapter 1

"And what do we have here?" Axel asked as he touched the door. “A mysterious door appearing before me,” he chuckled, “perfectly normal.” Curiously, he reached to the door’s handle in attempt to open it.

He found himself in some sort of weird place. Everything was black and white and there was nothing, but farms, hills, and a long river. Axel jumped behind a nearby tree when a figure ran pass him. It looked like some sort of giant mouse with big round ears. “Was that-” he scratched the back of his head, and thought about what he had saw. He recognized the mouse as the king of Disney Castle, and one of the few Keyblade wielders. He was dressed fairly odd than usual. “It’s always good to do a little recon, I guess.”

Axel came out from behind the tree that he had hid behind. He went to the nearby lake to look at himself. What he saw wasn't the most enlightening thing he ever saw. Instead of seeing his usual features he looked like a cartoon, his slanted emerald eyes looked like a big wheel that had a chunk torn out from it, his figure looked like that of a toothpick, and his hair looked like it had been badly drawn. "I better get outta this place," Axel said.

He attempted to open up a corridor to The World That Never Was, but nothing came out. He instead chose a location that he knew perfectly well. This time, it worked. An egg-shaped portal of purple and black smoke appeared. Axel turned and entered into the portal.

The portal closed leaving behind the world of Timeless River.


Axel stared in awe at his childhood world. This place had been taken over by an evil witch, and, over the years, destroyed to the point of it was unrecognizable. After Sora’s first adventure, and the witch was destroyed, citizens started to return and rebuild the city, but-

“This is unreal!” Axel shouted in excitement.

The whole place was unscathed; it was seemingly so that nothing happened here. One thing did seem out of place though; to Axel’s memory, Radiant Garden now looked exactly how it was before the invasion. Suspicious, Axel summoned his chakrams, ready for anything.

Nothing happened.

Axel, consumed with paranoia, sighed. A thought struck him, be then he brushed it off. “Well, look who’s the idiot,” he said to himself. “Considering I somehow traveled through ti-”

His words were cut off by the sound of blast coming from the outskirts of the town. He turned to see something flying up into the sky. The light surrounding it was too bright to makes out what it was. Axel ignored it, convincing himself it was of no importance, and then went on.

As Axel walked through the town, he passed through many familiar sights. At the sight of some he smiled, but at most he really didn’t care. “Something is slipping away,” Axel said aloud, “But what?”

“After all, we’re friends now. Got it memorized?” Axel heard someone say. It was strange, for Axel recognized the voice as his own.

“Okay, Lea” And this voice…

“It seems I’ll be completing the mission after all.” Axel rushed down the street, and cut through an alley way. He ran into the opening he assumed the voices came from, but didn’t find Roxas there. Two kids did stand on the opposing side of Axel though, both staring up at the tower. “They… how?”

“You ready!?” the red haired boy asked his friend.

After a moment of silence, the blue haired boy replied, “Well, I can tell you are.”

“Yeah,” Lea said. He and Isa turned walked off, heading toward the tower.

“Roxas, this isn’t over.” Axel thought, opening a dark corridor.


Axel had arrived at Destiny Islands. He didn't know what it was, but something within him felt aching. It wasn’t that Roxas was gone, but something else; something that Axel didn’t feel any real need to care for.

Axel saw two boys run by him as he exited the portal. The first boy had short white hair, wore yellow tank-top, black shorts, yellow and black flip-flops, and had two black and yellow bands around his muscular arms. The second boy was a lot thinner, wore a white shirt with a blue trim and red shorts. "You're running too fast, Riku," the boy screamed as he stopped to catch a breath.

Axel scratched the back of his head. “Are these… Sora and Riku?” He studied the two boys. “Yeah, there is no mistaking it.” Axel noticed as Riku slid down a ladder on the side of the small island as he playfully tried to escape from Sora. Sora and Axel were now alone.

