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Villanesko, Village by the sea (REDO--Horror/romance)

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Jul 15, 2005
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at the very most south point of italy there is a village that has been long huanted by sprits from the past. ghost of sailors, warriors, historians, and even soldiers. it was the site of many battles during world war 2, and it was even the site of one of the biggest riots in history during the vietnam war when vietnamese extremist took control of the capitol of a nuetral country in order to try and drive america out of vietnam. many have died on the soil that lay on the beach, and many more will die soon unless somthing is done to put and end to this terrible huanting. the village is not just huanted though, there is a feeling in the village, a feeling of love and compassion for your fellowman. everyone wants to try and help whoever comes to the village, which very well might be what drives travelers mad to the point of insomnia.

in order to solve the problem of the huanted, you must first learn to blend in or go home. becuase if you cannot fit in to the population, then ou will surely die of sleep deprivation( aka: exhuastion and not getting any sleep). can your survive...vilianesko? many have came before you and have died, many have tried to solve the problem but none have prevailed. the so, with the failure of your predecessors in front of you, and the people of the village depending on you to break whatever is huanting them, do you think you can prevail? or will you just become another victim to the village by the sea?


reason for being in the city:
Hotel room number: (1-50)




Name: Arura Natiko

Age: 19

reason for being in the city: the beautiful city makes him feel good while he continues to write the next book in his series.

Hotel room number: 34


personality:nice man, bit of a loner, doesnt like company that much, but if alone it is apperciated, usualy is alone alot for the fact that he is the author and artist of a best selling manga series.

Bio: becoming an author of a best selling book at the age of 16, Arura learned that it wasnt hard to be yourself and do what your good at. he knew he could draw, he knew he could write, so he put them both together. then suddenly he had a entire series of manga out on the market. The " dark Night" series quickly became popular with many teens, and alot of adults as well. he was a hit. after years of trying to find what he was good at he found his calling. since he started he has written and drawn 15 volumes of " Dark Night" a story about a lboy who gets lost in the world and doesnt know what to do, he quickly finds himself in a completely diffrent world, trying to defend his honer, life, and trying to save that wolrd.

Arura is now one of the biggest names in manga. as a boy of ten he had no clue what he wanted to do, no idea of anything in life but sleep, and video game. months past, he had beaten every game he had, and nothing seemed to entertain him anymore. so he started to draw. then he started to write. and before he knew it, he had faound his talent. he wrote his first manga that year, he didnt know it yet but that would soon be his calling. his very first title was Raging Shipwreck. it was a short ten page story about a ship that set sail on a day that is supposed to be perfect for sailing, then finds itself in a terrilbe storm. 6 years later he wrote his first " Dark Night" story and then soon he was in vilianesko, the village by the sea, writing his 16th book.
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