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Trust is [NOT] Resolute

Jul 21, 2008
"Komaeda!?" Try screamed as she was forced through a portal. This idiot, he really was about to sacrifice himself. No one told him to do that, why did he always have to be this way?... Wait, always? Try suddenly flinched and let out a desperate gasp. Komaeda's actions suddenly meant so much more. She frantically grasped at the air as she fell. "Wait, please stop. Don't do this! Don't leave me alone!" The portal closed, and she was somewhere else.

"...Kommy." She dropped to her knees as memories began flooding back to her, too many memories. They all coalesced into feelings that bombarded her senses. Happiness, fear, anger, regret. Ah, she was crying, she was crying and it wouldn't stop.

She took a look around herself, though her vision was blurred she was able to spot two people. Luxu and Kambria. She stood to her feet and took a step, only to stop as a sharp pain was felt in her chest. She hadn't been attacked, this pain was something else. In hindsight it was odd that while she understood the severity of the world's condition, she otherwise wasn't effected. Of course, all the trauma had been in memories she'd forgotten, and now it had all come back at once.

Darkness began to pour out of the crack in her helmet like steam escaping a faulty pipe. Try let out a fearful scream as the crack spread, until finally her helmet broke apart. The Darkness inside held captive by her keyblade armor burst forth, and flew into the sky. Her face was exposed, her braided white and black hair unraveled and fell. The left side of her face, corrupted by exposure to the Dark ached.

"Luxu!" She summoned her keyblade, unsure of the reasons for her current actions, she was behaving on pure instinct. "TRAITOR!" Her voice bellowed, echoed with her ability. She charged towards him with unnatural speed, she thrust her keyblade into the barrier before her. She continued slamming into it, echoing each strike. All the while her tears had not stopped.


Dec 1, 2013
2nd Earth.
This chaos was something I typically didn't have to deal with often in my years as a merchant. Darkness, the heartless, and the smell of decay in the air as Luxu stood idly by and did nothing as I erected a defense surrounding the dorms. Cannons purged from my circles mounted on the high, as the light I emitted was bright red given physical attributes to mimic shape, weight, and the proper channels of damage. This form of my resolve could be described as "Light Transmutation" and fundamentally using light as a catalyst to change the properties of it to mirror physical objects or a certain type of magic or spell.

He stood behind me pacing with his arms folded, muttering to himself in a mild panic. My barett/hat kept sliding to the left and right, slight movement could be detected underneath. The sheer embarrassment from exposing that would totally drop my concentration, but the goal was preserving this place. I couldn't quite put my finger on any of it, but this place...that i briefly saw in a memory, was definitely important and worth saving.

My eyes darted well above my head and I saw a ripple of darkness tear open. Two bodies began to barrel through in a state of free-fall. Dead center from where I was holding stance, light pierced the plane and another came through it, a portal perhaps? Insane height, a certain curviness to their body, this was definitely a female, baring a helmet that was cracked. A resonance of darkness was peering through, seeping through the cracks like steam and my eyes widened. That woman...in the memory she nearly beat the living hell out of the scarred man.

Something was off, the heartless were trudging along past her recognizing the darkness she'd emitted and completely ignored her as a threat. To make matters worse, screaming out for 'Luxu' and mounting an assault against my set defensive parameters. The heartless right along side her slamming into the walls, a reverberation was felt, as cracks began to appear across the walls.

"Don't tell me you're against us too!?" I shouted in a very notable panic. This was bad, I didn't understand how she was doing it, but she was creating multiple hits off the back of one, the follow ups may not seem as strong but they multiplied doing additional damage to the walls I'd erected. The Dark Hides were slamming the walls with their entire mass and the shadows were gathering, likely to create a Demon Tower.

I could see it from the distance, as the hand that looked down on the world was astronomical in size, readying a fist to crush the wall I'd formed. At this rate something was certain...

Someone was going to die.

I grabbed Luxu by the arm and phased out into Red light as the barrier shattered like glass in between the woman, the dark hides, and the dark side's fist crushing the initial structure of the building. We emerged outward in the middle of the field and I pulled him up.

