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Fanfiction ► UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode 1

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Rick Mulluns

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Aug 6, 2005
My terrible mistake, I missed the "FanFiction" fourm in the creative writing area. Could a mod or staffmember kindly move this to there, if that is where it belongs? Thank you.

This is a make over of my last fan fic of the same name and story, but with better grammar and photos to enhance the feeling. The story is finished, but will take a wee time to upload it all into this thread and to make sure it all fits and such.

Right then, this is like my very first fan fiction I wrote, that happens to be a cross over! So, just be a bit gentle with this and let me know if there's a problem. Anyways, the story...

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • Chapter 17
  • Epilogue

Its pretty much a sequel to a movie I made called "Unreal", which is a bit based off the Video Game by Epic Games. This is a cross over with characters and such from that story, and with characters and such from Kingdom Hearts series. Hope you all enjoy.

A Phillip ***** Fan Fiction presents

Based off the Video Games by Epic Games and Square soft and Disney


Rated Teen for Violence, blood, death, and Language.

Much of the facility on the Island was destroyed by the events that happened last year. The labs are now destroyed and is being consumed by plant life from the nearby jungle, all research was lost, all evidence of the work that happened there was lost, as well as many lives. The scientists and security guards working on the Island stripped of there humanity and turned into Cyborgs, all by the hands of a mysterious alien that had crossed over from his world and into ours. He sought to gain complete control of Earth, but was ultimately stopped by a single mercenary. When he and his allies escaped from the Island, the facility exploded, taking everything in it with it. It was believed that all gates to other worlds were closed by the explosion. We were wrong...​

Chapter 1

Island 51: September-14-2026

In one of the teleporter rooms, which is now half blew open and is slowly being consumed by plant life, one of the teleporters suddenly starts to spark to life as some of the remaining computers slowly hummed to life, and then glowed slightly through the ivy as the teleporter suddenly started to activate, a small bluish portal appearing in it as it swirled for a few seconds. And then, it suddenly, and slowly changed into a dark purplish color as it stopped swirling and instead started to grow as it stretched out of the teleporter so it seemed large enough for a person to come in and out of it. And then, almost as quickly as it appeared, a figure emerged from the portal, a tall figure about 6.4 feet tall. He wore flowing robes of black and dark red, as well as a black turban with a gold stripe across it and a red feather standing in front of it. His eyes were brownish orange as he had a small black goatee and an expressionless face. And in his right hand, he held a staff with the design of a Cobra on top with red ruby eyes.

At first, he looked around the area, looking at the environments and such as he stepped away from the dark portal as it instantly disappeared into nothing. He walked towards one of the computers, looking down at it as he wiped his finger across it, collecting the dust on it as he wiped it off on a vine wrapping around a monitor. This was Jafar, a former royal vizier who worked for a Sultan in a different world, one far from Earth, and is now a powerful sorcerer. He stepped out of the room and into the jungle area as he slowly trenched through it, the only sounds he could hear were the birds in the trees and the wind brushing against his robe and the trees above. When he finally exited the jungle, he found himself on the beach, looking out towards the ocean.

"Something has happened here...In this world. This Jungle, the ruins, they have a dark taint to them. Perhaps I can find who did this..."

He said as he turned around and made his way back to the room he was in before. When he got back, he saw the computers were still running and two monitors remained active, one had a large crack though. He looked at them; he never had such machines in his world, but knew an easy way to figure them out. He aimed his hand at them and they suddenly became fully active as a large 51 logo appeared on the monitors.

"Machines, explain to me what has happened here."

Jafar demanded as the computers hummed a little more loudly and a bar appeared on the monitor as it slowly filled up from left to right. When it was finished, it showed what seemed to be footage of events that happened before the Facility blew up. Men in some sort of brown body armor were shooting weapons that fired a beam of red energy at what seemed to be another group of fully armored men in black who fired weapons that shot projectiles. He hasn’t seen weapons like these before, they must be the main weapons of this world. He continued watching as what seemed to be a large figure in dark green appeared on screen as another man in a black leather trench coat with what seemed to be black goggles on his face appeared as well. They then started to fight in hand to hand combat, both seeming to match the other's moves.

"Brutal...Yet fascinating."

Just then, the teleporter started up once more and the dark one appeared in the same place. Jafar turned his attention towards it as he looked at it as he heard a faint scream become louder as he recognized it. He then watched as what seemed to be a small, red parrot fly out of the portal, screaming as it landed on the metal floor and in front of Jafar's feet. It suddenly coughed as he used its wings to stand up on its feet as it surprisingly brushed its self off.

"It’s about time you got here, Iago..."

"Oh, thanks for the warm welcome, Jafar. What, I only had to be thrown into that portal so I could --" The Parrot said, before being cut off by Jafar.


Jafar shushed as he turned his attention back to the screen as Iago looked at it as well, flying up and perching himself on Jafar's right shoulder. By now, both figures were fighting on what seemed to be a moving transportation. They watched for another few minutes until the one in the coat launched what seemed to be a rocket of sorts at the armored one as he went to his knees, screaming as he died.

"Geez, who are these guys? Never seen anyone like them before..." Iago said.

"We're about to find out..."

Jafar spoke as he waved his hands in front of the computers again as they went back to the 51 logo.

"Tell me now, Machines. Who were those two?"

The monitor went back to the bar as it filled up again and this time, the one in green armor appeared on screen as he rotated around and a small bio of sorts appeared in front of him.

Name: Xentar
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Current Status: Deceased

After that appeared, the screen faded away and the figure in the coat appeared on screen as he rotated around as well as his bio appeared on the screen.

Name: Rick Mulluns
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6.2
Weight: 210
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Buzzed Black
Race: Human
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary
Current Status: Alive

"Hmmm...This Rick Mulluns seems to be the one responsible here, and is still alive. Perhaps he could be of some use to us as we search for our objective."

"And what makes you think that he will want to help us? If he wasted that other guy, think what he could to us if we cross him!"

"He is a Mercenary, Iago. And like all mercenaries, they can be persuaded to help if you...make it worth their while, whether it be money, power, women, or what not..."

Jafar then turned his attention towards the monitor once more and waved his hand by the monitor as it once again returned to the 51 logo.

"Now Machines, show me the location of this Mercenary, so that I may seek him out..."

Jafar spoke as the monitor shifted through various screens until it showed a picture of the entire world on the screen. It then displayed that Jafar was on a Island somewhere out in the Pacific, but was quite a distance away from any other land. It then pin pointed to an area in Europe that was where the mercenary was located at the moment.

"That’s where he is, it seems. We better find him, before he moves on to a different location then. Come, Iago, we must make pace..."

Jafar said, making his way towards the teleporter as the dark one appeared in its place again. This time though, Jafar stepped through it with Iago on his arm and disappeared in it as the portal then disappeared once more into nothing.

::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::

::Rick Mulluns::
::Lord Xentar::

Chapter 2

France, Europe. September-14-2026

One of the local dance clubs in France seemed crowded that night, couples going to have a good time, teens sneaking out to party with their friends, a perfect place to lay low or to relax. Though, it was also a good place to do certain business without others such as Police knowing. In one of the VIP areas of the club, a man in his middle 30's wearing a rather expensive purple suit sits at a table with two men at his side wearing sunglasses. He had a glass of the finest wine the club had to offer as he was waiting for someone. He looked at the bracelet on his hand, a rather expensive one as he took a sip of his wine as two figures approached the table. One looked like a business man wearing glasses and was carrying a case while the other was a man in his late 20's in a black leather trench coat and had black goggles over his eyes.

"Ah, at last, we meet 'The' Rick Mulluns. Please, both of you, sit..." the man at the table said as Mulluns and his associate sat at the table, on the opposite side of the man.

"May I offer you some of our finest wine?" He said politely.

"I don’t drink on the job..." Mulluns said calmly.

"A clean thinker? I already like you!"

"Skip it, Cortez. Let’s get down to business..." Mulluns said bluntly.

"How...blunt. Very well, let’s get down to business then."

"You have the merchandise?" Mulluns asked.

"You have the greens?" Cortez asked.

Mulluns turned to his associate and nodded as he lifted his suitcase and placed it on the table, flipping the little cogs on it so the numbers would match the code set into them. Five Seven Four. That was the code he set as the case clicked and was unlocked. The Associate then lifted the case lid open and turned it around so Cortez could see the contents. Through Cortez's eyes, he could see about a dozen wads of one hundred dollar bills together in the case.

"It’s all there. Now that I kept my end, show me my merchandise..."

Cortez smiled as he reached down to reach for the case and pulled it up as he placed it on the table. When he fiddled with it and managed to unlock it, he opened it and turned it so Mulluns could see what it contained. Inside, there were two silver .45 Caliber pistols with laser sights under them and four clips resting next to each gun.

"Two 'Special' 45. Caliber pistols with laser sighting and armor piercing bullets in 16 round clips. Beautiful Weapons. One Hundred fifty thousand dollars."

"It’s a deal."

Mulluns said as he pushed the case with money forward as Cortez pushed his case forward with the weapons, both men getting what they want. Just then, the phone on the man left to Cortez started ringing as he looked at it and then answered it.


"What is it?" Cortez asked.

"Police outside, there entering now..." The man said.

Just then, Mulluns snapped open his case, grabbed one of his pistols and loaded one of the clips into it, then he did the same to the other as he started to shuffle the clips into his coat pockets.

"I take it our business in concluded?" Cortez said, standing and looking for the emergency exit.

Mulluns turned to his associate. "Let’s move..."

His associate nodded and upholstered a pistol of his own from his shirt as one of the bartenders in the club was talking to some police, pointing to the direction of the table the deal was going down at. By now though, the table was empty. Mulluns and his associate were running down a hall as they just entered a Staff only door and were looking for an exit of any sign. Behind them were Cortez and his goons, but were quite behind. By now, he could hear the door far behind him burst open and the Police were probably marching in and now behind them. Cortez wasn’t his concern though, since he already got his weapons, he wasn’t needed anymore and was on his own.

"This is the Police! Do not move!" Mulluns heard behind him, but kept on running as he suddenly heard several gunshots ring off seconds after the officer yelled at him. As he kept running, he could hear one of the bullets hitting someone and Cortez screaming as he apparently was shot. At this point, Mulluns spotted a exit in front of him and made a dash for it, hearing his associate scream as he too was shot. He charged the door, ramming it open with his shoulder as it burst open and was finally outside. He looked around quickly and saw he was in a back alley, away from his car and only fast exit out of the area. He didn’t have time to think and just ran down the alleyway, turning left down another as he heard the police close behind him. He would prefer not to shoot them, but he would and possibly kill them if needed.

As he headed down an alleyway, a police car pulled up in front of it, forcing Mulluns to turn around and head down yet another. Behind him, he could hear the doors of the cars opening and the police chasing after him. Ahead, he saw an opening at the end of another alleyway as he sprinted down it, reaching the end of it quickly, only to find it a dead end. He knew this was it, he drew his new pistols, and backed against a wall, ready to ambush the police when they arrived. He didn’t want to kill any law enforcements, but he wasn’t going to go to Prison.

As he heard the foot steps approaching fast, he heard a whistle from behind him. He turned around, and saw a person in dark armor with a helmet and gas mask that covered his whole head behind him, near a sliding door in a wall, waving for him to come over. Mulluns knew this would be his best chance, and while it might be a trap, he would be ready for it. He dashed over to the opening and into the nearby building as the stranger closed the secret door, seconds before the police outside arrived. Inside the building, there were metal crates with strange symbols on them, as well as the place was lit up with some old lamps that appeared to be hanging on the ceiling. After he was done looking around, Mulluns turned his attention towards the one who helped him.


Author Note: Image from DeviantArt.​

"What is this place? Why have you helped me?"

"This place...is our hide out. We have been tracking you for several hours now..." The stranger said in a rather raspy voice.


"Yes, our client would like to meet you. The Law Enforcements...they will not find this place...That, we will make sure of..."

"If...you say so...Where is this Client of yours?"

"In the next room, behind you..."

Without even responding, Mulluns turned around, and left the room, opening the door behind him and entering the next room as the stranger watched. When he was gone, he suddenly went into a crouching position and disappeared into a dark portal that appeared and disappeared in mere seconds, taking him with it as nothing remained behind.


Chapter 3

Mulluns continued on through the building, seeing more of the mysterious crates and as well as several more men in dark red with masks. Something about them seemed... strange, but he decided not to focus on it, what their business was is their own. Among some of them, they were removing strange equipment from the crates, none he's seen before, as well as several weapons, mostly just swords and assault rifles. They were seemingly setting up some sort of operation as several were speaking to each other through a different language Mulluns couldn’t understand. It didn’t matter; he kept on going, approaching a door with a guard next to it, who spotted Mulluns.

"He is expecting you.....You may enter...."

The guard spoke, watching Mulluns enter, who said nothing. When he entered, it was a somewhat empty room with a chair at the opposite end of him, with Jafar sitting in it with two guards at his side and Iago perched on his right shoulder. Mulluns approached him, but stopped about 6 feet from him, giving them both room.

"Ah, at last, we meet, Mercenary."

"So it seems. I know you wouldn’t have aided me back there for nothing, so what is it you want?"

Jafar laughed a bit at the Mercenary for being so forward towards one such as himself. He rose from his seat, his cobra staff in his hand as he took a step forward.

"My Name is Jafar, that’s all you need to know. And that I have saved you from those law enforcements, and that you now have a debt to pay."

"I could have easily dispatched those cops; I didn’t need the help of you or your men."

"Is that so? Well then, i guess you aren’t who I’m looking for. I suppose someone else will do the job i need done..."

Mulluns raised an eyebrow when Jafar spoke; it was hard for him to turn down a job. And judging by what he's seen so far, this man must be wealthy. He couldn’t resist...

"What Job is that?"

"Interested? Good! Don’t get me wrong, I will pay well for your service, if you complete the job that is..."

"What is the Job? Want someone dead?"

"Not exactly, more like... Something found..."

"A Scavengers hunt. Perfect... What needs to be found?"

Jafar grinned slightly, walking past Mulluns and towards a computer against a wall where one of his henchmen was, working on the computer. A small machine then rose from a hidden panel from the floor between Mulluns and Jafar, and a hologram appeared over it. What it was some sort of tool... or weapon it seemed... It was like a key the size of a sword, but looked like it was made so the end would make a deadly weapon. It was gold and silver colored, like it was made back in the early hundreds, possibly farther back.


Author Note: Keyblade drawn by me via MS Paint.​

"This is a Keyblade, an artifact of great worth. Legend is said that long ago, the Keyblade had the power to save the world, but also is said that it has the power to create chaos. Can you imagine its worth? What it could be capable of?"

"Uh-Huh. So you want me to find a giant key?"

"I'll need to know where to start looking, as I’m not going to go all over the globe looking cluelessly for something as ridiculous as this. As well as what the payment will be when I retrieve your key for you." Mulluns said.

"Of course." Jafar said, the hologram changing now to an image of Earth, slowly rotating. Jafar approached it, looking at it a little before placing his hand over far north eastern Africa, right where Egypt was. "Right here, in Egypt. I would look out in the dunes, near where the ruins of the long lost civilizations once stood. I'm afraid I can’t be any more specific then this. As for your payment, I can assure you that the rewards for finding me this Key will be most deserved..."

"Fine. If that’s about it, Jafar, then I’ll take my leave for Egypt as soon as I can." Mulluns answered

"One of my Guards can lead you safely out of here, as I suspect the Law Enforcements continue to look for you."

Giving a slight nod, Mulluns left the room where one of the gas masked men was standing and led him out of the room and into a different room. When Jafar was sure that Mulluns was out of their hearing, he went towards the computer as the monitor changed to what seemed to be a almost static focus of something.

"Is the process going smoothly?" Jafar asked, one of the gas masked men appearing on the Monitor. Behind him were more men in masks, as well as the same crates that were in the building Jafar is in now.

"Yes. With the gate now open, we can begin to receive more equipment and supplies from Hollow Bastion. The armored one will soon be prepared." The soldier said.

"Excellent work. Have those Agents from that so called "Organization XII" arrived through yet?"

"Yes. They arrived here within the last hour, and are now currently beginning to track and monitor the Mercenary."

Jafar knew that taking this world wouldn’t be easy, and might take time, but he was patient. He didn’t trust those Nobodies from the Organization, but he knew they were capable of helping him and the other's plans. So long as there personal goals didn’t get in the way of his, everything would be fine, and Earth would be under a new leadership.
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Rick Mulluns

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Aug 6, 2005
Chapter 4

Egypt, Africa. September-15-2026

Kali Archon was on an archeological dig around the area where the long lost ruins of some unknown civilization was discovered about a decade ago. Many of the ruins were a bit similar to the ones discovered else where, such as the Pyramids here in Egypt and the Aztec Ruins, but they were different in a way; the language was different, and the architecture set up was like nothing she has ever seen. Kali was in her mid 20's, with medium length black hair formed into a ponytail, was about 5.7 feet tall, and wore a black short sleeve shirt with tanned pants, with a pair of fingerless gloves and brown boots. Some ruins had been uncovered in the past, and she was sent off to check it out. While she was working, she uncovered a large, key-shaped object.

It didn't look like any of the artifacts she had uncovered in the past. It really didn't seem to belong. She dug it out and picked it up, looking it over.
It was like a giant key, except it looked like it could be used as a weapon. It was made out of both stone and old, gold metal like structure, possibly predating the days when the ruins were built. The tip of its bladed end was sharp enough to puncture someone, and the designs on it near the tip where about as sharp ended. It was a very exotic, yet dangerous weapon that could be worth a small fortune.

Meanwhile, a black and gray Hummer drove across the sands of Egypt, finally stopping at some ruins that Kali was in. Mulluns got out, wearing black latex tank top on instead of his black trench coat, and had his pistols strapped at his waist and his shotgun strapped to his back. He was prepared for just about anything, especially since the man who he rented the Hummer from warned him about treasure hunters and the like that were out here. He approached the ruins, not sure what kind of life would be around...
Kali got to her feet, looking the key over some more. "I wonder what this goes to... must be something important...." She looked around the area, trying to find anything it would unlock. There were some odd drawings on the walls, showing what seemed like people welding the key-like weapons and fighting some other beings, who had what seemed like claws instead. There was some other drawings, and what seemed like a large keyhole in the wall, with several inscriptions around it. She went over to the keyhole, then at the inscriptions, trying to see if she knew the language, considering she had to know a lot of old languages for her job. From the looks of it, the inscriptions seemed to be a mix of Egyptian and some other language that was difficult to understand.

"I'm never going to be able to read it completely..." She went to her notepad, drawing out the inscriptions and drawings, before going back over and inserting the key into the keyhole, biting her lip slightly before turning it. As soon as she turned it, a bright blue glow emitted from the hole as the key stood out, like it just unlocked something. After a couple moments, the entire place started to shake, like something behind the walls was activated. "??" She looked around, then pulled the key out. She just realized that she probably just set off a trap

As he was walking into the ruins, he felt the place suddenly start to shake as the floor gave out from under him, not giving him enough time to grab the ledge as he fell to the next floor, landing on his side with a thud and slight groan. He must have fell at least ten or so feet down, and did his best to ignore the small amount of pain in his hip. He quickly managed to recover as he pulled out his shotgun, not knowing if he triggered a trap or not. But he slowly started to walk out of the room, the place still shaking a bit, but was slowly stopping.

She sighed as the shaking stopped. "Well... ... that didn't seem to be a trap... ... then what was it...?" She went over to her bag, putting the key in it, along with her notebook. Mulluns continued on through the underground ruins, suddenly hearing what sounded like hissing sounds and slight screeches, like there was some sort of creatures in the ruins with him. He held his shotgun out still, on guard incase something decided to get a jump on him. He never would have thought that animals would be living in here.

