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Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG [Story is offically 75% completed! Woo!]

Duh there's a sequel. After the Intermission, everything's fair game. Give me the character already before I make up too much plot without yoooou.

srs i technically know how the entire thing is going to end already, up to Part 2 and sort of Part 3. Don't get left in my dust~


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Jan 30, 2009
Re: The ORG [Story is offically 75% completed! Woo!]

Joe's a bigshot now, he doesn't have time for the little people ;~;

But will do SIR.


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Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG [30/40]



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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG [30/40]

i feel dumb having the most posts on the page

Chapter 31 - Gray


Or grey, whatever.

Important part is that we all know what color is being described.



It was all that Charxai saw. Swirling, endless, formless gray. He opened his eyes, even though it felt like they had been open already. This was the third time he ‘opened’ them, actually. It kept happening as he stared into the abyss. For how long was this taking, though? The hours felt like minutes, or were they minutes in the first place? Maybe it was only seconds ticking down.

Whatever it was, he was sure he had plenty of time on his side, so he may as well explore. He felt himself floating, hm, strange. The sensation of flying he was experiencing was not something he was used to, but he thought he could, perhaps, will himself into a more suitable position. After all, he was suspending mid-air, or, mid-grayness, in an uncomfortable incline.

Ah, there it was. Now he was standing, or at least floating vertically. It felt like he was standing, though; even though there was no real floor to speak of. That was just irritating. What kind of place was this supposed to be? Some kind of weird…limbo…medium…afterliiiifohhhgod.

He was dead and just remembered it.

Charxai wrestled through his cloak, unzipping it and tugging his shirt collar aside to inspect what had been the most painful thing in the world to him before he had died. A long scar stretch down, over his sternum. It looked gross, but it was not bloody or gory in any way. Just a harmless, thick red line. It still made him uncomfortable, so he put his clothes back in place. Creepy, disturbing; reminded him too much of what had happened to him.

Besides, a healed-up wound meant nothing compared to this whole situation. This was the afterlife, huh? The way it all looked, the strange lightshow and cloudy surroundings, made him think of the power Cinollex used. Was this it, was this Non-Existence? It made sense, since he pretty much no longer existed.

Kind of dull, really.


Cinollex intended the Corridor she made to lead her and Jynx and, well, just them, back to the interior of the mansion. So why were they outside? It hardly looked like any place in Twilight Town, what with all the dirt and rocks strewn about; the place resembled a quarry. A quarry that Kurix and Xanele were laying around in.

“Oh, crap.” Jynx muttered, looking around. “We were gone for just a little while, how…?”

His mystical companion then noticed too. They were standing in the foyer from which they had left, albeit with an extra person.

They heard stomping, and something crack behind them.

“Ah!” Noraxeen yelled, her foot breaking through a floorboard. Brixan caught her by the hand before she could fall to the story under them.

“This place looks like a war zone, sheesh…” He sighed, pulled her out from the hole.

Xoje and Xenjin were next to them, and saw their friends near the wrecked front gate.

“Yo! You guys alright?” The recently-recovered superior shouted out. “I saw the muscle-head over here, hope he didn’t hit you too hard!” He went to the more in-tact staircase and jumped down from it.

“Could’ve been worse.” Xanele chuckled, checking herself for bruises. There were plenty, as she revealed a nasty one on her leg.

“That’s nothing, almost broke an arm.”

“You lacked a Power Glove.”

“…Yes I did.”

Him of all people, without the proper technology at a fight.

“Kurix didn’t get punched, though. Just bitten.” Xanele said, quite casually, pulling her pant legs back down. “Which I think is really dumb.”

“Bitten?” Xoje looked perplexed. Did Eastxi try to pull that on him?

“Bitten?!” Cinollex gasped, eyes wide. Kurix, who was inspecting the wound himself, nodded. He was sitting on the ground, but Cinollex rushed over and kneeled beside him.

“Yeah, it hurt like hell. The guy’s jaw must be a machine or something-”

Cinollex yanked his arm over, making Kurix yelp from the soreness of the punctures.

“His…his fangs really went in deep, huh…”

“Fangs? Well, I didn’t think I’d call them that, but, I guess that‘s a good word.”

“Wrap it up. Don’t let it get…infected or anything.”

“You’re sure acting weird.” Xenjin mocked, joining the gang in the old courtyard. “Where’s Charxai, anyway? He run off, sticking with Xemnas?”

Jynx had just regained his breath from the fall and the fighting from earlier, and joined Kurix on the ground. Kurix inched away a little. Noraxeen took it up her role as nurse to start bandaging up the white-haired rogue’s arm. Xanele and Xoje stood, at attention, waiting for a response.

“He, um.” Jynx began. Cinollex stopped him by putting up her finger.

“We ran into that one Organization XIII member. The one who’s been causing us trouble.”

There was a wave of realization. Everyone knew where this was going. Was there even a reason to keep explaining? Yes, because it builds drama.

“The blond one. I don’t know, but Charxai and I saw him once before; they fought.”

He popped up vaguely in some of their memories. Xoje had seen him fly by before Charxai left Twilight Town once before. Noraxeen also had a brief memory, seeing the fly-by happen from the foyer when she and Jynx faced off against Kaxsra. All of the, however, had been viewed by the pink-eyed devil himself throughout the previous day.

“And, he just, outmaneuvered us. Tricked us. He stole the…” She held out her other, bare wrist, and rubbed it. It was pale from being hidden under the band for so long. “Yeah. After that there wasn’t much either of us could do. Char did what he needed to, and wanted to.”

It is hard to describe the silence that followed, though it was close to the one that occurred when it was learned that two of their other comrades had died. Really, there was not much for any of them to say. Grief? Sure, maybe some resemblance of guilt in a few of them, but it was not like any of them were about to start discussing feelings or remorse.

Sure, some of them did feel closer to Charxai than they did Cyolx and Kinxu, and grim as it is to say, and hearing about his death was more of a shock. After all, they did expect the Lone Avenger to handle such things better, so maybe that added to the surprise.

The silence persisted for several minutes. No one wanted to act like a jerk and change the subject, or say something out of place, but there were also things that had to be done.

“Did you find Xemnas?” Kurix solemnly asked, trying not to sound disrespectful “It is the reason you guys went out.”. Jynx shook his head.

“We only got to one world…”

Kurix put on a look of distress, and flipped open the mini-tracker to search for a watch function. Xoje walked up and snatched it from his hands.

“But,” Cinollex pointed out, showing off her cool new swag, “I think I know where he is. This thing is way stronger, way better, it can find stuff easier.”

Her eyes turned dark silver as she scryed her leader’s location. It was unsettling for those that were used to her powers working at a lighter shade, but they were at the same time in awe.

“R-Radiant Garden” She stammered, breathing heavily. Cinollex slumped back onto a half-destroyed wall, patting her wrist. The bracelet was burning her skin with how overworked it was, and from her lack of experience.

“Really? That’s…that feels ironic.” Xenjin said, crossing her arms. “Weren’t we just there, like, twice? Xemnas never even told Kurix to go there in the first place.”

It was sort of ironic, as most things tended to be when you leader is some insane scientist with a knack for planning things behind-the-scenes. Xenjin was just now coming to realize that she would have to learn to live with it.

“Let’s go.” Xoje announced, motioning for everyone to stand. “We can rest somewhere with a roof over our heads.” He turned and shyly proposed. “And, maybe, I don’t know, lament this a little more, or something.” It only felt right to put it out there.

They left the remnants of their home behind for the only salvation they had a hope of reaching. It was not just one of their numbers that they had lost, but a place to call home as well.


Floating aimlessly, Charxai imagined this was what being a ghost must feel like. He thought this because of something he observed in the spooky grayness. It was as if he was on another plane that was actually on top of the world he had been in. His eyes squinted into the foggy unknown, and yes, he could make out buildings around him, as well as a street on which he stood. The slightly lighter portions of gray? Street lamps.

He was right where he was before! So close to life, yet unable to fully realize it.

The reality of this drove him a slight bit crazy.

He had always been under the impression that death would mean something more. Maybe nothing of extreme fanfare or glory, but at least something. This was just some purgatory-like place. An existential person like Charxai, at this point, could only sit, or float, and ponder the meaning of life and living as a whole. Is this what would happen to everyone? Oh, the consequences and revelations and it just boggled his mind and he would never be able to express it and it was killing him on the inside when he was already killed-

Charxai thrashed around a little in frustration, punching gray puffy clouds and tumbling upside-down now and then. It was when he was balancing on his head when he saw something in the distance.

Or maybe it was close, and just small. Hard to tell.

Some warped part of space. A spiraling flurry of white. Charxai flapped his arms, and accelerated himself towards the strange scene. He noticed that he was drifting under the ghostly projection of The World That Never Was’s streets, phasing through the dark, wet, black top, and into the spacious sewers below. Then, straight ahead, was a bizarre vortex of some kind. It stretched back like a tornado turned on its side, but it made no sounds to speak of.

Scattered around it he saw bodies. Lifeless, even for the dead, they remained in place, eyes closed; motionless. There were three, all translucent and radiant. This made Charxai notice that he himself was partly see-through, and carried a haunting glow.

He examined each body. The first was that of a man who was stout and wide, with noticeable muscles under a tattered cloak. Silver blood was frozen in place, dripping out of the corner of his mouth. Said silver was more prominent on the other two, who were sadly those that he recognized.

They both had white hair, and had been sent on their last mission here. Cyolx’s cloak was tattered over his chest, and there was a hole that went all the way through to his back. Charxai wished he was squeamish enough to have not have confirmed this. A few feet away was the young girl he had left with, Kinxu. Tragic that a girl her age had to be murdered in a battle that never should have happened. He looked her over, and saw multiple stab wounds in her. To be killed, so savagely, in such a horrible place! The worst and most unfitting way to go. He placed a hand to her forehead, in mourning, and saw that unlike the other two, her eyes were partially opened. Partially concealed by her eyelids were two, gentle pools of light blue. This was not something Charxai had to recall, either. Those eyes were the only color he could see in this strange new world.

Charxai felt his ghostly cloak flutter, as well as his semi-transparent hair. Was there a breeze in here? Whatever it was, it was moving the body of that other guy. He looked down and saw Kinxu slowly start to move too, in the same direction. Oh, it was the vortex thing. What was that? Was it dangerous? Was there any danger left now that he had moved on to the land of the dead? He had to wonder.

It did represent hope. Hope that there could be something beyond it, even if it were only a less dull environment.

He turned and grabbed Kinxu by her one undamaged shoulder. The unknown man was being pulled at a faster rate, right up to the cyclone.

“Time to go.” Charxai whispered with a cold breath. He went to reach for Cyolx, but something happened. They were both being pulled in by the vortex! Charxai held onto Kinxu tighter, out Cyolx was out of the gravitational influence. The other body was sucked into the portal like a piece of paper in a monsoon. It felt like an eternity until Charxai went as well, but when he did it was like his body was being torn apart, and put back together again, at least ten times.

Every became colder and darker, which he did not think was possible after all that he had been through.