"Still think what you did was smart??" I yelled at him as we were immediately swarmed by a mass of shadows. Cedo appeared in my hands and the red glow of my resolve was immense. He certainly didn't waste anytime defending himself from the hoards as I wasn't going to protect him this time.

The hand rose out of the building's now shattered architecture, slowly, methodical and one laced with enough destructive power to take them all. There were three of those heartless that lingered in the sky just outside of he world's orbit, massive powerhouses. My senses weren't the sharpest, but my ideas and planning were sound. What could I construct in a dire situation such as this..?


I'm not entirely sure how long it's been, but it was cold. I trudged along at what looked and appeared to me to be a door of some kind. Gigantic, white, and most importantly...closed. "Another dead end...how many exits are closed off here..." I said rolling my eyes. I was too in my own head at this point, thinking about what Luxu said. This was really all I could do huh...? Baring the burden of responsibility always provided one with the temptation to abandon it.

I felt like a fool for even ideating the doubts but...oddly I couldn't help it. One of my ally's denied responsibility for a catastrophe...and another thought it was ok to remove us from the playing field entirely. The master was definitely correct...still, even if what that other man said was to be acknowledged...doesn't that also mean his trust is temporary as well?

Rubbing my hands together, I could feel the cold of the dark worlds white roads...with a debilitating feeling of failure close behind. My eyes were watery, my stomach was knotted and a certain level of despondence was beginning to set in. This light...this resolve we all were supposed to have...why was the form that mine took so...weak? Flashy little orb that had such...niche applications..? What good was I really in all this and to be given such a steep task by the master with no specification of anyone being obligated to assist me..?

I dropped to a knee and clutched my head. I was starting to feel a fever coming on, I was thinking too much...crying too much...and starting to lose touch the longer I stayed here. "All-series...some secret art we all could do...?" i was intrigued by the idea after seeing Komaeda and Luxu both call forth something so radiant and broken all at the same time. The more I thought about it, I'd chosen to place my resolve into physical objects possessing specific skills and using them for combination attacks. Both are meant to be weaker on their own, but combined they provide a formidable offensive power. I speculated if I should push the limits of my buffing, debuffing, and direct attack strings with an all-series...except...what was my activation name supposed to be...? I didn't remember any of this...is it supposed to be related to my name...? Monochrome? Lucrecia...I was beyond lost here.

As if on cue, a world ender emerged from the depths of the world destroying a piece of the land mass I was traversing with its bare hands. I was knocked on my butt, as I watched it climb up and tower over me as if I were an ant to a boot. This thing...was beyond my power of trying to do combat with alone. "Is this how I die..." I started to space out and became immobile for a moment, paralyzed. "Without...even saving one lingering remnant...?"


Jul 15, 2018
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'With those wounds you're simply inviting death in. RIGHT? SAEBYEOLBE!!!'


Sae's head perked up, passing out as he was basically naked from the top half up, falling against the pull of the wind. The darkness clutched him, touching his physical but finding no respite in sight. His Mortem, all-series, traced behind him in his very shadow. It's arms wrapped around Saebyeolbe, the blood leaking from the tears in his torso were being soaked into Mortem. The figure itself was casting a manner of regen on Sae as the tears in his body were closing up.

His head wrapped around, discovering that he'd been given a second chance at taking this place back. A loud shriek, a fist that soared past him in free-fall with a pronged attack staged to shatter a barrier around the building. From up high he couldn't make out who was on the ground, but the situation looked grim all the same. Prepping himself for the worse case scenario he took a deep breath and released, collecting himself.

"Looks like Helmet went on a rampage...cant have that..."

He falcon dove downward ( :24-:140) and allowed the wind and a fira spell to push him towards the surface in dramatic fashion. Alabaster was armed in his right hand and a thunderous crash met the foes from below. Swift, clean, and gone within an instant patches of clustered enemies began to splatter instantaneously across the planes and the building itself. This wasn't just speed...this was the fruit of training for years, fighting a pinnacle adversary in the lingering will and breaking his physical limits to ascend. In minutes, the cannon fodder heartless, he'd fell them faster than they could respawn before slapping the Dark Hides to the left and right of him as he approached a rampaging Helmet-less "Helmet".

