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Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

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braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Yeah so I got this idea of a character a few weeks ago, but I've never really had a plot for her until now, in the form of a fanfic! Yep so tell me what you think, constructive criticism is welcomed and all that stuff. Enjoy!(hopefully lol) The chapters will get longer, the first two are just intro stuff.

Part I:

Chapter 1: Almost Gone
Is it even possible?
Will she be able to handle it?

I’m not sure my powers can do that.

There has to be better options.
“Namine, there’s not enough time, we must act quickly.”

She looked down at her feet. “Well, you see, I’m not sure I even do that, and I don’t even know if she’ll be able to.” Namine looked down again.

DiZ walked over to where Namine was sitting and grabbed her arm, “There are no other options, and I’m sure you’ll find the girl will work out just fine.” The outline of his hand rose up red on Namine’s arm. She rubbed her arm and looked up.

“It worked? Can I meet her?” Namine asked.

DiZ didn’t look at her, “Yes, she’s here, but we don’t have a lot of time until she awakens.”

“I want to see her,” Namine persisted.

DiZ let out a sigh and walked over to the computer. His fingers flew across the keys as he typed, and an image came up of a girl. Namine walked over, her eyes growing wider as she looked at the picture. It was a girl, around Namine’s age. In the photo she was laying down, her eyes closed in a peaceful sort of way, like she was having pleasant dreams. Her brown hair was strewn across her face in an unruly and frantic manner, disrupting the peaceful aura the picture had before.

Namine asked, “Does she have a name yet?”

“Her name is Xena.”

“Xena,” repeated Namine as she looked at the screen closer, “She looks sick, she’s too pale. Look at how much her freckles stand out.”

DiZ responded, “She’s been sleeping ever since the start, it won’t be long before she wakes up. Namine, you need to hurry, we need it ready before she wakes up.”

Namine frowned, “I feel like I’m already forgetting it, DiZ.”

“Which is why you must hurry. Go now,” He commanded.

Namine left the room, and turned down the hall. She didn’t care what DiZ said, she was going to see this girl, Xena. She kept walking until she was at the room she thought Xena would be in. Namine slid open the door into a cold room with blue lights. The girl looked the exact same as she had in the picture. Namine took Xena’s cold hand.

“I hope this won’t be too much for you,” She said, letting go of her hand. Namine walked towards the door, looking back before she closed it. She whispered her name again, sounding like a distant sigh, so she wouldn’t forget, “Xena.”
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Sergeant RoxMog
May 13, 2007
Over There
Its really good, it has a lot of detail and the story sounds good.
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braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
I did? What word?

Edit: Okay nvm then lol.
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braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Thanks guys! I figured since I have nothing else to do I'd post chapter 2, be warned it's very short!

Chapter 2: Dawn of Awakening

Lights swirled around in a million different colors against the darkness. Xena felt perfectly at peace, and she had a feeling this had not occurred in a very long time. In the lights, she let herself float. She had no concept of time; nothing from the other world could affect her in this peace. The only things she had to hold on to were the multicolored lights, and for her, that was enough.


“I feel bad for leaving her here.”

“This will be the easiest place for her to be found.”

“Are you sure?”

“There is no need for discussion.”

“Good luck,” She said, leaving Xena alone with only the echoes of words.


Xemnas looked down at the girl and smiled a cruel, mocking smile.

“Welcome to the Organization, Xena.”


Apr 11, 2009
Ooh even though it was short it was still good. I want to find out more about Xena..... bwahahaha.....


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Well here's chapter 3, tell me what you think still...yeah... : )

Chapter 3: Holding On To Hope

“Why do I have to watch her?”

“Well you did such a good job with Roxas…”

“The rest of us have other things to do you know.”

“Everyone except for you, Demyx.”

“Wait! She’s waking up!”

“Okay, out, all of you! Or Xigbar gets to use you for target practice!”

Xena couldn’t figure out what the sounds were coming from. Loud and harsh, they pierced her ears. Xena wanted to go back to what things were like before the noise started, back to a state of comfort and warmth.

“She’s moving.”

“No she’s shivering.”

“Does it really matter? She’s doing something besides laying there.”

She felt like the voices were crowding in on her. Slowly, Xena’s eyes began to open. Everything was too bright; all that she could see was white.

“She’s opening her eyes.”

The sounds were too loud; Xena flinched and closed her eyes again.

“Keep it down, Axel.”

Xena opened her eyes slower, trying to avoid the striking brightness. She blinked a couple of times, and still only saw the whiteness.

“So you’re finally up? Great, now my babysitting begins.”

Xena found that she could move her head, and turned to face the place the sound had come from. She saw a tall guy with green eyes and spiky red hair staring at her.

“Your name’s Xena, and I’m Axel, got it memorized?”

Xena blinked in response.

Axel smiled, “I’ll take that as a yes. Now get up.” Axel through her a black coat. Xena sat up in the bed and stared at it. He started to shift his feet uncomfortably.
“Uh, well, I’ll just leave you to get changed, bye,” He left the room in a hurry, and Xena was alone again.

