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The warped



May 12, 2016

The warped



Awaken to a world of secrets and experimentation in this soon to be comic as science breaks free creating horrific creatures under the mohave desert. One man must find his way to escape to the surface but he is not alone.
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May 12, 2016

I had just gotten off an exhausting night at work. Sighing as I sat at the bus stop. Normally, I work at the belagio buffett full time six days a week. Tonight was different though. I shifted my weight as I got comfortable on the bench. clicking my tongue i thought to myself about how pissed I was. Work had guilted me into coming in on my day off saying they had no else is one thing. scorching my wrist on a burner though, that's the last straw. "Whats another scar." I said aloud mockingly, rubbing the bandage on my left wrist tenderly. the sting of the melted flesh started to throb constantly.

The hour was late, and the streets had finally begun to die down. That didnt mean you couldnt still find several drunk tourist making their way through the streets like lost love birds. I yawned, as i reached into my purse for my phone. Might as well see what's going on on Facebook. I scrolled through my newsfeed as my eyes stopped on my girl, jennifer's, post. She had shared another one of those anti- bioweapon articles from newsfeed. This one titled, "genetX under fire by human rights lobbiyst". I reluctantly began to read half heartingly.

"genetx under fire by human rights lobbiyst by Sarah collins april 27, 2021

It was five year ago today that the global bio-company known as genetx made the first and only genetic bioweapon the parasite 1-xb. the holy grail of this century was created by their leading scientist, dr. samantha porter. An absolute genius dr. Porter graduated from Harvard at the young age of 17 and immediately hired as genetx's lead reasearcher. The 1-xb she designed is a parasite modified from the parasite toxoplasma ghondi, a mind altering parasite in its natural state. The 1-xbs objective is simple to invade a host and excrete a highly mutagenic compound that forces a hastened evolution. its highly unstable and impossible to predict how it will react on different species. every species reacts differently, but the result is the same a mindless killing machine. Slaves to genetx and our government".

I began to skim through trying to find where they finally got on topic. bored of the usual anti bioweapons bs that's been going around.

"its thanks to this innovation that two years prior president Donald trump squashed the worries of wwiii by passing the bioweapon rights act. This act allowed the government and the us government alone the right to use the 1-xbs as weapons of peace. This meant that any form of hostilities that where to be directed at the united nations or the states themselves. At the same time this gave genetx the liberaty to experiment only bound by one law. That no human would ever be subjected to 1-xbAs of march 14, 2021, 17 marines where injured and 3 causilties on a routine mission in north Korea. rumors claim that their were human bioweapons that dna sequencing has confirmed to be infected with 1-xb. The government and genetx are quick to deny these claims, with all twelve genetx facilities confirmed to be under investigated. There have been rumors that another location was being constructed and abondoned in the mohave desert. However there is no evidence to back this claim of this theory. Ceo hiro misaki has gone on record stating, "we are quick at work investigating any possible leaks of the 1-xb variants. We have always upheld to the strict guidelines provided by the B.R. Act and will continue to cooperate for world peace". THis has not stopped the mass media to latch on to the... ".


the shriek of some poor girl scared the crap out of me making me jump in my seat. I looked up to see a fit girl dressed in party clothes across the street. She looked to be in her late teens, the darkness making it difficult to really make out any details. flailing desperatly to get away from her three assailants. she manged to donkey kick one square in the chest as another pgrabbed her up from behind lifting her into the air.

no one else was in site I had to act quickly or who knows what would happen to the poor girl. I began calling 911 my hands shaking uncontrollably as i dialed the buttons. I tried to wait for an answer but there was no time. I had to help her now. I dashed across the street frantically waving my phone in the air but I was to late. They must of done something to her as she had gone limp. they threw here in a windowless mercedes utility van with no logos or even plates.

as i ran up grabbing one of the assaliants i tried with all my might to hold him back. "Hey assholes I called the cops!" I screamed hoping they'd panic and let her go. Instead, I was greeted with the butt of a gun smashing down across the back of my skull. my mind went blank as I fell to my knees. my vision blurred, I slowly looked up my eyes wide. The man pointed the barrel of a glock 17 at me. cursing myself for trying to be a hero i made a move for the gun.


The lifeless body of danelle baker was found by the Vegas police department 40 minutes later. Her whole head blown to pieces as the night came to a close. Brain matter still trickling down the side of Caesar's palace.

End of prologue​


May 12, 2016


The Awakening


A distant hum was barely audible forcing My eyes to flutter open as i layed there flat on my back in a space void of color. The ground has a cool feeling and rippled beneath me like a pool of liquid silver. The thought of where i was or what i was doing gone from my mind. Suddenly, The blank space bursted in a brilliant flame. the metal sea encompassing the whole area suddenly was set ablaze. The hot air bathed over me while i layed there motionless unable to move. The fear clawing at me as I struggled, and the heat charred my flesh. agony choking me, i fought to breath attempting to suck in air but unable to do so. the flames quickly trickled up my bare flesh quickly devouring my body. I began to thrash about still unable to move iny state of panic. The unknown tethering me to the earth as i continued to struggle to free myself. My heart raced unable to accept my faith a single thought kept me fighting. The thought that I would not die this day, I refuse to die!!!

The weight suddenly lifted, i sprange to my feet. the cold sweat trickeled down my body chilling me as I tried to catch my breath. My head spinning like i was sent through the dry cycle one to many times. A splitting migraine began pounding through my thick skull,. In a futile attempt to dull the pain, i clentched my head with my right hand. Dazed I tried to calm my nerves, the hairs on my neck standing on end. i came to the realization that it was just a dream.

Only a dream...

It felt so real but I wouldnt wish that upon even my worst enemies. I mean fuck to be burnt alive for Christ sake thats just cruel. Breathing a sigh of relief i began to take in my surroundings.With that being said...

"Where the fuck am i"

The room was rectangle in shape and illuminated with a single bulb locked in a cage. casting its dim light from the center of the ceiling the light flickering as a lone moth danced around in between the cages bars. the room was quite plain with checkered tiles so clean that my birthday suit was vaguely visible in the floor. The walls a basic grey concrete nothing to out of the ordinary and only a single steel door in site. the room reeked of that sterile smell youd expect out of a hospital. But wait a minute, how do i know that. i dont remember ever going to a hospital. In fact I don't remember much.

OH NO...

I can't remember anything. I fought to try to remember where i was, when it was, my name, or anything for that matter. my head only began to throb harder as i pushed harder to remember. static flashing before my minds eye, I clentched my teeth in pain while my mind gave me no answers.

A femine voice carried in the air from behind snapping me back into reality, "subject 0173, advance to testing area a"

"Subject 0173?! What the fuck is that!!!", i shouted in confusion. My body spinning around towards the source of my unknown captors. My eyes stopped focusing on a small box sticking out of the wall next to some shoot judding out of the ceiling. I lunged at it squeezing it in my hand in desperation. "why can't i remember anything." i asked, but was only greeted with silence. My own breath the only thing audible in the room. My rage building up until I couldnt contain it anymore, "hey!!! Answer me you can't treat people like this!!?".

"People??? you are not a human, you are subject 0173, now advance"

"What kind of crap is that, im not doing shit for you" i spat out unable to disguise my disgust.

"Advance subject 0173..." Said the intercom with an impatient voice.

"im not playing your stupid game, let me go now!!!"

"your only way out is through that door" she stated with no change in her demeanor. "Or would you rather sit there and starve to death.

I took a step back unable to process what she was saying, " youre kidding me right"?

"I'll say it again advance or die. It means nothing to us if you die or not". She said callously, "Hopefully subject 0174 will be a better investment than you".

It felt like someone straight up socked me in the stomach. This was some sick joke i thought before I hurled. My vomit plastering the wall in front of me. So much for that squeeky clean smell, as the room took on a sour scent. The only truth i had, the only thing I knew for damn sure was she was not messing around. If I didnt go through that door I was going to die.

I had no other choice unless I wanted
to ration my own vomit out and try to hold out. I steadied my breath and made my way towards the door. Nerves on end and stiff as a board, i reached for the ice cold knob of the steel door. I turned the knob cautiously opening the door readying myself for what ever came next.



May 12, 2016

A Stroll Through Town

I stepped through letting go of the door. The scenery around me was too vast making it hard to take in or process. I was left dumbfounded starring out upon a vast town of at least several blocks. The buildings all made of the same red brick lined the horizon as far as the eye could see. "What the hell...?" Did they let me go? they said this was some test room.



I spun around darting for the door. the realization that It was too late not even crossing my mind. the door had shut itself and was locked tight. all my efforts to yank the door open were to no aveil. I banged on the door defeated as i chanted under my breath, "crap, crap, crap...". I was making to much of a scene, I had to calm down.

clentching my fist i backed up noticing the patterns on the wall. i stared up taking in the vast mural of the same buildings and streets. It was an impressively detailed backdrop that even up close looked like it was popping out at you. The mural wrapped around making it impossible to tell how big the area I was actually in was. Even more impressive was the beauitful ceiling as I squinted my eyes to adjust to the change in light to notice it was actually artificial. The lines of the ceiling far above complete with a fake moon and stars illiminating down, but not a cloud in the sky. all doubt in my mind was gone, I wasnt in kansas anymore and I sure as hell didnt make it outside.

I was right where they wanted me exposed out in the open. i had to get off the streets before whatever this "test room a" had in store made an appearance. Scanning the area in eyesight proved to be more disheartening. Shattered glass lined the streets, building walls partially crumbled down. Something had to be in here with me right now I could somehow feel it deep in my bones. I sprinted for the closest building complete with more of that fake aged red brick. Every step echoing with as my heavy feet smacked against the gritty cement.

Luckily for me the building appeared to be a clothing outlet of some kind with an equally generic name, imperial clothes. The lights inside if there were any at all where off but I could barely make out racks of clothes with the moonlight that I had through the windows. I reached for the door slowly opening all caution gone to the wind as for once i was just happy that I could get some clothes on. I mean god im freezing my ass off over here butt ass naked. Thats when the smell drafted over me. It smelt like a bowl of rotting fruit but even worse. A strong smell of rot and decay.