As soon as she was finished with the area she was in, Kali headed out of the room she had been in, looking for another place to dig, since she had already scoped out that room. She then came to a sudden halt when she could start to hear the same hissing and slight screeches as she made her way through the tomb. "What is that....?" She looked around with a frown, but then headed into another room, setting her bag down. She had a pistol on her, in case she ran across anything that was hostile. She knelt down, going through her bag .

Mulluns continued going through the hall, continuing to hear the creatures, like they all over the walls, but the tomb was dark around the walls and made it almost impossible to see them. He couldn’t see them, but knew they were around him, watching and waiting, like a predator. He held his shotgun with a tight grip, knowing that they could pounce at any moment, any time...

She started to brush sand away from the walls and floor in this room, looking around every now and then. She couldn't help but get the feeling she was being watched. Her fears were finally realized as something seemingly leaped out of the dark spot of the wall and tackled her in a pounce. She shrieked in surprised and winced slightly when she hit the ground, looking to see what it was while she tried to grab for her gun. What she could tell by the brief glimpses of It was that it was a midsized creature, all completely black with claws, glowing yellow eyes, and a mouth with teeth, growling and trying to bite her, which succeeded as it bit down into her left shoulder. She screamed in pain, but she managed to get to her gun and she fired a shot into it. It screeched as it continued to growl at her. It was then about to go for a bite for her exposed neck before a louder gunshot was heard and the creature was killed, exploding in a black mist that soon disappeared.

She gripped her shoulder in pain, looking back to try to see who was there, turning onto her side She could see a figure was standing there with a rifle, but from her point of view, it was in a dark shaded area, making it hard to see who it was. She pushed herself up and moved back, away from him and grabbing her flashlight out of her bag, flicking it on and aiming it towards him. The light revealed who it was as he stepped forward, lowering his shotgun a bit.

"?! Rick!" She turned it off and set it down, wincing as she held her wound and got to her feet. "What are you doing here?"

No one ever called him Rick. Well, no one except for John and Beth. "Looking for you."

She blinked. "Looking for me? Why?"

"Because your good at finding things. A client of mine wants a certain object obtained, but I think I might need your help in locating it."

"Alright, well, turn around so I can tend to my wound, while you tell me about the object."

He turned around so he wasn’t facing her. "He said it was located here in Egypt. Called it a "Keyblade", something like a key and a weapon in one..." He explained, holding his shotgun as he looked forward, wondering how long it will take for those things to come after he fired his shot. She pulled her shirt off with a pained wince and started to treat her wound with her first aid kit, starting to bandage it as best as she could.


She blinked, and then tied the bandage off. She dug into her bag and tossed the big key towards him, it sliding across the floor and stopping at his feet. He looked as it slid to his feet, somehow surprised that she actually found it before he could ask her to... or thought so. He picked it up; looking at it as he pulled out a photograph he received from Jafar and compared the two.

"You already found it?"

"I guess so...." She pulled her shirt back on and got up. "There were some inscriptions on the wall, but there's another language that I've never seen before..."

"Where are they?"

He asked, still looking at the Keyblade. This seemed a lot more easier then he thought... She pulled out the notebook and handed it to him. It had a drawing of the wall, the inscriptions, and the keyhole. He looked at the inscriptions, not knowing what half of it even meant. After a minute of looking at it, he handed it back to her. "Never seen them before."

"Didn't think you would." She put it back in her bag.

"Well, unless you’re looking for anything else here, we should probably look for a way out of here..."

"I still have more rooms to check out..."

He was a bit surprised when he heard her answer. He knew she could handle herself when it came to combat, but he's never seen these things before, and he knew she hasn’t either. No one probably has, and if they did, they probably never got the chance to live to tell about them. He had a feeling that this had something to do with this key Jafar was so interested in. "You should go ahead and get that to who wanted you to get it..."

"You sure?"

"I do this all the time. Don't worry about me..."

"I mean you don’t want half the pay for actually finding this?" He said, not really worried for her at all.

She blinked, and then shook her head. "It's your job. I just happened to run across it doing mine..."

"If you insi -- " Before he could reply, the place started to shake violently once more. She looked around a bit. "I think the place is going to collapse..." She said as she watched several more dark creatures emerging from the walls.


"What the hell are those things??"

"Hell if I know..." He cocked his shotgun and shot another one as he started to make his way back the way he came. She shot at them as she stuffed the Key into her bag and picked it up and slinging it onto her back as she followed him. "Get behind me!" He yelled, firing at several more as he used his free hand to reach for something at his belt. She got behind him. It seemed to work without fail: Every time he was involved, she got in trouble. More so than normal. She watched as he hurled a grenade to where they were coming from as he continued back to where the place where he fell through. Perhaps with her help, they could get out through that opening. The explosion rocked the place, damaging the walls and destroying several of the creatures, the same black mist erupting from them as no remains of them were left behind. These were nothing like the Cyborgs or Xentar...

Kali got to the hole and looked up. She knelt down and took her bag off her back. She then took out a rope and a grappling hook. She flung it up and it hooked around one of the pieces of the ruins. She tested it for strength and handed him the rope, picking up her bag as she quickly climbed upwards. He fired at several more before making his way back to where he was, putting the shotgun on his back as he started to climb up. She covered him, firing at the creatures that got too close. Now that they weren’t in the darkness anymore, she could catch a good glimpse of the creature: It was about 4 feet tall, three fingered claws, two tendrils were emitting from the top of its head, yellow glowing eyes, a mouth that was full of teeth that could pierce through flesh with ease, and its entire being was covered in an almost pitch black color.

Mulluns finally managed to get out, one of the creatures grabbing onto the rope and... was climbing up it. Apparently they weren’t mindless animals, as it started to climb the rope upwards like a human would. She fired a few shots at it, pull the rope up after it was down. He aimed his pistol at the hole, but saw no more were coming. He put it back in his holster, sighing. "What the hell is going on..."

She got up, looking to him.”No idea... I guess we should get this thing to wherever it needs to go, and fast..."

"Right... You going to come or you got something you need to do?"

"I should probably head to the next dig site..."

"Alright. You still got the key?" He asked, thinking she was the last to have it.

"Yeah." She opened her bag, pulling it out and handing it to him.

He took it, nodding. "Thanks again for it..." He said, turning around and heading back towards the hummer. This still seemed far too easy... Kali watched as he went back for his Hummer, and then started for her jeep, which was the other way. There were a few more ruins she had to inspect in the area, though she was going to be a bit more cautious this time around...

::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::

::Kali Archon::
::Neoshadow Heartless::

Chapter 5

Cairo, Africa. September-16-2026

Larxene, a member of a mysterious group known only as "Organization XII", was walking down a alleyway in Cairo. She wore a black leather robe with her hood hiding her green eyes and short blonde hair as she marched down towards the more exposed area of the market district. A couple days ago, she and one of her fellow members were asked to come here to Earth and track down a human mercenary. They didn’t do favors for free though, but their employer, that vizier known as Jafar, offered them plenty of rewards if they were to aid him. The thing is, Organization XII didn’t want money, they wanted something else instead... And the only reason they decided to help Jafar was because they have a couple things in common.

She has been tracking Mulluns down ever since they left that Island they arrived on. It didn’t take long to track the mercenary down in Egypt as she watched him emerge with the Keyblade that Jafar was so interested in. But Larxene was also interested in it, but not for the same reasons Jafar was interested in. The Mercenary and the young woman he was with were the first to touch this world's Keyblade for centuries, if not longer. And as legends has it, only they will be able to use it, until the blade is destroyed or they are killed. Speaking of which, she tracked the mercenary to an apartment complex, must be where he was staying while on the mission to recover the Keyblade.

She was almost there before her thoughts were interrupted and she found herself pinned against the wall in the alleyway by what seemed to be a human in clothing that didn’t seem to be as nice as the others she's seen around. His breath reeked of a disgusting stench, and his teeth looked like they were once white in their early days, but those days are long gone now as they look like they have decayed badly. Suffice to say, this man was a disgusting filth that was trying to get something from Larxene, completely unaware what she is or what she is capable of. As he tried to have his way with her by trying to pin her hands to the wall and press his repulsive lips against hers, something small formed in her right hand and she moved it to the man's abdomen, making his eyes go wide.

The thug took several steps back, seeing blood ripple from his abdomen as he looked to the young woman he thought was defenseless, and saw a gold knife in her grip with blood dripping from it. She approached him, putting her hand on the man's shoulder as his eyes widened more with pain as he felt numerous shocks of electrical pain surge throughout his whole body, several bolts of lightning emitting from Larxene's hands and all around the man before she swung him back into the alleyway into some trash cans with ease. She didn’t really care if she killed him or not, not that she could anyways; like all of her kind, they lack a Heart, as well as any sort of emotion or feelings. They could only pretend to have them. It was the way a Nobody acted.

With her hood remaining over her head, she emerged from the alley way just in time to see Mulluns walking among the crown of dozens of other commoners in the market. She watched him, seeing him leave the streets and heading towards the apartment complex. She thought she would surprise him, and took several steps backwards into the alley way, into a nice, dark spot where she could teleport without drawing attention...

Mulluns made his way up the stairs, and towards his room. The place wasn’t big, but it was big enough for him to stay for a couple days to roam around in search for a sword that looked like a key. He put his keys into the door and opened it. The room consisted of a single bedroom with a double bed, one bathroom, one balcony, and two windows. While he could afford something much better, he didn’t want to draw any attention to himself, and felt this would be better. His plane was going back to France tomorrow at noon, and he decided to stay at his room till then. Once inside, he locked the door and went over to the dresser, where his metal suitcase was. He opened up his trench coat, and lay his shotgun aside his dresser and set his coat on the bed. The Keyblade was strapped securely to his waist with the blade going down along his right leg, but took that off too and set it down on the bed. He kept the holsters with his pistols on his black latex vest, for the moment, and sat on the bed, rubbing his hand against his head slightly.

He still had no idea what those creatures in black were, or how they were so intelligent... well, intelligent enough to climb up a rope and how to slightly avoid gun fire. He figured Kali must still be out there investigating other ruins. Odd that she didn’t seem afraid of those things, or that she might run into more of them while she investigated. But she was more then capable of handling herself, and knew she would be fine. He got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower, removing his holster and pistols and setting them aside the shower, just incase. He never removed his goggles, not while on the job, not during a shower, not even while he slept. It had to do with the condition of his eyes, and that the goggles he wore did something to them that allowed him to see. If removed, he would see either nothing or extremely in comprehensible vision of everything.

Once he was finished, he slipped on a black t-shirt and black jeans as he wiped his face dry from the towel. He placed his holsters and pistols back on as he stepped out of the bathroom, only to discover that he no longer was alone. He pulled his pistol on his left side out with his right hand and aimed it at the female intruder who was resting on his bed.

"Identify Yourself!" He demanded.

"Well, well, aren’t you the friendly one." Larxene teased, sitting up with her hood down. "Name is Larxene; I believe we have something in common."

"Really... Explain."

"Before I do, I highly suggest you put your weapon away."

"Don’t make me ask again." He said, his pistol remaining where it was pointed.

"Don’t make me ask again, mercenary."

Mulluns's pistol remained pointed at her, ready to fire if she made one wrong move. He never even saw it coming, Larxene leaped to her feet, knocked the pistol out of Mulluns's hands, slamming him into the wall as her elbow was pressing against his neck to prevent him from moving. He pressed both of his hands against her elbow, but couldn’t get them to move, but realized he was still alive, and that she could have killed him in that move she pulled... or tried too.

"Don’t struggle; I would prefer not to puncture one of your vital spots." She mentioned, her knife pressing against Mulluns's abdomen area gently.

"What do you want...?” He asked without any emotion in his tone.

"What I want is to know where the Key is."

Mulluns remained expressionless, but was a bit surprised that she too was after the Key he was hired to retrieve. Was Jafar hiring others to get it, or was she after it for other reasons? Either way, he felt this was going to end violently, and needed to do something, fast.

"What key?"

"The one you recovered from the ruins. Don’t lie, I saw you recover it along side with that other woman."

"Why should I tell you? If you kill me, you may never find it."

"Who said I would kill you? Simple death is no fun at all. But torture, and pain... now those are different." She said, a smile appearing on her face. She then put her head on his left shoulder to say something right into his ear. "Surrender it to us, and we can end this all without any pain."

"Do what you will... if you can..." Mulluns said again, lacking any fear. This time however, he delivered a knee kick into Larxene's stomach, causing her to release him as she stumbled back. He then back handed her with his fist, causing her to wince in a bit of pain. It didn’t take long for her to recover and to take a swing at him, only to see her fist was caught by him, which is exactly what she was planning. As he held her fist, he suddenly saw several jolts of electricity move around her arm and into her fist, eventually going into him as he started to get shocked. He was forced to release her as he backed up a bit, trying to recover, but he only had time to look up slightly to see her deliver a high kick to his chest, sending him backward and on his back. As he attempted to get up, he realized he was dealing with someone who was not normal, he found further proof as he watched several golden throwing knifes materialized in her hand by lightning.


"What the hell are you?" He demanded, not sure if she was from another world like Xentar was or not.

She smiled, thrusting her hand back as she threw several knifes right at him. It was then he felt something in his hand, and only glanced to see it was the Keyblade he recovered, right in his hand that was just seconds ago empty. Not one to question it now, he placed it in front of him as he somehow managed to knock the blades away from him before they could puncture into him. She was both surprised and angry that he was still breathing, but was a bit pleased that she now knew where the blade was, and all she needed to do was acquire it.

"Your part is finished, Mercenary. Hand the blade over like a good human, and we can both walk away from this. Though I would always prefer to perhaps sever your hand and pry it from your dead fingers."

He was now on his feet, the Keyblade in his right hand and his pistol in his left. "Try it."

And she did, running at him as she took a swipe at him with her knives, only to see him take a step back. He took a swing at her with his blade as she ducked quickly and he destroyed a lamp that was on a nightstand instead. She was quick, quicker then he was, and that’s where he knew where she would win if he didn’t do something soon. He took several steps back away from her as he fired his pistol at her, a total of six shots were fired and not one hit her as she amazingly evaded them all, somehow hitting the last bullet with her knifes as the bullet was sliced in two pieces. He again fired a couple other shots as one went through the window in back of Larxene, who now threw one of her knives right at Mulluns, but only knocked the gun out of his hand. Once he felt the knife hit his hand, he was forced to release it, only to notice Larxene running at him once more as she kneed him in the stomach with such force, it almost reminded Mulluns of Xentar's strength when he fought him.

Mulluns collapsed on his back and onto the bed, releasing the Keyblade from his grip as he tried to get up. Larxene saw this, and moved in, grabbing his pistol, she examined it a bit, a little unfamiliar with it. She did know one of the other Organization's members had weapons that fired projectiles like this one, and if she was right, then she knew all she needed to know. Aiming the pistol at Mulluns, she fired a shot that hit him in his left shoulder, causing him to yell in pain as he grabbed his shoulder with his good hand, only to hear another shot and the same pain going into his other shoulder. He couldn’t move either of them, almost as if she shot them at the precise location to render them useless. Mulluns was completely defenseless.

Larxene approached him, always loving it when she gets to toy with those she hurts, and then just to make them suffer only to watch them beg for mercy. She stood over him as she looked down at him, and then bent over so she was right over him, putting her knife into his wound slightly as she could tell by the look on his face; it was causing further pain, even if he tried to hide it. "You know, I must admit; you’re a lot more attractive then the last man I killed. But if we remove these..." She spoke, placing her gloved hands on his goggles as she slowly attempted to move them up so she could look directly into his eyes. Once he saw she was distracted, and despite the pain, he trusted his head forward and into hers, causing her to yelp and back away from him. The odd thing he noticed about her was that she never bled, more proof for him that she wasn’t from this world. Larxene wasn’t too happy though, and threw one of her knives at Mulluns, watching it land right in his abdomen.

Mulluns couldn’t handle any more of the pain, and slowly started to drift out of conscious from the blood leaving his wounds. The last things he remembers was Larxene approaching with her knives again, about to plant her finishing blow on him, then the sound of his door bursting open, and shots fired. He didn’t know who it was, or what happened to Larxene, as he had then passed out.


Chapter 6

Island 51: September-17-2026

Xentar was dead, killed by Rick Mulluns on the train system beneath Island 51. After surviving the explosions in the main gate room, he tracked the mercenary down, and engaged him in hand to hand combat. Little did he know, the mercenary made a grab for the RPG that was on Katarn, a soldier Xentar caused most of the facility to explode, and shot off its remaining rocket at an already damaged chest piece on Xentar's armor. The explosion was enough to kill him as the armor malfunctioned and most of his innards to rupture and fail. He died, screaming a Xenomancer curse at the mercenary before dying on the train, minutes before it exploded in a fiery explosion.

Now his armored corpse was in some sort of capsule in a room that wasn’t destroyed, beams of dark energy shooting into various parts into his being. Several of Jafar's soldiers were watching the process go underway. They watched as the beams of dark energy were seemingly, and slowly, repairing his armor back to the currant state it once was. When his body was discovered, his armor was scorched and heavily damaged from the rocket that hit him, and from the train he was on from exploding. His body inside it though was another story, his entire chest and abdomen area was almost completely burned and almost missing from the explosions, and a year of being dormant had taken its toll on the remains of his corpse. But there wasn’t anything that the power of Darkness could fix... Especially one from a Sorcerer.

It took a matter of hours for his armor to be completely repaired, and a small alarm to go off to inform them that the process was finished. One of the soldiers went over to a large monitor and tapped a few buttons, and an image of Jafar appeared on it.

"The process is finished."

"Excellent. I will arrive shortly..."

It didn’t take long for Jafar to arrive, and his men had already put him on a metal counter in the center of the room. As he approached the Alien's armored corpse with his Cobra staff in his hand. As he looked down at it, Iago, who was perched on his right shoulder, spoke up.

"You sure this is wise? I mean, if he killed everyone who was here before, what’s to stop him from doing the same thing again?! To us!"

"Calm yourself, Iago. If he is a bit hostile after his resurrection, I have it under control..."

And with that, Jafar got to work, waving his hand a bit over Xentar's body as he mumbled something that was a bit hard to understand, and then it happened. Dark energy of sort shot out of his hand, and went right into Xentar as it slowly engulfed his whole body, Jafar mumbling the entire time. The entire process lasted almost an hour as the masked men watched the entire process, and then the Sorcerer suddenly stopped, watching as the Dark energy what was engulfing Xentar retracted and eventually disappeared. His body was still the same as it was when it was removed from the capsule, but the Dark Energy did something to it... something unseen.

"Awaken..." Jafar commanded.

Almost instantly, the green glow on Xentar's helmet flashed on, as did the one on his now repaired chest plate. His eyes were now open under his helm, and he moved his hands to help him sit up. Jafar grinned, pleased to see that the alien was revived, but needed to know if he was fully aware.

"How do you feel?"

"Been Better..." He grumbled, his voice a bit deep and almost machine like as it came out from his helmet.

"Do you know what happened to you?"

Xentar turned his head to face Jafar, and saw he was another human who had an animal on his shoulder. He looked around some more and saw masked men with rifles, and realized something had happened. He got to his feet, standing about half a foot taller then Jafar as he moved his fingers about, getting the feeling in them back as he did with his legs and feet.

"I'm supposed to be dead. What happened? Where am I, Human?" He demanded.

"You are in the place where you died. I revived you, and in doing so, have gave you a chance to complete the mission you were sent to do... and to exact your revenge."