The boy heard the closing of Axel's portal. He looked up to see Axel, and Axel glanced back. The boy's aqua-blue eyes were wide and his tan skin went pale when Axel said his name, “Sora.” He decided to give it a chance and approached the terrified four-year-old.

The boy fell over backwards. "How'd you know my name," the boy screamed. “Riku, who is this guy!?” Axel turned in the direction Riku had run, but there was no sign of him.

Without a second thought, Axel grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt. He enveloped the two of them in a dark corridor.

Sora screamed.


Axel threw Sora on the ground in Radiant Garden; they stood right at the foot of the castle.

“Please!” the young Sora shrieked, “don’t hurt me.” Sora held his hands over his face, and began to cry.

“Don’t worry, from here, they’ll find you.” Axel said. “It’s not my intention to hurt you anyways. That’d end badly for both of us.” Axel turned around, and opened a dark corridor. As he was about to walk through it, Axel heard the voices of Lea and Isa coming up the stairs.

“You’re going to leave me here?” Sora cried to Axel reaching out to Axel’s leg.

“There’s no time!” Axel heartlessly retaliated with a kick, and then ran through the portal. As it closed, Lea and Isa ran to the crying child. They tried to comfort him, but to avail. Sora knew he would never be going home.

So, just a little explanation of sorts. There is a reason that Axel starts to act how he does toward the end of the chapter, and no, that it is not his drive to get Roxas back or whatever, but more the opposite. I'll leave it to the readers imagination though.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter II

“I guess, it’s time to head back,” Axel said to himself as he walked out of the portal from Radiant Gardens.
Something hit him like a ton of bricks. Axel didn’t know what, but something was returning to him at a rapid pace. Right now, he didn’t care what it was, but all he knew was that he had to return to his own time. Axel was once again in Timeless River and still in his annoying 1920s cartoon form. He looked around the dull colorless world for the door that had brought him there. There it was, but this time on a pier.
He approached the door as quickly as his feet would allow. As Axel grabbed a halt of its silver knobs, a familiar sound of three voices arrived. The Flurry of Dancing Flames didn’t bother to turn around, because he knew who the voices belonged too, the Keyblade Hero and his two goofy sidekicks. Axel heard their footsteps approach; he hastened his pace on opening the door ASAP. “Bingo,” he thought as he slowly opened the heavy white door.

As Axel exited the world from the door, he noticed that the footsteps had stopped. Perhaps, they had discovered him. No. VIII listened to their voices one last time. The annoying chuckling he heard at first had now turned into a sound of horrified yelps and cries. Axel listened closely to the voices, “Sora?!” one voice quacked.

“What’s happening to me?” another voice, belonging to the Keyblade Master questioned with a sound of fear apparent in his voice. “I’m vanishing…”

“Don’t go, Sora!” the third voice belonging to Goofy, the legendary leader of the King’s knights stammered.
The last thing that Axel heard from Sora was whimpering and a futile promise, “No matter what happens to me we’ll always be friends.”

After that, there was only sobs coming from Donald and Goofy.
Axel didn’t know why, but he couldn’t bear to hear any more of their dialogue. He exited the door and closed it. Axel didn’t know it, but what had just happen to Sora would have a great influence over what happened in his own time.



Axel exited the door and closed it. He left the door and the crawled out of the small cave. As, he crawled through the narrow entrance, his emerald eyes shot open. “What the heck?!” Axel gasped as he saw the beach he had left turned into an ugly shell of its former beautiful self.

Islands that had sat on the ocean before he left were now spinning around him along with palm trees, kids’ toys, and buildings. The blue sky and the blue ocean were no longer there, but replaced by a swirling dark bluish-green tornado. Axel glances up to see a large purplish-black portal opened. The current from the wind is strong that the redhead feels himself being lifted in the air.

In an attempt to save himself, he pierces the flying island he stands on with the blades of his chakram. However, this proves futile as he soon loses his grip and gets swallowed by the portal. Axel closes his eyes and thoughts race through his head. “What’s going on?”

