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Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

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CK the Fat

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Nov 13, 2006
No, it's not an anti-this thread.

Faust was a German scientist who made a bargain with Mephastopholies (sp?) or aka the devil. Basically, he was just an innocent guy who wanted to advance his scientific works. He agreed to give his soul to the devil if he could have anything he wanted.

Not being a bad person, he used his wishes to further his research and to try and help others. Mephastolpholies, however, twisted every wish around so that it in turned harmed others at Faust's benefit.

Although Faust tried to ditch the devil several times, he could help but keep hurting people. His intentions were true, but because he'd made a seemingly innocent deal with the devil, he only hurt others.

Ultimately, Faust was stil able to go to heaven because he wasn't evil at heart. However, the moral is that NOTHING good comes from the devil. You may want what he offers, but if you believe that he is the epitomy of complete evil, you except only that.

I would have to say keep your soul. There is no trading it with Lucifer to benefit others, because that's not what the devil wants. So keep your life and your soul--use it here and now to do the best you can for yourself and others.

Tyler Durden

lol...i'm sorry. i didn't mean to seem rude or anything. yeah they were hilarious reasons to be around :D
do you believe more in karma, chi, or chakra?

I dont know what chakra is, but of the two I would say...


Chi is all well and good, but why should there be random energy floating around? I understand the concept and it is one I respect, but here is what I think: oh crap, I forgot about karma.

it sucks.

Why should i be punished for what some past life did, huh? Or be rewarded? It makes no sense.

But I say that energy is created by people. Their attitudes radiate energy, and can be read by other people. So dark energy comes from dark attitudes, and goodness from good attitudes.

CK the Fat

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Nov 13, 2006
/\ Can't argue there. Chi and Karma is good and all but never lose sight of the logical sequence where action = reaction.

As for being punished in past lives, I'm not sure. I guess the idea is that your soul is the same and you need to redeem yourself by suffering, even if your current body doesn't know why.


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Dec 21, 2005
From reading your first posts nehx, I dont think of you words, as a suidal plea, more of a poem, I am not saying that you are not in any way insincere, but that your words being so descriptive and beautiful, I beleive that writing is your true passion, and your joy. someone with such talent a you, surely cant be in any way not meant to exist. killing yourself would simply be a waste, take the great advice of the people on this thread, and pursue writing, for I know from reading your words I will only lead you to greatness. For nehx i beleive you can do more good with your words than most peoples actions, you, i beleive are destined for something big, very big, live to find what that is.


you'd give up your soul to the Devil Nehxaa?...even though he would not fulfill his promise? Why do you feel you have to make people happy?...and what of this girl your dating and her friend?...


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Dec 23, 2005
Wait What?
see...she feels as though it's what she has to do because, its what she's realized is her true calling....helping people, making others feel better, caring only for others and nothing for yourself....to truely understand what others pain is...and absorb and change it to purity and peace at all cost jus to aid those in need, of those who need a shoulder to lean on, for those who need someone to talk to....

its what she does....its what i do....now she may have given up, thinking she can't do it on her own, but she has the power to fight that temptation, she can't destroy-shatter, the bond of the devil's contract...she must fight it and believe in her heart, she's had the power to fight this darkness all along....through those she's helps, those she's confided it....she's gained and understanding....
she can't defeat this evil...she just has to believe in her own will, and fight it one step at a time

CK the Fat

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Nov 13, 2006
After all, life is an eternal struggle. You can't win or lose at life. It's what you do in that struggle for your own soul and for the lives of others that is what matters here and now.