"Mission... Revenge..." He thought, then it all came back to him, as well as... "Mulluns! Where is that bastard?!"

"He is gone, far from here. We will be seeing him again though, fear not."

Xentar was now suspicious of this Human, looking down a bit at him. "Why did you revive me? You’re a Human, why would you revive me so I can claim another planet in the name of The Xenomancer Empire?"

"Hmm... I know nothing of your Empire, but you and I are alike. We are from different worlds, neither of us are from here." He explained, seeing he got Xentar's attention as he explained further. "You may call me Jafar, and I revived you because I seek something, as are you. If we to work together, we will succeed. I care not what you do to this world only that I find what I am looking for."

"And what is that you seek, Jafar?" Xentar asked, crossing his arms.

"I doubt you heard of it. It is something that each world holds, even yours and mine. It is the Keyhole, the door that will lead to the heart of a world. But... I need something that will allow me to find it a bit easier, and to unlock it."

"And that is...?"

"The Keyblade. Legend states that it is a weapon of unknown origin, thought to have existed for thousands upon thousands of years. Legend also states that at least one Keyblade is born upon each world, crafted into a weapon that resembles the world it was born on. Those who wield it wield power that can save their own world from those who seek to destroy it, or it can release chaos upon their planet... or maybe something else."

"Of all the worlds i have ventured across, never have i heard anything of this. What proof do you have?"

"Mulluns has recovered one, but he thinks it as nothing but a trinket, unaware of its true power."

"Mulluns found one? Then you must have seen him recently."

Jafar grinned a bit. "A few days ago, several of my agents have informed me of the progress he has made, and that he has recovered it. But he is not needed anymore, and someone has been sent to recover the Key from him."

"Then he is all mines." He said, starting to walk past Jafar as he headed for the exit.

"Don’t be a fool. You have no idea where he is, and you were just brought back after a year from being dead. Mulluns will come, and you will get your revenge..."

Xentar would normally turn around and lash out at the Sorcerer, but he was still a bit weak in strength, and he could only briefly feel his powers.

"You are the fool. Do you really think the one person you sent after him would be able to even stand much of a chance against?"

"You obviously never heard of Nobodies then, I’d assume."

Before Xentar could even reply, a dark oval sphere appeared in the room and someone in a dark hooded robe emerged from it. Jafar recognized who it was instantly.

"Nobody, you have returned. How did things go with the mercenary?"

Larxene removed her hood, and judging by the way she looked, she just got finished fighting someone who could actually match her strength.

"He refused to hand the key over, before I could finish him off... i was ambushed by someone and had to throw the fight..."

Xentar laughed under his helmet, not surprised one bit by the story of this other human... or nobody as what Jafar referred to her by.

"He beat you, didn’t he? You just retreated before he could kill you..."

That was enough to spark a fuse in Larxene, especially when it came from a person who just awoke from the grave just minutes ago. "How dare you! How was i to know what he was truly capable?"

Jafar frowned a bit, but he had to expect something like this to happen. "This is disappointing. But you never really said why you left. Who ambushed you exactly?"

Cairo, Africa. September-17-2026

Mulluns could slowly feel conscious coming back to him, and he slowly attempted to open his eyes that were hidden by his goggled. When he woke up, he found himself in a bed, not in his apartment, but somewhere else. He slowly tried to sit up, but still felt a bit of pain in his shoulders from where he was shot at by that Larxene. It was then he noticed he had his shirt removed, and gauze wrapped all around his shoulders and around his abdomen, where Larxene had plunged one of her blades into. He could move his arms a bit, but it was still a bit painful to do so, and right now, he needed to know where he was. Before he could even get himself up, he heard the door to his room opening, and his head snapped in the direction of where it was. Once he saw who it was though, he was relieved and thoughts that he was captured soon disappeared.

"Oh, you’re up? I was wondering how much longer you would be out..." Kali said.

"Kali... What happened?"

"You... don’t remember?"

He shook his head. He remembered everything up till he was stabbed by Larxene, then everything else was just blank.

"Someone broke into your apartment, and almost killed you. If I haven’t shown up when i did..."

"I understand..." He laid back down, then remembered something he almost forgot. "The Key, where is it? Did she take it?"

"No... I made sure she didn’t. When I arrived, she made a break for it. Though the way she did it was..."

"She isn’t from this world, Kali."

She looked at him, a bit confused at his words. But she couldn’t call him crazy, not after seeing what she saw the other day in the ruins. "I know. That’s why I came to find you."

"You know she isn’t human?"

"You aren’t the only one who was visited by one in a black robe, Rick..."

::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::

::Jack Katarn
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Chapter 7

Egypt, Africa. September-16-2026

Kali was still at the ruins she was investigating after giving the Keyblade she discovered to Mulluns. This one, however, was a bit farther then the one she was just recently at, but seemed to be offering even more information then the last tomb was offering. She had already fully treated her wounds, and was now more then careful on what she touched and such. She could tell by the look on Mulluns's face when he left that he wondered why she would want to explore more ruins after encountering those creatures, and that was exactly why she wanted too. She took a shotgun with her though this time from her jeep, just incase she encountered more of those creatures again.

"After you left, I headed further to some of the other ruins. I wanted to see what those things were that attacked us..."

She tied her flashlight onto her shotgun, and started to investigate some more of the rooms she was near, cautiously, and keeping her ears open. When she entered another room, she focused on he walls, and before her was even more inscriptions and drawings on the walls that looked about as old as the others she encountered. From the drawings, she could recognize some of them by now, such as the creatures with claws had to be the ones she encountered. But... who were these others? Some looked like drawings of people, some looked like oddly shaped armored knights who wielded Keyblades.

"I've found more info on the Key I found and of those creatures..."

It took her hours to look over the walls with inscriptions and drawings, and from the looks of them, and what she could translate; there was a civilization here possibly several thousand years ago. There existed the creatures that seemed to lack hearts and were born from the darkness in men's hearts, and the people attempted to destroy them, but failed. Therefore, a weapon was granted to them, crafted by unknown forces; The Keyblade, and given to the ones who were pure to the soul. They fought the creatures, and eventually drove them off back into the darkness, but it didn't end there...

Further investigating showed that several of the people who wielded the Keyblade saw the power it wielded, and sought to take control. The drawings showed armored knights of sort battling others, both sides bearing Keyblades. A Keyblade war. The war seemed to go on through the ages, and most of the civilization was destroyed and its people killed, and the dark users were only then fully destroyed by one knight who wielded the one Keyblade to rule over all others. The forces of darkness were destroyed, the remaining keys were destroyed, and the one Keyblade that saved them all was locked inside a tomb where it would never be found again.

This all sounded like some fairy tale her mother would tell her when she was a little girl, but this wasn't a fairy tale. This was real; someone just didn't come and make these drawings, or these inscriptions. They were real, the Keyblade that Mulluns had was the one that saved an entire civilization from destruction, and held powers that could very well do more damage to others then she could only think, and he was supposed to deliver it to someone. She didn't like this, all he was probably concerned was getting paid and didn't believe the legend it was known for, but she did.

"The Key you have is a weapon of unseen power never before witnessed by anyone of this age..."

She got her equipment together, and began to make her way back to the surface to see if she can contact Mulluns... somehow. He was hard to find, she had to find him, before he gave the Keyblade to who ever wanted it. If who ever was wanting it, must have known about it and its story, and that was enough to make her want to try and recover it before something happened and innocent people were killed.

"That’s when... he came..."

She was almost outside, when she stopped in her tracks as what seemed to be a man in a black hooded robe was standing before her. He was standing about 6.7 feet tall, had some serious muscles in his arms... from what she could judge, and his face was completely shrouded in a hood. He wasn't someone normal, not many would just come out here just to wonder...

"So..., did you learn anything new today, Kali?" He spoke in a calm, but almost with no feeling in his voice.

"Who... Who are you??"

"Oh... just a nobody; I saw you and the other enter these ruins, no doubt you discovered something worthwhile, I'd assume?"

"Why...?" She asked, a bit suspicious of this man. "What’s it to you?"

"A great deal to be blunt, I saw from a distance that you discovered a Key... Well, a giant one actually. Where is it?"

"I don't have it... And even if I did, I wouldn't be so sure if I would show you or not. You still haven't told be your name..." She said, a bit on edge now.

The man laughed a bit, took a couple steps towards her, as she took a couple steps back before she saw him stopping. "Well, you can just call me..." he placed his hands on his hood and removed them, reveling his long blue hair, his X shaped scar on his forehead, and his yellow eyes.”... Saïx."

"What... What do you want?" She was a bit startled by his appearance, but remained her ground.

"The Keyblade. Hand it over."

He spoke, walking towards her as she kept walking back until her back hit the tomb wall. By now, he was looking down at her as her heart raced. "I... I don't have it." Without even a second thought, he grabbed her by the neck of her shirt, and lifted her off her feet, pinning her to the wall as she let out a shriek, grabbing his wrist, but couldn't seem to force him to drop it. "I'm telling the truth!"

He continued to watch her, and then suddenly dropped her as she fell to the ground with a yelp. "You must not have it then. Then that leaves the mercenary... and if my timing is right, then she will have found him by now and taken the Keyblade off his hands after disposing of him. Sorry to bother you..." He said, leaving in a dark portal that formed behind him as he stepped into it, disappearing. None of his words with any feeling or emotion in them, as if he never cared if he killed her or not. She managed to get to her feet, leaning against the wall. Someone was trying to take the Key, and they were desperate enough to kill others for it. She had to find Mulluns, but she was so far from the nearest city, and she didn't even know where he was. She sighed, and made for her jeep before she heard a whistle behind her. She turned around, and before her was yet another being in a black robe and hood, but he had a bit of a slimmer body then Saïx did.

"But he wasn't the only one who appeared to me..."

"Looking for a way back to the city? I can get you there faster."


Without even thinking, the new entity took a couple steps towards Kali, thrusting his hand back as he launched what seemed a dark portal at her, engulfing her as she closed her eyes and tried to shield her. She felt a bit of coldness around her as she couldn't see anything around her, but about half a minute later, she wasn't in it anymore. She found herself in the back alley of several buildings in what seemed like a city, and it didn't take long before she heard gunshots from the building next to her. Realizing that new hooded man must have done something to make her appear here for a reason, she raced to the building where she heard gunshots from, hoping she would get to Mulluns before it was too late.
She made it to several apartment doors, seeing a shattered window in one of them, knowing he had to be in here. She kicked the door open with her right foot after several tries, barging in to see yet another black robed person. This one was a blonde female though, and she was standing over a wounded Mulluns as the assassin turned to see Kali, a bit surprised as she felt a bullet hit her in her shoulder. The assassin was caught completely by surprise, and vanished in a matter of seconds behind another portal that formed behind her as she stepped into it. Kali put her pistol away, and raced over to Mulluns, who seemed to have lost consciousness.

"It wasn't easy getting you back here to my safe house, but I managed to do it without others seeing." She said, finishing explaining what happened to her in the ruins.

"So there's more then one, and there looking for the Key too... That’s just perfect..." He said, laying his head back down.

"Rick... who ever hired you to retrieve the Key, they know something about it. And whether there are part of those black robed people or not, they can’t be good. We need to do something with the Key... before they can get there hands on it."

"You aren't the only one to know they Key is more then it seems. You would have found me most likely dead if I never used it..."

She looked at him, tilting her head to her left slightly. "You used it? How so?"

"Not entirely sure... it just... appeared in my hand as I was fighting, and... I'm not sure how to put it... but it let me see where the knives would hit before they were thrown..."

She shook her head. "That’s what I mean. Its something that no one has ever seen before, and we need to get rid of it somehow before they can find it."
He tried to sit up, which he did, but still felt the pain in his shoulders as he winced slightly, trying to ignore the pain. Kali went to him, putting her arm on him to lay him back down. "Whoa, hold on. You’re still not capable of fighting, especially after your near death experience back there."

"Almost all my jobs are near death experiences, Kali. It’s what I do..."

"Just relax and rest, you need it." She told him, getting him to lie back down. Once she saw he wasn't going to try to go anywhere, she left him as she went into the next room. She went into the small closet, and closed the door behind her, pushing several boxes aside as she retrieved the Keyblade from behind them. She really hasn't had a chance to observe it yet, maybe she can figure out a little bit more about it... and why those men in black robes are after them because of it... and why exactly Mulluns's employer would want it... She held the Keyblade, and left the closet, heading back into her bedroom where she left Mulluns. They needed to talk, and it would be several days before the medications she put into him would act up and get him to be back on his feet... or just so he would be able to use his arms anyways...


Chapter 8

Island 51: September-20-2026

Inside what was once a meeting hall for the top scientists of the Facility, now was what can only be described as an overhaul of the room that was once destroyed and is now back to how it was before the facility exploded. Jafar sat at the head of a long metal table, Iago perched on his right shoulder as always, Larxene was on the left side of the table, and seemed to have somehow removed the marks she gained by Mulluns, Saïx was on the right side of the table, his expression was hard to read, like always it seemed, then there was another who was at the other end of the table, his head with spiky red hair, his hands behind his head and his feet crossed on top of the table.

Xentar was not at the table, but instead was leaning against the wall in back of Jafar, his arms crossed. Over the course of the past few days, he's been beginning to act strange, both physically and mentally. While he is somewhat grateful for Jafar for reviving him so he can exact his revenge and complete his mission, there was just something about the Sorcerer that made Xentar hate him. He felt the same way towards the two nobodies from Organization XII, he wasn't deceived by there words or there appearance, and knew they were just empty shells that lacked something. They were just parasites beneath his heel... but powerful parasites he corrected himself.

"Word has it, that the Mercenary is still alive, and that he still has the Keyblade. With our search for The Keyhole nearing, it is time we acquire it once more."

"Want me to find him again? This time, I'll make sure to just remove him altogether." Larxene asked.

"What, and get your ass kicked again like before? Please, if this guy is as smart as you say he is, then he's going to be expecting trouble." The one at the end of the table spoke.

Larxene was about to say something to him, a bit upset on his comment about her failure in assassinating Mulluns, but Saïx raised his hand slightly, as if telling her not to go at it. It was then he who spoke. "The chances of him expecting another assassination against his life are high, yes. But this does not mean we must just wait for him to deliver it to us. Chances are, he has become a bit suspicious and may decide to keep the Keyblade."

"Then approach him like you would anyone." Xentar spoke, listening in onto the conversation, and speaking only when he thought it was needed. But now, all the eyes were directed towards him, thinking that he had more to say. "If you nobodies go and try to just take him down like before, you will fail, and you will problem not make it back to tell of your failure next time. The Sorcerer was the one who hired him, he should retrieve the Key." He added on, not really caring about the Keyblade much, but over the past few days of listening to Jafar go on about The Keyhole that they are so close to finding, he decided to help him if it would lead him closer to his own goal.

"You know... for a guy who's only been alive for about a week, you got a pretty good idea."

Xentar said nothing at first, a bit agitated by the Nobody’s attitude. Axel was his name, a real hot head that seemed to always be at ease and a bit of a smart-aleck at times. Once or twice, he's told Xentar to "Loosen up a bit", which furthered his dislike towards these sentients who lacked any emotions. He may have been a ruthless enforcer and soldier back when he was in the Xenomancer Empire, but he at least could feel pain, sadness, anger, and so on. These nobodies never felt any of that, and it was almost hard for Xentar to believe anything they said... to a degree.

"Besides, he's the only human among us. They will recognize you three by your robes, and if I went, I would draw more attention then even I would want." Xentar further added.

"You make a good case, Xentar. Indeed, I would rather not rely on another failure from one of you nobodies, no offense taken." Jafar said, not really serious on the last three words he said. He rose from his seat, turning to the nobodies, then to Xentar, then walked past the table and towards the door, where two masked soldiers stayed on guard. Once they saw Jafar exit the meeting room, they followed him out, assault rifles in there grip. Xentar was still a bit curious on this whole thing about The Darkness and these Heartless creatures he's been hearing.

"You nobodies seem to be somewhat intelligent..." Xentar commented, leaning still on the wall, but had his helmet facing the three nobodies at the table. "What are those things? They aren't human, not from the way they act, and not from the way they feel."

"Feel?" Larxene asked.

"Yes, I can feel no presence in those soldiers, as if nothing is under the armor and helmet they wear. They are those creatures I was told about, aren't they? They are the Heartless."

"Bingo." Axel answered, pointing his index finger at Xentar in a "Cool" way. "The Heartless are wayward hearts corrupted by darkness, and they seek to devour everything and all that apocalyptic crap. But those with a strong heart, like the Sorcerer, can gain control of them, and use them to there own bidding."

"Or so he thinks." Saïx continued. "The Heartless will follow who ever is the strongest, but those who control them run a risk of their own heart and very being for that matter, being controlled and devoured by the Heartless. The darkness holds no hold over us, however..."

"What good is trying to control and devour a being if they lack a Heart?" Xentar added, figuring out the mystery of these Heartless even further.

"You catch on quickly, Xentar. Are you sure you never heard of them before, or seen them before?" Larxene asked.

"Does it look like it? The Xenomancer Empire has dealt with countless races, and never once have we seen a sentient species such as them. It still makes me question how that Sorcerer can even control them."

"Ah, but you see, he doesn't." Axel answered.

"He may not know it, but Jafar is the one being controlled by the Heartless. He may not know it, and he may have his own free will, but the Heartless have ways of... doing there things. We just like to give him the impression that he is still in control of them." Larxene added on.

"And you, Xentar, were revived with the power of Darkness. The Darkness flows through your very being, under all that armor you are encased in. Don't make the same mistakes Jafar made; don't let yourself be a mere tool to the Darkness, unless you wish to join the ranks among the Heartless."

Xentar looked straight at Saïx, not a bit happy with his threat he made, and took several steps towards the table, placing his hand on the table as he looked straight at him.

"Is that a threat, Nobody?"

"From me? No. From the Heartless? Yes."

Jafar left Xentar and the Nobodies to discuss the plans as he went to greet the Mercenary and the Girl who was with him. He walked down several halls that were now repaired and were lighted up with now repaired lighting systems. Over the past days, his men, and his powers, they have begun to reconstruct the once destroyed facility into there own private head quarters. He walked back into the Gate Room, where he first emerged from on the planet, two soldiers still at his side. He looked around the room, which was also repaired and no longer being taken over by jungle growth, and saw a soldier behind the computers. He approached the main gate that held the portal that allowed him to appear where he wanted to on the planet, something that was a mix of the technology the scientists here discovered before they were wiped out by Xentar, and with a bit of Darkness. Once they had tracked Mulluns's destination, the portal slowly appeared, and Jafar and the two soldiers entered it, engulfed by the Darkness as they were thrusted across the globe in a matter of seconds, arriving near Mulluns's and Kali's location. It was time to complete there business...

::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::

::Heartless Soldier::


Chapter 9

Washington DC September-22-2026

Mulluns was now fully recovered, thanks to the advanced medical kits that were available. When he was recovered, he received a message from Jafar on his PDA that to meet him in Washington to exchange the Keyblade for his pay. He and Kali knew something wasn't right, and that he had to know something about the Keyblade if he wanted it so badly. Regardless, using Kali's private jet, they left Cairo and arrived in Washington DC to finish the deal, and get to the bottom of things. They came up with a plan that they Kali would be the one meeting Jafar or his men to exchange it instead of Mulluns, while he would observe from a distance. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a blue jacket on and a pair of blue jeans, sitting on a bench at a park with a case at her feet, waiting for her contact. Little did Jafar or his men know, was that she didn't have the Keyblade, and instead, it was a replica she discovered in the ruins and placed it in the case instead. She only hoped they wouldn't discover what it really was...