Axel awakes to find himself in Disney Castle. But, unlike the castle he remembered, the ivory walls, the long corridors, the Cornerstone of Light, which should have kept him from entering, and the joyful smiles of the inhabitants were gone. Only remnants of the castle remained, the shredded carpet, the torn-apart construction of the castle, and the fact that Heartless appeared around him. Axel awoke to hear two voices conversing, King Mickey and the other-it couldn’t be, but Roxas?

Disney Castle

“Why are you doing this?” a defeated King Mickey asked.

“Because, you stand in the way of the Organization,” a hooded Roxas said as he pointed the blade of Oblivion towards Mickey.

“I don’t know who you are, but I won’t let…” Mickey shouts, but fails to finish as he collapses onto the ground dying.

“Or what,” Roxas exclaims quite haughtily.

“You can’t do this,” Mickey said before he died. As he died, his body turned into fragments of light and disintegrated. Roxas picks up Star Seeker; the King had used to fend off his castle from the ground and waves it around proudly before he claims it for himself.

“Roxas?” Axel asked as he appeared from out of a corner and approaches the hooded boy.

Roxas turns around to see no. VIII approached him. “Axel, where were you?!” Roxas asked. “You had me worried sick.”

“Worried?” Axel asked as he watched in amazement as the boy that had ruthlessly killed the King just moments ago change into a feeble kitten.

Roxas stepped away from Axel and pulled down his hood. The sandy-blonde spikes swept in all directions as the lad’s aqua-blue eyes stared at Axel innocently. “Axel, what’s gotten into you? I’ve never seen you act like this before,” Roxas asked.

Roxas snapped Axel out of his thoughts. Axel looked away and then gave a false smirk at Roxas, “Nothing’s wrong, how about we get some ice cream.”

The two left the ruined castle and headed towards Twilight Town’s Station Plaza to eat some ice cream. Roxas stared at the sunset and began eating his Sea-salt ice cream. “It’s been exactly a decade since I first joined the Organization. Man, time flies.”

“How did memorize that much,” Axel asked.

Roxas looked down and watched his ice cream. “I don’t remember much from before the time I turned into a Heartless. It’s all pretty fuzzy to me, but all I remember is meeting you and Isa. Don’t you remember you guys took me when I first came to Radiant Gardens?”

Axel didn’t answer. He looked away and sighed, “What did I do? Destiny Islands, Disney Castle, ruined.”
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Sep 25, 2010
It's so good!! ^^ I really like your guys fanfic! Can't wait for more chapters!


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter III​

Axel and Roxas had gotten back to the World That Never Was. Roxas ran to his room in a hyper rush, while Axel slowly trotted behind him. The Flurry of Dancing Flames sighed as he watched Roxas running through the lonely, long corridors of the castle and thought back to one of the memories he had of him, Roxas and a black-haired girl. “What was that name again?” Axel asked himself.

The face of the black-haired, teenage girl appeared in his head again. “Xion,” he muttered.
Axel stopped and broke down into tears. Roxas turned around to look at the pyromaniac. “Axel, what’s up?” Roxas asked as he approached the twenty-five-year-old Nobody.

Axel glanced up at his young friend. Concern was rapid in the young boy’s eyes. Those very same eyes that he had saw moments before when he abducted the boy’s four-year-old human counterpart from his home world and transported him to what would become the forsaken Hollow Bastion. Axel started having new memories from inside his head. The memories of the girl, Xion began to fade like a television set that had nothing on, but static.

“I know, Isa, we’ll find some way to get into that castle or my name isn’t Leonardo McCracken,” one of the boys, Axel’s human counterpart, Lea had said quite proudly.

“Well, that’s not your name, but I think we should turn away from the castle for today. I have a bad feeling about today,” the other boy, Isa, Saix’s somebody had replied.

“You worry too much, Isa. Just trust me on this, once we get into that castle, we can tell all of our friends that we were brave enough to find out what those creepy apprentices of King Ansem are hiding,” Lea exclaimed.

