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Fanfiction ► Thing's Aren't So Beautiful Now (PG-13)

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Dec 24, 2004
Alright. This is an AU fic which takes place post FFX-2. It's a romantic tragedy, and I will also write in first person of an OC named Kanynt. If you've read Accidentally In Love or its sequel, Holding Out For A Hero, Abandoned Heart, or any fic which reminds you of the name Kanynt, then umm... Yeah. If you haven't read the fics I have mentioned, please continue reading this, it wouldn't be hard to get into. Let's begin.

But first some precautions.

This fic features:
Strong language
And kissy scenes.

Chapter One

~The End Of Things~

Things became uncomfortable when he put his arm around my shoulder. Now he was trying to act like some "father" that I've known and loved for all of my life, but in fact, I've almost always hated him. I couldn't love him, or my mother for that matter, who rested her hand on my other shoulder. Who did she think she was? The tramp always cut into things that she would never mean to be a part of. I could've pushed her away then and there, but she left. I stared into the pink sunset but I couldn't find any relief in that. It's beauty couldn't match with hers...

I never thought I would have a chance to watch my mother perform a sending. I hated it, but I couldn't bring myself to react. Everyone was enchanted, just watching her dance. I couldn't stand it. It was disgusting. Her grave just floating in the water. I couldn't stop looking at her before her casket was locked forever. She was so beautiful but now... Where would her body go? Her soul burst into pyreflies and floated into the air. I clenched my fist in anger. She's leaving me forever and I can't do a thing about it.

The crowd broke up as mother had stepped back on to the beach. I watched as Auntie Rikku hugged mother. "I think you should thank her, Kanynt," he whispered. I'd never listen to him, an idiot of a father he is. He took his arm off of my shoulder and expected me to go and hug her, almost like I loved her. That bitch. I'd begin to love anything before I could love her. It's her fault I'm in this situation. It's her fault I'm experiencing situations, but I could blame that on "father" as well.

"Let's go Kanynt," she told me as she handed her staff to Gerard. Her summoner outfit looked like it hadn't been worn in years. I shook my head to get the hair off my face and turned around to see Auntie Rikku in my father's arms. I left mother standing alone as I walked closer to the water. Bending over, I wrapped my pants up so they wouldn't get wet. I wanted to see her grave one more time. The cold ocean waters were what brought her to me in the first place, but it looks like it would also take her away from me. But why? I did nothing to deserve this torture. All my life I was tortured, miserable, and cold and when something good comes along, it's ripped away from me like the leaves on a dying tree. A gentle breeze could seperate the two.

I whispered her name, just to hear it again. Her name rolled off my tongue as sweetly as her lips. I closed my eyes. I wanted to see her again. I needed to see her again. I needed... I needed something... I needed to feel... Real... Alive... Happy... A feeling stripped away from me just as easily as the ocean took her. I felt small gusts of wind near my ear, but I wasn't disturbed by the guest. The butterfly was one of her favorite things, so all I could do was smile...

A tug at my shoulder interrupted my peace and sent the angel on my shoulders flying off. Amy. She couldn't be any more annoying. She bugged me the most out of the three. I turned to see her staring at her feet. Her dress was gettting wet from the waves crashing upon her legs. Her hair looked orange in the sunset, but I could care less now. "Kanynt, my mom wants to invite you over for dinner tonight. Can you come over?" she asked. I hated it. She was always so quiet. Once in a while, it'd be nice if she could talk louder.

"Whatever," I said. I heard her footsteps grow fainter and fainter as she walked away. I could blame this situation on her too. It was partly her fault I met her and it was partly her fault I'm here now. It wasn't too far back... But still, it felt like forever...

-End Chapter-


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Dec 24, 2004

Two updates in one day? Nostalgic feeling, yes?

Chapter Two

~Eyes Closed, Heart Opened~​

It was terribly hot, waiting in front of Luca Heights High School. I pulled up the sleeve of my jacket to look at my watch. The bell should ring any time now. I was doing a favor for Auntie Rikku by picking up Amy today. She felt that Sanae and Shinobu were old enough to walk home by themselves, but she was a little wary of Amy. Every Friday, I'd have to wait out here for her to come out of school and pick her up and take her home. At least she appreciated it.

The bell rang and the large swarm of people dashed out. Some formed little groups near trees or benches. I scanned the area for Amy. She wouldn't be too hard to find. She had unusually long and bright hair. She was making small talk with her friends, but I wasn't all too patient. I called out her name and she responded immediately with a wave. She hugged her friends before running over to me. I got back on the seat of my jetcycle and Amy sat behind me. As soon as she got her arms around me, I quickly started the bike without her settling in. Think of it as my way of teasing her.

