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The blue heart in the desert - Could the Foretellers, and all Union members, still be alive?

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Feb 5, 2014
This post doesn't have spoilers. This is a theory that I wanted to post for some days, but for a variety of reasons didn't have time until today.

Everyone is speculating that the Foretellers are somehow still alive in KHIII. Some people believe they used the Realm of Darkness or some other time dillation tool, and I even considered Neverland as a possibility, because, well, it IS a possibility, and would be a way to integrate the Disney worlds into the plot, like Nomura said he wanted. But something I read a few weeks ago, changed my mind now.

After the final trailer I googled theories about the mysterious box Luxu carries, and saw a 4cahn thread that I basically skimme through without reading much, but one post drew my attention. It had a screenshot of the scene where Luxu is watching Kingdom Hearts appear in the sky of the Keyblade Graveyard with some pinkish lights flying into it, and the person's post was "Does this confirm the theory that the Kingdom Hearts in the Keyblade Graveyard is made from the hearts of the War wielders?" or something similar.

So, apparently there's a theory that the KH in the Keyblade Graveyard is artificial. I didn't immediately think much about it after reading about it, but after some days I remembered and it made sense. Whe thing I learned recently, is that there's a discusiion about how Xehanort summoned Kingdom Hearts in BBS when he didn't have the χ-blade, and people are calling it a plothole. But with the artificia KH theory it makes sense: He didn't summon Kingdom Hearts. That artificial Kingdom Hearts was already there, just covered by clouds, and Xehanort simply revealed it.

It makes sense for that to be an artificial KH. It looks just like the one from KHII except for color, which could either be because the one in KHII was made from Heartless, or because the one in the Keyblade Graveyard is made from wielders' hearts, and it seems logical to think the heart of a Keyblade wielder is different from an ordinary person's.

It also makes sense that an artificial KH to have already existed before BBS, as Xehanort mentions the possibility in his Reports.

Xehanort's Report VII said:
I have uncovered the Keyblade's ultimate mystery. You see, besides the three families of Keyblades, there is another "Key Blade." While it may sound the same when spoken, it is notated uniquely: "χ-blade." And make no mistake, while it resembles a normal Keyblade, it is something altogether different.
Keyblades are said to be man-made counterparts to Kingdom Hearts. The χ-blade, however, coexists with Kingdom Hearts.
It is only forged when two hearts of equal power intersect—one heart of pure darkness, one heart of pure light. At the time of its forging, Kingdom Hearts appears. It must be noted, though, that this Kingdom Hearts is special. Unlike the Kingdoms brought about forcibly and artificially through the collection of hearts, THIS Kingdom Hearts is a perfect and complete union of ALL the worlds' hearts. Surely it was over this that the ancient Keyblade War was fought.
If so, the walls that divide the worlds today are of little consequence. With the χ-blade, all their hearts could be instantly reunited—and the Keyblade War, refought.

Which implies something like that was done in the post, and might be where Xehanort and Xemnas got the idea for their KHII plan. This makes me wonder if that was Nomura's idea all the time, and how we didn't guess it before.

If this is accurate, then it kills one of my theories for KHIII. First of all, I believe the final battle of KHIII will be fought inside the real Kingdom Hearts, as Nomura implied he'll show us what KH looks like. And we all know that after someone dies their heart returns to Kingdom Hearts. My theory was that the hearts of all Keyblade wielders who died in the War would enter Sora and he would wield all of their Keyblades against Xehanort.

But now, with the possibility of an artificial KH being made from their hearts, my theory might be debunked, because those wielders would still be alive. Remember KHII? Every Heartless slain had their heart go to Xemnas's artificial Kingdom Hearts, preventing their original person's recompletion, which requires the heart to be set free. After Xemnas was defeated and his Kingdom Hearts freed, everyone could come back, as we see in KH3D will Lea and the others.

So, the artificial KH might be how the Foretellers are alive by the time of KH3, and, in fact, brings the possibility that them, and every Union member, might be saved by Sora and return in KH2.
Since I believe the Master of Masters is not evil, I wonder if Luxu's mission was to set up the process for the artificial KH creation as a last resort way to allow them to be saved in the future.

Also, although having four of the Foretellers being in Xehanort's Organization would give new meaning to this image, it now seems this theory, if correct might debunk any possibility of any Foreteller being a Xehanort.

And, as such, we might be getting some insight into the process of setting up an artificial KH, which KHII didn't show. Hearts don't just randomly gather to form an artificial Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas must have done something for that to happen, and one theory I saw once was that Xemnas used his Keyblade for that, and that's why he didn't wield in KH2. But I think that was before KH3D released, and some logical steps from the reveals can debunk that. The most logical theory I saw about that is that Xemnas had to hide he was a wielder or else the Organization members would question why they needed to wait until they had 13 members and the last one had to be a wielder.

If this theory is true, than there's two logical outcomes of that.

First was how Xehanort wanted in BBS to have wielders from every world to show up and recreate the Keyblade War when didn't even know if there were wielders enough for that. He even says in his Reports there's very few wielders left. There are some discussions about that here, but I didn't read everything and I don't remember what conclusion you guys came to. I think it was that even if no wielder showed up Xehanort would still get what he wants because he wants to recreate what happened after the Keyblade War, not the Keyblade War itself, and he doesn't need the Keyblade War to enter Kingdom Hearts, or that if no one one showed up, Xehanort would be the winner.

The most likely answer about where the wielders will come from, is that he actually wants to restore the wielders from the War through the artificial Kingdom Hearts and have them fight it again.

Now the second logical outcome is actually a question. A question I thought up after thinking about this. And the question: Can Keyblades actually kill people directly? Or do they just kill indirectly?

If I remember correctly (correct me if I'm wrong, it was a long time since I read those interviews), during Roxas's creation, Ven's heart stayed with Sora's body because it wouldn't have survived without a vessel. If this applies to all hearts, then could it be no heart can survive without a vessel unless it's a Heartless, a defeated Heartless wating its body's return, or whatever Kairi did to restore Sora's physical form.
And when Xehanort "kills" Eraqus in BBS, rather than dying his heart goes to Terra's body.
Then in the Keyblade War, despite countless warriors fighting to the end, and even KHX mentions "killing", their hearts could still be used to forge the artificial Kingdom Hearts.

So, could it be that Keyblades can't actually kill directly, and can only release a person's heart, and the person eventually dies because the heart is separated from the body for too long or doesn't have another vessel to go? This would mean the Keyblade can only kill indirectly and fails to kill if there's a vessel available.

That's it. I'll be busy for the rest of the week and probably won't be able to respond to any post here until Monday or even Tuesday. I'll just post an eleventh hour theory about the identity of KHX's Player and then go.


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Oct 22, 2010
Without reading the whole thing completely I can see from the first few paragraphs where this goes and there is another thing you might find useful to take into consideration when looking at it:
During BBS, both the actual game itself as well as in the concept video from KH 2 FM, Master Xehanort "summons" this particular blue KH via turning Luxu's Keyblade into a ball of dark purple energy and shooting it into the sky.

Might have something to do with it especially since we already saw in one of the 2.8 trailers Luxu standing with that Keyblade and watching a blue KH in the sky.
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