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The High Life(retry)

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Jul 15, 2005
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yet another war rp brought to you by : WYA

............Yoh asakura shook as the cold air blew into the cargo hold of the plane. the doors cracked open. he smiled and looked out across the land. he smiled knwoing somwhere down there was a town that desperatley needed his help. he glanced over at his fellow GI and close Friend. he patted him on the back as the light turned green, clearing them for jump. he fell forward as the air began to pick up speed around his body, he felt like a bullet being fired out of a freshly cleaned rifle. he fell towards the earth at an alraming speed. it felt as if he was being ripped apart. he pulled his clip seconds later, releaseing his chute and allowing him to float safley to the ground with out being hurt." Delta platoon do you copy, we are coming in hot, signs of rifle fire down near the ground, is everything ok?" he fell towards the Earth and realized that the very town they had been sent to take was under attack. he grinned knowing that he had just been bullshited into another mission by command. it was supposed to be a safe zone. he had been briefed wrong.

............he hit the ground running and tumbled into a nearby foxhole. he found dead soldiers everywhere around him. he wasn't sure what had happened to his friend, all he knew was that he had been dropped into a hot landing zone, and he would have to fight his way out if he had any hope of taking the town. he crouched down and set his sniper rifle on the mound in front of him, scouting out the area, making sure there were no troops near by. a half a mile away he could see explosions and hear gunshots in the town. it was now his duty to protect and help defend the tow nafter he took it back. it looked to be another rough day at the office.....

you are a soldier in the army, you are either on the alleids side or the enemy side, it is your decision that will make or break the war, so go ahead and choose, but choose wisely....you never know what is going to happen next in a war...it is modern day.

No powerplaying/godmoding
No killing other characters with out there consent
romance PG13
Be very literate, describe the settings around you, what is your character thinking, stuff like that.
No controling other peoples characters

Age: 18 and up
Specialty: (explosives, marksmen, pilot, special forces,ect...)
bio: ( none of that unknown crap)


Name: yoh Nuatsuke

Age: 24

Rank: Captain

Company: Alpha Company

Specialty: special forces

Weapon: 50. Caliber Sniper rifle

personality: Shoot first ask questions later kinda guy, but can be kind and fun if need be.

bio: He joined the army when he was sixteen, lying about his age to get into the army. he has grown from a lowly private to an outstanding captain of the 56ND eagle squadren, he has been with Acompany for a while and he still considers himself one of the gang, even though he is now leading it instead of being bossed around by somone. he has led the company through many rough times since being promoted last year after the battle of Niece. in that very battle he was left almost all alone to fend for himself, with only thress soldiers with him. they held off the rest of the battalion heading their way and kept the town until reinforcements arrived two days later.

........ever since that battle he has been continuely been training with his company so that whatever situation they were put in they would be ready to fight for their lives. a mission like this one was what they had prepared for. as he hit the ground he noticed that none of his soldiers were with him. they had been spread out across the fields near the town, and he would not meet them again until they began their assualt on the town of Mayam.


Gender: Male

side: alleid of course

enjoy this awesome rp. and remember to have fun.
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