"You're really gonna make me do everything...even in a situation like this? Wheres your warrior spirit Helmet!"

Sae laughed and wide grin appeared on his face. He was all but clothed save for his waist, along his body and even his face his body was horrendously bruised, scarred, and disfigured even over his muscular physique. His silver hair and gray eyes, they peered at the darkness flowing from Helmet, clearly she wasn't herself and rather than get caught up in being self-conscious...of the two of them, he was truly naked here, yet unashamed. His knuckles were glowing white, Mortem floated behind him and a lunged a fist to snap the jaw of a Dark Hide roaming to pin him as he shifted his attention to the other resolute.

He slowly approached leaving his Alabaster planted in the ground and took a moment to press himself against her. The blood wouldn't stain her red leather, you'd hardly notice it. Behind him was clear, no heartless would be trying to come for their heads in that instant. Needing to make sure she didn't take someone out, a friendly at that, seemed to be all that the morning star rain could think about right now.

"Saebyeolbe. It means 'Morning Star Rain' we've met before...crazy memory pitting us against each other eh? I cant speak for what anyone else remembers...or has forgotten, but the situation is dire and well...I'm trying to kill those things up in the sky that are ripping this place apart. I'd like to do that with no more casualties...people are far and few these days, but lives are lives. Will you help me?"

he spoke in earnest, he spoke with sincerity.

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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The world, had died. In it's cold and harrowed state, the atmosphere save for the falling balls of darkness and the heartless that littered everywhere, was pure chaos. The resolute floated high as a beacon of light, possessing all of the keys and had been removed from the others as per his role. Carrying a grim outlook on the reality of the situation, he'd be foolhardy to waste more time, this is not that same as back then...

The thickness and oppressive feeling of darkness here was smothering. Eth's resolve was true, as his orb of light hovered about his body serving as a reminder of that which he still held attachment to. These memories served as a vessel...a connection to a grave number of mistakes that, though weakened sense of isolation, wrought upon his former comrades. There was no guiding light, no master to reign them or scold them for their misgivings, mistakes, and misfortune. His fist trembled thinking of the horrors that Try must've recollected as he could see it from his crystal ball, as well as Komaeda's unwitting end by suicide.

"Do you want the darkness to die...or do you want us to die..?" Eth muttered to himself as a tear trailed down his face. "I wish you would...actually be straight with us for once..."

There was a break in the air as Eth was standing on a platform of light he created, slowly levitating towards the center of the world to familiar territory. He and Shiki sealed an extremely powerful enemy here, some kind of heartless that merged with a human and became...an abomination that if left unchecked.

"Oh...fuck!!" Eth's eyes widened, using his resolve like something of a UV light. Time traced footsteps, and the shell of two figures here. The blood spilled was Trace's, his body broke down and dissolved into the darkness as the heart retreated?

Like threading the needle, it was fast, but not fast enough where it didn't give off a loud sound of falling. A fist crushed the pillar where the hybrid's body once resided in darkness. It sank beneath the fist as a massive pool of darkness was created and from it even more menacing heartless festered and slithered. Eth's light speed, place him in steps he'd previously taken nigh instantaneously and he observed the fist crushing the pillar well before he was ever in danger. Raising his scarf he unhooked his umbrella as the dark orbs were falling from the sky and raining all over the horizon. As one appeared to be slowly making a descent over hi head, he sighed and released and airy and weightless blast of light exploding into a pilar that punched through the orb, disintegrating it instantly.

"Let the harrowed ends, be purged and brought back to light in the wake of my power."

He needed only a gaze, as the sky was filling up from high and low with pockets of light. A shower of light blades coveting every angle, instantaneously, the world's sky that was riddled in a deep purple was being burned through by Eth's resolve. The light spread hitting the reaches of every corner much like sunlight piercing through a curtain veil. The heartless were being slain by the flying blades, one after another punching through and lacerating another, and another. He orchestrated a graceful movement of his light and finally it emerged.