“That’s what has me worried,” Isa chuckled.

The two were then cut off by the sound of sobbing. They arrived atop of the staircase and froze in their tracks. “How’d the kid get here?” Lea asked

Lea ran up to the kid. Isa chased after him. The redhead stopped suddenly in front of the four-year-old and Isa crashed into him. Isa fell on his butt and Lea knelt down beside the boy. “Hey,” Lea said to the boy. But, the boy didn’t answer.

“Hey,” Lea repeated himself, but this time more loudly. Still no reply came.

“Yo kid!” Lea said this time in a voice that sounded like he was yelling.

The crying stopped; the brown-haired boy stared up at Lea. His eyes were filled with fright and he shrugged away from the redhead. “What the…” Lea said.

“You need to stop scaring him,” Isa interrupted.

Lea and the boy turned to the fifteen-year-old, blue-haired boy. Isa walked in between the little boy and Lea. He looked at the two individually. “Isa, what are you doing?” Lea asked.

Isa looked at Lea and walked to his side. “You need to be gentler with him, Lea. He won’t respond to you if you scare him,” Isa explained.

“Well, what makes you such an expert, Isa,” Lea asked.

Isa chuckled, “Because, Lea, I have six younger brothers. I think I know what I mean when I say I know what I’m doing.”

“No fair,” Lea pouted.

Isa turned his attention back to the little boy. He knelt down to where he was at the boy’s level. “How’d you get here? What’s your name? Where are you from?” Isa asked the kid.

The boy looked into Isa’s green eyes and replied, “My name’s Sora and I’m from Destiny Islands.” He pointed up towards the spot where the corridor of darkness had been and continued, “I don’t know how I came here, but I know it had something to do with a black hole.”

“Black hole?” Isa paused as he thought about what the kid had just said.

“So kid, do you have any idea how to get back to your home, because me and Isa have something to do today and we really don’t have the time to babysit you,” Lea interrupted.

Isa turned and glared at Lea. “Lea, we don’t have time for this. We can do this tomorrow,” Isa exclaimed.

Lea sighed.

The little boy, Sora stared at Isa and tears continued to run down his already red cheeks. “I don’t know how to get back nor do I know that I’m going to be able to see my parents or friends again.”

Isa turned back to Sora and rubbed his hand through the boy’s brown spikes. “Don’t cry we’ll find some way to get you home. We’ll take care of you.”

Isa picked the boy up with his two hands and placed him to his side. The teenager began to head down the stairs. “Great now, we have to babysit,” Lea said running after the two.

“Axel,” a familiar voice said.

Axel snapped out of his trance and looked up to see Roxas standing next to someone. The man had long, sky-blue hair that had spikes on the scalp, elf-like ears that had many piercings in it, and a large jagged scar in the middle of his two amber eyes.

“Saix?!” Axel said as he stunted backwards and tripped over the hem of his own coat.

The man, Saix looked at Roxas and asked, “Is Axel alright?”

Roxas shrugged, “I dunno, he’s been acting weird the whole day.”

Saix chuckled and then approached the redhead as he was getting up. “Saix, why are you here?”

Saix answered, “You’re as comical as ever, no. VIII, the Key of Destiny has told me that you’ve been acting stranger than usual. Whatever the cause, I’m sure it isn’t important. But, what is important is our meeting with Lord Xemnas in Where Nothing Gathers today.”

“Round Room? You mean, Xemnas isn’t going after the Keyblade Hero or anyone interfering with Kingdom Hearts,” Axel asked.

“Kingdom Hearts, Keyblade Hero, what are you talking about?” Saix asked as he turned and headed down the corridor.

Axel got up and stared at Roxas. Roxas had a bewildered expression on his face. “Axel, what are you talking about? The Keyblade Hero hasn’t been around in five years,” Roxas said before he too followed after Saix.

Axel scratched the back of his head, “What’s going on?” He followed after the two into the large, narrow, white room that served as the meeting place for all the members of the Organization.