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Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG [31/40]

brb mourning ;_____;


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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG [31/40]

it's okay a writer must endure such harsh criticisms
i mean stephen king was almost assassinated by a car that hated misery ironically


galactic cancer
May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG [31/40]

Chapter 32 - The Revival

nah i'm just messing with you guys. Taking a break from my five-day chapter-a-day binge because school is starting and I have things to do this weekend like party and relax. I'm still really hyped about finishing this though and the beginning of the school year happens to be a really good time for me creatively, so look forward to the conclusion this fall!
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Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG [snop/40]

You sneaky little bitch. <:


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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG [snop/40]

Chapter 32 - The Reviv@l

The rabbit hole opened up in a small, super-special private room in the lower levels of Xeyla’s castle.

It was being held open by a single man, standing, not very steadily, in front of it. A single hand was held up to the whirling portal, and it glowed brightly in the dimly-lit room. That was because, attached to it, was an ancient device of near-unlimited power, and he was sapping all the energy he could from it. His eyes were the palest shade of gray possible, almost white. His nose was bleeding.

Now that the portal was open to Non-Existence, he just had to navigate what he could of the realm remotely. It was difficult, since all he had to use to probe the place was his mind, gradually stepping into unconsciousness.

How did he know how to do all of this? A little bit of research, of course. All of it done in Ansem’s old study while Xeyla cried her eyes out in the prison. Yeah, she sounded like she was crying. Details on that would require different sleuthing at a later date, though.

There it was. He found a body and tugged at it with psychic hands. It was pulled through the portal. Finally, he thought, he would get back one of his crew. This was the last bit of muscle he needed, and it was unfortunate that he had died so early on in the plan. An accident, but it was easy to adapt; especially easy when you had abilities that allowed for control over the plane of the dead, Non-Existence.

Some light apology would do to tame Xynras, and then they would be on their way to glory and power- wait who was that. No, no that was not the right body. It was smaller, thinner, way less heavy. Dryxaim could do nothing to stop channeling the portal. He was too weak to do that, at least until the revival was over.

He shouted at Txamt to disrupt him or something, since things were not going as they were intended. Then he stopped Txamt when he saw him about to snap his arm in two with one of his bolas. It was…it was fine! He could just kill her when she came back. She deserves to deaths, yes.

Yes, her.

Kinxu’s body was thrown from the portal onto the floor. She barely moved. Her hair was tossed over his face and her body was cold, only slowly gaining warmth and life. Dryxaim forced his hand down and clung it to his chest, making the portal begin to fade. His other hand, meanwhile, snapped out, claws drawn. Her claws. Oh, this would be an ironic re-death.

Then the second body was flung from the swirling, silver remains of the vortex. Charxai scrambled to his knees, shivering, knowing he would need to take some action before he even completely came back to life.

“You!” Dryxaim seethed, completely astonished. All the people he killed tended to stay dead after all, and so far he was on a streak with messing that trend up. He would have no more of that.

Dryxaim slashed down at Kinxu to end her once more, but Charxai acted fast, punching forward and sending a block of frozen nitrogen at his face. It made perfect contact and knocked Dryxaim onto his back, burning his face some as well. Txamt came up, swinging his metal chains, but Charxai brought out his sword and swung upwards, catching the bolas and hooking them onto his blade. Another swing and they flew across the room. A third sent Txamt running.

Charxai hurried and grabbed Kinxu by the shoulder and inspected her. Of course, she was breathing, just not conscious. Better than dead. He was now convinced anything was. He lifted her in both arms and went for the door. Then it became obvious to him that he was probably standing in the middle of the enemy headquarters, and hesitantly opened a Corridor. Hopefully they would not follow it and destroy their home, or anything.

Someone punched him in the jaw.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, pretty boy?”

He staggered, and dropped Kinxu. Rubbing his bruised cheek, he looked for the girl. She was right in front of him; standing.

The silver-eyed demon on the other side of the room recovered during all of this, and intended to vaporize that stupid giant sword-wielding face-freezing idiot so that he would never, ever come back. His wrist glowed, but it sent a spike of pain up his arm and to his chest. It hurt. He was overloading on Non-Existence-based magic, exhausting his body faster than using any other power had done before. Dryxaim shuddered out a breath a fell to his knees, now holding his arm up to try and aim at Charxai. Then he saw the girl standing against her knight.

He saw her raise an arm, and a weapon form on top of it. A weapon that should really not belong to her.

Her right arm was clad in straps and bits of metal, acting as armor for the whole limb while also keeping a gatling gun attached to her hand. Charxai was seeing more than the gun, though. He was staring right at her sadistic smile, and deep, purple eyes. Those eyes told him that that was not Kinxu. It may have looked like her, but it was something far more demonic.

“These are my boys, and I ain’t goin’ with you.”

Oh god, it still sounded like her. Did that make this all the more painful to watch and listen to? It was like Kinxu was doing an impression of someone, in a low and murderous voice, far too masculine to match her petite figure. Neither was the giant weapon loaded on her should, which began to whirl and click with the sound of imminent re-death…

Just then Txamt came right the hell out nowhere and clocked Kinxu in the back of the head with his plated fist. She collapsed. Charxai stepped forward at first, out of instinct, but knew he had to leave. That was not Kinxu, no matter what he felt.

Not completely ignoring the consequences, he opened a Corridor with the last of his returning strength and left.


“I got her, man! Little twerp thought she could get away, haha, not.” The metal glove her wore morphed, and a set of spikes emerged from the knuckles.

“No, idiot…don’t…” Dryxaim gasped, struggling to find his voice. “It’s…it’s…”

There was a sharp knock at the door.

“Shit.” Dryxaim hissed, staggering to his feet on weak legs. He waved off Txamt. “Go! Hide her. Don’t you lay a finger on her or I will-”

Another, louder series of knocks. There was talking behind the door. Dryxaim looked around for anything else incriminating to hide, before realizing he was wearing something that could get him in trouble. He rolled down his sleeve and buried his hand into his pocket.

“Now! Go!”

Txamt fled the room, meekly carrying Kinxu along with him, having found it difficult to do so without laying a finger on her. He managed to make great time though, as the door slammed open as soon as he left. Ryjemex was standing there, with Arxyn behind him.

Both of them were in the basement levels when they saw Ryjemex’s tracking system go off. A Corridor in some random room of the castle was very suspicious, and required investigation. When they saw that it was in such a deserted area, with the door locked? Maybe the warning knocks were too gratuitous. Ryjemex went and picked the lock, forcing themselves in.

And what they found was this useless guy, just sitting there being all useless and noisy.

“Dryxaim, what’s up with all the noise?” Ryjemex asked, rushing in and making a very not-subtle inspection of the room.


“There wassss a Corridor in here.” Arxyn interrogated, glaring with narrow, dark eyes.

“Yeah, that was me. I like to get around easy, thought that was a perk of being a Nobody.”

“And the noise?” Ryjemex continued, seeing a scorch mark on the ground from the portal to Non-Existence.

“Well, Ryj, you’ll be happy to know,” he started, now getting to fabricate everything, “that Nevex finished up my new weapon. It’s really something.”

He smiled about it in a very casual way, but saw Ryjemex’s eyes flash with the flame of red-hot rivalry. To prove his statement, Dryxaim flexed his fingers and unsheathed his blue, crystalline claws.

“Just trying to get that hang of using it. It’s pretty strong and all, don‘t want to cause too much damage; that’s why I come down here.”

Ryjemex walked, carefully, back over to Arxyn, pushing him back through the door. He took the knob and began to close it behind him, staying quiet.

“Next time,” he said, as the door was just ajar, “use the training room.”


Ryjemex and Arxyn went back to the inventor’s room, reflecting on what they had seen.

“He’ssss lying.”

“That goes without saying.”

“How would some fancy nailssss even make all that noise? It ssssounded like he had a giant vacuum switched on.”

“That’s not even it.” Ryjemex pointed out, as they made it to his room. “Nevex didn’t have anything to do with that stuff. All of his tech is full of those orange things, but that was blue.”

“I guessssss, now that you mention it…”

“Those gems he loves so much are his trademark, his calling card. If he built something that didn’t somehow resemble a carrot, then he didn’t mean it to be used as a weapon.”

Ryjemex sat down at a table in the middle of the room, away from his own projects, and invited Arxyn back to their session of tea and general relaxing non-things-blowing-up-like-vacuums-things.

“I believe I’m going to report thisssss to the Superior.” He said, not entering the room. “She should know about anything off. Esssspecially with that guy.”

His host let him leave. Arxyn was truly a loyal servant to Xeyla, and gave her consistent reports on nearly everything that transpired in the castle. He did not, however, inform her of the attack on the other Organization’s base. Such a shame that he was not around for that discussion, since it probably would have prevented a lot of destruction and trouble.

He made it to the Superior’s room and knocked. Something buzzed in his ear, and suddenly he felt like it was smart to just open the door on his own.

There was Xeyla, at her expanse of computers and sound mixers, in the darkness of her room. The curtains, as always, were pulled shut, even though such a wide portion of her room’s walls were glass and overlooked what was already a black and light-less city. Arxyn sometimes wondered why she would not just open them a slight bit. Some things he could never understand about her.


“Tell me everytH&4i2Ntaw)Het?/hutrT@ing”

He proceeded to, with an odd amount of sincerity, recite to her what he and Ryjemex had been through. This included the part about their suspicion with the weapon. When he had finished speaking and his consciousness returned to him, Xeyla was already telling him to leave. Confused, he asked if she wanted to hear what he had to say, but the buzzing returned and he was suddenly outside of her room again. He felt a little disheartened at being shown out so quickly, but he was in no place to judge. Maybe there were just some things he could never understand about her.


At Radiant GaAAA;%rd^noooo>‘



No more sh!fts I am t4king the reigns h3re.


There is obviously something up. It would be incredibly stupid to assume otherwise. There’s no way I can be certain what it is, because my former “master” isn’t about to shed any light on anything, but there’s without a doubt some stuff going on behind my back.

!sn’t th3r3?!

Don’t l!e.

Just l00k at the damn evidence.

This all started because of some fight I never would have allowed. Seriously, what was Xynras so worried about, that he felt the need to go into the sewers and try to slaughter a couple of kids that posed no threat? We‘re at war, and the guy’s an adrenaline junkie, but….so stupid! Are we really gonna be this aggressive? What’s the point!? We still lost Xynras, so it doesn’t matter what we did to them! We just need to stay together. How long is it until a handful of them go galloping off without my permission to blow up that mansion?

Dryxaim told me that he had spoken to Xynras before he went out, and he was acting like a complete moron. Not too hard to believe. That was also when he told me he was finally getting his weapon. Dryxaim…is so strange. I don’t know what to th!nk 4b0ut h1m but sometim3s I think he just m4k3s me a little AnGRier than I’d like to be.

Ryj came up to me later and said one of his inventions had been stolen. Not much I could do about it, but now that I look back on it, it makes me think that it had some connection. Hmm.

That pissed me off so much though! The fighting part. I just don’t understand. I knew I had to do something, something I hate doing, but everyone was out on missions. I think they just leave without me knowing sometimes; it’s the only way to explain why I can’t always reach them. Lunatics. I couldn’t worry about that at the time, though, because HE came over her3 and just=24ohw8%rdea(eh. The nerve.

