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Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Raya and the Last Dragon~



Bronze Member
Apr 9, 2008
Melody of Memory got me more excited for the next title than I have been since 2012, so I couldn't help but update my top ten most wanted worlds.

The Jungle Book - still shocked they didn't revive this concept for KH3
A Bug's Life - such unique opportunities with this tiny land
The Emperor's New Groove - this one's for the memes
The Incredibles - time for Sora to get a super suit
The Princess and the Frog - I'm from NOLA, so this one's personal
Zootopia - so many varied environments
Moana - an improvement on the elements from The Caribbean?
Coco - the colors! and it's time to make Sora sing again XD
Onward - the epic quest fits so well
Raya and the Last Dragon - For the last ten years, it's like they're making movies that are just perfect for KH.

I'd also love to see The Haunted Mansion ride and Gargoyles tv show adapted in to worlds, but we haven't seen anything like that before.