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Crisis Break

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Jan 3, 2006
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AWAKENING - welcome to the nightmare

"A looming gothic castle lies along the horizon of a grassy plateau, solely isolated amongst itself, far away from civilization. It is reminiscent of the classic castle, its rooftops guarded by petrified gargoyles and its windows sleek and vibrantly painted with a palette of colors. It houses almost hundreds of rooms, from luxurious silk-fitted bedrooms to dullish bland storerooms, all accessible from the spacious foyer. However, the castle is prone to suspicion, as many myths have been established about the nature of its owner, a mistress named Helena Petrova. Accused of witchcraft, mass sacrifices, and practices of the Satanic sort, she remained in her castle, overlooking the city below her as the number of missing people steadily rose.

There was no evidence against her, and even so, anyone who dared enter the castle faced deadly consequences, as were her orders. The castle was a harbinger of ill will, and terror befell the city. No one stood up to her, until a father rose up in pursuit of finding his little girl. His name was Aaron Crawford. Determined to find his daughter, he entered the castle without Helena's consent. For days he didn't come back, until he arrived at the city completely shattered in insanity.

Forcing the city to act, a myriad of townspeople forcefully entered the castle, witnessing the terrible murders of all the innocent victims that had gone missing. With much conviction, the people locked Helena in her own castle, starving herself to death. Her soul lives on and terrorizes anything that dares enter her castle again."

She spoke the last words eerily as a group of people neared an open gate that led to a moonlit castle, each pair of eyes nervously staring into the windows, terrifyingly hoping for a swift sign of movement. The cruel wind howled in the pitch black night, the tensions of entering slowly rising. The night was a harbinger of something crucial to come. Everyone could tell that this particular night was a twist of fate. They were all here for a reason. She needed to be here to survey the castle before the big documentary in a week.

"You're all set for the documentary, huh? Well, we'll just be going now-"

Jerking her eyes toward her colleague, she folded her arms, exaggerating a sigh of contempt. "C'mon, you guys. Come with me. There's nothing to be afraid of." She turned back to look at the castle. At least, she hoped not.

The tall wooden door swept open into the porcelain-floored foyer, a glistening pair of staircases on adjacent sides. A large painting of Helena Petrova lay dangling intact, her fiercely focused eyes seemingly looking at the trespassers of her gloomy castle. "Hmm.." she said in awe, beginning to run up the stairs.

Hours later..

She curled up in the corner of a room, dimly lit with a single candle on the table. Her eyes widened at every single eerie sound that passed, her breaths drawn out in complete terror. The images repeated in her mind, her face grimacing at each thought, horribly attempting to shake away the continuous thoughts that plagued her mind. Suddenly, a scraping sound echoed throughout the corridor, the door that kept her safe slowly unlocking. It was midnight when a shrill and dry scream broke out throughout the castle.

TORTUROUS - a collaboration by CB and DID [Crisis Break and DespairInDefeat]

I. No powerplaying or godmodding.
II. This roleplay contains graphic and gory material. Participate at your discretion.
III. The password of this roleplay is a saying. 'Without the truth of the eyes, the devils find their victims blind.'
IV. There is a slight literacy policy, although I am a grammar/spelling Nazi. Two paragraphs is fine with me, but if you can't do decently legible posts, I can't let you in.
V. Romance is fine, as long as you survive (because being trapped in a castle isn't exactly the appropriate place for love). And keep it PG-13 too.
VI. This roleplay takes place a week or so after the events in the Awakening. You'll play one of the documentary crew. Keep in note that none of the characters you'll be playing was present in the Awakening, save for Witness.
VII. Initial weapons must be typical of the chosen character (i.e. Medium might have a voodoo doll that wards off spirits), although you may find weapons in the castle.
VIII. PM all templates to either me (Crisis Break) or DespairInDefeat. No exceptions. Automatic rejection for posted templates without prior permission.
IX. Stay active and have fun.

Camera man/woman - Available
A person who's spent his/her whole life delving into the camera, capturing everything from birthday parties to homemade music videos.

Director - Available
An aspiring director who's looking for his/her big break, and wants to prove that the castle's myths are complete hoaxes.

Witness - Christian Martyrow [Crisis Break]
A crazed artist who claims he's seen the devilish secrets of the castle. His paintings and drawings depict hellish portrayals of Helena and various monsters, whom he eerily names Hellions.

Medium - Available
An eccentric psychic specializing in the occult. Claiming to be able to sense the dead and channel spirits, his/her unorthodox methods are somewhat questionable.

Medic - Jillian Masters [DespairInDefeat]
A field medic who persuaded the director to supervise the documentary, believing the myths to be true. Initially opposing the idea of a medic to avoid from irrationally angering the others, the director eventually allowed her.

