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The Hunters and The Heroes (join anytime.)

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May 8, 2006
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Hunters: a rouge group of pokemon “trainers” who’re known across the world. But they aren’t popular. Nope. They don’t go for badges; they go for their own profit or revenge. A underground cult was started in their honor, The heroes. These “heroes” are a bit different though, they started on the idea of using pokemon to their own advantage and fame but they have much bigger plans. The Hunters were amused at first, until one of them was killed by one of The Heroes members under unknown conditions. With no where to turn The Hunters broke off any friendly contact with The Heroes and waged a clan war with The Heroes. Although The Heroes were more than just a group…they were a full blown clan. The Hunters were slaughtered fore The Heroes did not stop until everyone of The Hunters pokemon and people were dead.

These actions didn’t go unnoticed. A special force under the name “Asterisk” formed by famous pokemon trainers who were known on the street were gathered and successfully captured the leaders of The Heroes; scattering all of the followers.

Almost 20 years later a new group of trainers learned about The Hunters and decide to model themselves after them, hoping to reach same glory as the originals. But also around this time, The Heroes leaders have been released from jail and are beginning to reform The Heroes.

Months later one of the newer Hunters gets killed by a stray Heroes member are winning a battle. The Hunters are enraged but fail to capture the killer. A lone spy in the forest the crime and notes the local government. The original Asterisk were unavailable since they hadn’t trained in years. So instead their children, who were all average trainers were asked to help stop history from repeating itself. The Asterisk is tasked with stopping The Heroes. The Hunters also want to destroy the Heroes but they aren’t exactly popular with the Asterisk, seeing as how The Hunters used their pokemon for profit, and the Asterisk treats their pokemon as equals.

That’s it….guess its time for the rules. They aren’t too strict.

No God-modding
No Power playing during battles against others.
Make your battles fair.
Try to be literate.
No battles can't be over....10 posts long.
Try to make your posts for the rp at least 1 - 2 paragraphs long...no one liners.

That’s it.


[Alias, optional]
[Legion] (Asterisk, Hunter, Hero) *Mind you all Hunters must travel together…soo…please don’t over do it.*
[Appearance] *Picture is fine*
[Pokemon] *only 4, no legendaries only first and second evolutions, nothing big for now*
[Bio] *Just a little bit of a backstory. Doesn't have to be much*

Romance is fine.

Post “The hunted” at the top before you post.

More info is anyone decides to join...lol.
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