Axel teleported onto his throne, he gazed over to the other tall, pillar-like thrones surrounding his, some were high and some were very low. Then, like out of a blue twelve rays of darkness shot up into each of the thrones, Demyx, Xaldin, Xigbar, Luxord, Saix, and Roxas. But, that wasn’t the end, five other rays of darkness shot up, Axel’s eyes widen as each of them appeared, Larxene, Marluxia, Lexaeus, Vexen, and Zexion, the same people that had been ‘erased’ at C.O. now stood in their thrones. It was something like ‘deejay vu’ for no. VIII. And, finally the Superior of In-Between appeared in his throne.

Xemnas looked at each of the thrones and smiled. “Friends, I’m pleased to announce that Kingdom Hearts has been finished.”
Murmuring occurred amongst the members. Xemnas raised his hand and silenced the crowd. “However, I’d advised no one to go near it, because a powerful Heartless feeds off its power. So, for everyone’s benefit I’m assigning each member to stay within castle boundaries. This meeting has been dismissed.”

After the meeting, Axel walked to his room. “Hey Ax,” Roxas called to the redhead.

Axel turned around to see the blonde-haired teenager.

“What did Xemnas mean by ‘a powerful Heartless feeds off its power’?” Axel asked Roxas.

“Well, that’s simple,” Saix said interrupting Axel.

Axel and Roxas faced Saix. Saix replied, “If you want to know I’ll show you.”

“Show us what?” Axel asked.

“Follow and you’ll see,” Saix said walking off.

The two followed after Saix to the Altar of Naught, a wide open steel-gray balcony that overlooked much of the city and castle from the top of the Castle That Never Was. Saix stopped as he pointed his hand to the dark sky. “See those stars up there,” Saix asked.

Axel squinted to see the stars, but the sky was entirely blank. “I don’t see any stars, Saix,” Roxas replied.

“Exactly,” Saix exclaimed.

“Why aren’t there any stars,” Roxas asked.

“Because,” Saix exclaimed causing Axel and Roxas to focus on him. The sky is blank, because the stars are actually worlds that were overtaken by the Heartless eons ago.”

“Wasn’t there someone to stop the Heartless,” Roxas asked.

Saix nodded, “Yes, the Keyblade Hero that existed from an another world. He was chosen by the Keyblade to protect and restore the worlds that were lost due to the Heartless Invasion. The boy was joined by two heroes that served under King Mickey to save the worlds and the Princesses of Hearts that were kidnapped to form Kingdom Hearts."

"Princesses of Heart?" Roxas asked.

Saix nodded, "Yes, there were seven girls that have hearts as pure of light that were chosen to protect Kingdom Hearts."

"What happened to them?" Roxas asked.

Axel was beginning to get nervous. Sweat began to trickled down his forehead.

Saix finished, "The boy and his pals were unable to save the Princesses. The Heartless, which had caused all of this was able to craft a Keyblade from the Princesses' hearts, he couldn't open the door by himself, so he possessed the boy to open the keygate, which ended up bringing out Kingdom Hearts. His friends tried to save him, but they were destroyed by the Heartless. And, the Heartless discarded the princesses to the Realm of Darkness."

"What happened to the boy? Didn't he try to fight back?" Roxas asked.

Saix nodded as he turned away, "Indeed, but his heart was too weak for the Heartless. The Heartless took control over him and rid the boy's body of his own heart. In turn, the boy's heart ended up forming into a creature, similar to us, Nobodies. That creature's name is Ukrix and he still sleeps within this castle. As for the Heartless, he ended up fusing with Kingdom Hearts."


After Saix had left, Roxas turned to Axel. "I have to do something to stop this," Roxas said as he summoned his Keyblade and was about to run off.

Axel panicked and grabbed the boy's hood, which caused the boy to nearly choke. "Axel!" Roxas said as he stopped and spun around to face the redhead.

Axel exclaimed, "Roxas, you heard what Xemnas said it's too dangerous to leave."

