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Fanfiction ► Without The Heartless (AGAIN)

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Mar 6, 2004
WHAT THE HELL EUGHEY?!?!? Forced_Pain is my sister!
BabyGurl is my mistress! xD Isnt that right, sweetie? (tickles BG) ANother chapter you say?!?! ANOTHER?!?!? TODAY?!?!? OKAY!!!!!!

Later...Around midnight…
Riku: Myra, where did you put it?
Myra: Some...where.
Riku: Where?!
Myra: ...I don’t remember.
Riku: You forgot?!!
Myra: No, I just don’t remember where I put it!
Riku: WHAT?!!
Myra: I’m sorry Riku! You-
Riku: Shhh!!! Don’t speak! Just try to remember! Where did you put my lucky crystal?
Myra: ... I don’t remember!
Riku: Damn it, Myra! You can’t ever remember anything!
Myra: I’m sorry, Riku!
Riku: Are u sure you don’t remember?!!!!
Myra: ...Remember what?
Riku: GAAAAAAAAH! (throws a glass)
Myra: gasps)
The glass goes rite past her head and breaks on the wall.
Myra: touches his shoulder) Riku!-
Riku: moves) Don’t touch me!
Riku starts out the door, but Akira stands in his way.
Akira: stops him) You tried to hit mommy!
Riku: What the hell?
She kicks Riku in his leg.
Akira: You big bully!
Riku: Ow!!! You little-(picks her up) Get outta my way.
Riku roughly puts Akira down and walks out the house. Myra runs over and picks Akira up.
Myra: Come here, sweetie.
Akira: cries) Why is daddy being so mean?!!!
Myra: Daddy just needs to cool off. (gets Akira's brush)
Myra gets Akira’s blanket and cup then opens the door-
Akira: Where are we going?
Myra: To see Aunt Tyra. (goes out)
Riku is sitting in a tree. He jumps down.
Riku: Where are you going?!!
Myra: You need to check yourself, Riku. (starts off to Wakka's)
Akira: gives him evil eyes)
Her eyes glow bright red.
Riku: ... (pops collar) Alright, fine, Myra! By tomorrow, you won’t even remember where my house is anyway!
Myra: Leave me alone Riku!
She knocks on Wakka’s door.
Riku: Pfft! (goes back in the house)

Tyra: -Because none of your crack head theories make any sense!
Wakka: Get-a the door, man!
Tyra: imitates him) Get the door man! (opens door) Hi little sis and little munchkin...Why are u crying?
Myra: Riku is having a few problems rite now.
Akira: Daddy is being a bully!
Tyra: Do u need me to straighten him out for ya?
Myra: No, it’s fine.
Wakka: Hey! What’s happening, man?!
Myra: comes in) Hi, Wakka.
Akira: Uncle Wakka!!
Akira crawls in Wakka’s lap and Wakka pulls her cheeks.
Wakka: Hey, munch kin!
Akira: I’m not a munch kin! I’m taller than you! (crawls on Wakka’s clothes)
Tyra: He didn’t hit u did he?
Myra: I’m fine!!!(goes into the bathroom)
She sits in the bathroom and tries to remember where she put Riku's lucky crystal.
Myra: thinks) ...A bunch of rocks…
Akira knocks on the door after 2 hours.
Akira: sees thru the door) What are you doing mommy?
Myra opens the door and picks her up.
Akira: Why was daddy being so mean, mommy?
Myra: Because I lost his lucky crystal and that’s all I can remember about it.
Akira: …It’s just a stupid crystal.
Myra: Well it’s more than that to him.
Akira sits in Myra’s lap. Myra hugs her.
Akira: How come your hair is black?
Myra: Because of a fairy. Wanna hear the story?
Akira: Uh-huh.
Myra: I was sleeping in my little boat one day and-
Meanwhile…Riku walks into his room and-
Riku: Hey, Myra-...Oh yeah....Sigh.
He plops down on the bed.
Riku takes out of him, Myra, and Akira.
Riku: (takes camera from out under his pillow)
He goes to Sora’s house.
Sora: is in his boxers) Do you know what time it is, bro! (wipes eyes) Its 1 in the morning!
Riku: Is Cid awake?
Cid: I’m in here! (comes out of kitchen) What?!
Riku: I wanted you to develop these photos.
Cid: You still have one picture left.
Riku: snaps picture of Sora and gives cid the camera) Tada.
Sora is blinded by the picture flashing.
Sora: Agh! (rubs eyes) Aaaagh!
He trips over the couch and falls on his head.
Cid shakes his head and walks to a room and shuts the door.
Cid knows how to develop pictures...Ten minutes later…
Riku: eats cookies)
Sora: Don’t eat them all!!!
Riku: Shut up, I’m a guest.
Cid: Here. (gives Riku the pics)
Sora: Ooh, Ooh! I want my pic!
Riku hands Sora the picture of himself.
Riku: You look like hell.
Sora: I know, but Kairi likes to keep my embarrassing pics.
Riku goes to his house and looks at the pics. Most of them are pics of Akira.
Riku: looks at Myra's pic) ...SIGH! I’m such an idiot! (smacks self)
I better go before he smacks ME!
Myra: sleeps)
Myra is having a dream of her and Riku dancing.
Myra: smiles)
Akira is watching her sleep....That’s freaky.
Akira: watches her)...
Myra: dreams)... (snickers)
Akira: watches) ...Mommy is such a nice lady. Daddy is so mean to mommy. (rubs Myra's hair)
Akira begins to hear a voice.
voice: You’re rite.
Akira: Gasp! (whispers) Who said that?!
voice: Me.
Akira: Me?
voice: Yes, me!
Akira: ...Me?!!!
voice: No, not you! Me!!!
Akira: Is that your name?
voice: Yes. I saw the way your dad had thrown that cup at your mom.
Akira: Heyyy, how-
voice: It was mean. Very mean. He always does that to her. He-
Akira: Huh?-
voice: Yeah. He beats her every night. He does it for fun.
Akira: That’s not true, Me!
voice: Don’t believe me? Look under her bangs on her forehead. Look at the scar.
Akira: ..(moves Myra's hair from her forehead) ...Oh…
voice: See? He did that to her. Your dad tried to kill her! Only you can make him stop!
Akira: But-
voice: You love your mommy, right?
Akira: Yes.
voice: Then save her.
Akira: How could I do that?
voice: How couldn’t you do that?
Akira: That doesn’t make any sense to me!! Mr. Me?!!! Hello?
Myra: wakes up) …Who are u talking to sweetie?
Akira: Nobody, mommy. Go back to sleep. (pats Myra's head)
Myra: closes eyes)
Akira: ...Wait!.. How much do u love daddy?
Myra: He means everything to me. (dozes off)
Akira: Goodnight, mommy.
Myra: sleeps)
Akira leaves the room.