It was then that Two of Jafar's soldiers entered the park, clad in there armor and gas masks that gave several people there a bit of a scare, not knowing if something was wrong or not. They spotted Kali and approached her, and she just glanced over to them and recognized them from the description Mulluns gave her.

"Are you representing the Mercenary?" One of them asked.

"Yeah, are you the ones?"

One of them nodded. "In exchange for the Keyblade, you will receive a total of Twenty five thousand U.S. dollars."


She reached for the case as one of them reached into a pouch on there chest, withdrawing several large stacks of cash as they made the exchange. But when the other soldier received the case and opened it to see the Key, he sensed it. "Do you play us for a fool?"

"I... don't know what you mean..."

The soldier with the case threw the case to his left, the case opening as the replica fell out. "We know a Keyblade when we see one! Hand the key over..." He then drew his pistol as did the other soldier and pointed them at her. "Now."

She saw what happened, and was shocked that they knew it was a replica just by looking at them, which gave her more proof that they knew what exactly it was. And the way they drew there guns on her demanding it was even more proof that these men were no good. She was about to say something before her cell phone started to ring, alerting the two Soldiers. One of them approached her and held his hand out towards her. "Hand it over."

She did what they told her to, giving him her phone as he turned it on, placing it to his head. "Speak."

"Lower your weapons, and tell me where Jafar is." Mulluns voice emitted from the phone.

"Mercenary? Where are you? Where is the Keyblade?! We had a deal!"
"I'll give it to Jafar, not his second hand lackeys. Now lower your weapons and step away from her."

The soldier threw the phone aside, aiming his pistol right at Kali's forehead, cocking the gun. "Perhaps if he were to see you in pain, he will reveal himself." And when he was about to fire, something slammed through the soldier's head and came out the other end, killing him instantly. Before Kali's eyes, the soldier's head evaporated in a dark mist, as did the rest of his body as the pistol dropped to the ground with a clang. Mulluns had a perfect head shot, his silenced sniper rifle resting on a small stand while he saw on top of a building over looking the park as he saw the Soldier die... and disappear into a mist of darkness. This was now serious. Jafar is involved with the creatures that attacked him and Kali in Egypt, and now there taking on the forms of Soldiers with guns, and were even able to sound and acted like them. How intelligent were these things? He then spoke into the cell phone loud enough for the other Heartless Soldier to hear him.

"Tell me where Jafar is now before I blow your head off too."

The soldier just laughed a bit. "He will find you, when he See's we have not reported back, he will find you himself."

And that was when another shot was fired and slammed right through the soldier's eye piece, emerging out the back of his head as it evaporated into darkness. Kali was shaken on what had happened; almost worried that she was going to die by these soldiers... that were really those creatures that she encountered. She went over to her cell phone, picking it up. "R...Rick?"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine... Just... get down here, please."

"On my way."

And with that, he folded the rifle up into a long rifle case, sealing it shut as he started to make his way back down to the street. Before he could go through the door that led to the elevator, he stopped in his tracks when he saw Jafar there, waiting for him.

"Ah, Mercenary, We meet again. You are an excellent marksman with your weapon; it seems I was wise to hire you."

"Save the flattery. Who are you? Who was the one who attacked me? And what were those things down there?" Mulluns demanded, his enforcer aiming at the Sorcerer.

"So many questions... As I told you, Mercenary, my name is Jafar. What I didn't tell you is that I am not from this world, and that there is a legion of those beings at my command. Hand the Keyblade over, and you will have your reward, and we will never see each other again."

"You can forget about the Key. Even if I had it, and was willing to give it to you, like we agreed, I do not have it."

Jafar’s eyes glared at him, not sure if Mulluns was lying or if he was telling the truth. Either way, he was in no mood for jokes and took several steps forward, his Cobra staff in hand.

"We had a deal, Mercenary. The Keyblade for money, the money for the Key! You do not want to joke with me!"

"I do not have a sense of humor. I'm always serious, haven't you noticed? Either way, you should have come for it yourself if you wanted, not sending one of your underlings to pick it off my corpse."

"You have no idea who I am, or what I am capable of. One way or another, the Key will belong to me, and before this is over, you will fall!"

"Not a chance." Mulluns answered with several bullets from his Enforcer as they headed right into Jafar, but suddenly slowed down when they were nearing his being, then suddenly fell to the ground. Jafar started to laugh at the attack on him. "You didn't think I'd approach you unprepared, did you? Suit yourself, Mercenary. But know your decision will not go without harm." He added, a bright flash emitting from the ruby eyes on his cobra staff, temporally blinding Mulluns as he looked away. By the time he looked back, Jafar was no where to be found, and seemed to have vanished. He didn't have time to look for him though, Kali was waiting down below, and he needed to inform her on what had happened.

Back at the park...

"So this is all that remains?" A bald headed man in a black military suit asked a normally dressed man, referring to the two pistols on the ground that were dropped by the Heartless Soldiers when they were killed.

"That’s right. I was just taking my normal walks, and across from the lake, I saw these two men wearing these black military outfits with gas masks on and they were threatening a young woman, and then someone shot at them from a distance, and killed them both.''

"And... the bodies are... where?"

"That’s what I keep telling you! One of there heads explodes in this... I don't know... some sort of mist, just like the rest of there body did before it just completely disappeared."

"Your telling me these men in masks were killed and there corpses just disappeared in a mist?"

"That is exactly what I'm telling you!"

"And how is it you aren't the only one to see this?"

"I wasn't! They were threatening a woman, but she escaped the park after they were killed."

The bald headed man placed his hand on his chin a bit, thinking this through a bit. He was John Killian, Sergeant of the Special Op Forces, the soldiers who solve situations normal soldiers cant solve. They had a small training facility here in Washington, and Killian was informed there was an assassination in the park nearby, and decided to investigate. Hearing this story wasn't very surprising though, especially not after experiencing the horrors on Island 51 with Xentar and his Cyborg army. Just then, the small radio chip on his ear started to ring.

"Just a sec..." He told the man, heading over to a tree where the civilian was out of hearing. "What is it?"

"Sergeant, something’s come up here. We need you back here, ASAP."

"What is it?"

"Unmarked, unlicensed Helicopters are heading towards the city, and they aren't responding to anyone."

"Great. I'll leave right now."

About a dozen dark blackish purple helicopters with strange heart symbols were flying straight towards Washington, and were approaching fast. Inside the one that was ahead of the others were two Heartless Soldiers at the controls, ignoring the radio chatter on the radio that was demanding identification. They would have been shot at by now, but the helicopters would have crashed down into the streets or a building, and that was what the local military was trying to avoid. So they waited, waited for the unknown helicopters to arrive, and had several of there own helicopters waiting; as well as several anti-aircraft artillery.

"Wh...What??" Kali asked. After she met up with Mulluns again, they went deeper into the alleyway, away from prying eyes and ears. He had already explained to her what the situation was when he was approached by Jafar.

"That’s what he said. He has a legion of those... soldiers, and if he doesn't get the Key, well... Then he's going to be pissed off and probably go postal."

"What if he sends them after us? Or maybe he'll send them to attack a city. We can’t let him do that!" Kali stated.

"All I care about is making sure he doesn't the Key. I'll have to find someway to kill him before he can get to it. If what is true about this thing, then God knows what he will do with it."

"Where did you put it?"

"Still in the truck of my car. It’s locked up tight."

"And how are we going to lure him out?"

"That... I'm not sure of yet. I'll need to think about it. Let's just get back to the car. I'm worried that they'll be looking for that Key..." Before he could go, several Helicopters passed by them at high speeds. They looked like they were heading to the middle of the city. Close examination on the could reveal that they did not at all look like U.S. Helicopters, or any other national helicopters found on Earth. "And better hurry..." Kali added, looking up at the helicopters. "Right... Let’s go..." And with that, the two took off running as what seemed like an Invasion of Heartless was about to begin in Washington.
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Rick Mulluns

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Chapter 10
Note: This Chapter was Role Played by me and my friend, and was then later edited by me.

Both Mulluns and Kali ran down the alleyway, out into the streets, towards where Mulluns had parked his car. By the time he got there, they could already tell that something was wrong as people all around were running away, mostly from the center of the city. Those Helicopters must have been from Jafar, carrying God only knows what in them. He then started to get the trunk open. "It's an attack..." Kali said quietly.

Mulluns finally managed to get the trunk open, moving several things out of the way until he saw the Keyblade there, just as he had left it. "It's still here..." And that was about the time when they started to hear gunshots and screams not too far away. "Gimme a gun're something." Kali asked, now staring away from Mulluns and the car and looking at all the people running in fear. He looked around, and opened a hidden compartment in his trunk with a handle and revealed several weapons. In them were two small Pump Action Shotguns, Two Enforcer Sub Machine Guns, and what appeared to be a wide variety of Ammo and Grenades. He pulled out one of the Sub Machine Guns and some ammo clips and handed them to her just as he started to hear the gunshots were getting louder. "You know how to use this?" He asked.

"Yeah. I've taken a small gun course." She answered. Looking behind her, Mulluns spotted a group of the "Soldiers" he saw from the Park emerging from several alleyways and into the streets, except there were groups of them instead of two "Good. There's here..." He turned around, grabbing the Keyblade as he attached it to a strap on his right leg before pulling out his dual Enforcers. By now, he could see the "Soldiers" were now gunning down anyone that they came across that didn't look like them. Kali didn't waste anytime and cocked her SMG as she went in gunning at the nearest one.


Several of them got hit, but it was obvious they were far from human as they didn't even seem fazed after getting shot several times, and several focused there attention towards her and Mulluns. "Take them down." One of them muttered to the others. "Take cover!" Mulluns yelled to Kali, diving for a small wall as he fired off his pistols at the soldiers, as did Kali when she ducked behind a car. One of the Soldiers was finally down, his body evaporating into a dark mist as his gun was left behind. The others continued to fire on the two with no remorse for there squad mates who were killed. "What the hell are those things..." Mulluns muttered to himself, peaking out and firing at them some more before taking cover as bullets hit the wall he was hiding behind. As Kali reloaded, One of the soldiers with a Shotgun moved in and was focusing on Kali, shooting at the car she was behind, shattering the windows and trying to shoot through to her side.

She gritted her teeth. "shit." she moved up, firing at the soldier with the shotgun, watching it get hit, but it kept going on despite being hit, It was almost like they felt no pain and would keep going until they were killed. Kali looked around. She was going to have to find new cover and quickly ran out from behind the car, firing at Soldiers. The shot gunner finally went down, his body evaporating into darkness as the others fired there weapons at her. Mulluns continued to fire at the soldiers, until several bullets hit near him and he noticed that they were now coming from behind them. "There coming in from behind!" Kali now noticed this, and were going to be trapped if they didn't move soon. "Dammit... we aren't in a good position!" She then spotted an Alleyway and dove for it, Mulluns following behind her as he gunned down several more Soldiers.

Once in the alleyway, Mulluns aimed at the exit and fired his guns several more times as several Soldiers tried to move in. "Got any ideas?" He asked. "We'll need to get to a roof..." She answered. "Alright... We'd have better luck getting there inside a building then a fire escape..." He said, stopping his guns as he started to reload. It was then that the soldiers started to come in the way the two came in, and Kali could see they were also coming in on the other side. "We need to go, now!" She stepped in front of him, covering him so he could reload. Once he reloaded, Mulluns ran for the nearest door, kicking it open as he went in with Kali right behind him. As soon as she was in, he slammed the door shot, placing the locks on them seconds before heavy banging was heard on the other side. "Those won’t hold... Let’s get to the stairs..." He said, heading off to find them. "Right." She answered, following him, but keeping a look out.

As soon as he found the stairs and started going up them, they could both hear a loud bang as the door was quickly kicked open and Soldiers started to move in. "Let's hope they aren't up there already..." They were both by now at the Roof exit door, both having there guns ready.

"Want me to go out first?" She asked.

"No... I'll go first. Just make sure that they aren't right behind us..."

She nodded, looking back. Drawing his enforcers, He kicked the door open, looking to see if the coast was clear on the roof while Kali kept watch on the Stairway. No one or anyone was on the roof. "All clear." He mentioned.” Good. Let's go." She headed for the roof, closing and locking the door behind her. They could still hear gunfire from down below, as well as the panic and chaos that was ensuring. She went to the edge and looked over it. "We can pick them off as they come up."

"Sounds fine... But for how long?" He asked.

"Haven't gotten that far..."

"There's a small Military base here. I'm sure there going to be arriving to deal with this. We could hold out here until they arrive..." He suggested.

"Sounds good to me." She answered. Mulluns then started to spot several soldiers moving in on there location as others went about in making more chaos. He aimed his enforcers at the things that looked like soldiers and open fired, as did Kali. Both of them watched as there bodies evaporated into Darkness, just like the creatures in Egypt did. "There the same things we encountered in Egypt... Aren't they?" He asked her.

"Yeah. Different type, though."

"I can tell... the ones in Egypt were almost like animals... smart ones... But these... These act, sound, and even look like Human Soldiers... to an extent. And they work for my "Former" client." He sighed a bit. "Shit... what have I done..."

"When it comes to retrieving unknown artifacts, you should consult me before taking the job." She suggested.

"I did. But I doubt neither of us could have seen something like THIS happening... Not like it's the first time..."

"You consulted me AFTER taking the job... not before.” She corrected.

"All I saw was the money..." He aimed at another soldier, gunning it down quickly. "Sometimes I think I let it persuade me too much."

"You do. Now look what happened." She aimed and gunned down another one before it got too close.

"Once we find Jafar, and those hooded ones, we can set things back to the way they were... If not, I think this world is in for Hell..." He fired down on another before reloading his Enforcers. She nodded. "Yeah. Pretty sure." She started to reload her guns, then started firing again. As both of them were reloading, a dark portal opened behind them, and Larxene stepped through, quietly. She was surprised that they were both here, a chance for to happily kill them both. Once she saw that both of there backs were towards her, she aimed her left hand at Mulluns and right hand at Kali and unleashed a strong jolt of electricity, enough to stop them from attacking.

Kali shrieked as the lightning slammed into her back, forcing her to sink to her knees with a wince, having dropped her weapon. Mulluns also went to his knees, but had a bit of a higher pain tolerance then Kali did and held onto his guns. He turned his head slightly around to see what happened, and was kicked right in the face by Larxene, forcing him away from Kali as he went to his back. Kali tried to get herself to move, but she felt numb from the Lightning. Larxene turned to Kali, realizing it was the girl who prevented her from killing Mulluns from before. She smiled a bit and kicked her hard in the abdomen forcing her onto her back with a wince. Despite the pain, she still tried to grab her gun. "Now now... Let's not do that." Larxene said teasingly, gently kicking her gun away from Kali, ruining any chance of retrieving it. Unknown to the Nobody, Mulluns was slowly attempting to get back up while Larxene's back was against him.

Kali looked from the gun up to Larxene, Then She could see Rick starting to get up, but made no acknowledgment of it. Larxene still wasn't aware of Mulluns getting up, and had her focus on Kali, kneeling down to her. "Now let's not go and screw up anyone's assassination now, shall we sweetie?" She said with a smile. "But that's my job... screwing up assassinations.... You don't scare me." Kali told the Nobody. "Then maybe it's best of i removed you first... Or should I maybe kill the Mercenary in front of you so you can see you failed?" Larxene threatened, but didn't seem one bit angry. Kali was working her hand to her coat pocket, managing to move it a bit. She was trying to get to her knife without being noticed. "I think that would work well. I'll go get him. Don't go and --" Larxene was cut off as she was shot repeatedly in the back, wincing every shot that hit her. Mulluns has his enforcer aimed at her, but noticed that not a singly drop of blood was drawn from the shots.

Kali then made her move, managing to get her knife out, grabbing Larxene around the neck and pulling her down when she heard the shots stop, stabbing the blade into the Nobody. Mulluns saw Kali grab Larxene, and remembered what happened when he grabbed her. "No, don't!" He yelled, but she still kept a hold on Larxene, the blade driven into her chest. Kali hadn't been sure if she could be killed that way, but she knew that if she let Larxene get out of her range, she wouldn't be able to help Rick much until the rest of her body could move. She couldn't give that chance. Larxene felt the piercing pain go through her chest, but it never hit anything in her. Despite the pain, she managed to smile as Kali could see several bolts of electricity form around her until Kali could feel it when the surge went to where she was holding onto her from, sending what seemed like jolts of Electricity into her. Kali shrieked in pain, trying to keep a hold onto the blade, gritting her teeth as she twisted the blade. After a moment she couldn't hold onto her or the blade anymore and fell back against the ground, letting out pained breaths. She hoped she at least gave Rick a little more time to recover.

The electricity continued to form around Larxene, arcs of it going around her arms, legs, head, chest, and so on. She then grabbed the blade and removed it and dropped it, not a single ounce of blood was shown from her wound, and it was obvious the blade went deep enough to draw it. Mulluns fired more rounds at Larxene, who leaped into the air, her throwing knives forming in her hands as she landed in front of Mulluns, managing to block most of the shots with her golden knives with unbelievable speed. Kali closed her eyes with a wince, starting to pass out, but kept trying to stay awake. Mulluns fired more shots from his Enforcers until he was out, and that was when he had his pistols removed from his hands when Larxene slashed at them with her knives. The Sadist Nobody laughed, thrusting towards the Mercenary, but he dodged that, and quickly grabbed the Nobody's arm, twisting it before he felt the electricity build up before kicking her away from them.

"T..the blade... R...Rick... U...use it..." Kali managed to say to Mulluns.

"?" He turned to his leg, where the Keyblade was holstered in a strap. Not having any other choice, he grabbed the handle, moving in-between Larxene and Kali. She threw several knives at them, and through some divine force, he was able to block each one away from him and Kali. She gritted her teeth in anger, charging at him. He took a swing at her, knocking her away. He was hoping he was giving Kali the time she needed to recover.

Kali managed to turn onto her side, taking deep breaths. "N...normal.. w...weapons... w...won't... work..." She winced, trying to push herself up.

"I've noticed..." He mentioned, throwing his blade at Larxene, watching it fly towards her as he saw it hit her in the chest, sending her back as she winced. The Keyblade went right back into Mulluns's hand, not much to his surprise. This weapon was something else...

Larxene was now pissed, and was now running at him again, leaping into the air as she sent a jolt of Electricity at him, which he blocked with the blade, the arcs of the electricity forming around the blade. That was what Larxene was hoping for as she then went for the kill and threw one of her knives at Mulluns, seeing it land in his abdomen. He winced, releasing the blade as it went to the ground, right next to Kali. He leaned against the wall, reaching to remove the knife that was lodged into him. Kali looked at the Keyblade, managing to grab it and start to get up. Her arms felt heavy but she couldn't let Rick get hurt more. But when she held onto the Blade, she felt as if her strength was returning and the pain was slowly going away, as if it gave her some sort of heightened senses when wielding it. Larxene was about to move into the kill, but then saw that the girl had the Blade now. She then threw several more knives at her. Kali stepped to the side, turning to the side, a blade skimming across her chest, only catching her shirt as she ran at her, slicing towards Larxene. The Nobody blocked the Blade with her knives, stepping back and taking several quick swipes at Kali, who moved back quickly and parried with a slashing attack across Larxene's face..

Larxene yelled in both pain and anger, moving back a bit, she received a nice cut on the side of her left cheek. No blood drew, it was just a cut. She growled. "I could use a hand if you don't mind!" She seemed to yell out to whomever. "I could cut your hand off if you want and give it to you." Kali growled, moving in at her and continuing to slash at her. Larxene had enough and sent another jolt of electricity at her, leaping upwards and onto another part of the roof as Kali leapt out of the way. She then looked to Rick, going over to him quickly, worried. He was recovering a bit, still leaning against the wall. He turned his head towards her as she inspected his wound, trying to see if she could do anything. "What happened?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Is that... thing dead?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Great. Know anything about them by chance while in Egypt?" He asked, wincing when she did something to fix his stab wound.