"Axel? Why are you listening to Lord Xemnas all of a sudden? You of all people never listened to the Superior. And, why are you acting so strange?" Roxas asked.

Axel scratched the back of his head. He sighed deeply and looked at the confused fifteen-year-old, "Listen, Roxas, there's something I gotta tell ya..."
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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter IV

Roxas and Axel separated. Roxas went to his room and so was Axel. Until, a voice caught him off guard in the Gray Area.

???: This is ludicrous!

Axel placed himself against the walls of the corridor connecting the rooms to the wide, open room. He poked his head out to see three figures with their hoods up. One sat on a couch and with his boots over the crystal coffee-table, the second had his arms folded as he held his back tightly towards the back of the white chair and the third just stood in between the chair and couch of the two. “Marluxia knows what he is doing, annoying old man,” the one reclining on the couch said.

“You two have no idea what you are doing, the Superior won’t let you accomplish this dreadful betrayal,” the one standing yelled.

“This task is simple; the Organization is at devastating point, because of the Superior’s ill attempts to destroy that Heartless. Someone more capable needs to put the leader in his place and take back control over the Organization,” the one sitting in the chair exclaimed.

Axel recognized the three voices; they belonged to Marluxia, Larxene and Vexen. “What are those guys up too?” Axel asked himself.

Vexen: I still think that you are out of your mind, no. XI.

Marluxia grunted in an annoyed matter, “It doesn’t matter what you think, Vexen. I’ll do a better job and suppress that Heartless.”

Axel was observing the whole event until something caught him. He found himself losing his leverage against the wall. He collapsed onto the ground causing a loud racket. The three hooded figures in the Gray Area’s attention were focused now on Axel. He had fallen right in the middle of the doorway and tried to flee, but… “Axel,” Larxene growled as she got out of the couch and approached the redhead. She picked him up and threw against the window walls overlooking the city below.

“How inconvenient, no. VIII, you have infiltrated our ‘private’ meeting,” Vexen said as he and Marluxia came closer to the pinned-up nobody.

“What are you guys up too?” Axel asked the three.

Marluxia and Larxene hissed, “That is no concern of yours.”

“You guys are trying to take over the Organization like before,” Axel replied.

With that, Marluxia pulled back and Larxene roared, “Like before?! Whaddaya mean, this is the first attempt we have made to take over the Organization?”

Axel sighed and gulped, “I know this might sound crazy, but in another time no another dimension, you three tried to take over, but Xemnas saw through your plans and had you all eliminated.”

“How absurd,” Vexen yelled. “I never would betray my Superior. So, why would he want to have me annihilated like these two, heathens?!”

Larxene looked over at Vexen and growled. Vexen jumped back.

Marluxia threw off his hood. “Axel, you have lost your mind. Larxene and I have no intent on betraying the Organization.”

“Stop lying,” Axel growled.

Larxene’s grip on Axel’s chest tightened. “You have no idea what you’re saying. Yes, we want to take over the Organization, but there’s more to the story.”

“Huh?” Axel said.

“Let me do the explaining, Larxene,” Marluxia said stepping forward towards Axel.

“Axel, Xemnas does nothing to destroy the ever-expanding Kingdom Hearts or the Heartless that continues to destroy the worlds out there. If we destroyed him and Roxas.”

“Why do you want to kill, Roxas?!” Axel asked.

“Because, Roxas’ keyblade continues to strike the Heartless and cause the moon to grow, if he were out of the picture then everything would go back to normal,” Marluxia replied.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter V


Larxene, Vexen, and Marluxia had dismissed their meeting in the Grey Area, but Axel had remained behind. He gazed at the glass wall, which had an outstanding view of the The City That Never Was and the eternally-dark sky that hovered above the labyrinth of huge, concrete skyscrapers and small buildings. As he studied the dark sky, the Flurry of Dancing Flames noticed something strange. He saw the large, heart-shaped moon in the sky. “Kingdom Hearts…” Axel said in amazement.

