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Fanfiction ► ~Tales of Darkness~ KH xiolio_tiessa628/luap911 fanfic collab

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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter VII

~The Lost Friend~

Xemnas had dismissed the meeting. He had everyone follow him to the Vanishing Point. This room in the Castle That Never Was acted as a sort of jail where Nobodies, if they disobeyed the Organization and intruders, such as the daily Heartless that would swarm into the floating stronghold were kept. All of the eleven Nobodies followed after the Superior deep within the hallway of white cells and pods, which held the castle’s prisoners. “Ah, this place reeks,” Larxene cried as she swept her nose with her hand.

“Why are we even in this pathetic place,” Marluxia whimpered.

“Why are we even chasing a worthless addition,” Vexen complained.

Axel was getting annoyed. He turned around and slammed his fist into Vexen’s skull. The effects of this were ugly. Blood dripped from Vexen’s nose. The Chilly Academic held his nose and quivered in pain. “Axel, what is the meaning of this?!” Vexen asked.

The whole group of Nobodies stopped and watched the sight unravel between the Chilly Academic and the Flurry of Dancing Flames. “You were making fun of Roxas! He isn’t a pathetic addition to our ranks, he’s my friend,” Axel said with a face that was as red as a tomato and a fierce atmosphere around him that ambers began to surround his knuckles.
The crowd surrounding the two began conversing.

Demyx, Organization’s no. X began whispering to Xigbar, “Man, Axel sure has been acting weirdly since he got back from his mission at Disney Castle.”

Xigbar nodded, “Yeah, he has been acting odd, but what can you do. He’s always acted weird.”

Xaldin crossed his arms. “Why is he acting like he has a heart?” the Whirlwind Lancer asked Zexion.

Zexion placed his fingers against his chin and sighed, “He just misses Roxas. You know, how close he is to no. IX.”

Lexaeus nodded, “But, it’s still strange. One that doesn’t have a heart shouldn’t be reacting like this.”

Axel was about to strike Vexen again, but Larxene blocked his path. “Enough of this, Axel, you have lost your mind,” Larxene said.

Axel took back control over the chaotic atmosphere. The ambers faded back into his hand as he relaxed. “Why are you protecting him, Larxene?” Axel asked.

“Because, Axel, no one takes out a fellow member of the Organization,” Larxene said.

“But, you wanted to take out Roxas?” Axel said as anger began to return to his face.
Larxene replied, “Because, Roxas is the main reason why our world is even at risk of being consumed. If he didn’t wield that
Keyblade then we wouldn’t have to eliminate him.”

“But, he can’t control what his power is, just as you can’t control what power you have. And, for the record it isn’t Roxas’ fault. It’s Xemnas’,” Axel returned.

Xemnas and Saix were getting fed up with the conversation. Saix stepped in and interrupted, “Larxene and Axel, we have to get back to look for Roxas.”

The group began to move once more. Axel gave Larxene a death-glare and the Savage Nymph would return his with a fiercer one. The Organization stopped at a cell. Xemnas left his place at the back next to his Second-in-command, Saix to the front of the line. He stood in front of the white, steel bars to face the prisoner inside. “It’s been awhile, Urkix,” Xemnas said.

The boy inside the cell gave the Superior a glare. “Why did you come here,” the black-haired boy yelled.
Xemnas replied, “Because, we are looking for Roxas. You of all people should know where he is.”

Ukrix turned away from the Superior of In-between and crossed his arms. “Why would I tell you the location of your tool?” Ukrix asked.

“If you don’t I’ll turn you into a Dusk,” Xemnas threatened.
Ukrix s******ed, “I don’t care. I lost my feelings along with my heart after your Heartless forced me out and gave me this miserable existence.” He looked passed the white-haired man and looked into the crowd and straight at Axel. “I’m not talking to anyone here, except Axel.”

Axel stepped forward and pushed aside the Superior. He stood in front of the black-haired boy, Ukrix. “You know where Roxas is,” Axel asked.

Ukrix smiled and pulled up his blindfold, “You must be Axel. Roxas told me a lot about you. I must admit you did a great job looking after him, while I was gone.”

Ukrix’s greenish-blue eyes looked straight at Axel. Axel smiled, “You must be Riku’s Nobody. Roxas and I had been friends ever since he was little.”

His smile soon faded and he scratched the back of his head. “But, can you tell me where Roxas is? It’s really important that I find him. I can’t let him get himself destroyed, because of my stupid mistake. Got it memorized?”

Ukrix sighed, “alright, I’ll tell you, but please don’t anything happen to him. This is the first time in ten years since I’ve seen him.”
“I won’t let him down. I won’t let anyone else down. Got it memorized,” Axel swore.

The End of the World

Roxas exited the Corridor of Darkness and ran onto a beach. He looked around the beach and studied the environment. “This place, it feels familiar,” Roxas said as he looked at the palm trees, the tree house, and the small shacks that darted the small island.

“It should feel familiar, after all, it’s where you are originally from,” a young male voice replied.

Roxas turned around. On the edge of the beach, there stood a boy with white hair and wearing purple armor. “Are you the one that said that?” Roxas asked.

“Ha ha ha, after all this time, you still don’t remember,” the voice retorted.

“Remember? What are you talking about? Who are you?” Roxas asked starting to get annoyed.
The boy turned around and a purple aura surrounded him. The white haired teen soon disappeared, but was replaced by a figure around the same age that had the same hair color, but dark skin and a lot scrawnier. He levitated in the air by the force of an ugly, black creature with piercing yellow eyes and large, short antennas and a strongly built body. “After all, this time, you still have forgotten. Some friend, you are, Sora,” the boy said.

“Riku?” Roxas said.

The boy chuckled, “So, you’ve finally remembered my name. But, you won’t leave this place alive, Nobody.”
Six Keyblades formed around the boy and the creature. The first two (the Kingdom Key and the Key to People’s Hearts) appeared in both hands of the boy. The second pair appeared in the ugly creature that held the boy up in mid-air’s hands (Void Gear and Way to Dawn) and the last pair was levitating near the boy’s feet (Master Xehanort’s Keyblade and No Name). Roxas gasped and took a step back, “How did you get all of those Keyblades?”

“Surprised, Sora, don’t be! One who can understand nothing, can’t comprehend anything,” the boy, Riku said.

“You’re not Riku?!” Roxas said as he summoned his Keyblade, Lost Memory into his hands. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll destroy you and restore order to the worlds.”

“Fool, don’t you get it, I’m the one that controls Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts and I are one in the same,” Riku said as he looked up into the sky with his amber eyes filled with lust.

“You’re the one that caused all of this,” Roxas said tears forming in his eyes as he began to grip Lost Memory harder each time a tear was spilled.

“Yes, and your time ends here,” the Riku-nort chuckled.


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Seriously, Axel needs to get the crap kicked out of him for messing all this up. He's just lucky I'm not there because I would have put him in a coma. Anyway, I knew that things were going to go bad from worst. How is Roxas going to get out of this? And will the Org. get there to save him? Man, this is just all crazy. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


Sep 25, 2010
I agree this is crazy! Yet good at the same time! Man did Axel make a mess I hope he rewrite things the way they were before something happens to Roxas. And riku has a nobody.. O.O didn't see that coming. I wonder what's going to be next! ^^

And to see Riku-nort again all evil and everything.. This fanfic is amazing ^^


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter VIII

~Twist of Fate~

“I have to save Roxas,” Axel said as he opened a corridor of darkness.
Larxene placed her hands on her hips and waved her head back and forth. She then complained in her usual crackly voice, “What good is it to save him? Since, he ran off to fight that Heartless just let him get killed. It’ll serve him right.”

Axel ignored Larxene’s words and flicked open an egg-shaped portal of blue and black smoke. He looked back at the Organization and said before submerging himself within the Corridor of Darkness, “This may be the last time that I ever see any of you guys, but I promise I’ll bring him back.”
He took one last look at Saix and a tear dripped from his head. “Isa, I’ll make things right,” he thought.