"Not too much.."

"There not human, I can tell that much. Have you noticed she didn't shed a single drop of blood?" He mentioned.

"I noticed." she finished doing what she could for his wound.

"There has to be a way to..." He suddenly stopped, turning his head towards his left, as if he hears something. She looked towards where he was looking. "Move!" He yelled, diving forward, grabbing her as he rolled out and away where they were standing when a surge of blue energy raced where it was, ripping up the concrete roof and walls as it went past them. Things would have been fatal if they had not moved in time... Kali blinked. "Geh..." she looked at it, then to him He managed to get up, seeing another black robed person landing on the same roof as them, one he hasn't seen yet, but one Kali certainly has. Saïx got to his feet, brushing himself off as he looked towards the two. He recognized Kali instantly from there last... conversation in Egypt they had. "Kali, it’s so good to meet you again." He said with an almost emotionless tone. She looked to Saïx, getting up as well, holding onto the Keyblade. "You..."


"You don't seem to happy to see me again." Saïx said.

"Depends on what you're here for. I'm really tired of people trying to kill me." She answered, watching Saïx a little. "There wouldn't be a need for all this death if you had only given us what we wanted." He said, slowly walking towards the two. Mulluns had both his pistols in his hand, but didn't aim them... Yet. Guns may not do much, but they at least keep them distracted or cause them some amount of pain at least. "I'm not stupid." Kali shook her head. "Worse things would happen if we handed it over."

"You act as if we care on what happens to this world. If I had a heart, I would probably care." He said, still walking towards them. Though there seemed to be a little more meaning in his words by "Having a Heart" then he let on. "No, I know you all don't care. But We do. And we won't let you get your way." She stood between him and Rick, since he was still a bit hurt, despite him not showing it. "Have it your way." He said. Before Kali could even react, he ran at her at an alarming rate, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off her feet. She gasped in surprise and trying to catch her breath from being grabbed by the throat. She gritted her teeth, looking at him

"Let her go!" Mulluns yelled, aiming his gun at him, but suddenly found his gun was flung out of his hands before he could put a slug in Saïx’s head. Larxene shot another volt of electricity at the Mercenary, forcing him to go on one knee as she shot another at him, causing him further pain then he already had, but was doing his best to ignore it.

"Do you enjoy seeing him in pain? Do you enjoy this life you have? We cannot, even if we wanted too. We just... exist." Saïx said to her, applying pressure around her neck.

"W...what... d...do... You mean...? J...just exist...?" Kali asked, trying to breathe.

"We are not humans like you; we are not made out of flesh and blood like you are. We are the aftereffects of those who have lost there hearts and souls to the Darkness.

"We are Nobodies, and we desire Hearts in which we will finally exist, no matter the cost."

"A...and how... do you plan... o...on getting... h...hearts....?" Kali asked.

"Can we just kill them already? I'm getting so bored with them already." She had Mulluns pinned to a wall with her elbow against his neck, both on there knees as she was using her other hand to slightly rub the tip of her knife against his chest. "Kill him, we only need one of them." Saïx Ordered.

Kali looked towards Rick slightly, then looked back to Saïx, swinging at him trying to get him to let her go. The Blade didn't even seem to hit him, stopping inches from him, as if there was some sort of shield around him. Larxene was about to deliver the killing blow, but the door that led to the roof was kicked open, and what seemed like Soldiers, human soldiers, arrived. They saw what was happening and all aimed there assault rifles at the Nobodies. Larxene turned around, releasing Mulluns, as Saïx did with Kali.

Kali sunk to her knees when she was let go, holding her throat a little and looking to them. Saïx looked over to Larxene, as she did him before they were both quickly engulfed in a dark sphere and disappeared in them along with the portals, but the soldiers didn't fire, as Mulluns and Kali were right behind the portals. They were gone... again. At least Mulluns and Kali were able to confirm what exactly they are, and what they intended. Mulluns leaned against a wall, looking towards the Soldiers. "Took your time?" He asked before glancing to Kali. She was rubbing her neck, which was bruised a little. She looked over to Rick, "You ok...?"

"I'm fine... What about you?"

"Throat hurts, but I'll be ok..." She started to get to her feet

"What the hell is going on? Do you two know what exactly those... things are down there in the streets?" One of the soldiers asked.

She rubbed her neck a little, "Long story.... and I'm not sure on everything..."

"So you know something on what these things are?"

"To an extent..." He added. "Get us somewhere safe, and we'll tell you all we know..."

"Yeah..." Kali said, handing the blade to Rick, "Hold onto it.."

"Right." He took it and holstered back onto his right leg. When Kali released it, she could feel its effects on here were fading as her senses and strength returned to normal. That was when she suddenly sunk back to her knees. He bent down to see what was wrong, seeing her close her eyes, trying to fall over onto the ground before being caught by Mulluns.

"Shit." He picked her up as he approached the soldiers. "Got a Med center nearby?"

"Yeah, let's go..."

He followed them, carrying her all the way. The fighting was now tenser in the streets. Both Human soldiers and those things were in an all out war. He still had no idea what it was that Jafar was wanting... or what those "Nobodies" wanted with "Hearts".

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Chapter 11

Island 51 September-22-2026

Xentar remained behind on Island 51, he wasn’t going to face Mulluns until he was sure his strength and powers were back fully. He was in one of the testing rooms, practicing his Skaarj Hand to Hand fighting skills on several attack drones that were operational. They were originally supposed to help with heavy lifting materials and cleaning the air ducts, but have both been modified for training purposes. Xentar still had it in him as he practically tore apart several of the drones with his hands before sending a small wave of the smaller ones back into the wall with his telekinesis powers that were now more tuned in as he watched them shatter. He closed his fist a bit, realizing he was more strong then he was when he first arrived on Earth, no doubt due to the Sorcerer's magic he used to revive Xentar.

Axel also stayed behind, mostly to keep an eye on Xentar without letting him on it. He was watching the recently revived Skaarj warrior on a platform that overlooked the entire room, his arms crossed as he tore the machines that attacked him apart with his wits and powers he possessed. The others might not know of it, but Axel clearly knew what Xentar was, a Skaarj Warlord. It was just odd to see one that wasn’t part of there Empire that was on the far reaches of the other side of the Universe from this world, he was part of something much bigger, and he was now a bit curious to find out why. As soon as he watched the last drones get destroyed, he leaped over the railing and onto the floor below behind Xentar.

"What do you want, Nobody?" Xentar asked, hearing Axel land behind him, but didn't turn to face him.

"Tell me something... Why are you here? I know you aren't an inhabitant from this world. Skaarj aren't from this world, as far as I know."

Xentar turned his head towards Axel, surprised that he actually is the first to admit what he was; despite his origin is hidden beneath his full body armor that he had never removed since he was revived. "So... You know what I am...Explain yourself." Xentar demanded.

"Oh c'mon, the way you walk, your speech, your attitude to top it off, you’re not a Human, you are clearly a Skaarj under all that armor. You’re far from your home world, you know." Axel asked. Xentar gruffed slightly, he hasn’t heard mention of his home world in so long it seems.

"I may be from my home world, but I am not part of the Skaarj Empire anymore... I left it and my people behind when approached by the Xenomancers... they are my new masters... for now."

"For now?"

"In time, I will be on the throne with the Masters and become one myself. Once my mission and revenge is complete, i will return to the Empire, and I will gain my throne that i for so long deserved. The Sorcerer may think that he can order me as he wishes and that i belong to him, but he isn't, nor are you or your nobody lackeys."

Axel, surprisingly, laughed aloud at the comment, but was hard to tell if it was an actual laugh or one faked due to having no emotions. "Lackeys? Oh, now that is rich, Xentar. What, you think those other two are my lackeys? If they were, trust me, we would be far, far away from this world. More to put it, me and them are the lackeys for our superior of our Organization. I'm not exactly thrilled, not that I can be, to be on this world, but orders are orders, ya know?"

"Just like mine. But do you honestly think that you can get Mulluns to do your bidding? You saw this place when you arrived, me and my soldiers were dead and the place was destroyed. What is it that makes you think you can do better?" Xentar asked.

"We don’t. We overlooked his file we uncovered, and he is a bit of a... tricky one to get to use. He doesn’t have any friends, as he puts it, so finding someone he cares for and holding them capture while he does our bidding. We did find two though that would serve as good pawns though... That girl Kali Archon and another named Corporal Beth Reed."

"I know of that one, he seems to hold some sort of feelings for that one..." Xentar mentioned, remembering it was him who abducted Beth to lure Mulluns to him before his death.

"What, you mean love? I thought he had no friends or -"

"He may not say it, but I can tell he just denies it just so he doesn’t seem weak... But I know he holds feelings for that female soldier... But she is capable of handling herself, and would not prove a good pawn either..."

"This is why we are going with Plan B." Axel pointed out.

"And that is?"

"Goad him. If we make it seem that we are his enemies and we want to see him fall, then it is obvious that he will try to take us down. Larxene is already in the process of building up that mercenary's hatred for her now."

"So I've noticed..." Xentar put it, a small beeping light above the doorway suddenly started to flash red. "Looks like there on there way back..."

Xentar and Axel turned and left the room, heading back into the portal chamber as the machine in the center of the chamber was still active, and three dark portals appeared, and Jafar, Larxene, and Saïx emerged from there own portals. By the looks of things, Larxene seemed to have done most of the fighting as both Jafar and Saïx looked rather well kept.

"So... Seeing how there is only three of you, and no Keyblade, I’d say you failed once more, especially you." Xentar stated, the last bit concerning Larxene, who was about to lash out to Xentar, but was halted by a hand signal by Saïx.

"Not really. The Plan is in motion, The Mercenary knows of our true plans... to an extent, and will now be wanting to end us it seems." Saïx said.

"So now he hates us and wants to kill us? Awesome, guess that's where I step in. He'll want to find us, and I can lead him straight to the rest of us." Axel said.

"Do so, but do not underestimate him! He is far more dangerous then I anticipated..." Jafar warned.

Axel only gave a nod as he was engulfed in a sphere of darkness before disappearing completely, as did Saïx. Jafar turned towards his main office he had set up as Xentar turned to return to his training.

"Not so fast, Xentar..." Larxene's voice was heard behind Xentar, making him stop. A small glow of darkness is briefly seen inside his helmet lens before it went back to normal as he turned around.

"What is it?"

"The vizier may just want the Keyblade, But I know what you want..." Larxene spoke, approaching Xentar as she looked up to him, his expression hard to tell from under the helmet.

"You know noth-"

"Ah Ah, That is where you are wrong. I know you want to kill the Mercenary, as do I, for reasons of my own. Let them have the Keyblade, we can find another."

"What is it that makes you even think I care about this sword?" Xentar crossed his arms, looking down on this entity.

"You could... Go back to the Xenomancers once he is dead, sure. But... you could become much more then you would there... Maybe even more powerful? The Organization can give you that. I would just need some help... dealing with several others that are in the way." Larxene offered.

Xentar's arms remained crossed, looking down slightly as he felt a burning feeling all throughout his body, almost like it was a taint or illness in him, except he felt stronger instead of weaker. Something clicked in his head as he looked at Larxene in the face, his arms unfolding, his decision made. "I'm listening."

::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::



Chapter 12

Washington DC September-22-2026

Kali was placed in a med center, on a medical bed. She had a breather mask over her mouth and nose, and some bandages around her neck and other wounds. There was barley any sounds of shooting outside, almost as if it was close to finally stopping. She finally started to wake up after quite some time, slowly opening her eyes and looking around a little, seeing herself on a bed in a lit room with other medical beds with the wounded on them, but were all unconscious. She found when she still had a breather mask over her mouth and nose when she started to sit up carefully, groaning slightly but managed to get herself up to sitting. On a small counter next to her was a note. Picking it up, it said the following.

You passed out on the roof. Had to carry you here. Doctors said you would be fine once you got some rest. I can be found in the Map Room. -- Mulluns

Kali took the mask off after reading the note, getting out of bed and turning the machines off, fixing up the bed and heading to the map room, looking slightly back at the wounded soldiers. So much harm has come from the Keyblade already...

"I don't know what exactly they are, only that they are very intelligent and are capable of acting like your own soldiers." Mulluns explained to Killian, who was in charge of the operation on getting the city back under control. There were now more Human soldiers in the city, slowly regaining control of the city in the past few hours. Most of the civilians were evacuated as the Soldiers attempted to take back Washington from the small army that arrived about ten hours ago. And so far, they were winning...

"They're called Heartless..." Kali said, standing in the doorway.

Both Killian and Mulluns turned towards the doorway to see that she was awake. "Heartless?" Killian asked, a bit confused, but not at all surprised. She nodded. "It took me awhile, but that's what the ruins said they were. The language everything was written in, was extremely hard to decipher..." she shook her head. "It was a mixture of many, many different languages..."

"What... you’re telling me these things are from this planet some hundreds of years ago, and we've never seen them until now?"

"They may not be from this planet... I have a hell of a lot more work to do. But I know the guy who employed Rick somehow is controlling them, and I know the artifact that I found in the ruins, the same artifact Rick was told to get, is one of the things that does the most damage to them."

"You mean that Key Sword he showed me?"

"Yeah, the Keyblade. I'm not entirely sure what it is or how it's capable of doing what it's done, but the last thing we need is for it to be in the wrong hands." Mulluns spoke.

Kali nodded. "I want to do some research on it, but we don't have time for that. We'll have to strike at the source of these attacks..."

"My men have been clearing the streets of those things. What I’m also worried about are those other things... Those "Nobodies" Mulluns was telling me about. Any of the ruins you were at mention something about them?"

"I have to get to my notes. There's a lot more translating I have to do, and I haven't had the time to do it."

"Get what you need. I need to check on my scouts, see what they have to report on the situation." He then turned and left the room.

She looked to Rick. "How long I been out?"

"Couple hours. How do you feel?"

"A lot better, thanks. What about you? How's your wound?"

"I've had worse, but I’ll be fine."


"Thanks back there... If you weren't there when those things struck..."

"You're welcome... I'm glad I was able to help..." she sighed a bit

"How much time will you think you'll need to look at your notes?"

"I really don't know. But we need to find out where Jafar is."

"Yeah... That I don’t know though. I doubt he's still in France when i met him, meaning he could be anywhere..."

"He would need a remote place... somewhere where he can be without being noticed."

Mulluns leaned against the wall, crossing his arms as he closed his eyes under his goggles and tilting his head down a bit, thinking this through. Jafar was not from this world, and neither was Xentar. Those Heartless didn’t come until He and those Nobodies arrived. Xentar arrived on that Island Research Facility when he came to Earth. Was it possible that Jafar came from there too? But it was not possible, as the facility there was destroyed. He sighed, not knowing what to think...

"What're you thinking?” she watched him a little

"This wasn’t the first time someone crossed over from there world into ours..."

"Yeah, you mentioned the ordeal with Xentar.”

"Right and the area he arrived in was on some Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean." He then looked at her. "Do you think he might have came from there as well?"

"It's worth a shot. It is an island that's been untouched since the ordeal. Let's get a satellite shot of the area, check it out."

"I might not know where exactly it is, as its not located on any maps or radars. But it's worth a shot to at least try..."

"Hey, at least if we've got the area, we can get a shot of it. It's best to go in knowing something's there, than going and it being empty."

"Right." He looked around the area for a computer he could use, spotting one and going over to it. Kali followed him over to it as He turned it on, typing in something that could get him to where he needs to be. By then, Killian came back in, and saw they were at a Computer. "What're you doing?"

"We have an idea of where we need to go, we're checking to see if we're right or not." Kali answered.

"Where do you think it is?" Killian asked.

"Island 51." Mulluns said, typing more things in before some screens on the monitor appeared.

Killian was silent, not sure if Mulluns was joking or not; But then realized that Mulluns was always serious. Kali looked over Mulluns's shoulder at the computer, as did Killian to see what was going on as well. Mulluns typed several more things, zooming in from a U.S. Satellite over the Atlantic Ocean, not bothering to scan anything since the Island wasn’t really supposed to exist.

"Any luck?" She asked.

"Just... about..." After several minutes, he finally located one of the Islands that wasn’t on any of the radars, and from the looks of it, it was one with a lush jungle and a few mountains, and what seemed like several buildings... Buildings that were supposed to have been destroyed but now seemed to be built and operational.

"That's... not supposed to be like that... right....?" Kali dreaded.

"When me, Killian, and Beth left it, there wasn’t any buildings standing, and if there were, they were blown to hell. Something isn't right about it..."

"Shit, are you telling me that this guy and his army are stationed on that Island?" Killian asked, a sick feeling in his gut appeared.

"Looks like it." Kali answered.

"Great. I didn't plan on going back there... But looks like we're going to have too if we want to put a stop to this psychopath’s plans..." It was then that Killian received a message on his radio. He answered it. "What is it?"

"Those things are located in a warehouse down central road! We got them pinned down, but could use some backup!"

"Got it." Killian then turned towards Mulluns and Kali. "Looks like we may have a lead to there Base..."
She nodded. "Let's go." she headed out

"I got a car ready to go." He led them out to the garage where Soldiers were getting into Jeeps, Hummers, and such to leave for the Streets. He went into the driver's seat of a dark green hummer, starting it. Mulluns went over to the passenger seat and got in as Kali got into the back seat right behind Killian. The car soon started and left the building and towards its destination. Most of the city was evacuated, and there were mostly just Soldiers on the streets, patrolling, tending to wounded, or dragging their dead over to where the others were. Kali sighed at the sight, knowing it was her own fault for going into that tomb and finding what should have been kept secret. Either way, she knew she had to fix things back to the way they were, and she wasn’t about to give up. They soon arrived at a large warehouse, and saw a large amount of soldiers around the building, shooting at the windows and doors, trying to get at the Heartless. Once the jeep stopped, Mulluns got out, upholstering his Enforcers. At least those things died by normal weapons.

A group of soldiers then went rushing into the warehouse, guns blazing as the other three followed close behind, all armed with there own guns. Kali gripped the gun she was given by Mulluns while Killian held a powerful Assault Rifle with a grenade launcher attachment. There had to be a reason that the Heartless where in this building, and why they weren't leaving. Right when they entered there was already a battle going on with the Soldiers and the Heartless in a massive shoot out as everyone was soon behind crates and pillars for cover. Knowing that they were wasting there time here, and seeing at the far end that several Heartless were making a run for it instead of fighting, Mulluns blind fired his right enforcer into the hostiles.

"I'm going for them. Cover me!" Mulluns yelled to Killian as he stuck to the sides of the building as he made his way towards where the Heartless were going, Kali following close behind him. Heading through a single door, the two found themselves in an empty room with concrete walls. They saw several Heartless enter here, and now they have just seemingly vanished. They looked around the room quickly, there guns prepped and ready to open fire on anything. The sounds of guns clicking were heard when the doors behind the pair closed. Two Heartless Soldiers stood there with Shotguns aimed at there back of there heads.

"Don't turn around." The Heartless ordered.

Kali froze, not moving, she gritted her teeth. Mulluns remained expressionless, hoping that Killian and the others were close behind them. Thee Heartless cocked there guns, and before they could execute them, a dark portal appeared in front of the pair, but no one emerged from it. Mulluns watched the portal, but was wondering why they weren’t shot yet. It then clicked to him that those were the same portals that Larxene and Saïx escaped through...