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Jun 12, 2006
the great and wonderful OHIO! lol
you'd give up your soul to the Devil Nehxaa?...even though he would not fulfill his promise? Why do you feel you have to make people happy?...and what of this girl your dating and her friend?...

it's just complecated and everything. in psychology, one will learn that a defense mechanism is when tramatized, one wil lose their memories. this has happened to me twice, i have forgotten things, and today, a good majority of memories from one of my encounters just rushed back. it's too much....to answer the question about this girl i'm dating and her friend, i have it all posted in another thread called 'dating problems' or something like that. but thats just a thing of the past...


it's not that i've given up. it's just that i don't think i can help. everything is getting worse and people are getting worse and...it's just all so unbearable. so yes, i'm willing to give myself to the devil and nothing can change my mind. and it's not necessarily giving up, after all, it's an eternity of work, isn't it?

i don't care about myself and i don't care if i live or die. i just hope that everybody is happy, and i hope that everybody on this forum that has helped me and that i've gotten to know will be happy as well.

after all, the devil can't trick me...i'm an angel
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CK the Fat

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Nov 13, 2006
If you're an angel the devil doesn't want you. But be careful, even angels can fall--wasn't Lucifer himself one?

You have stated you don't care whether you live or die. What you do care about is making us feel better though. So what makes us feel better is to have you live and fight your battles, to overcome your fears and emerge an angel who's been through hell and back, (a feat few will ever be both blessed and cursed enough to take) and ready to tell us of your vast, precious knowledge.
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Jun 12, 2006
the great and wonderful OHIO! lol
i've had a bad day full of depression and pain today.
but what's different when compared to any other day?
today i discovered what i really want.
i want to disapear. i want to never have existed
and i don't want to be rememebered because that only brings pain
i discovered i am not an angel
i am not a guardian
i am an imposter
a nobody
nothing but anything that can cause trouble.
so i contacted the devil again and this time asked him to erase me from the world, so i never existed. it sounds suitable like something he will do.
and in return, he can have whatever i can offer him, exept for my friends or family or anybody else.
my soul, my innocence, my life, my everything, everything but those i want to be happy.
i am just...nothing. and it hurts. nothing in this world is worth me continuing to live, nothing exept the fact that if i kill myself, i leave my family and friends to deal with the memories, pain and body. so maybe when everybody i know is dead and buried, and i live alone as the woman nobody knows, i can finally take my walk out to the frozen forest, lay down, and die.
or maybe that damn devil can just grant my f*n wish and erase me! just take my damn soul you bastard!!!!
yeah, sorry i spazzed...
but no seriously...i just want to die now


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Dec 23, 2005
Wait What?
i just want to die now

nah you don't want to die, you just feel to overwhelmed with your problems...the weight your shoulder...

I told you, you have to suffer to appreciate what you have...and working hard to understand it by living, is what makes you a better person....

ending it all will just make you end it all way to early...you'll hurt those you love and probably start a chain reaction you didn't think would come....

just tellin you like it is.....I've tried to help you, but as I've learn once before, you can't help people if they don't want any help....if they don't want to listen