Xemnas, or, forget that, Ansem, is always trying to be diplomatic with me. We do this a lot, talking and stuff, about how to resolve the problems between our groups. But he’s stupid. He doesn’t see what I w4nt! He thinks we can attain peace by doing things his way. He doesn’t know these psychos, they won’t just cooperate. Reasoning won’t work. Then he went and acted like a complete jerk and used ThAT agAinsT M3. He knew I knew and I knew he knew it would only make me upset to hear it from him. How dare he bring her up.

Heh. I would’ve killed Xynras for doing that anyway, come to think of it.

Serox didn’t too well on her mission, either. I’m disappointed in her, which isn’t something I normally say. She’s my appointed second in command, not by rank, but I trust her. Of all my more loyal members, she’s probably the one that has the most spirit. Unlike Arxyn, who may as well be a robot.

Eastxi I haven’t seen in a while. When Serox gets back I’ll have to ask her about him; I’m sure she’ll be delighted to see me.

Kaxsra and Xando’s infiltration went well, as far as I could tell, barring an accident that messed up Kaxsra’s face. Poor guy, I always liked him.

Then I held that awful meeting. I had to, though! They’re just…they’re all psychopaths, all of them! I can’t handle them without doing that now and then! I still don’t feel safe though. I don’t like the look Nev3x has when I’m singing to him. Dryxa!m t0o.

Then Sujnax went to train. I think he was in one of his worse moods when I saw him last, so I kept my distance. Of course that had to be the side that’s most loyal to me, so when he’s not threatening to burn my skin off he’s taking orders. Then after taking orders he threatens to burn my face off again, and then leaves. I have to tolerate it because it’s actually pretty hard to use mind control on someone who is never in the same mind for very long.

Xade’s just been laying around lately, and that’s fine. She’s a tough worker and ready to go whenever I need her. Much like Ryjemex, who’s just held up in his lab still. Sometimes I can’t keep a lid on his rivalry with Nevex, god. The whole reason I have two scientists here is so they can work together. What’s the point if they don’t feel like sharing anything? That’s why I had to send them to the Keyblade Graveyard. Hoped they would get along. Eh.

But this is what happened a few hours ago, or at least it isn’t very recent. I have no idea where half of these people are. I’m not so great with the tracking technology, and a lot of Corridors have been popping up.

Maybe I should just call another meeting and get some answers. I h4te do!ng these kinds of things. I’m not some megalomaniac who actually wants to abuse powers like these, but they’re a tool I really got to get more use out of if I’m gonna get anywhere. Ugh. Whatever. If I do this right I shouldn’t need to make many more of these announcements.

Oh. Someone’s at the door. Wonder if it’s Arxyn trying to tell me the same thing he just did. I feel like he’s getting brain hemorrhages from this treatment, but I guess I just got a little too tense. Oh well.

Come in.

I said come !n.

Why aren’t they coming in. I’m using that voice.

C0m3 1N!

I @m doing 1t, r!ght? R!gHT?

FiN3 I`ll just have t0 get it myself WHy is this h4ppening.

DRyx4!m, wH@t 8r1ngs y0U h3r3/?


galactic cancer
May 17, 2007
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Re: Th3 0RG [32/40]

i know i say this a lot but this might be the longest one yet

Chapter 33 - On the Other Side

The Lone Avenger returned to his home, really just wanting to rest, maybe this time actually in peace. He wanted to feel the warm of his bed, the comfort of living…

But his bed and living place were gone; smashed-up, and reduced to nothing but a heap of wood and dust and mold. Charxai looked on in terrified awe; his first, primal concern being that of the lives of his friends. His second, also primal, was to lay down and sleepzzzzzzz

He fell asleep on the nearest tattered carpet.


The gathering at Radiant Garden was not an altogether happy one. While it was a nice reprieve to assemble what remained of the organization in what felt like a safe haven, there was still the feeling that danger would only surround them if they left the walls of the castle.

Everyone was spread out about the lab. Cinollex and Xanele were tending to Kurix in the office space, inspecting the bite wound. It was gross and unconventional, but Cinollex could not be torn away from it. It made Kurix sort of uneasy.

“Worried he has rabies or something, Cino?” Piqued Xanele, spinning in the large, dusty, leather desk chair.

“Might have to cut his head off to cure this, then.” Kurix joked, or not joked. He was sitting on the desk across from Cinollex, his arm held in front of him.

“I’d like to see you try…” Cinollex mumbled. She had cleaned the blood and was looking with great scrutiny at the teeth marks themselves. The skin around the puncture looked disfigured, but almost translucent, when the light caught it right.

“Is that a challenge?”

Cinollex did not say a word.

“Yes!” Xanele chimed, grinning.


A short walk and an elevator ride below, Xemnas was being debriefed by Xoje, Jynx, and Xenjin, with Brixan leaning on the railing that overlooked the abandoned manufactory.

“What is all of this?” Xoje asked, in awe of the towering halls.

“Oh, just a project by some old associates of mine.” Xemnas chuckled, gazing up to what could be seen of the ceiling. “Never really worked out for them. Ran into a bit of a dilemma when it came to keeping their team together…”

“Can’t imagine what they were doing with this stuff.” Jynx said, straining his neck to get a good look. He walked up and down the staircase to the lower portion of the plaza, wanting to see the circular platforms that lined the room. They were hooked up to old cables that matted the rest of the floor. Xemnas looked in his direction.

“You remind me of one of them sometimes, you know. Always so curious about the world. But, he had a gift too. Meant we all had to work our hardest to keep him in line.” It was the first time any of them had seen him with some semblance of a smile, even though none of them knew how sarcastic it was. Jynx however, was scowling.

“Is that you’re way of saying I’m stuck here now?”

Brixan was distracted from his observation of the manufactory, and Xenjin shifted in place. They felt suddenly like things were going to get more awkward than they needed to.

“Jynx,” Xemnas started, “it really isn’t up to me-”

“Forget it.” He interrupted, stomping off towards the elevator. “Nope! I’m just going to ignore it. I’ll see how Kurix and Xanele are doing.”

He disappeared in the metal shaft and ascended to the office floor and computer terminal. The four remaining Nobodies stood in silence for a full minute, before a few muffled beeps blipped from Xoje’s pocket. He took out the tracker and flipped it open, sighing when he saw the notification.

“Someone in Twilight Town…near the mansion, in fact. Cool.”

Xemnas shook his head, his smile turning into something more sad.

“They won’t let up, will they?”

“There’s nothing even left!” Xenjin muttered, pacing up and down the platform. Xoje disregarded her antics.

“Stuff in the basement probably wasn’t touched by the attack. For all we know they’re salvaging the tech. Stealing it back. Figures.”

“I’ll go and see if everything‘s where it belongs.” Brixan volunteered, as the Organization’s go-to guy for stealthy missions.

“Good.” Xoje said, thinking. He turned towards the girl talking to herself across the room. “Xenjin, tag along.”

“Yeah, because the last time you sent out a pair of us on a mission it worked out so well.” She said, back to him. That may or may not have been a coy insult; if it was not then it was pretty damn grim. Actually, either way it was sort of dark humor.

They left the world, and Xoje was a bit puzzled over this.

“Too soon.” Xemnas hummed.


The Twilight Town mission ended up being a roaring success.

Mostly because Xenjin and Brixan expected some grueling fight scene and instead found-holy shit-Charxai.

He was asleep, and did not looked very well.

After assuring himself that what he saw was real, Brixan had to pry himself from the scene to continue his scouting duties. Xenjin went to recover Charxai from his makeshift bed.

“Hey.” She whispered, shaking him by the shoulder. Nothing. At least he was breathing.

Though, come to think of it, considering she never saw him actually die, it was not too weird to see him…alive. A strange realization for her. In fact, only Cino and Jynx and the guy who killed him really ever saw him lifeless. They would love to see him though, such an exciting reunion.

She hoisted him up, and managed to get on of his arm around her shoulders, and dragged him around a little until she was used to the weight. Brixan emerged from what remained of the mansion within the next few minutes.

“Alright, downloaded some data from the tracker, the main computers, the surveillance stuff…so that’s him? He’s okay?”

“Looks like nothing ever happened to him. Except maybe taking a few sleeping pills; he’s out cold.”

Brixan came up close and looked the body over; he moved the hair out of his face just to make sure it really was him. It was.

“Feels cold too.”

“Maybe hell froze over.”

“That’s sort of grim.”

“Um, what?”

“Implying he went to hell.”

“Oh, whoops.” She bit her lip. “Well, wherever he was, he’s back here now. Right? Right. He will be warm and awake soon.”

“Sure, okay. Just don’t drop him.” Brixan was a little more forgiving than he was letting on. He just enjoyed messing with her. He gave a reassuring smile before he lead her, struggling under her friend, through the Corridor home.


“Can you wrap that up already?” Kurix insisted. “Stings like hell already. Feel like I’m getting an infection on top of whatever venom he probably had.”

“He’s not a were-snake.” Cinollex corrected.

“Whatever. How do you know that, anyway?”

“I don’t.”


“Kurix, don’t be like that. It was pretty obvious anyway.” Xanele said very matter-of-factly. She had every right to, though. The guy was so up close and personal with her and the punching. “Which reminds me, when you’re done with him, I think I dislocated my elbow or something.”

“So, what,” Cinollex said, rolling her eyes, “I’m the team nurse now?”

“Think of yourself more as a medic.” Kurix explained. “Or even better, since you’re pretty good at raising the dead.”

She gulped, and felt a bead of sweat on her forehead.

“Cino, I can finish up with Kurix if you want.” Jynx called from the hallway. He had just come up from the lower floor.

“Sure, whatever.” Cinollex said, stopping Xanele’s chair in place so she could get to her. The nickname also irked her, at least from Jynx. “What, uh, brings you up here?”

“Oh, just…Xemnas being Xemnas. Trying to tie me up in the basement again.”

“It’s for you own good.” Kurix said, turning and hanging his legs off the desk.

“Don’t take his side on this.” Jynx pleaded, slumping his shoulders. He leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms.

“His…?” Kurix began. Xanele jumped in.

“Gosh, guys! Just chill. This is the only time we’ve had in a while to relax and sit down and not get punched by weremerekats-”


“Things! Can’t we just get settled and enjoy it?”

Stupid, mutual agreements were exchanged by disgruntled glances.

“Aaaand help fix this lump I feel on my arm? Right here. Cino look.”

The doctors went to work, in quietness that was only momentarily dispersed by a whimper or complaint of pain.

Then there was some commotion in the hallway. The other hallway; the non-secret one that lead to the front door. Xanele leapt up, ignoring some sprains that had been bothering her not a second ago, and opened it, not really taking the time to make sure it was not an enemy. Maybe it was just a feeling, or her hearing Xenjin swear on the other side as she nearly dropped Charxai.

By the way, Charxai!

Xanele was the first one to be surprised, then Cinollex peaked around the redhead and was more surprised, and Jynx may have been most surprised of all, considering he was right there when the guy died. Kurix was also shocked, but maybe not as much since he was undergoing the same realization Xenjin had earlier. After all, had Cinollex and Jynx not said anything, it would have been like nothing ever happened.

