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Aug 2, 2005

I've read all of these post and it proves I'm a fool.
I know Cloud's not real. I can accept it if Jerome doesn't want me.
I do know he and I can still be friends,thats good enough.

I'm not sure if you know what it's like to be inlove with someone,maybe you do,maybe you don't but I was hurt. Liking cloud did me some good because it helped me move on.

When I talked to him I got worried because alot of the people I know usually say their okay,but turn around and hurt themselves for reasons unknown.

I do thank everyone for giving their advice but saying the same thing or making fun of it isn't the thing to do.

Deeman; Thanks for saying that onces is enough because it is.
Aly; I know you ment no harm.
And Guardian Soul; Your right,you do have the right to your own opinion.
Thanks for the advice and thanks for telling me what you've told me.

I will talk to him because I know he and I are atleast friends. I wanna sort things out.

DT; Thanks for atleast having my back and saying everything you've said.
Aegis; Thank you for saying what you thought.
Reno-chan; Thanks for what you said too.

I don't want anyone fighting or anything because it's not worth it.
I made this out of worry. I care for him as friend even if he hates me and I'd hate to see something happen to him.

Yes liking a character is childish but It is a way for me to move on.
I am glad I was able to make some of you laugh with my foolish little words.

That's all I have to say.

Hey, just because he doesn't like you like that anymore, doesn't mean he hates you. I'm sure he still cares about you as a friend.

Enchanted Rose

worst behaviour
Sep 20, 2004
~Ryan, I am so disappointed in you, especially as I trusted that you were a person who’d always give infallible advice, stemming from actually CARING about others. TT_TT

Try TACT. Until you do, you’re the one who is sick in the head and needs counselling.

Also, you’re not the mouthpiece of Jerome. Talking to him on msn does not constitute knowing his EXACT feelings, I sincerely doubt Jerome would have wanted Ari to be humiliated all over this thread.

~Aly. I am surprised at what you said, though you did apologize.

Aegis said:
The fact that you're hurt doesn't meant that you should want to give a character from Final Fantasy a jump. I've been depressed quite a bit, but I've never seeked the comfort of something that doesn't exist, I talk to my friends or I deal with it myself.

What utter bullshit.

1. Everyone at sometime seeks the comfort of something that doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s the logical thing to do, it’s a DEFENCE MECHANISM; hence why daydreams exist. Ayumi is far from alone in her fangirlism, all over the world fans exist, and yet you have the audacity to call her ‘retarded’? No….seriously…fail.
2. She is talking to her friends about it, proven by the entirety of this thread.
3. And well, good for you if you are able to sort out all your problems by yourself. Clearly not all of us have an intellect as great as yours so that we can magically solve all our problems at a whim [/sarcasm].

Aegis said:
Also, being a fan boy or fan girl who is in love with whatever character you choose to become obsessed over isn't something to be proud of. Yes, I'm aware there are many who proudly call themselves that, dress up like anime characters, go to the conventions and basically embarass themselves and others, but really, that's nothing to be proud of.

Your idea of ‘embarrassment’ is obviously deluded and wholly inaccurate. A touch hypocritical too, since you have joined an online forum for Kingdom Hearts, thus indicating some level of fandom.
Personally, I’d be more embarrassed, if I like you, had displayed such insolence in a thread where someone is requesting help, not JUDEGEMENT. It’s a goddamn HELP AND SUPPORT THREAD, not a place to arrogantly assert your misguided opinions.

Ayumi is not in love with Cloud. Her first post clearly read ‘like’, and she later stated it was a ‘little crush’, not LOVE. Therefore, all your posts have been based on false beliefs. HAHAHA! Oh wow. Cretin.

I believe it is I who shall go and save your posts on my hardrive for whenever I need a good laugh, or thank God that I don’t have to socialise with bastards like you in real life.

Apologizing to her would be the least that you could do.

~You know Ari. Just ignore Jerome, whether or not he means it, he’s causing you too much stress. I’ll PM you later, I just couldn't let these little shits get away with posting such crap <3
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