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Advice/Help ► Translation troubles


Alexxio M.

Active member
Mar 5, 2021
New York
Hi everyone I’ve been playing around with translating my fanfics for fun and perhaps future purposes as well and hit a snag with translating certain sentences from English to Japanese in Google Translate and thought crowd sourcing these sentences as well as getting insight on better translating software and methods might be helpful. So here we are. Both of the sentences I will share are from the same story but I will give context for both so with that here we go

#1- In this sentence Mickey is bringing Lauriam and Elrena to the land of the departure in the gummi ship so they can reunite with Ven. When they arrive Mickey says the following in the original English
“Here we are fellas the Land of Departure.”
I simplified the sentence to make it easier to translate so that Mickey says this instead “Welcome fellas to the land of departure” but the word fellas is tripping the software up how would you translate the second sentence from English to Japanese?

#2- In the second sentence Lauriam is taking a look out the window of the gummi ship and admiring the Castle of departure aka Castle Oblivion he notes in the original English that “It’s so strikingly unlike the form it took when I was a nobody that I feel like I'm a kid again on his way to his first mission outside Daybreak Town silently wondering to himself who he might meet in the brand new world.” I simplified the beginning of this sentence to say “The castle looks so different from the form it took when I was a nobody.” But the romaji for the nobody creatures and the it seems to be tripping google translate up. How would you translate the new beginning of the sentence as well as the rest of the original sentence from English to Japanese?

Any suggestions on other sites to use for translation that are suited to documents, are free and don’t require a log in are very much appreciated .