“H-hey.” He said, groggily waking up (not from being dropped a handful of times or anything) “What’s-”

He was smothered by a hug from the cheerier of the females. Jynx also rushed to his side just to see if he was real, as did Kurix, who, while not feeling too sappy, had to check any changes Charxai may have gone through.

Cinollex just sort of sat in place, by the desk. She was happy, but, something bothered her. Deeply.


Xanele had gone to tell the others downstairs after letting Charxai sit in her amazing new chair. He flexed his hand a few times, having not been able to really feel being alive again yet. Cinollex, Kurix, and Jynx were gathered around, making sure he was comfortable.

“So, what happened?” Jynx pestered, eagerly. Really, no one had asked that yet. It was just such an obvious question! It and many other related ones. If anything, the only thing anyone wanted to ask him was how he thought the weather was or if he was hungry. Small talk felt more appropriate when everyone was aware of how miraculous the whole situation was.

“Um.” He recalled, mind still foggy. “No, no. I remember. I was back at…I think The World That Never Was? It felt like it. At least when I was dead I was there.”

“When you were dead?” Kurix inquired, bewildered. He chuckled though, interested but teasing. “What was it like, on the other side?”

“Yeah, well, it was all white and stuff.” He slowly pointed to Cinollex.” Just like the stuff with Cino…oh. Oh, oh, oh. Cino!” Charxai suddenly looked concerned. “The guy! Him! Dryxaim. He used it, the bracelet. That’s how I…am here!”

She figured as much. It was really the only way he could be sitting there before them. Cinollex reeled back a little, retreating to a bookcase that she went to for support. Thinking about the consequences of that Nobody, Dryxaim, bringing people back to life made her a little unsteady. Mind you, there were many, many consequences, most of which she would have to deal with personally. One of them she would have to face soon, if not as quick as possible. It was probably the smartest thing she could do at the moment, really.

By the time Xemnas and Xoje and Jynx made it to the office, she was gone.


Cinollex was running, before figuratively and literally. The former because there were a lot of problems with her team that she wanted to get away from, and the later because she had to hurry up to Hades’ room.

She had slipped away to the Underworld, because, as much as she hated to admit it, things were looking bad. Yes, she messed up; pretty badly in fact. Someone else had the bracelet, and that someone had learned how to use it in the worst way ever, which was bringing people back to life. No, no one should have that power other than her. It is not something anyone else could ever handle. That is her…responsibility.

And she failed. Here she thought she would not be so irresponsible. Oh god Hades would have a field day.

Cinollex walked in. The death god was less subtle this time; he sat there on his throne on the other side of the cavernous room.

“Hey, got a story for ya.”

He was reclined, looking lazy, but smiled grimly.

“Young mortal girl comes up to me one day; says she wants to learn a little bit about the powers she was given. I figure that, you know, couldn’t hurt. There’s two sides to her powers, right? Now, years ago, I was in a good mood, so I gave her the option of choosing.” Hades sat straighter, leaning forward. “I tell her that one of the options is much more powerful than the other. That, really, it can do terrible, terrible damage in the wrong hands, and even worse in the right ones.”

His body went up in a puff of blue flames and smoke, and he appeared in front of the round slab of a table. Cinollex joined him. There were only two figures there this time: one of himself and one that was a little girl.

“So I hold out this weapon to her. I tell her how one of these weapons would held unparalleled destruction, while the other would give her domain over the dead. Now, she was naïve, like I would expect her to be, and wanted the one that could do the most damage. She reaches out, and snatches the weapon from my hand, in all of its magical, glowing glory.”

A tiny silver orb floated out of the Hades figurine and attached itself to the hand of the girl.

“Hasty, tsk tsk. Just wanted to blow things up. Should’ve known she had a lot of potential responsibility.”

Cinollex kept her head low.

“Can you imagine how disappointed she was when it turned out I was holding the other bracelet? Hah!”

She could. She imagined it often.

“But I did it so that she could learn what it meant to be her. She had a lot to live up to, after all! Not just anyone can have those powers. But I was proud when she learned what to do with the thing. The girl was smart, and never used the powers recklessly. Thought I had an up-and-coming protégé or something.”

“And when my little girl was all grown-up and wanted to cross over and discover what it was like on the other side, I knew deep down that she had a chance. A chance! I didn’t think anything was for sure, but I had hope. Hope, me!”

Cinollex finally looked up, struggling to find words.



His face was red and his hair orange. She winced, and her eyes wavered back to the table between them.

“SomeHOW she messed it all UP. She used the new weapon for not even FIVE MINUTES and messed up, because she LET GO OF THE OTHER! What was the ONE THING I ASKED HER? Oh, nothing. Nothing too hard, just, DON’T LET GO OF THEM. Which she DID. HOW do you lose something basically GLUED to your ARM?! That is SO. INCREDIBLY. STUPID.”

The ground around him was on fire. Hades hovered his hand over the table, and a new figure appeared out of thin air. It was a man, in a cloak, with blond hair. The silver sphere detached itself from the girl and made its home on the man’s right hand. Back on the girl, a darker light lit up on the left hand.

“Now some PUNK has it, and GAIA KNOWS what he plans to do with it.”

“He probably doesn’t even know how to use it-”

“Then why did he STEAL IT in the FIRST PLACE?”

“What’s the big deal?” Cinollex asked, lifting her sleeve, revealing the dark gray bracelet. “I have this one! I can get the other back easily!” She stared him right in the eyes.

“Because.” He said, smoothly and calmly. “I bluffed. I double-bluffed. It was a double-bluff reach around.”

He turned blue again, but the flames still licked off of his arms. Cinollex’s eyes widened.


“I knew you’d never think the weapon you had was the stronger one. Who would? Humans wouldn’t. All the think is that the more explosions you make the more powerful something is. Wrong-o. False. You fail the quiz.”

“I-I don’t-”

“Did you really ever think you could top bringing someone back to life?!”

It seemed sort of obvious now that he said it.


“So…this one isn’t…?”

“You had what you wanted all along, and now the thing you’ve wanted a taste of after all this time is just a little more dull that you anticipated.”

This was sort of legitimately shocking for her.

“You were trying to cross to the side you started on.”

That one hurt. The last few years of her life, trying to learn her powers, hoping that one day she would have the other half and do something to get her out of this mess; it was all for naught. There was nothing more to do. Nothing left, other than stopping Dryxaim.

He was as dangerous as ever.

“I’ll get it back.” She stated, sure as ever. “I won’t let him get away with anything.”

“Yeah, well, long as you’re both wear those things, you’re a pair of blipping, bleeping beacons for each other. Good luck sneaking up on him like he did to you. Chances are he’ll never take it off.”

“Is there a weakness in the bracelets? Is there anything…?”

Hades turned his back on her and started laughing.

“Really, Roach? Really? You think I’m about to interfere anymore? Never thought you’d end up being so,” he gave a toothy grin and grated his sharp teeth, “irresponsible. Not once did it occur to me I’d need to help. Got nothing for you.”

“But, don’t you need to worry about this? The were yours! He has them! You didn’t want this!”

“It’s your responsibility now. You wanted this.”


“You’re on the other side of the Styx now, Cino.” The flames on him finally died down to a small tuff on his bald head. Cinollex could see his neck turn. The sunken-in eye she could see was narrow, and he was smirking in the most horrible way. “Already dead. No coming back. May as well just give him the other one.”

For the first time in a long time, Cinollex felt a pained feeling of panic in her chest. A feeling of fear and hopelessness and a plethora of stresses. She slowly turned on shaky legs and left, the death god not saying a word.


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Re: The ORG! [33/40]

Shit's intense yo.

Poor Cino omg. >':


Banshee Queen
Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG! [33/40]

does xenjin's cursing count as character development or is that just how she always is


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May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG! [33/40]

Chapter 34 - Coup de XIII

“Just dropping by. Wanted to tag along with Nevex.”

His eyes were piercing, which was different for Dryxaim. Xeyla felt uneasy, and moved out of the way, letting both of the Nobodies in. Nevex went to the other side of the room without a word, fiddling with a series of wires on the wall. She noticed Dryxaim just standing there, watching him work, from a distance, closer to Xeyla’s mixers and computers. Still strange. She decided to save her work and tend to them both, so she hurried over o the machines, back turned to the other two.

“Tell me when it’s done.”

Whispering. What was that? Someone talking to her? No. Then Nevex snorted quietly.

“Ahah, yes, right, heheh…”


Xeyla whipped around. For a moment she saw Dryxaim with an expression of panic, but it went away in a flash.

“Yes, Superior?” He asked, calmly and obediently.

She stared, uneasily, then went back to her business without a word. Concern began to take her. She slowly typed at the terminal, listening to the light clicking and sparkling and snapping from Nevex’s augmentations to the speaker system. The master control was in her room; she could make commands from anywhere in the area, rather than having to direct her voice. Her whole crib was pretty tricked-out that way.

Dryxaim’s boots tapped on the metal floor as he paced. The keys clacked. A screwdriver pinged on the control panel. The voices-

“Just a minute.”

“Good. Make it big.”

Okay that was SU5P!C10v5

Xeyla turned again, this time looking far more agitated. Her now-revealed weapon appeared in two parts, one in each hand. In her right was a long metal shaft that was thin and sharp at one end; the other held a silver microphone, adorned with angelic wings arcing off the sides. In an instant she combined them, the bottom of the microphone attached to the shaft, making a microphone stand that doubled as a deadly rapier.

“What are you doing here, Dryxaim?” She demanded to know, pointing her sword with perfect posture.

“To come and see Nevex work-”

“Don’t lie to m3.” She hissed. Dryxaim smiled, and turned his hands, palms-up.

“Just wanted to show you my new weapon.”

All ten claws popped out, gleaming in the bits of neon light in the room. Xeyla’s eye twitched, and Dryxaim’s smile remained, giving him the most sinister of expressions. They both knew where he had found those gloves, but Xeyla was not going to admit she did. It was impossible. How could he? He was not even…

“Wait, it’s wasn’t these.”

The door slammed open. A figure was in the doorway, a black, short outline of a person in Xeyla’s dim quarters. There was barely any sound from their walking, and by their height and apparel, Xeyla at first thought she was looking at Txamt or Xade or no no no no no. No. That…no. No!

Kinxu came up to Dryxaim’s side, and stood. Her face had on it the same evil grin.

“Ki-” Xeyla stammered. She looked to Nevex in the corner, then Dryxaim, then back to the white-haired girl. Something was so wrong. So, very wrong.

“What’s up, boss?”

Xeyla recognized her sweet voice under what was now much more gruff and inarticulate. There was none of the poise she was familiar with, nor the soft face, nor innocent look in her eyes. Even their gentle blue was gone, replaced by stale purple. She looked positively evil, and spiteful; her arms hung limply at her sides like she was tired from lifting heavy things with them.

“It’s a big reunion!” Nevex called out, giggling to himself. Nevex, you too?

“Isn’t it?” Dryxaim reinforced. “How long has it been since we’ve seen…Xynras? Really, maybe not that long. We just missed you so much, man.” He laughed, and put an arm around her shoulders in a very bro-like way. Xeyla looked like she was going to pop a blood vessel from the sight of contact.

