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The Bane Insurection (retry)

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Jul 26, 2005
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Since I haven’t done this in a while, I might as well start again with an old rp which needed to be done again.

So much to do, so little time...
Take your time, don't be afraid...
The soul is still safe.

Now step forward. Can you do that?

The child stepped forward.

Power sleeps within you,
If you give it form...
It will give you strength.

Choose well.

The child looked around and saw a sword, a shield and a staff.

The power of the warrior.
Invincible courage.
A sword of terrible destruction.

The power of the guardian.
Kindness to aid friends.
A shield to repel all.

The power of the mystic.
Inner strength.
A staff of wonder and ruin.

Is this the power you chose?

The child picked up a weapon and nodded.

Your path is set. Now what will you give up in exchange?

The child selected another weapon.

You give up this power?

The child nodded. The voice repeated the child’s choices.

Is this the form you chose?

The child nodded again.

You've gained the power to fight.
Use this power to protect yourself and others.

As the voice spoke, a blood red pool seeped out of the ground and it formed into a creature. It was 3 feet tall, it looked starved, it's ribs were showing, its mouth was sewn over but stretched open, it had spikes curling down the back of its head, it had sharp claws and its feet seemed to be a part of the ground and were still dripping like blood. The child battled with it using the first weapon that they had chosen and won.

There will be times where you have to fight.
Keep the light burning strong.
Behind you!

Another creature sprang up behind the child but they fought that off too.

Hold on.
The soul wont be revealed just yet.
First, tell me more about yourself.

The child was suddenly somewhere familiar surrounded by friends asking questions about them.

Your adventure begins in the dead of night.
Your road won't be easy, but a rising sun awaits your journey's end.

Your adventure begins at dawn.
As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one.

Your adventure begins at midday.
Keep a steady pace and you'll come through fine.

The day you reveal the soul is both far off and very near.
The closer you get to the soul,
The greater the evil becomes.

The child was then astonished to see a giant creature with spines coming from its arms and a second set of glowing, bright red eyes climb out of the darkness behind them.

But don’t be afraid.
And don’t forget…

It was a darker shade of red than the smaller one and the eyes only intensified the feeling of evil emanating from it.

-But don’t be afraid.
You hold the mightiest weapon of all.

The dark pool from the creature’s feet spread to cover the ground beneath the child and it slowly began to draw them into darkness.

So don’t forget:
You are one who will reveal the soul.

(please forgive the blatant plagiarism)

Many children across the world have experienced this dream over the last few nights but none of them are prepared for what will happen next. The Bane, the evil creatures from the children’s dream, are travelling from world to world, devouring the soul of each world to fulfil their goal of denying the existence of good in the universe. The children are destined to fight the Bane and protect the soul of the universe from their destructive path. The Bane seem mindless in their destruction, but they seem organised at the same time. Is someone else behind this? Will the children defeat the Bane? That is what must be discovered and it is where our story begins.

Firstly this is NOT a Kingdom Hearts RP even though I ripped the entire start-up from the game. Secondly, the continuous use of Kingdom Hearts in Rps is getting annoying since there is always the same stuff. So, there will be no Kingdom Hearts in this RP, k? Now don’t think that I don’t like KH cause then I’d have to hurt you. Now we all start off on earth and when the planet is inevitably destroyed we can all meet on a new planet, further developments will come from Sky Bolt or myself. By that I mean we will come up with the worlds and stuff (PM suggestions if you want) and we will at some stage come up with an interplanetary form of transport. So, let’s see, rules!

1. No god modding, power playing (Duh!)
2. No killing other Rpers (Double duh!)
3. No KH references (ie. NO keyblades, etc)
4. Put “I had a dream” above your profile if you read the rules.
6. If you don’t post for 5 days without a good reason then you are OUT and someone can take your place at our discretion.
7. Read the story and the rules before posting profile

Since this is the second time this has been posted, I’m going to let the people that were originally in it to see if they want to come back, if not then you post profile and wait to see if your accepted.


Age: (14 - 18)
Appearance: (description or picture)
Weapon: (No guns)
Power you desire: (warrior, guardian or mystic)
Power you give up: (choices as above)
Bio: (more than just “loner, doesn’t talk much and that they can’t remember their memories and so on.”)

I will post my profile once other people have.

(If you do want to join, then pm me (if you weren't in the original one))

Alaude Drenxta

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Apr 9, 2005
My house?
"I had a dream"

Name: Jendrak
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: (description or picture)
Weapon: Twin viper blades
Power you desire: warrior
Power you give up: guardian
Bio: ((still debating with myself if I should join or not))


Apr 21, 2005
Name: Vega Elswood
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Pic coming as soon as I have some free time to draw it in...)
Weapon: Weapons of opportunity, taken from surroundings, and a small amount of barbed and hooked needles, like long fishhooks, that can be thrown or used to cut with.
Power you desire: Warrior
Power you give up: Mystic
Bio: Vega was a spoiled young boy, his parents gave him everything he asked for. They were quite wealthy, you see. They adored him, and in turn, he realised that they could be used. It was the beginning of formulation in his mind of a long series of manipulative tatics.

Then came the accident.

The semi-trailer had been pulling out from a loading bay, and his father driving the family to the beach. The impact killed Vega's parents instantly, and left him in a coma.

So far, that coma has lasted fourteen years. He currently lives out his life on life support in his bed at one of the worlds finest hospitals, his deceased parents estate paying for his care.

Until now...

Jeane strode into room 407, smiling broadly. She'd managed to draw the 14'th ward as her beat today...affectionatly reffered to by the staff as 'The Graveyard', because it was full of Zombies. The 14'th ward was the coma and mental damage ward, and most of it's paitents were lucky to move once a month. Looked like she was out for an easy day.
She sat down at the nurses station, leaning back and closing her eyes...but suddenly, a shrill bleeping alarm roused her. It was a moniter in room 368...the room of one Elswood, Vega.
She lept from her seat and sprinted to the room, throwing open the door...to find the yound man sitting up in bed, looking around the room in awe...
He held the Heart Moniter connection in his hand, apparently he had detatched it, and the machine was beeping that his heart had stopped, when really it just wasnt close enough to sense the beats of it anymore. The boy looked at her, his stunning light blue eyes seeming to see right through her soul...he seemed...peaceful...
That's when he threw himself out of bed at her, screaming in rage. His words were incoherent, indecisive, except one word, which she caught quite clearly...


She squealed and slammed the door, and he collided with it with an almighty crack. Sighing, she lent against the door and began breathing slowly, then jabbed a button on the wall to call for a doctor.
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