Lea’s parents had adopted Sora after they found out that he had no way of getting back home or any relatives nearby. They would often leave the red cottage to go shop in town. Lea would often be forced to babysit the little kid. The teenager found many ways to get out of staying at home with the ankle-biter. That solution was in the form of Isa.

One day, Isa had come over to Lea’s parents’ house. Sora ran to the door and went to reach for the door knob. But, he was too short to reach the knob. Lea pushed the kid out of the way and answered the door. “It’s about time you got here,” Lea chuckled.

He looked down at his adoptive, little brother and placed his hands on his hips. “Mom and dad have left me in charge to babysit the little twerp again,” Lea whispered.

Isa chuckled and pushed his way into the house, “Lea, he can’t be that bad. And, plus you’ve always wanted a little brother.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think I would have to give up so much of my social life,” Lea gasped.

Isa smirked, “You never had a social life.”

Lea sighed, but then glanced at something that was sticking out of Isa’s blue backpack. “Hey Isa, what’s that,”

Lea asked going over to the couch where Isa had placed his backpack and pulling out a wooden toy sword.
Isa groaned, “Lea, you shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not,” Lea asked flinging the toy sword in front.

Sora turned his attention towards Lea. He stared at the thing and then smirked. Sora ran and jumped onto Lea.

Lea was knocked over as Sora grabbed the toy sword from his hand and held it like a trophy. Isa chuckled as he walked over to Sora that was standing on Lea’s upper chest, “It serves you right for sneaking into my stuff.”
Lea looked up at Isa and grunted, “Ha ha ha, you think you’re so funny. Well, get this kid off of me!”

Isa smirked and placed his hands around Sora’s chest. He picked up the child and placed him on the shaggy, orange carpet. Lea got up and looked at Isa asking, “What’s with the toy sword?”

Isa replied, “Well, seeing that he’s about to turn six tomorrow, I went out and got him that toy sword from the market place. Scrooge said that it was the perfect toy for a boy his age.”
“Well, you’re still listening to that old duck,” Lea sighed as he crossed his arms.

“At least, I listen to adults more than you do. Remember that time, your mom told you not to go into King Ansem’s castle? You said that there was nothing to worry about, but we ended up getting thrown up by those apish guards,” Isa said.

Sora ran to the door. “Hey Isa, can we go to the fountain?” Sora asked interrupting Lea and Isa’s conversation.
Isa turned his attention to the little kid that was jumping to grab the golden knob. “Hold on Sora, I’ll get the door for you. You know, sometimes I think you’re just as stubborn as Lea,” Isa said as he opened the door.
Lea got up and walked over to the two males. They exited the sun-shaped cottage and headed towards the center of town. There was a large fountain in the center with a white and purple cobblestone street, four charcoal-colored, concrete walls on each side surrounding the fountain, and the large, rusty castle gate sat.

Sora ran down the stairs towards the fountain and began swinging his toy sword around playfully. “Someday, I’m going to be a warrior,” the little boy roared.

“Hold on,” Isa called as he went towards the little boy.

But, he was stopped when Lea placed a hand on his shoulder. “Come on; let the kid have some space, Isa. Besides, we’re okay here. He’s not the same scared little kid anymore.”

Isa sighed and stood next to Lea, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. He sure has gotten a lot braver now,” the blunette turned to Isa and chuckled, “And, he sure has taken a lot of your personality, Lea.”

Lea punched Isa in the shoulder playfully, “How so?”

Isa replied as he began laughing, “He’s a lot more obnoxious.”

“Gee thanks,” Lea replied.

Just as the two were conversing, King Ansem’s six apprentices passed through. Sora was knocked over by the crowd. One of the apprentices stopped, a tall man with olive skin, white spiky short hair, and brown eyes stopped in front of Sora. The other five apprentices stopped and turned. “Xehanort, what’s the hold up?” a man with tan skin, black hair held back in a pony-tail and an eye patch asked.

The man, Xehanort replied as he examined the kid, “This kid, he feels familiar.”

“Why that’s absurd,” another man with long, blonde hair added.

“Can we go back to the castle to conduct our experiments again?” a little voice whined.

The blonde man turned and knelt down beside another small boy, this one had steel gray-blue hair. “Of course, Ienzo, we’ll head back as soon as Xehanort regains his focus.”

The pirate-looking man crossed his hands and glanced at the child. He turned to Xehanort and said, “You know, since you have such a connection to this brat, how about we take back to our lab and conduct some research on him?”

Xehanort smirked and looked at the kid, “You know that’s a great idea.”

The six-year-old, Sora began to crawl away and whimper as the men began delving towards him. Sora screamed as soon as one of the men, a man with dreadlocks that were tied back picked him up, “Lea, Isa!”

Isa watched the sight and began tapping on Lea’s shoulder. Lea turned his attention towards his little brother. He began to get mad as soon as the guards began to leave. “Hey, let go of my brother,” Lea said as he pulled out his red and orange Frisbees from his red backpack and threw them at the apish guard that held his brother.

The guard, Dilan, the one that had often threw Isa and Lea out gave Sora over to the other guard, Aeleus and turned around to face them. “You brats think you’re so tough,” Dilan said as smoke began emitting from his body. “But, you’re not!” He summoned a purple lance to his side and ran towards to the teens.

Lea and Isa dodged out of the way making the guard crash into the wall. Dilan had left a pretty, large imprint in the wall. Bricks were falling as he got back onto his feet. His eyes were not the usual shade of blue they used to be, but instead they were completely black with only two yellow pupils. Lea turned to Isa and said, “This guy isn’t human!”

The man began stampeding towards them again. He pulled out his lance and stabbed Isa right between the eyes. Isa crunched down as he gripped the center of his face and began holding it. Crimson fluid was dripping out of the wound that Dilan had just given him. “Isa,” Lea gasped.
“Lea, don’t worry about me, you need to save Sora,” Isa grunted in pain.
Lea turned away hesitantly from his friend and saw that the five other apprentices were leaving with Sora.

“Hey, give me my brother back,” Lea screamed as he dashed towards the five and swiped his Frisbees at them.
One of the apprentices turned around, a middle-aged man with long, light yellow hair. Lea slashed him in the chest. The man fell over wincing in pain. The other apprentices stared at the teenager and surrounded him like a pack of mindless zombies. “Since, you interfere with our experiment, you and your friend will pay dearly,” Ienzo said.

Sora’s aqua-blue eyes stared hopelessly into Lea’s green eyes. Aeleus, the tallest of the guards turned to Xehanort and gave him the brown-haired boy. Xehanort placed his hands around Sora and exited the circle. He began to head to the steps of the castle. Sora bit Xehanort’s fingers and peered over the man’s shoulder at Lea yelling, “Lea, save me!”

Lea nodded helplessly, “I will, Sora!”

The four apprentices circled around Lea. “Let me out of here, you creeps!” Lea said.

“You have interfered for the last time,” Aeleus said as he called his axe-sword from out of the darkness and slammed it against Lea’s head.

Lea fell unconscious. Dilan came with Isa slumped against his broad shoulders and reunited with the four other apprentices. “That kid was too much trouble,” Aeleus said as he picked up the unconscious Lea and slumped over his shoulder like a ragdoll.

“Too much trouble, at least you weren’t the one that got hammered by those ridiculous juvenile toys of his,” Even gasped as he got back to his feet.

“Well, since we have three samples to test. At least, we won’t be bored. Just imagine it, once they’re Heartless, they’ll no longer be disobedient,” Braig added.

Ienzo tugged onto Even’s coat. “About the boys, Even, how are we going to cover up their disappearances?”
Ienzo asked.

“Simple, we’ll just say that they were murdered and nobody would question what happened to them,” Braig answered.