“What did you do.” She asked, flatly. No, had he…? What did he do?! She was just…no, no no. She was dead! Xynras? The way she sounded…no, it was impossible. Completely impossible. Nevex joined the duo, facing down their contested leader.

“Just brought along my new weapon!” He patted her on the arm. “And I am just raring to test her out.”

She raised that same arm, and one of her gatling guns conjured around it. It whirled and buzzed, but Dryxaim nudged her before any shots were fired. Xeyla was back to staring in disbelief; that gun only proved his claims.

“…Not on you, but the rest of these ingrates.”

“St0p!” Xeyla shouted, eyes turned hot white. Dryxaim shook his head.

“Fun trick. Watch, I can do it too!” He raised his hands in gesture. “Guys, go start the party downstairs.”

Oh god why was it not working. WHAT DID HE DO.

Kinxu left through a Corridor while Nevex took the door back out. Only numbers I and XII remained.

“And I did that all on my own. Stopping your powers? Needed a little help with that, but it was easy. I do love everything I’ve accumulated, too. Oh, Superior, watch this one!”

Hands still up, one of them slowly rolled into a fist, and he snapped. The usual snap was amplified by the powers he copied off of the enemy Nobody, rocking the walls of the room. Dryxaim looked back and forth; he could see the sound waves bounce around. Xeyla covered an ear, also aware of the damaging energy. Dryxaim pointed a finger towards the control panel behind him, and all of the sound energy in the room focused on that point. The speakers took in the noise and sent it to every other speaker in the castle.

And one by one, they detonated. An earthquake of explosions and compressing air rocked the entire superstructure of a building.

“Looks like I took away your moves, Superior.” He looked towards the ceiling for a second, then back at her. “Xeyla.”

She disagreed. The rapier was held tight, and she kept her pose. Dryxaim accepted the challenge; he would humiliate her more than he ever needed to, but he was fine with deviating from the plan to do that. He flexed his fingers and brandished the talons, waving them at Xeyla threateningly. She would hate to be on the receiving end of them for more reasons than one.


Sujnax and Txamt were sitting on the opposite side of the Grey Area because they were in fact waiting to murder those by the tall glass wall in front of them. Without a leader like Dryxaim, things would seem hopeless. After all, the entirety of Organization XIII had been assembled; Serox, Xando, Xade, Eastxi, Arxyn, and Kaxsra. Even when reinforcements arrived they would be outnumbered. They knew that the one who brought them all together had a plan, though. He told them they would know when things would take a turn for the better.

Without warning, the castle shook with intense tremors. Something on the ceiling exploded, and chunks of it fell from above. Arxyn vacated an armchair to avoid being crushed. Just as quickly, a Corridor opened up between the waiting Sujnax and Txamt, through which Kinxu strolled out. The demonic grin never left her face, and it only seemed to grow as she heaved up the two bulky machine guns. Serox and Kaxsra saw her, and even though they recognized the weapons, they were not at all familiar with the freak of a girl wielding them. They dived out of her range, but Kinxu managed to spray an enormous area of the lounge with laser rounds.

The glass windows had shattered. Xando flipped a table over and had taken cover behind it, inviting Xade to come for protection. Arxyn ducked and shielded his face with an arm, looking expectantly towards Sujnax. He should be doing something to stop this, unless he was part of it? Mutiny! He would have to alert the Superi-

More bullets. He rolled behind a the couch where Eastxi was. For him, in his weakened and frenzied state, the barrage was too much to handle. He peeked over the furniture as Kinxu reloaded, and Arxyn fired projectiles from his arms; his own, rapidly-regenerating bones.

Serox, obviously, could only think of how right she was, and how stupid she had been. Why had she not said something before? Where was Xeyla! Was she even here now?!


She was dueling Dryxaim, jabbing and stabbing with every aggressive lunge. Her powers would not help her, but she was still adept at fighting, which she knew Dryxaim was not himself. Yet, he did reflect the blows with the claws quite well, like he could sense where she was going to strike from.

“You want to take over, do you?” She asked through her teeth.

“I want to clean up.” He responded.

“You think there’s more waste here than good. How do you expect to stand a chance? Once your-” She was cut off when Dryxaim slashed forward, and had to bring her rapier up to stop her nose from being clawed off. “Once your rebellion gets smashed!”

Dryxaim reeled back, breathing heavy.

Weakling, she thought.

“You think I went through with this without accounting for numbers, of all things? Hah!”


Nevex enjoyed his relaxing walk to the lounge. It was the last time the castle was ever going to feel that way again, so he wanted to savor it. Good times, good memories. After tonight, there would be a new order. The ear-piercing sound Dryxaim started up did not bother him a bit; the bright orange, crystal buds he inserted into his ear protected him from such effects.

Not this guy, though.

Ryjemex was at the base of the hexagonal platforms at Ruin and Creation’s Passage. He was tending to his left arm, the mechanical one. It had been disrupted by the sound blast. He saw Nevex and hurried over to him; the inventor knew this would have to be one of those times where they would have to put their rivalry aside.

“Nevex, something’s wrong.”

“You’re right, it’s started. Heheh.”

“What?” He asked, confused. He rotated his wrist, regaining some control of his limb.

“The coup. The coup that is going to mean trouble for, aheheh, a lot of people.”

“Then let’s do something about it!”

“Oh, I p-plan to- ahah! Hahaha!” He burst out laughing, eyes shutting as he wrapped an arm around his stomach, leaning forward. The other went up and blasted Ryjemex with a bolt of orange electricity. He dodged it, and another, and a third blast, until Nevex had to stop to catch his breath.

“Stand still!” He shouted, chuckling.

“What are you doing!” Ryjemex yelled back, shocked. Was he in on what was happening? It was not like Nevex to resort to violence in their rivalry.


“Did you like what I brought, by the way?” Dryxaim asked, slashing and pulling back. “I thought you might.”

Every little comment he made on Kinxu being there struck a nerve. She did not care if it was really her, if he had done something to her, or if it was just a trick- it something that reached into her stomach and twisted her insides around. The dirtiest move. But, how did he even know…?

“I heard you and your guest talking.” He explained, retreating to take a breather. Xeyla wanted to strike again and again, but needed to listen.

“And, wow, you should really soundproof these walls! Because I heard something really cool.” They strafed in a circle, Xeyla becoming increasingly furious. “About Kinxu, here. Something I didn’t know about her the last time I saw her.”

When did he see her-

“With a knife in her chest.”


Ryjemex realized how much danger he was in. Nevex would not let up, and was cackling with every arc of lightning that shot from the gems on his body. He felt almost bad about doing it, but he would be killed if he did not do anything, so. Ryjemex felt the power surge back into his arm, so he brought it up and launched a sharp blade from the top of his wrist. It zipped through the air, attached to Ryjemex by a clinking chain.

It went right towards Nevex’s chest.


Xeyla had gone down to inspect the murder scene herself. She suspected it was Ryjemex that had committed the dead, but she liked him too much to punish him, as he was too important to kill. She had to put personal relationships aside.

“And so I did some research, some digging, back at Radiant Garden…”

No no no no no no.

“…About how you and your sister were kept there for quite some time.”

He had to die. Now. She felt the most painful feeling yet spike up in her chest, and her arms and legs moved in for a fatal attack all on their own. Dryxaim sidestepped and spun and positioned himself behind her, scoffing at the attempt. The claws retracted back into his gloves, or, as Xeyla saw it, Kinxu’s gloves, and he replaced the weapons with a new one in his right hand. A chunk of frozen nitrogen formed out of thin air. Dryxaim was tired of this version, though, so he modified it. His entire arm glowed silver, as did the makeshift sword, and he had created a blade of mystical plasma. His eyes were nearly white.

“And really, I wouldn’t have if I knew then, but it was a matter of survival.” He lied about that last part. “And, I managed to swipe that gauntlet from Ryjemex earlier. Wanted to give it a test run.”

What was he saying?


Orange bolts arced from Nevex’s body, striking the chain as it came forward. Nevex quickly turned on one heel, letting the blade whirl past him, only a few inches away from impaling him. Ryjemex scowled, and motioned to reel it in, but Nevex clasped his hand around the chain, still in mid-air. All of the electricity he had been generating flowed into the chain and towards Ryjemex. He had been prepared for such occasions though, and the chain detached.

That did not really matter though, because it was electricity. It jumped from the chain to his metal arm, and then to the rest of him, paralyzing his joints and making his muscles spasm. It was too much juice. He fell to his knees, and then to his face. Nevex, appreciating their past relationship too much, just stepped over his body on his way to the Grey Area.


“So what I’m saying is, is that I that killed her.”

“Murdered your sister.” The silver aura licked around his shoulders, engulfing his torso.

Wordlessly, without any warning, Xeyla attacked. It was her most ruthless series of thrusts and jabs yet. Dryxaim mimicked her skills by using his own blade to fence, almost mocking her in the way he parried over-dramatically.

She should have killed him when she had the chance. SHE HAD THE CHANCE AND SHE DID NOT DO IT. That idea just kept ringing in her ears. It racked her brain, shook her soul. Everything inside her was trembling and everything on the outside had no feeling in it. Her skin was cold, her chest was hot. Every possible enraged impulse told her to drive that sword into that blonde cretin’s stomach, and then some. Oh how she wanted to. Just like he did to her. But, he was so strong.

No matter, though. She would receive help soon. His friends would be killed and he would be left with nothing but his own corrupted conscience.


This is terrible. There are only three but they had them pinned down. Serox knew she had to do something. She would only leave them for a little while, just to find Xeyla. She just had to check her room, and maybe a couple of other rooms, and then the fight would end when she was found!

Kaxsra had summoned his armor and was firing blue energy blasts towards Kinxu. Xando pointed and mumbled to Xade and Eastxi, organizing a plan as soon as he could with what prior information he had of the fight. There were too many sensations to predict what exactly were the right moves to make, though. Xade nodded and crawled over to Serox, trying to inspire her team mates. The black-haired girl was successful.

They just had to go with it; be powerful, superhuman beings that could do whatever the hell they wanted to create unparalleled destruction.

Xade leaped from behind the upturned couch, focusing her powers on the floor in front of them. An enormous chunk of earth burst from the ground, shaking the castle in a second series of tremors. The rock was at an angle, making a steep ramp for the loyal Nobodies while acting as a wall against the rebels. Serox took to the top of it in a flash, like a true ninja, with Xando close behind. Kinxu locked on right away, and opened fire.

Eastxi rushed around and nearly collided with Txamt, who did not see the wolf-man coming, but once he did was scared out of his mind. He conjured one of his bolas in his hand and whipped it at Eastxi’s ankles. They did not manage to tie him up, but they did make him stumble. That gave Txamt enough time to follow the throw up by swinging another chain; this one longer and with a spiked ball on the end. Eastxi ducked and rolled away, clambering to his feet and panting hard. Up above, rocks came crumbling down.

Xando dove from the stone towards Kinxu, deflecting lasers with precision with his swords. He drove one blade into the floor, barely missing Kinxu when she jumped back. The other was heaved forward, managing to knick her on her shoulder guard. Her face contorted to rage, and she brought one of her guns up to fill him full of holes.