“I see that you have finally seen it with your own two eyes,” a masculine voice replied.
Axel spun around to face the Luna Diviner. The two friends were faced-to-face with each other. “Don’t sneak up on me like that, Isa,” the Flurry of Dancing Flames exclaimed.
“You haven’t changed a bit, Lea since that big explosion that consumed our world those many years ago,” Saix, the Luna Diviner chuckled.

Axel sighed as he returned to his previous position, “Saix, about that, I don’t exactly remember how it all went down. Can you tell me again? You know, I’ve been kinda out-of-it for a while now”

Saix placed a hand onto his friend’s boney shoulders to try to comfort his friend. “You know, back when the Superior and the elders of the Organization were human, you, Sora and I snuck into that castle, but…” The Luna Diviner went silent, but then continued, “They found us and imprisoned us within that wretched prison, where those forsaken THINGS took away our hearts.”

Saix’s voice went deep as he began to sob about something. Axel turned his head to his friend to see that the Luna Diviner had water spilling out of his amber eyes. No. VIII was quite perplexed by this. For he had never seen Saix cry this or better yet never shed a tear. “Saix?” Axel said.

Saix replied as he took a deep breath and regained his composure, “It’s nothing, Lea, and I was just remembering Sora’s terrified expression.”

Isa,” Axel said. He stared at Kingdom Hearts once more. “That thing is getting bigger like you said.”
Saix nodded, “Indeed, it shouldn’t be long till it devours our world.”

Axel stared at Saix with a look of apprehension. “Consume our world, but our world doesn’t even have a heart?!”

Saix nodded, “It is true, that our world like ourselves is a Nobody of worlds that were overtaken by the Heartless many years ago. However, due to Kingdom Hearts excessive growth caused by the constant slayings of the Heartless, many worlds have begun to merge with it. And, the inhabitants within those worlds cease to exist.”

“So, how can we stop it from growing,” Axel asked.

“We can’t, Lord Xemnas has ordered us to not interfere, because it’s too dangerous,” Saix replied.

“Do nothing, that’s crazy,” Axel yelled. “If we’re complacent than our world, then it’ll devour us.”
Saix eyed Axel suspiciously, “You talk about stopping about Kingdom Hearts, but that remains impossibility. What do you intend to do to stop it?”

“What about Roxas?” Axel asked.

Axel, even Roxas couldn’t stop this,” Saix exclaimed.

Axel headed towards the doorway. “What makes you so sure that Roxas couldn’t stop this? He’s the Key of Destiny, remember,” the redhead said before running off to the dorms.

Axel, what are you planning?” Saix said running after the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

Saix chased Axel through the hallway. He yelled the Nobody’s name, but the redhead wouldn’t answer. All the doors of the hallway slammed open and the members within the Organization came out into the hallway. Some were groggy, some were hyper, but all of them were annoyed. Complaints began to fill up the hallway, but soon they were all hushed by the boisterous voice of the

Superior of In-Between, “Enough!”

Axel stopped on the heels of his boots. Skid marks could be seen on the once-spotless ivory floors. Saix came crashing into Axel’s back and fell onto the floor. “What is the meaning of this, no. VII and no. VIII?!” Xemnas yelled.

“I’m sorry about this, boss, but I just wanted to see Roxas,” Axel explained.

No. XIII, can take care of himself, Axel, he isn’t a baby!” Xemnas growled.

“Well, can we just see on him?!” Axel asked.

Xemnas gave Axel the most incredible death-glare the redhead had ever witnessed. “Make it quick,” Xemnas said annoyance apparent in his tone.

Axel sighed.

“Ah, come on, you’re honestly not going to turn Axel into a Dusk for waking us all up at one in the friggin’ morning!?” Demyx snapped.