Grandeur, towering, but a single world ender of a gargantuan size. The orbs of darkness where colliding with the world ender left and right, being absorbed into it's skin. The beast grew larger and more menacing as a result. Point a finger, a pillar of light came down like a bolt of lightning lobbing off the world ender's arm with a fine laceration. The cut was clean, a shink sound was heard as multiple angled pillars billowed through the towering titan of a heartless. Eth snapped his fingers, collapsing the light, setting off an explosion that obliterated the darkness from the inside out and its entrails purified, trickling across the wasteland as light particles as weightless as dust.

The radiance of the sun shone through and Eth's light was carrying across the landscape pulling everything back to it's original shape. As the little pat, his orb of light floated about him, Eth's eyes peered forward.

"Your not very subtle at all you know..." Eth pinned a blade to the movement of a shadow on the surface. "What happened to Trace...did I miss something?" Eth questioned it at first, but it was futility at best.

Donning the black coat once again, he opened his umbrella as the orb of light floated around him. Follow the darkness, this would likely place him into the middle of a war zone...but he didn't care. He'd have to go there and confront him, he couldn't be allowed to roam around toying with the others like this. He crossed through the threshold of a portal of light created from his memories.

The Dorms

Eth wasn't happy to be here, he floated down rather slow this time and holding a blade of light within his grasp. The field had been cleared, the world enders looked restless, but he wasn't here for them.

"Well well well, wasn't expecting you to just-"

His hand motioned a horizontal swing, tapping his shoulder and the two of them had vanished off the face of the world. They moved through an unstable passage of light and dark and ended up at Betwixt & Between, Eth's limbo.


"Good ol' Eth, finally got the whole picture?"

"Enough Luxu. Just tell me whats going on...aren't we partners?" Eth's hand was trembling, he was anxious to be certain.

"You...wait a minute cowboy. You remembered something didn't you? Say..." Luxu paused before proposing a proper question, "You know my face don't ya? So why don't you tell me who's body this is? You were the only one I told..."

Eth's head drifted to the floor of the betwixt realm, "You told me not to repeat it...remember?"

"Ding ding! Well look at that, you really DO remember everything. Ugh...I wish you would've just stuck to the plan."

Eth's eyes lit up, he was actually infuriated by the proposal. "You'd rather we just send them blind to their deaths??"

"Whats it matter Ethy...I have my job to do. You found the answer to perform yours, do your job..."

"What's going to happen when we destroy all of these World Enders Luxu?? Then what??" Eth's eyes peered at his comrade.

"Humanity doesn't go extinct and light counter-balances the darkness. Thats all Master said, stop asking questions you already have the answer to Eth, that just pisses me off." Luxu walked off to the side and was preparing to open a portal of darkness. "You done?"

"Give me the master's keyblade." Eth said boldly

"Howzat, do what now? You really can't be serious, thats the funniest shit i've heard all day. Pfft, please. Thats about as funny as giving it to Try, HAHAHAHAHA. As if!" Luxu was laughing at Eth's request in the most obnoxious way imaginable. "So let me ask you something Eth. How did you escape The Realm of Darkness? Your resolve doesn't work there!"

Eth sighed, "I had help from number ten, she was already there when I'd arrived...along with more hybrid heartless."

"Oh! Thats right! You don't know do you?? About where Trace disappeared to. Saebyeolbe picked him up."

Eth's blade neared Luxu's coat, "...What..."

"You have no idea how badly I want the traitor to be him! Or perhaps Shiki? What about Lucrecia?" Luxu chuckled.

"Luxu......shut up ok..."Eth's voice was gloomy, but malice therein lied.

He slipped past Luxu's defenses in an instant as time crawled, and a slap of light blade against Ethernal's steel. Eth had known this keyblade well, it originally belonged to Luxu and he simply allowed him to borrow it without giving a window of when he'd taken it back. The natural confusion he'd had surrounding his comrade, none of his actions made any sense, none of his moves made any sense.

"Thy Kingdom Come"
"Thy Kingdom Come!"

The two uttered a sacred terminology the master would use to test two resolves without shattering a taboo.

"Hah! As if! I'm going to hand you your ass and watch Try rip that world and our fellow resolutes apart. Take more of the blame you fucking crybaby, it's the only thing you've EVER been good at!" Luxu said rallying his keyblade and taking stance.