I slammed the door shut as bile poured into my mouth. Puke once again forcing its way up to choke me as I forced it back down. I crouched grabbing my knees to try to regain my composure. Ive smelt this before but where. Once again I was greeted with a mind full of static. "Okay..." I sighed as i stood back up readying myself for what I knew I had to do. I needed to suck it up and go in there to get dressed. last thing I want is to freeze to death as they watch my balls dangling around in the wind with their hidden cameras. Besides, I have to know what that smell is maybe I can get a hint as to what this hell hole is.

I threw the door open quickly making my way inside, the back wall busted out immediately caught my attention. the lights from the alley behind casting a dim light upon the The small store. The clothing store had two sides one side belonged to the mens, and the other womans. A metal pole divided two lanes to a u-shaped cashiers table with a marble table top. right behind that Fancy counter the giant hole blown out that led to that alley. shattered brick thrown about the store like a car ran right through here. I headed for the nearest aile labeled under the mens section of shirts on the balls of my feet. I crouched down sorting out the shirts throwing on the first plain old white t-shirt that was within reach that would fit. so far so good one down and nothings popping out of the wood work trying to rip off my head yet.

Even the smell was becoming more pleasant as i turned to the next aile. a maniquinns was displaying a jacket that i was confident would fit me quite nicely. Even in the dark i could tell it was my style. I stripped the manniquin taking a good look at it grinning ear to ear, "oh yeah this will do". It was a casual jacket clearly inspired by some badass in a military movie. It appeared to be gray in color with the an extended collar and mulitiple pockets lining the sides. Some punk would probably buy this to look cool, but I think it'll do just fine. the biggest score of them all a pair of fire hose cargo pants! Folded up in the same aisle, No longer would my junk be swinging in the wind but i got even more pocket and utility space. Something tells me I'm going to need all the space i can get in this game. with the dreads all picked out and on i decided it was time to follow the putrid smell to its source... The table next to that hole in the wall.
my body suddenly felt hot and a sense of fear bubbled within as i made my way to the cashiers table. My body was trying to tell me something i couldnt understand, but I pressed forward.


The sound of flies becoming louder and louder the closer I got to the cashier desk. I slowed down edging along the corner of the desk as I passed through a thick cloud of giant flies. Holding my hand tightly around my mouth and nose to filter the plague infected critters and death from my nostrils. As little good as that did, I was gagging with every breath I took. When I finally reached the other side of the table the itch in the back of my mind was finally relieved as I connected the dots.

There lyed the body of a heavy set man. Or should i say was a man his body was split in two and his spine pulled out like a rope. blood long sense dried splattered everwhere and what was left was rotted flesh and bone slowly turning into a sludge as the cooled fat slowly melted from his body. The sludge hosting a horde of maggots dancing as they feasted on their rancid supper. "what. The. Fuck.", i said as I stepped in for a closer look. what kind of sick bastard would do something line this.


this wasnt the time to be squirmish. the man had once been fully dressed. Probably came in here for the same reason I did, but whatever did this was long gone for the time being."Sorry, but I need this way more than you right now" I said in an apologetic tone. I reached in to take the mans boots as there was a living body right here in need of some shoes. Thats when instead of slipping away from his feet, the whole foots seperated like hot cheese from his lower half. The strings stretching as if his body was refusing to let go off his heavy ass boots. When the strings of flesh and tendon finally snapped free I swiftly scooped the maggots and the remaining pool of the man's sludge from the shoes.

i searched the pools of the mans carcass for anything else that might be useful and scored big time. Along with a security card for this man, harris daniels, that i pocketed in what was left of the mans torso was a holster equip with a black mid sized pistol. I immediately ripped the holster off the mans corpse holstering it at my own side instead. unholstering the gun i realized the weight of the gun was much heavier than i imagined it would be as i started to eject the clip. It looked good fully loaded with 9mm hollow point rounds. How i know that who knows, and who cares at this point. I got a gun and three extra clips thats all that matters.


I froze some where in the distance glass shattered. The heat in my body now almost unbearable i ripped at my chest. Working hard to hold back the pain and to disguise my breath. i moved away from the pool of rotting flesh. Holstering the gun at my waist i made my way to the windows in front of the store. without thinking i threw the steel toed boots on with a few quick hopes. The sticky rotted flesh now lubbing up my toes. I had to be ready for whatever Came next. I started to scan the area, about a block down two figures cloaked in the darkness began to sulk through the darkness. Glass crunching as they hulked down the streets.

no more time to think i turned towards the back exit. "Time to go," I said to myself as I made my way towards the back not wanting to be anywhere near here when they made their entrance.​


May 12, 2016

The Watchers
"Omg that's just to much". I cackled, while i watched subject 0173 scavenge through harris's remains. "I so thought he was on vacation". I remarked as i wiped tears away from my eyes.

"He must of gotten drunk and went in the wrong room again". Clearly displeased as she grabbed her forehead. Jet Black hair descending over her face as she slowly shook her head in frustration. Dr. Porter Arched her neck in agitation locking her eyes with mine sending a chill down my spine. "How did no one notice?". Farrowing her brow, Her Violet eyes giving off a menacing glow from the monitor above.

"Yeah...", trailing off as i staddled the chair in front of the survellence system. The simple room had been bathed in the light of the gigantic monitors. It was a complete pigstye with papers scattered about the room. Styrofoam cups littered the floor, and crumbled wrapers thrown about from the machine down the hall. my lab coat thrown haphazardly on the cracked leather couch in the corner. exhausted with nerves on end, I leaned forward hugging the head rest of my chair.

my mind flashing back to that hot steamy night. Im not the kind of guy to kiss and tell but this was a whole nother story . that sweet little red head that just transferred was a huge tease and I just couldn't Resist. She practically dragged me to the cafeteria that night. So a desk or two might not of been manned that night, if you catch my drift.

"so they finally noticed him", dr. Porters angelic voice breaking the silence as she spun her head back around. She adjusted her glasses, brushing back strands of hair off her petite face. her focus now drawn away from mine. The big monitor in the center of the room now the spotlight of her attention.

Subject 0173 darted for the back door as two of the human 1-xbs came into view. Shirtless, with gray skin their upper torso Rippling with muscle, their hulkint bodies strodded forward towards the fresh meat of 0173. Their necks chocked by their trapezius muscles locking their bald heads into place. Their pants ripped here and there, exposed muscle clearly visible as it ripped through the skin. balancing themselves on their toes as if in heels as they walked. Their enormous bare hands opening and closing as they began to make their way to the building he was roosting in.

"Tom, switch to camera 2b", demanded the good doctor.

"Come on we talked about this Its dr. Shoemaker". I said casually trying to break the tension as i flipped to a different camera. i was used to being teased by her, as weve worked together off and on over the years, this time though, her voice had a tinge of resentment. Which made me a bit uneasy.

"When youre not putting your dick over you duties we'll talk".


unable to respond i turned towards the screen. The first humaniod 1-xb or as we call them titans leapt for the building. One palm extended his hands latched on to the mall clothing store. His fingers melting in to the walls like a knife in butter . his massive figure ripping the fixtures and brick as he flew past slowly coming to a stop. The second titan lept into the new space seemingly perplexed that his prey was no longer there, as hissing sounds verberated from its teeth.

" he escaped not bad...". Her shoulders sagging as she uncharacteristically relaxed from the tension.

Not bad indeed, but a rat can only run for so long. There was no way subject 0173 would survive the first room. He was afterall a failure. I sat up grabbing his chart, setting the motion sensor cameras to guide our little movie."So tell me why are we doing this?"

"It would be a waste to dispose of him".

Pausing as she swiveled her chair again, crossing her legs as the chair came to a stop.

"We aren't even sure what hes capable of".

"capable of"?! I asked in shock hoping that I heard wrong. "It says right here the nanites were suppose guide his evolution for rapid cellular regeneration". I smacked the clipboard with my other hand violently. "not only didnt he get any abilities, his nanites went offline for christ sake".

she stood up and began to casually waltz over, "and...?" Her lab coat falling down her shoulders stopping halfway to her elbows. an odd lab coat style she used more often than not.

"Were breaking protocol here! We were suppose to cremate his ass", I snapped back. "hes trash, why are we risking our jobs like this".

"He hasnt succumbed to the parasite now has he". She said, as she fished out two cherry lollipops. I plucked one from her Extended soft hands. she would always do this when lecturing someone. Like candy would make it easier to swallow.

"Well no". Trailing away as I broke eye contact I contemplated the implications.

"And that doesnt bother you". Twirling the lollipop in her mouth, She turned back to the screen. "His parasites evolved somehow. I want to know why hes so special".

"Now that you mention it". I took a second to think about the obvious. Without the nanytes the host was suppose to rapidly lose all reason, attacking all that cross in its path. Yet he was fine even if the parasite evolved this should be impossible without a fresh patch of nanytes. curiosity aside, I had to state the obviously. Lowering my voice I leaned in cupping my hand asking in a loud whisper, "what if the board finds out though".

"I won't tell if you don't"., she responded with a sarcastic tone.

"fine but this is a waste of time hes just going to get malled by a titan anyways".

She didnt answer, her eyes glued back too the screen. I looked up to watch, 0173 desperately pushing forward to make space between them dodging back and forth between the alley ways. taking a split second to scavenge the occasional corpse in his path. harris wasnt the only enployee to make his way down the shoot to the testing room for one reason or another. Nor was subject 0173 the only lab rat to be thrown into the maze. They didn't make it and without a doubt he will fall here too. however, whenever the two titans got close he seemed to know. He would in a flash tuck tail turning to scurry away in the other direction. Titans toppeling building to appear where 0173 stood mere seconds before.

