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The Luxu Timeline



Jul 19, 2013
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Before X Backcover
Source 12 (2:09:29 - 2:12:07) (2:19:32 - 2:20:18)
Note: The above scenes appear to be before the Case of Luxu. It's the same timeframe "About 5 years ago", but since Luxu isn't lugging the box around I assume it's just prior to Backcover in that way... unless anyone wants to correct me. Otherwise you can assume it is before or during Backcover without much of a difference.
X Backcover
Source 12 (2:39:56 - 2:47:20)
Source 10 (2:36 - 3:47) (8:26 - 8:38) (54:19 - 57:35)*

Warning: Speculation
*In the conclusion of Union X, a scene unfolds that directly copies the final scene sourced above in X Backcover. Note that there is voice acting in the X Backcover scene using the same voice actor as the rest of Luxu's lines. This scene now in Union X goes one step further to show Luxu taking his hood off, only for his appearance to directly match Brain's. It is unclear if this is the exact same scene, or if it instead is just recreating it at a later time to communicate something to the player.
X[chi] and Unchained X
Source 11 (2:16:00 - 2:18:09) (2:18:57 - 2:19:48) (2:20:30 - 2:21:09)
Note: Between each of these clips of Luxu, Gula is speaking directly about him. You might consider this to be (2:16:00 - 2:21:09) instead.

Source 3 (Observations, Excerpt 1—)
I have seen it through; the Keyblade War unfolded exactly as written on the Lost Page. Now, the Keyblade the Master entrusted to me must be bequeathed to another. Five Union leaders have been chosen from the surviving Dandelions. I will pass the Keyblade to one of them, and then continue watching the future unfold.
Yet it seems that someone has pulled the old switcheroo. One of the Five is an imposter, someone the Master did not choose. They represent a virus in the program he so carefully wrote.
The virus has begun a strange undertaking: a reckless plot to allow the Five to escape into another worldline. Surely such a thing can't be possible? We're talking about the same trick that allowed the Dandelions to transfer to other worldlines after the Keyblade War. But these children are no Masters. They haven't the means...unless, of course, a certain lady of magic summoned here from the future knows more than I do.
The whole Union leader thing was supposed to be by the books. Are these new events just another phase in the Master's grand plan?

Union X
Source 12 (2:20:22 - 2:20:45) (2:33:13 - 2:33:30) (2:36:09 - 3:36:55) (3:01:18 - 3:04:00) (3:24:50 - 3:25:34)*

Warning: Speculation
*As stated previously in the Backcover section's speculation, in the conclusion of Union X a scene unfolds that directly copies the final scene from X Backcover. The addition here is the black coat figure reveal their appearance as that of Brain's. We are unsure of the cirumstances of this, but it is being placed in this timeline for the purposes of keeping track of Luxu throughout the series... just incase.

Source 3 (Observations, Excerpt 2—)
Even on a worldline with no Keyblade War, peace is but a dream. In the absence of us and our Master, a "darkness" arrived—one that shall surely lead the World to yet another demise.
Amid the chaos, I bequeathed my Keyblade to one of the Union leaders, just as the Master instructed. I watched as the Five were sent to another worldline—at no small cost—ensuring the line of Keyblade wielders will live on. And now, Keybladeless, I must depart this land to fulfill my final task. This means casting my own body aside and sojourning my heart in vessel after vessel—as many as it takes.
But I will continue gazing upon each passing era, one unto the next. In time, be it years or decades, centuries or millennia, I will meet the Five once more.
Somewhere in this cyclical history of bequeathings, a chosen one will appear and reenact the Keyblade War. When this scapegoat arrives and takes my Keyblade in hand, that will be the time to take the stage and finish my role.
The Lost Masters will awaken.

Warning: Speculation
Source 7 (0:18 - 0:27) We have no direct confirmation of Luxu in Missing-Link, but we have seen No Name the keyblade in a trailer for the game. Luxu, in Observations Excerpt 3, says "Spanning the ages in body after body, life after life, my task has been to keep vigil over the Eye as it passes from hand to hand. It has been a long time. Longer than I can express." From this quote we can assume that if No Name is in Missing-Link, so too will Luxu... likely donning a new character's body and name. It is possible this is not the case, since maybe Luxu's absence and the gazing eye being dull have to do with this era being unrecorded. To be confirmed as M-L releases and updates.
Dark Road
Source 5 (Playlist, 25 videos)
Note: Some of these scenes are interchangeable with other characters depending on who you place in your party during the game. Specifically, the first 3 of 5 chapters of the game have these moments where you could select Bragi over Hermod, Vor, or Urd.