CK the Fat

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Nov 13, 2006
Think back to when times were better,
and imagine a brighter future.
Life is a trip on the ocean.
The launch is smooth. You are excited
For days you gaze over the railing, peering down into the water
the world is new. It delights you
but as the days progress and as you grow deeper into sea
the waves build higher and higher
they crash against the iron hull and wash over the deck
it gets salt in your eyes, and when you cry your tears are blown into the sea
but no storm lasts forever. You just sit and you wait
You hold your breath and hold on to the rail
and you make sure that no one near you falls off
and they do they same service for you.
You're all in the ship together. You are vital,
it cannot run without you there.
Some may encourage you to fall off. "Give us more room," they say
And they may try to pry your fingers from the railing and let you fall into the sea.
But you cannot let go. You must hang on tight
eventually they will tire and wear out, and they will move on to others
because they are little more than backstabbing scavangers
and it is them who should be tossed into the waves.
Your friends and your family grasp your arm. Perhaps they've been stunned
during this little storm. Perhaps they didn't notice you clinging on for dear life
But they were at least still by your side. They remember your bravery and your beauty
and they cheer you on. You are a hero. You didn't give up.
And the skies will clear. The sun will shine
and sailing will be smooth again.
You'll see the world just a bit different now.
how could you not? You see the beauty
you see the golden sunset and the brilliant rainbow
and are glad your hung through. You laugh and cry with your friends
you celebrate the victory and mourn any losses.
And you've changed the course of history. You are somone. You are a hero.
You discover that you never were a noone. You just had to let the hero come out.
You have the power. You have the ability. And you use it.
And so the day closes, and you can rest, clear your head.
Inevitably you'll run into another storm. Life is never so easy
but you know what to expect. You know you can hold on
You were a hero before. You can be one again.
So when that storm comes you find that you are strong enough
to not only hold yourself on the ship
but that you can offer a hand to a struggling passenger
who just arrived at the last port.
And you will teach that newcomer. You will make him strong.
And he will see you as more than just a hero--you are an idol
An angel. A mortal of the highest enlightement. You are a God.
and you can chase away his doubt.
And then when that storm dies down, you have a new friend
among a myriad of old ones who never let you fall through.
So when the next storm comes, you simply smile. You know how to get through
In fact, soon you'll know how to steer the boat itself around the worst of it
and make everyone's lives just a little bit brighter.
Eventually those you love will arrive at their ports, and leave you on this ship
and you will look ahead and see the brilliant sunset
casting upon your vessel a brilliant shade of pink
and the clouds will part and the waters turn warm
And then you find that your destination has come.
You could have let go so long ago. To have simply fallen into the frozen wates
and let the devils of the deep blue sea take you.
But then what you have had? You're glad you carried on.
You've made friends, you've had adventures
and you've seen it through to the end, and now comes a rest so peaceful,
so void of sorrow and regret, because your soul is content.
So simply think back to when times were better,
and imagine a brighter future.

And someday you shall be there.


