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"There's always money in the banana stand."
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May 9, 2007
The End of Time
Different songs from this album/special just rotate in my head, taking turns being stuck there. Sometimes I get fun ones like Problematic or Bezos I & 2, other times I get All Eyes on Me or even this gem:


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Sep 23, 2021
I still remember listening to Wind back when I used to have an interest in Naruto. I don't know why, but the "Motivate your anger to make them all realize" always gives me goosebumps. I can listen again and again, even when I do my homework. I'm thankful for reminding me of my favorite song.
Oct 22, 2021
Well, my tastes seem to focus on:
Live A Live Remake/Live A Live at the moment:
The remaster/remix of Megalomania is really good for the Remake, btw.


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Mar 14, 2017
Belle’s soundtrack, specifically the English version. One of the few occasions the English version of the song is just as good as the Japanese.


Deleted member 271965

I listen to A LOT of music mostly pop and rock, but there are some others too. The ones with the star by them are my favorite by that artist.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus – Best of Both Worlds, Nobody's Perfect, If We Were a Movie, I Got Nerve, Life's What You Make It, We Got The Party, The Other Side of Me, Gonna Get This, Ordinary Girl⭐, True Friend, Who Said, You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home⭐, This is The Life, Let's Get Crazy, He Could Be the One, Rock Star, Pumpin' Up the Party, One in a Million, Make Some Noise, I'll Always Remember You, Bigger Than Us, Wherever I go⭐, Old Blue Jeans⭐, It's All Right Here, I wanna Know You, Love That Lets Go⭐, Need a Little Love⭐, Kiss it Goodbye, Que Sera, Been Here All Along⭐, Every Part of Me, Just Like You, Don't Wanna Be Torn, Spotlight, Are You Ready, Barefoot Cinderella, The Good Life, Mixed Up, What's Not to Like, Let's Do This, Just a Girl, The Climb⭐, Hoedown Throwdown⭐, I'm Still Good, Can't be Tamed⭐, When I look At You⭐, Hope You Find It, Party in the U.S.A, Breakout, 7 Things, The Driveway, Full Circle⭐, Fly on the Wall, Wake up America, These Four Walls, Simple Song, See You Again⭐ Let's Dance, Right Here, Start All Over, East Northumberland High, G.N.O, As I am, I miss you.

Britney Spears – Toxic⭐, Circus, Oops!... I Did it Again, Everytime, Till the World Ends, If U Seek Amy, Lucky, Stronger, Criminal, Womanizer⭐, Sometimes, I wanna Go, ...Baby One More Time⭐, Crazy, Me Against The Music, Hold It Against Me, 3⭐, Shattered Glass, Lace and Leather, Radar, Ooh Ooh Baby⭐.

Skillet – Awake and Alive, Monster⭐, Whispers in the Dark⭐, Not Gonna Die, Hero, Legendary, Back From the Dead⭐, It's Not Me It's You, Falling Inside the Black⭐, Finish Line, Terrify the Dark, Comatose⭐, Anchor, Breaking Free⭐.

Red – Who We Are⭐, Hymn For The Missing, Faceless⭐, Let it Burn⭐, Not Alone⭐, Feed the Machine.

Flyleaf – Beautiful Bride⭐, Again⭐, Chasm, Missing⭐, This Close, The Kind, In the Dark, Set Apart This Dream, Swept Away, Tiny Heart⭐, Treasure, Circle, Arise, I'm So Sick, Fully Alive⭐, Perfect, Cassie⭐, Sorrow⭐, All Around Me⭐, I'm Sorry, Red Sam, There For You, Breathe Today, So I Thought.

Paramore – Still Into You, Ain't It Fun, For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic⭐, That's What You Get⭐, Hallelujah, Misery Business⭐, When It Rains, Let the Flames Begin⭐, Miracle, Crushcrushcrush⭐, We Are Broken⭐, Fences⭐, Born For This, Ignorance, The Only Exception, All We Know, Pressure, Emergency, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Never Let This go, Whoa, Conspiracy, Franklin, My Heart.

Linkin Park - Papercut⭐, Crawling, In The End⭐, Figure.09⭐, Breaking The Habit⭐, Numb, Leave Out All the Rest⭐, Shadow of the Day, What I've Done.

Breaking Benjamin – Fade Away, Dear Agony⭐, I will Not Bow, What Lies Beneath⭐, Into The Nothing⭐, Evil Angel, Dance With the Devil⭐, The Diary Of Jane, Until the End, Red Cold River⭐, Psycho, Feed the Wolf⭐, Tourniquet, The Dark of You, Torn in Two⭐, Save Yourself, Polyamorous, Medicate, Next to Nothing, Shallow Bay, So Cold, Sooner or Later, Firefly, Angels Fall, Hollow⭐, Breaking the Silence, Ashes of Eden, Dawn.

Three Days Grace – It's All Over, Animal I Have Become⭐, On My Own, Get Out Alive, Pain⭐, Never Too Late⭐, Time of Dying⭐, Let it Die, I Hate Everything About You⭐, Scared, Take Me Under⭐.

Of course these are just the songs I'd recommend by my favorite artists or just the songs I've heard so far. There are probably lots more by these artists that I haven't heard yet or that you might like, so I do recommend looking for more of their songs! ;D Lemme know if you like any of these! ^v^