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Fanfiction ► The Return of Evil Academy High School!!

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Rikku's Heart and Soul...
May 11, 2004
The 9th Life Pedestal is mine...
Sy, The One He Fears here. If you haven't already heard, I'm bringing back EAH in all it's random and outrageous glory. I'll post the original chaps now to give everyone a refresh, so please post away. Your posts drive me to work for my readers!

- Please remember the time placement and fact is based on writers license, so so things may not be accurate.

Season one of "Evil Academy High"(assume Ansem is Riku's dad):
Ansem and Riku are in Hollow Bastion talking while a dark cloud looms over head.
Riku: So Ans--Dad, why did u take my body?
Ansem: Darkness, true Darkness!!! Oh, what? Sorry mental relaps, why'd i what?
Riku: *sighs* Take my body.
Ansem: Take ur body? Um... Son I didn't think that's legal, that's like homosexual incest to the max.
Riku: NO, God what's wrong with u? I meant y did u take my body?
Ansem: Oooo. Well yours matched my needed settings.
Riku: couldn't you just----
BOOOMM!!!!! A huge explosion blew through the ceiling, destroying the floor beneth.
Riku: Was that a meteor?! What was ---
Ansem: Could it be? No.... Not here...
Riku: What is it Ansem? Father?
As the dust cleared a dark figure could be seen rising from the floor, first black leather boots could be seen, then metal armor on the sholders, a wing, and long white hair. (in other words SEXINESS!!!)
Ansem: S-Sephiroth?
Sephiroth: I have come for u Ansem, it is time.... Stand aside boy.
Riku looked at Sephiroth apprehencively, then readied his Soul-Eater. He stared into the eyes of the One-Winged Angel.
Riku: You will do well to leave, YOU SHALL NOT HARM MY FATHER!!!
Sephiroth began to laugh hystericaly, and to Riku's surprise, so did Ansem.
Sephiroth: Hahahaha!!! Ani, where'd u get this kid?! Hahaha!!!
Ansem: Hahahaha!! Yeah, he's kinda funny huh?! Heh, this is ma' son Riku.
Sephiroth: Son? Oohh, who'd u nock up this time, eh, Larxene, Yunalesca?
Ansem: Oooo we'll get to that later, it's great seeing u Sephy!!
Riku stands in the middle of the room confused, while "Sephy" and "Ani" give each other daps and sit down.
Ansem: Hey Riku,
Riku: Y-yeah?
Ansem: Throw me a beer will ya? Hey Seph-meister u want?
Seph-Meister: Hells yeah!!
Ansem: u heard him kid!!
Riku stands in shock looking around at the two laugh, he walks to the cooler and (after moving a few hearts) finds the beer. He walks over to Ansem eyeing Sephy.
Riku: u know each other?
Ansem: Yeah, Sephy and i use to room with each other back in the Evil Academy High School!!
Riku's jaw drops in shock, as the other 2 laugh at the sound of the name.
Riku: There was an "evil academy"?
Sephy: Yup, hey Ani, did your kid go?
Ansem: Not yet, i sold him and his sister Kairi up for adoption while i tried to find the secret to the Heart of All Worlds.
Sephy: Yeah, kid's can be a hassle when your doing that, that's why i don't have any.
Ansem: Hey, kid. Sit down, we'll tell u about the Academy, *whispers*i plan on sending u there anyway.
Riku: what was that last part?
Ansem: Oh nothin, so let's begin!!!