I was about to stop and turn left at the cobblestone road when Amy tapped my shoulder. I put my foot down and leaned my weight on my leg to balance myself. "What do you want?"

"Erm... I know this might be a little out of the way, but can we stop by the beach?" she asked. You have to be kidding me. The beach is five blocks away from her place and my house is three blocks from theirs. It's too hot of a day to make that kind of a pitstop.

"Just ask Gerard to bring you,"

"But it's for a project! I have to collect seashells for a scrapbooking project on oceanic ecosystems! It's due Monday and the sooner I have what I need, the sooner I can finish it,"

"You need seashells?"

"Well, I just need," she started, but everything after that I paid no attention to. A prototype of my jetcycle flew right in front of me. I turned my head to see it was heading straight for the beach. It was a shock. Since I came into this time period, I never thought I'd see any other vehicle like mine. I could tell it was a prototype because of the smog pouring out of the back. That helped me recognize it's inferiority because I helped Dr. Pliskin develop the filter that reduced the visible smoke. I looked to him as my teacher and I was his apprentice. My idea was to find the person who owned the prototype and see if they'd lead me to the younger Dr. Pliskin.

While Amy was still jabbering on about how shells act as homes to some other sea life, I quickly went straight ahead towards the beach. I caught sight of the driver of the prototype AC4500. But I hadn't noticed that it was the only one flying around. I saw a couple following the one in front. I turned up the levitation on mine to lift a bit higher. Hitting pedestrians wasn't in my best interest, and Amy wouldn't find it very pleasant either. As the beach came into sight, I reduced speed and came to a complete stop. Amy jumped off the seat shaking nervously. It was almost amusing how frightened she was.

"I'll umm... I won't be long," she said before stepping on to the sand.

"Wait," I stopped her. I pulled her shoulder back. "Take your shoes off. I don't want you getting sand on it," I said pointing at my bike. She smiled in agreement and did just so. I couldn't see how people could smile so much. I just told her to do something and she just smiled. She continued towards the beach and I took a look at the prototype jetcycle. The black sheen of the paint shone brightly as the sun intensified the glare. The mechanical specs were almost up to par with mine, but still not as good.

I looked over at Amy to make sure she didn't get lost or kidnapped. I wasn't concerned about her. Really, I wasn't. It's just that if she were to dissappear, I'd be held responsible. I took my shoes off and rolled off my socks as well. I guess I'd join Amy, just to make this process a bit quicker. I stepped closer to the water and dipped my feet in. The cold bite of the water sunk into my skin. The veins of my feet became visible and they turned blue. A dissapointing sight to see. It reminded me that blood was still flowing and I wasn't dead yet.

A pile of shells and mixed pieces of metal dropped at my feet. At first I thought it was Amy, but I was wrong. I turned my head up to see her. Her... She was gasping for air on her knees with her palms digging into the sand. Long black hair with blonde tips had covered her face. I began picking up the pieces she dropped and I held them in my arm as she got up. She stood up and began wiping the sand off of her wetsuit. "Sorry about that," she said calm and cool. "I tripped over some rocks, didn't mean to get you wet," she said. Her face was stolid as she looked up to me. Her eyes were Al-Behd. The spirals must have made me dizzy, because I felt my stomach turn. This feeling... What was it?

"Here," I said pushing the things she dropped into her hands. She wouldn't take them.

"Would you mind taking them to my jet? I need to get out of the wetsuit first," she told me. Might as well. At least I know the jet is hers. Her hair covered her left eye as soon as it was entirely dry. With her hair out of the way, I could see the ring piercing on her lip. The feeling rose from my stomach to my chest. I couldn't suppress it. My breathing grew heavy, but I disguised it by clearing my throat. She lifted her hair off of her back but it seemed she couldn't reach her zipper. "Don't mean to bother you, but you mind pulling down my zipper?"

"You're very trusting even when you just met me," I joked.

"You can't trust anyone. You want something, you just ask. Just don't look forward to much and you won't be dissapointed by much," she responded. I liked that. Good policy. I placed everything on my arm and used my right hand to pull down the zipper revealing a black blouse and a pink and black striped plaid skirt. She turned around and began leading me to the jetcycle. Amy was putting her shoes as I took a quick glance to check on her. She opened bag that was tied to the handles of her jetcycle and I gently placed everything in it. The shoelaces of her boots were unhooked from the handles and she sat on the bench to put them back on. "What's your name?"