With that said the five apprentices left with Lea and Isa back to the castle. Once they were there, they would meet up with Xehanort and throw the boys into the dungeon. In that dungeon, the boys would have to fend themselves against thousands of dark creatures. This key was all part of their secret research.

Axel exited the portal and found himself on a beach. “Where are you, Roxas?” Axel asked as tears dripped from his eyes.

His answer came in the form of medal crashing against itself. He followed the sound until he saw Roxas fighting against another figure.


Sep 25, 2010
Oh wow!! you guys update fast! But it was so sad what happen to the three of them too!! T.T I hope Axel saves Roxas from Riku!!


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter IX
~Lost Memories~
The sound of medal from the two keyblades was enough to make anyone shake, especially Axel. Axel watched Roxas dash towards the dark skinned boy, Riku with two keyblades in hand, Lost Memory and Star Seeker, the keyblade that had belonged to the deceased King Mickey. Roxas dodged the strikes from the keyblades that the large, ugly creature and the ones near the boy’s feet. However, when Roxas came towards the boy’s chest that was a different story, and it wasn’t a pretty one.
“Roxas,” Axel screamed jumping up from behind a damaged shack.
The blonde-haired teenager looked over at Axel hesitantly. “Axel, what do you think you’re…?” Roxas said as he was blocking his chest from the boy’s two other keyblades with his own.
He lost his leverage and the boy struck Roxas. The possessed Riku threw the Key of Destiny all the way towards Axel’s direction. Roxas’ head made contact with the wood of the run-down shack and blood began spilling from his forehead. Axel ran over to Roxas’ side and began cradling him like Isa had done the very first day his somebody, Sora had arrived in Radiant Gardens. Roxas was exhausted and wounded from the fight. Axel said to his injured friend, “Roxas, let’s go home!”
“Axel, I can’t…” Roxas grunted. “This guy’s the one that was causing all the Heartless to invade and devour all the worlds and Kingdom Heart’s excessive growth.”
Axel glared over at the boy and then looked at Roxas and said, “Roxas, you’re hurt. We need to get you back to the castle and get someone to look at you. I can’t stand to see you get more injuried.”
The boy glided over towards the two of them. “Giving up already, Sora, I thought you were stronger than that,” Riku taunted.

Destiny Islands
Ten Years Ago
A boy around seven sat on a beach looking up at the night sky from within his house. His parents had already gone to sleep and he was in his room. The young boy, Riku stared up at the stars and then looked at the waves hitting the rocks underneath the wood, which had been situated as pillars to hold up the house. Tears dripped from his greenish-blue eyes as he sat on his race car bed and pulled out a picture from under his pillow. He shined a flashlight onto the picture, because it was too dark to see anything.
The picture was about two years old now and it was pretty worn and some of the edges were torn. In the picture were two boys, Riku and his friend, Sora. No one knew what happened to Sora. All that anyone knew was that Sora had been playing with Riku one day and just vanished. Some people began speculating about the boy’s disappearance and placed blame on Riku, because he had been the last one to see him on that island.
Riku hated that no one believed him when it came to Sora’s disappearance. Some of the little kids on the island began hearing rumors from their parents about Riku getting rid of Sora due to jealousy. So, people began distancing themselves away from the boy. He also hated the fact that his own parents didn’t believe him. Of course, they weren’t as heartless as their neighbors, but they still punished him. His parents never took him back to the island to play. All he ever did was go to school, eat, play in the backyard, and go inside to do his homework.
But, Riku’s life wasn’t all bad. In fact, one day his whole life changed.
Riku had just home from school. He tossed his yellow backpack over the black, leather couch that sat on the tatami mats that made up the small living room he shared with his parents. Riku went over towards a blue chair to watch the large screen television. He turned the television on, but nothing came on. Riku threw the remote on the ground.
His mother heard the crash from the kitchen. She called to her seven-year-old, “Riku, what did you do?”
Riku just called back to his mother, “Nothing.”
He looked out the screen door that connected the living room to the backyard. It was a beautiful day outside, the sun was up, the green grass was swaying in the wind, and the neighborhood kids were running around on the beach. Riku called to his mother again, “Hey mom, can I go outside to play?”
His mother replied, “Honey, did you finish your homework?”
Riku said, “Yeah mom, Mrs. Dovecots only assigned a worksheet with twenty fractions on it and I already finished it at school with Wakka.”
“Alright Riku, but only an hour,” Riku’s mom said.
Riku smirked as he went to grab his toy sword and head towards the backyard to play, “Yeah, I can’t wait to go to the beach to play.”
Riku slid the screen door open and then slid it shut. He ran to the wooden gates of his backyard and unlatched the lock on it. It opened and Riku ran out of the gate headed towards the beach to play. He ran down the streets of his neighborhood with a big goofy grin on his face and thought to himself, “Maybe Sora came back. After all, we always played on the beach.”
However, as soon as Riku climbed the sandy hill that lead to the beach, there was no one there. The sun was already setting and the stars began to emerge from their sleep as the sky darkened. Even though, Riku was disappointed that his friend hadn’t come, he still didn’t leave the beach. He sat on the sand instead and watched the stars. “I wonder what it’s like out there,” Riku thought. “I wish I had a chance to see what’s out there.”
As Riku watched the stars, something odd happened. “That’s strange,” Riku thought as he saw that the stars were beginning to vanish from their position and soar down towards him.
It wasn’t long till one of the stars did soar towards him that he began to freak out. He jumped from his spot and screamed. Riku ran towards the hill dodging all the falling stars. He reached the top of the hill, but stopped as soon as a girl’s voice spoke, “Help me!”
The meteor shower stopped and Riku ran over to the shore. That is where he had assumed the source of the voice had come from. The silver-haired boy ran towards the shore with his flashlight in hand. He shined the light into the wet sand to see whatever was calling for him. Riku nearly dropped his flashlight due to shock once he discovered her.
In the water, a little girl lay. Her hair was short and the color of strawberries. The girl’s white dress and sneakers were completely soaked along with her hair. She stared at Riku with her large, aqua-blue eyes and said weakly, “Can you help me?”
Riku didn’t turn to run; instead he helped the girl out of the water. She wasn’t able to walk, so he had to walk her back to his house. It was a long, gorily walk. Riku asked the girl, “What’s your name?”
The girl stared motionlessly at the ground and whispered, “Kairi.”
“How did you get here?” Riku asked.
With that the girl didn’t reply. She only pointed her figure up towards the sky and then back to her side. “So, you came from the sky,” Riku said as he looked at her.
“Do you have anywhere to stay?” Riku asked.
The girl, Kairi shook her head.
Riku replied, “Well, then you can stay with me and my parents till we find someone to take care of you.”
The girl looked up at Riku said.
As the years went on, Riku found a new friend, Kairi. He and she became so close throughout the years that some people thought that they actually loved each other. Kairi had found a home within this strange land with the mayor of Riku’s town. He loved kids and he was overwhelmed that he was Kairi’s adoptive father. Riku would never forget about Sora. All was good until one day.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter X
~The Secret Place~
Riku-nort: I thought you were going to come back, Sora! Why didn’t you?
Roxas: I thought you had forgotten about me.
Riku-nort: Yeah right, that’s my excuse.
Roxas: (pauses)
Riku-nort: After you left, Kairi and I began hanging out for awhile. She and I became best friends until…
Roxas: What happened to her?