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Jun 12, 2006
the great and wonderful OHIO! lol
hmmm yeah things have changed a lot since the begginning of this forum. it almost seems...normal. here's a im thing that i think actually kinda opens peoples eyes...
Nehxaa666 (4:55:04 PM): mew, lol i just got really confused
Nehxaa666 (4:55:09 PM): stupid fanfic
Nehxaa666 (4:55:15 PM): that means its god
Ck the fat911 (4:55:18 PM): lol
Nehxaa666 (4:55:18 PM): good*
Ck the fat911 (4:55:25 PM): good that you're confused?
Nehxaa666 (4:57:38 PM): yep
cause thats the true essence of life
Nehxaa666 (4:57:43 PM): to be confused and lost
Nehxaa666 (4:57:47 PM): its only human nature
Ck the fat911 (4:58:31 PM): that's only part of it
Ck the fat911 (4:58:38 PM): the other half is to find out
Nehxaa666 (4:59:24 PM): tehe
although a good majority will remain a history
Nehxaa666 (4:59:36 PM): which i guess makes us humans incomplete
Nehxaa666 (4:59:39 PM): and mortal
Ck the fat911 (5:01:17 PM): that's just more reason to carry on though
Nehxaa666 (5:01:46 PM): but we can't
Nehxaa666 (5:01:47 PM): we all die
Nehxaa666 (5:02:14 PM): and there is no way to fit all knowlege of life into a single life
Ck the fat911 (5:02:31 PM): that's why there are children
Nehxaa666 (5:02:35 PM): and if possible, one can't record it ll, but in their memories
Nehxaa666 (5:02:41 PM): and memories are lost
Nehxaa666 (5:02:46 PM): they are lost
Ck the fat911 (5:03:11 PM): true, but that doesn't mean another person can't learn the same thing... perhaps not the same thing exactly
Ck the fat911 (5:03:15 PM): but something equally as good
Ck the fat911 (5:03:23 PM): and what we leave behind serves as a guide, a model
Ck the fat911 (5:03:39 PM): for people to try and understand the truthes we spent our lives searching for
Ck the fat911 (5:04:54 PM): did you ever read the DaVinci code?
Nehxaa666 (5:05:00 PM): no
Ck the fat911 (5:05:05 PM): I heard that without reading the book it's easy to get lost
Nehxaa666 (5:05:08 PM): tehe, true
Nehxaa666 (5:05:29 PM): what we leave behind is minimal
Ck the fat911 (5:05:31 PM): I am almost finished reading his prequel
Nehxaa666 (5:05:33 PM): tehe
Ck the fat911 (5:05:44 PM): minimal... yes... but it's a start
Nehxaa666 (5:05:45 PM): what we leave behind, others can not comprehend
Nehxaa666 (5:06:08 PM): and that start will minimal and unable to cmprehend because everybody is different
Ck the fat911 (5:06:12 PM): not always
Ck the fat911 (5:06:25 PM): the words of Aristotle and Plato still speak today
Nehxaa666 (5:06:33 PM): and nobody will look at it differently, and get the wrong answers...yeah but only because of literature
Nehxaa666 (5:06:53 PM): how many people stick the resons of life into a book?
Ck the fat911 (5:07:08 PM): millions
Ck the fat911 (5:07:24 PM): a small piece to each and every person
Ck the fat911 (5:07:30 PM): but it's there... the wisdom of the ages
Nehxaa666 (5:07:35 PM): and how many people read these books nd fully understand them?
Ck the fat911 (5:07:52 PM): perhaps they are reading the wrong book then
Nehxaa666 (5:08:03 PM): or maybe they are wrong?
Ck the fat911 (5:08:08 PM): because the truthes have no language, there is no one way to express them
Nehxaa666 (5:08:14 PM): exactly
Nehxaa666 (5:08:28 PM): and so it is impossible for the human race to understand the thruths of life
Ck the fat911 (5:08:32 PM): so every way speaks a little differently... some works for some people, some works for others
Nehxaa666 (5:08:34 PM): regardless
Ck the fat911 (5:08:45 PM): that doesn't mean we should try
Ck the fat911 (5:08:50 PM): shouldn't
Nehxaa666 (5:08:50 PM): lol
Nehxaa666 (5:09:43 PM): yeah, but once again, it is pointles...it's like asking...hmm ...if you wanted to have a child with another girl, and you are a girl...you just can't do that...just like you can't find the truths and answers
Ck the fat911 (5:10:05 PM): artificial imsemination
Ck the fat911 (5:11:01 PM): sometimes you need to just not try and look for a point in everything
Ck the fat911 (5:11:07 PM): does everything have to have one?
Nehxaa666 (5:11:22 PM): pretty much
Nehxaa666 (5:11:33 PM): because there are people out tere that live from reason
Nehxaa666 (5:11:35 PM): they need i
Nehxaa666 (5:11:38 PM): they crave it
Ck the fat911 (5:12:04 PM): and others believe that the only way to get to understand the world is through perception
Nehxaa666 (5:13:01 PM): yeah, so once again, some people won't search and thruths won't be founbd
Ck the fat911 (5:13:22 PM): doesn't mean we can't get damn close though
Nehxaa666 (5:13:34 PM): who knows, maybe someday they'll understand, but who's to say that when the end of the world comes in 6 years?
Nehxaa666 (5:14:05 PM): the question is how will it end? like literally or in an abstract manner?