Chapter 2

Ansem: So yeah, it was a good 20 or so years ago that me and Sephy here entered the Evil Academy High School.
Riku sighed as he sat down preparing for Ansem's story.
Sephy: So let's see, ah remember when you walked into Carnage Cafe' and that guy... um what's his name?
Ansem: Uh... The whale lover?
Sephy: Yeah!! Yu... Yu Yevon right!?
Ansem: Yes! That was it!! Ah, yeah.... My body is too frail for such a journey, but I most do this.
Sephy: Dude. Wtf are you talking about?
Ansem: What? I didn't say anything-plunge-into-the-depths-of-darkness.
Riku leans in towards Sephy.
Riku: *whispering* He has mental relapses, to much of the Darkness if you know what i mean...
Twirls his finger next to his head. While Sephy nods in agreement.
Sephy: I've been through that.... *turns to wall* No no mother, i don't want any tea.
Riku edges away from the two.
Ansem: Where were we? Ah yes Yu Yevon, we called him Yui. He was an odd one. Couldn't fight to save his life, but he was one of those summoners from that Spira place, you know it?
Riku: I've read about it.
Ansem: Yeah, i wanted to find the heart to that world but, it was f***ed up. Fiends and robot building people, giant mentally challenged tigers with a unicorn horn on their heads. I said screw it, plus to many old friends we're trying to rule it, so i stepped back.
Sephy: Remember Seymour, that guy was so bossy. Liked the hair though, kid had style.
Ansem: Yeah, but that's part of being a bad guy, *whispers to Riku* "Evil Eye For the Bad Guy" was part of our curricullum. But back on target; so Yui right, he was walking along and had just grabbed a tunafish sandwich, something about releasing it back into the wild, and i kinda bumped into him. So he flips out and says "GOD, FOR THE SAKE OF ME, WATCH YOUR STEP!!!" And im like "Uh, dude you need to chill." So he drops the food and summons this big old dragon looking thing, uh what was the name?
Sephy: Batfamat, Bokamut, Oh yeah Bahamut!
Ansem: Yeah so he summons that and it busts through the roof, i'm freakin out but everyone else is just eating their lunchables or talking like it's nothing. Now me, i came to that place to study Darkology and Evil Monologing 101, I'm not much of a fighter, so then this kid with long black hair and a lollipop comes over and says to Yui (who's an upperclass men) "Can u please stop? I'm trying to eat and if you don't my mom will smash your face in with a meteor." So Yui is laughing and mocking this kid, so 'lollipop kid's' eyes turn black and he says "I AM THE SERVANT, MY MOTHER, THE CETRA, JENOVA." So all of a sudden his hair turns chalk white and a meteor smashs Bahamut to bits and completly desimates Yui. Then all the girls started fawning over the kid with the now white hair, and as u can guess that's Sephy.
Sephy bows a little, smiling happily.
Riku: What happened to Yu Yevon?
Ansem: He took refuge in one of his custom pimped-out whales, named it Sin. He had a shop, "Sin-Coast Customs" but it failed and he took up the family business of messing up Spira every ten years (kidnapped some kid's dad to do it). Yeah, so me and sephy became friends.
Riku: That's actually kinda cool.
Sephy: Wait til i tell u about our classes!!!

Chapter 3

Sephy: So after some guards healed Yui and took him away, the bell rang. I was.... preoccupied by the girls, and kinda freaked. I mean come on, my hair turned white! I mean look at you! Ur a freak with white hair too!!
Riku and Ansem slowly turned to look at Sephiroth. A bramble rolled by the hallway, Kadaj pokes his into the window. ****silence****
Ansem: Yeah, well there were plently of odd hair styles. Hey remember that kid, um... Driveshaft!!
Sephy: I think u mean Axel.
Ansem: Oh yeah, he's an odd one, he works for me!!!
Sephy: Ah yes, i heard that u ran an Organization. Don't you cross-dress in a big red robe while ur there?
Ansem: Yup yup, i go commando under there!
Sephiroth and Riku slowly turned to look at Ansem. Another bramble rolls by, Batman runs by chasing it.
Sephy: Yeah... So back to the story! So I left the girls, which was hard. Kid, never try to escape a mob of evil-in-training teenage girls.... all the tearing... mommy....
Sephiroth's eye began to twitch as he curled in to a fetal postion and burst into convolsions.
Riku: Oh my god!!! An- Dad, I think he's dieing!!!!
Ansem: *to Sephy* Just roll around a bit, u'll be alright. *back to Riku* He'll be good, this happens alot. So picking up from there, my first class was History. I happened to share that with Sephy. So we went into class and got our seats, both in back. Our teacher was some big Villain back in the day, Shao Kahn. We studied a book called "Losing To The Good Guy", it was a downer, but we realized that all of the bad guys we looked-up-to lost to their good guy counter parts. Another person in class was this girl named Ursula, she was very cute!!! But we noticed that she was sneaking food in the classroom, she ate alot. Wonder what happened to her...
Riku looks at his dad, wondering whether or not he should tell him that she was the fat-squid-thing that worked for him. Nahhh he thought.
Sephy: Um, how long was i out?
Ansem: 5 mins, not too bad. I was talking bout History class.
Sephy: God i hate that class!! Remember how we spent 2 months learning about how the Coyote always lost to Roadrunner, even when his plan were foolproof!!! I learned something from that though, perservance and good planning are key to victory. And a little immortality doesn't hurt.
Ansem: True dat' brudda!
Riku: Don't do that, wait r u black?
Ansem: Yea, straight outta harlem. Then the Academy of course.
Riku: Sooo.... was my mother white? And why is your hair white?
Find out the answers in the next chapter!!! And "Evil Eye For the Bad Guy" featuring Axel!!!