Destiny Islands
Five years later, Riku was now twelve. He was dragging a yellow raft into the shore. Kairi ran down towards the raft and looked at him with disbelief and said, “Riku, why are you doing this?”
Riku replied as he looked at the setting sun on the island that he and Sora had played before the boy disappeared, “I have to see Sora and leaving this island is the only way.”
Kairi crossed her arms and said in angry tone, “You mean, you’re willing to risk your life out on the ocean, in order to see your lost friend?!”
Riku nodded, “He’s the only thing that means something to me now.”
“But, what about your friends, family and me, Riku, aren’t we worth you styaying?” Kairi asked.
Riku pushed the raft further into the ocean and hopped into it. He ignored Kairi’s words and began rowing the raft towards the island, he and Sora used to play on. “You’re making a mistake!” Kairi yelled still on the shoreline.
Once, Riku was out of sight, Kairi ran back to their village to tell Riku’s parents what he was doing.
Meanwhile, Riku had finally made it to the island. He hopped out of the raft and dragged it to shore. Riku tied the raft towards the base of a nearby palm tree. He went over towards a small pond with a waterfall, which came down from some palm trees above. Riku was besides the pond and he unraveled some palm leaves away, which exposed a small cave. He crawled through the opening of the cave and stood up.
Riku looked around the small cave; this place hadn’t changed in years. It still had all the drawings he and Sora had drawn years earlier and the mysterious, wooden door stood. He went over towards one of the drawings and etched his fingers through the lines. “Sora,” he whispered to the drawing.
“Are you ready for that deal we made,” a mysterious voice said.
Riku turned around with surprise on his face. His expression then toned down as he noticed a figure in a yellow cloak standing near the entrance of the ‘Secret Place.’ “You startled me,” Riku gasped.
“I’m sorry about that,” the figure said as he looked towards the drawings and then back at the silver-haired boy. “Have you decided to go through yet?”
Riku nodded as he went towards the figure, “Yes, but only on one condition, no one gets hurt.”
The figure chuckled, “You drive a hard bargain, boy, but I won’t harm anyone on the islands.”
He shook the figure’s sleeve and a mass of dark energy surrounded the two of them. “Riku,” Kairi’s voice yelled.
Riku looked towards the entrance, trying to pull his hand away from the figure and gasped, “Kairi.”
But, he found it impossible to let go of the figure’s sleeve. When he finally managed to and run out of the cave, he ended up finding Kairi outside. Riku tugged onto Kairi’s sleeve and said, “Kairi, we need to leave.”
Kairi just stood in place and replied, “Riku, your parents…”
She was soon stopped by dark creatures that began scurrying out of the tunnel and onto the island. Kairi gazed at Riku and said, “Riku, what did you do?”
Riku grabbed Kairi’s hand and rushed both of them back to the raft. He placed the girl inside it and unlatched the rope from the palm tree. A wave came back and rushed the two of them back to the mainland. “What did you do?” Kairi repeated seeing that the island they had just escape from disappearing into a portal of darkness.
“I’ll explain later,” Riku replied.


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Dec 15, 2009
Chapter X

“I can’t believe you would do that,” Kairi said to him after they got out of the raft.
“Kairi, let me explain,” Riku said.
He gripped onto Kairi’s hand, but she pulled it away. She spun around and glared at him. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to lose your home, Riku?!” Kairi said.
Riku paused and then replied, “Kairi, I was only doing this so that you could meet Sora.”
“I’m tired of that excuse, Riku. I’m tired of always having to deal with your pity-party. If you want to see him so much than why don’t you just leave this place!?” Kairi said as she ran off fear still apparent on her face from having seen that island absorbed by that strange black-hole.
Riku remained on the beach. He crossed his arms and turned around. “I don’t get girls,” he said to himself. “Why does she always so mopey?!”
“You know, I just think she’s just jealous,” a voice said.
Riku turned around to see the owner of the voice. There standing next to him was none other than the cloaked figure. It said to Riku, “If you really want to impress her than give into the darkness.”
“I can’t she was terrified,” Riku said to it.
“Nonsense,” the figure replied, “she just doesn’t realize how strong you are.”
“How can I make her see…?” Riku asked the figure.
The figure answered, “Just let me into your heart and I’ll give you all the strength you need.”
Riku sighed and pulled his hand away, “Are you sure this will work?”
The figure replied, “Of course, once you and I are bonded, she won’t resist you anymore.”
Riku smirked and then grabbed the figure’s hand, “It’s a deal.”
The figure smiled, “It’s about time.”
It went into Riku’s body. A strong power surged through the boy’s veins as he realized what had just happened. He smirked, “Now time to leave this prison and look for Sora.”
He opened a dark corridor and walked through it, leaving the world. Riku soon became overpowered by the darkness of the Heartless and he began capturing six princesses from six different worlds. He also gained power to control Heartless and a mystical weapon called the Keyblade.

Strikes came from both keybladers, Riku-nort and Roxas were now close up to each other with both of their two keyblades blocking each other. “Give Riku back his heart,” Roxas growled.
“Ha, Riku’s gone,” Riku-nort taunted.
He was able to break through Roxas’ block and strike the boy. Roxas was thrown into a nearby shack. Axel ran towards Roxas and cradled him in arms like Isa had back when they first met. “Are you alright,” Axel asked Roxas.
Roxas grunted and looked up at Axel, “Yeah, I’m okay, Axel. I’m just a little hurt, but I can handle this thing.”
Roxas forced himself back onto his feet and looked at the Heartless. “You think you’re so tough,” Roxas yelled as he called back his two keyblades, Lost Memory and Star Seeker, the late King Mickey’s keyblade.
Riku-nort chuckled, “Same old Sora.”
He then formed a whitish-blue light in his hands. Riku-nort sent it towards Roxas, but the blonde Nobody was able to dodge it. He ran straight towards Riku-nort with his two keyblades in hand and began to slash the Heartless. The Heartless gasped, “Why you little…?!”
Roxas smirked, “Now, who’s the one that’s losing.”
Riku-nort smirked and looked up at Roxas, “You still don’t get it. Darkness can’t defeat darkness. You and I am on the same level, boy.”
“What,” Roxas asked confusedly.
Axel yelled at the Key of Destiny, “Roxas, he’s trying to trick you!”
The Heartless chuckled as he fired another light from his hands and sent it towards Axel. “Axel,” Roxas yelled as he ran towards the redhead.
Axel saw the light and he blocked himself. Just as the light was about to make contact, something blocked it. Axel opened his eyes to see two figures in black standing in front of him. One of them was Ukrix and the other was someone, no one in the Organization had ever seen, but he was hurt. Roxas was finally by Axel’s side. “Ukrix, why are you here?” Roxas asked the black haired boy.
“Who’s the boy,” Axel asked.
Ukrix and the injured boy in black looked at each other. They murmered something to one another and then answered the duo, “Axel, this is Lexi. He was able to free me from my cell.”
The ginger-haired boy looked up at Axel. He was still in immense pain. “We came to get you two out of here. It’s too dangerous.”
Riku-nort glided over to them. Lexi got up and summoned two orange daggers with red chains coming down from them. They looked like pizza-cutters. He had his back turned on Axel, Ukrix, and Roxas. “Ukrix, get them out of here and to the portal.”
“What are you doing,” Ukrix asked the redheaded Nobody.
“I have a score to settle with this guy. Take Roxas and Axel away from this place, it’s too dangerous,” Lexi said as he flicked his hand open and opened a dark corridor.
“Lexi, I don’t want to lose you,” Ukrix yelled.
“Just go, its better that one of us dies here than the whole four of us too. Don’t forget it!” Lexi retorted.
Ukrix nodded, “Alright Lexi, I’ll take them away from here.”
Ukrix looked at Roxas and Axel and said to them, “We need to get out of here.”
They were already headed towards the closing corridor. “But, what about Lexi?” Roxas asked.
Ukrix gulped, “Lexi can handle himself.”
“But,” Roxas replied.
“We have to go to the World That Never Was, Roxas,” Axel said grabbing his best friend’s hand and dragging him towards the corridor with Ukrix following close behind.
Ukrix peered out of the corridor one last time and Lexi gave him a reassuring smile.
The portal closed.
Lexi: I won’t let you hurt my friends like you did last time.
Riku-nort: You’re still distraught about that time I destroyed that pesky keyblader.
Lexi: That pesky keyblader was my friend, Iz and I won’t forgive you for that.
Riku-nort: Whatever, you got in the way of my goal to destroy Roxas, so I’ll destroy you here.