"Get down!" A voice yelled out before what seemed like two deadly Chakrams emerged from the Portal, fyling right at the pair. Mulluns dropped to the ground, grabbing Kali down by her arm and out of the weapon's ways as she yelped in surprise. The Chakrams passed right over the two, and sliced right through the Heartless Soldier's necks before returning to the portal. The Heads of the soldiers fell off and evaporated when they hit the floor, as did the rest of there bodies, their shotguns clanging to the ground.

Kali looked back towards the portal, pushing up a little, as did Mulluns, wondering what exactly just happened. The Portal remained open, and another black robed person emerged from it. This one was different from the others though... "Man... if you didn't duck fast enough, I would have had a quadruple Decapitation right there." Axel spoke. His voice was very familiar, almost like he was the one who teleported Kali to Cairo just in time to save Mulluns from Larxene.

Mulluns aimed his enforcer at the new Nobody, not about to trust him, even after what he just did. "And who the hell are you? Another one of Jafar's lackeys?"

Before he could do anything else, Kali grabbed his hand, pushing it down slightly. "Just hang on." She looked back to the guy. "Why did you help us..."

"Help you? Oh yeah. Thing is, I don't exactly like the way things are going. I mean, Jafar seems to be on the verge of insanity with power, that blonde Nobody "Lackey" Larxene is proving more trouble then she's worth, and that Xentar guy is really getting unstable..."

A surprised look shot onto Mulluns's face, breaking the ever so long expressionless look he had on at the sound of Xentar's name. "!?! Xentar?? What are you talking about, He's dead!" And before he could say anything else, he felt Kali's hand clasping over his mouth to silence him, obviously not liking his social skills.

"You really are bad at this. Now hush." She looked back at Axel. "We'll get rid of Jafar and Xentar when we get there."

"You know, you do that, IF you even manage to do such a task, then you will be doing The Organization a big favor."

"The Organization?"

"I've problem already said too much right there. Just call me Axel, and we'll be fine." And that was when he stepped back into the portal, but it didn't disappear, almost as it if was staying open on Purpose. Kali took her hand from Mulluns's mouth and looked to him. "I'm going in it..." She headed to the portal, but was not alone.

"Not without me..." Mulluns followed her closely.

As soon as they entered, Killian and others finally managed to make it, just in time to see them enter and the portal close. Him and the others were a bit surprised to see them enter, but knew there had to be a reason for it, and Killian knew why. "Get the choppers ready. We got a long trip."

For several seconds after entering, Both Mulluns and Kali felt a cold chill all around them as they couldn’t see anything. After what seemed like a minute, they finally emerged on the other side, practically thrown out of it and onto the metal floor.

"Ow." Kali winced, landing on her back. Mulluns was on his stomach, slowly pushing himself off the ground. When He got up, he looked around to see where they were, and noticed immediately something in the room. Looking around, he saw they were in some sort of lobby; there was an old, decaying sign above them that said "Welcome to Island 51 Research Facility".

"I think we're here..." He said.

"Looks like it..."

Mulluns walked over to the door, then noticed something a bit odd on one of the computer monitors. He approached it as Kali stuck close to him, looking at it as well. A few flickers appeared, and then Axel's face suddenly appeared on the screen. "Hey, how ya doing? Looks like you got here fine."

"Skip the formalities. Where are Xentar and Jafar?"

"Rick, be a little more polite." Kali scolded.

Not turning to face her, but can't believe that she is actually trusting this guy who didn't seem to have a probably cutting there heads off. "Forgive me for being so blunt, but I have a habit at not trusting off worlders, especially ones who have tried to kill me or try to plunge the world into Chaos." He said rather coldly to her, loud enough for Axel to also here.

"Eh, your bluntness is expected, mercenary. I've heard and seen plenty about your report. Before I even attempted to find Jafar and Xentar, I would stop by the Cell Block. There's something there that'll help you if you even want to stand a chance against them or Larxene and Saïx..."
"Alright... ... thank you.” Kali said.
The monitor then flashed off to an Image of some mysterious Logo with a 51 in front of it.

"I don't trust him. He could be leading us right into a trap..." Mulluns warned.

"I'll go, then."

"You think he's telling the truth?"

"It's worth a look. If he could have easily killed us back there, I think he's a little bit trustworthy."

"Whatever... Just be ready, just incase... I doubt that'll be the last we see of him."

Opening the only door in front of them, he took lead, sticking close with his Enforcers ready as Kali followed close behind him, her SMG resting in her grip. This place was going to be crawling with Heartless... He just knew it...

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Rick Mulluns

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Chapter 13

Island 51, Security Room

Everything was going into place for Jafar: Mulluns had finally arrived with the Keyblade, which the very presence of it will seek out The Keyhole for him. And then... he would have the Darkness pour out and dominate the planet. He seemed to care very little about Mulluns and Kali, or the Nobodies for that matter. The one he was worried about however was the one he revived: Xentar, who was growing rather stronger after his revival and seemed to be parting himself away from Jafar and the Nobodies. He came to the conclusion that the darkness used to revive the Skaarj Warlord was taking it's toll on him and was slowly corrupting his mind and body, even if he didn't know.

On the security monitors, Jafar watched through the cameras as both Mulluns and Kali made there way throughout the facility, killing the Heartless soldiers he has summoned to take care of them. He was rather pleased, and was waiting for the Keyblade's reaction to the Keyhole when the two were close by. About an hour passed, and watching the pair fight through Heartless after Heartless was growing rather dull... That is, until they reached the Holding Cell. When Mulluns reached the entrance there, he saw through the cameras that the Keyblade suddenly glowed brightly as the other monitors in the room started acting up, flashing between odd symbols and 51 logos before they all started to focus on one room in particular. Jafar looked on and smiled.

Kicking the door open, Mulluns quickly scanned the area and noted the Heartless soldier’s positions. Before they had time to react, he laid down his pistols and fired at all of them, taking them down as there bodies evaporated. Kali stood close behind him, deciding to let him handle the ones in front since he was far more used to firing guns then she was. As the two made there way through the room; looking in all the empty cells only to find nothing in them, Mulluns turned to face Kali. "I knew it, there's nothing here. That bastard lied to us, and quite possibly sent us all the way here just to throw us off track. That son of a-"

"You hoo! Hey! Trench coat! Pretty Lady! Over here! Quick!" A loud, anxious voice yelled out. The two turned to see what it was, and saw an energy field that was acting as a cell, and behind it was a blue skinned humanoid, standing about seven and a half feet tall, shirtless, wearing dark blue pants with a red sash for a belt, and had a small black bony tail on the top of his head. "Yeah! You two! You mind getting me out of here?! You don't look like you're in league with Jafar, especially after that fine show of marksman ship." He said somewhat joyfully, but was still anxious. Mulluns approached the field, looking at this man suspiciously.

"You don't look like you're from this world. Identify yourself. Now." He demanded.

"Gladly! The One, the ONLY, the Legendary Former Genie of The LAMP! Been through countless masters, seen the vast scope of the worlds, you name it. Now, now that we got that squared away, mind opening this field? Jafar locked me up in here, and it brings back old memories of being in my lamp. You know, having PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS... but itty bitty living space. IT DRIVES ME NUTS! I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE OR I'M GONNA -"

"Will you shut up if we let you out?" Kali asked, getting rather annoyed by this "Genie".

Not waiting for a response, Mulluns went over to terminal to turn off the energy field, and within seconds, The Genie was now looking at them instead of through an energy shield. What he did then was a complete surprise. Leaping out of the cell as he stretched his arms out a ridiculous length, he appeared over to Mulluns in mere seconds, grabbing his hand and shaking it powerfully before doing the same to Kali. "Oh, thank you both SOOOOO Much! You have no idea how long I've been in there. Why... Last time I had fresh air, was -"

"We don't have a lot of time! Jafar's looking for the Keyhole and We got to stop him. We were told you might be able to help us. Can you?" Kali demanded, getting more annoyed by this guy's overjoyfull attitude, much to Mulluns's surprise.

"What? Oh yes! I forgot. If you don't want this world to plunge into darkness, you'd better listen to what I tell you; otherwise you might just fail like all the others have. How Jafar got to this position, why he does this, I know it all."

Mulluns sighed angrily, wanting to hurry up. "We don't have time for a history lesson. Now, do you-"

"It all began a looooong time ago, in a world almost similar like this, but there was a lot more sand." The Genie started. "I was first found in the Cave of Wonders by this kid named Aladdin, Al for short. He had his dreams set with these wishes, and even promised to free me in the end. However, I was intestinally supposed to be delivered to the Vizier Jafar, and Al was one of the ones who were supposed to do it. Things got a little crazy and all, but Jafar eventually gained control of the lamp, and I had no choice but to follow that psychopath’s commands... well, up until the three wishes were up. His first wish was to become the Royal Sultan of Agrabah, but realized that no one would bow down to him, so he would force them to cower before him as he wished to become the most powerful sorcerer on the planet... well, in his world anyways.

"So you’re the main reason why he has these powers." Kali frowned.

"Hey hey hey! Like I said, I had no choice. Who ever holds the lamp, I must obey, it's part of the guideline you know... ANYWAY, Jafar was so mad with power, it was inevitable that things would change. He realized that I still held a greater power then him, and he wished to have it. He was going to be wished to become a Genie, and boy let me tell you would we be in trouble if he got that wish.

"You’re telling me he didn’t? How?" Kali asked.

"The Lamp was stolen back by my good old pal Al. Once he got away from Jafar, he knew he had to set things right and used his last wish to free me, releasing me from my slave duties, but was still able to keep "Most" of my Phenomenal Cosmic Powers. Jafar was a bit.... upset after hearing this however. I can’t remember what happened exactly, as it just doesn’t seem to click in my head, but Jafar did something to Al, something I dread, and he enslaved the former Royal Sultan and Princess before searching for his next source of power."

"What does he intend to do with all this power? Start a new World Order? Universal Slavery?" Mulluns asked.

''I'm not too sure of that... But I know that after he met this rather old and creepy witch, he and her began to plot more, and that was when Agrabah, and several other worlds were soon under his domain. He imprisoned me here with his sorcery so I wouldn’t interfere. Now he's plotting with those black robed fellas and that green armored guy, who both seem to be doing more thinking then Jafar is. To be honest, I don’t think that's even Jafar anymore, i think his time with the Darkness and his powers have let the Heartless he controls consume him so he's actually doing there bidding.

"So... they really are called Heartless. I was right." Kali would have smiled at this, but knew it wasn’t the time.

"Bingo!!! I'd be glad to tell you all about them, but we are running on a short schedule as it is. Jafar and Xentar already have a head start on finding whatever it is that will let them dominate this planet, and unless you don’t mind living under that mad man's reign, I’d find a way to stop him, like NOW!"

"Let’s go." She said to Mulluns, seconds before The Genie speeded towards the door, blocking it with his now larger body mass.

"Wait, wait WAIT!! Before you go, I thought I could help, do something so I can at least try to set back straight. I can’t exactly fight for you, but I CAN give you something that can give you a serious edge on Jafar, Xentar, and those nobodies.

"What is it?" Mulluns asked.

"The Keyblade you have already is powered up, but if you allow me too, I'll use what Phenomenal Cosmic Powers I have to make it, as well as those weapons you two were using, much more powerful then they are now! Do we have a deal?"

"Do it. We don't have a lot of time." Kali said.

"Excellent! Just lemme get your check..."

"They are on there way. Do what you want with the female, but I want Mulluns alive." Xentar demanded, walking down a corridor with Larxene at his side. She was giving him offers to join with Organization XII where he would have the power to finally gain his rightful spot in The Xenomancer Empire. With this at his disposal, the old Xentar would be gone and a new one would be forged, one who could take Lord Damarus's role of supreme ruler of The Xenomancer Empire The two then stopped when they reached a balcony over looking a circular metal room with a circular platform above the ground floor on the sides.


"Whatever, just as long as I get to have some fun with them."

"Have you're fun. But do not deliver the death blow to him. I would be... angry if you did so..." Xentar warned.

"Ooooo, you act so tough when angry. Do not worry, you’ll have you're chance at him." Larxene said with a smile, walking past Xentar as she ran her gloved fingers across his helmet, much to his utter disgust under it. He watched her disappear in a portal as he leaned over the balcony, giving a smile under his helmet.

"Larxene... you should know better then to trust me. Same goes to that Sorcerer and your friends..."


Author Note: This chapter has been edited to keep the violence toned down.

Chapter 14

After visiting the Cell Block and getting there weapons upgraded and more knowledge on what is clearly at stake, Mulluns made his way down the halls of the Island 51 Research facility, gunning down any Heartless Soldiers that got between him and Kali. It was clear: They needed to stop both Jafar and Xentar, they were seemingly more of a threat then the Nobodies posed to the planet, but who knows... There was something about them. They appeared to look human, but clearly weren't, as from what the Genie told them, they lacked hearts and were nothing more then just shells of there former selves. They were nothing more then wondering ghosts who needed to be put out of existence, and Mulluns was the one who would do it. The pair moved down another empty hall, going through several glass doors before moving down another hall to a pair of steel doors with glass windows in them that seemed locked. On the other side was a wide open circular room with a circular platform on the sides on the second story of the room. There appeared to be two soldiers on the other side, unaware of the two on the other side of the door.

Kali stopped, looking at the doors, then the soldiers, readying her gun as the soldier’s suddenly reacted to the click of the gun. They turned around with assault rifles aimed, revealing they were human soldiers. "The Hell?" One of them spoke, approaching the door. He looked rather surprised to see other humans here. "Good to see another person here..." The soldier said, going over to the door, trying to unlock it. "We entered one of those portals those... things made and found ourselves here." Mulluns kept quiet, figuring Kali would do better talking then he would. He kept his guns in his grips though... just incase.

"My name's Kali. You guys ok?"
"Oh, sure. We've only encountered about a dozen of those things. Next we know some guy in these Arabian clothes claims we're intruders and sends more of those... things after us." He started to fiddle with the locking device on the door, the lights above them going on.

"Jafar..." Mulluns muttered, loud enough for her to hear. He had to be the one they were talking about. As soon as the doors opened, something slammed into both of the soldier's necks from behind, making them gasp as they slumped to there sides, not moving. Mulluns instantly leaned against the wall, out of the doorway, as did Kali, both gripping there guns. After they looked around, and saw the coast might have been clear, they went over to the dead soldiers, looking at them. They could see two golden throwing knives lodged into the back of there necks.

Kali went over, crouching down, frowning. She pulled the knives out. "It was her.” The knives suddenly dematerialized into nothing as soon as they were pulled out.

"Be on guard. They know we're here." He mentioned, going into the center of the room, Kali sticking close behind him. A dark portal suddenly appeared only a few feet in front of them as Larxene appeared out of it as the portal disappeared.

"Hello, kids! It hasn’t been too long since we've met, has it?" She said a somewhat sinister smile on her face. Kali aimed her SMG at the nobody as Mulluns aimed his right enforcer straight at her as well.
"Where is Xentar and Jafar?" He demanded.

"Oooo, Aren’t you the Hostile one. Axel did mention you were a bit of a... loose canon..." She mentioned, taking a few steps forward, but was unarmed. The two watched her closely, willing to shoot her if she pulled one wrong move. "It's almost about to happen, you know. The Keyhole has been discovered, and all we need to do now it to unlock it, and open it. Then the true mission will begin..." She mentioned, now walking around him so she was in back of them, facing away from them, leaving them time to figure out what she exactly meant.

Kali frowned, not letting Larxene out of her sight. "We're not going to let it be unlocked.." Mulluns remained with his back facing Larxene, looking straight at the door way that she first appeared in front of. They were running out of time...
"You don’t understand, Do you sweetie?" She then turned around to face them. "Every world in existence contains a Keyhole, and in time, they will open. That is where you two come in."

"To do what?"

"To give us our Hearts that we so desire. Every Heartless you slay with the Keyblade will release a new heart. Once we have enough hearts..." She went towards Mulluns from behind, putting her head on his right shoulder as she leaned in close, holding his right arm slightly. "We can finally exist as true beings."

"Get your hands off of him!" Kali yelled to her, wanting to shoot her so bad now. She was too close to Mulluns though to get off a shot however...

Seconds after feeling her against him, and whispering into his ear as if she was trying to seduce him, he tightened his grip on his pistols. He slung her off of him before aiming both pistols directly at her. "I said where is Jafar and Xentar?!" He Demanded.

Larxene laughed, backing slightly away from them. "Why? Are you planning on killing them?"

"Yeah, we are going to kill them. Right after we end your miserably existence." Mulluns answered.

"And I'll be happy to do it right now." Kali added on.

Larxene laughed once more. "You two honestly have no idea what you are facing. Oh well, more fun for me. I will enjoy toying with your souls once you are dead!" She then formed her throwing knives in her hands. Mulluns wasted no time and fired his newly upgraded Enforcers at Larxene, which caused her to leap upwards to the upper platforms out of the way as she blocked the bullets with her blades at a tremendous speed. Kali quickly went to the other side of the room and fired her now much more powerful SMG at the nobody. Larxene was moving along the upper walkway very fast, throwing Knives at the two whenever she got the chance, small jolts of electricity around the blades that were thrown. He kept moving; taking shots at her, noticing that he actually got several shots into her, but did little to slow the Nobody down.

Larxene leaped off the platform from above, shooting down knives at an alarming rate that caused electrical impacts on where they landed. Rolling out of the way, He spotted her and opened fire, making sure he was drawing her attention so Kali could get in a shot at her from behind. Kali quickly figured out what Mulluns was doing and made her way around the room, firing at Larxene. The nobody yelled in pain, surprised there guns had little more kick in them from before as she gritted her teeth. She spinned around, launching several electrical knives straight at Kali. There seemed to be no limit to the knives she had, as if they were reappearing in her possession after they were thrown.

Kali dove and rolled out of the way, firing at her again. Larxene leaped out of the way, folding her arms in a bit as she suddenly released a strong electrical blast around her, surging the metal pillars and walls nearby, shattering the glass areas as several metal plates erupted from the flooring. Mulluns dove behind one of the pillars as the other side of it was completely scorched by what was now a small electrical storm in the center of the room, and Larxene was right in the eye of it. He turned and noticed Kali also dove behind another pillar and out of harms way. The electrical blast didn't hit them or pass through the pillars, but did some serious damage to the area as Larxene suddenly stopped when she saw no bodies.

"Where are you now..." She asked, arcs of electricity going all around her body. Mulluns went and aimed his pistol at her without looking while behind cover, letting loose on several rounds, letting Larxene know where she was as she dashed over to his location after one slammed right into her left leg. As soon as Larxene was running, Kali came out and fired at Larxene's back with her SMG as she saw Mulluns walking backwards, gunning at Larxene as he was finally making progress, and could tell she was taking hits, but was still going on. He didn't know what it would take to bring her down, if Nobodies could even be killed... or destroyed. Once Larxene heard clicks in the guns. she knew he needed to reload and took the chance to run straight at him, delivering a kick to his chest as it sent him flying back into the wall before she turned her attention on Kali. Kali fired a bust right at her, and Larxene turned just in time for a bullet to graze the left side of her face, enough for her to yell in anger. She growled, and aimed both of her hands as she sent what seemed a beam of electrical energy at Kali at an alarming speed, more destruction to the room being caused.

Kali dove out of the way and behind another pillar as she felt the hair on the back of her neck shoot up from the now returning storm behind her. That's just what Larxene was planning, and moved the electrical beam she was shooting towards Kali so she pinned her to one of the pillars before she could get behind it, sending more electrical surges into her body. Kali shrieked, dropping her gun and closing her eyes tightly as she could barley stand the pain she was in. Larxene kept the beam going, walking towards Kali when she suddenly stopped when she was now standing above her, looking down as Kali was sunken to her knees, leaning against the pillar as she looked up weakly.