"How the hell does he keep doing that"? I asked, in frustration. This was taking to long and I had better things to do.

i calmed myself as reason took over. Surely if the titans didnt get him the plagues would. They were agile little critters based off a big nasty ass rat. The very first of the 1-xb test subjects. Their two buck teeth jutting through their lower jaws, razor sharp claws, and Twin whip like tails covered in plague infested barbs. Perfect killing machines, but unreliable as they formed hordes of nest refusing to move unless hungry or disturbed. Which just so happens he was about to pass by a known nesting ground right now.

The camera shifted to follow the poor soul. Almost on cue a plague leapt out from above knocking 0173 over. both of their bodies smacked the ground hard with an audible thud. the plague whiping its twin tails in the air to and frow as black toxic sludge oozed from the barbes like blood. The ooze plasterng the walls as it made its display. He was surely done for as he rolled away on to his stomache, reaching down to his torso. the plague ran at a blistering pace. a blood curddling scream pouring from its pierced lips as it lept into the air. its razor sharp claws extended preparing to grapple its downed prey.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The plagues lifeless body flew past 0173 while he swiftly rolled dodging to the side. The body of the plague sent tumbling along the floor. its corrupt corpse now laid there limp and lifeless. My mind racing to comprehend what happened while 0173 lept to his feet. I began trembling with excitment as a titan bursted out of the building next to him. he was swatted away like some annoying house fly. His body flew down the alley way into the main street tumbling like a ragdoll.

I shot a glance to The beautiful doctor beside me. Her face as expressionless as before, she crossed her arms.

"that was a mistake".

Confused, I looked up to see the titan not making his way to finish off his target. Instead he sat there swatting the air as hordes of plagues dive bombed the poor beast. All of them enraged by the death of their fallen comrade. the titan screaming in pain as they latched their tails like Velcro to his muscline flesh.

One began to feast sinking its razor sharp claws into his eye sockets. Scooping his blood red eyes out like melon balls. It shoveled them into his mouth greedily, as the juices exploded in its mouth like fresh berries. The titans swings were futile, as they dodged him with ease. his hulking strength failing him as he fell to the ground succumbing to the poison. the titan took its last breath on screen, his chest collapsing as the plagues continued to dig deeper. Tunneling Their way into its fresh corpse.

I turned the camera back to 0173 in disappointment disturbed by the site. Somehow this defective product escaped deaths door again, but this time not unscathed. He tried to get to his feet, doubling over grabbing his chest. "take that bitch!" the titans tackle had done the trick it would all be over in a minute. the second titan came around the corner attracted by the screams of its brethren. The face of 0173 being blocked as the titans buldging back slowly blocked the camera as he approached.

The last expression on 0173's face being complete and utter terror as he realized the end was near.


May 12, 2016

Death of Innocence

I stumbled, back taking several steps back. Desperately trying to stay upright on glass legs as a fire raged in my chest. The two cracked ribs in my already bruising chest keeping me from making a quick and speedy exit. The other messenger of death slowly approaching, faster then I could move. Its glowing red eyes narrowing at me as it took another hulking step. he started to creep over clicking his tongue three times

Tlick. Tlick. Tlick.

Standing my ground and mustering all my strength. i raised my gun at the tower of muscle. I knew it was futile, but what other choice did I have. The adrenaline unable to suppress the pain any longer. I shrieked, "Die motherfucker..." As my strength gave out with the squeeze of the trigger. Bam! the bullet missed its mark, bouncing off the cement just inches from its feet. With tjat my last window of escape surely closed. Defeated I thought to myself, "Well this is it". unable to gather anymore strength I closed my eyes readying for the quick release of death.


I opened my eyes amazed that I was still alive. One of the giant rat monsters from hell flew past, its neck already snapped before it hit the pawn shop. Its body smashing through the window with ease. Shattered glass rained done over its lifeless body. The firing of the gun must of attracted the poor beast away from its meal, as it looked for the source of its comrades true killer.


Another rat jumped out of the alley way with an ear splitting roar. only to be smashed down in an instant. his carcass becoming a pool of smashed organs spreading out on the floor. The horde shifting from its prior victim to mr. Muscles. His tongue continuously clicking as he successfully crushed any rat naive enough to step out of line.

This was my chance!

With him distracted by his game of wack-a-rat, i limped away. The world going dark as my head spun. Every fiber in my body telling me to stop as I forced myself to press forward. The pounding becoming more moist with every thud. it was clear that mr. Muscles would be the victor. I had to get away before then or it was curtains for me. I gripped my chest tighter with my hand, the sting of pain snapping me back to reality with everything squeeze.

I made my way into a restaurant along the corner. It was your typical hole in the wall with burgers on the menu. The chairs thrown about, and the tables once forming a makeshift barricade. A barricade that was now in shambles covered in more black sludge long sense dried. Trails of blood tracked from the toppled tables straight out the front door. The heat still burning and my teeth buzzing. I made a break for the back I needed a place to hide. I knew in my heart of hearts i was going to die , and if i was going to pass away, I wanted to die in peace not pieces.

My hands once again touched the cool metal of a heavy door as i leaned against what I was looking for. I struggled the latch to pop open the latch of a heavy walkin fridge. My brittle legs finally gave away, i fell forward the door slamming against the heel of my foot as it swung back. i struggled to crawl in making my way towards the back wall, the icy cold air shooting shock waves down my spine with every breath. propping myself against the far wall, i slowly dropped down. I fought to stay awake as i sat up. Everything began to fade to black.​


May 12, 2016


I had lost the battle as I finally slipped off into another dream. the dream playing like an old film brimming with static. The trees blocked out the sun as I moved forward. An assault rifle close to my chest, I swiftly slipped behind one tree after another. Each time motioning for my team to advance with a salute. their faces were hidden from site. a mask of Swirled flesh were their faces should be.

Obscured voices muddled together as they talked. the humidity causing us all to sweat profusely while we made our way to our unknown objective. I Realizing something was a miss as we came to a break in the trees, I came to a stop, while my team flew past me in a hazy slow motion. one by one they slowly faded into the trees. A thick dark conapy of rainforest surrounded me on all sides. I stood there alone, the world began to take on a red hue. Slowly, clouds began to block out the rays of sunshine.

I looked up at the sky, the cool droplets of rain began beadimg down my face and my held out hands. The water pooling in them as I looked on. It was thick and warm with a scent of cooper as it rippled from the center. The Realization hit me That this was the blood of my comrades. i tossed the pool in my hand in disgust and shock. Wiping my hands on my pants in a futile attempt to cleanse them of their blood. I stood there limp, soaked head to toe as the rain poured down. filling the forest as if to drown the world. their nameless graves all now circling me as if to blame me for their deaths. The river of blood now at my waist and quickly rising, I held my breath preparing for the red sea to engulfed me. All reason falling away as I drowned dying in a pool of their blood.
There was no pain. There was no death. There was only silence.


Gasping for air, I snapped back to the real world. my heartbeat racing from another insane nightmare. This better not be a thing. I for one vote for at least one good dream before this is all over. i stood up light on my feet. The dire situation came back to me in and instant as I grabbed my chest.

"It doesn't hurt"!? I yelled in absolute amazement. Pulling up my shirt the blackened bruises that should of been there had mostly vanished. I pushed down on my once shattered ribs expecting unbearable pain. Instead i was greeted with a dull ache of any normal bruise."what?" I asked out to the empty space in confusion. my air ways clear as I took in another deep breath. a new fear overtook me as I connected the dots. I began to Throw containers of rotted food off the shelves in a fit of rage. "what did they do to me"!, the realization that they made me into a monster as I gripped the sauce shelf.

Letting go I backed up against the wall, pushing my long black hair up over my head with both hands as I tried to think. Was I going to be one of those things? If so how long did I have? My subconscious telling me what I already knew. If that were the case, if im really going to end up like them. Then, I should just end it right here.

I lifted the gun turning it in my hands to stare at the barrel. It had saved my life once before and it'll do it again right now. Holding back tears I placed the gun in my mouth clamping my teeth down over the shaking muzzle. every fiber in my body resisting as I fought to pull the trigger to no avail. I screamed out loudly as my fingers finally gave in.

Click... Click. Click.

The clip was empty as I pulled the gun from my mouth." I can't believe I almost..." I said my chest heaving slowing. The dread subsided, I realized what I almost did. I holstered the empty gun laughing, my vision blurred by the tears. I took a step pushing off the the cold steel wall of the fridge. "i cant even die properl...".


The wall behind me gave way as i spun towards the sound. Cut off from even finishing my last train of thought. a pair of giant bloody fist had torn the wall apart like paper lifting me off the ground. My feet dangling as they pulled me through the dusty cloud that was once the back wall. Choking on the dust, I was greeted to the glowing red eyes of mr. Muscles.

A grin spread across its face revealing yellow crusted teeth as he revelled in his catch. Giant maggots squirming in the rotted flesh in each gap. His warm rancid breath warfting over me as he breathed. it felt like time dragged on forever as mr. Muscles began to force his fist shut. My bones creaking under the stress forcing a pitiful shriek to make its way out of my mouth. My dangeling legs frantically kicking on their own. the pain became more and more unbearable.

ba bum. Ba dup. ba bum. Ba ba dup ba bum ba dup.

the audible sound of My heart beat sky rocketed as the blood coarsed through my veins. Any second now he would pop me like a fine bottle of wine. The heat deep within boiling me alive as our skin touched. The bare flesh that made contact sending a vulgar wave of energy up my arm. It felt as if something was festering under my flesh as I desperately fought to break free. Suddenly a miracle happened the foul wave was gone as my arms began to budge. A gap formed giving me a gasp of air as I sucked it down desperately.


Mr. Muscles railed as he chattered his teeth. Displeased withy new feat of strength. I strained to push back his death grip. His palms now completely separated as I struggled to hold him at bay. Still hovering off the ground the weight lightening every second. I felt strong, every muscle in my arms bursting with raw power. I crooned back mockingly as I pushed off rocketing to the ground. His fist slamming shut with a deafening sound as they clamped together. my head barely missing his vice, i made contact with the floor in a crouched position.