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O.O wow!! The fight with Riku-nort was intense but I feel bad for Riku having been searching for Sora. And being blamed for his disappearance. Is there any hope of things turning back for them?


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Chapter XI


Hollow Bastion, Cathedral

The group of three exited the corridor and entered a large open room with large stain-glass windows and gargoyles surrounding them. Axel stepped in front of the shorter two and placed a hand onto the black-haired boy’s shoulder. “Ukrix, how come you aren’t fused to Riku-nort?” Axel asked the boy.

The boy sighed, “That isn’t an easy answer.”

Four years ago

Maleficent, the evil sorceress had kidnapped Kairi from her home on Destiny Islands. She threw the scared girl to the side and looked at a bull-dog figure wearing plenty of armor. “Pete, go and lock this girl up within those pods. We need to complete the keygate,” Maleficent commanded him.

“Sure thing, Malefy,” Pete saluted as he went towards the girl and scooped her up in his arms.

“Let me go,” the girl, Kairi screamed as she wiggled around and kicked the backside of Pete’s back.
Pete grunted as he headed towards a glass chamber that sat on the side of the long narrow, dark room. He opened the glass door and dropped the girl down. “Get in there,” he yelled.

Kairi crossed her arms and gave him a death glare. “You aren’t the boss of me, fatso,” she said.
Pete got furious with her little comment. “First you kick and now you won’t listen,” he replied. “If you don’t get in there, Maleficent’s gonna turn me into a Heartless.”

The girl, Kairi didn’t budge. “I don’t have to deal with you and that old hag,” Kairi said as she turned around and started to head off.

Pete was now slamming mad. He grabbed the girl by the waist and was about to throw into the glass chamber. “Pete, don’t you hurt her,” Maleficent said coming up to the angered bull-dog figure.

He placed the girl down and whimpered, “Why would I hurt her? She’s a perfect little angel.”
Maleficent rolled her eyes. “Pete, we need her unharmed for the boy to complete the keyhole,” the old sorceress replied.

Pete threw a tantrum and glared at the old witch, “You mean, that little runt’s gonna do the owners.”

“Yes and why do you have a problem with that,” Maleficent asked him.

“Because, something fishy about that runt and I don’t trust him,” Pete said crossing his arms.
“He’s the only one capable of wielding the keyblade and we need him if we won’t to achieve Kingdom Hearts,” Maleficent said turning around.

“Is the last princess asleep,” a new male voice asked.

A boy with white hair and wearing purple armor headed up the stairs. Pete trembled, while Maleficent smirked, “Not quite, Pete here is having some trouble getting the princess to sleep.”

Pete looked at Maleficent and whimpered, “Maleficent, whaddaya think ya doing?”

Maleficent replied with a chuckle in her voice, “Getting revenge for all the time you goofed off.”

“But, I thought we were in this together-“

Maleficent’s voice rose, “We were never in this together; I just needed you to gather up the princesses. Child, do me the honors.”

Riku chuckled as he summoned two keyblades in hand, one was the Kingdom Key and the other the Key to People’s Hearts, “It would be my honor.” He ran towards Pete and slashed his chest.

Pete stared at his chest and saw a pink sphere coming out. “What d’ya do?” he asked trembling.

Pete whimpered as the sphere rose and vanished like his body. His body turned into crystals as they broke apart, he reached a hand out to the sorceress that had saved him from his punishment at the hands of Queen Minnie. The old hag just rolled her eyes as she watched the fat dog disappear. “Very good,” she said to Riku.

Riku: He was a bother. Now, then about the last princess, I need her heart in order to complete the keygate.
Maleficent chuckled, “It’s no problem, and I already stole her heart while Pete disappeared.”

Riku smirked, “Good, now there would be now interference.”

Maleficent watched with interest as the black hit and blade of the keyblade in the boy’s hands began to change. A long, black chain attached itself to the red hilt of the cursed weapon and at the end of the chain was a black crown. Riku smirked as he held the keyblade up in his hands, “The keyblade is now complete, now to open that keyblade.”

Maleficent chuckled, “Now, you and I can rule Kingdom Hearts and the worlds.”
With that, everything fell silent. Riku turned around, his eyes bluish-green eyes had turned amber and his voice was deeper now.

“Rule with you, I don’t think so,” Riku retorted, “You were only a pawn and since you’re time is up…”
Maleficent replied with fear in her voice, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Riku did the same thing he had done with Pete to Maleficent. “Open your heart to darkness and become one with it,” he said as he pulled back the black and red keyblade that he had stabbed through the old hag’s chest back towards his side.
The old hag screamed as smoke rose from her chest. When the screaming subsided, Riku turned his attention back to the door that held a rainbow pattern in it. “Now that all the intrusions have been taken care of, it’s time to seal that keyhole,” he said with a smile on his face.

However, on cue, something in him began pushing. “You won’t use me for this,” a voice said.

“You, how did you-?!” the possessed Riku asked.

“I’m taken my body back and setting things right,” the voice replied.

The possessed Riku chuckled as he looked at the keygate and all of the sleeping seven princesses within all of the pods, “It’s a little too late for that and besides you were the one that wanted this…”

“I wanted my friend back and I didn’t want any of this to happen,” the voice retorted.
“Your friend, ha, don’t you know that you’re friend is no more, but a slithering Neoshadow,” Riku said with a chuckle in his voice.
“What, but you said you would help me get my friend back? How can I get him back now knowing that he’s a Heartless,” the voice (the real Riku) asked.

“You can’t once he’s a Heartless, he can’t regain his human form. He’s stuck as a slave to the darkness,” Riku-possessed implied.
“You lied to me!” the voice snapped.

Suddenly, a pulsing pain ran throughout the boy’s body. “You are too much pain, insolent brat,” Riku said as he held the Keyblade to People’s Hearts in his hand and ran the blade of it towards his own chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the voice asked.

“I’m kicking you out, so that I can have full mobility over this body,” Riku answered.

“No,” the voice snapped as he pulled the keyblade away.

“Too late,” Riku chuckled as he stabbed himself through the chest.
Blood sprinkled out of the purple armor and a white light emanated from the wound. “No, this can’t be…” the voice sobbed.

“You’ll pay for this!” As the pain subsided and the heart rose from the chest, Riku-possessed re-summoned the Key to People’s Hearts and opened the keygate.


“So, let me get this straight, the superior’s Heartless kicked you out of your own body by using a Keyblade?” Roxas asked.

Ukrix nodded, “Yes and after that I found myself in front of a large castle.”

“Castle Oblivion,” Axel implied.

Ukrix nodded, “Exactly and that’s where Lexi and his friend, a keyblader named Iz found me.”

Ukrix: They were two friends from Radiant Gardens before it was consumed by darkness. I was quite shocked to see another keyblade wielder aside from King Mickey and Ansem Seeker of Darkness.

Axel: Yeah the Superior’s Heartless mentioned something about a friend of Lexi’s. How did he get the keyblade and escape from the Heartless Invasion?

Ukrix: Lexi said when they were little three keyblade wielders rescued them from the invading Heartless. And from contact with one of those Keyblade wielders, Iz was able to acquire the ability to wield a keyblade.

Ukrix sighed, “It’s my fault for leaving Iz to fight off against that liar.”

Roxas asked, “What happened to him?”

Ukrix replied, “The thief finished him off with all six of his keyblades.”

Axel interrupted, “Aside from Iz and Lexi, how did you get into the Organization? And, how come I never heard of you apart from now?”

Ukrix replied, “Because, Xemnas found us. He offered to give Lexi a title, but he refused, because I didn’t want to be part of it. So,

Xemnas put him in that cell since I served no purpose to the Organization.”

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through Ukrix’s head. He fell to his knees with Axel and Roxas surrounding him. “Ukrix, what’s wrong?” Roxas asked.

“Lexi, he’s-“was all that Ukrix could say before fainting.

“We have to get him somewhere safe, Rox.”