Eth released a single breath and purged his blades into existence suffocating the atmosphere with his powerful light. "It won't be like it was then Luxu...tread carefully from here on out old friend. Last chance...give me the Master's Keyblade!"

Luxu raised his Ethernal in kind, and clashed with Eth's blade of light back to back to back "That keyblade is designated to the one I deem worthy, and the only one worthy in my eyes, is a traitor of the master's will. You want it so bad Eth? You're gonna have to forfeit your resolve for it, you know the rules!"


'Damnit, he can literally resolve to mete me in every scenario.'

Time shattered and they two fought on a complete mirror. It was Luxu's resolve afterall, he was the perfect mirror, reading their minds, their very souls, and able to make decisions and reproduce movements, skills, sounds, all in an effort to guide them along this game.

"This will go just as it did in the past Eth. You don't have what it takes to take me out, none of you are meant to, but someone eventually is going to have enough and rebel. I'm waiting for them to abandon everything for the sake of their own selfishness. I wanted so badly for it to be Komaeda...but he died. Well...theres several bodies remaining...it has to be one of you..."

Eth cringed...he twitched at the thought of being nothing but a body to this resolute. How...could Luxu be so cruel, in his remarks that one of them had no choice, one of them would forfeit their role and betray the rest?? It just didn't make any sense!

"Thats enough Luxu..."
"Thats Enough Luxu!"


"Head games Ethy. Stop being so predictable!" Luxu swatted Eth away with a powerful horizontal slash from his Ethernal all while watching him tumble across the floor. Luxu crossed his position and deflected incoming blades of light from multiple different angles as Eth reached out and placed his hand on Luxu's head within the coat. "What are you..."

"Let me see it...what the master showed you." Eth dove straight into Luxu's memories.

Memory was something Luxu could not mimic or recreate no matter how far his power appeared to reach. Neither could the master, this wasn't a gift brought about by resolve or even Omni. Eth was blessed with this power from birth, his collective expanded between Time and Light upon taking the mantle of Zero/Untouchable.

He dove into his very mind, a setting where he clearly was not meant to be. There was a young man standing in a city, abandoned, it's rainfall accompanied by a young man skirting across the circle top of a building. Was this place...death? He moved quickly and a tall figure clad in black appeared and stopped the young man in his tracks. There was an uproar of heavy breathing coming from the boy, as the figure clad in black, who other than the Master of Masters wagging his finger in his face.

"You seem to be in a hurry, wheres the fire?"

"Wha?? Where'd you come from??"

"It's rude to answer a question with a question of your own you know, didn't your mother teach you any manners."

"H-hey! As if! Listen old timer, I got somewhere to be, so move it or lose it!" the young man shouted, as a keyblade purged into his hand with an eye embedded in the tip.

"Ho ho hoooo! Fascinating! You have a keyblade? Even more intriguing, it's even modeled like mine! Check it out!" The master joyfully called his Gazing Eye into his hand and the ominous blue eye peered into his very soul. "Twins!"

They crossed blades and there was a skid as the young man turned with a pant and the old master hand a dainty little shuffle with some poise and elegance. The master turned on his heel and stood about face as his arm gently fell to his side holding his Gazing Eye close. A hand gesture and wave to the young man before he asked him yet another question.

"You're quite strong, I see much of myself in you. Tell me, whats your name?"

He slung the keyblade over his should and tapped the other side of his left, "My original name is ****, but call me Luxu."

"Really? ****? You look more like a Braig or Xigbar to me. Ah what the hell do I know, Luxu is a fine name. Well Luxu, lets just get right into it shall we." The master crossed over and took him by the shoulder almost in a suffocating manner as he began to explain all manner of his plans for the young boy.

Light flooded his eyes.

"How many decades...centuries...eons...have you lived Luxu...? How old are you...who..."

Eth was trembling rapidly almost petrified at the realization that Luxu had been alive during so many catastrophes and almost biblical events cascaded through times Eth himself weren't alive for. The master existing in this fashion, multiple different men and women clad in the same coats he and his previous resolute bore...and this gambit. A game in which Luxu's role remained the same, cycle after cycle. It was beyond real, what was even the point in this participation, failures, successes, only to relive the life in a different body, time after time.