Ck the fat911 (5:14:29 PM): like will the universe blow up?
Ck the fat911 (5:14:42 PM): or will God take everyone into heaven and let the physical world burn?
Ck the fat911 (5:18:35 PM): I wouldn't worry about the end of the world just yet
Nehxaa666 (5:19:13 PM): why not?
Nehxaa666 (5:19:33 PM): by then, people in our school will have infants and neses
Nehxaa666 (5:19:36 PM): nieces*
Nehxaa666 (5:19:58 PM): and little brothers and sisters who have not graduated school
Nehxaa666 (5:20:13 PM): and fetus still unable to break
Nehxaa666 (5:20:17 PM): breath*
Nehxaa666 (5:20:28 PM): and elders with the answers
Nehxaa666 (5:20:32 PM): people will die
Ck the fat911 (5:20:38 PM): by then the world might be crowded with 50 billion people and we have colonize on the moon and in space
Nehxaa666 (5:21:02 PM): six years? and at our car crash, suicide bombing, and regular suicide ratings?
Nehxaa666 (5:21:07 PM): not likely
Ck the fat911 (5:21:19 PM): why 6 years?
Nehxaa666 (5:21:34 PM): 2012 or 2014
Nehxaa666 (5:21:40 PM): i don't know which year
Nehxaa666 (5:21:44 PM): mayan calendar
Ck the fat911 (5:21:47 PM): because of the Mayan Calender?
Nehxaa666 (5:21:52 PM): haha1 beat you there
Ck the fat911 (5:22:04 PM): no... lol
Ck the fat911 (5:22:09 PM): anyway...
Nehxaa666 (5:22:08 PM): yay male pregnancy...i dunno...it was just on the tv
Nehxaa666 (5:22:11 PM): ohwait!
Nehxaa666 (5:22:19 PM): he said 'maries pregnant'
Ck the fat911 (5:22:23 PM): the Mayans also predicted the world would end in the 1600s, and the 1200s...
Nehxaa666 (5:22:30 PM): and maybe it did
Nehxaa666 (5:22:46 PM): maybe people forgot everything or certain races wiped out
Nehxaa666 (5:23:03 PM): maybe all did die with only angels to repopulate the earth
Ck the fat911 (5:25:32 PM): maybe
Ck the fat911 (5:25:53 PM): I'd say those angels did a bad job though...
Ck the fat911 (5:26:06 PM): I think it's far more likely that humanity has just carried on
Ck the fat911 (5:26:10 PM): empires die...
Ck the fat911 (5:26:19 PM): the people in them do not
Nehxaa666 (5:27:28 PM): why do you think angels exist?
Nehxaa666 (5:27:59 PM): cause i know truths that others will not believe even if i were to write them into a book
Ck the fat911 (5:28:44 PM): yes, you do
Ck the fat911 (5:28:58 PM): certain books will sing to your soul... they will touch your heart
Ck the fat911 (5:29:13 PM): that is when you've discovered a small portion of the truth...
Ck the fat911 (5:29:19 PM): where you can see it where many others cannot
Nehxaa666 (5:29:55 PM): but i know things about the heavens...and it's not out of a book...it's from experience
Ck the fat911 (5:30:12 PM): perhaps you are an angel then
Nehxaa666 (5:30:52 PM): no
Nehxaa666 (5:30:55 PM): can't be
Nehxaa666 (5:31:12 PM): too selfish, too stupid, too everything
Ck the fat911 (5:31:28 PM): no...
Ck the fat911 (5:31:34 PM): who says angels are faultless?
Ck the fat911 (5:31:46 PM): angels aren't born--they are made
Nehxaa666 (5:32:50 PM): yeah...they are made to be perfect
Nehxaa666 (5:33:00 PM): with answers and expierences
Nehxaa666 (5:33:11 PM): they don't fall from the heavens without at least knowing
Ck the fat911 (5:34:10 PM): I don't think angels fall to earth and become human...
Ck the fat911 (5:34:23 PM): I think a human ascends up to heaven and becomes an angel
Nehxaa666 (5:34:46 PM): according to the bible, they sort of do.....the rankings are god, immortal, angel, human, demon, going from highest to lowest
Ck the fat911 (5:35:02 PM): the bible was written by people
Ck the fat911 (5:35:10 PM): it was molded by the Catholic church
Nehxaa666 (5:35:15 PM): and those angels and immortals who are wrong are turned to human and demon...you're right, and it could be wrong, or it could be right
Nehxaa666 (5:35:26 PM): i do not believe it is completely right
Nehxaa666 (5:35:31 PM): what about oyu?
Nehxaa666 (5:35:34 PM): you*
Ck the fat911 (5:35:45 PM): I belive the stories mean nothing
Ck the fat911 (5:35:56 PM): it's how the bible affects us that matters
Ck the fat911 (5:36:08 PM): what good does believing in god do if you don't act in his way?
Nehxaa666 (5:36:35 PM): because god gave you free will
Ck the fat911 (5:36:55 PM): right...
Nehxaa666 (5:36:56 PM): and i guess that though there are rules, they can be broken for good reason under science
Ck the fat911 (5:37:46 PM): when has "honor thy father and mother," "love your neighbors," "thou shalt not kill" ever become obsolete?
Ck the fat911 (5:38:10 PM): god gave us life, and he gave us a list of rules to help us
Ck the fat911 (5:38:39 PM): rules can be broken... and he's not going to squish you with a giant finger if you do break them
Ck the fat911 (5:38:52 PM): because the rules were only designed for us to help ourselves
Nehxaa666 (5:38:59 PM): that's an interesting way to see things