Chapter 4
Ansem: Well, yeah your mom was white.
Riku: Was? Is she...
Ansem: Yes, she died. 3 weeks ago actually.
Ansem: Yeah, but she out lived her usefullness anyway, her heart was no longer suitable for my tests, and the experiment took her beauty away anyhow.
Sephy: Yeah she was a looker all right, i wouldn't mind a piece of---
Riku jumped up and started strangling Sephiroth, yelling and smashing his head into the seat, but after 4 hits he teleported away. While Riku stared in shock at the empty seat, a black feather floated down behind him. Sephiroth reappeared and slashed Riku. Riku fell down bleeding from his...um... spleen!!
Sephy: Um... oops..
Ansem: What the hell is wrong with u!! Why did you attack him, u bastard!!
Ansem lunged!!!!......At Riku. And slapped him in the face.
Ansem: Why would u attack Sephy?
Riku stared in awe again at his father.
Sephiroth: Yeah u should know, ever since i signed a deal with Disney, i can't be hit more than 4 times in a row. Then i automatically attack, sorry.
Ansem: Disney huh, how was your pay?
Sephiroth: It was good, good hours. I only had to whoop this kid with big pants, and then after he tried like 50 times i let him win. *to Riku* You learn all about that in the Academy, especially how to fake a loss. I excelled in that course!
Ansem: Yeah, u were good. But I aced Evil Monologing 101, you got B's!!
Sephiroth: Yeah yeah, well i killed that teacher anyway. He had the audasity to say he was my father!! Yeah i got him, that stupid Hojo. Pullin some Darth Vader s**t on me.
Riku: Um 3 things. 1, you guys have issues. 2, why do u like too excel in losing, you think i want to lose to Sora? And 3, WHAT ABOUT MY MOTHER!?
Ansem: We'll get to the mother issue, and the reason why we lose is because we lure them into a false sense of security. Look at me, Sora thinks some light ate me, and that Cloud reject thinks a stream killed Sephy!! Come on, when we come back they won't know what hit them.... But moving on!! You wanted to now why my hair was White right?
Riku: *mumbling under his breath* Stupid, egotistical, monologing, Darkness addict... Huh? What, oh yeah your hair!! Tell me about it!
Ansem: Ok! Now, where's that flash back button...? Ah here we are, I just invented it!! Ok! *flashback music plays*

Chapter 5

So Sephy and I walked down one of the many halls of the Academy, and reached room 396. The door was very different from the standard jail-cell cage doors, this one was.... for lack of a better word, pretty. Apparently Sephy noticed too because at the same moment we looked at each other with a look of confusion.
We walked inside and i saw some old friends from the middle school; one dude ,who was pretty arrogant, named Vegeta stood in the back of the room mocking some of us. His friend Nappa had this fantastic long raven colored hair that made all the girls swoon. That Seymour kid was there too, he had long brown hair that went to about his shoulders. As you might notice, we villains tend to have long hair at first, this is because our parents want us to have easily maluable hair for these classes.