An opening!

I shifted my weight as I pulled my arms in. steadying myself for the finishing blow I took a step forward. Pulling my arm back further, I prepared for an uppercut. I made my move as i catapulted my fist upwards at my nemesis. My fist had found its mark., The punch landing vertically into his peculiarly large six pack . with a loud oomph! Mr. Muscles was lifted an inch off the ground.
my piercing death glare slipping away into shock as my fist completed its movement. The force of the blow more than I could of possibly imagined. muscles fumbled back, a gruesome crater where my punch landed mere seconds ago.

The battle was finally over....​


May 12, 2016


i pulled back dropping from my boxing stance, my mind grasping at straws. The life draining from the creatures taunted eyes as the blood poured from his chest. Brown muck drained to the floor, flowing forth from his large intestine dangelling from the cavity in his abdomen. stunned, I watched in shock as he fell to his knees with a deafening thud. Our eyes locking for a brief moment before his corpse slammed to the floor. His head flopping to the side while his tongue listfully touched the ground.

I stood there dumbfounded staring back and forth at both of my blood stained hands.
Holding my breath for what seemed like an eternity. I exhaled Biting my lower lip with my head held down, my nails digging into my now crossed arm. The pain helping me calm the adrenaline rushing through my veins. The realization that I took down the beast coming to a head. I screamed out in joy. "yeah! that's right!!!! That's what you get!". As I began to dance around his lifeless corpse unable to hold back my glee.

A blinking red light of a Security cam up above attached to the buildings corner caught my eye. I threw up both middle fingers waving them high in the air. "is that all you got". i cheered in a taunting manner as i danced around kicking him in the peks once or twice. I told them a nice place to shove it one more time, before starting to plan my next coarse. There was much to do and collect before I moved on to the "fun" that the next room had in store for me. this was a fake town after all, complete with fully stocked businesses. With the dog-rat gang and the Muscle twins walking about there was no way anyone before me had time to properly loot the shops.

I stepped out back on to the main street cautiously. the echo of crunching glass withevery step, I began to survey my surroundings in disbelief. it dawned on me that the dreadful heat in my body was gone. The very thing that became my saving grace from the muscle twins several times vanished without a trace. i just knew that if it was gone then chances were I was finally alone in this room.
stripping off my jacket, i flicked it over my shoulder. I had done the impossible and was proud of it. With a airless laugh, I set off for my next goal of many in this god for saken wonderland. Step 1, looking for a way to clean up the creatures foul blood. I knew There was a laundry mat around the corner. I had passed it earlier on our little game of cat and mouse. So making my way back and cleaning my clothes was a breeze.

all but one of the steps were just as easy as the first. I ran from store to store loading a backpack with essentials. food, medical supplies, and extra clothes fitting neatly in its slim design. the one store I couldnt find no matter how hard I looked was a gun store. I pulled out my gun studying it intently, "they definitely didn't want me to have you did they". showing it some love as I loaded the second clip. I put him back into his resting place at my hip. there was one last place to check, that I had been avoiding.

I approached a lone police station at the end of the main street. The one path that my kidnappers couldn't make more obvious that i had to go. My money betting it to being the next level of hell. Strapping the combat knife I found to my belt and slipped on a pair of combat gloves.

I had found them in the pawn shop that my rat friend had flown through earlier. they were black leather mil-tec gloves. The knuckles hardened for protection, but I had more sinister plans for them. winding up my arm as I gripped my shoulder. Closing my eyes, I prepared for a little field test. I thought back to that moment when I pushed back Mr. Muscles. tremendous energy poured into my now muscular arm. I strolled up to the closest wall shoving my fist through it like paper
The brick wall crumbled before me with ease.

"I knew it.", I reassured myself as I opened and closed my hand. This power it was just like the twins. Either I was becoming one of them, or i somehow absorbed his strength. until i know why I'll accept the good with the bad. the slashes from the dibre on my arm healing ever so slowly as if they never happened.

I walked up to the police station door. However, all was not as it seemed as I examined the building. sides of the building sloping into the mural on the wall. the mass majority of the station was a lie. the two solid wood doors lying before me the only real part of its structure. I just knew i had to be right about this as I began to open the door.

The doors creaked open as an artic wind blew from the crevice. Snow smacking me in the face as I threw the doors wide open. the full blown storm blew in full force making it hard to see causing me to squint in pain. I fumbled forward into the icy snow, my boots leaving deep prints. The snow stabbing my eyes like shards of frozen glass. The doors slamming shut as I set off into the unknown.



May 12, 2016


"this is going to be a problem.", Stated dr. Shoemaker as he crossed his legs putting his feet up on the empty space of the controls. "so much for no powers! He made that titan his bitch.", he complained. Ahissing sound came from him opening a can of cola.


I shot back, "maintence is going to love you in the morning".

"Yeah, and how are we going to keep your little toy on the down low, with him destroying half the god damn room". he said agitated at the situation, "we've lost assests sam! we can't cover that up!".

"your right.." I trailed off in thought as i twirled my hair slowly. I didnt expect him to be able to take things so far. "we have other subjects in the test right now as well don't we"

"Yeah give me a second." He sat up tapping away on the keyboard. "there's 5 active and 13 failed subjects who went offline". I leaned in, The console displaying separate bubbles for all nanyte carriers within. two of them flashed with a warning, one gave its last flash before going dark. The main screen immediately flashing to room b.

A young boy of about 8 years, fell down to the snow. his body convulsing violently as the parasites awiftly over took his body. Ripping his shirt off, His skin darkened and his ears, stretched out. His hands and feet growing giant sickle shaped claws. His heel extended and his toes became arched. His agonizing scream becoming a demonic roar as his face morphed into a muzzle. from it jutted serrated teeth as his eye became slitted. Within a couple of hours he would lose all humanity and be a beast.

"Let's make that 14 failed experiments". He proclaimed proudly adjusting his wrinkled collar. "Looks like 0173, has himself a new friend to play with soon". A devilish grin spreading across his rat shaped face.

deep down the site made me want to vomit. I spoke up "we'll blame it on one of them. was anyone else put in today besides 0173.", I asked to mask my displeasment.

he rolled his eyes as he replied, "Yeah and all of them died in room a".

"Good well blame them and corrupt the footage". As calmy as i could to not draw suspicion i walked back to my seat. My tablet flickering to life on the desk upon my aporoach.

Beep. beep.beep.

"House call".

"no, his test results must be in". I said defensively. my body became chilled as I sped through the results. silent and unable to find the words, i slammed it back down to the desk. Tom clearly caught off guard shot up from his seat in confusion. I sped off, the heels of my long boots clapping as I made my way for the door.

"Hey..." He asked, raising his hand in my direction both curious and concerned about what I had learned.

I stopped still facing the door as i responded, "There's something I need to do".

"What? about him?"

"You can handle it until I get back". i left the room in a hustle, his protest still audible as the door closed behind me. The hallway was dimmed by The facilities timed lights. The corridor itself lined with doors on both ends. Each doors label lit with its department or the name of the doctor in charge. I had to get to my lab immediately to confirm the data. If what was on the results were accurate.

Then. This. Would. Change. Everything.

As i dwelled on the implications of the results, A trace of firey red hair caught my gaze. squinting down the dark corridor a feminine figure came into view. the easdropper tore off around the corner. The sound of a woman's heels running echoed down the halls

Tack, tack, tack.

i rounded the very same corner mere seconds later. the culprit was no where to be seen. I hestitated for a split second contemplating on how much she had heard before i pressed on. The door to my lab finally in site. I stepped in Locking the door behind me.


To the left of the room amongst the cages of animals lining the wall. A small black and white husky wimpered as i entered the room. Among all my test subjects he was my absolute favorite. I walked up to him the tag on his cage had his mutation listed As "canis lupus asteroidea familiaris". I reached through the bars to pat him on the head.

Fwip fwip fwip. His tail began to wag uncontrollably against the floor.

The room was tidy and state of the art. I was the companies golden ticket after all, so anything i needed was mine. Where shoemakers team worked on human subjects. I still prefer animal bioweapons and the nanytes could be used for more than just super soldiers. His cuteness, Fenrir, was one of those lab rats. His nanytes were programmed to emulate the 1-xb starfish mutation. If he lost a limb he would simply regain his limb and if his limb was intact would spawn another cute fur ball.

I walked away from fenrir as he left to lap up some water from the bowl in the corner. I scurred to the fridge containing multiple specimen samples. popping open the small cooler I lifted 0173s samples to eye level. Swirling his infected blood within the vial I murmured, "just who are you..." If my test was right he was more than special to genetx. He was special to the 1-xb itself.

The anxiety tugging at me, i pressed down on the leaf shaped birthmark on my hip. The same birthmark that surprisingly 0173 had on his hip as well. i failed to hold back a yawn as i sat at the microscope. I started to dive into my work, exhaustion envolping me with every blink. i started to Set up a slide with 00173's blood. it was would be morning soon and fenrir would need a new batch of nanytes soon. For now though it was time to get to the bottom of this the mystery or die trying.​


May 12, 2016



A long murderous cry bellowed from my expanding chest. The bones cracked and popped as my rib cage grew. The pain became unbearable while my organs rearranged themselves. adjusting to the slim abodmen aexposing my jutting waist. My hole back morphing from the prickley pain of hair sprouted from my hair line tapering off past my shoulders. My entire being ripped apart and shattered. making it impossible to think of anything. Everything became nothing but a blank slate from the pain as my body morphed.

Memories of my family slowly fading away to the dark abyss. I was fighting a losing battle to keep my sanity with the monster within trying to enslave me. Soon there would be no me, only the beast hungry for its next kill. I whiffed the air the icy wind carried the pleasant aroma of my soon to be first kill. My stomache groaned at me, the hunger urging me to act. I began to crawl on all fours prepared to seek out my salvation. Hunger and rage was all I had now I must kill... "Eeeaaat...pppreeyyy..."! I groaned, drool flowing dawn my lips. My instincts telling me that soon my gut would be full of thick warm flesh. Then and only then would the hunger stop as I licked my lips.