Nehxaa666 (5:39:15 PM): genious,really....
Nehxaa666 (5:39:51 PM): that definitly opens up a new idea towards religion
Nehxaa666 (5:40:01 PM): i ean, it's human nature
Nehxaa666 (5:40:16 PM): to lie and decieve and make mistakes
Ck the fat911 (5:40:23 PM): right
Ck the fat911 (5:40:31 PM): and its also human nature to feel bad about them
Nehxaa666 (5:40:57 PM): true, and there are people out there that can pretend they don't affect them, but subconciously, it tears them apart
Nehxaa666 (5:41:05 PM): there are people who can always smile
Nehxaa666 (5:41:12 PM): even if it makes them look insane
Nehxaa666 (5:41:32 PM): i admire them, the psychopaths that can live their lives the way they wish
Nehxaa666 (5:41:44 PM): and keep everything lcked away
Ck the fat911 (5:41:52 PM): admire?
Nehxaa666 (5:42:01 PM): its the perfect human, so long as they are kinda, i guess. yes, admire
Nehxaa666 (5:42:10 PM): it's crazy
Nehxaa666 (5:42:19 PM): it's wrong to think one way
Nehxaa666 (5:42:25 PM): but people think like that
Nehxaa666 (5:42:36 PM): where they admire the evil and ignore the light
Ck the fat911 (5:42:39 PM): take away the trials and error of a human and you've taken away their purpose
Nehxaa666 (5:43:02 PM): not necessarily because if you give them answers, they can give them to others of the human race
Nehxaa666 (5:43:12 PM): jesus
Nehxaa666 (5:43:22 PM): even though he hurt those poor chickens
Nehxaa666 (5:43:33 PM): or as my parents explained, he was setting free the dovesz
Nehxaa666 (5:43:41 PM): but i'm prety sure some of them die of schock
Ck the fat911 (5:44:09 PM): what's this about chickens?
Nehxaa666 (5:44:39 PM): jesus became angry and attacked jerusilum's (can't spell) chickens
Nehxaa666 (5:44:55 PM): but my parents said he was setting free the doves
Ck the fat911 (5:45:26 PM): Jesus made many mistakes... but they are not all in the bible
Ck the fat911 (5:45:39 PM): the movie you're watching right now is actually quite relevant
Nehxaa666 (5:45:39 PM): yeah, because not everything can be recorded
Nehxaa666 (5:45:43 PM): it boring
Nehxaa666 (5:45:46 PM): it's*
Nehxaa666 (5:45:52 PM): and makes no sense
Nehxaa666 (5:45:55 PM): lol
Ck the fat911 (5:46:00 PM): not only boring, but it also alters the purpose of the bible
Ck the fat911 (5:46:12 PM): the Catholic bible has more books in it than my Methodist one
Nehxaa666 (5:46:11 PM): tehe explain dr. ck the fat
Ck the fat911 (5:46:30 PM): and many other sects have even more books than the catholics
Nehxaa666 (5:47:27 PM): sects?
Nehxaa666 (5:47:31 PM): like sections?
Ck the fat911 (5:47:41 PM): divisions, branches...
Nehxaa666 (5:47:44 PM): ah
Ck the fat911 (5:48:09 PM): there was no bible for the first 4 or 5 centuries, you know
Nehxaa666 (5:48:13 PM): really?
Ck the fat911 (5:48:24 PM): and books were being added up until the 1500s
Ck the fat911 (5:48:31 PM): and removed
Nehxaa666 (5:48:37 PM): that makes sense..so by then, they are just kind of lost memories and lies
Nehxaa666 (5:48:51 PM): guaranteed that some are faking their stories
Nehxaa666 (5:48:56 PM): such is the human nature
Ck the fat911 (5:49:11 PM): sometimes priests took things out because they thought a passage encouraged the wrong ideas
Ck the fat911 (5:49:20 PM): they tried to fight corruption that had been put in
Ck the fat911 (5:49:43 PM): other times it was popes and kings putting in a passage or two--or an entire story--that indicated all men were subserviant to their king
Nehxaa666 (5:50:07 PM): so its all bs pretty much
Ck the fat911 (5:50:24 PM): bs with a purpose
Nehxaa666 (5:50:26 PM): ansd should anot be studied if one is really to understnad
Ck the fat911 (5:50:29 PM): why do you write stories?
Nehxaa666 (5:50:34 PM): omg! the doves....erm because its a hobby
Nehxaa666 (5:50:38 PM): because i want to be known
Nehxaa666 (5:50:45 PM): and i want my ideas to be known
Ck the fat911 (5:50:57 PM): exactly
Ck the fat911 (5:51:05 PM): the bible was a way for Christianity to spread
Nehxaa666 (5:51:16 PM): ah ha! so wat is christinaity now a days
Nehxaa666 (5:51:23 PM): if they say they are the bibe?
Nehxaa666 (5:51:28 PM): bibel*
Nehxaa666 (5:51:31 PM): bible**
Ck the fat911 (5:51:41 PM): lol
Nehxaa666 (5:51:41 PM): then really, they two mixed are nothing
Ck the fat911 (5:51:56 PM): no...
Ck the fat911 (5:52:02 PM): the bible is not meant to be taken literally
Ck the fat911 (5:52:08 PM): at least I don't think so
Nehxaa666 (5:52:11 PM): yeah, but for all we know, it could be false
Nehxaa666 (5:52:20 PM): false stories, lies
Nehxaa666 (5:52:31 PM): or maybe lost stories
Ck the fat911 (5:52:37 PM): just like any fiction, just like the Kuran and the Toorah, it's meant to give people ideas... righteous ideas, moral ideas
Nehxaa666 (5:52:52 PM): yeah, but the point of the bible should be to lead towards religion