"You didn't really think you could win against an agent of Organization XII, did you? Looks like this was one Assassination you didn't get to screw up..." Her hands sparking with lightning. She was about to deliver a lethal blow to Kali before her eyes widened when about half a dozen bullets slammed into her back, forcing her to drop her knives at Kali's feet. Larxene managed to turn around to see who it was, and was actually shocked to see Mulluns there, his Enforcer in one hand and the Keyblade in his other hand. The next thing Larxene felt was a sharp object slamming into her chest, feeling the Keyblade was lodged into her as Mulluns dragged the Nobody away from Kali and towards another pillar.

Mulluns slammed the blade into another pillar, Larxene still being impaled by it as it came out her back and into the pillar. "How... could a... human... de...defeat....me..."

She was finally silenced as Mulluns aimed his Enforcer at her head at point blank range and fired,nothing emerging from the wound as the Nobody's life expired and her entire body started to fade into Darkness until there was absolutely no trace of her left. Once he knew she was dead, he yanked the Blade out, going to Kali as he bent down to her. She looked up to him slightly, wanting to think that it was over when she heard the gunshot, but her ears were still ringing from the shocks she received.

"I hope this works..." Mulluns aimed the tip of the Keyblade at her, remembering what it could do, and just hoped it work. A blue beam shot out and went into Kali as a blue glow went all around her body before it disappeared in mere seconds. She could feel her wounds were no longer in pain from the attack as she slowly regained her strength. Surprised that the Keyblade's power acted so fast, she attempted to get to her feet. He extended his hand, grabbing hers as he helped her up.

"T..thanks..." She said, slowly her mind going back normal and not one of pain.

He nodded. "You ok?"

Kali nodded, and that was all he needed to know. "She's dead.

"Good... ... let's go..."
Before they could leave, there was a clapping sound above one of the platforms in the room. Mulluns moved into the center to see who it was, and couldn’t believe who it was. "Nice work removing that parasite, Human. I would have done it myself sooner or later, but you just happened to stop by sooner then I expected..." Xentar said, looking alive and well since Mulluns last saw him. He seemed to have watched the entire fight, and seemed to care very little to Larxene's death.

"You’re supposed to be dead!" Mulluns yelled, a bit of surprised that he was actually alive... and a bit of fear.

"I was. The Sorcerer revived me with his Dark Magic and I now have another chance to finish what I started. The Keyhole is found, and we are in the process of unlocking it. I intend to meet you again, in the main labs. For now, I must leave and deal with the Sorcerer and the Parasites that follow him. They have all served there purpose and must be disposed of now" Xentar said, turning around and walking back into a door, disappearing.

"We have to find that keyhole..." Kali said,

"Before we do..." Mulluns handed her the Keyblade. "Hold onto it, you might need it more then i will..."

"Alright..." She took it

"Let's go..." He headed for the door opposite to where they entered, knowing that they would have to make it before the Keyhole was opened. He just hoped it would take Xentar long enough to kill Jafar and the other nobody, giving them the time they needed.


Author Note: This chapter has been edited to keep the violence toned down.

Chapter 15

Island 51 - Preparation Room

"Well, that fight was enjoyable. Larxene might have had a chance if you helped her." Axel said, gesturing towards Xentar. They, Saïx, Jafar, with Iago on his shoulder, and several Heartless Soldiers were in a large room with computers, monitors, and other devices. In back of them was a set of steel and glass doorways that led to the Main Gate room. Xentar leaned against the wall while Axel talked to him, arms crossed as he looked down. Jafar was busy staring at some read outs on the monitors, no doubt informing him when the Keyhole would be ready. Saïx was pacing slightly around the room, wanting to hurry things along. No one in the room showed any concern or sympathy for Larxene's brutal execution she received, or the fact that Xentar watched it all without helping her.

"What makes you think I care anything for a parasite like Larxene? She was a being who felt nothing and only desired to inflict pain and suffering on others, a feeling that she pretended to have. She is worthless, none of you even seem to care for her, or for each other for that matter." Xentar said.

"She may have been useful, yet you let the mercenary kill her. I wonder how you would treat your own followers." Saïx put it, staring at the Skaarj with a cold look.

"MY own followers? They were all killed when this place was destroyed. But... I did find some new ones, thanks to you’re powers, Sorcerer." Xentar put it, Jafar turning towards him as Xentar reached out with his hand, dark energy like flames engulfing his hand as he held it there for several seconds, and three sentient beings emerged dark pools on the floor before disappearing. The sentients stood about a foot shorter then Xentar, and were clearly a Heartless by the looks of it. They had dark metal plating over most of it's head and face, only showing it's lower jaw that contained sharp teeth. Their bodies were riddled with tubes flowing with dark energy and metal plating around various parts of their dark flesh. Their right arms and hands were claws that were a mix of both flesh and machine as they held a unique rifle. Two of them were holding ASMD Shock Rifles while one held a Pulse Rifle. Their left arms and hands were basically a mix of metal and darkness as a long dark purple blade was extended from them, enough to cut down any weak or strong opponent. There legs and feet were a practically all machine. It was a gruesome sight to look at as the Cyborg Heartless abominations stood by Xentar, waiting for there orders.


Author note: Image is from DeviantArt​

"As you can all see, I too can construct my own beings, ones far more powerful then the soldiers you have. Which I forgot to tell you... they serve me now."

"What is this?! What are you planning, Skaarj?!" Jafar demanded.

"What?! Aint it obvious?!" Iago suddenly yelled out, most eyes going towards him. "This guy is taking over! He wants all of this for himself!"

Xentar laughed somewhat surprised that of all the ones to guess it right, it was the bird perched on Jafar's shoulder. "The bird is smarter then any of us thought. All of you are worthless. You, Jafar, you are a blind old fool who wants the power to control, yet you are blind to the consequences and will do anything for it, even sacrificing planets and your being for it. You are an Intelligent being, but much more foolish. And you Nobodies are nothing more then worthless parasites who serve no purpose then to pretend to be someone and rely too much on it. You lack what it makes to make a person whole, and for that, you are all worth nothing."

"You have all served your purpose. But now it is time for you all join Larxene and die." With that said, all the heartless in the room turned towards Jafar and the nobodies, aimed there rifles at them, and were about to fire before they were literally destroyed. Some were suddenly engulfed in flames while some were shot with a powerful beam from Jafar's cobra staff while the rest were suddenly destroyed by Saïx’s large claymore that materialized in his hand.

"Kill him! He will jeopardize everything!" Jafar demanded, keeping his distance as Saïx was already running at the Skaarj warlord, who merely stood there. When he raised his claymore high to slam down onto Xentar, it stopped inches from his helmet. The next thing that everyone saw was Saïx being hurled across the room and into the closed doors, damaging them badly. Now showing his angry side, Saïx raised his claymore as he got to his feet, and charged at Xentar once more, slamming it into the floor a little away from him this time. The impact was so strong it shattered glass, dented walls, sent floor tiles flying, the ceiling to bend, and everyone to loose there footing, except for Xentar. The Skaarj simply laughed as he ran at Saïx, leaping up as he went to punch him in the face at lightning speed.

It took them roughly around twenty minutes to reach a large door that was locked after fighting through even more Heartless Soldiers. "How does this thing get open..." Mulluns asked, suddenly hearing what sounded like fighting was happening on the other side. Kali looked the door over a little, they couldn’t tell what was happening, but it sounded like a fight was happening on the other side. They could hear the voices of Jafar, Xentar, Saïx, and Axel on the other side.

"You fools! Kill him! He will kill us all!!" Jafar yelled. A loud battle scream was heard inside the room and that was when loud bangs and violent vibrations throughout the building began to happen.

Kali looked back to Mulluns. "Step back, I'm gonna try to see if the blade'll open it.." Mulluns stepped back, just as more violent vibrations erupted. She aimed the Keyblade at the damaged doors, A beam emitted from the blade and was sent straight into the door as some hinges were heard unlocking. The door then started to open, but rather slowly, seeing how it was a heavy door that had large dent marks in it, almost as if someone was thrown into it by a powerful force. As it was opening, they could see through the small opening that both Saïx, who was wielding a large Claymore, was doing battle with Xentar, both moving at incredible speed. Xentar was unarmed, but was moving faster then anyone could see as he evaded all of Saïx’s strikes as he was destroying the room trying to kill Xentar.

When the door was almost open, they witnessed Xentar finally aiming both of his hands at Saïx, pushing him away with a powerful telekinesis attack as he dropped his Claymore and slammed into the wall. Xentar grabbed the Claymore with both hands, holding it with ease as he ran at Saïx and slammed it straight into his torso as he was leaning against the wall, causing yet another strong quake in the building as Saïx’s body was literally destroyed by the blast, the claymore stuck in the wall where he once was.

"What are you waiting for, Nobody?! Get him!" Jafar demanded, shocked that Saïx was so easily destroyed.

"What, you think I’m going to fight someone who just wasted Saïx in a matter of minutes? He's all yours, buddy!" Axel said disappearing into a Dark Portal that appeared behind him.

"Hey, wait for me!" Iago yelled out, flying off Jafar's shoulder and into the dark portal, both disappearing as the portal closed, leaving Xentar and Jafar alone inside the room. The Skaarj warlord approached the Vizier, his hands glowing with the power of darkness as it also glowed from under his helmet and chest piece. Jafar, disgusted that he was abandoned by both Axel and Iago, stood his grounds as he held his staff firmly. He slammed it into the ground, causing beams of energy to shoot out of the snake eyes of the staff and into Xentar, hitting him square in the chest. Xentar looked down, barley feeling a thing from the blast as he laughed it off, looking back at Jafar as he ran at him, punching him hard in the stomach as he dropped his staff before being elbowed into the ground.

Xentar was about to kill Jafar by stomping down on his head with his heavy boot before he saw Mulluns and Kali rushing in through the doors. "Mulluns... You and your friend are just in time...I have urgent business to attend too. My Heartless have secured the Keyhole. Do me a favor and finish off this Sorcerer, His usefulness has ended..." He didn't wait for an answer and disappeared into a Dark Portal that appeared behind him, leaving only Mulluns, Kali, and Jafar in the room. Mulluns aimed his pistol down at his former employer.

"Where did he go?" Mulluns asked.

"That wretched Skaarj warrior! All my plans are ruined!" Jafar managed to say, still on the ground in pain, feeling several of his ribs were broke and his spine was in a bad condition. Mulluns shot his gun at Jafar, hitting his hand that knocked his cobra staff out of his hands.

"Where is he?!" He demanded.

"What's the point?! You’re going to kill me either way!" He was already weakened from trying to stop Xentar, and he knew the Keyhole was going to be opened by Xentar now. "Your world will know what it is like to have Darkness consume it!" He managed to get to his knees, then heard another shot fire out and felt it hitting him in his knee this time as he went to the ground in pain.

"I'd suggest you do what he says... he won't kill you right away. And it'll hurt... a lot.” Kali suggested.

"The Heartless will over take this realm... They will kill and consume all you know and love!" Another shot was fired into his chest, forcing him to cough up blood as he heard Mulluns yell again for Xentar's location. "You were supposed to work with me, Mercenary... You and your wretched girl... You could have... had... Unlimited... power... and wealth..." He coughed, leaning forward as he coughed up some blood. "Is the... price of one... world too much... for power?"

"Yes. It is..." she looked over to the staff, firing a shot into it with her SMG. The head of it exploded, and the doors on the opposite side of the room suddenly opened.

"You will fail... just like those Nobodies failed to kill him... You and all you -"

"I quit." Was all Mulluns said,

What can only be described as a giant Keyhole was in a metal wall inside a large experimental room, and a small platform leading into it with a Computer terminal in front of it. Xentar, now not himself anymore and surging with darkness, walked towards the keyhole terminal, punching in some keys as several Heartless Cyborgs stood by, all armed with either a Shock Rifle or a Pulse Rifle. Xentar was busy at the terminal, configuring something that would cause the Keyhole to open completely and flood the Earth with darkness and Heartless.

The Sound of gunfire was heard nearby as Xentar finished several of the settings on the terminal. Cyborg Heartless were opening fire on both Mulluns and Kali as the pair ran down a metal hall that led to the Keyhole's main chamber. Once through the door, they spotted Xentar at the top of some steps and ran towards them. Both of them were fired upon by the Cyborg Heartless, whose accuracy seemed better then the Soldier Heartless's. Xentar turned around, and saw that they finally arrived as Kali deflected the shots with her Keyblade, relying on it's powers as Mulluns simply gunned and took cover when he needed. Both were racing towards Xentar before the Skaarj released a powerful telekinesis blast on them, sending them flying back.

"You both arrived, good. The Keyhole is nearly open, the Darkness is about to spread out, and the coming of the storm is upon us all..." Something was wrong with Xentar... Mulluns knew it. He wasn’t like this when he encountered him... was it possible that he was... possessed by the Darkness like Jafar was? "Most, if not everyone on the planet will be consumed. It's not too late to reconsider; you both have the potential to wield the Keyblade... Give into the Darkness, and it will find a place for you both..." He offered his chest and helmet glowing more then it normally was.

"Save your breath, Xentar. It end's here!"

"You're going down..."

Both ran at Xentar, weapons drawn to take him down. Before any of them could reach him... "You fools. The Keyhole cannot be closed as long as I live. You will die, Key wielder. You too will die, Mulluns. As will you're friend, your woman, everyone on this planet but I will die!" And right before they could reach him, he was suddenly engulfed in a sphere of dark energy, a massive shock wave that knocked them to there feet, destroyed the Cyborg Heartless, and just about caused the entire room to rip apart. More dark energy started to emerge from the keyhole and wrap around Xentar's being.

The two quickly regained there footing, witnessing in horror that Xentar was consumed by the darkness emerging from the keyhole, and he was not in pain or agony. "Darkness....." There was a form emerging from the sphere. "...Embrace...."Mulluns aimed at the sphere and opening fire on it with all he had, but saw they had little to no effect as they passed through it and into the keyhole, where the bullets disappeared.

"Head for the door!" She yelled to Mulluns.

"You're not dealing with him by yourself!"

As Xentar slowly emerged, he was looking more bulk then he previously was, and taller. "Eternal..."

"Just go! We can't both fight him! Only the Keyblade will work against him!"

"We're both in this! He'll destroy everyone and everything if he kills us both!" He wasn’t about to leave her alone in this, and wanted to see the death of Xentar if he was ever going to be at peace... and if he was to guarantee any safety to Killian, Beth, and Kali. The Sphere finally disappeared, revealing Xentar was now some eight feet tall, now more machine like in looks, and he was now much more menacing looking.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega... I am the Darkness!" He yelled in a Dark machine like tone, walking away from the Keyhole with heavy thuds and towards the two. Xentar had finally become a Heartless.


::Island 51 Observation Satalite logs updated::

::Xentar's Heartless::
::Cyborg Heartless::
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Re: UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode I

Chapter 16

Kali wasted no time and leapt up towards Xentar and slammed the blade down on him. Xentar actually managed to grab her by the torso, looking down at her as he could very well crush her with ease in his large hand. He watched as she tried to slam the Keyblade around his arms, which seemed to do very little harm to him and was obvious it was going to take more then one swing to take him down. "Pitiful creature." He turned towards the keyhole, getting an idea in his new dark mind. Mulluns practically opened fire on him with his powerful enforcers, the bullets either being lodged into him or bouncing off. Either way, they did little to no damage. Kali kept hacking at his arm, gritting her teeth as she felt Xentar clutching her tightly. Xentar grew tired of her and threw her straight into the Keyhole, annoyed at her hitting his arm that was starting to mark.

Mulluns saw her thrown into the Keyhole. "No!" He watched her as she screamed before disappearing completely into the keyhole with the Keyblade. Enraged at the sight he just witnessed, he fired more bullets at Xentar, not noticing that they were still doing very little against his new body. "I've been looking forward to this." Xentar said, slowly walking towards Mulluns, slowly getting him into a corner as a barrage of bullets slammed into him. Even upgraded with the modifications he received and the Genie's magic, they still did only very little damage to him. Maybe if he got one of those ASMD Shock Rifles the Cyborg Heartless had...

As Xentar moved in, Darkness started to emerge from the keyhole and cover across the entire floor, grabbing onto Xentar, and actually throwing him across the room. He slammed into a metal wall as it dented badly; already damaged from before as he quickly recovered to see what exactly happened. Not knowing what the hell was going on either, Mulluns made a dash for the only weapon he knew would do damage against him besides the Keyblade while Xentar was distracted. He dove for the Shock Rifle, grabbing it and aiming it at Xentar, who was staring at something in the center of the room as Mulluns too looked at it.

Darkness came out of the keyhole more, going across the ground and slowly starting to come together. After several minutes, the darkness took a human form, with large black wings, and a hole through it, in the shape of the heartless symbol, and stood about six and a half feet tall as it floated a foot off from the floor. Mulluns was instantly dreading this, knowing Kali was probably dead and that this new thing was quite possibly worse then Xentar if it threw him across the room with ease, but it wasn’t. Before his and Xentar's eyes, something manifested into the being's right hand. They recognized it instantly: It was the Keyblade. "You know nothing of the Darkness.... You do not deserve its power...." The being said. It was Kali's voice, but it had a different tone to it.

".....Kali?" Mulluns said quietly, not knowing if she heard, but was actually in shock at this new appearance. She looked back to him a little, letting him see that She had glowing yellow eyes. Mulluns didn't move, but instead aimed the Shock Rifle at Xentar's Heartless until he was sure entirely what this new being was. Before he could fire, he saw her run at Xentar, leaping up and bringing the blade down towards his head. Xentar blocked it with his wrist, which seemed to not be damaged by the blade, and backhanded her away from him. She landed a few feet away, still hovering above the ground as she looked at him; they were going to have to find his weakness. Mulluns moved in closer, firing various shots at Xentar, most seemed to do a little more damage then his Enforcers, but not a whole lot. It was then he noticed that both his chest piece and helmet were glowing bright green, almost like it was an exposed power source.

Xentar wasted no time and aimed his hand at the two, watching his robotic fingers retract and his fist transform into some sort of cannon. He fired from it as a dark missile shot out of it towards Kali and slammed straight into her, causing her to burst apart into darkness, only to start reforming afterwards. If Xentar could frown, he probably would have as he saw the missile was ineffective and changed his targeting to Mulluns and fired a missile at him. Moving as fast as he could, Mulluns was running backwards as he attempted to shoot down the missile, but it was moving too fast. Before it could hit, it was suddenly engulfed in darkness from a tendril attached to Kali as it seemed to have destroyed it before the tendril retracted back to her. "You have some impressive tricks, but so do I!" Xentar yelled, his hand cannon changing into a different cannon. It then started to fire shards of dark crystals at an alarming rate straight at both of them, similar to the Heavy Tarydium Crystals Stingers the Xenomancers used, but instead of shiny blue crystal shards, he was firing dark purple crystal shards that were spiked immensely. He was now walking towards the two as he was shooting, laughing in a robotic tone. Kali formed in front of Mulluns to shield him, keeping him from getting hit from the crystals as she was managing to keep from splitting apart again, but Xentar kept on firing as he moved towards them, knowing she couldn’t keep shielding both of them forever.

