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Fanfiction ► Xaros' Poems :)

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Jun 13, 2005
.:D I S C L A I M E R:.
This was last year, and i was completly in love with this one girl.
I loved her for 3 years and i finally got to go out with her
Parts that say something desperate, i kinda over exaggerated but, i mean every word back then :wub:
Anywho, hope you guys enjoy this!

. A Broken Apology .
]It kills me to see you each day
For me to look you in the eye
yet you still turn away
It hurts to see you with your friends
'Cause it confirms my guess that this is the end
I'm sorry I couldn't be a better person
Or help you out better in the past
I'm sorry I couldn't make it last
I'm sorry for sayin' something that wasn't true
I regret every word I said about you
Can you please find it in your heart
To forgive me and restart?
Maybe love is just a stage
And soon it will pass by
But, the love I feel for you
Makes me want to cry
It's all because I love you
And you don't love me
All I do is suffer
But, I know you wanted free
We were great together
Everyone thought so
I could picture us forever
Then you decided to go
I'll never forget your laugh
Nor your sweet smile
You'll always be the one for me
Even though we only lasted a while
My life is all screwed up
Nothing can go right
You were the greatest thing that happened to me
But, now the one thing I lack
I'd do anything in the world to have you back
But, I'm not a magician
Or an angel in disguise
I'm just a boy in love...
Trying to apologize

Some things might not make sense to you, but every world meant something.
If you happened to care, i could tell ou the story but meh
I'm guessing no one would
Also, i understand there are some things i could change to mak ethe flow better, but i love teh old stuff :p

Im not sure how long it'll take for me to muster up the courage to add the other ones, but i'll try by the end of this week
Depends how much feedback this one gets lol.
Hope ya like it
And please, tell me how i did.
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Feb 11, 2007
Orlando Florida
That was a really beautiful poem. I could feel the sadness.

I'm sorry that it couldn't work out. And it didn't sound desperate, it sounded romantic. =)
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