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Jan 20, 2004
Aurora, IL
*Laughs because she's prolly the only one here that knows what happens AND how it ends* <<
*Zips mouth shut and puts a lock on it* npmph-eph (Shut up)


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Jun 11, 2005
sry bout the whole sister deal, i 4got which one was ur sis. I have been a bad eughey.

*gets whipped* what the hell marlyn??!!
marlyn:harder, eughey harder!!
eughey:jeeze I am gonna bust a gut


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Jun 23, 2005
...Okay... I know you were talking about someone else, but that's STILL REALLY weird.

Anyway, yeah, Redharry gave me a really nice summary. Ah! Akira's so cute! I like her! I tried to read the whole thing, Gabe, but it wouldn't let me. That's why Redharry summarized.

But I can read things now! Akira's adorable! Poor thing. She's three and she's got that horrible desicion!


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Jun 23, 2005
What? Who're you in a triangle with? Gabe, you, and....MARALYN?! He's always talking about how "hot" she is! EWWWWW!


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Jun 11, 2005
gabe is with marlyn. good for u gabe, just as long as she is the girl in the red bikini i am picturing.

be careful of the whip though, it really hurts


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Jul 18, 2005
The Voice is......MARYLYN, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH she wants riku to her self.....


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Mar 6, 2004
Eh not really. Nothing going on with BG, I just like her (ALOT ALOT) and my gf is on a trip now so, BG IS MY MISTRESS! And xD I would never get with a dude. Maybe just f**k a guy one night but he better not be there when I wake up.

