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Fanfiction ► The Lost Gateway (A KH fanfic)

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Lumen et ignem

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Nov 14, 2009
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I've been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to do something with it so here it is. Hope you enjoy.


Disgust was clear in his expression, she’d been expecting that, but simply because of what she was, his hate was equally clear. Emptily she broke the hold of his gaze; he didn’t like what she was, yet he had no clue what he was. “One other thing,” the girl continued wondering distantly if he’d even believe her. “You’re a—“ Everything went dark. Nobody… she thought weakly.

Months Earlier…

Chapter One

A teenage girl sat at the embrasure of her fairly plain room. The girl had light brown hair which was cut shoulder-length with gray eyes that never seemed to betray her emotions. Cecilia Vang was wearing old blue jeans with a neon green t-shirt. Her light green jacket was tossed carelessly into the closet where it rested on the wooden floor.

There was an old fashioned dresser in one of the corners of her room which had a few books piled on top of it. In another corner farthest from the door there was a book shelf that had books of all sizes shoved into it tightly. To the right of the door there was another book shelf, taller than the other one and not quite as full as the other one, but still having books on every row. On the wall beside the door there was another table that had two picture frames, one with a photo of her brother and herself, and another with a photo of her mother and father under a tree.

Her mother was wearing a white dress and a veil while her father was wearing a dark gray suit. Her mother, Lisa Vang, and her father, Jonathon Vang, were smiling happily, their light blue eyes sparkling with energy. They both looked younger than they did now.

Outside her window it was snowing small flakes though nothing stuck. Cecilia took a breath and tried to calm her nerves. Her twin brother, Clyde Vang, had left the house not long ago to hang out with a friend. Any other friend and Cecilia wouldn’t have been bothered, but Clyde’s new friend knew more than she liked. Clyde was oblivious to what he could do, or should be able to do. He was kind and believed he could trust anyone, including Logan, his new friend.

Every time Cecilia heard a noise outside she’d return to her attention to the window and stare out it for minutes before she went back to the book she balanced on one knee. After what felt like an hour she sighed, snapped the book closed, and tossed it on a shelf too high for anyone to notice it. Surely it’s five by now? She thought anxiously and went to the closed door.

Standing Cecilia was about 5’ 9”, average height for a sixteen year old girl she’d also thought. Anxiously she opened the door and was surprised to find her brother there, his hand raised as though to knock. She jumped back an inch, warily, before realizing who was there. “Hey Clyde,” she responded and straightened, keeping her muscles ready when seeing Logan behind him.

In contrast to Clyde who had shaggy blonde hair Logan had pitch black hair that was spiked in all directions. Compared to Clyde’s faded blue eyes Logan’s eyes were as dark as the midnight sky with their endless depths that showed nothing. Today Clyde was clothed in khaki shorts with a red t-shirt while Logan was in black jeans that were too long and a white t-shirt. Logan was considerably taller than Clyde who stood about 5’ 1”. Also, Logan was much darker than Clyde who was one of the palest people in Twilight Town. In general Logan was a darker person than Clyde that was cocky and arrogant.
Logan chuckled. “Are you afraid someone’s going to hurt you, kid?”

Cecilia smiled, “Very funny, Logan. By the way, I know you’re bad at math, but I’m the same age as you,”

Logan frowned and waved her response away, “Whatever,”

Clyde sighed impatiently, “Hey, do you know where Mom and Dad are, sis?”

“No clue, Cly, I’m leaving though. If they come back tell them I went out for a while.”

“Sure,” he replied and turned to go down the hallway where Cecilia thought Logan had went until she turned around.

“What’re you doing in here?” she asked grabbing the book from the shelf and tucking it under her arm.
“Looking,” he answered, bent over a bookshelf.

“Well leave, I don’t have time to babysit you,” Cecilia answered watching him carefully from the doorway. How had he gotten into her room without her noticing?

“Fine, fine, you know, you read a lot of manga,”


“Oh, nothing,” he answered briefly, “You know, you really need to be more observant, you could get hurt.”

“Are you threatening me, Logan?” Cecilia asked glaring at him.

“Threatening, no, I’m merely giving advice on how to stay alive, Cecilia.”

“Well I don’t need your advice so you can leave now,”

“Yeah, of course, I’m leaving,” he said walking out of the door, hands in his pockets. Cecilia had no idea that he had just taken a small book, perhaps the most dangerous book he could’ve taken.

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