Oblivious to the distant roar echoing over my frozen prison. I pressed forward frantacially through the icey blizzard. desperately fighting to reach the frozen clearing just ahead . frosty breath visibly training behind as i ran from my unkown attackers. My feet suddenly made contact with the ice sending me sliding across its slick surface. I shifted my weight causing me to spin around towards my mysterious pursuers. My stalkers small black claws pulled themselves from under the snow up on to the ice. To my shock, A colony of five infected penguins slithered out on to the sleek surface.

Their heads seemed normal with a vibrant yellow feather displayed from their forheads. However, on closer inspection the skin around their eyes had been peeled away. Dried blood caked down their faces like a permanent trail of bloody tears. Their bodies now thin and stream lined for skulking through the snow. the Bigger one opened its ragged curved beak giving out a warped shriek. The others moving on its commanded like some pack of raptors from an old dinosaur movie.

pulling themselves forward with their bat like arms the smaller four propelled themselves towards me. Startled I reacted on reflex to take a step back Falling hard on my ass. Unable to keep my balance, i fought desperately to get to my feet. I was to late as the first to reach me coiled around my arm. It weighed itself down attempting to chain me to the ice and within an instant the second had found its mark. It latched on shackling me down by wrapped around my leg. One by one they had me fully restrained. There beaks pentetrating my appendages attempting to grasp ahold of the bone hidden behind the tendons.

I began to flail around in my state of panic, throwing myself about to rid myself of the Avian leeches. All attempts to escape failing me just as the adrenaline kicked in pumping through my viens. On instinct, i thrusted my trapped arm in the air. my strength had finally came back to me. "Get off"! I screamed out in terror, throwing my fist down with a loud crack. Its spine crushed as it still fought futily to barrow its way into my arm. I continued to roll around my body frantically thrown about like a ragdoll. Every punch and kick cracking the ice with every thud leaving wells of frigid lake water in its wake. Our blood trickling further into the dark blue abyss as we fought above its icy crust.

The other three nightmarish creatures held on for dear life as the big one approached. My subconcious berrating me like some cornered animal to just get away. i fought for control, telling myself to calm down or the end would be near. I reached for the second tuxedoed snakes neck. its spine bared through the Exposed flesh missing upon its tattered tux.


Its neck snaped like a stalk of celery with a loud crunch as I tossed it aside into the icy depths. The big one lept upon my chest in a blur of feathers. His head thrusting towards my throat In a flash, attempting to end me swiftly before I could struggle further. My hand moved before I could even react, slapping the alpha away. sending his famished frame flying through the frigid air.


Even in the storm the sound of its nails dragging across the ice could be heard. Slowing him to a stop as he prepared to come back for another attack. I knew he'd be upon me again before I could remove the other two leeches wrapped around my knees. Crippling me so I couldnt make my escape. "Do it motherfucker"! I yelled in anguish at the alpha. The realization that they had home field advantage and I was about to be their dinner unless i did something hitting me hard.
But, there were no more moves to play. I was cornered. The alpha rocketed towards me. My mind racing for a solution before a miracle saved my ass.

still unable to process the scene, I froze still at the montrious form that rose from the depths. Sweat freezing to my skin, as a black beast came up from the ice grasping the alpha in its merciless jaws. the ice continued to shatter and break all around its form as it surfaced. the whales disfigured body making me gasp in horror. Its eyes we're no were to be seen, its face long since carved away by some cruel sense of fate. in its place a glowing veiny sack of fat expanded and deflated. Glowing brighter and dimming as it did. The ice cracked again as a giant muscular arm flew from the ice holding on to the ice to pull its enormous form to the surface as the other arm broke through. the whales spoil realizing there was no escape.

"Yawp!, yawwwppp!"

The alpha shrieked in pain as the montrous whale fully beached itself on the ice. Its back fins propping it up on its tips holding him up on all fours as its head turned in our direction. the rustle of our battle alerting it to a possible threat. My remaining shackles released finally freeing me once again to run.

the remaining two raced off to the alphas aid. wasting no time, my hands thrusted through the ice for traction. I crawled away as fast as my muscular hamds could pierce the ice. The foul smell of rotted fish oil depriving me of the clean mountain air. My legs ever so slowly trying to mend the damage as I made my speedy exit. The battle behind being lost in the blankets of snow while their cries slowly faded echoing into the distance.​


May 12, 2016


TAC tac tac tac TAC!

The sound of my fingers dancing skillfully over the plastic keys echoed through the quiet room. I worked dillegently against the clock to corrupt the evidence. The first of the morning crew would awaken soon enough to take a look at the other subjects in the room and if there was even a whiff of foul play then I could kiss my ass goodbye. "Grr. Why cant I say no to a pretty face" I said, cursing myself as I scratched my head furiously.

TAC. Tac

"Damn it, another mistake" I said frustrated with myself. Being this Stressed out and strung out on caffeine wasnt helping matters much was it. I i fought a losing battle with My shaky hands to press the proper keys, but I wasnt cut out for this kind of stress and she knew that.

TAC. Tac. Tac.

"There we go..." I murmured, as I finally finished changing the logs. "...and now there was a power failure in test a" i said proudly as i moved on to hiding 0173s existence. The keyboard clicking rapidly as i successfully pasted the deceased 0165's profile over 0173. I began to drum roll on the desk with my boney fingers as I announced, "And now youre 0165". I stared down at the sceen, my chest truimphly pumped out as i admired my patch work. The once darkened 0165 tab was now vividly green as if he had never turned. My cover was flawless down to the smallest milli-pixel. Telling myself not to get to cocky, i began to sift through the footage of the nights event.

Click. Tac tac. Click. Click

The sound of my fingers one again speeding across the board as I clicked through. Editing out anything that could incriminate us when the sun rose. This hurdle wasn't as simple as deleting a clip or two. I had to manually go through and cut several hours from a whooping 300 videos feeds. My eyes already became increasingly heavy and brgam to sting as I pressed on.

I stretched, Every fiber of my being damanding me to stop .I took a glance at The screen above me. The screen minutes before was buzzing with action. As 0173 once again had desperately scrapped away from the claws of death. He had managed to crawl away from the carnage leaving a twin trail of blood. his body now sprawled motionless on its back starring up at the false artic sky. A beeping noise alerting to the lack of motion as it switched to subject 0168.


The once little boy was now the size of a full grown man. His crpuched body lost to the snow leapord mutation, now perched over the body of his downed prey. his jaws now developed around the grotesque mutated body of a dall sheep. Its back plated with keratin scales curving over its back like some makeshift armor. The fleece of it body had become matted now flowing under each plate. Giant spikes had grown from each elbow to pierce any Who dare to attack from above. its head sported an extra two horns curiving down over its neck. The pair forming a spiked helmet. However, even with all that armor it was no match for the demonic beast that 0168 had become.


its screams died out in an instant as he crunched down on its neck. Its body falling lifeless as he twisted its head clean off with one swift motion. Blood streaming from its neck as 0168 Plopped the sheep down on the snowy rock of the mountain pass. Flipping it over on its back to expose its unarmored fluffy underbelly. His claws plunged into its chest ripping it apart pansacking the poor sheeps corpse.


His chest vibrating continiously in glee, while His muzzle greedily pulled out a grizzly mass of crimson flesh that was its liver. slurping the meat down whole as Blood splattered over the rocky pass. The edge of the ravenne painted red with every mouthful. The rest of its flock herded together in a dome of pointed scales on the opposite side of the gorge that formed the fake mountain pass. 0168 paused for a spell scanning the makeshift dome from across the way. Looking for a chink in their armor, he began to make his move. With a powerful thrust he launched himself, crossing the vast ravine with ease. Landing gracefully next to the mutant all you can eat buffet. He pulled himself back to his two arched feet raising his claws menacingly to startle the heard. he viciously swiped his 3 ft razor sharp claws with blistering speed . Sparks flying as blood sprayed the air. The injured sheep startled took a step back as He forced his talons between the cracks he made pulling them apart with a truimpet purr, announcing that the end was near. The sheeps helpless as he one by one swatted away their remains.

I grinned rubbing my face in amusement, "youre just a fucking beast arent you". Knowing that if 0173 ever got off his ass and made it to him his fate would be sealed. "It would be my luck. why did i even bother making you look alive". My mind wandering to a daydream of 0173s head lobbed off rolling down the rocky cliffs of the ravin. His teeth and jaw splintering away in a mesh of gore and bone with each slam against the artificial walls.

flinching as i snaped back to reality i got back to work, blissfully unaware that the door to my workspace was no longer closed. an observer peered through the cracked door studying me curiously as i murmured to myself. The figure Amused that i was unaware that i was no longer alone.​


May 12, 2016


I had been crawling for what felt like an eternity. My mangled body had somehow managed to crawl to the base of a mountain pass. Only to city me, giving out on the opposite end of that snowy bank I was attacked on. I flipped over breathing heavily to catch my breath. Unable to move my lifelesa legs thanks to the the handy work of those GOD. DAMN. electric penguins. Even now, My legs still buzzed from their tazer beaks.

I laid there blankely for what felt like an eternity. staring at the harsh snow as it danced down from the artificial clouds above. My tingly stumps slolwy mended back together with disgusting crackling and popping sounds. The Tears trickling down my face slowly freezing into place.

Yet there was no pain or fear. In its place was a sense of peace. A peace that surrounded me as if inviting me to rest. The snow welcomed me like a long lost friend. Racking my brain as to why, I smiled sheepishly. The curtains of my mind tearing back ever so slightly to reveal a lost memory. "Yeah this has happened before huh....". Trailing off as the scene played in haze of snow.