As Sephy and I sat, the teacher walked out of her office and quieted us down.
"Quiet please...." The talking continued.
"Um... Please be Quiet..." Still it went on. Then the teacher who looked like a maid was swallowed in darkness, her face twisted with anger. She then had long purple hair that seemed to be made of shadow, her outfit was also pure shadow but of a purplish nature.
"SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" The room went silent.
"I am your teacher, the Princess of Destruction." She then reverted back to her human form. "But you can call me Ms. Fenril!" She said in a now sweet voice.
At this point I then became even more intriged by the darkness, it seems that if you can harness it then your power and apparence can change. But that leads me to believe---- As Ansem went on with his theories about darkness, Riku shifted his attention to Sephiroth who continued the story.
So yeah what happened was, Ms. Fenril began to tell us about the class....
"Now students, in this class, 'Evil Eye for the Bad Guy', I will teach you how to beat, maim, and kill in style!" Many eyes in the room shined at this, even mine.
"Now for the next few weeks we'll study and work on your hair styles!!" She scanned the room looking for a suitable example. "Ah, you!!"
She pointed at me, and then Seymour. As we walked up the room, the girls oggled at my hair. Sephy smiled in spite of himself
"Now class," She continued "See this boy here? He has long and luxurious locks that I'd love to--- Well that's not the point. He has great hair!! Now he just needs something to liven it up! Any suggestions?"
Hands raised and voices shouted.
"Afro!!!" Everyone turned to see a rather red in the face Slade Wilson. "Well i thought they were cool..." He mumbled.
"And for that, you get a mask!" Ms. Fenril said in a sickningly sweet voice.
Slade's jaw dropped as he class began to laugh at him.
"What about sharp bangs?" We all looked to see a rather timid Yunalesca raising her hand.
"Ah, yes! That is an idea!! You my dear get a personal styling from me! And lets get you out of that sweater and jean combo and find you something slutty to wear!!" Yunalesca blushed as the boys turned and nodded in agreement.
"And you...?"
"Seymour," He replied with dignity and pride. "Meystor Seymour." (forgive if i spelled that wrong)
"Well Mr. Seymour, your hair sucks." She said with a smile. Seymour turned red and looked down as everyone laughed.
"So I say we also give you bangs, but zig-zagy ones! Oh, and dye it blue dear. Because that color has to go. Ahhh, we'll need hair extentions also."
Seymour looked embarrassed at the fact that he needed so much work. But you would be too kid, if you were being compared to me. Again Sephy smiles, then gets a mirror and starts to comb compulsivly. Riku looks at Sephy combing and Ansem still talking to himself. "What the hell am i doing?" He pushes the flashback button and watches the story for himself.

10 minutes after the suggestions, everyone was at work. Sephy was finshed thanks to Ms. Fenril, and Seymour was getting the most attention. Vegeta stood in a corner gelling his hair while his friend Nappa worked along side Axel to find a new look.
"So Driveshaft, what should I do with my hair? It's already godly, unlike yours."
Axel scowled at him, but it was true. His hair was bland and flat, he had common brown hair that fell on his shoulders.
"Don't call me 'Driveshaft', my name is Axel Sinirial Shamtal."
"Yeah... you'd be better off as 'Driveshaft', sounds like a good band name.
Axel got angry and started to put to many ingredients in the dye formula he was making, all of a sudden the beaker exploded!! Everyone jumped in shock, and turned to see what happened. As the smoke cleared Axel could be seen sitting in shock from the explosion. But now he looked different, he's hair had been blown back and was now a deep shade of red, and the blast had singed his skin giving him thin scars cross his eyes.

"BWAHHH HA HA HA!! You look ridiculous Driveshaft!! Y-your like a clown!!!" Nappa laughed. But then the girls that were fawning over Nappa and Seymour migrated over to Axel and began to feel his hair.
"Wow, its so bright!"
"Feel how light it is!!!"
"And it keeps it's shape even when push it!"
The girls all stayed near Axel, pushing Nappa out of the way. Nappa looked in shock and turned as Vegeta laughed. Vegeta then stopped and shrugged. "You win some you lose some, eh Nappa?"

But Nappa wasn't amused. "Yeah, well wait til I use that stuff!" As he said this one of the girls accidentally dropped something in the beaker. Nappa grabbed it and said, "Hey ladies check me out!!" He poured the beaker on his head and the explosion came instantly. The girls waited as the dust cleared and then they saw Nappa.
Some gasped, some laughed, others just stared.
"What, what is it? Is my hair great?" He asked. Vegeta fell to the floor laughing.
"Vegeta, what is it?" He asked, sounding more worried. Laughing uncontrollably Vegeta passed him a mirror. Nappa looked in it to see that his hair was gone, only patches survived, and a pulsating vein began to appear.
"AHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed, and ran out of the class crying.
Sephy chuckled as he spoke to Ansem.
"So Ani, whatcha gonna do with your hair?"
"Not that."

