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Fanfiction ► The Final Dawn

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braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
I'm writing again! YAY :D oh and sorry if i confused you guys cuz the last chapter took place the same night as the previous chapter, like when Alli's in the woods. Ugh i forgot to mention it i'll go make an edit. So yeah i promise not to go into a slump like that again, otherwise you have permission to beat me up. as long as you're nice about it :D

and @Amber: haha Alli's my favorite character too xD

And i have to say i love this title. lowl.

Chapter 7: Screwed Over

“What exactly are we doing in Hollow Bastion?” Xena asked Alli.

“Well,” Alli said, drawing out the l’s, “we’re stealing a gummi ship.”


“We’re stealing a gummi ship,” Alli replied nonchalantly.

Axel interrupted them, “Eyes on the sky Alli, otherwise I’m driving. Got it memorized?”

With a roll of her eyes she directed them back to the windshield. “You see Xena, there’s a little problem with this gummi ship. Yen Sid didn’t have any real ones, so he conjured this up. But it’s total crap. We only get seven miles per gallon. He said we only have three hours of fuel in this thing and then it’ll just explode,” she explained.

“How far away is Hollow Bastion?” Namine joined in the conversation. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Alli except for Roxas, who was snoring in the corner.

It’slikefourhoursaway,” Alli mumbled.
Xena scowled at her. “Alli, if you don’t tell me how far away it is, then I’m, um… I don’t know just tell us.”

Alli spoke up a little, “it’s like four hours away. That is if you’re driving normally, which I’m not.”

“And we’ve been on this thing for how long?” Axel asked.

“One hour and forty-three minutes,” said Namine.

Her statement was met with stares from the group, even Alli. A deep blush formed on her cheeks, and she mumbled something incoherent.

“Anyway,” Xena said, “Alli can I see the gauges?”

“No you can’t, you’ll distract me from my driving,” Alli responded.

Xena took a step forward and stated calmly, “Alli, let me see them.”


Xena leapt forward and wrestled the remotes away from Alli. The screen lit up with their course. There was a picture of the Castle, a red path to Hollow Bastion, and the gummi ship on the path. The gummi ship icon was barely over half of the course on the screen. Not a word came from Xena’s lips; she just pulled up the gas gauge. Gas tank: 57%.

“Alli, I’m going to strangle you now,” Xena whispered. Namine jumped to her feet and grabbed Xena’s arm with all the strength she had. Xena was dragging her across the floor while Axel slipped into the driver’s seat. Slowly, Alli backed away from Xena.

Alli tried to explain, “If we go fast enough we can beat the time limit.”

Xena scoffed, “We don’t have enough gas for that!”

“We might,” Namine whispered.

Xena stopped pulling and tuned around to face Namine. “We do?”

“I’m not sure, going fast will eat up our gas faster, but if we don’t go faster we’ll explode. We have almost 60% of our tank left, so it’s possible we could make it at a faster speed. It's better to try that then just... you know...”

“See Xena I got it all figured out,” Alli said.

Xena ignored her and continued to talk to Namine, “So we could possibly make it?”

“Possibly… I’d say we have about a 40% chance.”

“That’s comforting,” Xena mumbled sarcastically.

“Hey guys, we’ve got a problem,” Axel yelled.

They rushed over to Axel, even Roxas who had just woken up.

“Look,” he said and pointed to the screen. “Our left engine is dead. We can still run on the right engine alone, but we’re not going to be able to go that fast.”

Shocked, Xena asked “Namine, what’s our chance of survival now?”

“I’d say 5 percent or less,” she squeaked.

Axel took his eyes from their course and twisted around to speak to them. “Shit guys, we’re screwed.”


Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
ahaha i like the title too xD

i sorta feel bad for Namine, she seems like the odd one out, unless its just me O____________o

anyway its getting good, i wonder if they'll make it


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Sep 10, 2009
Haha, I like the Chapter Title. XD
I'm pretty sure something good will happen soon lol


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
This is only like 1/2 the chappy, I just wanted to update. The next half I have written but it's an important chapter so I'm trying to make sure its right and good and stuff lol.

Chapter 8: Perspective

The silence in the ship hung over the group like a rain cloud.

“There has to be some way… I mean there has to be another world close by, right?” Xena said in a panicked voice.

Axel said in an equally panicked voice, “No I already looked at the map; Hollow Bastion is the closest place… wait… what the hell? There’s a world just up ahead!”

While their attention was turned from the sky, a world had appeared in their path.

“What? Where did that come from?” Xena asked.

“Disney Castle!” Namine exclaimed. “Land there!”

Roxas said, “I dunno it looks pretty suspicious.”

Axel covered his ears; they had all yelled at once. “Stop yelling at me!” Axel yelled and swerved the gummi ship to the left of the world.

Alli jumped on him and tried to wrestle the wheel from his hands. “We… have… to… LAND!”

Axel yelled, swerved the ship to the right, and they began their bumpy descent to Disney Castle.


“And you thought I would get us all killed…” Alli mumbled and was replied to with some angrier mumbling.

The gummi ship had been expertly steered into the biggest shrub in the garden by Axel, where it was now in flames. They were standing by the giant white doors that were the exit to the garden, trying to figure out how to open it.

“You need a password,” Namine said.

Roxas groaned from his seat on the ground. “What is the deal with this place?”

“King Mickey’s keeping the world hidden from the Organization. That’s why it wasn’t on the map either; it has magic defenses it rotates irregularly so no one ever really knows where exactly it is,” she said.

“So what’s the password?” Xena asked.

“Um,” Namine said and looked up at a few golden cursive words floating above their heads. “It’s the answer to this question on the: Friend or Foe?”

“Friend,” Roxas said promptly, stood up, and tried to push the massive doors open. After his face turned bright red he slumped against the door and crossed his arms.

“This is a stupid question,” he mumbled.

Axel said, “Does this mean we’re supposed to say ‘foe’?”

“That wouldn’t make any sense though, unless it’s reverse physiology,” Xena replied. Axel and Xena immediately started arguing over it, and Roxas and Namine soon joined in.

Amidst the chaos, Alli marched up to the door and whispered, “It all depends on your perspective.”

A giant creak shut up the arguing group and the golden words slowly faded away. The massive doors swung out to reveal a mouse wielding a keyblade standing in the doorway.

“Finally,” King Mickey squeaked. “I thought you’d never show up!”


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
wow i have been neglecting this so much :p

I'm going to finish it, promise. I just want to focus on my school project for right now... which will be for another 2 weeks.

Kick me if i forget about this again, really lol :)


braver by the minute
Jun 9, 2009
Hmm... so I've decided to let this die. I'm really not into the story anymore, and looking back now I want just want to rewrite the whole thing because it's so cringe-worthy lol.

I consider this a success though, because I learned about plot bunnies, characterization, mary-sues, and cliches :)

I may go back and rewrite this one day, but for now I'm going to focus on some other projects that I have.
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