Kaxsra saw Xando in danger, and fired a blast of blue fire from his shield. It hit Kinxu in the chest and sent her back, struggling under the weight of her weapons. The flame, still going, hit Txamt. Seeing him flail around, Serox flashed over to him and raised her staff. A jet of stinging liquid met her face before she could strike.

Arxyn was right behind Kaxsra when he entered the fray, so while blue magic was flying around, he was moving in on Sujnax. Xade saw him doing this and kicked off some of the stone, sending high-velocity chips of earth towards the bipolar rebel. Some of it fell onto Eastxi below.

Sujnax used the long needs that stretched from under his wrists to block Arxyn as he came at him with spiked arms. The rocks he did not see coming, so some of them hit him in the arm while others splintered a bone sticking out from Arxyn’s back. He cursed in pain, but kept punching with sharp knuckles. Sujnax stepped back when he could and squirted streams of acid at Arxyn, in hopes it would do something. Nope. Arxyn just dodged some, letting them go off in other directions, but even the ones that his did nothing. Sujnax knew that his powers were worthless against someone with organic weapons, and wished he would receive help. If only Dryxaim or someone would get down here already-

The power surged, suddenly. There was a sharp crackling sound, and an orange lightning bolt heated the air as it blew up the wall behind them all. Nevex jumped down, very triumphantly. Xade flung rocks, but Kinxu had recovered, and shot them down. The loyal members regrouped, with Arxyn firing just a few more bone attacks as he backed towards Eastxi. The old man was struggling, for some reason. He should, by all means, be carrying their team.

Serox returned to the chunk of stone, but it was losing its worth as a shield. Xade focused again, this time making a thick pillar of stone erupt from one of the side walls. It erected itself in between the opposing sides, allowing Kaxsra and Xando to get to higher ground. Nevex looked up, unphased, and raised his arms, summoning a storm of electricity above their heads. Xando was zapped, making him fall back, while Kaxsra went back to the floor. Txamt tossed a few more bolas towards Xade and Serox, who had to move their feet quick.

Kaxsra saw Nevex’s turning a bit to heart. They were working for the same side, and he even made him the armor he was wearing! He had to show him just what he was getting himself into, picking a fight with him on the other side. Kinxu and Sujnax were occupied, so he could just move in and-

Nevex waved, smiled, and pressed a button on his gem-studded belt. Kaxsra felt the armor all at once become heavier and stiffer. He collapsed in place. The armor had shut down. Kaxsra came to realize that attacking the guy who built what he was wearing may have been a bad idea.

Xade came down from her place and went for Sujnax. Ah, Sujnax thought, finally I can do something effective. He aimed his needle and blasted another stream of acid. Xade, acting so impulsively, forgot just which personality she was dealing with, and had to retreat when her large and intimidating axe started to corrode on one side.

Behind the newer rock, Arxyn was trying to make Eastxi get to his feet, but the werewolf clawed and scratched at him, forcing him away. Arxyn told him they could just bring Serox over to heal him of whatever was ailing him, but Eastxi knew that she would not be able to do anything. Low on energy and conscious, he staggered away from the scene of the fight.

Kaxsra squirmed, but finally called off the armor. It had no power source, but he could still summon it and whatnot. Without a weapon to be of any use, he slinked away and left through a Corridor.

Serox slid down the pillar to avoid more laser fire. Reloading did not take that long and the bullets just kept coming. She caught her breath and checked to see if everyone was alright. Xando and Arxyn were fending off Txamt and Sujnax, and not having an easy time of it, Xade looked flat-out demoralized, and Eastxi and Kaxsra were nowhere to be scene. Were they losing?

If…if they were, then she had bigger priorities. Xeyla was more important.

Xando, Arxyn, and Xade were the only ones remaining. The tables had turned.

They desperately fought. Xando slashed at the metal chains and lasers, while Xade did what she could to keep Nevex away. Neither of them had noticed how frightening the mad scientist could be when he really gets going. The lightning filled the room, knocking lights out and spiraling out the shattered window. Arxyn stayed under the rock, fighting from a distance to cover his fellow members. That was all he could do. That and formulate a plan. He wished Ryjemex was there to help in that department, but he figured, if they could just take out the weakest link, they might have a chance. It would be even at least.

He looked to Txamt. Arxyn was becoming exhausted, and his body could only regenerate itself so much in so little time. He was out of shots, and just grew a pair of sharp bone-blades from his wrists. The Bandit shouted for Xade to cover him, and while she was caught off-guard and confused, she did as he said, and swiped her arm forward, calling a mass of stone to shoot forth and created a weak wall between Arxyn and Txamt, and everyone else.

Txamt looked freaked, but fought back. He swung one of his chains and tossed it, but Arxyn moved out of its path with ease. All that kid was to him was a worthless neophyte that made the worst choice possible, and he was going to suffer for it.

He brought his arm back, and Txamt was cowering, bending his knees in a hopeless defensive stance, meekly holding out his own metal blade. It too was attached to a chain; it was sort of a running theme for him.

The stone to their side exploded. Lasers flooded through the splintering rock. Kinxu had been hammering at the wall non-stop to get the drop on Arxyn, but Xando and Xade could do nothing as Sujnax held them back with his corrosive attacks. The lasers struck, Arxyn was stunned, and Txamt found himself only having to push his arm forward to bring him to his end.

He lay there bleeding, face-down, on the floor, with Txamt in front of him, knocked back. The plan had failed pretty hard, reducing what had looked like an easy fight to a two-on-four pointless endeavor. Xade stared at the body for a while before Xando pulled her back. She raised a column of stone to stop any more advances, but the four Nobodies on the other side were content with that progress they had made.

Him dying was the final straw. Up until then that whole thing could have been brushed off as some intense training, but not anymore. He was dead, and some of the others had abandoned them. They crossed the line. The line was far away now.

Another Corridor came and went, and Xeyla’s influence was then only extended to one other person in The World That Never Was.


The others had escaped, and would be fine. Serox was not sure about Xeyla though. Why had she not been tracking her down just a little more vigilantly? She could have prevented this all. Stupid! Dryxaim did this. It was his fault. Somehow he made all of this shit go down and he had to pay. No matter what. His potential was finally becoming real.

She reached Xeyla’s room; the door was locked, or sealed shut, likely by some magnetic properties that Nevex installed upon it on his way out. Serox stabbed the lock with her staff and tore it apart, finally slamming into the door with full force, ramming her shoulder into it. The sight terrified and surprised her.

Xeyla had been beaten. She was on the floor, head down, sword off to the side. Dryxaim was standing a distance away, alight with silver flames. He cocked his head over and smiled when he saw Serox, though much more calmly than the diabolical faces he had on prior.

“Ser, I was just showing Xeyla out.”

How dare he use her name.

“Escort her, won’t you?”

Like hell should would.

Serox dove at Dryxaim bloodthirsty. He messed everything up; she had no idea how but he had finally done it. There was no going back. It was now or never. Live or die. Both of them go on or both of them fizzle out. Vengeance.

“Get us 0ut of h3re.” Mumbled Xeyla, from her place on the floor.

Dryxaim stood still as stone as Serox immediately stopped in place, and began walking towards Xeyla. She helped her leader up and had to almost carry her out of the room. Dryxaim could not help but feel a tinge of disappointment. He really wanted to fight her. Prove it to her. Prove how much better he was.

Xeyla did not look back either. Serox took them both through a portal, leaving Dryxaim alone in the dimly-lit room.

His room. His castle.


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Chapter 35 - Bass Line

It was evening in Radiant Garden, growing dark quickly as the sun set behind the high tall castle. It did not do much to improve the mood of the Organization XIII members showing up to seek refuge. They appeared at the bailey, standing on top of one of the town walls. Xeyla released herself from Serox’s hold and shuffled forward, taking in the view. She sighed. Under her quiet gaze, there was apprehension flickering in her eyes.

Serox awoke from her voice-induced stupor, and blinked a few times before realizing what had happened to her.


Her former-Superior gave her a blank stare, but ultimately ignored the outburst.

“…S-Superior.” She corrected herself. Was not often she made that mistake to her face, which was to say never. “Why? I could’ve done something to help! I can handle him easy, you know I can!”

Xando, Ryjemex, and Xade stirred uncomfortably. Serox turned to them, then back to Xeyla, frantically.

“What was going on downstairs was nothing, they could’ve backed us up. The two of us alone would’ve done it even!”

“He planned ahead…” Xeyla murmured. Serox did not here, she sucked in her breath to rant some more, but a stern voice interrupted her.

“Nothing. It was hardly nothing.” Xando said, eyes trained on Serox. For once, he was emoting; it was not much, but he looked serious. “He did plan ahead. They picked us off one by one without having to do most of the work.”

It just then occurred to Serox that only half of the Nobodies she left in the Grey Area were present. Something stung in her chest. Xando then looked past Serox, towards the back of Xeyla’s head.

“Superior, Eastxi and Kaxsra are MIA. Uninjured as far as I could tell, though Eastxi did not seem in the right mind. We lost Arxyn in the battle.”

Xeyla shook her head. She smiled in the most sarcastic way, and placed a hand to her forehead. It was that time for Eastxi, and Kaxsra, well, the armor was commissioned by Nevex! Amazing. It all just fell together. She chuckled to herself, under her breath, that everyone else heard, but were too troubled by it to act much. Xade spoke up.

“Sir, are we here to find shelter, or…?”

“Mmhmm. Yes, right. We should be safe here.”

“Safe!” Serox interjected, shouting. “Why are you worried about being safe after he’s done all that?!”

“Ser-” Xeyla began, voice not too convincing, but she was cut off.

“I’m going to get him.” The blond said, viciously, yet with a hint of insincerity in her voice. “He’ll pay. I’ll make him pay. For you, Superior, for all of you.”

Serox opened a Corridor, eyes darting between them all. Was she waiting for someone to go with her, join her in her righteous crusade? Was it an accusatory stare, meant to make them feel cowardly for not thinking of it sooner? Did she want someone to stop her? Either no one listened to the body language, or no one responded. Serox stormed away, formulating her vengeance.

Xeyla was speechless. Her arms were numb; too much so to hold one up in protest. That felt like a mistake, and she knew she should have fought that cold deadness that filled her. No words came out. No attempts to stop her. Maybe part of her wanted Serox to leave, just because she was the only one willing to take a chance and put a stop to it all. The rest of her wanted her to stay, though. Because Dryxaim was prepared; he ran the numbers, more than the numbers, actually, just like he said. He manipulated better than she ever did. He was smarter.

Her best friend was not going to come back.

That last thought lingered. Ryjemex, out of the sympathy he could muster, joined Xeyla by her side. He did not do anything, but just stood, only to acknowledge her hardship.

Suddenly, in the cold shadow of the castle, a silver flash blipped in front of the group. It lasted for a split second before expanding to a blob of silver that immediately formed into a person. One last burst of light, and Cinollex was standing there. On her left wrist was the darker of the two bracelets, glowing a haunting dark silver. It was cocked right at Xeyla, like a gun to a hostage. Because all of them were her hostages, now.