Chapter 6
As Sephy came back with the popcorn, Riku and Ansem sat intently at the screen.
"My mom always said that sitting to close to the tv will make you go blind," Sephy said. "Well that's what she would have said if she raised me."
They sat down and viewed the screen.
After a rather eventful class, the student filed out looking much more stylish. As Ansem and Sephiroth walked out of class a firm hand stopped Sephy.
"Excuse me, but Sephy could you stay after class for a few minutes I need
to..... talk to you." Ms. Fenril said, eyeing Sephy hungrily.
"Um, yeah sure. Hey Ani, meet you in D.Physics 'kay." Sephy announced.
"Yeah sure." Ansem replied.
As he walked away he distinctly heard the sound of chairs moving and someone moaning.
10 minutes into D.Physics Sephy walked in, his hair a mess and his clothes dishelved, he looked rather dazed.
"Whoa, did you and Fenril.... you know?" Ani asked eyeing Sephy up and down.
"NO!! That's just it!! I though we were gonna hop-on-the-good-foot-and-do-the-bad-thing!!! But she tackled me and started moaning about how lovely my hair is!!! Man she has issues..."
As Ansem laughed the teacher continued speaking of how if you create a temperal warp useing pure darkness you can open portals to other places.
"So class, that is how the black holes used by the road runner worked. ACME is actually a secret underground syndicate run by the Black Market operation the Kaioshin Syndicate. But you'll learn about them in "Evil Clan Creation Class" and History. ACME actually is an acronim for All Creations Made Evil!"
"I really hate this class. I don't care about Dark Physics, and if I want some type of team to help me, I'm not going to hire faultly rejects to do my bidding. I'll just make clones of myself!" Sephy joked.
"Well find it fasinating! Portals and the break down of reality all though the power of darkness!! But how to harness it? Maybe, in humans! I believe that Darkness sleeps in every heart, no matter how pure. Given the chance, the smallest drop can spread and swallow the heart!"
"Dude, why don't you write a freakin manifesto!! I don't want to hear about your crazy 'darkness stuff'."
As the class ended, only Ansem had succeed in creating a real working Black Hole. The class emptied out while Sephy and Ansem packed their things.
"What's taking so long?" Sephy moaned.
"I'm working on that 'darkness manifesto' you told me to write! I'm calling it Ansem's Reports!"
"Dude, that's retarded. Only some stupid kids with nothing to do in life would read that. I would put it in a video game if you wanted people to bother with it."
Ansem looked down at the notebook and solemly through it in his bag. They got up and walked to the door.
"See ya' later, Ms. Negaverse."
"Goodbye, I gotta go annoy some meatball head with my endlessly failing ploys."

Chapter 7
And so with that the evil duo headed to their next class, 'Falling with Style: Losing to the Good Guy'
Ansem and Sephy walked down the hall, it was strangly devoid of people.
"Hey Ani, why'd you take so long we must be late! Hey there's a kid." Sephy whispered.
The "kid" jogged down the hall happily. But then a gunshot ran through the air, and the kid dropped blood issuing from his head. Ansem looked down on him and scoffed. He pulled out a cloth and dropped it on the kid's face.
"Tsk, wipe yourself off, you're bleeding." He say mildly.
"Um, dude. He's dead." Sephy corrected.
"Oh. Well.... Wipe yourself off, you're dead." Ani said, resuming his nonchalant tone.
Suddenly a bullet wizzed by Ani's head and hit the locker behind him. Instantly he ducked in cover.
"What the---!!" He exclamed. Sephy stared angrily at the shooter, he had long silver hair like Sephy but it was unkempt and messy. He wore expensive clothes and had a samurai sword by his side.
"Who are you?" Sephy sounded quite serious, a hint of antisepation in his voice.
"Vicious, Sid Vicious. And you," Vicious said putting his gun up to Sephy's face. "Are late for class." His finger moved towards the trigger.
"Pull it and I'll have you screaming for mercy before it leaves to barrel." The air started to heat up and Vicious began to sweat. He twitched then said.
"Go on, get to class. But if I find you late again, you are mine." Then he walked away.
"Wow, I didn't know you were faster then a bullet!! You are amazing!!" Ani said beaming.
"Psh sha, Hell no. That kid would have blown my brains out!!! I almost peed my pants!!" He whispered.
"But what about the heat coming off of you?" Ani asked in disbelieve.
"The heater broke and was pouring out from above me, made Vicious sweat. Well if we're done disscussing all of the random coincidental events that lead to this moment, I'd like to get to class.