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Oh wow that was unexpected :3 This story is good, can't wait for more XD


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Chapter XII
~Return to TWTNW~
Hollow Bastion
Roxas was trying as best as he could to lift the body of the fainted Ukrix. He glanced at Axel. The redhead stood in the center of the cathedral staring at the dark corridor that never seemed to shut. “Axel, help me take this guy to the castle,” he called to his preoccupied friend.
Axel sighed and walked over to the boy, “Roxas, we can’t go back to the castle.”
“Why not,” Roxas asked. “Don’t you see that we need to get Ukriix out of here before that demon comes after us?!”
“Yeah, I see that Roxas, but if we return than Larxene and the others are going to…” Axel paused remembering the previous night of what the Savage Nymph had said to him, “If you tell anybody about this, I’ll tear your scrawny neck apart!”
He gulped as soon as he saw Roxas’ eyes staring at him innocently. “Axel, what’s up with you?” the boy asked.
“Nothing’s up with me, I’m just thinking,” Axel answered.
“Well, you need to stop thinking and help me get Ukrix out of here before Ansem turns up,” Roxas said as he pulled Ukrix to the side and opened a dark corridor with his free hand.
“Listen Roxas, I…we…can’t go back…home,” he said.
Roxas raised an eye brow. “What are you trying to tell me, Axel?”
“Listen Roxas, we can’t go back home, because some of the members in the Organization want to kill you,” he said with a look of anxiety present.
“Axel, that’s crazy, there’s no way anyone in the Organization would want to kill me. I mean, I’ve done nothing wrong,” Roxas exclaimed.
“Roxas, they don’t want to kill you, because of your actions. It’s only because you wield the keyblade,” Axel explained.
Roxas looked at him. “Why would they want to kill me for what weapon I use?” Roxas asked.
“It’s because, Roxas, every time you slay a heartless with your keyblade. It releases a heart, which feeds the constant growth of Kingdom Hearts,” Axel replied.
Ukrix grunted.
Roxas sighed and went back over to Ukrix. He began dragging the black-haired youth into the corridor. “I don’t care what anyone says nor do once we get back home.”
“What, you’re going back to the castle?!” Axel asked running over to his friend.
Roxas looked up at him, “Axel, I can’t worry about myself right now, Ukrix is in pain. And, the castle is the only safe place left.”
Axel sighed as he went over to Roxas and picked the boy and slung over his shoulder, “Oh boy, Roxas, you really owe me a solid once we get him back to the castle.”
Roxas chuckled, “Alright, let’s go!”
Roxas was ahead of the two. The boy’s figure vanished within the darkness as did Axel’s and finally Ukrix’s. They were now exiting the portal in what was the graveyard part of the castle, Proof of Existence. Roxas glanced back at Axel as he headed towards one of the tombstones. It read no. XIV, the Key of Faith and the grave was red. He turned to Axel and asked, “Axel, I’ve never seen this grave before. Who was the Key of Faith?”
With that, Axel just shrugged and turned away from the grave. “Roxas, we need to get Ukrix somewhere safe fast,” he said to the blonde.
Roxas nodded, “I can open up another corridor and that should get us to either your room or mine.”
“Make it fast,” Axel replied.
With that, Roxas flicked his hand and another black, egg-shaped portal appeared. They went through the portal leaving behind the graves of all the Organization.

“You have meddled for the last time, boy!” Xehanort’s Heartless said to the ginger-haired boy.
Lexi just smirked as he pulled his black, Organization XIII goggles over his gray eyes, “Really, I thought we were just getting started.” He pointed the blade of one of his daggers towards the Heartless’ head and said, “Now, then this is for all the people’s lives you’ve wrecked, including Iz’s.”
Xehanort’s Heartless just crossed his arms and chuckled, “When are you going to let that boy go? He was just an excuse for a keyblader.”
Lexi’s confident expression soon faltered. He glared at the Heartless and started running towards him with the blades of the daggers pointed inches away from the Heartless’ chest. “He wasn’t an excuse, he was my friend!”

Ukrix sprung awake. He gazed around the room he now sat in, which was pretty small and all of the furniture within it was small, as well. “Are you okay?” Roxas asked.
Ukrix turned to face Roxas and Axel; both of them were staring at him with concern in their eyes. “You really need to take it easy,” Roxas said as he walked over to the bed that Ukrix sat in and placed a tray full of cereal onto it.
“Where am I? Where’s Lexi? Is he alright?” Ukrix asked bluntly.
Axel smiled, “We are in Roxas’ room and as for your friend, I don’t know what happened to him.”
Ukrix pushed the tray from out of his lap and leapt onto the floor. “I have to see Lexi. He has to be alright.”
But, as he tried to flee Axel held him back. “Let go,” Ukrix cried with tears spilling out of his eyes.


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Wow XD another great chapter!! I hope Lexi alright but I have a feeling he's not.


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Chapter XIII


Roxas’ Room

Ukrix screamed as he continually tried to get loose from Axel’s hand, but every attempt was futile. Roxas was sitting on his bed watching the interaction between both nobodies. He couldn’t stand to see his friend and mentor holding the boy by the hood of his black coat.

Roxas tilted his head to the redhead. “Axel, I think he wants to see his friend. Don’t you think you should let him go?”

Axel cocked his head over towards his blonde-haired friend and replied, “Roxas, if I do that then he’ll do something crazy. Trust me, I know.”

Roxas raised an eye brow. “Axel, what are you talking about?” The Key of Destiny asked.
Axel sighed with memories another time flying through his head.
It was in the City That Never Was, Axel stood pressed up against a wall with arms folded. A boy with blonde hair and wearing the same coat he wore passed by him. He said to the boy in a calm voice, “Your mind’s made up?”

The boy stopped and cocked his head at him. He replied in a serious tone, “I have to know why the keyblade chose me and remaining here isn’t going to help me come to the answers.”
Axel backed away from the wall and tightened his voice, “So, you’re just going to leave the Organization?! Dude, don’t you know how risky that is. If you cross the Organization they won’t spend any time in eliminating-“

Roxas cut him off, “Nobody will miss me.”
He turned his head back and started walking again.
Axel was furious. He placed his hands by his side and said in a tightened voice, “That’s not true.” The anger in his voice soon turned into a sad sigh, “I would.”

Thinking back to that time, Axel had decided that he didn’t want to lose anyone, especially since he had lost Roxas and failed miserably at his mission. He couldn’t stand to see this boy, Ukrix getting hurt, especially, for the sake of somebody as reckless as Lexi.

His thoughts were soon interrupted by the slam of the door. A teenager, Zexion stood at the door. He had a frightened expression on his face. He looked at the three and said in an alarming tone, “Axel, Roxas, and Ukrix, the castle is being invaded by Heartless! You guys have to get out of here.”

Axel released his grip of Ukrix. Ukrix ran out of the door. “Lexi,” he screamed as he ran down the Hall of Empty Melodies to Twilight’s View where the main conflict was going on.
“Wait up,” Axel said as he pushed Zexion to the side and chased after the black haired youth.
“Axel,” Roxas called as he followed after the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

Dark shadows began dancing around Ukrix. “Ukrix,” Axel yelled standing in the doorway that led to the open training field where all the Organization members went through vigorous training exercises.
The shadows rose from out of the ground switching from their two dimensional to three-dimension shapes.

Their bug-like eyes were locked onto the black haired youth and their claws were exposed. One Heartless went towards the boy and it knocked him on his butt. “Oh boy, not again,” Axel said as he called forth his red and silver chakrams from out of a ball of flames.

Ukrix looked around at the Heartless. They danced around him a little before going in and swooping their sharp claws at him. Ukrix was terrified, he closed his eyes and began praying. “SLASH” was his answer.
Ukrix opened his eyes to investigate. Axel stood in front of him now and as did Roxas. The two were surrounded by smoke, which were the remnants of the Heartless that had moments before sought to obliterate the poor chap. “You need to be more careful, Ukrix,” Axel said to the boy waving his chakrams around in his hands.