Get… changed…? Thought Xena. She looked at the coat, not quite sure what to do with it. She remembered that the man had been wearing one, was she supposed to put it on like that? Xena tried to put it on over her head, but her head and arms got stuck in the coat. She began to teeter back and forth on the bed, and fell to the ground like a stone.

“Oof,” she said as she hit the floor. Xena didn’t know what to do, so she just lay on the ground. She wasn’t sure of how much time had passed before a person finally came in.

“Looks like Axel’s done a good job with you so far,” The person commented.
The person picked her up and took off her coat, then put it on over her other clothes and zipped it up. The boy was different from the guy Xena had seen before, Axel. He had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and had a welcoming smile on his face.

“You’re name’s Xena, right?” He asked her.

He was met with a questioning stare.

“Hmm, you must be like I was then. Anyway I’m Roxas, can you say that? Roxas?”

“Rocks…. Ass?” She said.

Roxas laughed, “Close enough. Can you say your name? Xen-a.”

“Xen…a.” She repeated.

Roxas’ face lit up with a smile again. “Nice job, Xena.” He took her hand, “C’mon, we need to go to a meeting.” Suddenly a huge black thing appeared by him, making Xena jump and have a scared and baffled expression on her face.
Roxas laughed again, “It’s okay, it’s only a portal.”

She looked doubtfully at it; the portal didn’t exactly look like the most pleasant thing to be around.

“Just trust me, okay?” Roxas pleaded with her.

Xena looked at the swirling mass one more time, and allowed Roxas to pull her through it. As he pulled her along she held his hand tighter and thought her name over and over again. Xena, Xena, Xena… What else did she have to hold onto?


Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
awww i like it, my favorite parts were "Or Xigbar will you use for target practice" and the Axel part and rocks ass xP

haha i cant wait for more


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Thanks for all the comments guys :D So here's chapter 4, it's a little confusing at the end, but it should make more sense after chapter 5(I hope) I know it jumps around but don't worry about that either :)
I won't be able to post chapter 5 until like Saturday night or Sunday afternoon because chapter 5 is really freakin long, and I have a tourney all Saturday. Yep so tell me what you think like always :D

Chapter 4: The Sound of Twilight

30 days later…




“Oh dear god Xena. No, just no.”

Xena giggled and sat down beside Roxas. Like always, they were up on the clock tower. The sun was just starting to set; the sky was stained with red, orange, gold, and some pink.

Xena had changed in the short amount of time she had been in the Organization. She always kept her hair in two pigtail braids, she was always filled with questions, and her personality had taken a 180 turn. She could feel it herself, although she didn’t know what she’d been like before.

“Here you go, today it’s on me,” She said, handing both of them a sea salt ice cream.

Axel looked perplexed, “Xena, I gave you the munny to go buy them, you said you didn’t have any.”

“Yeah, but I'm the one who gave them the munny."

They all laughed and then fell silent again. Xena finished her ice cream, sighed, and sat in a more relaxed position. She tilted her face up towards the sun.

“Mmm,” She said with a sigh, “The sun feels so nice.” The guys continued to eat their ice cream.



“What was I like when I first woke up?” Axel and Roxas stopped with her words, eyeing each other.

“Well,” Started Axel, “You didn’t know how to talk, or do anything. Me and Roxas got stuck babysitting you.”

“Mostly me,” Roxas interjected.

Xena laughed, “Yeah, I know, you’ve said that before. But did I never say anything? Anything about where I might have come from, or who I was?”

Roxas shook his head, “No, sorry Xena.”

Xena was silent for a while, “You said I was like you, when I first woke up.”

Roxas paused again “We both didn’t have any memories, but you’re different, Xena. I can’t remember anything about my first week in the Organization, something’s different with us.”

Axel interrupted, “Roxas couldn’t talk for weeks too, but that’s just because you’re smarter than him.” Roxas glared at Axel.

Xena looked down, her usual smile gone from her face.

“Hey, why don’t you play a song for us,” Axel said, trying to break the tension.

“Alright,” She said while summoning her harp. The harp was petite and delicate looking, like one of those that was always pictured with angels. It was made of a rich dark wood, painted forest green at the top curves of the harp, and had the colors of the rainbow woven into the wood. The colors looked like a delicate river flowing through the harp. Xena knew this had been hers before she was a Nobody, she could play it beautifully, completely at ease.

The harp’s sound was clear and lovely when she plucked at a string. Her fingers started to move faster, sounding more beautiful as she went on. In her mind the song started out as a fuzzy image, but as she played the song more the image became clearer. It was something large, tall and blue, with a white top and trees surrounding the bottom of it. In the image the sun was setting too, but the sunset was different. It was more purple and blue and pink, and it was a mysterious yet familiar to Xena.

She couldn't figure out where the place was.

The song* was mournful, somewhat tragic, but she played it out anyways, sharing her doubts with the world. She hoped someone would hear it, hoped someone else would recognize the sunset song.

*Click here to listen! -> Sunset Song
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