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Fanfiction ► Vampires Runaway Sora/Kairi/Roxas

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Feb 12, 2015
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I need a better name for this Fan Fiction, been beta'd by KitKat but i'd love more opinions :) What do ya'll think. also Better title suggestions please.

Author's Note Disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from Kingdom Hearts.
Now that necessity is out of the way! I'm so excited to finally Get this up. I love kingdom hearts. This is my first fic for this. Its set in modern times. I hope you like it. Beta'd by KITKAT

Las Vegas. A desert city known for its gambling, prostitution, fighting, and gangs. However less was known for the population of the preternatural and supernatural that made the city their home. Where so many deaths occur and a 40% unsolvable rate. Perfect for creatures of the night to hunt. Easy to pick out people who wouldn't be missed. It was second only to Detroit. New York and Los Angeles were also favored hunting grounds. It was on the deserted outskirts that lead to miles, and miles of desert sand with no signs of life in sight except for an occasional stray cactus.

A lone figure was waiting, wearing dark pants with chains, and a hoodie that covered half his face. He seemed to be waiting for something, or someone. It was a late evening almost early morning, and a mist was starting to envelope the area. Bringing along with it a damp smell. A rare rain was on its suddenly, it became an unnaturally thick fog which made it impossible to see. Dimming the lights, so they seemed to glow at a distance.

The figure gave a knowing smile and made his way forward, away from the city. The wind picked up, and sand swirled in a mini dust storm. He stopped right in front of it, and seconds later as fast as the wind appeared, it and the dust storm disappeared. Revealing another male. This one had long silver hair, and his eyes were covered by a dark cloth, Wearing a dark suit and a tie as red as blood. He tilted his head, and sniffed the air in several directions, a slow smirk appeared on his face.

"The rumors are true. You've awoken at last, Prince Sora." He crossed his right arm over his chest giving a half bow.

"What wakes you from your slumber?"

The boy in the hoodie reached up to pull down the hood, revealing messy brown hair that was slightly spiked, and azure blue eyes. The only color that seemed to be on his person, Hypnotizing, the dark circles around them just drew more attention to that point. Sora didn't answer the question.

"How long has it been Riku? two-hundred years? Three hundred?" The "Prince" asked.

"Five-hundred and thirty-two years, your Highness."

"Riku, my old friend, there's no need for you to be formal with me." Sora looked toward the sky at the stars. "Has it truly been that long? The world has changed much as I slept. But, enough about that. What brings you here Riku?"

If the silver-haired male's eyes could be seen, they would of been looking at him, but instead his head just shifted subtly in his direction. "I needed to know if the rumors were true, If you were truly back and awake, but if you are, he must be as well. How long before they realize this and they make their move to keep you from returning?"

Sora stopped looking up at the sky to look at his old friend. "For now, I need it to stay rumors, I need to regain my strength, I knew you'd come. I need you to throw them off the scent. "

"How long do you need?" Riku asked.

Sora smiled, revealing a set of sharp fangs. "As long as you can give me."

Kairi moved around her small bedroom of her foster home. The sixteen year old quickly put her red hair in a pony tail and then clipped it to her hair, some stray bangs framing her face. She moved as silently as she could. Tonight was the night, she was leaving this hell that was currently her "Home". Grabbing her school bag, she threw everything she owned into it, She didn't own much. Just a few sets of clothes, a wallet, a small photo album, and a brush. Zipping up her bag with a quiet "Zip" noise.

She then went over to the bed, prying up a loose floor board as quietly as possible. She pulled out a tin box. Opening it up she took out a roll of cash which she pocketed, and a silver heart shaped locket with a crest, two koi fish in the shape of a yin yang and a key between them. She rubbed her thumb over it before delicately clasping it around her neck. She took one last look around the now empty room, saying a silent goodbye. She knew she wouldn't be missed.

She opened her window and climbed out of it, walking cat like on the roof she went to the edge. Slowly she gripped the edge of the roof and lowered herself down, using her feet to find a hold. she moved one hand down and then the other, gripping the vines that grew up on the side of the California house. Once she was close enough to the ground she dropped down. Landing in a crouch position. She swung her bag over her right shoulder and took off at a sprint down the street and around the corner. On the end of that street waited a rusty old truck with two girls. Kairi broke into a smile and ran over to the truck. opening the passengers side door with a rusty squeak and hopped in. Buckling her belt, before shutting the door behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief, she did it, she was free.

"Glad you could make it, Kairi." The girl in the back said, leaning over the seat to look at her. She had brown layered hair, part of it short the other part long, and playful green eyes. Her friend like herself was dressed casual. Jeans, a tattered guns and roses t-shirt, and a jean jacket.

Kairi smiled. "I wouldn't ditch out on our plans, Olette."

"I'm just glad you got out okay. Now step on it Aurora, lets get the hell out of dodge!"

Kairi set her bag down between her feet as the car started to move. She glanced over at Aurora the driver. Aurora was a senior, Kairi's and Olette's best friend since childhood, despite being a year older. The grew up in foster systems and had lived with each other at some point in time. She was quiet and reserved, a real sweetheart when you got to know her, but mess with her or her friends, and she became a lot fiercer and didn't back down. She had golden blonde hair that went to her waist, and bright blue eyes that always seemed to have laughter in them no matter how dark things got. She wore a black shirt with a neon pink tear cub teddy bear, a pink plaid and lace layered skirt, fishnet stockings and ankle boots. She like the other two also wore a jean jacket.

Kairi had to hold on to the handle for support above the window as Aurora suddenly floored it, the truck jerking briefly before they sped off into the night, and away from the life they knew. It was scary but exhilarating at the same time to not know where to go from there. They could go wherever they wanted. Build their own lives, sure they knew it wouldn't be easy, but life wasn't easy. If you wanted something in the world you had to learn to take risks and chance it.