To say he was hyperventilating, finding it difficult to breathe was a massive understatement. Eth's eyes were wide, the disjoints in his next couple of steps were filled with uncertainty, he didn't know where to begin, how to process this overload, or even where to draw his keyblade in arms.

"You clever little sneak...so you've peered into my memory have you? Wretched little witch, to think we took a gamble with a descendant of Namine this time around. One who could peer into the memories of not just the hearts of smaller and lesser beings, but worlds themselves." Luxu sighed and dismissed his Ethernal, to purge the gazing eye into his hands.

"That man we call our master, dear Ethy, is in reality a quasi-existential being that has to service balance every couple of decades or so, perhaps centuries? Who really knows. You remember how he talked his ass off about Omni yeah? That power is split into Thirteen vessels, the master being the 13th Vessel himself, regardless of whether he participates in the gambit actively or not. Every time the world nears extinction, a game over the fate of extinction is executed and barring the master and I, 11 other individuals are selected as containers for Omni. Depending on the shift of balance, determines our roles played...sometimes we're light, sometimes we're darkness. Point is, each time we collide with whatever is the more powerful force we're given no choice but to succeed or face the consequence of utter extinction. As if."

"Your saying if we don't destroy the world enders before time is up...we're all going to face extinction together??" Eth's eyes widened.

"Full-marks Ethy, hah, this is why we were paired from the beginning."

"But why not just tell everyone that from the start?? And what about the traitor?? What is their part in all of this???" the sound of his voice grew with even more exasperation and panic.

"Tch...As if. Because idiots like Shiki who aren't supposed to blab, would, and we'd get stuck with 11 rebels instead of 1. Catch my drift? Oh about that traitor...it's been foretold by the master, and his prophecies since the book was written, have all come true. It's been seen and it cannot be changed, trust me...ive been this merry go round more times than I'd like to admit, theres always that one asshole that feels the need to be and selfish fool and go rogue. Trust me, I can practically smell who it's going to be. As if!"

Luxu yawned, "Thats enough talking...the only one allowed to remember anything at this juncture, is Shiki so Eth..." he flipped the keyblade over and pointed it towards him. "I'm ordering you old friend, to wipe your memory as well as Try's back to the point where everyone all experienced the one she released from Traverse Town's fall."

ENSNARED. Luxu chuckled. "Even though Komaeda's dead, I didn't forget how his resolve operated. Direct eye contact and a command. Now Eth. Do as I comm-"

"MASTER!" Eth shouted, shattering the binding effect of the command before he broke into a sprint in the opposite direction dissolving into a flash of light.

"...." Luxu had a bit of a nervous smirk, but he chuckled all the same. "Untouchable really was appropriate for you, not even hypnosis or reality augmentation was enough to pin you down. As if...you can fly away Eth...but the game must be finished, and a traitor WILL emerge."
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Dec 1, 2013
2nd Earth.

I was slipping into a lower state of consciousness. I started to see flashes from my very strict past. My father, a man renowned for his skill as a keyblade master with dojo diligence. A harsh teacher, one with a high skill ceiling, difficult to master techniques, and a certain set of expectations. I, his only daughter, Lucrecia...had to live in this hell. My days were long, the nights where short, defected from training at a prestigious keyblade academy, I was instead homeschooled by my father's accredited dojo. Far from perfect, but never far from the burden of sharing multiple responsibilities, how I resented it.

The clasp of the world ender's grip caught the mass snapping me from my disillusion.

"This is it huh...?" I said almost sardonically eyes focused on the heartless the were huddling around. "...What was it all for..."

I sulked, complained, whined before, but now? I didn't do any of those things, here on my death bed I only had damning questions. I wanted to know what the point of it all was, and as the questions were being asked, my disinterest started to manifest. Truthfully...like daddy's lectures, I didn't care. I didn't care about this resolve. I didn't care about this mission. I didn't care about living another second just to repeatedly fail...because I couldn't get the support from my supposed comrades...what a joke they were. I felt pathetic for trusting them...I felt the misery of having failed the master, not even getting close to doing my fucking job right at all.