Ryjemex stepped forward, putting out his mechanical arm in front of Xeyla and extending a blade from it. Xade stepped up as well, brandishing her axe-

And then a bolt of silver zapped out of the bracelet without warning or motion from Cinollex, which collided with the axe and sent it flying back, off the wall. Xade gulped. Xando remained behind, silent, judging it unwise to start anything.

The bracelet radiated a dark gray aura, and Cinollex’s eyebrows went down at an angle.

“Ten seconds.”

Xeyla brushed Ryjemex aside, and brought herself to look Cinollex directly in the eyes.

“We’re here for Xemnas-”

The aura grew bigger, and started to hum. Xeyla quickly added on:

“He’s expecting me. Us. We have an appointment.”

Cinollex, having had a lot of shit said to her that day, as well as having been lied to a lot, was not apt to trust.

“Just you.” She said, motioning at Xeyla. Ryjemex kept his stance, but Xeyla nudged his arm aside and went up to Cinollex, where she agreed to her terms. The silver blob reappeared and swallowed them both, transporting them to the depths of the castle.


As glad as Jynx was to see Charxai in all of his shivering, living glory, he felt too awkward to be in the same room as Xemnas after his outburst. He slipped out the door into the basement corridors, full of chipped paint and dripping pipes. Kurix noticed, and with his arm bandaged up, he followed. Jynx was not doing much; nothing rebellious. Not like he himself would have done. Kurix was relieved at that, at the least. He could remember being way more trouble in his youth, when things did not go his way.

“Hey.” Kurix said, meeting up with Jynx as he trudged along. “What’s up?”

He heard him sight before they even looked at each other. Jynx pushed some of his hair over his ear, as if to show he was being open to his mentor.

“I’m sick of all the restrictions- damn, you know that. There’s nothing else to say about it.”

Kurix nodded, and tried to look as understanding as possible. Really, he sort of was.

“You have to understand, Jynx. That Keyblade means way more than you think it does, especially on you. I’m only doing this to you because I know the consequences of losing you and your powers. I’ve seen it happen.”

Jynx’s eyes widened a little.

“You…? I…how would you know? How could you expect so little of me?”

“I’m not. But I know that even setting a high standard won’t mean I think you can handle all of the responsibility-”

“You sound just like him.”

Kurix felt like he was losing him.

“He sounds just like me.” He corrected. “I’m the one that told him to enforce all that stuff.”

Yeah okay, Jynx thought, his head burning, he picked up on that bit of subtle wording earlier. Who the hell would not be able to notice that.

“Why, though? I would’ve trusted you.”

“Because I didn’t need you to trust me. I needed you to learn.”

“Learn what, that I can’t count on anyone here? That anyone’ll just lie to me so that there’re no problems?”

“No.” Kurix said, shaking his head. “You need to learn to make choices on your own. A Keyblade master needs to be able to think and make decisions that no other person would need to.”

“What do you care! How would you know? How is me doing that going to help anyone?!”

If only he could be more clear on the matter. Jynx was not ready to hear about that part of his past, though. It would only confuse him more, and make him angrier. Had he messed things up, just a little, perhaps, to assume Jynx would react that way? Maybe. It was pretty likely. Kurix knew he would have to roll with it, though.

“I just need you to do what I say. Know that it’s for the best. I need you to be sure of it.”

Of course Jynx had this absolutely hopeless look; not just from Kurix being the one who was holding him back the whole time and outright saying it to his face, but also because he felt like he had no say in all of this. It was like Kurix was trying to give him as much respect as possible, without actually letting him do anything on his own.

All of it was the Keyblade’s fault.

Damnit, this was terrible. So stupid. So, incredibly stupid. He needed to do something. The rebellious nature was rising again, just like it had when he escaped to the Wastelands.


Kurix looked like he was about to speak before, but he now seemed intent on what Jynx was going to say.

“I’m, um, sorry. I’ll…I just, I’ll stay out here a little more. It’s loud…in there. Give me a minute or two.”

The silver-haired Nobody nodded, slowly, but he left the hall without a second thought. The bite was beginning to hurt more and more, though; throbbing some. He rolled up his sleeve; what seemed most odd was that it was not red or swollen like your usual injury. It was growing clear, even shiny, around the punctures.

All the time he spent returning to the office, however, he was bothered by something else. Kurix knew that what Jynx had said was an outright lie. At the same time, though, he knew that now was the time he was going to have to make one of those choices.

As if on cue, as soon as the door slammed shut behind Kurix, Jynx leapt to his feet and went through his own Corridor.


Noraxeen was startled when the mass of dark silver popped into the terminal room. She had been messing with the controls and thought she had done something wrong, but was relieved to see Cinollex there. Not so much regarding the strange person, though. Intimidated, her hand clenched into an open fist, ready to use her sword. Something in Cinollex’s expression, however, told her that she had it handled. Especially when she turned to her.

“Where’s Xemnas?”

She told her that he had gone to the office to see Charxai. Cinollex left straight away, her guest following every step.

And when those in the next room saw the strange girl behind Cinollex, they were more cautious at first than welcoming. While they had no idea she was the leader of their enemies, they still reached for weapons. Xemnas say Xeyla and hurried over, whisking both girls away and waving his hand for Xoje to follow, leaving the rest of the Nobodies in confused silence. When they were back in the area between the office and computer room, Xemnas looked a lot more calm.

“You’re back.” He said.

“Who is this?” Xoje asked, eyeing her.

“Their superior.” Cinollex explained, flatly. Xoje and Xemnas noticed that her tone was a hint more malicious than usual.

“Former superior.” Xeyla said, keeping eye contact only with Xemnas out of anxiousness.

“What happened?” Asked the current-superior.

And so Xeyla explained her part in the previous chapter, and everything that had built up to it. She was obviously upset, in some way that the two other younger Nobodies had difficulty comprehending. Xemnas seemed to understand, though, and was surprisingly lenient about everything after all the arguments they had been through recently. He invited her and those that remained loyal to her to stay with them for the time being.

As it turned out though, while no one there had seen Xeyla before, they had seen the others. That is to say that Xenjin and Brixan was not happy to so Xade, and Xanele was not very excited to meet the guy who kept trying to nab her Power Glove. Xoje kept his distance from Xando, and when Kurix walked in on the scene he nearly flipped out, and had to be calmed by Xanele. That meant holding his arms back so he would not filet anyone.

It bothered Cinollex to see that crazed gleam in his eyes though. She ushered him back to the desk to check the wound, which he agreed to, only because it still stung.

The happy reunion over, Xemnas lead the new additions to the manufactory to show them around and keep tensions low; Brixan went along as a body guard. Noraxeen popped in around the group, brushing off any recognition of the new Nobodies as déjà vu or something similar. Oh well, she figured, she did see a lot of people traveling through worlds. Fortunately, she had the chance to address this strange familiar feeling, because Xeyla remained in the office, standing near the hospital setting.

“Who’s this?” She asked, simply.

Xeyla was not even sure she had the right to speak in such a situation.

“Xeyla.” She responded, almost offering her hand. She decided against it. The cold stares of Cinollex, Xoje, and Kurix, who also knew about her due to years of recon, stuck to her like glue. “I…I’m an associate of Xemnas’s.” She added on.

“Noraxeen.” She said, smiling with the introduction. The fluffiness of it all was enough to make even Xenjin and Xanele feel uncomfortable, and they did not even know who Xeyla truly was. The few other Nobodies that arrived with her game them a clue, but, her being their leader? That was something that was harder to expect. Charxai was far less suspicious, since he was nearly out cold after thawing off.

The three higher-ups ignored what was happening and went back to Kurix’s wound. Cinollex had to take off the wrappings and make sure that the condition of it was not worsening. It pretty much was.

“Did Eastxi do that to you?” Xeyla asked. Her interjection was wordlessly despised. “It…looks like he did. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t need any apologies, just a flesh wound.” Kurix told her confidently.

“No, I mean, um.” She seemed nervous to continue. Cinollex’s hands shook as she was holding Kurix’s arm, which made him have to push her grip off.

“Careful, Cino, jeez.”

“Oh, I just, slipped, or something. It looks bad, I mean. We should find something about bites like this. Might be bad. I have no idea w-where…” Her speech slowed down when she noticed the puzzled look on Xeyla’s face.

“Uh, wouldn’t you know better than anyone?”

Oh, shit. Oh no.

“She’s an excellent medic.” Xenjin complimented. “Of course.”

“No, no.” Xeyla explained, getting dirty looks for correcting someone. “I mean, you and Eastxi…”

Cinollex looked pretty damn terrified at the words she was hearing.

“…Being related and all. You’re his daughter, right?”


“He mentions you a lot.”

More silence. This time more unbearable. Cinollex stood, abandoning Kurix’s injury completely, and started to walk from behind the desk, everyone staring at her.

“Wait,” Kurix started, “the guy who bit me is…?”

“The guy who almost snapped my arms in half…?”

“The guy who almost snapped me in half?”

She looked sick, and was bending over slightly, an arm wrapped over her stomach.

“I…I need to go. Now. I’m…sorry, Kurix. Later. I’ll help later, I need to go.”

She wavered, and stumbled towards the door. There was more than unending unease and unintentional unnerving thoughts dwelling in her. The stomach aches, the dizziness, the rushing in her head; it all pointed to one thing. It was something she never wished on Kurix, or any more of them, god forbid. She needed to find relief fast, though. She knew the mirror was gone, but remembered what Jynx had done. Cinollex rushed down the halls, searching every corner for him, but he had left some time ago.


Ryjemex remembered that was indeed that girl that had stolen his gauntlet.


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please make the next page please god

Chapter 36 - A Myriad of Roses

Serox only had a moment to herself when she arrived back at The World That Never Was. She was on one of the random buildings, look up at the castle from a distance. After all the explosions and fighting she expected it to look torn-up or something, but there was nothing strange on the outside; just the usual stark whiteness of the towers against the black sky, and a crescent moon that hung just above it.

She began to think about what she was intending to do, which was putting an end to everything. She could do it, then and there; kill Dryxaim and win back the castle. The betrayers would fall without him, and if they wanted to fight back, those loyal to Xeyla would have no problem this time. No dirty tricks. Her leader would regain her honor and things would go smoothly again, before any of those newer members came. Serox took a step, getting ready to ninja-jump her way to the place she once, and would once again, call home.

Except, before her foot hit the ground she saw the air in front of her distort and twist, and explode in a silver light. Dryxaim appeared out of nowhere, standing only a few feet away.

He was not smiling in that cocky way like he had been toward Xeyla. He looked, as much as she hated to think, serious. As if he could be serious after all he did, bringing such disgrace. It was insulting that he could take himself seriously.



No pet names from her. He felt…

“You probably haven’t come here to join me, then?”

She narrowed her eyes in a manner most vicious. Dryxaim looked past her gaze.

“I came her to stop you. To stop you from doing anymore damage.”

“Anything else to Xeyla, you mean.” He retorted, crossing his arms; the cockiness was slipping out.

“Our superior.”

“Our inept and former leader.”

“My superior.”

“It’s too bad you think that.”

“It’s too bad you think you can get away with this.” She summoned her staff, sharp and threatening. “I’m ending you. You and your run.”