Tyra: Because its dumb, stupid, dumb, stupid!
Wakka: You just-a don’t understand, woman!
By the way, they aren’t fighting, just yelling at each other.
Tyra: Nobody can understand a word you say!
Wakka: You told me that my accent was sexy!
Tyra: It was for a while! Now-
Akira: Auntie Tyra, can I go outside?
Tyra: What kind of accent is that anyway?!
Wakka: None of your business!!! Woman!
Akira: Uncle, Wakka? Can I go outside?
Tyra: Stop calling me woman!
They keep arguing and Akira just opens the door and walks outside.
Thunder strikes.
Kairi: What was that?!
Sora: I don't know. (opens door and whistles)
Pirate flies into the window and runs into the wall. Sora closes the window.
Kairi: I’m scared.
Sora cuddles with Kairi so that she won’t be scared.
Akira: Daddy shall pay!!!
You know she's causing that weather, right?
Lightening hits the ocean.
Myra: runs) WHERE'S MY ABAY?!!!!
Tyra: Oh, she's ...OUTSIDE!
Myra: Noo!!!
Myra runs outside and quickly grabs Akira.
Thunder strikes.
Myra: Don’t you ever scare me like that again! (kisses her)
Akira: I’m sorry mommy.
Rain pours down. Myra runs into the house with Akira.
Tyra: Oopsie.
Wakka: Yeah, Tyra! Why-a did you let her outside!
Tyra: F**k you, Wakka!
Myra: Come on. (picks Akira up) It’s way past your bedtime.
Myra carries Akira to bed.
Akira: yawns)
Myra: tucks her in)
Akira: The thunder scares me.
Myra lays beside Akira.
When Myra falls back asleep...Akira is standing at the window working on the weather.
Riku: Its storming, I’m not with my family. Akira is probably scared to death!
Thunder strikes. Riku walks outside and stands infront of Wakka’s window.
Akira: Hmm?
voice: Get him!
Akira: aims)
Thunder strikes rite infront of Riku’s face.
Riku: ....Oh hell naw. (goes back inside)
Akira: ...I missed. (lays back in bed)
Voice: You MISSED?!!!!
Akira: snores)
voice: Stupid, dork.
Tidus and Selphie are sleeping like babies.
Tidus: snores)
Selphie: dreams)
Selphie must not be having a pleasant dream...In the morning...
Kairi: shivers) (pulls covers on herself)
Sora: (pulls covers)
Kairi: pulls covers)
Sora: pulls covers)
Kairi: pulls covers)
Sora: pulls covers)
Kairi: (pulls covers)
Sora: ...Oops.
Kairi: Why did you rip the covers?
Sora: I thought you did it.
Kairi: Its so cold in here.
Sora: We probably need a little bit of that tropical breeze in here. (opens window)
A mask of snow covers Sora’s face.
Sora: Or maybe not. (closes window)
Pirate: Looks like you won’t be sleeping nude anymore! HAHAHAHA-And you don’t have any warm clothes!
Sora: Actually we do from Traverse Town. (looks in closet)
Tidus: Guess what.
Selphie: What?
Tidus: You’re in my bed!
Selphie: rolls eyes)
Tidus: How's your arm?
Selphie: It’s fine. (dozes off)
Tidus: sleeps)
They’re hibernating. Looks like no one will be active today -
Wakka: runs outside) Woo-hoo!!!
Tyra: Wait up! (puts coat on and runs out)
Don’t they know its -26 degrees outside-
Wakka grabs his surf board.
Tyra: takes his snowboard and runs into the ocean)
The whole ocean is frozen solid.
Wakka: Hey! (chases Tyra)
Tyra slides on the ice with the board.
Wakka: kicks the board)
Tyra: falls on her butt) Ow! I’m gonna-(gets up)-get you!
Wakka: runs)
Tyra: chases him)
Wakka: slips and falls)
Tyra: jumps on him)
Myra looks out the window.
Myra: Snow?!?! You guys better get off that ice before it cracks!
Tyra: Its not gonna crack!!! THE WHOLE ocean is frozen solid!
Tyra stomps up and down.
Tyra: See?
Myra: .....-
Wakka: throws snow at Tyra)
Tyra: Come, on! Sis-(gets hit) Ow!!! Damn it, Wakka! (throws ice at him)
Wakka: No fair! (dodges it)
Riku is in his room, getting dressed.
Riku: What's with the weather lately?
Myra: Akira, you need to use the bathroom?
Akira: No. (stares out window)
Myra: Ok. Don’t go outside.
Myra goes to the bedroom and Akira sits at the window, watching Tyra and Wakka.
Akira: …
Tyra: pushes Wakka)
Wakka: slides on ice)
Riku: puts on coat) Snow? Here? (goes outside)
Akira: …Daddy shall pay!
voice: Hurry up!
Akira: looks around) Humph.
Riku: The trees look like mountains of snow.
Akira gets a pocket knife from Wakka’s drawer.
She tosses the knife at Riku’s arm.
Riku: HOLY SHIT!!! (pulls the knife out) Aaaaaagh!!!
Wakka: Oh no.
Tyra: What?
Wakka: That-a would’ve caused an avalanche.
Tyra: There are no mountains out here.
Wakka: But there-a ARE huge trees covered in-a snow.
Tyra: Oh.
Wakka: RUN!
They try to run but they just keep slipping on the ice.
Riku: ...Those two scare me...WHAT ARE YALL DOIN?!!
Tyra: Stop yelling!
Riku: WHAT?!
Tyra: Shut up!
Riku: YOU SHUT UP!!!
Akira: snickers) Fah e' toah!
AVALANCHE!!!!!!! Tyra and Wakka start stumbling back out on the ocean. Riku climbs a tree.
Riku: Oh please, no.
The powerful avalanche nearly knocks the tree down. Riku runs into his house before it’s covered in snow. Tyra and Wakka helplessly watch as the island is covered in a not so wonderful snow world.
Tyra: Oh...my...God.
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