In that moment it felt like time was slowing down, as within that instant I came to the realization that I was dead. My resolve activated on it own, and the three orbs, Noctem, Diem, and Gris all came spiraling to the forefront to repel the crushing blow from the world ender.

"Try huh...fine..." there was a feeling of malevolence I felt overtake me entirely, "...then i'll use everything..."

My chest was burning, I was crying...again. In this place the only thing I had here was resolve...but as I stood here wallowing in my despair I started to question myself as an essential piece in all of this, but that one thing kept bothering me. She betrayed us...she never took responsibility, she plunged me further into my doubts, she even questioned a complete stranger bizarrely to pin her suspicions and guilt shifting onto another.

The floating orbs were cracking, and I could hear it, my heart paced a bit, but they finally shattered. The blow from the world ender was dull, but it connected with my Lucient as rose to block and felt the shockwave of it's strength vibrate through the steel and launch me to slide across the white surface.

"Hah....ahahaha.....ahahahahahahaaaaa" I was trembling, deathly terrified, but I couldn't stop laughing "Hahaha. Stop it okay...fucking...ahahahaahahaa...."

Digging lucient into the dirt i managed to stand, still trembling and oddly I was still laughing. My resolve had shattered, and I could feel the tattoo that burned on my chest starting to fade away. Effective immediately...I was powerless, isn't that wonderful? Tears were billowing into my eyes, yet I still laughed, my body was shaking, yet I still laughed, so much time hardening, endless training and this was my worth. I was a complete and utter disgrace to my family, to the master, to the others. A weakling that could contribute nothing withstanding and this is how I was going to die.

The light diluted, pitching malice in each direction with a dark tint of red. The "IV" on my chest burned itself back and I laughed even harder. What a joke this resolve bullshit was, all of it...all of this was worthless and I didn't fucking care anymore. I didn't care if I succeeded...I didn't care if I died, it was too much bullshit to deal with, but I knew one thing for certain...I wasn't going to allow myself to die, before I destroyed her. Before I destroyed the person that crushed my hopes from the very beginning.

"Move." I said releasing a powerful eminence of tainted light and I slowly walked towards the world ender which was reeling it's fist back. "I said MOVE!!!"

My white keyblade was dripping with a wicked veil of rage filled light, its color soaked and became it's counter-part Noctis, but it seemed indefinitely this time. I clutched my fist and released a fraction of my anger and suppressed emotions into a torrent of tainted light that outright vaporized the world ender where it stood. It sliced a fine vertical path of broken light in the dimension where the world ender stood and I could see the other side. A clash of two extremely powerful resolves, both clad in black.

Crossing the threshold.

I was graced with the unsavory sight of but a single man, though there was another clad just alike, retreating into light. The keyblade he wielded wasn't familiar, but the dimensions and structure of his body were recognizable enough.

"Luxu...you bastard..." the first words coming from my mouth "I should've taken you out before you sent us on our way...all you've done is meddle...made us question...fuck, none of that matters anymore...I really don't care..."

I rose my Noctis and pointed it at him. "My resolve is gone...so lets skip the bullshit and talk straight Luxu...what happens now?"

"Been waiting a loooooong time to do this one last trick, hah, as if." he said as he walked towards me purging the master's keyblade in hands, "Take it. For your trouble. Does a lot more for you than you know, Traitor."

I watched as Luxu released the Gazing Eye to me, it was now mine. Once I touched it, everything started to flood back into me, things I had lost, memories that I had forgotten, almost as if Eth himself had done something to the keyblade. These memories felt silenced, and I was returning to who I was overlapping with who i've been up until now.

"I understand..."

"Meet me at the keyblade graveyard when you're ready. I've got one last thing that needs opening, has to be who I gave the master's blade to that does it." Luxu said before he vanished into the darkness throwing up the "peace sign".
Jul 21, 2008
Try stopped as she felt the sudden embrace. Saebyeolbe. He introduced himself, not that he needed to do such a thing. She remembered him, she remembered what he did. She could feel his body heat on her, what made him think it was okay to touch her, him of all people? He didn't remember? Was that a good enough excuse?

