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Fanfiction ► Yoru wo Kakeru//Kingdom Hearts

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Dec 18, 2003
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Sigh...I can't believe I'm back and posting on this website.

Premise: I was inspired by the song Yoru wo Kakeru by SPITZ to write a five-chapter post-KH2 story. Heavy philosophy involved, so if you can't handle it, you don't have to read it. And I never played Kingdom Hearts II

Opinions/reviews/constructive criticisms desired. If you have nothing good or helpful to say, please don't.



1 - The Living Dead​

It was not his name. He knew it, yet he accepted the use of it. The word didn’t label him, but he couldn’t remember his real name. He’ll have to make use of a word among words.

This one will do. Ven.

There was no meaning to this name. It was a word, really, a word that just happened to represent him at the moment. Everyone knew. The names they called themselves and each other were not their real names, just words they chose to mean themselves. They needed labels to differentiate amongst each other.

He was with two others, two nameless people with temporary labels.

Ven. Aqua. Terra.

Terra only said he was out to find someone’s memories. He didn’t know who this someone was, or what the memories signified.

Aqua stated simply that she wanted to know what her real name was. She hated the name she gave herself, but there wasn’t much she could do about it.

He said he could remember someone’s face, but only vaguely. A beautiful face, with kind eyes and a gentle smile. It was a fleeting image and he fought himself to hold onto it as long as possible.
They each were walking empty blank slates. Tabula rasa. They had no names, no histories, no purpose. They were the living dead.

And they were seeking a purpose, a reason to be. But what was it? In this desolate nothingness there was nothing they could do. But then why were they here? If there was no reason for them to be, then why were they being?

Ven shook his head. He didn’t know.

“Ven?” He turned, looked over his shoulder at Aqua. Terra was sitting on the ground a little distance from her, poking at the small fire with a blackened branch.

He nodded, an unspoken answer, and she smiled, turned to join Terra and the little fire. Ven sighed and rose to his feet, crossed over the small stretch of dead land to join his two companions. Together they sat with their eyes fixed on the lively orange light, reminiscing and wondering who they were and what they were doing.

And why.


When one doesn’t understand something, one is faced with a choice: avoid it or face it. He’d rather face it, but sometimes he hated his decision. This was one of them.

“Your Majesty,” his court wizard asked once again, “are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Donald,” the king answered. He finished the coordinates, needed to make sure he was going the
right way.

“Gwarsh, Your Majesty, but why can’t you ask Sora to look into this?”

King Mickey sighed, thought about the young Keyblade Wielder. “Because he needs a break. He’s been through enough. If I need him, I’ll find him. And you.”

He looked fondly at his two friends. The captain saluted him as Queen Minnie and Lady Daisy approached.
“Where’s Merlin?” King Mickey asked, his eyes seeking the eccentric wizard.

“He’s still inside, Your Majesty, packing his ‘things’,” Lady Daisy answered wryly.

On cue, the wizard appeared, pulling a heavy case out of the castle’s double doors. It clunked down the stairs and Merlin paused for a breather. Captain Goofy ran forward to help and together they brought the suitcase over to the waiting gummi ship.

“You know, you could’ve used your wand…” Lady Daisy began while Queen Minnie giggled at the thought. King Mickey smiled and looked at his wife while Merlin scratched his head, then began searching his sleeves for said wand.

“Take care, Mickey,” the queen said softly. Her eyes were sad but her smile brave, and he thanked the higher powers for having such an understanding woman at his side.

Merlin waved his wand and his suitcase levitated, then smoothly flew itself into the gummi ship. Merlin then climbed up the ladder into the aircraft, then stuck his head out.

“Your Majesty, we must get going!”

“Good bye,” the king said softly to all those present, his eyes on the queen’s. Then he went up the steps, two at a time, and disappeared into the ship.

As the craft slowly rose up, then made a one-eighty and soared into the cloudy blue sky, Donald sighed and muttered, “I hate Xehanort.”

Nobody could disagree. Thanks to Xehanort, the king had left his home once again, and they didn’t know when he’d return.

“You really think there’s a war going on?” Goofy asked as one by one, the people of the castle turned and walked towards the majestic white building. Donald looked up at the blue flags and the white towers and sighed again.

“Anything involving Keyblades is bad.”

“Then why would he call it a ‘game’? Aren’t games…fun?”

“It’s a war, Goofy, and if Xehanort has anything to do with it, we’ll have to leave home again.”


The story can also be found here: FanFiction.Net : Yoru wo Kakeru :: Kingdom Hearts

Thanks for taking the time.

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