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Fanfiction ► The Heroine And The Villainess

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Mar 31, 2007

I gotta update my Fanfic aswell (Even though like, no one goes on it anymore xD)....

Any who.

Thought I'd post, cause im a random idiot >=D

princess namine

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Dec 20, 2006
First of all, school's a bitch. Second...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mention and they belong to DC comics, NBC, Ally Carter, Richelle Mead, Creator of Naturo, and Stephenie Meyer.


Chapter 4 ~ Sports and Mistakes

Terra slipped through the crowd toward a field. It had goals on each side of the field and a line of girls in front of risers. They wore white T - Shirts and tank tops with sweat pants and shorts. Most had their hair pulled back in a rubber band to keep it out of their faces. The blonde went to the back of the line and watch other girls kick soccer balls into the net. The instructor was a women with dark blonde hair with light blue eyes. Her shirt had a name tag saying “ Niki Sanders ” on the breast pocket. She had been told Miss Sanders was strong, super strong. Then again, she had to be if she was teaching at this school.

“ Good job, Claire. Next!” She yelled for the next girl who came to stand in front of her. She wore a blue headband in her pink hair, a darker shade then her blue eyes.

“ Name?” asked Miss Sanders.

“ Sakura.” The pink hair girl replied.

“ Go stand as goalie at that net.” Miss Sanders pointed at the net on the right and Sakura went to stand by it. Miss Sanders motion another girl toward her. This girl was golden tan with thick lush black hair and looked muscular. Miss Sanders took a brief look at the girl.

“ Name?” she asked again.

“ Bex.” The coach wrote something down on the clipboard and stared at Bex.

“ Try to kick that ball past Sakura.” Bex ’s eyes followed the direction Coach pointed toward. A brand new soccer ball laid there, mint condition and clean. She ran over to it and looked toward Sakura. She was in position to grab that ball once it came her way. Bex slowly kicked the ball and added speed to her running. She moved in fluid motions with the ball joined onto her feet, approaching toward the goal. She brought her leg back in a sharp take and hit it hard that the ball went flying to the north. Sakura stayed in her spot as the ball hurled into her direction. In a blink of an eye, she caught the ball in her hand and was pushed backward to the net. She landed with her back in the net and looked unharmed by the blow. She stood up, dropped the ball and headed to Niki Sanders with Bex.

“ Great work, next.” she said this to the next two group until she came to Terra and a girl with pale blonde hair and jade eyes. The girl was ultra pale and model thin. Her eyes focused on the coach with intent.

“ Sorry to do this to you girls but I’m going to have to make you try out tomorrow for the team. Sorry for the inconvenience. Can I get your names, please.” Terra let the pale girl go first.

“ Lissa Dragomir.” The coach wrote this down quickly and waited for her.

“ Terra.” Miss Sanders looked up at Terra from her clipboard with curious eyes.

“ Titan?” she asked, knowing it but still asking.

“ Yeah. Look I have to go but I see you tomorrow for the try out.” She ran off the field toward the dorm houses, not even apologizing for being rude. She rushed up the stairs to her room. It was cover in Fall Out Boy posters and the parts of the walls that weren’t were yellow. She rushed through her shower to get ready for meeting Beast Boy for their date. She went to her closet and pulled out tight blue jeans and a yellow tank and rushed as she put them on. She put her wet hair back into a rubber band then hurried down the stairs in flip flops. She wasn’t paying much attention to where she was going but went in a direction she thought lead to the café. She turned the corner around the fountain and bumped against a group of three girls. They stare evilly at Terra and kept walking.

“ Rude bitch.” One girl with wood brown hair whispered to her friends. Terra wasn’t going to make the option of apologizing after the comment. Her eyes caught a silver bracelet lying on the ground and bent down to pick it up. An O shaped charm hung to it, probably belonging to a girl with a name starting with that letter. She placed it in her pocket and continued walking toward the café. A guy with short green hair stood near the entrance, waiting for someone. He broke into a smile once he saw her, showing his pearly white teeth and forest green eyes. Terra ran up to him and was pulled into a bear hug. She kissed his green cheek and wrapped her hand in his.

“ Sorry for being late, the try-outs took forever. I have to go back because she didn’t have enough time for me and another girl. So you have me all to yourself.” He smiled at this and kissed her pink lips.

“ Cool, so are you hungry?” His voice was twine with a surfer accent which Terra adored.

“ Sure, BB.” He dragged her into the café and sat down at a table in the back.

“ For some strange reason, I feel like I’m being followed.” BB made it sound casual on his tongue even though it wasn’t.

“ Are you still paranoid about the Brotherhood of Evil thing. Beast Boy, they’re all big chucks of ice now so stop being so worried. Besides, they can’t take down us Titans again.” His grin was sad as he looked at her.

“ You weren’t there, remember. You didn’t see how close we were to losing. It’s a good thing that we didn’t.” His smile was happy again. “ Also, taken any interest in some other guys besides me.” His face was playful and made Terra laugh.

“ Not yet, you.” He laughed this time.

“ Me either so I guess we aren’t ready to go back to being single.” He leaned his head across the table...

“ No, PDA. Unless you want to get detention.” The voice came from the guy across from them with his girlfriend. He was huge compared to BB with all those muscles of his. His hair was curly brown and had unusual topaz eyes which match the girl’s eyes. The girl was beyond beautiful with golden honey hair. She was paying more attention to her compact than them, seeming stuck up. Yet, the guy had a playful air around him. This seemed to complex Terra very much, who was unable to see why they were together beyond their looks. Beast Boy seemed annoyed by the guy and went up to get coffee for them. The boy was keeping his eyes on Terra and she did the same.

“ What’s your name?” Terra was fascinated by the two. The girl snapped her compact shut and looked over at her boyfriend and Terra.

“ I’m Emmett and this is my wife, Rosalie.” The girl, Rosalie, flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“ Hello.” She was distant from the two as Terra question Emmett.

“ Are you guys students?” They looked to old to her to be attending this school.

“ No, we’re more like guardians. We patrol the school and alert anyone about danger. I’m sorry, you look familiar to me. Do I know you from somewhere?” Terra shook her at Emmett. Beast Boy return with two ice coffees and separated Terra and Emmett. He handed Terra her cup and looked up at her.

“ Heard anything from Robin?” BB was distracted by something else. The communicator in his pocket went off and he flipped it out.

“ What’s up?” Beast Boy looked at the screen of his communicator and waited for an answer.

“ You and Teri need to head over to the evidence room right now, there’s no time for questions.” Star’s voice cut off from the line and they got up and rushed out the café. Terra stopped Beast Boy for a minute.

“ I have a quicker way to get there.” BB’s eyes were worried.

“ Are you sure you can do it? Your powers are still...”

“ Not up to date? BB, I’ve been practicing every night since I found out about my powers. You could give me a little faith.” He still looked doubtful but wrapped his arm around her waist. Her eyes and hands glowed blinding yellow as dirt came up from the ground and swallowed them back into it.


Be honest about it if it sucked becaused I kinda rushed it for you guys.
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