sorry that its so long y'all. i guess that makes it less appealing, but i found it rather interesting and found that it kinda opened my eyes...a little..i hope it helps you guys too

life is a bitch because there are bitches out there that feed shit to you. The only thing you can do is to take control of your own life by eliminating their impact on you. Control them, and they can not harm you. Right?
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Jun 3, 2005
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So, Nehxaa666 are you feeling any better, I think I tried to help you a while back, but I'm not sure, so I'm checking in now.


Aug 6, 2004
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...Wait a minute, I totally should have looked at this thread forever ago.

I was skimming through and I'm seeing all this stuff about fallen angels and now I'm like huh?

You believe you're a fallen angel/demon/guardian/servant of the devil because you feel like you have to take on all these problems of people? I am way confused here, but I personally think that something's a little off.

Unless of course this isn't how you feel today. x-x


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Jun 12, 2006
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lol, yes. this is from a long time ago. A few things i learned though:

1) Depression sometimes is no more than just a mental block
2) The devil is fake
3) You can always trust people to be there for you when you are down ^^

Maybe this can help you? -goes to sleep-

huh wha-? Oh yeah...i'm tired...it's like midnight, so good night ^^


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Jun 12, 2006
the great and wonderful OHIO! lol
yes, thankyou everybody for helping me through rough times. I really appreciate it. I guess that depression can never be killed though...everybody feels it for one reason or another. I hope that i can still trust you all later with any other problems i may be encountering as we speak and in the future. But thankyou so much for everything. I really appreciate it.

And Venom...thankyou for not leaving. For that i am grateful...
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