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The Vexen Fan Club!



May 8, 2007
Joinage! I love Vexen!s1elleface

My reasons:
No one in the org is as insane as he is! I say that with much adoration lol.
His voice! My god his voice. Prince nailed it!
He's handsome in a unique way.
Death made me sad and angry. Wasn't expecting to feel either for a bad guy,but the way he(and Zexion) died was so gruesome. Added to that being weak and begging for their lives... W.t.f Axel. W.t.f.
Even- I squeed when I saw his human-self. A sane Vexen?!

What is your favorite Vexen quote?
Do all of them count lol. Hmm let's see I really liked his( paraphrasing maybe. been a while since I played re:com) "I see no reason to tell you where Riku is. After all why trouble you in your final hour."