“You don’t get it, Lexi’s in trouble,” Ukrix cried.

“So, you thought you could rush in and look for Lexi,” Axel asked.

“I just wanted to see him,” Ukrix said, but then sighed as he got the meaning of what Axel’s words meant.

“I’m sorry Axel,” Ukrix apologized as he rose back to his two feet.

“Axel, Ukrix,” Roxas yelled as he ran into Twilight’s View.

Axel turned around to Roxas and said, “Look Rox, I just wanted to protect Ukrix.”

“It’s true, Roxas. If Axel hadn’t saved me I would have been a goner,” Ukrix added.

“Never mind that guys, but the Heartless we fought on that island is fighting the Superior right now,” Roxas gasped.

“What,” Axel said.

Ukrix’s eyes bulged and was followed by a gulp, “So, you mean, Ansem is still alive?”
Roxas nodded, “I’m not sure how he got in, but if we don’t hurry Xemnas’ dead meat.”

Ukrix went pale and he began running off again. Roxas and Axel chased after him. “So, it’s true, that jerk killed off Lexi. Man, this sucks. Now, I’ve lost two of my closest friends,” Ukrix thought as he ran towards the Alter of Naught.


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Chapter XIV


Alter of Naught

“Roxas, what do you think you’re doing?” Axel asked noticing that the blonde keyblade wielder had just summoned his keyblades and was headed towards the exit of the room.

“I’m going to finish this guy off,” Roxas said as he dashed out of Twilight’s View to the Alter of Naught.

“Roxas,” Ukrix cried running towards Roxas and trying to get him to stop. “Let me finish him off. I mean, it’s my entire fault why this happened in the first place.”

Roxas just shook his head, “No, you can’t take him. You don’t have any weapon or powers to protect yourself from him. He’ll surely annihilate you in a heartbeat.”

Roxas then exited the room. Axel and Ukrix chased after him. The Flurry of Dancing Flames had called forth his chakrams and Ukrix had hidden behind him. “We can’t let Roxas get killed,” Ukrix said to Axel. “If he gets killed, then it’s all over.”

“What do you mean?” Axel asked.

Suddenly, a claymore came soaring towards them. Ukrix yelled as he pushed Axel out of the way and then leapt out just seconds before being struck. They were now on their butts. “Why the hell did you do that?” Axel asked rubbing the side of his aching forehead.

“Because, that thing was coming towards us,” Ukrix said as he pointed towards the claymore, which now pierced the white, steel floor where they had stood moments ago.

Axel’s widened. “That can’t be…”

Ukrix glanced at Axel and tugged onto his coat, “Axel, what’s up? Are you okay?” he asked.

Axel just shook his head and got back to his feet. He ran off just like Roxas had done moments before. “Please, don’t tell me what I think is happening.”

“Axel, wait up,” Ukrix called out to the Flurry of Dancing Flames as he tried with much effort to keep up with Axel.

Axel paid no mind to Ukrix’s words. He didn’t have time to stand by and let the runt catch up. Because, if it was true of what he thought was going on then there was no time to waste. “I’m coming Saix,” Axel yelled as he ran up several flights of stairs and widening ramps until he reached his destination.

Axel was stopped dead in his tracks by an ugly sight. On the floor of Addled Impasse, aka the Gray Area, this had served as a meeting place for all the organization members in the morning before heading out to missions and in the middle of the room. “Saix,”

Axel yelled as he ran to the very center of the room where a body of a man with dark blue hair and a black coat laid.

“I told you to wait up,” Ukrix said between breaths as he had finally managed to catch up with Axel.

Axel held Saix in his hands, sadness began to form in his eyes and he said to the X-faced Nobody, “Saix, what happened to you?”
Smoke began forming around Saix. Saix looked up at the heart shaped moon that sat outside the giant windows. He pointed towards a large, purple ramp that led to an open balcony and then a large white door. “The Superior, the Superior’s Heartless, and Roxas were here moments ago. The Superior’s Heartless was about to strike Roxas down and I had to intervene. Don’t you remember our promise? I promised that if one of us wasn’t here to protect Roxas, then the other would watch over him.”

“I’m sorry for failing. You and Roxas are my closest friends,” Saix said before his body vanished within the smoke that had created him.

Axel banged his fist on the floor and looked up at the Alter of Naught that stood outside. “Saix, you protected Roxas, now it’s my turn to make things right,” Axel swore.

“Axel,” Ukrix screamed as he pointed a finger towards the open balcony up ahead.
“What is it?!” Axel asked his voice tightening.

Axel lifted his head to see a large white ray shooting up from the ground. It was soon followed by a hideous sound, which sounded like someone screaming in extreme pain. He stared at the place for a couple of seconds taking in the words Saix had said to him just before fading. “Roxas, the Superior’s Heartless, and Xemnas are in the Alter of Naught. You have to save Roxas!”

He got up and dashed out of the room and back into the Hall of Empty Melodies. In the hallways, Dusks, Heartless and the Organization members were fighting against each other. Xaldin had all six of his lances out and he began tearing through several
Shadows as they ran to attack him. Xigbar was high up on a roof of an unfinished building shooting at some Heartless Soldiers below. Vexen and Zexion were backed in a corner by a Wyvern Heartless. Larxene and Marluxia were hastily slicing through some Massive Possessors. Luxord and Lexaeus were knocking two Invisibles. And, Demyx was backed up in a corner by some Neoshadows.

Axel and Ukrix rushed passed through the hall of battling Nobodies and Heartless to the Alter of Naught. He needed to get there before Ansem killed either Xemnas, Roxas, or both.


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:3 Aw Saix died! And he did it to protect Roxas. So Ansem heartless is attacking the organization... Axel better hurry and save Roxas. As for Xemnas.. Well I think that would be an interesting battle to see ^^ Hey I have a question why doesn't Ukrix have a keyblade? Or some sort of weapon? Isn't he Riku nobody?

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
And thus another side to a Saix elimination. To be honest, I didn't think you liked Saix, he's always acting so ... (Not gonna say the word) whenever you did lines. Personally, I liked this death, very noble of Saix, in contrast to someone who seemed like a sociopath in KH2 and Days.


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Sorry, why it took me so long to post. I was busy for the pass couple of days. I just moved out of my friend's place and back with my parents. *sigh*

Kingdom Key, Ukrix can only summon dark corridors, because his powers and weapons were completely absorbed by Ansem due to him not willingly sacrificing himself.

Chapter XV
~No. XIII~

Axel ran through the corridors and stairways of the castle like there was no tomorrow. Ukrix chased after him. Many Heartless crossed their paths and Axel sent out his Assassin Nobodies to take out the enemy as he didn’t have the time to deal with these pests. He needed to get to the Alter of Naught fast, especially due to the fact that his friend and adopted brother, Roxas was in danger.
Alter of Naught

“Superior, I can’t hold him off any longer. Why don’t you help me?” Roxas said as he kept blocking and sidestepping every attack the dreaded Ansem made.

On the other hand, Xemnas stood there doing nothing, but gazing at the giant heart-shaped moon that hovered above all three of them. “Truly fascinating,” Xemnas said in awe.

“Superior,” Roxas yelled.

The white haired man turned around and stared carelessly at the struggling Nobody. “Nothing is going to stand in my way of absorbing Kingdom Hearts this time,” Xemnas replied before disappearing within a corridor of darkness.

“Superior,” Roxas yelled watching with disbelief that the very boss he was protecting had just double-crossed him.

“Ha ha ha, it looks like your backup has betrayed you. I don’t blame him, especially for how weak you are, Sora,” Ansem, Seeker of Darkness taunted.

Roxas grit his teeth, tightened his grip onto his two keyblades, and intensified his glare to death glare towards the Heartless. “Shut up,” he yelled as he dashed towards the Heartless with Star Seeker raised and Lost Memory striking the cold, white steel of the giant balcony they stood upon with sparks flying out.