Olette leaned forward again, this time turning on the music. Natalia kill's "Wonderland" came on the the radio. Kairi and Aurora shared looks. Breaking out in identical smiles. Kairi started to sing along with the song. Her arms going up in the air and her fingers snapping to the beat, Her body started to move a bit in the seat. moving her tummy like a belly dancer and moving her upper body to the music, and shaking her head from side to side so some of her hair came loose.

I'm not Snow White
But I'm lost inside this forest.
I'm not Red Riding Hood,
But I think the wolves have got me.
Don't want the stilettos
I'm not, not Cinderella
I don't need a knight so baby take off all your armor

Kairi started the song, her voice joining that of the original singer. Her voice was soft and melodic easily heard despite the loud music. Singing and dancing in her seat. she just let everything roll off her. Giggling a bit at the lyrics. It was one of their favorite songs.

You be the Beast and I'll be the Beauty, beauty
Who needs true love as long as you love me truly.
I want it all, but I want you more
Will you wake me up boy if I bite your poison apple.

Aurora joined in, Olette started with the chorus and soon they were all singing and moving along while moving down the did this for hours, switching between channels, sometimes rock, sometimes alternative and pop. Though as it started to become almost day break, they got hungry.

"Hey look," Kairi pointed to a road sign. "There's a 24 hour diner up ahead."

" Lets stop there and figure out where we are, and where we'll go from there. I'm starving." Olette chimed in.

"Olette. You're always hungry!" Aurora chuckled and pulled toward the exit.

"I have a fast metabolism." She defended.

It was true, ever since they were kids. Kairi had seen her eat a whole pie by herself, and never gained a pound from it. They had been driving for six whole hours, so when they pulled up at the diner, Kairi very happily jumped out of the truck and stretched her arms above her head, leaning back a bit to stretch out. It was cramped in there. Once she was done, she pulled her jean jacket closer to her and took a look at the diner.

It was small, and the neon sign said. "Divine Rose" both e's flickering. Aurora came up beside her and nudged her, then the two of them entering first, Olette not far behind. When they walked in there, there were just a handful of tables and a counter you could eat at. There was only one person that appeared to be working there. A fiery red-head with markings under his eyes.

"Just take a seat wherever." He said out of boredom, twirling the pen in his hand between his fingers.

Olette took the lead, taking a corner booth next to a window, she sat facing the door, while Kairi and Aurora sat across from her with their backs to the door. As they passed the waiter, Kairi didn't notice the red-heads eyes on her. Nor did she see the green eyes momentarily turn yellow as he turned his head to sniff the air as she passed. Her scent bringing back long forgotten memories. His whole body went rigid before he went back to his relaxed stature. He made his way over to their table handing them menus.

"Name's Axel. I'll be your server this evening. Got it memorized?" He put his finger to his temple tapping it.

Kairi gave a lighthearted laugh and put two of her fingers to her temple. "Kairi. Got it memorized?" She mimicked.

"Kairi huh? Memorized," He chuckled. "Can I get you girls anything to drink?

"One sweetened ice tea, one unsweetened ice tea, and a orange soda." Aurora said, tucking a blonde hair behind her right ear as she looked over the menu. They knew each other better than anyone, and they always ordered the same drinks. She liked her tea sweet, Olette liked hers unsweetened. and Kairi had an obsession with Orange soda.

"I'll be back in a flash." He winked at them and went to go get their drinks. Once they were out of sight he went to the phone and dialed an old number. It was picked up by the first ring.

"Hello." A deep voice asked from the other side of the phone.

"I have a bit of news for you," Axel spoke quickly knowing he didn't like waiting. "A certain girl just showed up at the diner, she looks, and smells like an old friend."

"I'm listening."

Meanwhile back at the table, Kairi and the other girls were looking over a map. "Looks like we are in Nevada. A couple miles away from Vegas. Could be a good start." She nibbled on a cracker while pointing to where they were on the map.

Olette squealed. "Omg, I always wanted to go to Vegas!"

"Do I need to keep a hold of your money there, Olette?" Aurora teased.

"Oh come on, what's the fun in that?"

Kairi tuned them out a bit as Axel came back with their drinks. Sipping on her orange soda, she glanced out the window. She opted for just a bagel, not being all that hungry. Though her attention was drawn away from the window as the bell of the door chimed as someone entered the diner.

A boy in dark clothes entered and made his way to the counter where he sat down, the sounds of moving chains could be heard as he passed. Though he paused briefly at their table, Kairi couldn't see his face. But she could of sworn she felt his intense gaze. She shrugged it off as the feeling passed. She was probably just tired.

Sora sat in his seat, pulling his hoodie down, He had followed his instincts to this place, though under the lingering wet dog smell he smelled something familiar. His gaze glanced over at the table of girls, his eyes on the red head that looked so much like his late bride it was eerie. She had similar features but nothing about her mannerisms were like hers, the similarities ended on their looks, and smell.

The wolf waiter handed him a dark glass that hid the fact what he gave him was blood. They stared at each other, Sora knew him, but decided not to make waste of his drink, and drank the blood and quickly left before he lost it. This land and its customs still new to him. But, he had fed from enough people to get the general gist of what things were and how they worked. Going over to a car he had "Borrowed". He took one last glance at the diner. Seemed his search was over. Let the hunt begin.
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I still love this chapter, because there's a whole lot of mystery going on. I really can't wait for you to show me chapter three, because I'm dying to see where this goes! Of course, I'm curious who Sora has to hide his return from, because it must be somebody who's out to get him. Although, it seems implied they may of woken up too. I do wonder what caused Sora to wake up in the first place. And Kairi seems really important in this story too. I do like her partying with Olette and Aurora too. Can't wait for more. :D
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