Between Dark Road & Birth By Sleep
Source 3 (Observations, Excerpt 3—)
It seems this body, this name will be my last. The lives I have lived over the ages could fill volumes, but for now I must focus on what matters most. The Keyblade has been successfully passed down, generation to generation, and it seems a Keyblade Master devoted to the darkness may finally arise. Until now, I have watched over the course of events from a distance. Perhaps the time has come to intervene. I need only play the role of a fool desirous of the Keyblade's power. I will don the mask of his ally in order to keep watch over my Keyblade from close by. The Gazing Eye: a Keyblade forged from the eye of the Master of Masters. He passed it to me, as I have to others, and through it he can see the future—all that will ever come to pass. Spanning the ages in body after body, life after life, my task has been to keep vigil over the Eye as it passes from hand to hand. It has been a long time. Longer than I can express. But now at last the Keyblade War has begun, and Kingdom Hearts will open—a true and complete Kingdom Hearts, born of the clash between darkness and light. I will soon be reunited with my old companions, and in that moment my long vigil will reach its end. He will return...

Birth By Sleep
Source 1 (34:05 - 47:13)
Between Birth By Sleep and KH2
Source 1 (48:57 - 49:36)
Source 3 (
Recollections, Paragraph 4—)
One day, a man came to take me from the prison. I could not see him for the darkness, save that he wore an eyepatch. Even now, years on, I feel no closer to understanding who or what I am.
(—Subject X)

Day 71: The Traitors' End
Author: Xigbar
Saïx had a hand in what went down at Castle Oblivion - well, more like a whole arm. Which means Axel was in on it as well. It's a fact that Xemnas ordered Axel to take out the traitors, orders which went through Saïx. No specific names were given, but naturally Xemnas knew who the turncoats were right from the get-go.

Day 117: Him and Roxas
Author: Xigbar
Roxas is maturing at an impressive rate. His face, the way he handles the Keyblade, it's all exactly the same. The worlds seem so divided and alone, but there's always that steady thread there to connect them. And we Nobodies can never escape the things we did as humans. So it goes.

Day 256: Who We Each See
Author: Xigbar
Xion's disappearance is fascinating. If she really is breaking from our control, it's a sign of her approaching the essence of the hero. It seems Saïx doesn't truly "see" her. I'm curious to know how she appears to the others. I see her as... him, though I suspect that Xemnas sees entirely something else in her.

Day 296: Hidden Truths
Author: Xigbar
None of us really know everything that's going on in Castle Oblivion. Some rooms even Xemnas doesn't know about. Not many are even aware that Xion was born there. I wonder if the truth about that place will ever surface.z

Day 355: Mind
Author: Xigbar
The gears of Xemnas's plans have begun to spin wild since the loss of half our membership at Castle Oblivion. The results are there, but can this state of affairs fairly be called a success? If Kingdom Hearts can be said to possess a mind of its own, it is surely rejecting Xemnas - no, rejecting Xehanort. Roxas left the Organization today.

Source 1 (01:11:18 - 1:37:17)
See Sources 8 & 9 in addition to Source 1, since there is no direct compilation of exclusively Xigbar scenes in 358/2 Days for the DS; only the HD movie.

Source 1 (0:41 - 6:46) (11:14 - 17:01)

Dream Drop Distance
Source 1 (50:18 - 1:11:18)

Source 1 (01:11:18 - 1:37:17)

Source 16 (or 15 if you want the fan translation instead if the official)
Xigbar's Story
-The Fool-

It was a long, long time ago.

People all over the world lived peacefully, bathed in a warm light. But before they knew it, a battle broke out over the light. As a result, everything returned to nothing. However...

It was so long ago that no one even knows how long ago it was. But maybe this story is happening in the present? Or is it that distant past?

Your face tells me you have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s all right, you don’t need to understand it yet. It makes no difference to me.