Journalist - Alexander Dolan [Archetype00x]
Writer of the script and eager member of the crew, he/she hopes to record his/her experiences into a book on the supernatural. He/she has visited many other supernatural sites of phenomenon.

Name [Last, first]
Age [Over 21]
Gender [M or F]
Appearance [Description or picture is fine]
Behavior [Basic aspects of your personality]
Occupation [Choose one out of the list above in the Documentary Crew section]
Items [All important items, including weapons and supplies]

Welcome to the castle of Helena Petrova. See you inside.
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Aug 18, 2007
"Without the truth of the eyes, the devils find their victims blind."

[Masters, Jillian]

[25 and a half]


[For this occasion, she chose to wear a deep green vest over a grey, long-sleeved blouse with the red cross symbol on her left sholder. On her vest, it gives information on her name and her position in the group she works with. Her vest has a radio holder and many pockets, along with a place to hang her L-shaped flashlight. She chose to wear loose, baggy dark grey pants, held up by a black belt with a knife pouch, used to carry her trusty knife, and a first aid pouch. In addition to the two pouches on her belt, she a thigh pouch, carrying more medical supplies, because she was worried that she didn't back enough. Over her hands, she wears black gloves, that expose her fingers, and wears them because of sentimental value and not for her job. To cover her feet, she wears combat boots, and tucks the bottom of her pants into them, giving the appearance of her pants folding in, but over her boots. This is her uniform for her standard work, without her usual gun holster and gun.

Because of her job, she keeps a slim and quick body, standing at 5'6 and a half. She may not be strong, but she doesn't have to be, for she mostly depends on others to be her strength. Her dark brown, almost to the shade of black, hair goes five inches bellow her shoulder, when not tied up, and is layered in to a V in the back, but in this case, she tied it into a high pony-tail, letting a few strands of her hair fall into the front of her face. She is occasionally seen with frameless glasses, due to the fact that her dirt colored eyes aren't good, or with the occasional sun glasses.]

[Jillian is a person who sometimes keeps to herself, due to the fact, that she doesn't really like people. She isn't one for socializing and might be hard to get along with. She is the woman who does what she wants and is devoted to her work. When speaking to superiors, she talks casually,and may sass them, but when talking to those she feels somewhat comfortable with, she talks nicer, in an obviously caring way. When with people she is comfortable with, she reveals to them that she can be easily hurt and offended. She also reveals to them that even if she acts like a rough and adventurous tomboy, she can be caring, and sometimes motherly.

Although she is a medic, she is hemophobic in ways. She always careful to not get hurt, and doesn't like to see blood. She often turns away, and may get sick. This is probably the only thing she is afraid of. Because of the sight of blood on her patients, she might not be able to fix the wound or continue work. She may act tough and seemingly want to fight, but is strictly against it, due to the fact that blood will be invovled. Even though she is against it, she isn't afraid to fight.]

[ Field Medic]

[First aid materials, a pocket knife and her standard combat knife, L-shaped flashlight, and other materials needed]

[Jillian Master works for a small group, associated with the town's police department, as a field medic in a squad, and joined the filming crew, hoping to see the supernatural. She was a believer in the supernatural, but she wanted to see it for herself. When she found out about a director filming a documentary on the myths of the city castle, she immediately went to persuade the director to let her come along as a medic, to ensure the safety of the crew if the myths were true.]
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Apr 15, 2007
'Without the truth of the eyes, the devils find their victims blind.'

Dolan, Alexander.

Alex is a well built man, with shaggy brown hair and deep green eyes. His skin-tone is slightly tan, hinting to a Middle Eastern background. He stands at perhaps 5"8", 5'9", and weighs around 168 lbs. He's not a very big fan of vibrant, warm colors, so he sticks to cool shades of green, navy, and grey. On this occasion, he wears blue jeans, a crisp white, collared shirt, a typical dark green jacket with many pockets, and tan construction boots. Around his neck he wears a locket of unknown origin, and he wears an engagement ring, though he denies any marital connections.

Alex is a level-headed, down to earth kind of person. His quick-wit and ability to adapt to situations before they take control of him is a useful skill in times of panic or crisis, and his observational skills allow him to see through most reuses - however, that often makes the wrong first impression as he analyzes every inch of a person. His shyness around new people and clumsy people skills get in the way as well, so it makes sense he has neither a girlfriend nor many friends at all. He has a knack for writing science fiction and fantasy short stories, and hopes to write a book some day. It should be noted that in the past, Alex has shown some history of multiple personality disorder, as well as reliance on pain medication and anti-depressants, and spent fifteen months in a rehab clinic in Maine after a near lethal overdose.


Pocket flash-light, three-ring notebook, tape recorder, ball-point pen, lock pick.
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