"Kanynt," I said.

"Oh... I'm Penelope," she said. I'd remember that name for quite a while, if not any longer.

-End Chapter-


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Jun 23, 2005

-diesh inside- Please get rid of teh piercing. Dx

GAH. Piercing.



May 18, 2005
inside you!
Describe the charecters more, right now every one but penolpe is a blur, its a good story though, I got hooked a bit, add more action though, some parts a re a little flat and boring.


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Dec 24, 2004


Chapter 3

~You're Ever So Inviting~​

The dinner was terrible. Father blabbed his stories about some kid going to some planet and doing some mission to prove himself to his father. I couldn't stand his mindless chatter so I stepped out. Sanae tried comforting me, but she just got too close for me to tolertate. She didn't understand I only went outside so I could be alone. The cold air had surrounded me and had chilled the tear on my cheek. She was gone...

Gerard walked Mother and I home. In some kind of fatherly act, he hugged me. I hated him. I could pull a knife on him right now and end both of us, but I knew that Mother wouldn't last without her G-Kun. Such a playful nickname for such a terrible sin. I went straight into my room. I waited until I knew Mother had fallen asleep. I opened my drawer and pulled out the handgun I had brought from my old time period. I took five bullets from the magazine, making sure there was only one left.

I held up the mercy angel and gently wrapped my lips around the barrel. I breathed slowly and put my thumb on the trigger. Tears slid down my cheek. I'd be with her soon.


I watched as she kick started the engine, which made me feel a bit nostalgic. The kick start engine gave me a bit of trouble, but the doc was glad to modify mine a bit. She revved the engine and I just had to ask her. "Penelope," I spoke. She looked back at me and turned off the engine. "Is Dr. Pliskin still around?" She laughed. The feeling returned. I hated it. A tremendous weight began closing on in my chest and I felt like I could barely breathe.

"You know Dad?" she asked. Dad? I asked myself. I don't remember him having a kid, much less her. They looked nothing alike. But then again, I don't remember him having a wife either. "He's not a real doctor, you know that right?" she said smiling. Of course I knew. He always told me that it was a joke, but with his intellect, he had the mind to become one. I nodded yes to her and she put her helmet on. "What do you need him for?"

"I'd like to speak with him,"

"Really, now?" she said putting her hands on her waist. "He's a very busy man and I don't think he has time for strangers,"

"He never did," I quickly said. I couldn't lose chance. I was too excited.

"How do you know him?"

"H...H-how do you know him?" I blurt out. What was I thinking? I don't even know if I was thinking. Thousands of words ran through my head, just looking at her. Her eyes, pulling me in. Hypnotizing me, I couldn't breathe again. I don't remember what happened after that, but it must've been enough to make her drive off. I stood where her shadow had blessed me with its presence. It was getting hot in my jacket. I unzipped it and flipped my hair aside so I could get a clearer view of what was in front of me. The breeze felt nice on my fore arms. The smell of laundry detergent wafted from my black shirt. At least Mom was doing something other than my uncle.

It looked like Amy was bored when I saw her slump over the seat of my bike. I would have smirked a little if one of her pony tail got caught in the machinery. But it seems that no one can really appreciate my sense of humor. It looked like she had her shells, I guess. "Amy," I must've scared her seeing how startled she was at my voice. "Let's go," I said. She made room for me and I hopped on after sliding on my boots. "Wear this," I said as I handed my jacket to Amy.

"It's all sweaty, Kanynt" she said pushing it away.

"Then just hold it. I can't, I'm driving,"

"Fine," she said. Don't roll your eyes at me, I said. I revved up the engine and began driving forward. Amy held tight across my stomach and I stopped a bit. My hair got in my eyes. I really thought about cutting it, but whatever. What's the point? It'll grow back again. "I saw you with Penelope," she said in a suggestive tone. I hated that smile. It's the smile "Mother" gives Gerard. But Amy was too innocent to have such an intention. That's what I liked about her... I guess...

"You know her?"

"She goes to school with me! She's a junior though, so she's in Shinobu's class. I don't know her all too well though, but if you ask Shinobu she might know. I've seen them talking before,"

"Why would I wanna do that?"

"Cuz you love her, that's why."

"If it were a joke, I wish I could laugh, but all emotion was torn from me at an early age."