I had to be in my teens at the time the accident occurred. I had gone skiing with family at some fancy resort. Or at least my adopted parents, i was told i was abondoned when i was really young. Its probably because of that i was such a reckless carefree kid. not much different than i am now, except then I had a deep seeded hatred of myself. I was just some punk that his real parents didnt even want. That all changed that distant snowy day.

I couldnt get enough of the rush that came with danger. Just like that fateful day long long ago. Civilization lost behind me, as i barreled through the snow. getting off the lame guided path into the incredible unknown blanket of trees. I dodged tree after tree but it wasnt enough. Somewhere deep down I knew I should of turned back, but come on. what rebellious teenager ever does the right thing.

Smack! Thud!

The sound of my body slamming into the trunk of a thick tree echoed through the forest. My body tumbled like a ragdoll flailing about before the snow broke my fall. My pride had been my downfall, but the pain had yet to set in. I attempted to get back to my feet only for my legs to betray me. I crumbled to the ground screaming, "AUUUGGGGHHHH!!!". both legs had been broken.

The bones snapped, white bloody spears protruded from the skin.

Just like now in this room, I layed on my back motionless staring up at the sky. Thinking it was better this way. I truely believed no one would really miss me if i disappeared. So I didn't call out for help, I just watched the snow fall as the sun slowly faded away over the hours. My body had gone past cold and was now beginning to feel warm again as the onslaught's of hypothermia set in. I couldn't even feel the freezing temperature of the snowy mountain anymore. The welcomed end had to be soon. It was in that moment That a voice called from beyond the tree line.


A husky middle age man with peppered hair stepped into view. A look of concern spread on this mysterious strangers face as i sat up stunned. no one should of been able to find me, I wanted to die. the man rushed over the bank of snow to come to my rescue. he threw a military jacket decorated in badges over me before scooping me up. I tried to push away screaming, "Drop me". But he defended with a bear hug as I begged, "just let me die".

"What about your parents"

"They arent my parents, im just some burden that was dumped on them". He looked down at me with a crushed look, "Is that really what you think? Did they not raise and protect you your whole life"? He paused for a second, "have they ever hurt you or told you you weren't wanted???".


"Then youre wanted.", He said happily. "As long as you're wanted in this world then never give up".

I passed out soon after that only to awaken in am ambulance rushing for the closest hospital. My stepfather gripping my hand with a terrified expression. He weeped for me, as regret poured through my drained soul. It was a simple encounter where nothing special happened. however, it was because of that I realized my true worth in this world. I was loved, and people cared enough to save me that day. i never heard from that old military man again, and i never figured out how he knew my name. That didn't matter though, it was because of him i selfishly joined the military. In hopes that one day I'd meet my hero and thank him for that snowy night.

i fought to pull back more of my past. my struggles were to no avail, the curtain of my memories closing again, fading into the white snow. But I was relieved that a piece of the puzzle had finally come back. Reaching for my gun, the realization that Feeling had returned to my thrashed arm once again. The once heavy metal now a dead weight in my shakey grip. I brought its cool metal inches from my face. " so I'm military huh". I asked myself rhetorically, my mind going back to the dream as i recalled the soldiers who must of been my comrades. their faces still a blur to me as I tried to recall who they were.

Thud. Thud.

The sound of footprints coming towards me echoed in the distance. I quickly turned my head in the direction of the source. my vision blurred, as I forced back tears. I could barely make out the shadow of a figure before it approached. forgetting where i was from the obvious blood lost, i waved to my savior. that sentiment was instantly betrayed as a hulking monster hunched into view.

From what i could tell The abominable snowman like creature had once been a polar bear. its once fattened body now packed with muscle as it walked on two feet. Its white fur now a shaggy maine blowing in the wind revealing patches of black skin. Its paws swayed back and forth with its gait mirroring that of a full grown man. His muzzle had melted in to his face leaving the skin on his bottom lip folded over. a permant lipless grin revealed a protruding jaw that sported rows of premolar-esque teeth. Red eyes glowed from masked holes in His now demonic face Complete with ram horns.

I muttered in shock, "oh fuck it's Harold"!? As a sudden lone memory of going on the Matterhorn at Disneyland came back. I took a second to look away in thought muttering to myself, "of coarse my pop culture reference skills are still intact. How does that work".

The mutant yeti started to growl as I slowly made my ways to my brand spanking new Appendiges. To my dismay, my untested legs were now wobbling like some new born deer. throwing me off balance back to the ground. With a load roar he lept upon me pinning me back down. his towering form bearing over me with one giant palm.

Readying his other massive hand as he swiped down. The muscles In his arm flexed to cue me in that he was about to strike. But i wasnt scared. I felt regret that my parents would never know what would happen to me. That I died here by harold the abonible snowman, in some twisted nut jobs game. My mind snapping back to reality just before harolds palms finally connected.


Everything went white for a split second, my body. my body confulsed once again, in an epileptic fit. A loud ringing drowned out all noise with my nostrils filled with the scent of burnt flesh. The white veil over my eyes started to fade to reveal a grizzly scene. The skin on my arms had become blackened and charred in several places. my skin burning as I pressed against the rocky mountain.

Propping myself up as the skin ever so slowly healed back to its normal hue. i checked my body over in shock more then once. Confused as to how I was not crushed to death. unable to come up with a solution I turned towards the mutant yeti.

His fur had been burnt off in several places leaving giant melted scars all over his massive form. Its demeanor displayed the same confusion that raced through my own brain. it was clear that it wasn't the beast that had done this to me. if it wasn't him though that only left me. I unclenched and was treated with a terrifying sound.


startled, I jumped out of my own skin staring down at a steady stream of electricity eminatting from my hand. The several streams completing a circuit from my palm to my fingers. Harold took a step back at the display of sparks that were frieghtening the both of us. HE fled back to the frozen lake. His figure once again lost to the blizzard. I took a second to murmur in confusion, "I have a new power...?"

I wearily started down the pass behind me using several bolders for cover. Theres no way id be so lucky as to have a clear path to the exit. it was hard to stay focused as I thought about my new electric powers. if I had to make a guess it had to be the penguins tazing ability. which means ive stolen two monsters abilities, but how? picking my brain harder for an answer before I almost tripped over a rock like some fool.

"Was it skin contact"? I found myself thinking. "Could it be that simple"?

You would think electricity would be a powerful ability to have in ones belt. But, when youve already tazed and burned yourself several times with it you got to wonder how useful a skill like that really is. Complaining I closed my eyes and moaned, "please don't tell me they're all going to be like this". realizing that taking on any new powers could be fatal. I knew I had to avoid touching any of the freak shows in this hell hole as much as possible. all I could do was keep moving and hope that my new power would eventually work out for the best.


I tripped again over what must of been a big ass rock this time. The pain of my now scrapped knee muffled by the punch of one of the round larger edges to my gut. "seriously". I said agitated at myself for being careless. However I couldn't be more wrong about the supposed "rock" as I rolled over the carcass of another dead creature.

This one was some freakish goat when it was alive. Its carcass had thick armor plating that had been ripped away in a gory display of carnage. Another just a foot away almost intact. its body headless hung from a rock. Blood dripping down from its hollowed husk of a form. This couldn't of been just another monster, and whatever it is it was right smack dab in my way to the exit. i leaned in closer to get a closer look.


I froze my hands still held out as a creature stalker me from above. I hestantly brgam to peer up, catching eye of small pebbles and debri rolling down the mountain. A creature was climbing vertically down the mountain staring at me with hungry glowing eyes. Its razor sharp claws gripping the rock with ease as its two feet long ears flicked back and forth in excitement.

"mo...r'...eeee prr..eeyy". Its mouth shaking as it fought to form words.

I was Lost for words as I thought, "what the hell it talked? And did it set a trap? Can they do thay?". I unholstered my gun, my mind racing to make sense of the new creature before me. It in turn stayed still waiting for me to make the first move. we both knew what would happen next, as i aimed at its eager face. It was time for a new game of cat and mouse. Where once again I would be the hunted.​
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May 12, 2016


Startled and dazed, I shot up from the tattered leather couch I was slumped down upon. the annoying monotone of the morning announcments blarred as i scavenged for clothes.

"Ding dong. Ding. It is now 8:00 am. The facility has now resumed its daily research. the day shift personnel are to relieve the graveyard shift by 9:30 am.

I repeat, It is now 8:00 am. The facility has now resumed its daily research. the day shift personnel are to relieve the graveyard shift by 9:30 am."

"Every morning right on the dot", I snorted while snatching up my black ripped pants off the messy floor. I didn't really keep my workplace clean to begin with, but the surveillance room was now in total disarray. A mere hour before I had been diligently tapping away at the final touches on the video streams. In My panicked tired state I was caught unaware falling victim to a thirsty beast. With careful precision the terrifyingly beautiful monster tore me away from the console and into her clutches. Our battle lasted for what felt like hours as clothes were thrown to the wind. eventually my defeated drained body had collapsed to the cushions of the couch for what felt like the hundredth time.

tredding carefully, i stepped over my tipped over chair. I began Scanning the floor for the red head vixen who succurded away to gather her clothes. as i turned towards the desk I came upon a marvelous site. the beautiful ass hidden behind a tight black skirt of the new doctor protruded from under the desk as she crawled underneath. "Hey you done yet", I asked amused.

"grr, no I can't find my panties" she mused in a playful manner.

"Isnt that a shame". I shot back as i finished buttoning up my wrinkled shirt. My eyes instantly drawn back down to her glorious behind swaying back and forth. "Ah wait, be careful down there. if you fuck up the computers tower its both our asses".

"Yeah, yeah." She said dismissing me as she continued her search for her lost garments. "ah found it!".

She popped out from under the desk with a cat like grace. A red Lacey thong weaved through her fingers as she walked over. My heart throbbing out of my chest as she reached in to kiss me. I was frozen stiff as she tucked them within the waist of my now visibly tighter pants.