As he was somewhat covered by "Kali", Mulluns took a chance to try to stop the crystal fire and dove out from behind Kali, firing two charged shots from the Shock Rifle at Xentar, one hitting his canon as it stopped, then the next one hit him in the chest area, causing him to stagger back with a pained grunt. They found a weakness. She took her chance to fly at him, slamming the blade at the glowing spot on his head, only to see he had recovered and when she got close, he formed his other hand into a fist, slamming right into her before the blade could touch his face. She burst apart again, the Keyblade flying out of her hand and across the ground as She started to try to regain her form as quickly as possible. Xentar chuckled at this, only to feel electrical shots fired at him as he saw Mulluns firing at him with shots from the Shock Rifle. When he saw Kali was forming once more, he ran for the Keyblade, grabbing it with his free hand as he saw Xentar marching towards him as the ground shook.

"Run, Human, RUN!!" Xentar yelled, in an effort to make Mulluns fear before him as he launched another missile at the mercenary from his hand cannon. Now with the Keyblade's effects working on his senses, he looked at the missile and struck it, sending it straight back at Xentar, who also in turn knocked it away with his fist and straight up, destroying the ceiling of the room as pieces of concrete flew everywhere. As Mulluns shielded himself, he saw the darkness cover him and deflected large pieces of the ceiling from coming down on him as he saw it also forming the pieces into large stone spikes. Forming his cannon back into a hand, Xentar aimed his palms at the now reformed Kali, and sent balls of electrical Dark Energy at her. Kali evaded the electricity by turning into waves of darkness as she threw the large spikes at the glowing spots on Xentar. The two only watched as the seemingly unstoppable Heartless knocked most of the spikes away, seeing them crumble to pieces when he hit them, but one of them managed to get through and slammed into his chest piece, forcing him to yell in pain. He was now mad, sick of this pointless game with the humans and ran at Kali, shaking the place slightly with each step he took until he dove straight at her with his fist, using his other one to slightly cover his head.

This time, his fist stuck into her, but she didn't break apart. She was getting more use to, and more control, to her body being the way it was. Xentar attempted to yank his fist out of her, but seemed to be having a hard time doing so as the darkness was wrapped tightly around it. While Xentar was focused on Kali, Mulluns took aim and fired as close to the spots as possible without hitting Kali. She kept still, pulling his fist in as she backed up slightly to give Mulluns firing room. That was when Xentar used his other fist to strongly grab her head with his massive fist, only to have that grabbed by the Darkness and held tightly in position. Kali could feel the incredible strength emitting from Xentar as he used all his strength and power to get loose, and she knew he had to be stopped, for Earth's sake. Mulluns saw that she had Xentar pinned, and that a good chance was to strike now before he could get loose. He took aim, only to see she was blocking a perfect shot at him, and then looked towards the Keyblade stuck in the floor. "I can't hold him for too much longer, Rick..." She spoke as she looked to him. "Hurry." Xentar stared right at her, and a dark beam of energy shot out of his eye piece and started to burn her chest.

With the help of the Keyblade's abilities, Mulluns ran at Xentar, leaping onto him from the back as he plunged the Keyblade straight into his back. He heard Kali was slightly groaning in pain as he heard the beams of energy burn away at her as she was starting to lose her grip on his fists. Xentar continued to shoot his beam right at Kali, but felt the piercing pain of the Keyblade in his back as he attempted to free his arms to reach back there. Using all his strength, Mulluns slammed the blade farther through until it pierced through his glowing chest piece, shattering it as it came out further as it was inches of piercing Kali. Xentar yelled in pain as his chest piece was shattered, suddenly freeing his arms as he threw Mulluns off his back before grabbing Kali by the throat and throwing her away as well. She slammed into the ground, but quickly recovered as she levitated off the ground again as she looked towards Mulluns to see if he was ok, and saw he was already on his feet. He was in pain from the abuse he was receiving from Xentar, but was not about to back down or run from this. She too was in pain, but was not going to give up until Xentar was dead... or until she was.

Xentar turned around to face the pair as he slowly walked towards them. "I betrayed the Sorcerer because he was a fool who only sought to wield the power of the keyhole! I betrayed those nobodies because they are the parasites that lack any feeling or emotions! Only I am Superior among all of the beings on the planet, only I can wield the Darkness properly if I am to lead the civilizations into a new beginning!" The only glowing spot left on the massive Heartless was his eye piece on his head. Despite him seemingly weakened, he was still capable of putting up another fight as where his chest piece was now sparking and dripping some dark greenish purple liquid. To their surprise, he suddenly started to run at them, shaking the entire place with his presence as he watched dark spears materialize from the Darkness and fire at him. He practically ran through them all with no pain as he closed in on the two. Mulluns continued firing at Xentar, not sure what it was going to take to kill him as he suddenly felt the Keyblade ripped from his belt and saw Kali flying towards Xentar with the blade as she drove it towards his head.

Xentar grabbed her arms, the blade inches away from slamming into his face. He kept her arms in place to prevent the Keyblade from being moved further towards him. Mulluns took aim, but couldn’t get a good shot at Xentar as Kali was in the way. He didn't want to hurt her, and he tried to find an opening "Take the shot!" He heard her yell towards him.

"You're in the way!''

"Do you want to let him get away?! JUST TAKE THE SHOT!" She yelled at him, trying to move herself enough that he could get a good shot, since he didn't seem to want to go ahead and take it. Mulluns remained silent, and expressionless as always as he took aim, and took the shot, the electrical beam from the Shock Rifle slammed through Kali's right shoulder and into Xentar, forcing him to loose his grip slightly as he yelled in pain from the pain that just slammed through him. That was all Kali needed to start bringing the blade closer to his head.

"I... am... Xentar... Skaarj... Warlord..." He couldn’t hold the blade anymore as his hands let go of it.

"And we protect the planet from ones like you." She said coldly towards him, thrusting The blade into his face, emerging out the other side of his head. He screamed loudly, a shockwave erupting from him that shook the room and shot her away from him as she released the blade and fell back towards where Mulluns was.

Xentar continued to scream in pain, his screams sounding both like a mix of machine and darkness, managing to rip the blade out from his face by the handle, a gapping hole where his eye piece was. Using his dark senses he still had, he searched and found both Mulluns and Kali, and using the last ounce of his strength to throw it directly at Mulluns, who thought Xentar was dead and was focused on seeing if Kali was fine. Kali managed to see it at the end of her view and ran into Mulluns, shoving him out of the way as the Keyblade flew through the air and slammed into her left side as she let out a pained yell as she went to her knees, trying to yank the Keyblade out. As she touched it, it suddenly started to give off a burning touch when it was touched by her.

Mulluns got up and saw what had happened to Kali, who was now laying on her side as the Keyblade was lodged into her. He went over to her, remembering the design at the end of the blade, and moved it in a bit further, twisted a bit, and then pulled it out as Kali remained slump on the ground. He turned his attention to Xentar, who was on his knees, his face with a gapping hole in it as he reached out to the pair with one hand as he slowly started to fade into nothingness, groaning as he watched as small pixels of himself started to float up and disappear altogether. Mulluns walked towards the Skaarj Heartless with he Keyblade, looking down at him as Xentar spoke in a weakened tone. "I... am... Xentar... Xenomancer... Skaarj.... Warlord..." He finished before he felt the piercing pain of the Keyblade slamming into the top of his neck and out the bottom before his head was completely severed from the rest of his body, nothing but dark sparks and drips of a dark liquid emerged from the stump of the Heartless's neck as he finally faded away completely.

Xentar, the Skaarj warlord who worked for the Xenomancer Empire and turned into a Heartless due to the darkness, the source of his revival, eating away at his very being, was finally dead.


Chapter 17

Mulluns walked back towards Kali, the Keyblade strapped to his belt as she started to get to her knees. She saw him, and suddenly collapsed against him as he caught her, looking down to the Keyblade, then back to her. "We did it... It's finished..."

Kali only shook her head. "You have to lock it...'' She said weakly, closing her eyes. He looked back to the Keyblade, then to the Keyhole. He gently set her down on her back as he grabbed the Keyblade, and approached the keyhole. He knew with the Keyhole sealed, the Heartless here would be on their own, and Kali... He didn't know what would happen to her, especially since she was thrown in there for several minutes. If he didn't seal it, the world would still burn from the Darkness that would emerge from it, and he had to make the choice. He aimed the blade at the Keyhole, a blue beam shooting out of it and into the center of the Keyhole. He watched as the keyhole was filled with blue energy before it and the keyhole disappeared, just a large, metal wall where the Keyhole once was left. Knowing it was done, he put it back on his belt and turned back to Kali, approaching her.

Mulluns looked down at her as she was starting to break apart into shadows, pixel by pixel. He bent down to her, holding her in his arms to see if she was still alive as he witnessed the darkness faded away from her body and it looked like her before. However her skin was darker then normal and she had the heartless symbol on her chest and back. He looked at her, not knowing if she was dead or alive, and then suddenly He could hear helicopters in the distance. Turning back towards her, she looked like she was still breathing, but she was bleeding badly. He looked at her wound, then to the Keyblade, not sure if he should use it or not, not sure if she still had Darkness in her or not and that if it would cause her any more harm. He removed his leather trench coat and wrapped it around her as he saw her open her eyes weakly, looking up to him. "Helicopters are on the way... We're getting out of here..."

"G...good...." She rested her head against him. Her eyes were still yellow and glowing like before as she passed out once more. He picked her up, heading to an opening that was caused by the battle that led outside. He could hear the Helicopters were getting closer as he trekked through the ruins of the facility and eventually towards the coast where Helicopters were now landing, Military Helicopters. He met Killian there as he left one of the Helicopters, heading towards Mulluns who had Kali in his arms.

"Is it done?" Killian asked.

"Yeah... It's done... Help me with her..." Mulluns asked both him and Killian loading her onto a Helicopter where they hooked her up to some medical devices on the Helicopter after they bandaged her wounds and put her in some white clothes. She was exhausted and passed out the entire time.

Mulluns was in the same Helicopter as she was, with several bandages on him from the fight. He was looking over the Keyblade, not sure what he should do. "A weapon that saved the world... and one that brought about chaos..." He muttered to himself. He looked at Kali, who still looked like she was in pain. Hoping he was making the right decision, he aimed the tip of the blade at Kali, shooting another beam of light at her as it surrounded her entire being once more, slowly healing her wounds better then the medical equipment attached to her. He looked at her face and saw she was now more relaxed then before and seemed to be sleeping with more ease.

Once he finished, he looked at the Keyblade, and then to the open door of the Helicopter. He threw the Keyblade out of it as it landed in the Ocean below. He knew it would sink to the dark depths and out of anyone's reaches; It was too powerful to fall into the wrong hands, not to mention it nearly caused the world to plunge into chaos.

Kali started to wake up a bit later, opening her eyes and looking around, seeing they were still in the Helicopter, on it's way back to the States and that she was bandaged up and hooked to a machine next to her. She saw to her left that Mulluns was still in the same copter she was in, looking out to the Ocean with a blank expression. She started to sit up slightly. "Rick?"

He turned his head towards her. "Kali... Your awake."

"Yeah..." she smiled lightly.

"It's over." He turned his head slightly to the window. "The Heartless Crisis is over...Thanks to you..."He then turned back to her.

She shook her head. "I...I didn't do much.."

"You managed to kill Xentar... If you didn't help, we'd all probably be dead..."

"I'm just glad I was able to help... that I wasn't gone for good..."

"When You were thrown into the Keyhole... i thought it was all over..."

She looked at herself a little, seeing her new condition. "At least I didn't disappear when you locked it..."

"That’s what I was worried about... But it was a chance i had to take..."

"I'm glad you did..."

He nodded. "And you wont need to worry about the Keyblade falling into wrong hands anymore..."

"Where is it?'' She asked, a bit confused.

"About several hundred miles behind us, at the bottom of the sea where it will probably rust and decay..." He answered, finally glad to be rid of it

"Alright.." She didn't sound upset that such a priceless and powerful artifact was now gone forever.

"It was too dangerous to keep, and i don't plan on something like that back there happening again..."

She shook her head.”No, its ok..."

He only nodded. "We're going to be arriving in New York within the hour..."

"Alright." She started to get herself disconnected from the equipment as she saw Him leaning his head back slightly, closing his eyes under his goggles as he began to dose off, confident she was going to be alright, as were they all. Once she got herself disconnected, she got up and sat besides him.

Destination: New York, Manhattan. Arrival Time: Twenty Minutes. A sound was heard over the helicopter radio. Already the sun was setting. This was the only Helicopter that left Island 51 while the others stayed behind to secure the Island and make sure no Heartless survived. Kali sighed, sitting back and resting her head back. She was definitely going to have to start wearing sunglasses. As Manhattan was now in viewing distance, she dosed off as her head went and rested on Mulluns's right shoulder.



One week later...

New York. September-30-2026

Rick Mulluns sat in his car, his lab top sitting in the passenger’s seat. His car was right outside his compound, and he was waiting for a Vmail to arrive on his computer. It's been a week since dealing with Xentar, Jafar, the Heartless and Nobodies, and he has taken a week to rest and regain his strength. Kali sure didn't seem too disappointed when he told her he disposed of the Keyblade; it was just something he knew he had to do. No one, not even him or her, or a museum should hold onto and keep the Keyblade; it was just too powerful of a weapon that could have destroyed the planet. His thoughts were quickly interrupted when a small beeping was heard on his lab top. He turned towards it and clicked a button to receive the Voice Mail.

"Mr. Mulluns, we have heard great things about your accomplishes, and we would like to propose a business proposal to you. Your objectives are attached to a small file that is attached to this Vmail. You will be paid very much for completing this. Please let us know if you accept."

The Voice Mail ended, and Mulluns went to open up the file that was attached, seeing who he had to kill, what he had to blow up, what he had to steal, etc. It wasn’t anything he suspected... Instead, it was a small journey to South America, where what is supposed to be some old Aztec ruins that contain several hidden valuable artifacts that needed to be recovered. That's about as far as he got when he stopped reading and closed the file, typing in a response to the contact, sending it before closing down his lab top. He started the car, and drove away from his compound; He was not about to go on another mission to recover another artifact, no matter how much was being paid to find it.

Proposal denied.


South America. September-30-2026

After the incident with the Heartless, as well as the plottings of Jafar, Xentar, and The Organization's were put a stop too, Kali was taken to the military medical facility in New York where only a select few knew of her condition. After hours of looking over her, her skinned remained dark, the Heartless symbol remained on her chest, and her eyes never changed from the glowing yellow. Both Mulluns and Killian suggested that she try to keep her eyes hidden, to not attract any unwanted attention as she donned a pair of dark sunglasses, hiding her new Heartless eyes. After she said her farewells to both Mulluns and Killian, she departed back to Florida where she rested for about a week before heading out onto the field again, heading to South America.

She was heading towards some old Aztec ruins where the locals told her there was some odd goings about there. Knowing what happened when she was careless about unlocking the door back in Egypt, Kali decided to be extra cautious this time, and for the rest of her adventuring. However, while she remained human, she knew something inside her changed when she emerged from the Keyhole. She felt as if half of her heart was missing and sometimes when in the darkest of areas, she felt she would split apart and become one with it. She didn't have time to think much on it though, as daylight was soon fading and she was to meet her new partner near the ruins where they would explore the ruins togather, as she suddenly felt the urge to not wanting to be alone anymore, like she has most of her life.


Island 51. September-30-2026

The Special Forces were finally finished clearing the remains of the facility, what was left after the incident with the Heartless and all. They managed to clear out the last of the Heartless that was infesting the Island and the ruins of the facility, and were now packing up to clear out of the Island. Killian was still there, and couldn’t wait to get off this Island of Death as he called it; all he needed to do was waiting for his Helicopter. As he waited, one of his men approached him. "Sir, the Entire Island and Facility are clear of those things."

"Good. We don't want any of those things getting off this Island and doing God only knows what..."

"Yes, Sir. But... There's one more thing."

"What is it?" Killian asked.

"The body we were supposed to find, that Jafar guy, we couldn’t find his body, anywhere."

"What do you mean? He can’t be alive, I was told he was killed, shot right between the eyes. He has to be dead."

"We know, Sir. It's just... we scanned the entire facility, and we didn't find it... only this..."

The soldier presented a golden staff he was holding to Killian. It was the same one Jafar used, except the top of it seemed to have been blown off with some sort of explosive, and only half of the cobra design on it was barley visible. Not knowing what it was capable of, Killian handed it back to the soldier.

"Destroy it, along with all the guns that were discovered on the Heartless."

"Yes, Sir."

The Soldier left as Killian watched, He knew that the Sorcerer was not from this world, and anything he or the Heartless brought from where ever they came from could be bad if wound up in the wrong hands, and destroying them was the only safe bet he had. But it didn't rest easy for him right away... What happened to Jafar's corpse? Mulluns did mention that one Nobody and Jafar's parrot managed to escape, but... it didn't make sense... Why would a Nobody go back for Jafar's corpse?


Agrabah. September-30-2026

The City of Agrabah was now once again at peace it seemed; once word on Jafar's death was reached the citizens were over joyed and were once again freed. Rumors on how the Heartless invasion of their city was resolved by a young man and a boy who was armed with a key like weapon who was accompanied by two companions was still drifting throughout the city, but no one was sure on how they found out about Jafar's death. In the Royal Palace, things have also returned to normal as the Royal Sultan was once again there to lead his people, and his daughter, the royal princess, has found someone to marry so they would take his place when his time has come. The strangest thing happened today, and two black hooded men in long coats arrived, claiming they were Assassins who have killed Jafar and brought his corpse with them. The Sultan let his Captain take care of the situation as they were in the main palace court yard.

Sulruke, Captain of the Royal Guards of the Palace, was accompanied by two of his best men as they met the hooded assassins there about Jafar's death.

"So, you assassins claimed to have killed that traitor Jafar?"

"That's about right." Axel said, remaining hooded as his companion remained silent. "You can do what you want with him." He approached the wooden kart that had a tarp over it as he lifted it up, revealing Jafar's corpse with a single hole in his head and out the back as he closed the tarp. "We only want you to not mention that it was us who did the job, let someone else be the Hero. If someone asks about is, tell them we were just passing traders."

"Sounds... Fair." Sulruke said, turning to nod to his men as they went and retrieved Jafar's corpse. He turned back to see Axel and his companion were leaving as Sulruke waved to them. "Wait! Don't you want the reward for his capture?"

"Keep it." The other said a mix of both speech and a growl. Sulruke thought he was seeing things, but he almost thought he saw a red skinned tail from under the other one's coat. He shrugged it off and went back into the Palace to inform the Sultan and to see what would be the best way to describe this to him.

In an alleyway away from the common folk, Axel removed his hood as he brushed his hair slightly. "Man, bout time we got rid of that corpse. It might have caused some problems if it was left there back on Earth, if you know what I mean."

"What does it matter? Who cares if one world such as that is affected?" The other one asked slight growls in his voice, almost reptilian like.

"It may come in handy later. Mulluns and Kali were not the only ones who can wield the Keyblade. There is another out there, he and his friends are on a journey to find someone, and there going world to world to find them. While they do, he will use the Keyblade to slay the Heartless and release the Hearts to-"

"To finally form together the Heart of all worlds. Kingdom Hearts." The other removed his hood to reveal a red skinned reptilian head with orange eyes, black spines emerging from the top of his head as it looked like he had two tusks of sort on the sides of his mouth, but were removed. His tail slithered about slightly as he felt he was right about his answer.

"Bingo. It seems it was a good thing that I found you when I did. Number Thirteen, Xaxtern, the Lone Xenomancer." Axel said with a smile.

"Are we done here? The heat of this world is doing a number on my skin." Xaxtern asked.

"Sure, we should report back to HQ anyways, inform Xemnas about Larxene and Saïx’s... departure."

With that, both of the Nobodies were engulfed in a dark oval sphere and disappeared.

The End.

Or is it? Note the title has "Episode I" in it.

Tune in soon and I will release some Data on UNREAL: Kingdom Hearts - Episode II
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