"You want to help." She spoke the words as if there were poison on her tongue, every second next to him was causing her blood to boil even hotter. "Fine, I'll give you a hand." She shook free from his hold and picked him up. "Go play hero." She threw him into the sky, directly towards the world enders.

"Now then..." She turned towards a hooded figure. For a moment she thought it was Luxu, but his steps were different. "Eth, I guess I can't call you a coward anymore, huh?" She raised her keyblade towards him. "But can I call you a traitor?"


Jul 15, 2018
  • Crafty Soul
This was definitely out of his wheel house. Emanating with darkness, it felt like he'd entered a gas chamber being forced to hold his breath while standing in proximity. The aura was suffocating, but what was to The Scarred beyond another mosquito bite in comparison to all that he'd experienced upon waking. No one better to discern the humanity, the multiple modes of pain, suffering, and chaos that dwelled inside each of these resolutes, not just him. A work in progress, years worth, his grasp served as an exchange, his body did all the remembering after all.

"You want to help." she said to him.

Sae interrupted her, "I want your help." he found himself on the gripping end of a power clench. Feeling his heavy form being briskly elevated off the ground as Mortem levitated along with him, behind him. She was strong, physically, like him and that memory served as a reminder...but compared to then, he'd been holding back substantially where as he felt himself completely cut loose back then. Spirited away, launched, whichever your fancy he was thrown towards that beast that smashed the dorm upon his fall back to the world.

"This won't go the same as last time..." Saebyeolbe sighed and mortem finally dissipated and infused back into the resolute, revitalizing his wounds. He landed in the middle of the massive heart-shaped gap in it's chest. This world ender...was that we Luxu called it? Was this what he slew in the realm of darkness protecting that young woman Jay? The giant hadn't taken notice to him hanging into the window of it's chest cavity. He was beside himself, all of this senseless chaos being waged by these creatures that acted out of raw instinct and not malice, posed such a threat. To him it was like putting down a predator in the wilds, thats what the heartless were to Saebyeolbe, another part of the ecosystem that was fighting back in the hierarchy of the food chain.

He clutched his fist hard and sighed. Armored, his skin and flesh was already formidable, these thing could be killed, but his all-series was off the table, Mortem had already far exceeded it's timer. His eyes shut, dipping into a past he'd not really wanted to dig up, in that of training with the master many years prior it feels. He had an "All-Out-Attack" of some kind that he was forbade from initiating due to the parameters it pushed control over his body and consciousness. Would they really need a second helmet wreaking havoc? That was an option, but not the smart play here.

"Fine..." the scarred sighed, "I'll just blow it up...Exa Flare."

His hand tapped the roof of it's hollow chest, and a small light rapidly expanded from the top down. Sae jumped out of the heartless chest and entered free-fall, feeling a large number of scars rapidly vanish from his body, at least 50 or so. He'd cast an incredibly powerful spell, it was an amalgamation of multiple smaller ones. His scars bonded together to pull it off and they were wiped clean from his body, as he it the floor the light went up before splitting the world ender in two scattering across the lightscape bolstering through the dark hides that were tearing up the terrain, and effectively one hit knockout's were being passed around like a wine bottle.

Once he'd landed he stood between Try and the hooded one, recognizing his scent anywhere, it was Eth's.

"If you'll make so simple a habit out of calling a friend a such...rude names, it leads me to wonder if we were even friends to begin with?" Sae seemed reluctant to get involved, but he realized making the hard choices was something he had to do to fill his role the master provided him. Peace was to be his number one priority. So he took a breath before he released and spoke again.

"This guy here sent me to someone I was looking for, does that sound like something a traitor would do? Even protected me from the effects of a harrowed end for a time." Sae let his arms hang to his sides. The sounds of heartless exploding as the sun was starting to break through the sky with one less world ender to send more forces their way. As the Exaflare's effects were lingering, the remaining heartless were being destroyed by it's broken blasts of light being scattered like fragments of an asteroid into lesser meteors.

"Don't hurt him. You can see the sunlight returning can't you? I've done what you've asked, now do this for me." Saebyeolbe said gripping his Alabaster tight, and his indurvatique had shown through the cracks in his skin from the many scars.