Chapter 8
Ani and Sephy sat down in the back of the class while the teacher restarted his introduction. They we're in shock to see the legendary Wile. E Coyote, the one they'd learned so much about in other classes.
"You teach here?!" Sephy yelled in disbelief.
"Why yes I do." He said happily
"You can talk?!" Ani exclaimed.
"Yes. Yes I can talk." Mr. Coyote began to look aggrivated. "Ok, lets get down to business. In this class I'll be teaching you how to lose with grace, because no matter how flawless your plans are," The chalk in his hand was crushed to dust at this point. "You will still lose, it's a fact that can't be avoided. Even if you kill your enemy, they find a way back."
"Why is that sir?" Said a boy in the back.
"And you would be?" Mr. Coyote asked.
"Um, Sirius, but you can call me Sy."
"Well Sirius-but-you-can-call-me-Sy, that is because of a curse placed on us by beings of another realm that control our fate. They exist in groups and one day you may be called apon them to assist them."
"What are some of their names?"
"Well I know of the group names, there is 'Disney', the 'Warner Brothers', 'Squaresoft', 'Namco'. Among others, one day, if you become a great Villain you may have the honor of working for them." Mr. Coyote said in a mystic voice.
The students were all in awe, they spoke in hushed whispers to one another.
"But, if you wish to work for them you need to learn how to lose gracefully. It used to be that we never taught this class, but when our students went to work they would lose in the most embarrassing ways, or just give up all together. Our school was mocked by the Light Force Institute, just a fancy way of saying they're the Do-Gooder Wuss School."
The class all broke out in laughter at this point.
"Ok, now that we've disscussed the basics and history of this class---."
"Hey teacher, wait! I have a question." The hand raised was none other then Vegeta. "Has anyone from this Academy ever won, with no strings attached?" He continued.
The class all turned to Coyote waiting for his answer.
"Yes." He replied simply. "Some are smart enough to beat the rules, or some are just so good that they are allowed to succeed. That is rare though, but I can sence true potential in some of the people in this room. And then there are the Lust-Traitors."

He walked around to his desk and sat down. Again he spoke, this time before a question could be asked.
"A Lust-Traitor, is someone who joins the side of crap--ahem, good I mean." He smiled. "You all know of the legendary Darth Vader, he took over an entire Galaxy. Cut off the hand of his son, created the first planet destroying ray. Yes he was a hero while I grew up, but don't think he was a Lust Traitor, no he only cared for his son. He did not trade sides, I needed to clear that up. But a true Lust-Traitor would be the once hero Donkey Kong who made a name of himself as a top villain, but now he is good. He gave up his barrel throwing for fame and stardom. I hope none of you ever stoop that low."
Vegeta, Piccolo and a few others felt an odd itch at that point, but brushed it off as nothing.
After a short assignment class was over. People began to file out as the bell rang.
"Wow homework on the first day, this sucks chocobo ass." Sephy sighed.
"Eh, shut up and deal, lets----." Ansem felt a pull on his jacket.
He turned to look and a beautiful blonde girl stood behind him, sharp bangs started at her herline and arched back. She wore black denim capris, and a electric blue halter top.
"Hi, um do you think I could tag along with you? I saw your class list and we also share Gym next, so I can come right?"
"Uhhh... I.. W-well... andd... pretty.. how are... who are.." Ansem garbled.
"Um, yeah. So that's a yes. Cool, I'd love to hang with you. My name's Larxene by the way." She said in a calm but amused voice.
"A-Ansem!" He let out loudly.
As Larxene went back to grab her stuff, Sephy leaned towards the vacantly staring Ansem.
"Well well, it seems somebody's got a crush." He mocked.

Next chapter, "Gym..." Featuring the Predator and Lil' Slugger. Catch u on the flip side.
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