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What Xehanort Really Is.

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Sep 11, 2005
This is just a new theory I came up with, but seems to have some real potential. I think that I may have discovered the true nature of "Xehanort" and what he truely is.

Now when I say Xehanort, most of you will think of Ansem's apprentice. I belive this is untrue. I think that the being that calls itself Xehanort is infact a living force, an advanced type of living darkness. This darkness possesses those with strong hearts, in order to gain power, and reach its ultimate goal: Kingdom Hearts.

Where Xehanot came from, or who created it, I'm unsure of, though I belive that it was the UEM from the secret ending. I belive the old man was originally a scientist, who was experimenting with the darkness of the heart, just like Ansem did. This man lived in the world that became the setting for the Sunset Horizons. Like Ansem's apprentice, he discovered the heart of the world, however rather than casting himself into its depths, he attempted to do the same thing he did with human hearts, amplify its inner darkness.

Using the same experimental methods that Ansem's apprentice did, he both amplified and suppressed the darkness within the world's heart. Eventually, that darkness devoloped into a life form of its own, a kind of dark life force. The first heartless. This being posessed the UEM, transforming him into the first dark keyblade master.

With the UEM as its host, the darkness took the name Xehanort, and proceeded to sweep across the world of the Sunset Horizons, slowly transforming it into the barren wasteland we saw in the secret ending. To combat this new threat, Kingdom Hearts selected beings with powerful hearts as its champions, to combat Xehanort with a new power, the power of the keyblade.

Thus began the keyblade war. Many of the keyblade wielders fought against Xehanort, and almost all of them died. Finally, Ven, Aqua, and Terra stood against him. Although Xehanort managed to defeat them, Terra tapped into the power of darkness (shown by his glowing yellow eyes) and managed to kill Xehanort. However, now that he was tainted by the darkness, the living darkness of Xehanort possessed Terra. In order to stop himself from becoming the monster that the UEM became, Terra shattered his own heart. (much like what happened to the Riku Replica in COM) He was then cast into the darkness, where his heart would slowly regenerate, leaving him without his memories, keyblade, or powers.

Eventually, Terra would find himself at Radiant Garden. However, the dark force of Xehanort had remained locked in his heart, thus he forgot the the name Terra, instead calling himself Xehanort. It was this host of Xehanort that would become Ansem's apprentice.

This theory makes possible many unanswered questions. For example, the ES is both Terra, and Xehanort. This is why when Sora meets him,(By travelling back in time. The Cornerstone of light allows him to do this) he expresses hatred of Xehanort. He is talking about the UEM, who at that time called himself Xehanort. Also, if you look at the way the ES fights, such as his dashing back and forth, and using lasers and sword combos, he fights almost exactly like Xehanort's heartless and Xemnas. It also explains why Xehanort possesd Riku, in that it chooses to possess beings with strong hearts, such as Terra and Riku, both keyblade masters. Finally, this is shown true by the fact that both the UEM and Xehanort's Heartless where the same clothing, which is because they were both possessed by the Xehanort darkness.
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