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Twilight Strikes Back- A Zelda-based RP (OOC & Discussion)

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Lumen et ignem

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Nov 14, 2009
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Twilight Strikes Back
(A Zelda-based Role-play)​

History: Decades had passed in relative peace. People tended to their own business, going into the small villages for trade and word from messengers. People were content, more than happy to focus on the harvest and pretend the warriors that guarded each land weren’t really there. (More on warriors later) Looking on the outside everyone seemed perfectly happy, except for the Twilight Realm dwellers. With their Twilight King gone without a trace they were left to fend for themselves, left to their own devices. Soon the Twilight Dwellers began attacking the barrier between their realm and the villagers’ realm, and with time they prevailed. Twilight Realm dwellers began wrecking havoc on the villagers, and with the only people trained being the warriors, they were outnumbered. The warriors fell, but not before combining all the Triforce shards, and therefore banishing the Twilight Realm dwellers to their own dimension. The three Triforce pieces shattered once the act was done, however, and through the goddesses will they found new souls. The souls were unknowing to the power, courage, and wisdom that they were embodying however, and they never would unless the time arose when warriors would once again be needed. If the time would arise, however, the marking of the Triforce would appear on the warriors dominant hand. The power would travel through with ancestry, safe from evil for as long as the balance between good and evil remained intact, but this would not last forever. Centuries later a stirring in power began…

Conditions Presently: During the time the RP starts the villagers/militia have already begun having encounters with Twilight Dwellers, but at the time very few recognized the Twilight Dwellers from the legends for lack of pictures to go by. The larger villages tend to receive more visits from the Twilight Dwellers, however on the full moon all villages receive a mass of at least ten Twilight Dwellers, prepared for them or not. At the start of the RP the Warriors will not have reached their full power, and may only just be noticing sudden understanding of subjects. Technology has not expanded beyond what is seen in Twilight Princess and much of the structures that may be seen later in the OP have remained the same.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Spoiler Spoiler Show

1) No Godmodding or Power playing
2) Romance/Violence/language to a PG-13 level
3) Please only create as many characters as you can control in the RP.
4) If you can, please post once a week so the RP continues to move.
5) Only have one ‘Warrior’ Character. Otherwise, same as 3rd rule.


Name: (Please be reasonable. Not something 40 characters long)
Age: (14-65 if anything but a warrior. Warriors should be at least 15+)
Gender: (Self Explanatory)
Position: (Warrior, Militia, Messenger, Twilight Dweller)
Appearance: (A picture will work or a paragraph, or both. If a twilight Dweller please give us an idea as to what your character‘s insubstantial form looks like as well.)
Personality: (What’s your character like? At least a small paragraph)
Weapon: (If your character has a weapon, what is it? No more than three)
Triforce: (If you’re a warrior, what Triforce do you have; courage, power, wisdom.)
Location: (What village are you in? Or if you‘re in the Twilight Realm)
Biography: (What’s your characters life been like? If they‘re in the Militia do they have a Night Guard? Family? Ect. )
Other: (Anything else?)

Copy-Paste Template:

Side notes:
*I’d like to have at least three warriors before actually starting the RP and a couple militia at least. If all the warrior positions aren’t filled when we start that’s fine.*
If there are any questions feel free to ask.

Accepted Characters:
Arcelia - NightWolf
Braiden - NightWolf

Reserved Positions:
Twilight Dwellers:
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Lumen et ignem

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Nov 14, 2009
In the middle of nowhere
Name: Arcelia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Position: Warrior

Appearance: Arcelia wears tough blue jeans that are suited for hiking. She also wears a white shirt beneath a black vest. She wears knee-high boots that are black as well. Arcelia has sea-colored eyes and long, dark brownish-blondish hair. She stands at about five feet five inches and is athletically built. At all times she can be seen wearing a macramé necklace that has a small, wooden carved pendant. Arcelia is deeply tanned due to being out in the sun a lot.

Personality: Arcelia keeps to herself for the most part. Whatever task is thrown at her will get done without open complaint and in general she’s a hard worker. She’s wary of trusting someone else and can seem grim at times because of this. Once she trusts someone she’ll do just about anything for them. She has an odd sense of humor.

Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Triforce: Courage
Location: clock Town

Biography: When Arcelia was nine years old her mother died of disease. A few days before she died, however, she gave Arcelia the pendant that she wears all the time. Before the Twilight Dwellers started coming to the town she would, when she was about thirteen, take hikes out to the South of Clock Town and practice archery. Her father did not approve of her preference of weaponry over ‘socializing’ but due to his own handicaps he could not force her to do otherwise.

When the Twilight Dwellers began showing Arcelia joined the militia that was starting up slowly at first. Eventually, as numbers grew and many people of the town became a part of the militia, it was possible for there to be 6 shifts a night, five people per shift. Arcelia preferred the position of patrolling the town over setting post at one of the directional gates, and so once a night she would take the mid-night shift since she was accustomed to staying up much of the night and sleeping when she could throughout the day. Arcelia does not have any siblings and her only living family is her father who, as said, is handicapped due to a hunting injury to his shoulder. He no longer has any feeling from his right shoulder to his fingertips.


Name: Braiden
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Position: Militia
Appearance: Braiden wears a thick cloak that is solid whit-suited for blending in with his surrounds. He wars ‘Hakama’ pants and leather boots that are meant to keep out the cold. Braiden is about average height, wiry built, and very pale. His faded gray eyes only make it easier for him to blend in, but what makes it difficult is his midnight black hair that he lets grow out. When he’s trying to remain unseen he will pull his hood over his head.

Personality: Braiden, despite his unseen movement skills, will happily talk with someone and can almost seem uncomfortable in silence whether that is the case or not. When it comes to fighting he doesn’t know when to stop pushing himself, and even when injured he will try to force himself into the fight. Braiden is adventurous. He is also very protective of his family even though, when thinking straight, he knows they are perfectly capable of handling themselves.

Location: Snow Village
Weapon: Wakizashi (a short sword) and a dagger that normally remains in its sheath.

Biography: Braiden has lived his entire life in the Snow Village, and he has had no wish to leave for long periods of time after he visited warmer climates for short periods of time. From the time he was seven he has been the head of the house, having to provide for his family as best he could. When he had only just turned seven years old his father left, seemingly without a trace. Braiden’s mother, doing the best she can to provide for her family of five, failed to manage on her own, and so Braiden, who is the oldest, took on much. Whenever he gets a chance he goes out to hunt small prey, but when the Twilight Dwellers moved in his younger brother and sisters who are twelve, nineteen, and twenty-two, had to take over.

Together with the other villagers who have joined the Militia Braiden, who was a late-comer, tries his hardest to defend the village in times of need but cannot stand to stay away from his family for long before he becomes reckless in his fighting, picturing his ‘defenseless’ mother.
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