You know it’s the height of stupidity to judge a person based on appearances, right? Well, maybe the box is the same way. Is the black box really black? What kind of black? Is it even black at all? The simpletons are just looking for a regular black box. They don’t understand what kind of box it is or what’s in it. There’s a major difference between “knowing” and “understanding”.

So, the box. I guess you wanna know how I ended up losing it, huh? What do you wanna know? Well, I say that, but I’ve already said as much as I can about all that. You know, the stuff about knowing versus understanding and all that jazz. And of course, it’s possible that the contents are a secret no one knows about. You could even say it’s a surprise. You’ll see.

How about a thought experiment? Say you were told this world was ending tomorrow. Would you just give in and wait for the end? Or would you get all fired up to do something about it? Think back to the black box. What kind of black is it? No one knows. And the end of the world? How would you expect anyone to know how that pans out either?

Think back to when the man called Xemnas originally opened the door to this world’s Kingdom Hearts. When and where was that, exactly? How long have you thought that the flow of time, from then to now, was continuous?

Is time really continuous in the first place?
Ah, now you look like you don’t believe me.
But how else would you explain it?

And so, I’ve always watched over you guys—or rather, watched over the Keyblade. I just played the part of a fool who wanted the power of the Keyblade for myself.

This world is Olympus. The brave hero that Sora relies on for all his hero-related needs lives here.

What constitutes a “hero”? Well, depending on what world you’re in or what time period you’re asking, the answer differs. Kind of like how Keyblade wielders differ. So, what kind of Keyblade wielder are you, Sora?

“All this altruism is giving me the warm and fuzzies. So then, does having a heart of light come with an extremely good insurance policy?

Just say what you mean.” Sora glared at me.

Oh, but I did though. No good will ever come from putting other people first.

The hero beside him, Hercules, chimed in too. “I was able to save Meg’s life because I was ready to risk my own.

Because you’ve got friends in high places, you mean. Tricks like that don’t fly for your average joe.” I laughed scornfully at the two of them.

What do you know? You weren't even there! If you were, you'd admire Herc's courage.” Sora said, and his eyes were full of his usual light. He has good eyes—I’ve always thought so.

I don't admire one guy leaping into danger if it means someone else might have to jump in to save him. You’re all just lining up to lose out. Dooming others to take the fall with ya.

How much of my true intent is getting through to you? If it doesn’t reach you at all, I’ve got a problem, but come on, you could at least take some of it to heart. These kids and their heart-guided Keyblades. I’ve seen more than enough of you go down the path of self-sacrifice and it never ends well.

Oh, and you can spare me the usual party line. Yes, hearts are powerful when they’re connected. But if you put too much of that power in one place, some of those hearts might end up breaking."

As usual, I said just what I wanted to say and then turned my back on him. Sigh, but what if it’s still not enough? These Keyblade fools are stubborn bunches, after all.

Still, Sora, that doesn’t mean you should change. Accept the power you’re given. Find the hearts joined to yours.

Although, I’ve gotta say, it’s not like I’m doing anything differently here. Connected hearts and guided hearts—the two hearts have some similarities, but they’re different.

Why would I ever take advice from you?

As if! You don't have any choice but to follow this sweet little trail of bread crumbs. And at the end, you’ll finally realize what destiny has in store for you. In fact, your reward may be just around the corner. You’re so close!

And with that, I disappeared from Sora’s sight.

That’s right, it’s just around the corner.
I’m so close to my reunion—and with it, fulfilling my mission.
May my heart be my guiding key...
Warning: Dubious Canon
This story from the KH Character Files is written by Tomoko Kanemaki. This is the same person who wrote the Novels. Strictly speaking, it's not by Nomura and is perhaps not canon in any capacity. That said, I value it as part of Luxu's story until shown otherwise. It gives some neat insights on the Black Box, for instance.

Source 4 (0:00 - 14:06)

After KH3
Warning: Speculation
Source 6 (2:37 - 2:44) Here we see 2 black-coated figures standing atop a building. While we have no confirmation whatsoever that this is Luxu and the Master of Masters, it seems the most likely possibility.


Afterword: I did my best to put everything in order, but KH has a bit of a propensity for jumping around the timeline at will and sometimes without notice. If you see anything wrong, let me know! It should also be noted that the KH Character Files, like the Novels and Manga, are not written by Nomura. Strictly speaking they're not canon. I've edited this to note that.
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