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The Apocalypse Saga [OoC/Sign-Ups]

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Oct 5, 2005
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The Apocalypse Saga

[A Kingdom Hearts RolePlay]​

Seven years.

Seven years it's been since the final defeat of Master Xehanort at the hands of Sora, Riku and King Mickey, Masters of the Keyblade. Following Master Xehanort's final defeat, the people were freed from their torment, the Heartless retreated to the Realm of Darkness, and the Nobodies were trapped in the Realm Between. The Universe was at peace. However, the struggle between light and dark is eternal, and either side always strikes back with a trick up its sleeve. So, the three Keyblade Masters wait, preparing themselves for anything that comes their way. But, nothing could prepare them for this.

Nothing could truly prepare them...for the coming of Apocalypse.

He is the ultimate manifestation of Darkness. Through him, all actions of the Heartless are possible. For many years, he has sat behind-the-scenes, influencing the actions of Master Xehanort and the Disney Villains. But, he has now grown tired of their countless failed attempts, his countless failed attempts, to engulf the Universe in complete darkness. Now, engulfing the worlds in darkness is not enough for him. He now has an excruciating hunger to see the total destruction of the Keyblade's wielders, especially Sora. With the aid of his Four Horsemen, he will start by showing the wielders of the Keyblade what they fear most...Fear itself.

Yen Sid was the first to notice the return of the Heartless, who (unsuccessfully) attacked his homeworld of the Mysterious Tower. He gathered Sora, Riku, and King Mickey once again to discover the source of their return. He gave each of them two choices: take on their own Keyblade apprentices to combat the impeding threat, or go out on their own journey to fight this threat on their own. Mickey, being significantly older than his fellow Keyblade Masters, decided to settle down at Disney Castle and take on apprentices. Sora and Riku, on the other hand, decided to embark on a perilous journey together, feeling that, if anything, they can slow the threat down while Mickey trains his apprentices.

Already, worlds are falling to Apocalypse and his Heartless Armada. No one has heard anything about Sora and Riku's journey for almost a year now. Something is not right. Could it be that two of the Universe's greatest heroes have fallen to the Heartless and their unknown leader? No, Mickey, as well as Kairi, refuses to believe it. He knows that's not the case. He only hopes that his seven apprentices can soon complete their training so they can find and aid Sora and Riku on their quest to hopefully defeat the Darkness, once and for all. Be warned, Keyblade Wielders, the end of the Universe is c-- no, the Apocalypse is coming.



One interesting mechanic I have decided to integrate into this roleplay is Morality. If you have seen my Heroes and Villains RP, then you probably understand this concept already. Morality, simply put, is choice. What do you do when you are faced with two life-changing decisions? Will you save an innocent child on streets of Agrabah who is holding about to fall to his death? Or will you only defeat the Heartless that put said child in this predicament and leave the child to fall?

Will you save your fellow Keyblade wielder from his doom? Or will you allow him to die in order to stop the Heartless and be the hero that gains all the credit? You will be faced with many decisions in this RP. YOU just have to choose them. But be warned, the Universe will suffer if you make the wrong decision, even if YOU feel it is the right one.

If you make completely immoral, evil, and ill-advised decisions throughout this RP, YOU WILL BECOME A MEMBER OF THE APOCALYPSE FORCES, IN TUNE WITH YOUR INNER DARKNESS. If you make decisions that result in the happiness of others, idolization, and peace, YOU WILL REMAIN A MEMBER OF THE ARMY OF LIGHT AND TRULY BE IN TUNE WITH YOUR INNER LIGHT.

This only works for the Seven Apprentices.



The Army of Light

  • King Mickey: The King of Disney Castle and leader of the Army of Light. After he chose to settle down and train seven apprentices in the ways of the Keyblade, he created the Army of Light. It consists of not only his Keyblade apprentices, but also his Royal Knights, led by Goofy Goof, and his League of Magicians, led by Donald Duck and Merlin. While he'd rather wait until after all of his apprentices pass the Mark of Mastery exam, he realizes that time against them and it won't be too long before the Heartless plan another attack.

    The Seven Apprentices: After settling down on his homeworld of Disney Castle, Mickey gathered seven strong-hearted human beings that were chosen by the Keyblade. He began to train them in the ways of the Keyblade, as well as melee and magic combat, with occasional help from Master Yen Sid. These apprentices are still years away from becoming masters of the Keyblade, but they still train hard every day, ready for their first encounters with the Heartless.

The Heartless Armada

  • Apocalypse: The leader of the Heartless Armada. While he is not all-powerful, Apocalypse likes to think of himself as the greatest being the Universe has ever lied eyes upon. His true origins are unknown, and his menacing appearance varies depending on which crazed survivor describes him to you.

    The Four Horsemen: The Four Horsemen of War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death are actually Pureblood Heartless in humanoid form riding on the backs of Heartless-version, you guessed it, horses. They beckon to their master's call, and perform any task he commands of them. The four of them are said to be the most terrifying Heartless one could ever lay eyes are, behind their master, of course.

Rules and Notes
1. NO God-Modding, Power-Playing, or Flaming. If this happens once in my sight or the sight of others, you will be you kicked out of this RP.
2. No Spamming in this RP.
3. PLEASE, don't try to copy someone else's template and try to get away with it, that will end in an automatic explusion from this RP.
4. Post any and ALL questions here in this thread.
5. The starting point and hub world of this RP will be Disney Castle.
6. Hey, just because we're all apprentices to the same master, doesn't mean we have to get along, right?
7. If you wish to be apart of the Heartless Armada, your character must be a being created from darkness, or an Ansem, Seeker of Darkness-like character. By that, I mean the character must have a humanoid form.
9. If you join, you are obligated to stay and finish this RP.
11. Begin your template with "Where my pawns have failed, I, Apocalypse, shall not." So I know that you understand these rules and notes.
12. The anticipated start date is April 7th, 2011.



Name: [First and Last. You may have a middle name as well]
Age: [Nothing younger than 14]
Gender: [Male or Female.]
Appearance: [You may be descriptive, or you may post a picture.]
Alliance: [The Army of Light or The Heartless Armada.]
Weapon(s): [Keyblade wielders can only wield a Keyblade.]
Abilities: [You are allowed up to three. Don't overboard this.]
Personality: [How does your character tick?]
Biography: [A few paragraphs. 2 at the least.]
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