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Time for a Stretch

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Feb 15, 2006
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Yeah, I'm back, and I'm ready to kick some arse, actually, this is just a refresher for me, any level of experience is fine, but if your new, I need at least two of you to fight me, kk, thanks.


Morph's rules, if you don't know them, then go look um up!!
Um, Noobz aloud, but I need at least two of you.
Literacy is a must, 25 mistakes throughout if semi literate, noobs get 40, vets get only 15, and in one post only 5 are allowed, so be literate.
Power characters are fine, I would prefer melee with some power, but whatever.
Temps most be good, no "His past is unreveiled" shit, kk love u, have a nice day!!
I have the right to eject you, and will if I have a good reason.
Oh, and no biast judges.


Lol what the hell i'll take you. I'll be using Daklyn. Are you familiar with him? I've used him quite a bit but here:

Name~ Daklyn Pierce

Nickname- Prince of Darkness

Age- You can’t really say

Gender- Male

Personality- Daklyn has no emotions nor feelings. The only thing that inhabits his body is hate and anger. Evil intentions as well, but doesn’t tend to go for with that. He doesn’t tend to talk much, whereas he has nothing to say. He doesn’t get along with others well, as people tend to fear him.

Appearance- Daklyn can take any form he wishes. So basically he can look like anything.

Skills~Dark Mist
~The dark mist is his weapon with no choice at all. With Daklyn being the very soul of the mist he can use it in any way he wishes. The dark mist is a powerful gas that is incubated with about every element on the Periodic Table besides the few which include; Gold, Copper, Helium, and Potassium. The gas is capable of burning at temperatures close to the sun itself, freeze at a rate of .02 seconds, dissolve solids, or poison the human system causing brain damage, numb limbs, and lose of memory.

Shroud- As the mist gathers in a collected spot, the mist will harden, creating a barrier which is impenetrable to any attack.

Altimist- When the mist spreads out to a circular maneuver, the gapping whole will create a small void which will envelope anything in the way. As its finished the void will create a mass of energy equal to the amount of things it has absorbed.

Steple- This attack allows the gas to form solid spikes. These spikes come in numbers in which you couldn’t count.

Elements- With the help from the elements the gas is inhabited by the elements of mother nature. Coming from fire and ice, to the wind or lightning.

Clone- The mist is able to take the form of a human being, replicating whoever the user chooses. The clones cannot be attacks nor attack back. Only used as distractions, they don’t last too long, but can range from numbers to the hundreds.

-From the depths of the lost souls, he is able to led to dead under his control, creating hordes of them at a time.

-Fear is caused by darkness, which is inside everyone that has ever lived. Being the prince of darkness, he is able to manipulate this darkness for his advantage.

Sword~Bullioten- The dark mist was able to form a weapon, a sword, made of pure darkness. This is sword is completely shrouded in darkness. It is very large but can be wielded rather quickly with Daklyn.

HellsSting- With a quick slash of Bullioten, a large amount of dark energy forms into a wave of energy which is thrusted towards any target.
Silo- As the sword sends a wave of energy into the ground, an uprising of power is formed. The energy under the ground spreads out from under the ground at about a thousand yard radius. The energy then on command rises up giving the area a thick layer of goo. The goo hardens upon contact.

~His sword skills are limited but ranged with the powers of his mist giving him an unpredictable amount of techniques to use.

Bio- The researcher, Daklyn Pierce, is one of the most well known scientists to still be living today. His curiosity has led him to make some very creative inventions, which at present are weapons used in war. After getting tired of creating the same models over again, he wanted to imbue one of them with some of our natural elements. Ones that could be too dangerous to just man handle. Either way, he did so, with consequences.

The past guns he had created weren’t able to handle the types of plasma he would create for ammo. He tried many experiments with fusing the elements into a regular bullet. They were successful, but not with a gun. This time his hypothesis’s led him to the idea of fusing all of the elements together to form some type of solid. What type? He didn’t know, but to him, it would be worth it, as he didn’t have anything to use.

After months of messing with these elements and hours and hours of fusing, he was given a solid. Pure black and not too big either. It was thought to be expandable. It just fit his test tube. It was thought that he could form anything with this solid with the way the atoms reacted to other ones. Unfortunately it didn’t last long as he dropped the tube while tripping over his own feet. With Daklyn locked in a room for the night and no way out, the solid broke. A small liquid dripped out and suddenly exploded, creating a gas. The gas got bigger and grew as it shrouded the room. With Daklyn inside, his death would be quick, or so he thought.

The gas had killed Daklyn rather quickly, burning him from the inside out. With his body demolished, the mist slowly extracted his soul. His soul and the atoms from the mist reacted with amazing results. The soul became part of the mist, with Daklyn’s mind still in tact. Somehow the mist incubated his soul, creating a being, Daklyn himself, but it was him as a resident of the mist.

In the morning the gas gathered back up and a form of Daklyn, which resembled him perfectly. When the room was unlocked Daklyn left, with his new found self out to the world. Daklyn as had evil intentions inside him ever since he became a scientist, but never got to use them, fearing that he would be caught. Now, as he is basically dead, Daklyn plans on carrying out his plans, leaving them upon the many worlds he has yet to visit.
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Lol alright then. I'll wait only a day. If no one else does, we shall battle.


Alright so are you ready to get your ass handed to you :p


Alright so I guess it comes down to you and me now. Or you could choose a partner to aid you. But you'd best make it quick. If not, please go right ahead and give a setting and the opening post.
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