Axel turned to face the white, steel door that held the rank of Roxas’ number and title on it. He pulled the lever of the door open. Everyone was expectant to see the sleeping Keyblader in his bed. However, this wasn’t the case. There was no sign of Roxas, only the messy remains of a room. “This is what we were woken up for,” Larxene snarled.
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Okay, it's official, Axel is a complete and total douchebag. Leave it to him to royally eff up all the worlds with his actions. So, what is he gonna do now? And where the hell is Roxas? Seriously, I have a feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Chapter VI


Xemnas had called a meeting in the Round Room that day. All the members were gathered in their assigned thrones. The Superior looked at the empty throne, which belonged to the missing member, Roxas. He had ran off the previous night before and he had remained missing since. No one had no clue where he had went too, not even Axel.

“No one has seen no. IX?” Xemnas asked.

A pause came over the room. Then, somebody spoke, but it wasn’t the ‘worried’ or ‘sympathic’ voice that had been expected. Instead, the voice was cracky and cruel. It belonged to none other than Larxene. Larxene said, “I’m glad that baby ran off. Who needs a half-baked-good-for-nothing, anyways?”

Xemnas sighed. Saix gave Larxene a death-glare. The frilly-haired blonde, woman silenced immediately. “We need to find him,”

Xemnas said in a ‘desperate’ sounding tone.

“Why would kiddo want to run off anyways?” Xigbar asked.

Axel shrugged down into his throne. He remembered what Roxas had said to him earlier that night. “If you won’t it than I will,” Roxas had said.

Luxord noticed Axel’s ‘nervous’ expression and drew everyone else’s attention towards him. “I suppose, no. VIII would know why no. IX would have ran off. I mean, after all, he is the kid’s mentor and closest friend,” Luxord exclaimed.

Xemnas gazed at Axel. “No. VIII, do you know or why my Keyblade Wielder ran off?” the Superior of In-between asked.

Axel sighed, “I don’t know where he is at, but he did say that he would stop the reason why Kingdom Hearts keeps growing.”

Larxene chuckled, “Good riddens, that Keybrat is finally going to get his JUST DESSERTS!”

Everyone glared at Larxene. Larxene again shrugged back into her throne. Xemnas gasped, “Then, he’s at…”


Vanishing Point

“Why did you come here?” a boy with dark hair and wearing a black coat asked Roxas.

“Ukrix, I need your help,” Roxas replied to the boy.

“My help,” Ukrix chuckled as he turned away. “Why would the Organization need my help?”

Roxas banged his fist against the white steel bars of Ukrix’s prison. “Because, you’re the only one that knows how to stop this,” Roxas said.

The black-haired boy went silent and then turned to Roxas. “You aren’t kidding, are you?” Ukrix asked the Key of Destiny.
Roxas shook his head.

Ukrix sighed and then spoke, “The only way to stop Kingdom Hearts from devouring this and other worlds is to stop Ansem.”

Roxas tilted his head. “Ansem, you mean King Ansem?” Roxas asked.

Ukrix shook his head, “No, this Ansem isn’t Ansem the Wise, he’s the Heartless of your Superior, Xemnas.”

Roxas jumped back. “You mean, Ansem Seeker of Darkness is the Heartless of the former king of Radiant Gardens’ apprentice, Xehanort?!”

Ukrix nodded.

Roxas went back to his previous calm demeanor. Ukrix smirked and then said, “You shouldn’t go after him. He’s too powerful for any of the Organization to handle.”

Roxas replied, “I don’t care, someone needs to defeat him before things get worst.”

Ukrix said, “But, you’d kill yourself! He’s too powerful!”

Roxas turned away from the cell. He summoned his Keyblade, Lost Memory into his hands. “Even if I disappear, at least I’d know that I did something.” He then opened a Corridor of Darkness and vanished within it.

Ukrix was left alone in his prison. “Same old Sora,” Ukrix sighed. “You don’t know when to listen.”


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Wow! O.O that's all I can really sum up, this whole fanfic is amazing and I can't believe how everything been turned upside down thanks to Axel. This was really good and I hope for more, and this fanfic really surprises me too.
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