"Oh come on, Kanynt! Love's for everyone! You can't lose it before you've found it y'know?" Amy smiled. As if she knew. I would've bet that she knew less about love than Father knew about abstinence. "I saw how you interacted with her. It was cute," she was trying to provoke me. I swear I was about to lose it. "Didja get the feeling?" she asked me. The... feeling? That cursed gravity crushing my body at even the slightest smile from... Penelope? Maybe she did know about these trivial things. She jumped off the bike seat and walked towards the vendor on the street. She handed him gil and she came back holding two bottles. She pulled me to the bench I parked in front of. I didn't have time for this. "Here. This came out of my allowance so you better enjoy it!"

It sounded like a threat. At least it was lemonade. I wonder if she knew I liked it. But it didn't matter. And we were in the shadow of the building behind us, so I wasn't so... Warm. "Y'see," she began. A lecture from her? Maybe it'd be good for a chuckle. "You felt the pounding on your chest right?" she asked. I nodded. Could love have victimized her already? "That's called having butterflies. You get... Y'know... Nervous and stuff. Heavy breathing comes with it,"

"How do you know this?"

"Dad told me," she smiled. If there was some kind of higher being, I would need proof now because if Gerard taught a little girl about love, something must've given him some kind of divine knowledge. But I wasn't so bothered by the mention of Gerard. I just kept asking myself...

Did Penelope feel it too?

-End Chapter-
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Jun 23, 2005

Kanynt's gonna suck bullets!


If you're stupid enough to put a gun in yer mouth, you'd better have guts enough to pull the trigger. >.>


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Jun 23, 2005
Mr.SpaceShipDriver said:
emo, so emo....your weak parts are describeing things....fix that shit

I'm sure he'll take your oh-so-literate post into consideration. By the way, you might try writing before critiquing next time. >_> Poor Fan Fic n00b.


Update, Gerard.


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Dec 24, 2004
Two updarts in one day again!

Chapter Four

~Help From The Most Unexpected Place~​

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I never ever thought I could stoop this low. I bet I wasn't even in "love." I did have some ginger ale in the morning, so it could've been gas. Amy held my hand as she rushed ahead of me up the stairs to her home. I never really told anyone, but I liked the atmosphere. If you ignore the lecherous oaf named Gerard who lived there, Rikku, Amy, Shinobu, and Sanae really make the house... Warm...

With each step up the stairs I felt my dignity just die bit by bit. Amy was blissfujlly unaware of my resentment towards her father, but... I never could bring myself to break it to her. She knocked on the door as we waited in front. Rikku greeted us with a smile and I put on what could've seemed like a smile. Just to be polite. She hugged me and I guessed I should hug her back. I... I didn't understand how she could love me. The bastard of child of her cousin and her boyfriend. She should've hated me, but it seems her logic was just as twisted as the remains of my heart. Her long blonde hair covered my shoulders and she had a pleasant fragrance. Reminded me of lemons and oranges. She let go and asked me what I was visiting for, but Amy rudely answered for me. When Rikku heard why, she teased me a bit. I couldn't really get mad at her though. She needed as many laughs as she could get if she lived under Gerard's constant tyrrany.

Amy took me to her room and opened her window. She had a footstool below the window to give her a bit of reach for her to climb out. "You go first," Amy demanded.


"I don't want you peeking when I climb up there," she said. I almost forgot she was wearing a skirt.

"Oh please. Grow up, Amy. Why would I want to do that?"

"PERVERT BAKA!" she yelled as she began pushing me towards the window. Not knowing whatever the hell baka meant, I knew it was loud enough to get the attention Rikku or Gerard unless he was at my house putting Yuna under his tyrrany. I stepped out the window and jumped to the metallic balcony that overlooked the beaches. I pulled down the ladder when Amy climbed out and I began climbing up. I could hear familiar voices conversing as I climbed higher and higher.

"Mom wants to take us out again," I heard Shinobu say.

"Again? She's always trying to connect with us and... stuff..." Sanae retorted.

"You don't like her?"

"Oh come on, Shinobu! It feels like she's only doing to to apologize to us for... For you know!"

"But she DOES love us! Right?"

"Yeah, us and dad, and we both know Dad isn't the most... Intelligent person to... Grow fond of,"

"Are you complaining? Mom's only trying to show she cares... I mean, really Sanae.."

"Why are you so sad!?"

"It's just that," Shinobu started but she quickly stopped as soon as they saw me.