Finally, Axel and Ukrix made it to the Alter of Naught. “Roxas,” Axel yelled.

Roxas turned around to see the redhead standing there with Ukrix gasping behind me. “Axel, look out,” Roxas replied.

As they were conversing, Ansem started energy into the very tip of the six keyblades he controlled. They were now giant, white balls and Ansem released them at the trio. Roxas threw himself right in front of the duo. “Roxas,” Axel cried.

Roxas looked down at his body. It began to crystalize and dissipate into fragments. He glanced up Axel and smirked, “I told you to look out.”

“Roxas, I won’t let you die,” Axel said as he fell to the ground and held his dying friend and younger brother in his hands.

“It’s too late to fix my mistakes, Axel,” Roxas replied as he stared at the crystallization that had just dissolved his lower body and moved up towards his torso.

“But, if you could I want you to find some way to stop this from ever happening. Promise me that, at least,” Roxas said as he closed his eyes and made a smile that you only saw on a dead person.

“I got it memorized, Rox, I won’t let you die. Just please, don’t do this,” Axel cried.

A sound of something that sounded like metal clashing emanated from the boy’s body. The crystallization had taken over and Roxas had completely dissipated into fragments.

“Heh, serves that wimp right,” a cruel voice chuckled.
Axel looked up and got to his feet grabbing his chakrams and glared at the owner of the voice, Ansem. “Why did you destroy him like that?!” Axel asked.

“He was just as weak as all the Nobodies in this castle. An easy target as you would say,” Ansem replied with a malicious smile on his dark, teenage face.

“He wasn’t just any anybody, he was my friend and my younger brother,” Axel said.

“Aren’t you Nobodies supposed to have no heart? It’s ridiculous that you ask about him. When you should be asking where your pathetic excuse for a boss went to,” Ansem replied.

“Shut up, I’ll make you pay for what you did to him,” Axel exclaimed.

“Since, you want to pay for his lousy mistake, I will gladly annihilate you next,” Ansem threatened.

“Bring it,” Axel said with grit teeth.

“Axel,” Ukrix shouted. Axel didn’t have any moment to battle the Heartless that had just killed Roxas. He found himself instead being pulled into a dark corridor by Ukrix. The two ended up disappearing within it leaving the Alter of Naught and the World That Never Was.


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Thanks for the explanation. And further more Nooooooo!!! Roxas is GONE O.O Now how are things going to be fixed if Roxas is gone? Axel you dummy how could you let this happen T.T Roxas come back!! Lol I'm not that upset but this was my reaction to the chapter though. Also great job! And it's okay that you were busy. Can't wait to see what happens next though. :)


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Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was Mother’s Day, so I decided to take the day off.
Chapter XVI
Betwist In-Between

“Why did you warp us away from there?” Axel asked through grit teeth at Ukrix, who had his hood up.

“Because,” Ukrix replied, “I couldn’t risk losing another friend.”

Axel sighed and relaxed a little, “Oh, I’m sorry about that. I just forgot about them.”

Ukrix hung his head, “Yeah well, we need to get somewhere safe that the darkness hasn’t reached yet.”

“Yeah, but do you know of any?” Axel asked Ukrix.

Ukrix replied, “Well, we can’t go back to The World That Never Was, because the place is being invaded by Heartless, right now. We can’t go to Traverse Town, because that place has already been destroyed by Ansem. Castle Oblivion is out of the question due to the same reason and all the other worlds are infested with Heartless. So, to be honest I don’t know of any ‘safe’ worlds.”

“Well, there’s always…” Axel paused, but then continued, “Twilight Town.”

“Twilight Town,” Ukrix asked, “What’s that place?”

Axel dropped his jaw as he looked at the boy’s blank expression. “Twilight Town, that’s an easy one, it’s a world that lies between darkness and light. Many of us Nobodies showed up there before Xemnas approached us and brought us into the Organization, especially…”
Ten years ago
Twilight Town

“Where am I?”

“Am I still me?”

“Where’s Lea and Isa?”

A pale hand reaches out from the darkness. The darkness soon gives way to a fully formed body of a teenage boy. The teenager has sandy-blonde hair that is spikey and his aqua-blue orbs gave upon a yellow sphere in the sky, which hovers upon endless rolls of trees. He places his hand in front of his face to shield away the sphere’s bright glow. “It’s about time that you got here,” a voice says.

The boy turns around to see two men. One has blue hair, which is as bright as the sky and the other is as red as tomatoes. “Who are you guys?” the boy asked.

The man with red hair places his hands on his hips and smirks, “You don’t even remember me. What a shame, Sora.”

The man with blue hair just chuckles softly, “Same old Lea.”

The boy then realizes the two men’s identities. “Lea, Isa, where are we?” the boy asked.

With that, the redhead known as Lea shrugs, “Don’t know still trying to figure that out myself.”

Just as they were conversing, their conversation was interrupted by a swirling noise. The trio turns around to see a man in black appear from out of nowhere. He makes their way to the trio. “Who are you?” Lea asked the man.

The man doesn’t reply. He turns to the younger boy and focuses on his face. The boy slinks back behind Isa’s back. “What’s going on?” Isa asked the man in black.

“Do you want to know why you survived?” the man asked.

“Survived what?” the boy asks peering his head from behind his older friend.

“The Heartless Invasion of your home,” the man answers.

“Heartless Invasion, what do you mean those weird black creatures that appeared out of nowhere after we escaped from those crazy apprentices’ prison?” Lea asks.

The man nods, “Correct, those things you encountered are called Heartless and they are the reason where you three are here.”

“What do you mean?” Sora asks starting to get annoyed by this strange figure’s ambiguous statements.

“You three didn’t survive; you were like most people there that lost their hearts. The only reason why you’re here is, because your bodies have begun to take own a whole new meaning of their own, while your others have become part of the Heartless,” the man explains.

All three of them give them a confused look.

“If you find my answer bewildering than perhaps you’d like to come with me. There I can explain more in detail about your current forms,” the man said as he turned and opened a dark corridor with his hand. He turns around and looks at three. “Would you like to come?”

The three converse and after a while they agree. They follow the strange man through the dark corridor and towards a strange new world. There they would receive their new names and become part of a mysterious group of humanoid creatures just like themselves.
A portal opens up and Ukrix and Axel exit the dark corridor and into the world that they were connected too. “Where are we?” Ukrix asks blocking the rays of the sun away from him.

Axel looked around, recognizing the green lush forest and grass, the chirping of birds and crickets, the blue sky, the rusted old gate, and the ruined mansion that sits behind it. “We are near Twilight Manor,” Axel answers.

“Twilight Manor?” Ukrix said.

“Yes, it’s a place that the Superior or Xigbar and Xaldin come to whenever a Nobody appears,” Axel nodded.

“It’s about time you two showed up,” a voice said.

A boy with dark blue hair, part of it tied into a ponytail and the other hanging loosely around the side of his forehead, three ear piercings (one hanging onto the ear lobe and the other two hanging at the top of both his ears), gray eyes like the color of the sky on a snowy day, and wearing some sort of aqua-blue jacket over a white t-short, black pants, and a pair of torn blue and white sneakers walks out from behind a tree. Ukrix widens his eyes and ran over to the boy. “Iz, is that really you?!” he asked.

The boy thought to be Iz nods and hugged the black-haired boy replying, “Yes Ukrix, it’s me.”

Ukrix leaned his head up from over Iz’s small blue spikes and looked at him asking, “I thought Ansem killed you. How did you survive?”

“Well, that’s a long story, Ukrix, but we don’t have time to talk about it right now,” Iz said and then looked at Axel and then back at Ukrix. “Where are the other two?”

Ukrix sighs, “Lexi and Roxas, they’re dead.”

Iz sighed and then released his grip onto Ukrix and walks over to Axel, “We need to change things.”
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