She leaned in even closer to whisper passionately into my ear, "Hold on to these for me okay". As she let go walking away. Her hips swaying to and frow leaving me in a hypnotic trace as she left the room. I was alone Once again, but despite being tired the day had instantly redeemed itself. I thought to myself that getting a hot piece of ass like that every once and a while is good for the soul.

I grabbed my lab coat slinging it over my shoulder as i headed for the door grinning uncontrollably. I was a total boss tonight and nothing was going to stop me this fine morning from finally getting some sleep. I headed off for the showers first confidently telling myself I was in the clear. the security cams above slowly singled out my shaggy figure as I hummed happily. they followed me down the hall as the facility began to buzz alive with white lab coated fools.

an enticing smell carried through the wind as i knawed on a piece of rancid meat. at the time instinct and the pleasure of the kill had corrupted me. However, i could tell my new prey this time would taste divine. i came down from my perch following its scent. An almost sweet metallic salty smell that tickled my nostrils with every breath. carefully my claws gripped the rocky wall as i made my way down.

the new prey had came closer inspecting my first kill on the floor below. I purred uncontrollably out of excitment and pride, nothing would stop from feasting on its flesh. i crept closer and closer down the vertical wall. Thats when it Stopped, slowly looking up until its eyes met mine. however, what stood before me was different than the creatures I toyed with before. It stood on two legs wrapped in a multitude of weird fake skins of some kind. It was A creature that felt almost familiar. a part of me struggled to surface from the abyss to tell me what this form was

"Hue...M'na", i struggled to say, as a spark of my humanity returned from the black abyss.

His smell causing my mouth to water and my stomache to churn. I patiently waited analyzing the human, waiting for him to make the first move. The second he did I would leap down a top his measly chest. Forcing its neck into my jaws to crush his wind pipe. To my surprise though prey stood its ground.

It raised something at me as I tilted my head out of confusion. nothing could save it from being in my belly. In its futile attempt to escape My prey began to back away. the black thing in his hand weaving as he did. My plan was finally put into motion, as i extended a clawed hand to the next foot hole. My eyes zoomed in focusing on the black object as he came to a quick stop. The humanity within screaming at me as he steadied the object.


My mind barked at me once again in fear as I jolted my hand back.


a loud crack and a bright light came from the black object as his arm jolted back. the foot hold my hand had grasped mere seconds before blew away leaving a small black hole. I snarled in displeasment, while bullets flew past my plummeting body. primal rage over took me as I rolled in midair landing onto my hind feet. My clawed hands raised, each click of my claws sharpening them with every metallic scrape.

I thought to myself, "How dare simple food attack me?". The human taking the split seconds to take off down the pass. It kept shooting glances back. my instinct to chase pulled me to act. I bolted forward, as several more flashes of light came from the object in the humans grip whenever he turned my way .

Bam. Bam. Bam.

I was forced back dodging side to side, again and again avoiding the deadly projectiles with ease. even though he missed this was taking to long i needed the high ground. This was my territory now and i will not lose here. The firing stopped, its figure vanishing behind the bend. My heightened hearing picking up a metallic clicking. The sound revertibrating in my ears causing them to twitch. He could hide, but I could smell him from a mile away.

I lept up onto a higher ridge. the rough mountain had several ridges perfect for me to get the jump on my tender morsel. I lept to the ledge closest to the bend with absolute stealth. i peeked over the edge to assess my killing strike.


I threw my head back just in time as a bullet smacked into the snow spraying white powder in my warped face. I lept again to the next ledge trying to regain control, but my prey jumped into action. He spun out from behind his hiding spot aiming at me. I was greeted With another audible bam. Searing pain shot through my ear as an erruption of red fluid oozed down over my face. A giant gaping red hole left in its wake. my feet touching the ground as I crumpled to the floor screaming. The pain was incredible engulfing my whole being. I had never experienced something so excruciating painful.

The sounds of his footsteps muddled by the blood gushing into my ears. His scent slowly fading as he made his escape up the mountain pass. fighting my corrupted body to move, i struggled back to all four claws. sinking them back into the mountain wall to swiftly began my ascent. thrusting off the last foot holes to land up on its snowy bank on my hind legs. I sped over Digging my claws with everything stride to propel myself forward.

a vast opening laid before my eyes as I jumped down. My body landing in a crouched position inches from a swinging wood bridge that connected two pieces of land. The other side still sporting the blood of my first kill. the snow now stained a bright crimson color next to a small dark cave.

I knew the cave is what the prey desired. a strange smell of a foreign land drafted from the dark abyss. to get to it his one and only hope would to cross the path hanging between. that would also make this my last Chance to feast upon his mangled corpse.

I slowly crawled onto the bridge as it swayed back and forth. Making my way towards the center i carefully Grasped the ends of the wooden planks swinging down to latch onto the belly of the bridge. I slowly sniffed the air waiting for his scent to return as I laid motionless still waiting for the right time to strike. the child within whimpering as his memories continued to fall further into the dark abyss. knowing that if he killed this man he would cease to exist.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

my face twitched with everything beep of the alarm as I laid there in a deep sleep. My head buried in my crossed arms while drool slowly ran over my notes smudging the freshly pressed ink on the lined notepad. The beeping continued without end, skirting on my subconciense trying to pull me back to the land of the living. but why, Why would it deprive me of this bliss that I desperately needed? The unknown reason clawing at me to awaken in my struggle against big ben to get the sleep I desperately deserved. The sound of animals in the distance yapping in fear of the whimpers of a dog from the cages across the room.

The name display flashing red as it warmed of his imminent demise. He laid there sprawled on his bloated side with his eyes rolled back. His body convulsing with every heavy breath. He had become a ticking time bomb, and his time was almost up.​


May 12, 2016


I lost the futile match with my desire to crack my subjects mystery falling into a lucid dream. The beeping alarms blarring soimd lost on me as it muffled in the red liquid I was bathed in. Perplexed, I peered through a blood red haze. traped and unable to move, I layed suspended in this liquid. the blarring alarm vibrating against my bare flesh. I fought desperately for my freedom to be born into a cruel unfair world. Suddenly, I was falling my body tensing aout of shock fear.


I hit the tile floor hard rolling off my now bruised elbow. "God damn mother fucker". I said profanity spilling from my mouth with every pulse of pain. Using the desk as leverage, I slowly got to my feet. I looked around dazed by my sudden awakening the alarm lost on my half awake brain.



Just like that, I snapped back to reality by The sound of the animals frantically bashing against their cages. The continious beeping sending waves of anguish as I ran to poor victim of my neglect. "Oh no, fenrir". I peered down on a creature who had not yet succumb to the virus. His skin had hardened in places with hard spiney scales protruding through his fur in visible in patches .

His head drooped down while he pitifully whimpered. He began frantically scratching at his fluffy face with both paws in pain. His every breath wheezing as his chest expanded and collapsed. The infected crow above landing on the barred floor that separated their cages. threatening his roommate in annoyance with every caw.

Fenirs whimpering came to a sudden stop. his head slowly cocked to the side in interest. His body now still as his head gradually rose to his noisy comrade. his jaw unhidged like a snake, letting out a blood curddeling beastly scream with every bone cracking sound.

His alein body rocketed into the air. Catching me off gaurd I jumped back in surprise. He Latching his boney claws on to the steel rods as he continuously bashed his head in to the metallic roof. The crow flew up without hesistation back to his perk to he continue mocking the poor beast. Fenrir would not have it as he relentlessly fought to get between the bars. blood flowed down his face the more he pressed on. the bars sinking deeper and deeper into his flesh. The tissue separating in horrid chunks with every impact.

in my panicked state I ran to grab the vail of Fenirs nanytes. his mutation was rapidly taking control and if I didn't do something now id lose him for good. i fumbled the small glass vail barely snatching it up before it hit the ground. Fighting my trembling hands to load the syringe as the lab animals panicked. I ran back as fast as my sore body could carry me. my eyes wide with terror while I dropped down to open his cage.

Fenrirs face had been smashed in. his muzzle slipped through the bars, but his eyeballs had popped out from the pressure. He was Unfazed by this or by the sickening moist sound of the bars that continuously Guillotined his flesh. His once adorable fluffy face was now split into three down to his neck. I jabbed the needle into his skin injecting his salvation. his lifeless body hung for a brief second suspended by the bars before slipping back down with a wet smack into a pool of his own blood.

I slumped down crying as the crow dropped down from his perch. enjoying the strings of dog flesh dangeling down from the floor of his cage. Cawing in delight, he clearly enjoyed the free meal. I pulled my knees in burying my face to cry. the realizaton that i killed my new best friend sinking in as I weeped. The startled animals drowning out the sound of The blarring alarm that had now gone silent.

"mister president. As president and soon to be ceo of genetx, I can asure you we have everything under control" I said confidently leanimg back in my luxurious desk chair. I began twirling my cane as I continued, "there's no way that the media can connect you to our little project here, so rest assured youre contribution to our little deal will be our little secret".

"You know, it really doesn't matter what the media writes as long as you've got a young, beautiful, piece of ass, but it better or I'll destroy you. Locker room talk, whatever you want to call it."

I paused for a second to attempt to deceipher the presidents strange code that he called speech. president trump was a complex man but if it wasn't for him none of this would be possible. I still remember vividly that day we sat to talk about the latest xb-01.

We were in a sells pitch at the white house that day. The screen in front of the president alive with a field test of the new specimen known By the scientist as the bat carrier. They were large midnight black colored bats with four wings three times its body size. We were showcasing them as invisible sky bombers. one test showed them expertly being guided through a team from miles away with a simple signal. the live bombs they carried were of several tons and they carried them with ease. The act seemed to defy logic as the package plummeted to the earth exploding on impact.

the president however seemed to be unimpressed as he slammed the laptop closed. pausing my sales pitch, I froze in a cold sweat. after a long silence he began to speak with a random pitch of his own. He raised one eyebrow as he began his absurd proposition, "I'm not sure I believe it, why animals and not humans. I know that if my father and mother were alive today, they would be very, very proud of me".