"Don't let me being here stop you from talking," I said. I hated that feeling. It felt like it was my fault. I didn't tell them to stop. I guess they came straight up here after school. Both haven't changed from their uniforms. Must've been cool with the breeze. I did dress a bit warm... I guess. Sanae turned her head to me and the reflection in her brown eyes stared back. She had Amy cleared her throat to get my attention. She was still hanging on the ladder. I made way for Amy to come up and I helped her up.

"Hiya, guys!" Amy said waving. She went up to her sisters and gave them hugs. "Kanynt needs some help, Onee-chan," she said pulling me towards Shinobu. She gave me a smile and giggle. Why the hell could people be so happy all the time? I was getting tired of it. I began scratching the back of my head surrounded by an awkward wind. "Ooh! Blushing!!! It's true!" Amy teased. I was about to yell, but Shinobu asked what was true. "He likes someone in your class, Onee-Chan?"

"Kanynt? Liking someone?" Sanae scoffed. "Hey, maybe if that happened, we can get Dad to leave Yuna alone!"

"Oh be nice Sanae. Who do you like Kanynt?" Shinobu asked. This was a stupid idea. I should have never come here. I don't even know why I believed their help could... Help. What could they do? Plan some kind of secret rendevous? Love couldn't be anything like that, but then again... I know nothing love love... Do I?

"She said... Her name was Penelope," I muttered.

"Come again?"


"You really have to open your mouth next time you talk, Kanynt," Sanae said.

"Penelope!" I yelled. It was enough to scare the birds off the rooftops. The name seemed to have shocked Shinobu.

"Pfft. She's a bitch," Sanae rolled her eyes.

"What?" I asked. I couldn't believe how naive I could be some times.

"No she's not, Sanae. Don't worry Kanynt. She just says that about any girl she doesn't like,"

"Not too many people actually go that far to make me call them that," she said sitting up. "Grab a seat," Sanae said pointing over to some lawn chairs next to the shed. Amy ran over and got one for herself and I. We walked our chairs over to edge and I sat between Amy and Shinobu. Sanae kept her self busy by throwing the seeds of the cherries she was eating. She took the rubber band out of her hair and let the breeze pick up her brown hair and throw it back into her face. She blew out of her mouth to get the strands of hair out. Shinobu didn't have that problem. She had shorter silver hair, down to her neck, but it didn't go any lower. She laid back, with a relaxed look on her face. I was growing impatient.

"Well?" I asked.

"You do seem like a match for her I guess... But... She already has a boyfriend."

"Does it look like I care?" I asked. I was pissed. But why?

"Her boyfriend's name is Alex. He's in my grade too,"

"He's a bitch too," Sanae said munching on a cherry.

"Doesn't bitch normally refer to a female?" Amy asked sitting up and looking at Sanae.

"He's got girl pants," Sanae rolled her eyes. I was about to yell 'Boot Cut' at her, but I was a bit distracted by Shinobu continuing her explanation.

"She doesn't know it, but word around is that he's dating another girl,"

"That girl's a bitch too," Sanae said after spitting out a seed to the sea of people below.

"What're you going to do about it, Kanynt?" Shinobu asked me. I really couldn't do much I guess. Besides. What's the point in trying?"

"Nothing I guess..." I said. Something triggered in Amy. I never seen her so... Angry really.

"What?! You can't just do nothing! Don't you believe in love?!" she said with her eyes shining with what seemed like... Tears? "You can! If you really like her, nothing should stop you from doing whatevere it takes to sweep her off her feet! I'll help! We can send letters, flowers, candy! All from a secret admirer and-"

"Oh please Amy. Love isn't ANYTHING like you perceive it. The stories you read take love and make it this wonderful flowery party that you know it can't be!"

"But Sanae..." Amy said almost crying.

"Amy..." I whispered. I knew Sanae was right, but... I desperately wanted to believe Amy. Why?

"Don't worry Amy, Sanae's just being sour. It must be all the cherries," Shinobu said trying to comfort her little sister. "Sanae, apologize to Amy. Promise you won't be mean to her again," she ordered. Sanae sighed.

"Fine. Amy, I'm sorry and I plomise I won't be mean to you,"

"You have to PROMISE!" Amy said.

"FINE. I PROMISE I won't be mean to you," Sanae said rolling her eyes. I heard her whisper 'Today' after the sentence.

"With cherries on top?" Amy smiled.

"I'll give you cherries on top," Sanae said tossing a cherry at Amy. But she laughed because both of them knew they were both joking.

"Well, can you help me out then Shinobu?" I asked.

"Well, but I know someone who can!" she said. Oh know... I knew what they meant but I would never EVER consider it.

-End Chapter-
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