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Fanfiction ► What if: Sora was in Naruto



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Feb 6, 2019
Hello and welcome to a new Blog Series called Kingdom Hearts What if Series.

We take one point in Kingdom Hearts history and change it and see how it will efect the lore as we know.

Today we will discuss what if Sora from Kingdom Hearts was in Naruto instead of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game series and Naruto is my favorite anime series.

In this story Sora will be born in the Hidden Leaf Village instead of Destiny Island which means this version of Sora never meets Riku and Kairi.

So lets get started.

Story: We open on Konaha in this story it states Sora's father is a leaf shinobi who died while protecting the village from the nine tails.

Sora would grow up in the village now one day he meet a blond kid who as we see is getting beat up by an adult and cursing at him.

Now knowing Sora he would run up to him help Sora introduces himself and the boy who we learn is Naruto.

I do believe that Sora and Naruto would become friends the two would obviously have each others backs, but Sora would be one of those kids who would be senseable.

So sorry we will not see Sora and Naruto vandelize the faces of the Hokoge well at least not Sora.

I believe Sora would say its a bad idea or not be anywhere near the trouble.

Now what about his school well I think Sora would be a fair balance like he isnt the worst student level, but he isn't the best either.

Sora dose pass the exam as the original timeline now it dose state Sora dose help Naruto study, but Naruto still fails.

Which leads to this Naruto feels beaten and seeing this fills Sora with a heavy heart after school ends Sora would give Iruka his head band to his shock and I would think the conversation would be like this.

Iruka asked, "Sora what's wrong."

Sora said, "I cant except this headband it wouldnt be right."

Iruka asked, "But Sora you passed the exam why won't you graduate."

Sora would answer, "I don't think its fair I passed the exam when Naruto didn't we both worked really hard for today and for you to say now you just told him he wasnt good enough."

Iruka said, "Sora its not that I don't think he isn't good enough. Look I know you see me harsh around Naruto, but I am only doing it because I want him at his best. I can't make any ecceptions not even for him."

Sora said, "Then I refuse to graduate. Naruto is my best friend and I won't abandon him. I will take the head band when Naruto graduates, but not before."

Sora leaves a shocked Iruka as he thought, "So much compassion in him, so much honnor, like his father."

Sora leaves to go find Naruto as he said, "Hey Naruto."

Naruto turns and asked, "Sora where's your headband."

Sora said, "I turned it down."

Naruto said in shock, "WHAT!"

Sora said, "Yep I told Iruke I wont take the head band until you are accepted no sooner than that."

Naruto asked, "But Sora what about your dream?"

Sora said, "My dream is to be a great warrior, to do that I need to protect the people around me how can I do that if I can't protect my friends."

Naruto said, "You are truly the best don't worry next time I will be ready."

Mizuki said, "You know maybe I can help you two out."

The scene would play out the same like the original timeline only with Sora helping Naruto steal the scrool the rest would play out Naruto mastering the shadow clones impressing Iruka and the two would be made ninjas.

Sora and Naruto would head to Sora's place and she gives Sora something speacial his Father's sword which color scheam matches the Keyblade.

Sora and Naruto are asighned to team Kakashi with Sakura and Sasuke.

Now dose Naruto still have his Rivalry with Sasuke and have his crush on Sakura yes but not as much as the original timeline.

Now how are Sasuke and Sakura around Sora well both right now can't stand Sora.

To sasuke he wants to be stronger, but Sora dose get more attention then Sasuke even having Ino as one of his fan girls hinting that she has a little cursh on him, but Ill get to that when we reach the Chunine exams.

Sakura dosent like Sora for multiple reasons for one Sakura claimes Sora stole Sasuke's fame, two Sora is always dissagreaing on things with her, also onetime when Naruto got rejected by Sakura it was Sora who told Naruto not to bother with Sakura saying he deserves someone better.

When the four wait in to meet with Kakashi he is facinated by the four and askes them to introudce them self which is basically the same with Sakura saying she hates both Naruto and Sora.

Sora said, "My name is Sora i like making friend, my family, and going in adventures. Whar I hate is well i hate bullies or people abandoning others when they need help where I believe are worst than schum. Ny dream is to become a great warrior so i can protect those closest to me."

Kakashi would say, "Sora of all the most delusional answers your's is the ine most realistic, but then your father always believed the same."

The scene would be the same with Naruto tied up and Kakashi leaves,when Kakashi is gone though Sora litterally goes up to the tied up Naruro.

Sakura asked, "Sora what are you doing?"

Sora answered, "Untieing Naruto obviously."

Sakura said, "Kakashi Sensai said not to."

Sora said, "Technically he said not to fee Naruto. He didn't say anything about untieing him."

Sasuke said, "He has a point, but what if your wrong we could all not become shinobi."

Sora said, "Even so I dont abandon my friends."

Sora cuts Naruto free as Sora explains, "I will always be there to help my friends. Look if worst comes of it ill take the blame so you can be shinobi."

Naruto said, "no you have my back and I got yours were best friends if you dont pas I wont pass. "

The two fist bumps then an explosion cloud apear the four turn as Kakashi said, "How dare you. Which one untied Naruto."

Sora said, "I did." he stepped forward Naruto said, "Wair i was rhe one who convinced Sora it was me."

sakura and sasuke said, "we were gonna too Sora is right we need to protect each other. You'll have to fail all four of us."

Kakashi said, "Well done you pass, How ever when Im not around Sora you are a leader. For your courage and honor."

Sora said, "No look we need to work together neither of us are ready to lead. Besides its fair if we work together as one not favorites everyone is equal."

Kakashi said, "Agreed."

Now I wanna here from you do you want me to include rhe other characters how should they be introduced

Also what do you think of the story how would you change if leave a comment below and lets get the conversation started.