“That’s…” Dryxaim began, bringing the blade of light to his right, bracelet-donned hand. “That’s too bad, Ser.”

And he was not being cocky, for once. Dryxaim knew exactly how much power he held, and he knew it was enough to kill her. Hell, enough to kill a lot of people. The things he could do were nearly limitless, and once he learned every function of his new weapon he would be like a god. He was not overestimating himself, though perhaps he underestimated her.

Serox, very simply, ran at him to start them off. She had her staff raised, snarling a little; she was that full of rage, something which Dryxaim had never seen. He brought up his blade to defend, but she disappeared in a short puff. Dryxaim was surprised, but felt a tingle in the back of his head; the foresight kicked in, she was using her ninja tactics. Dryxaim spun around and blocked the staff that came literally out of nowhere. They separated, then struck at each other again. And again, and again, until Serox backed off a little more than usual. Dryxaim took the opportunity to be aggressive.

The girl kept backing up, and lashed out by jabbing at the right moment. Dryxaim had longer reach, however, since his blade was pretty much as long as he wanted it to be. Serox felt her shoulder suffer a burning cut; the sword was hot with whatever Non-Existent aura was made of. She poofed away again, this time to an adjacent building, and felt the skin to make sure she had healed up. Obviously the small gash took less than a second to close. She wondered how exactly Dryxaim planned to take her out with her powers working full-force.

Initially it made her smug, but then it started to terrify her.

Dryxaim ran and leapt, exerting physical force Serox had never seen him use before. They met in combat again, and slashed and hacked at each other, trying to get at the other’s throat first. They constantly traded who had the upper hand in the fight, and Dryxaim cursed when she managed to show dominance in weapons handling. He did have to learn it from someone himself.

He had realized it was pointless to let the fight drag on, though. He could finish it anytime he wanted to with a wave of his hand. However, he resolved not to, because-

Serox’s irises turned bright green, and he felt warmth radiate off of her. Despite the comforting aura, she looked more enraged than ever.

…That. It was that. That was what he was looking for. Her power, manifesting itself in combat. He wanted to see her use white magic for violent purposes. He wanted her to try to kill him with her healing powers. That way he could learn.

They fought for a while longer, stuck in an embrace of swinging weapons. Serox’s body recovered rapidly before she could tire out, and Dryxaim was physically unable to with the magical energy surging through him. Eventually he heard Serox huff, in a more irritated way, and she kicked up, hitting his arm, following it up with a back flip to put distance between them. Her eyes were greener than ever, and the air was moving in waves around her body. She knelt, and pressed her palm to the building on which they stood.

The building shook. Serox remained in place while Dryxaim stumbled backwards as the building tipped and rocked. The ninja saw him struggle, so she leapt to the nearest building; this one was taller. Serox jammed her staff into a wall, injecting the concrete with a murky green aura. As Dryxaim tried to hold his footing, he saw that building begin to move and quake as well. Serox vanished, then reappeared at another building. She repeated the process, then dashed to another. She was using her skills to the limit.

Not just healing, but animating. Animating the inanimate.

The buildings shifted, angling their collapse towards Dryxaim. He ran backwards towards the only non-living surface; which Serox watched with pleasure. Dryxaim then jumped, but instead of landing, sprouted a pair of silver wings from his back. Their color and origin matched that of the energy blade on his hand.

Angered by his escape, Serox made a quick trip to the ground. She drove her staff into the sidewalk, summoning an impossibly long length of piping from the sewers below. She stood on it, riding the metal snake up to Dryxaim, who had to fly higher and higher to avoid the buildings as they climbed like looming giants. When she came too close, Dryxaim whipped right around and split the pipe like it was made of paper, leaving the portion Serox was on to careen back to the ground, but she turned right around herself and lunged off, right at Dryxaim.

The staff left her hands as they went for his neck, and their combined weight was too much for the hastily-produced wings. They started a slow descent. Dryxaim stabbed and stabbed, definitely cutting flesh here and there, but Serox’s grip was tight and her thumbs pressed at his throat. The blood dripped, but the wounds healed right up.

Dryxaim choked, vision blurring outside of the two piercing green dots in front of him. The blade faded away, but the bracelet was not ready to give up. A surge of power rose up within him, and Dryxaim screamed one muffled shout before detonating in a blast of silver heat. Serox was torn from him, and she landed on a crooked building that had risen to their level only moments before. Dryxaim, glowing in the most ironically seraphic way, landed on his feet. He watched Serox stagger up, cloak torn and bloody but her body constantly fixing everything under it.

Bolts of silver rained from his hands, but Serox dodged most of them by flash-stepping between the shots. Her skin was badly burned by those that hit her, however, and they took longer to heal than normal. Her staff returned to her hands, and she found herself once again on the offensive, trying to drive the pike through his chest or stomach or between the eyes; whichever came first. When her guard was down, Dryxaim swiped his hand diagonally and blasted her backwards with another bolt.

As she sailed back from the force of the attack, Dryxaim flew after her with his sleek wings, and grabbed her by the shoulders. Actually killing her was still an issue, but he could at least buy himself time to think it over. He carried her over the edge of the mountain of skyscrapers, and dropped her off.

He just began to think, too, when one of the buildings shot out of the heap, at a barely horizontal angle. Serox landed hard, breaking one or two bones in her arm, and coughed as she stood up, splattering blood on the side of the building on which she was now on. Dryxaim dived after her, becoming angrier and angrier that she would just not stay down. Serox rolled out of the way as he plummeted, avoiding the crater he made in the wall-turned-floor. He was visible through the dust because of the light show that was his dazzling, aura-coated body.

Serox thought that teasing him would set off his competitive nature, and possibly allow her to catch him off guard. She ran for the end of her plateau and jumped, a series of mammoth-sized steps forming at her rapidly descending feet. Dryxaim growled, and cleaved in two the building he was standing in, letting the upper half grate and rumble and fall off far below, into the city. He did the same to each of the giant stepping stones, leaving Serox little time to escape.

Cunningly, Serox turned on one of her steps, and jumped off in an unexpected direction. Dryxaim, suspicious and with wings, glided after her, seeing what she was up to-

Before he was able to see over the edge, one of the skyscrapers below rocketed into the air. Serox had made sure to time it right so that she flew right into one of the windows. Dryxaim, meanwhile, slammed into the floor below her, covered in broken glass and plaster. Spitting out blood and debris, he blew up a hole in the ceiling, and saw Serox ready for him. She attacked, stabbing downward, but Dryxaim rolled out of the way. Both of them wobbled where they stood, gravity and velocity doing strange things. After exchanging a few blows, Serox’s hands glowed green, and waved them forward.

Within moments they felt the floor start to tip over. Both of them were lifted from where they were as the building turned horizontal at Serox’s command. Dryxaim hovered in the air, prepared to have the upper hand, but Serox simply dived out of the nearest window that was facing the ground. He was surprised, to say the least, but went after her.

They both zoomed towards the world’s surface, an entire building lumbering after them. As Dryxaim neared Serox, though, she was prepared to go back to her stepping stone tricks. One of her living snake-pipes from early came back to life and gave her a free ride out of the mess she was in. In no time she was back at the building mountain, whereas Dryxaim had to get out of the way before the one that was going after him crushed him.

So, he flipped around and blasted a beam of mighty Non-Existent force to make a suitably-sized hole, and did not bother moving out of the way. When the annoying obstruction passed by, he flew after Serox. Within a few minutes, they made it down to the rooftops they had started on, surrounded by a rising wall of dust and debris, and them fighting in the middle of it.

Dryxaim parried, then felt a jolt in the back of his head. That was enough of a distraction for Serox to stab him in the arm. He hollered, and hobbled backwards awkwardly, but Serox kept on him.


Jynx had only just entered The World That Never Was, and wondered what the hell that commotion was over there. He could only see a black, lumpy tower of yellow lights amongst a billowing cloud of smoke.


Stab, stab, stab, Serox went. More of them hit. Dryxaim glowed brighter, the intense heat from before building again. Serox was experiencing something similar too. A green aura engulfed her, and her eyes were pure emerald. The concrete at her feet seemed to shift and move like mud, as if the power she was letting off was morphing it without constraint. They were both gasping for air; the storm of power from their forms was suffocating and toxic. Yet they pressed on. Dryxaim finally let off his burst like he had before; eyes going pure silver and his body acting like a bomb. Serox only slid back as the building let up a block of concrete to hold her up. She shook it off like it was nothing, and lunged, but Dryxaim was feeling much better. Getting closer to death meant getting closer to his power source.

He snatched Serox’s arm, mid-lunge, and slammed his head into hers. The overload of power protected her to an extent, but it still nearly knocked her unconscious. As she toppled to the ground, on her knees, Dryxaim took the staff out of her other hand, then brought his knee to the side of her face. One bright entity then stood triumphantly over the other. His foot went into her stomach and she went halfway across the roof, making the flashing green ball, as one may see from afar near Memory’s Skyscraper as they wonder what the hell was going on, may see. Dryxaim took his time walking over to her, savoring the sight.

“Maybe!” He shouted, his mouth in some horrible mix of a frown and torturous grimace. “Maybe, you should fix your fists!” He threw the staff to his side, and his foot came down on her wrist. She grunted. Her eyes were a solid color but they seemed to look away from his crazed glare. He kneeled over her head; his solid orbs were trained right on her.

“Thought you liked the attention, Ser.”

His heel dug into her.

“Don’t you?!”

Serox wrenched her hand out from under him, tearing something or otherwise getting injured, and vanished for a split second. She appeared behind Dryxaim, staff in her hold and pulled back, but his hand was around her neck before she could do anything more. He saw it coming, and was just waiting for her to walk into his grasp, all in the fraction of a second. Serox gasped, and reached out, but her wrist was bleeding, and was not healing fast enough.

“What,” he sneered, silver slits blazing, “don’t you wanna tell DRYX how much you LIKE IT?”

He tightened the hold on her neck, then took the staff from her without a struggle. Both of her arms went limp. She had trouble believing the scrawny guy could hold her up, now. She was having trouble believing at lot of the things that were happening. Dryxaim felt the pole in his fist, and rolled it back and forth as he contemplated what to do. Serox was not about to do anything to fight back, they both knew it.

He pulled his arm back, head rising, mouth curling up into a bit of a smile. His arm went forward, as did the pike. It pierced her chest, and ran her clear through. Serox gasped again, having felt that kind of pain before but never having it hurt so sharply. The pain was explosive, but usually ignorable.

Dryxaim let go of her weapon, and just let her barely stand. He pulled her closer, as his now free hand turned white-hot. He whispered:

“You were in way over your head.”

The hand lifted, ever-so slightly, palm pointed at Serox. It let off a burst of silver light that swallowed both of them whole, creating a blast radius that went off the roof of the building they were on, lighting up the black city for miles.

Jynx saw it, and, in awe, started walking towards the display.

Then, suddenly, the sphere of released energy ceased expanding, and collapsed in on itself. In a matter of seconds, Dryxaim stood there, wisps of white smoke rising from him. His arm was still outstretched, but he was alone. The building was virtually unscathed, as was Dryxaim. He only felt his hand being quite hot.

Why did his head hurt.
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