"president trump sir, with all due respect there's laws against that, and how would the military even control them".

"There is nobody bigger or better at the military than I am. Which is why I say, listen to me... Super soldiers. All with different powers".

I pinched the bridge of my nose thinking to myself that they say you have to be intelligent to be the president. I responded back sarcastically, "...and how do you propose we do that sir". Little did I know then how right he was, a lot could be said about trump but the man was a mad genius.

He responded happily with a presidental grin, "the beauty of me is that I'm VERY rich, but you're the one with the scientist. I mean, look, I'm for it - have them cook up a way to take it from the animals and put it in humans".

Hesitantly I put up a modest struggle, ".... Yeah, but my ceo....".

"Don't worry about some stupid fake laws or your ceo. now if you remember, you think about it and well work something out. Were going to make america great again". Before I could utter another word the man got up and walked out of the room his guards slowly following the strange man. i was left dumbfounded on the couch As another guard instructed me to leave.

I of coarse took his deal later that week. I had slowly been buying out genetx from the pacifistic do gooder of a ceo for a while now. and within a week ill be left as the majority share holder of genetx. The masses were no more than ants that marched to the design of those with true power. which I held in my hands the pathetic trash that I had grabbed off those Vegas streets for this project should be thankful. I'm merely recycling their useless carcasses into art and giving them purpose.

Knock. Knock.

the continuous knocking snapping me back to reality, " uh yes, sir... I will make sure to handle everything on our end to keep you out of it or its my ass".

"A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10/10, but alright keep up the good work". he replied, not even waiting for my reply as he hung up the phone.

Left lost on trumps strange dialect, I let out a loud sigh. putting the phone down on the receiver, I composed myself readying to meet with my secret accomplise. Propping the cane against the walnut desk, I began to press my fingers together, "come in".

the door cracked open slowly, the sound of heels stepped off the tiles floor onto the luxiourious carpet. A beautiful red headed vixen stepping into view as she slowly closed the door behind her pressing her back flirtiously against its fine wood. She tilted her head chimming in wirh her angelic voice, "did you miss me love". I began grinning ear to ear at the sight of my secret agent. knowing that i wpuld finally know what the children from the lab below were up to while daddy was away.

"your charm ability doesn't work on those who are aware 00104, but yes I did". I said with a tyrannical grin. " now report what are my moneymakers up to".

she strolled up to my desk like she was a model in a showroom placing her hands on my desk leaving her cleavage exposed. "I told you not to call me by my experiment name, its vixen". Her face displaying some form of smouldering anger under her smile.

"Fine. I hear you, vixen give me your full report".

looking satisfied she stood up placing one hand on her hip as the other dove into her cleavage. "that idiot thinks he's all that since he took over monitoring the experiments.." She said pulling out a slim peice of metal. "hes so wrapped around my powers little finger that he didn't even notice I copied all the data off that little drive of his".

"So its little huh" I said as a joke

She licked her lips, "thats the one thing the boy has going for him...". She paused for a second staring off into the distance before continuing, "from what I can see porters wrapped him up into something big enough that he's freaked.he was falsifying the lab reports so I just had to step in to stop him".

Glossing over the horrid image of that misshoveled boy ever getting laid as I swiped the usb from her hands. "Good, then sending you in wasnt a complete waste like i thought".

"Is that some form of compliment?" she chirped, lowering her head as she brushed a stran of hair behind her ears.

i shot up out of my chair. my face red as i boiled over agitated at her arrogance, "hell no youre merely a product, a thing for me to use how I please!".

Her face showing no distress at my out burst as she made her way around the desk. i turned towards her my head still boiling over as she gently caressed my chest with her finger before resting her whole hand down the middle. she calmly lowered me back to my chair "Yeah dont be to rough on your tools, they all won't like it like me". She ran both hands down my thighs as she crouched down. "come on now, reward your favorite tool before she starts feeling neglected". She said as she rested the side of her head in my lap.

"that's right ill reward you.." I said, my eyes narrowing as I reached under the open binder a top my desk looking for the hard metal of my gun. Her body flinched as I swiftly yanked out the syringe gun, thrusting it into her neck. Her body jolted out of surprise before relaxing. The sound of air decompressing with the pull of the trigger. pulling the syringe out of her neck she starred back at me. "now what do you say?". I said, exerting my dominance.

she gave a seductive smile and said, "Thank you master". She stood up making her way to the door.

"Don't forget that i hold your leash". I said watching her grab the door knob before coming to a stop.

"And if I don't comply I'm dead". She said, her voice taking on a serious tone. "believe me I know that all to well". She said sadly before cocking her head back with a cheery demeanor. "or not" She said sticking her tongue out at me before existing the room.
i was alone now and the room had fallen deadly silent once again. switching on my computer i sighed in relief. for once things were going my way and all I had to do was plug in this little usb drive and see what little porter is up to behind my back. the screen came to life as I jammed in the green and purple toned piece of metal.unable to hold back the childish glee that consumed me, I grabbed the wireless mouse. Soon all would be reveiled and the real games could began.​


May 12, 2016

The cave

"Phew, i finally made it". I said, stopping to lean on the rocky mountain while gasping for air. My adrenaline running high and my focus drawn to the sight of the swaying bridge that once loomed above at the beginning of my duel with the king of this mountain pass. My nerves on end as i scanned for that talking monstrosity.

He had yet to pop in and make another appearance, but the burning in my chest proved it was only a matter of time. There was no way he would of just given up after the stunt he pulled earlier. After all, the exit clearly had to be the cave just across the way. It might as well of had a giant flashing arrow pointing directly at it with an exit sign. Knowing that, I began to survey the surrounding area before taking one heavy step on to the force aged wooden bridge swaying back and forth in the wind.


Startled, I pulled back to the safety of the mountain pass noticing several broken planks along the bridge. "You gotta be shitting me?!". An old rickety bridge that will give away with one wrong step! What a god damn cliche this turned out to be. Cautiously, I once again stepped forth upon the shitty bridge, testing each wooden panel.


The second plank gave way plummeting down below. if I had been stupid enough to place my full weight upon it, that surely would of been my end. I fought forward again, swiftly dancing along the bridge to avoid falling to my demise. "just a little more!", I said to myself while the bridge haphazardly swayed back and forth from my weight. I was now halfway through this god forsaken land mine field, when The frozen tears in my eyes began to melt and steam rolled off my very being in swirls. He was close I could tell but where?

Tk.tk.tk... Tk.

instantly , I froze in place. I stumbled back, The realization that the sound came from below the wooden planks. My eyes quickly darting down to the plank i had been on mere seconds before had exploded In a crackle of wooden splinters. In its place large claws jutted up before diving back down below. "fuck, its a trap" I blirted out preparing to turn tail and run.

Tk Tk. Tk Tk.

The sound of its slim tainted form crawling below at a blistering pace could be heard. I jumped back again, just before the machete like claws ripped through the wooden planes once again. This time to my dismay the creature came flying through the hole landing on its powerful hind legs. Its glowing red glaze locking on to mine. Its claws now raised in my direction. I cautiously took a step back preparing my stance to counter. Trying not to make any sudden movements. i reached back, My hand slowly reaching for the knife strapped to my back Hiss! The creature let out an unpleasant hissing sound followed by an ear splitting roar.


With that the true battle was underway. His body barreled towards me at a blistering pace. The shacking of the bridge becoming so violent, that I was knocked off balance. I stumbled forward just as His trunk of an arm swiped just above my head. Lady luck was still on my side as I took my knife slashing it at his exposed chest . The knife barely knicked my foe, but it was enough to make him Cower away.

"Nows my chance!" with all my strength I twisted on the balls of my feet and took off in a full run. I was almost to the end of the bridge now, Afraid to look back at my attacker knowing he would be upon me any second. His razor sharp claws sliding into my back like a knife in hot butter. "just a little bit more!" I screamed out, as I neared the final planks of the race.


"Oompf", was the only sound i could make with the the air now knocked out of me. My leg dangling from the brand new hole in the bridge. "screw you lady luck", I thought to myself before springing back to reality. turning behind to see to my surprise that he had yet to even make a move. instead he sat there, perplexed as if stunned or perhaps amused at my strife. That quickly melted away as our eyes met. As if challenged by my gaze, his eyes Began to simmer with rage. His body now dropped on all fours, his hip bounced back and forth, like some sort of house cat preparing to pounce. seeing that I knew i had to act and fast.

I was only a panel away when the bridge gave way so I knew what I had to do. First I had to just pull my leg out. Then, cross back on to the fake mountain. Finally, cut the ropes, sending the bridge and the freak far away from me. "the plans bullet proof!" I thought to myself, while nodding and pumping my fist.


I paused, and turned around dumbfounded. I was not fast to act... damn inner monolgue. The creature lunged forward sinking his teeth into my shoulder. his jaws locked shut with unbelievable force. His clawed arms reach down grasping my arms to shackle me down. An unfamiliar screech bellowed from from my lips due to the unbearable pain. my superhuman strength coming to my rescue once again, i swung back with all my might. the knife now dancing in the air once again in a futile attempt to put up a fight.

Surprised, The beast loosened his grip as the knife blade sunk into his bicep. His jaws unclenching to let out a murderous snarl. That was the opening I needed, as I grappled his arm. I swung my leg to kick of the rocky cliff of the mountain. propeling my weight I threw his mutant weight over my shoulder sending his body plummeting down below. His body hit several rocks on the way down before falling silent in the snow. his body now twitching as he laid there unconscious.

"Thats my cue, time to blow this Popsicle stand!" I yelled pulling myself up and over onto the ridge. Running for the cave entrance with a skip in my step. The hell i wad going to be sticking around for when that bastard woke up from his cat nap. The inner cave was only a small rounded black room with an equally black door leading to the next area. I turned back to see the snow blowing once last time before opening the door and stepping into the unknown.​