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They Met Again

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Aug 15, 2009
Disney World
It was a typical Friday night as the woman was alone in her house, again. She could hear the laughter of children from their trick-or-treating and the young ones who stayed up to god knows how late into the evening. The woman was alone as always, especially on Hallows Eve where she had no one to tend to nor to care about. She didn't mind that at all. She liked the silence of the old house, inviting her each time to it's dark past of previous deaths before. She closed her eyes each time as she could hear the screaming of past lives ring through her ears. She got a kick out of that the most.

The woman hated Halloween the most though. She hated the fact that it was a holiday full of merriment and laughter while it should've been a time for hiding away from the devil himself. Not that she actually cared about other people, no, she was just more concerned for her own well being. The clock struck six as the hunt for trickery began. As always, the woman never had her porch light on and decided to go and take a nice hot bath. She walked up the old rickety stairs that sounded like screams with each step taken. She always took her time to go up those stairs, considering that the sound soothed her constant headache. Just as she approached the top she walked down the long, dark hallway. Pictures of happier times past her. She couldn't even remember the last time she was as happy as she was in those pictures. She would even curse under her breath for each time she would forget to throw them out. The woman approached the bathroom and started to draw the water. She dimmed the lights and lit the candles that covered most of her tables and shelves. She took off her clothes and stepped to the running water, dipping one foot in before the other; making sure the water wasn't going to scorch her. As she sink into the steamy abyss she stopped the water and let herself be consumed by the fog. Laughter she once heard was a far off memory to her. The woman tilted her head back and began to dream about a land that was far off from here' to where her heart yearns to be.
Just then as she lifted her head up, she saw a man leaning over the sink looking at her. His eyes held no emotion to the smirk he gave to her. She smiled back as she closed her eyes in thought.
“I thought I wasn’t going to see you again,” she whispered.
The man walked forward towards her as he crouched down and laid his arms against the rim of the tub.
“I just had a feeling you needed me,” he whispered back.
The man’s cold lips kissed her cheek. It sent shivers down her spine. She looked to him as if they knew each other for years, when it was their second encounterment. The woman could see his grey-ish pale skin that emitted his icey attitude. The man wore all black with a touch of black hair. His eyes were a pale blue, almost mistaken for grey. The woman dreamed about the man ever since they met the first time. She was happy that he came again.
The man backed away from the tub as the woman got up to put on her towel. She let the water drain from the as she stepped out, feeling refreshed from the world’s harsh reality. Right now she was in a dream, a dream that seemed just too real. They walked together to her room as the man sat on her bed, waiting for her to get dressed. He watched her closely, making sure he caught every moment of her; making sure he could remember her always. As she walked out with a fresh pair of silk pajamas he walked up to her soon having their faces becoming inches apart from the other.
“You look lovely tonight,” he said huskily.
The woman blushed as she twirled her damped hair.
“You always look so handsome. It has been such a long time since our last meeting,” she stated.
The man nodded in response. He then snaked his arms around the girl’s waist, bringing her closer to him even more.
“I feel like one last dance should do us good,” he said.
She drooped her eyes as the both could start to hear the music forming. It was a slow jazz that brought the girl into a trance. Every step she took followed with his graceful lead. A tear ran down her cheek as she tried to look away, not wanting to ruin the moment. The man noticed this as he wiped away the tear with another kiss.
“Please don’t.” was all he said.
They continued to dance until the song was over. They stayed as close to each other as possible, not wanting the moment to end.
He looked down, hesitating on his next move. The woman was shocked to see him struggle with a thought. She always pictured him as a man who had every thought figured out. He looked to her again and asked,
“Do you mind if I kiss you?”
She giggled a bit. It was cute on how he asked for her permission as if they were in middle school. She closed her eyes as he slowly began to move his lips towards her’s. The kiss was cold but sparks flew inside her heart. She knew that this would only be the true kind of love she would’ve ever gotten in her life. And she was glad it was with him.
Just as they parted lips, the girl’s eyes fell asleep like a little girl who became sleepy after all of the excitement. The man carried the woman to bed and tucked her in. He gave her one last kiss and made his exit

On October 31st, a woman was found dead in her apartment around 1:00 a.m. The cause of death is unclear as most speculate it to be a suicide. Locals hypothesized that this woman received the ‘kiss of death’ by the myth of the grim reaper.
-New York Times


Sep 25, 2010
This was a really great story! I wasn't expecting this to have to do with the grim reaper and his kiss of death. It's sweet and romantic despite the woman dying. Kind of feels right in a weird way that I can't really explain. Seriously, it's great to see you write a story. I enjoy your poems a lot too, but it was cool seeing something new from you, SorasTwilight. :)
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